DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: ANC’s interview. 29 Dec 2016

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of ANC’s interview with President Rodrigo Duterte, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Malacañan Palace | 29 December 2016]

Lynda Jumilla: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us. We are now live from Malacañan Palace. And, Mr. President, maayong hapon.


Ms. Jumilla: Maayong hapon. Daghang salamat for giving this…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Salamat pud sa imong panahon.

Ms. Jumilla: And, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, Happy New Year. It was a good Christmas I think. We were able to celebrate it, relatively, wala masyadong gulo.

Ms. Jumilla: But kayo personally, how did you spend Christmas?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: With the family always. And, I do it alone. Not on 25th actually. On the 25th there’s always a big bash in my house. It’s traditional, started by my father when he was governor at that time, Davao. So it continued during my time as mayor and sinunod naman ni Inday.

Inday stuck with the tradition. So but 26 up, puro dito ngayon. That’s my first time to be very busy even after Christmas day. Sabi ko nga, I’ll give it to you ahead because there are many… Many guys are really asking me about the presidency.

Sabihin ko sa inyo ang totoo, if you ask me whether I’m happy, I’m extraordinarily happy? My answer would really be, I don’t need the job at this time.

Ms. Jumilla: I think that’s one of the —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: At this time of my life.

Ms. Jumilla: Itong…What adjustments that you had to do over Christmas ‘no, spending Christmas, it’s one of the adjustments that you need to do now because you’re President. So how are you adjusting to it? Do you still find yourself, you know, wanting to do certain things but you cannot do anymore?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, because even how… How orderly you planned your life for the next day, for example last night, I was… Well earlier last night, I was already planning to go home after the flag raising ceremony–

Ms. Jumilla: Tomorrow, ‘yung Rizal rites?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tomorrow sa Luneta. And then came the news that there was an explosion in some, in Leyte, but drug-related and they’re having a turf war there.

So I have to make some detours again before flying to Davao I have to pass by Leyte to — just to look at the situation and maybe visit the wounded. I hope that sana walang mamatay.

Ms. Jumilla: This is the incident in Hilongos, Leyte explosion last night.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, there are a lot of casualties actually.

Ms. Jumilla: Do you already have an initial report on who did it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, drug-related, involving Moro people also ha. Umabot na sila doon. Sabi ko—

Ms. Jumilla: So away ng ano, away ng drug syndicates?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Yeah, there’s no reason, because you cannot attribute it to anybody, in the first place we are having a ceasefire. And usually Leyte, maybe in Mindanao, and in Sulu — the Sulu area. But ang NPA naman kasi wala naman ‘yan silang record na magtapon ng granada sa may mga tao na inosente.

Of course, minsan ‘yung nagtatalo kami diyan sa, the use of itong bomba, roadside bombings. There’s a question mark there whether this is really allowed.

We had a lot of arguments over it but overall I would say that it has nothing to do with the left or with the communist, kaya drugs.

Ms. Jumilla: December 30 tomorrow, exactly six months to the day that you assumed office. What is the most difficult part siguro of being President especially at this time in our country?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You have to stare at the problem eyeball to eyeball, especially in the matter of law and order. And, of course, the side issues of China sea ruckus and everything.

You have to then, there’s a talks abound that America wants me out, the usual CIA operations ng ganon. It gives you a lot to think about everyday. It’s just a matter of what is really the hardest to solve.

Pero I’d like to tell you in the matter of itong mga ousting, ousting. Sabi ko, well, America has been known for that. And the superstar here is Goldberg. And, you know, he was expelled from Bolivia. He was undermining the native President there. And it is said that it is because of the agitation that was being built from [inaudible] and that was the elite.

I still have to find out really how they fare with Goldberg. But I would not see Goldberg as with an impeccable… He was expelled, I said, and the fact that during the elections, that’s not —make quarrel with him. But he was not to open his mouth especially as an ambassador of another country and there’s an issue that rises, however, dirty it may look, huwag kang sumali. He opened his mouth and maybe at the wrong time, or talagang sinadya niya. Well, nawalan ako ng bilib sa kanya.

