DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: San Beda Law Grand Alumni Homecoming. 26 Nov 2016

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[Shangri-La at The Fort, Taguig City | November 26, 2016]

Salamat po. Kindly sit down.

You know I cannot straddle along the floor because protocol and procedure requires us, Presidents, to always take the lectern of the presidency.

Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Former president Fidel Ramos, my number one critic and number one supporter and that is good. You know, decent and criticism would make this democratic country healthy.

Former Chief Justice Artermio Panganiban, sir, magandang gabi po; Atty. Avelino Cruz, Rev. Fr. Marañon, director of San Beda College; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; Justice Vitaliano Aguirre and members of the Cabinet; officers, trustees, and members of the San Beda Lzw alumni association; my fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers his keynote address during the San Beda College of Law Alumni Homecoming at the Shangri-La Hotel in Taguig City on November 26, 2016. KING RODRIGUEZ/Presidential Photo
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers his keynote address during the San Beda College of Law Alumni Homecoming at the Shangri-La Hotel in Taguig City on November 26, 2016. KING RODRIGUEZ/Presidential Photo

Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, could not have been more correct when he said, and I quote, “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop, the Office of the President, might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right would make no difference.”

At the start of the campaign and even when I was mayor, I was very emphatic about the issues that – it would destroy the country if it is not interdicted.

You know, ayaw kong magyabang and President Ramos is here. Pero kung hindi ako ang naging Presidente, itong problema sa droga, which is really a virulent issue and of course activity, hindi ito lalabas ng totoo.

You know, initially, when I was campaigning, I was already mentioning some generals who were involved in the drug industry and I warned them, nagkakampanya pa ako, but hindi ko nalang sinasabi yung pangalan. Pag ako ang naging president, hahabulin ko kayo and there is still time, maybe you want to quit now that hindi pa ako ang naging presidente.

So nung nanalo ako, I named the already known personalities but to my horror, after the so many names that I mentioned, the final report of the PDEA from all sources collated from the of course, the National Intelligence – the intelligence community: the NBI, lahat. Binigyan ako ng kopya na ganun kakapal. So sinabi ko, medyo maproblema ito. Meron as validated, submitted to me during a Senate — a Cabinet meeting, ganun kakapal.

Sa isip-isip ko, tinawagan ko ulit. So the last civilian agency na walang kaalam alam diyan, at least there is no bigotry in it kasi hindi naman sila connected sa DILG. And as validated, edi  ganun kakapal. So tinawag ko yung Cabinet, sila Bingbong pati yung mga sundalo. Sabi ko, hindi koi to kaya. And even if assuming na  sinasabi nila na pinapatay ko, sabi ko sa kanila, I will run out of time and bullets because in this report, nandiyan na lahat, yung it all came to pass. Yung napangalanan ko mga generals, they keep on cropping up, like Loot, maski saang region — Region I intelligence report, lumalabas yung pangalan niya. Sabi ko, why this guy? Yun pala kung saan siya naassign noon, he was playing all along the drug industry.

At ngayon as submitted, andiyan na naman yang pangalan nila snd everybody else that were read by me earlier in the days of my administration. Ganun kakapal. So what I proposed would be really, hindi ko talaga kaya. There were about so many thousands policemen and itong mga barangay captains pati itong mga mayors, municipal. May mga city. How do I  investigate them one at a time tapos — and even if I file charges, I would have to get some evidence. I will never accomplish that duty. Pero isa-isa lumalabas ‘to.

The problem with this government is some people were asking or demanding whether I am telling you the truth or not, is they want proof beyond reasonable doubt. Eh paghuli lang nga probable cause eh so when you’re a President, you do not do that because it is not your duty to collect evidence. That’s for the prosecutors and the police. So yung pag dumating sa akin, it behooves upon me just to validate ano ba talaga ‘to then I try to call everyone kung nasa – may mga pinsan ako sa Lanao, ganun, eh may mga pinsan ako na mga MNLF rin eh. So I try to call them, ano ba ‘to? Anong laro ninyo diyan?

