DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Departure for Thailand, Malaysia

Presidential Communications Office 
Presidential News Desk 

[Terminal 2, NAIA, November 9, 2016]

The Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Lieutenant General Ricardo Visaya, Director General Ronald Dela Rosa. Umabot ba? Si Bato? General Manager Eddie Monreal, Congresswoman Emi Calixto-Rubiano, Mayor Antonio Calixto, my fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen. 

This time I will just read.

I leave today for Bangkok to pay respect to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty, the King, was a true friend of the Philippines, whose state visit in 1963 continues to resonate to this day.

He will be remembered for his dedicated efforts to foster goodwill and friendship between our nations and peoples.

For all he has done to bridge peoples to greater understanding, it truly deserves a special place in history. 

After Thailand, I will proceed immediately to Kuala Lumpur for an official visit, a part of my introductory visits to countries in Southeast Asian countries.

I will meet with Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak to discuss ways of sustaining the growth, both our countries, ensuring peace and inclusive development for our people.

The focus of my visit shall be to strengthen the Philippines’ partnership in Malaysia for security and stability, these are the foundations of our nation’s peace process, progress, and prosperity.

Foremost on my agenda is the maritime security and the fight against piracy at sea.

As maritime nations, [inaudible] ensuring that for our waterways are secure and that criminal and terrorists elements do not use our seas to undertake their illegal activities.

I will also seek greater cooperation in the war against illicit drug trade. This menace knows no boundaries and cooperation between our nations is vital in order to address this problem.

Bilateral defense, security and law enforcement efforts should be seen as supporting both our nations resolve to contribute to greater stability in Southeast Asia and in the larger region.

The Philippines recognizes Malaysia’s role in pursuing just and lasting peace in Mindanao.

In my talk with the Prime Minister, I shall seek Malaysia’s continued support for the peace process in Southern Philippines.

Of course, for economic cooperation will be important point of reference, I will discuss the ways of intensifying two-way trade and investment as well as support for the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area to spur Mindanao growth.

The two tracks of peace and prosperity have to be pursued to ensure that the development that we aim will benefit all. 

I will also use the occasion to identify other opportunities for broader collaboration with Malaysia.

During my visit, I will meet the hardworking Filipino community in Malaysia. Their interests are at the core of our visit to Kuala Lumpur.

As I have [inaudible] members of ASEAN and Malaysia… as founding members, we share a commitment of all the ASEAN values in the region. 

I will seek Malaysia’s full support for the Philippines’ ASEAN chairmanship in 2017. 

I am hopeful that my visit will move further forward as we pursue common aspiration for our peoples, our nations and our region. 

As I have sworn to you before, my guiding principle in this and all engagements will be the protection of the national interest of our people.


We will be unflagging in our effort to pursue our independent foreign policy consistent with the provision of our Constitution and the mandate we post on the Office of the President.

Salamat po.

I can take few questions to clear the air. Anybody from?

SEC. ANDANAR: By the way, Mr. President, we are taking off in 15 minutes so we have about room for three questions. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Are we supposed to arrive there on time? I think we are landing on a military base.

Ted Tuvera (Daily Tribune): Good morning sir. Sir are you going to raise Chairman Nur Misuari’s claim that Malaysian leaders are involved in the Sidapan kidnapping and sir also your statement on Chairman Misuari’s statement saying that MILF are traitors and that the government should reconsider talking to them?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko makuha ‘yung second, but ‘yung first is I will talk to everybody. 

We will having a… almost immediately after my visit and my talk to Malaysia, I will convene a meeting then we will make the introductory presentation of the proposed revised Bangsamoro Transition document.

And Misuari is now in Abu Dhabi, I think. Or he is supposed to leave for Abu Dhabi. I don’t know but ‘yung kanya, there seems to be a, almost an imply agreement that we’ll have separate talks with Misuari.

But he’s abroad right now and I really do not know when he will be back to talk to us. But at least in principle, we have agreed that we stop the war everywhere involving MN and the government.

So practically today, there’s a ceasefire with the Communist Party of the Philippines and we are saving our energies because Murad and Jaafar have also agreed and I signed the document.

Mukhang susuwertehin tayo. After two years maybe we can have a partial, lahat na, cessation of armed violence in the country.

Mr. Tuvera: Sir another question sir. Will you raise the Sabah claim of the Philippines to the Malaysian authorities?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not at this time because my visit is just one day to focus on what is happening in the Malacca Strait.