Ms. Jumilla: Pero, sir, itong sinasabing oust Duterte plot, allegedly by former ambassador Goldberg, is this something that intelligence officials, the NSA, NICA, were able to vet and how — how real or validated is this?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I must admit to you that we do not have the, really the, wherewithals, the hard ones.

But going by the practice of America usually, especially if you do not like America, actually it was not me liking — not liking America. It was the Americans who make so much of a fuss over a thing that’s — pati sila are really guilty of.


Now, in this thing about drugs. Early on I was being castigated by everybody including the underling sa State Department. Sabi ko naman kasi sa kanila, you know, if you are allies, why don’t you just go to the forum sa United Nations.

Bring your case there and maybe they’ll defer it to the Human Rights or what the appropriate agency under — under that body. And if there is the report, confront me. Because I have an ambassador, then maybe you can confront me and if you want, you can have me investigated.

But ‘yung pa-ganon-ganon ng America, and I would like to just also remind America, that once upon a time, they blamed a country, Panama, for flooding America with drugs. What they did was really out of…They went to invade Panama, uprooted everything there, killing people there.  There was a fighting and bringing…They shanghaied, kinidnap (kidnap) nila si Noriega, they brought him to America, the guy was in trial and was convicted and serving time in prison there.

So ano ang diperensya sa akin? Why are they complaining there was a drug war, there’s always casualties.

Ms. Jumilla: Balikan natin mamaya later on, sir, ‘yung the US and your drug war. But let me just go back and wrap up the point about your first six months in office. Siguro you got a lot of people that you said at the very start, people you’re comfortable with, ‘yung mga galing sa Davao, people you went to school with. Siguro sino ‘yung… Who are the people, or your key advisers you listen to, especially when you, you know, you have to make certain big significant decisions?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan, Lynda. Whoever is at it, if it’s under his jurisdiction, I listen to him.

And ito ngayon, I do not think it will be, or is it, itong sa SSS. There’s a debate going on now here. Dito sa… Because…Yas — ay si ano…No, it’s Diokno and Dominguez, I think Yasay also. It’s a — group discussion ‘yan eh. It’s Cabinet meeting, ayaw nila talaga itong ano, because it will go bankrupt, itong SSS.

Ms. Jumilla: Increase in pension.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang problema niyan because, unless you really raise the contribution or ‘yung enlarge mo ‘yung, if you take a more people on sa mass-based to support the future. And Sonny Dominguez pati si Pernia are very insistent that it would not really work and it could cause bankruptcy.

Ang problema niyan is I promise the people. So we’ll just have to go somewhere in there. That’s why I have to come back early after New Year. I’ll have to start the day very early. I have to discuss it with them because ‘yung mga ano — because it will…I said, sabi nga is the end game is that the government has guaranteed the solvency always of SSS so that if it runs short of money, government must go in. Ang problema idamay mo ‘yung hindi miyembro because you’ll get the money from the taxpayers. 

Ms. Jumilla: From the government.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, if everything goes well, okay, but kung magka-leche-leche ang buhay, economy or otherwise, sabi nila mahirapan tayo.

Ms. Jumilla: So on the point of increasing the pension as well as increasing the contribution, ano ‘yung naging final resolution doon, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko pinirmahan. Nandiyan ‘yung dalawang papel. I’ve been studying it but abruptly I said because…Kaya kahapon I had to start early talking to the military and the police. And because of that raid which they confiscated almost one ton.

So ‘yung pattern mo nasisira. What you plan to do for the office the day after, tapos may singit na ibang problema, ayon na. That’s get you quite, not that confusing, but quite stressful ang ano…

Ms. Jumilla: Disoriented.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You have to make hindi naman — but you have to make crucial and — decisions that must be made at once.