So I said, to my horror, ganun kakapal so maybe before the end of the month, I will submit that report to the National Security Council. At bibigyan ko sila ng isang kopya and the Senate President and the Speaker of the House then let us formulate how to prevent disaster for the next generation.

Mabuti pa nga ang terrorism eh. I would rather deal with terrorism because actually, it’s just violence for a moment. Pagkatapos ng engkwentro, at least you know that you’ll suffer some wounds or you die, but nahayaan kasi natin ang ano, except during the time of President Ramos.

I’m not saying this because he’s here but because simply it’s the truth. Kasi sa panahon niya, nagtatrabaho ang mga pulis at takot. Takot sa—eh chief PC yan eh. He used to head the Philippine Constabulary. But I’m sorry to say, during the two administration, napabayaan. Napabayaan talaga and they were just paying lip service. They knew.

But ako sa Davao, talagang humihirit ako kasi alam ko, I would have a serious problem if I don’t. I was trying to develop a city from the ashes all the martial law years, yung away ng NPA pati gobyerno. And they used to shoot each other in the downtown area, I cannot be a mayor of a city na ganun so I started to clean it up. But I knew that the drugs then was pumuputok na eh. So nung sabi ko, when I became mayor from a prosecutor to a — sabi ko sa kanila, get out of the city. If you destroy the youth of the land, which I  really — ang anak natin ang future natin, ano ba – bakit ba tayo nagpapahirap? Why do we work to death on our a**?  It’s because of our children. Napabayaan and the next generation is now in jeopardy.

Ngayon, kung wala kang gagawin dito, I said, with the rug industry ganun kakapal, puro pangalan yan ah. Elected officials, ganun; pulis, ganun kakapal so it would give you the magnitude of the problem we sow. Hindi mo kaya. Ako sa Davao, if you do not go out of the city, I’ll kill you.

Papatayin ka talaga, eh di umalis. So wala akong napatay kasi umalis eh. Saka yung nagpaiwan, namatay naman ng sarili nila. Eh if it’s not suicide sasabihin sayo umalis ka patayin ka, ayaw mo umalis. What do you call that? Homicide?

Sinabi na nga eh. Umalis ka, papatayin kita. If you stand there in front of me, maybe — eh di sigurado. Pag ginanun mo ang – what is really very important is the state of lawlessness kaya I tried my best.

So Davao, would you believe the domestic income within the city? Economic growth hit sometime – anong year yun? Panahon siguro ni President Ramos — 9 percent. Tingnan mo ang Davao ngayon. Look at Davao now, look at how clean Davao is.

Kasi may pera eh. Pag may pera, pwede ka talaga maka [parlay?] ng dito, sanitation; dito health services. Ngayong Presidente ako pag-usapan natin. You know, campaign. Let us enumerate. I said, if I become president, I will do away with corruption in government and it will be. Maniwala po kayo. Yayariin ko talaga lahat ng corrupt. I am committed to it. Then I said, I will suppress drugs. Ginagwa ko rin and believe me, until last pusher out of the streets and last drug lord is exterminated, it will last until the last day of my term wala akong — hindi tayo aatras diyan. And I said criminality, it has timid our economic, social and political life. It should also stop.

I am just on the so many months of my term, I still have some enough [unclear] for the next years to  — gawa ako ng plano, concoct something there to realize my objectives. And by the way, I know even in the community of San Beda, we were — we are divided.

But you know, during the campaign, and I’d like to remind you, even during the debates, I think it was in Cebu that we were asked that question. Kaming lahat dito, 3 of them responded to the question, ‘will you allow or would you agree to the burial of Marcos here sa Libingan ng mga Bayani?’ Binay and I answered ‘yes’ may I remind you.

Kasi sabi ko — well, doon kasi sa Davao, because my mother was one of the Yellow leaders sa Davao, there were only about four of them earlier in the days of martial law marching along the streets of Davao and at one time she was talking before a crowd of security, police and military, yun lang ang crowd niya at pinagmumura niya yung— but you know, as a son, I had to be there. And after that, I tendered my resignation to our head, Fiscal [Beliza?], sabi ko, sir, as a matter of

Delicadeza, you know my mother is..’ But somehow, that’s ano,  huag ka nalang, just keep quiet or be neutral. Sabi ko, nasa gobyerno ako.