That area there, it’s a vital artery going to the Pacific Ocean. Either you go down under Mindanao or you can make your exit from Asia via the north, that is from Japan. So mamili lang sila.

But, what is important that I can talk to him about these issues of… including the rebellion of the Moro in Jolo, in the Zamboanga archipelago. 

Mr. Tuvera: Thank you sir.

Maricel Halili (TV 5): Hi, Mr. President. Good morning. Sir, may we have your statement about the decision of Supreme Court yesterday allowing the burial of former President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, because some sectors are concerned about this, that how can they move forward if about 72,000 Martial Law victims did not receive, have not received justice until now.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, as I have said, as a lawyer, I stick by what the law says. The law says that soldiers and ex-presidents, ‘yung namatay o maski hindi siguro ex, basta presidente ka, doon ka ilibing.

Now the question of this tussle about the dictatorship of Marcos is something which cannot be determined at this time. It has to have history. 

Kasi ho ‘yung nasaktan and it was a contention really of a political fight, initially, then turned sour because of the power struggle of the ruling political families in this country and almost it deteriorated into something, almost like a revolution. 

That part of the sins of Marcos has yet to be proven by a competent court. ‘Yung sabihin lang niya nawala ‘yung pera, that is altogether another different issue. 

But ‘yung… as far as the right or the privilege to be buried sa Libingan ng mga Bayani, I simply follow the law. Wala tayong magawa diyan. The law itself says that—Well if it’s the completion to a T, was a President and he was a soldier.

I am limited to that issue and on both counts, I would say yes. 

Ms. Halili: Sir on other issue. May we have your reaction on test case filed by Senator Leila de Lima? Yesterday, sabi po ng Supreme Court, they are requiring the Sol Gen to discuss about your immunity. What’s your take on this sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know what are my sins. So, I’d rather leave it to the court. If there are cases filed already, eh ‘di hayaan natin.

Mine was just to make public what was or is the corruption of the day and how drugs flourish inside our penal institutions, not only sa Muntinlupa but sa mga kolonya.

And to this day, they are still making money from the inside. Ang traffic ng droga sa Pilipinas, nanggagaling sa presohan. Sila ‘yung may contact doon sa labas at sila lang rin ‘yung pwedeng mag-order. Any other guy would not do.

But most of these guys are now in prison. So, kung sabihin mo na nahuli na natin ‘yung mga drug lords, kulang ‘yan.

Kasi just like in Mafia, in Mexico, the cartel there, Escobar, he continued to direct the traffic of drugs, cocaine, heroin, from their prison cell.

Hindi, hindi nagkaiba dito, as revealed by everybody. It’s not enough that they are in prison. They have to be immobilized.

Ms. Halili: Thank you sir.

Joseph Morong (GMA): Sir, good morning po. Just going back a little bit on the Marcos issue. Sir, yesterday I think si SP Pimentel is saying that he might be, he may talk to you to maybe reconsider the decision, so, the Supreme Court said naman there’s no legal impediment that it’s up to you to really–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I do not, I do not have the sole power of the changing fortunes of this country.

No President is allowed to have that kind of power… at least, it has to be based on a law. Better, tingnan mo lang ‘yung batas para sigurado ka.

If you begin to speculate about allowing it, then you have to justify so many reasons why, under a thousands or more than, stories to tell and to weave out of Martial Law.

The better practice is just to let it go by what the law says.

Mr. Morong: Sir, ibig sabihin, there’s no changing that decision sir, that ‘yung, itutuloy na talaga ‘yung pag–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I told… I saw Bongbong yesterday in Tacloban. Sabi ko, it’s your choice. Sabi niya na ano, same question like you, “Can we now proceed?” “Oh, yes you can.” I’ve said before. I will not take my word back

Mr. Morong: Sir, just one last question. Sir, on coming from the perspective of the victims ‘no, ‘cause ‘yung Libingan ng Bayani carries a certain meaning for some people. And then ang sinasabi nila is that it has a tendency, because of the decision of the Supreme Court to change a narrative of this country. Can we now consider Mr. Marcos, because he will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, can he be considered now a hero?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He being hero? Well, it depends on the beholder. You know, let me just… I’m not promoting any class struggle here. But all the Ilocanos are downhearted by the decision for so long, that Marcos be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Halos lahat without… buong Ilocano nation, they are sad. Para sa kanila, walang kasalanan si Marcos and he was true to his word of… What happened during the new society. Sabi ko, can that be judged now?

Mahirap ‘yang ganon because meron, meron pang mga nagsusulat, na tinatamaan, nakulong. Meron namang iba, saw some great things that happened.