Ms. Jumilla: Speaking of that, is the all this…Of course, the stresses of the presidency and then you’ve had a lot of travels already in the past six months ano, ‘yung mga international, ‘yung mga visits mo. And also as you said, and you also have to go back and forth Davao-Manila on a weekly basis. Is it also taking a toll on your health?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No flying home and coming back…Flying home is really enjoyable one whatever be the weather. Coming back to report for duty is something which is… You get to be serious and even on the plane you start to read what’s coming your way. The next following — the next day or the following hours.

But by the way, let me just mention about my travels abroad. I hate to travel actually. I will tell you. But I had to make it because they were insistent that we get the feedbacks now, as early as now, what their desires would be because it would be too late to craft an agenda when they are here. That agenda must be considered studied and you make suggestions sa kanila pati sa iyo at malaman mo. So I have to go there and try to talk and say, ‘Prime Minister, what would be your…’ You are just like a reporter, pabaligtad lang ako. Ako ang nagtatanong about this ASEAN, about the resources, if there is going to be an extraction somewhere, what will be your stand, ganun.

So I had to travel but I really hate traveling sa edad ko.

Ms. Jumilla: And recently you mentioned that you’ve been getting migraine attacks almost everyday.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. In a scale of one to ten, right after the accident, I’ll give you a visual thing, pain scale, it was used to five, six. And I had to use Fentanyl. It’s really for cancer patients for those dying. I had to cut it into four pieces, so ¼ lang.

May isang beses kasi dito nakalimutan ko. [inaudible] the doctor, but I forgot to remove the…Hindi ko napalitan ng ¼. Nakita niya. Nagalit ‘yung doktor sa akin. Sabi niya. ‘if you continue doing it, look for another doctor.’

So sabi ng isang doktor ko na babae, ‘you know if you just go with the pains, kaya mo lang…’ Ngayon, mga 2,3, 2,3 everyday. Sabi ng doktora kasi tataas ‘yung threshold mo ng pain.

Ms. Jumilla: Yes.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: And so everyday nandiyan. So I do not get the meds anymore kasi pati ‘yung — sabi it goes into the system, liver and everything. I’ve learned to live with it.

Ms. Jumilla: How long did you use Fentanyl because, you know, there are concerns about the side effects et cetera and…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na. Matagal na ‘yon. It was about three years, four years ago nearly.

Ms. Jumilla: But just to backtrack ‘no, not everybody is familiar as to the spinal injury that you got — spinal conditions…


Ms. Jumilla: Oo, ano bang nangyari doon?


Ms. Jumilla: Oo, what caused the condition?


Ms. Jumilla: You had an accident?


Ms. Jumilla: Ah ok.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sumemplang ako ng motor.

Ms. Jumilla: What year was this?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’m 72. When I was about 68.

Ms. Jumilla: Ah okay, so that’s just a few years ago? Oo, a few years ago. And that’s the one that’s causing the migraines, ‘yung slipped disc mo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The migraine is there. It’s a permanent fixture. Parang piano ‘yan na nandiyan, hayaan mo na lang. But I said, tama si doktora that if you just bear it for a time, you’ll just maybe come to terms with it. Kaya tingin ko and I said — right after the accident, mga 6, 7, there were times more virulent but okay na ako ngayon. Two usually. Hindi pwedeng wala eh. Maski sa positioning ng…Paggising mo meron talaga.

Ms. Jumilla: Oo. And you mentioned that you have other medical conditions like Buerger’s disease —


Ms. Jumilla: Ito ba ‘yung —


Ms. Jumilla: GERD, reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease. Ano naman daw po ang cause ‘nung…Well, the Buerger’s disease is caused by smoking.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na. Good thing about Buerger’s is that you stopped smoking, it goes away. Ang problema sa Barrett is you are not supposed to drink, but I still drink. I consume about half a bottle of brandy noong…Kailan ba? Noong Pasko.