Along the years, I tried three times and everytime I was denied so I kept on to the last day sa yung independence ko and  — I knew that it’s not because of the Marcoses, bati system lang. there’s nothing close we did not have any dinner together except one or two. Wala akong ano but I knew that if I become President, I will face the issue.

So long before I studied really because tayong lawyers, we are trained to just look at the law and if it is clear, if it does not admit of any equivocal answer, don’t. Eh nakalagay doon eh. President, soldier. Whether true or not, that’s not my business to dig into the yeast. Whether or not he became good or bad or worst along the years,

that is not for me to decide. Abogado man tayo dito lahat and he was a soldier. If you say that he was a coward and did not receive the valor rightly so, then that’s not my problem. I was not there, I was not a soldier, I was not even born that time and I would not [unclear] if he pulled the trigger or not against the enemy so that’s the long and short of it. You just have to understand my position.

We were trained with cold neutrality. I was a prosecutor. So along the — being, you know, extra power is really to conduct preliminary investigation aside from being a trial fiscal. Ganun. So kung anong nakalagay doon, yun na ‘yon. And there is a several jurisprudence — you should not allow compassion and sentiment and whatever to taint your judgment. So all of these things who decide issues about the sentiments of the people, those who are hurt, and even my mother, hindi lang ako aresto-aresto because at one time, she was the wife of the governor of Davao when Davao was only one at that time.

It was divided into  what Davao now — pare-pareho yung pangalan eh: Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Oriental, Davao City, Occidental.  Because it came from a mother province. When my father died, pinag —  gerrymandering so everybody was given his territory. And of course it was all — Rabat, yung asawa niya malapit kay Imelda but Oriental. Danding Cojuangco and the Almendrases got the Davao Sur. Davao del Norte was given to the Floirendos, Nenita, banana. So it was all politics. Philippines is all politics. Well, because we are a political country, we elect leaders and they, you know, the only problem is that  we are just like, we are becoming like Africa. Pag nailagay mo na diyan ayaw nang umalis ang mga buwang, yan ang mahirap.

But what is really, I said, a horror to me and listen to me very carefully.

The last about 12 administrations, hinayaan talaga nila. I’m not blaming the presidents, yung mga tao mismo, yung may trabaho kung paano — sila yung nandoon. You know, it’s treason. Some of those come from the PMA, Philippine Military Academy. Gastos ng tao, pinakain ka, you’re provided uniforms, you get a good education, then you are given a job, 2nd Lieautenant and it’s good all the way but of course, dangerous but you commit treason at the end of the day. Nung nasa itaas ka na — bakitt pupunta ka sa akin? Sabihin mo, mayor wala ako doon. Maniwala ka mayor, wala ako diyan sa ano.

Pati ako bolahin mo o di anong gawin ko sayo? P**** ina mo, leche ka. Kaya tatami, totoo. Wag mo akong bolahin talagang madidisgrasya ka. Sinasabi ko na nga publicly na then you go to me and, well of course and then you go back to your territory you renege everything you say and then you continue your happy days. Ah, because it is operated even inside prisons. Pareho yan lahat.

Do you know that in the entire Philippines, the transactions are done sa [inaudible]. Kaya sabi ko sa mga pulis, pag may nakita ako nung p**** inang  presohan diyan, ipapakain diyan sa inyo and — pag hindi mo hinampas yan sa ulo nila, they could not come to their senses because of money. Madali eh. Makita mo naghirap na ngayon ang supply. Anong ginagawa ng mga g****** ito? BUmabalik doon sa holdup, may kidnap nanaman, wala ka talaga — so the moral issue is you build cases against them? How many policemen would you need to build a case? To just make some tips there, follow up here, follow him. For one criminal, ilang pulis ang kailangan mo? How much would you spend? And what is the timeline?