Well, of course the discipline, the cleanliness, initially, but towards the end of his term or rule for that matter, nag… said, deteriorate, because he lost control of the governmental machinery for being sick. ‘Di na niya kaya. So doon nagka leche-leche ang sitwasyon.

Marlon Ramos (Philippine Daily Inquirer): Good morning po Mr. President. Sir, regarding lang po doon sa… the remarks that you made about the Vice President yesterday in Tacloban, which to many come as inappropriate and even tasteless. Are those necessary considering the event–?


Mr. Ramos: ‘Yung… the remarks about the Vice President—


Mr. Ramos:
 Which to many see it or come as inappropriate and even tasteless.


Mr. Ramos: To the Vice President. Even the Vice President, she’s actually issued a statement that what you said about her yesterday were tasteless and inappropriate considering that—


Mr. Ramos: Sa Tacloban.


Mr. Ramos: ‘Yung binanggit niyo po ‘yung tinitingnan niyo ‘yung tuhod niya and that she’s wearing short skirt–


Mr. Ramos: During your Cabinet meeting…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, I said she was wearing a skirt, her tuhod was walong ano… Sabi ko hindi nag-sisimba ito. It is appropriate. As a matter of fact, it is good.

So what’s the problem there? Why an issue? Sexist? [inaudible] O, nandiyan na naman ‘yung media. Anong sabihin ko? Totoo naman.

And I said that every meeting, you ask all of the Cabinet members, just to lighten the moment. What’s so special about the knee of a person?

Mr. Ramos: Sir, sorry sir, but are those kind of comments necessary for an event commemorating a tragedy?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. It is necessary to make people laugh, for them to enjoy the occasion, kasi galit ako.

I was angry yesterday because after 42 billion sa NHA, pati after 30 billion sa DSWD, hindi kami diyan ha, bago lang kaming pumasok.

Ang naka-occupy pa lang is 4,000. Kaya ako naga–To break the ice, ‘yun ang ginawa ko. 

So what’s so special about the body of a woman? Or the knee of a woman na walang kalyo? Ibig sabihin hindi… baka hindi nagsisimba.

Mr. Ramos: Isn’t it offending sir for, for the President to be making those kind of comments for the Vice President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What’s [inaudible] being President. I do not stop being President just because I– Do not exact a standard for me. I will do what I say and I say what I do.

Those joke like that is nothing, unless umakyat ka sa tuhod hanggang dito. Then that could be in extreme bad faith.

Pero sabihin mo na, tingnan mo hindi ito… ‘yung tuhod nito. So, why, what’s wrong with the knee or how or why? I may… you have a wife. What’s wrong there? If I say ‘yung tuhod ng asawa mo gasgas kaka-simba, may kalyo na. 

You want to depict me as bastos? You can. Have your day. It’s not my concern to impose this standard kung ‘yan ang ano– Do not put a levitation or cast aspersion, sa mga biro ko kasi ako, hindi ako heneral, politiko ako.

Natural sa amin ‘yan magpatawa, lalo na after magalit. And just to point out something there. You make a big issue about a tuhod na–

Mr. Ramos:  Sir last na lang po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Is that the trivialities of media? It’s so trivial.

Mr. Ramos: Sir last na lang po. ‘Yung regarding po sa killing ni Mayor Espinosa–?


Mr. Ramos: The death of, the killing of Mayor Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, what, what about?

Mr. Ramos: Are you, are you puzzled sir by–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Why should be I—Why should I be puzzled? 

You have here a guy, government employee, using his office and money of government. Cooking shabu and destroying the lives of so many millions of Filipino. So what is them for me to say about it?

Mr. Ramos: Circumstances of the killing sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will obey what the police will tell me because kasama kami sa gobyerno. I will not go there to find fault with the police. I did not even agree that they should be transferred, at least not now. Kasi pagka ganon wala ng pulis magtrabaho. 

Mr. Ramos: Thank you sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I hope that next time… the last time was about a new comment. Kindly go to important matters. Do not go into trivialities about tuhod, tuhod. ‘Yan ang naka-anohan ng media eh, naghahanap ng… para maging picture ka na bastos.

Eh kung sabihin ko kay Secretary, tignan mo tuhod niyan o, hindi siguro nagsisimba na ‘yan. Not because she was a widow or she’s a widow.

Kaya sabi ko, siguro sa simba… Tingnan mo tuhod. Hindi naman makapal. So what– Gusto mo siguro mag-akyat pa ako dito sa bugan.

 Thank you. 

— END —