Ms. Jumilla: Noong Pasko, Pasko naman.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So what is left in life when there is none. So sabi ko…Let me ask you. Your father is still around?

Ms. Jumilla: Yes.


Ms. Jumilla: 81, ah 81 pala.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He takes medication?

Ms. Jumilla: Just maintenance medicines for cholesterol and high blood.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When he was 72 meron na siyang mga sakit na ito?

Ms. Jumilla: Oo, meron na, usually high cholesterol. You’re in good company.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When your father was 72, he had this… I acquired his sickness, too. Kaya magtanong ‘yung mga tao, iyan ba si Duterte, okay ba ‘yan? Eh g*** ka pala, saan ka makakita dito na 72 na in perfect health, in the pink of his — his prime life?

Ms. Jumilla: So I guess, I was going to ask with all the things that you have to do as president and your conditions. How are protecting or preserving your health? Meron ka pa bang…Do you exercise? Do you…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, nagte-treadmill ako araw-araw, one hour ‘yan.

Ms. Jumilla: Everyday?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, one hour ako, everyday. Maski anong oras ang tulog ko, I…That’s the only way I can maintain the — ‘yung sa Buerger’s ko pati exercise. I can do one hour, hindi above. One hour is…

And may I just say something?

Ms. Jumilla: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know where…If people are asking, I’d like to make it clear — if I am, you know, extraordinarily happy and exuberant about the presidency? Let me put this answer to you: I do not need it this time of my life. It goes to everybody and America also. I do not really need it. Sabihin nila you oust, do not give me that kind of ano threats, scare me with that.

Ms. Jumilla: Tatanungin kita mamaya doon sa mga ibang oust, alleged ouster plots. But let me just go to the past six months, what would you say are the major accomplishments of your administration?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I would say, Lynda, that crime has considerably decreased. Street crimes, any place. Whether it is in — Davao mas lalo na talagang…Taga roon ka man, I mean, you pass by Davao every now and then. Alam mo man ‘yan.

So, dito Manila relatively, wala na masyadong hinoholdup, pinapatay, ‘yung mga estudyante pauwi. And I would say that graft. Tatlo lang man ang sinabi ko.

I said, elect me as President, I will stop corruption. And I am doing it. And I will do it. And it will be done. Sigurado ‘yan. I stake my honor and lahat na sa buhay ko.

Then I say that I’ll have to fight drugs. I am fighting it. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are complaining me, complaining about me because of my fight against the drugs.

Then I said, I will restore order. Then I said that I will, iyon lang naman ang promise ko that I will allow the burial of Marcos in the debates. ‘Di ba tinanong kami? Only two said “yes’, Binay and ako. That was a campaign promise.

Iyong endo. Why would…This is my complaint. Alam nila na that it would come because sinabi ko. And sinabi ko that is why we have to do something about it. You cannot be complaining about this contractualization when I feel that it is not also really good for the people. Otherwise, I would not really be insistent about it.

Ms. Jumilla: Himayin natin isa-isa yung sinabi ninyong major accomplishments on the peace and order. You said in the statistics will bear it that street crimes have gone down. But at the same time the PNP is saying that murder is up by — murders, or killings or homicides are up by 51 percent.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Drug-related, drug-related cases. Just like what happened in Leyte. It’s drug-related. It’s really the quarrel now of…

Noon ang nag-aaway ang mga pulitiko. Dito ngayon ang nag-aaway ang mga….I’d been telling you about it but a lot of disbelievers.

What happened in Leyte it’s really actually ‘yung mga Moro doon. They are now there and — for a turf war.

Ms. Jumilla: Pero, Mr. President….

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So maraming patay.

Ms. Jumilla: That’s right. The people support… Based on the surveys, the people support your drug war.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They should because it’s all for their own good.

Ms. Jumilla: But at the same time, they are also concerned that they could fall victims to some of the killings whether or not they are into drugs.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I would admit that there were killings that were really unintended. Kagaya ‘yung mga bata na tinatamaan sa crossfire.