Sa pagkakarami nito, I said ang ganito, naku. Pag magsabi sila na magkikita kami sa — pati si president sa National Security Council, sinabi niya, ikaw na yung Presidente so anong gawin mo? Ah okay.

Kasi pag mag ano ako sa, I realize really the burden. Naging piskal ako, naging mayor ako for 23 years. Alam ko ang laro. We indulge in illusions diyan sa ano, believe me tutal maging president man din kayo balang araw.

By the way, kung sana lang na — San Beda na ‘to. Sana pumayag lang kayo noon sa —  whether na may mga babae din sa klase namin, I could have done better.

Tapos ganun kagaganda.  I was just even — pati kay Leni — sabi ko ‘yung tuhod mo bilog na. Siguro hindi ka na nagdadasal. That’s what I really like to know. It’s so rounded. Dapat maging flat yan konti because women who go to church medyo flat talaga yang knee. Tuhod.

Sabi ko, ito wala nang samba-simba, kita mo. Makinis. Sa totoo. ‘Yan lang naman. Ano ba namang. Ang problema itong modern times and  the living past. Lahat nalang bawal. Tingnan mo si Presidente kanina  gusto maghubad. Basta ganun —  those are the things that are really  what  makes really life nicer. Hindi ka na maka — eh ako palabiro ako eh. Pati yung mga babae na pulis pinaghahampas ko yan pag —  p***, ginaganun ko.

Diyan sa Malacañang pag mainit ang ulo ko paglabas, dadala ako folder ko. Sabi ko, isa ka pa. Ganun. Those are really the— sinobrahan kasi nitong western Moor, moors, sumobra ang mga p**** ina niya. Totoo. Wala na tuloy ang gana ang buhay natin — [unclear] is really sexual harassment especially if you’re the superior. Ganun, talagang mahirap yan and even looking at lewdly at people —  mga ano mo. Other people hindi ka naman pansinin ng mga babae. But if you do that in the private confines of a place tapos you start — well anyway yun ang —

Now I was in Jolo yesterday tapos dito Zamboanga. So I pinned some medals on the wounded soldiers. Out of the six doon na seriously, sabi ko, nakita ko kasi may tag so I would say, ano ka? Maranao? Maranao ang lola ko eh. Maranao? Hindi, Tausug. Tausug, Tausug, Tausug. So I could just imagine na itong bayan na ito. Even the Tausugs are killing each other.

I agree with President Ramos. There can never be a real fight, you just have to talk. Itong sa — kasi I was asking pointblank questions. Sabi ng media doon, Presidente, pang anim na balik mo na ito sa wounded pati namatay na mga sundalo. Kailan mo tapusin yang mga Abu Sayyaf? Sabi ko anong gusto ninyo? I mean I could do it, I could burn Jolo now, I could bomb the place.

And in the mountains mag carpet bombing ako and I would tell the military after the operation, ayaw ko Makita na isang tao standing. Do you want me to do that? And if I kill children and innocent people and all, can we survive as a nation?

Same in Lanao. We are talking with MI, at least si Misuari lumabas na. Kasi sabi ko sa kanila sa Cabinet meeting, ‘Look. If you deprive Misuari of his liberty. You may grant that he was a criminal of sorts sa Zamboanga siege. Pag hindi mo pinalabas yan, may sakit yan. At kung lumabas yan, ikulong natin and if he dies in our custody for whatever reason then we will no longer have any peace at all. You might as well prepare the children to say you have to deal with these wars.

If we cannot end it, kagaya sa Samar, sa — I mean Lanao. In all of the Muslim areas nag landslide ako. I can talk to them. Ang problema, MI, MN okay na. Si Nur is separate, ayaw niya makipag merge eh so separate but he is out. Sabi ko let him out. He is old, he will not run away, he cannot run away. It’s impossible.

Kasi kung — hayaan mo siya. Kung sabihing there’s a warrant, hayaan mo yan, warrant-warrant diyan. Mabuti yang warrant warrant diyan kung makasagot sa atin kung magbakbakan na. We are trying to avoid the war.