Ms. Jumilla: Collateral damage.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oo, collateral damage. Well, I’m sorry. There has to be a casualty. And there has to be some drawbacks there.

And even in criminal law. O di ba? In criminal law, if you have to be, there is a passerby there, you cannot really go after the policeman and insist on his — ipakulong mo because…I mean, his intentions are noble, he is fighting criminals. What you would get is just maybe a compensation from government, civil.

That’s what happened. Pero dito nagpapatayan talaga sila. Sinabi ko noon. Now, why? Sabi nila bakit sa panahon ni Duterte walang patayan? Bakit sino bang mga sikat noon? Sino ang mga drug pushers? Sino ang mga drug dealers? And I would like to. You want to have a visual view of the drug industry? I will give it to you. Can we cut this ‘no? Okay?

Ms. Jumilla: We can bring in the…


Ms. Jumilla: Bring in the… We are live, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bring in the goods.

Ms. Jumilla: Sige, bring in the goods. Okay. While they are bringing in the goods. I’ll ask you. Kasi, sabi nga nila, the police is saying that it’s the criminal gangs or the drug syndicates as you are also saying na sila ‘yung nagpapatayan and  they are behind this. But at the same time, Mr. President, it’s also a crime. And isn’t it also part — the job of the policemen, or the police force to protect the people from criminal  syndicates.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Surprisingly, a lot of those…Can we have it?

Ms. Jumilla: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This is in the drug industry of the Philippines. Updated, ‘no. There are 6,000 barangay captains, municipal mayors, judges, maraming pulis. It’s not that really easy. Now, how… Killings? It could be either one of these things or ‘yung ang gusto mo, baka ayaw mo lang ano.

Are there really vigilantes out to kill the drug pushers without mercy. Baka ‘yung gusto mong na nakatali ‘yung kamay? Tapos, o blindfolded. Hindi trabaho ng gobyerno ‘yan. For practical reasons, bakit mo balutin ang tao?

Ms. Jumilla: That’s right.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh kung gusto mo patayin, barilin mo na. If he is a drug pusher and if you want to kill him because he is a — barilin mo. Bakit mo balutin?

It’s because, well, of course, the name of the game is intrigue and we started very early. I cannot tell you in public how it was done. But, well, the way that they used also ‘yung mga formula doon sa Latin America. Well, those are the tactics that… Awayin mo muna sila.

Remember that when I was inaugurated as the — we did not start the operations until after three months. But right after nakita mo patayan na. Why? Why do you think? I mentioned several policemen. Why do you think na maraming patayan? And there are about a lot of a still at large ‘yung mga ninja.

Ms. Jumilla: Oo, ninja cops.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ninja cops. Bakit? Dose, minsan 20 in one day encounter? Well, I said, take it from there.

Pero kung sabihin mo that we sanctions — state- sanctioned, you kill him. Pero I’ll tell you. Itong mga durugista, akin lang ‘yan. I will not go for the small guy, kawawa ‘yan.

I just released P1 billion for medications sa ano. Why will I do that kung gusto ko…? Totohanin ko na lang talaga. I  do not do that. Alam mo itong mga ito, galing ito ng mga military schools. Sa ano nila — taught about integrity and about the law.

Hindi pautusan ko itong mga galing sa mga academy na ano? Mag coup d’état ‘yan. Totohanan sabihin ko sa’yo.

Ms. Jumilla: Sir, sabi niyo EJKs and vigilante killings are not done by the —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not a part of a state activity.

Ms. Jumilla: It’s not a state policy and activity?


Ms. Jumilla: But, do you think… Or has it probably occurred to you also that there might be some policemen or law enforcers who might be emboldened by your support for them, by your statements that you’re ready to kill all these mga drug dealers and they are doing it themselves?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It might be place them a more…Hindi naman invulnerable but nagtatrabaho lang. Kasi noon, Lynda, ‘yung mga mayors, alam mo naman sa newspaper eh.