I see the wisdom now of President Ramos. Kasi siya noon kapag medyo malapit na ang mga sundalo, he’ll order ‘atras.’ At sabi natin, anong nangyari dito sa — bakit ganun?

Ngayon na ako na, alam ko na, alam ko na na tama siya. Now there’s a group there that’s affiliated with the ISIS, ito ‘yung Maute. So sabi ng mga sundalo, they raided some places there but it was in connection with arms because I have commissioned the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines to [unclear] with the PNP. Ngayon what will we do? We will just have to wait. We will just have to talk and talk. What we will pass on to the next generation is a talking administration.

We cannot pass it on, ilang taon lang ‘to, 5, 6 years, a new generation of graduates of the PMA and another set of national officials and Cabinet.

You cannot pass a fighting, a war or a country at war, that is forsaken. Storya lang talaga. Madali man sa Jolo. Eh tawagin ko lang yang mga helicopters, pasabugin mo nga ng rocket lahat ng mga bahay diyan. And so? Then I report to you, ‘we scored a victory today. We will do it tomorrow. Then we add the pile of bodies in one corner.’ How it would appear before us na — wag na yung Amerikano. Human rights violation? It’s war.

I declared war against drugs. Pero itong rebellion, because it is ideology-driven, so we are lucky, we are now talking to the communists sa Oslo. So our soldiers are freed of — medyo there’s peace in the boondocks. Pwede ko gamitin lahat ng sundalo doon sa Jolo. You invade Jolo and the rest of the places there. Kill everyone with arms. It will not, it will worsen the situation, believe me.

Ang delikado niyan, itong ISIS that is why you have to use your head. Do not drive them to despair because that is precisely what happened in Africa.

Pagka sinagad mo yan and they are driven into desperation, instead of the groupings diyan, they are driven by Muslim nationalism or Moro for that matter, para maintindihan niyo, it’s a Moro nationalism because they are really  the owners of Mindanao long before the Spaniards came.

Kaya hindi mo matapos-tapos yan kasi kanilang lugar yan. And what is the driving force? Nationalism of their land.

By the way, baka magtanong ka. It’s my mother actually who is the son —- a daughter of a Maranao but my father was really a Chinese. Lam. He used the Roa because nung the vogue that time was you adopt the name of your lawyer when you apply for naturalization. Yun ‘yan so medyo ano ‘yan but my father is a Cebuano.

When I am asked because we trace our lineage from our father, I say Bisaya ako but I never lived in Cebu even for a moment. So that is how it is in our country today.

Itong droga ang pinaka. Because it would lead us in its wake, so many insane persons. I’ll give you — I’ll end but I’ll give you a food for thought. Sleep on it.

At 200 pesos per day for one man, that is 6,000 every month. Times 3 million, yung sa PDEA, it’s 18 [6,000 times 3 is 18] billion a month. Times 12 months, it’s 216 billion a year.

Ipalagay natin wala masyadong trabaho ang iba kasi walang trabaho ang Pilipinas eh. So where do they get the 200 to sustain the habit? They rob, they kill, holdup dito sa Maynila. Medyo ngayon wala na. But that’s only for the moment lang yan, takot kasi eh.

So sabi ng mga nagtatrabaho sa gabi, wala na yung mga istambay. O, how do we make it permanent? Well, in the coming days, I will make it a mass — a mandate that lahat kayo na natamaan ng droga, wag kayong lumabas ng bahay. Wala man akong presohan, pumasok kayo sa bahay niyo mag lock kayo. Pagka lumabas kayo, p***** ina kayo,  papatayin ko kayo. Pag makita ko kayo sa labas. Wala man ako —

Can we legislate Congress? Can we legislate fear, respect for the law? Wala. Hindi mo pwedeng itong tapik-tapikin adre, kawawa naman yung Pilipinas, huminto ka na. Because of the money eh yung mga Chinese, I even confronted the Ambassador. Sabi ko, do you have something to do with this? Bakit karami ng intsik na–?

Kayong mga intsik, do not be offended. Pareho tayong intsik eh. So that is the presidency at the moment. At this point in time, I have to deal with the rebellion that is getting worse. Yung tinatawag na —- he’s popular to you, si t*** inang tong, si Bravo. Meron na siya doong gobyerno sa Mindanao. And most of constituents really are also Moros.

Merong pag nagkasala ka doon kulong ka, hulihin ka niyan pag ano ka, drug pusher ka. Bayad ka lang sa kanya, siya ang mag sintensiya. May Shariah law eh, sintensiyahan ka. G*** talaga. Pagkatapos pag may pera ka, magpabili ng kita ng shabu ng pinsan mo, mag utang ka. Bayad ka sa kanya. 10,000. Sabihin niya doon sa libro niya, sa treasurer. Yung 5,000 kanya. Pag galit na galit na yang — we were talking about it last night in Davao, what to do.

Sabi ko, I will decide. Maghahanap ako ng Maranao, isip-isip ko si Dabs Mamao, ayan o, yung Presidential adviser for — siguro I’ll give you what, siguro mga 20 days to get rid of Bravo. But one of these days, I said I’ll be forced to ask the security forces of the —- unahin mo na ‘yan.

In fairness to the Moro leaders, Murad and all, hate drugs. Pagka ang  mission ng pulis doon pati army pumapasok sa territory and it’s a drug mission, the MILF hindi makialam. Hindi makialam. So that is really something we should appreciate. So we have to deal with the traditional Moro.

We try to avoid the contamination of ISIS. What we are afraid of is if the ISIS are pushed out and they lose a landmass, kailngan ka magluto, makiligo, they will try to come to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines because they have declared the caliphate, the kingdom of the caliphate dito.

What will I do? Well, sa drugs, I said I will not allow dito sa — even in front of the, what will I do? I will not allow you to destroy my country. Criminals, I will have to deal with you one way or the other.

Corruption, I ask everybody working under me, under this government, under Executive department to please hear me out. Kasi talagang uupakan kita. I will not — that is why I am opening the RP TV [PTV], yung everysay they can text the official —  never mind about libel and all. Sabi ko, sige lagay ninyo ang pangalan ng tao, opisina, ilagay mo kung anong hiningi sayo and it will — lalabas  yan sa and so the people of the Philippines can just tune in and they would know the idiots who are corrupting this country.

We may be wrong and no doubt about it, I am willing to apologize everyday that we commit a mistake. Fair is fair. Pero yung iba, pasensya kayo. Then I will ask for you. Hiyain talaga kita. I will ask you to resign, that’s the only way.

Pag marami nang ano diyan, I will just file charges against you, suspend you or ask Congress. Mamili kayo: we remain on good terms or you help me in the corruption. Abolish the office. Bahala na — abolish the position. You just allow the 2nd echelons to continue the the work. May mga abogado mang deputy diyan.

So kayong lahat, I’ll end this by saying I am a Bedan and lahat ng —yung ibang nakikinig ngayon, pasensyahan nalang tayo.

Kasi ako naging Presidente, sino bang kakilala ko? Mga classmate ko sa San Beda, sa dormitoryo — sila Yasay, si Dulay, kaharap ko sa dormitory yan eh. So sino ang crowd ko? Davao. So saan ako kukuha ng magagandang lalaki na – wala man akong barkada dito.

Kayong mga taga Dasmariñas, Forbes Park, mga Magallanes, hindi naman  ako ninyo niyaya kasi mahirap lang kami. O, eh di do not cry about the lost opportunity. Hindi ko kayo — kilala ko si Tugade, bright. Bingbong, taga-Davao, taga-San Beda, bright. Vit Aguirre, bright. Si Sol Gen, saan ka ba? Marami ka pang kaso pati pala yung naglibing ng ano dinemanda. Ba, patay ka.

So we are all together pero ako you will have the preference but I will not say the name. pero kung may mga bakante diyan, and I know that it is a, lalo na prone to graft and corruption, mamimili talaga ang tao but taga pag San Beda, honest lalo kung maganda, lumipat ka na sa Malacañang.

You will have the —uunahin ko kayo. Eh kasi naman yung iba may ganun. Nag-apply ako. Ha? Sa susunod na eleksyon na yan. Katagal na namin diyan ngayon ka lang magpaalam ng —

But anyway, there’s only one thing that I would want kasi pag nirekomenda mo, position doctor, kailangan maging doctor. I mean, it’s obvious. So pag sinabi ka, ito yung rekomendado ko, isa lang talaga ang tanong ko. He’s not corrupt right? No, he’s not. Okay. Bong —

Ngayon pag corrupt yan, sandali. P ****** ina mo sipain kita magnanakaw ka t*** ina sinabi ko na sayo na wag ka mag rekomenda ng u***. So even sa military walang problema but sa army, do you know, I promised that I will never tinker with the Armed Forces? To this day wala akong nirecommend na ikaw dito,  ikaw diyan sa army. There’s the board of generals, I’ll give it to the Chief of Staff and Defense.

Even sa contracts. Lorenzana would just say, we are buying this one.  Go ahead. Del, basta wala lang corruption. So they are functioning — wala, hindi ako nakikialam.

Kay Vit, sabi noiya ito si, under my direction, as god is there, I can ask everybody. I have never talked to the guy outside of a Cabinet meeting. After that, I shake hands and we work.

Ako, magtanong kayo and I will go. Am I happy being President? No, I am not. Do you regret? Yes to a certain extent. Kasi ang trabaho ko diyan, I am like a prisoner, actually. Nasa likod ko palagi yung pulis. Nasaan na ba si ano? Eh ganito, he’s from Tawi-Tawi ito. Saan ba si, ang aide ko? Ayan o, para kang dala-dalawa yang sumusunod na pulis eh, yung ,mga nasa korte papunta pati ako.

Lagyan mo na lang ako handcuff, pareho na, wala na. Wala kong freedom, you lose entirely your private life.

I cannot talk to anybody just like —  lalo na yang mga negosyante, kayo nalang diyan. You go to Tugade, you go to — do not talk to me. Hindi na nagsara ako but better that yung mga negosyante, yung ganun, only if there’s a problem. Then pag yung hiningi ka, the first beep of corruption, just call me, madali yan i-transfer. Kasi maraming bakante sa Jolo pati Basilan. Oo, totoo. Yung pulis na sabi ni Tulfo nanghihingi diyan sa mga kuwan, sabi ko animal ka, leche ka.

Hirap na hirap akong magpunta sa ibang bayan, makiusap ng mga investors. Pag yan ang diskarte, then I will blow your balls off so yan ang ano this is the Bedan President that you have. I have a mouth that is not really courteous. Well I’m sorry, ganun talaga ako. Wala akong magawa. Eh probinsyano lang tayo, yan man ang lenguahe sa amin.

But I can assure you that at least makita ninyo, number one is really corruption. Matagal na tayong medyo nag angat.

We are like, sabi ko nga, pati eroplano na tumatakbo ng runway, endless. Ayaw mag lift off. So I may succeed, I may fail but one thing you can be sure of, what — yung lumabas sa bunganga ko, yung mga pangako ko, magiging totoo talaga.

Corruption, strikto talaga ako. Billy Dulay was in front. Magkaroommate sila ni Bello eh. Puro Ilocano. Kami naman ni Yasay. Ang problema naman kay Yasay, kung sa dormitoryo kami noon, naintindihan ko yung English niya. Pero ngayon, [imitates Yasay] ‘we would like to report to the Cabinet that the meeting was in the United States and…’ Sabi ko kay — sino ba itong p***** inang Amerikano na ‘to? Kasi mataas yan, hindi ko makita eh. Sabi ko, sino itong Amerikano na itong yawa na ito. [imitates Yasay] ‘I never employed anyone and I have to make a follow up today because you know, there’s always a chance that we have to talk to this guy and’ — Bilib ako. Foreign Secretary, Foreign Affairs.

Salamat po.