Ang mga drug lords may mga barangay captains. Usually ‘yan may mga bodyguards. Malakas ito sa gobyerno eh.

O pagsabi ni mayor, ‘Presidente…’ Iyong eleksyon kasi eh. ‘Itong…’ Bakit ako wala? Bakit ako makabuko ng isang governor? Bakit ako sinabihan bigyan kita 24 hours or else I will kill you? Makapatakbo ka ng mayor noon pati…Because they thought that they were already — tigas na sila. May security na pulis. May security.

Sino bang g***** pulis ang may… Mayor, tatawag ng Malacanang ‘yan. Sabihin, ‘Mr. President, itong ano mong mga ito pati kami inuupakan.’ Walang makagawa sa akin ng ganon.

First of all, maski na kaibigan kita. Do not…That’s BS to me, you talk about ano. That’s why I said I became mayor for 23 years. You can come to me na maghingi ka ng pabor about crime.

Ms. Jumilla: Just not to be belabored the point, Mr. President, just to be sure ‘no that no one there is doing some kind of vigilante activity or doing, taking the law into their own hands. Sa mga law enforcers, have you given directives or instructions or strict instructions to the policemen na ‘wag gawin ito?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, of course. Alam na nila ‘yan? Because I said even sa first day of school nila ‘yan. Siyempre it takes about four, four ‘yan eh sa PMA. Tinuturuan na ‘yan sila, not to obey an illegal order.

And they can just also point out to any mayor or any president that that is not allowed. Sabi ko itong mga, itong mga — hindi ko naman utos ito, Lynda, and you can talk to them. May sinabi ba ako na…What I said actually was: Do not destroy my country because I will kill you.

That was just really a statement na as it is. Do not deprive us of our young, do not make them crazy because I will really kill you.

So when I ordered itong sila mga sundalo, pati pulis, I did not order a punitive police action, I said, I will declare war.

Kaya ‘yang mga pulis talagang nanalo sa shootout because when they go to an operation and the suspect was a drug lord, they go in bands, tatlo o apat, eh talagang talo ‘yon.

Ms. Jumilla: Final point po on the drug issue, Mr. President. Anong balak ninyong gawin sa 6,000 personalities sa narco-list?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mayors, governors, generals nandito, kita ninyo mga mukha diyan pamilyar.

Well, anyway, I gave a copy to the Senate President. Sabi ko hindi ko na kaya. Ang sabi ko, sabihin ninyo that if kill them…Even if I kill them, hindi ko kayang patayin ito.

Ms. Jumilla: 6,000 iyan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: How can…Puro pangalan iyan o. Region 1, Ilocos region, elected public official. Well, of course, ito, Lynda, this is not a document where I can prove my case beyond reasonable doubt.

Ms. Jumilla: That’s right.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ako…This is a work of intelligence, galing sa Army, ipa-process ko sa pulis just to make sure. Ang sa pulis ipa-process ko naman sa ibang unit. Kung nagdududa ako DILG. Iyong last copies na three ano, galing DILG ‘yon.

Ms. Jumilla: So when you gave it to the Senate President, the Senate President Koko Pimentel ano ‘yung —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Dumaan ‘yan ng proseso sa intelligence work, the usual result or a product of the endeavor of the police in accordance with the rules. Iyon lang man ang makuha rin nila. Build just a prima facie case is he or is he not. That’s all.

Ms. Jumilla: Okay. Let’s move on to the other issues that have been a hallmark or have been — made a splash during your six months. Foreign policy, and a lot of people — a lot of sectors applauded your move to sort of distance and you wean away the Philippines from the US. But at the same time, there is a feeling that we are cozying up too much to China. Parang…I’ll put it in Tagalog, Mr. President,


Ms. Jumilla: Oo, parang nabibili tayo ng China because of all these offers of libreng rehab center, 14 million in small firearms and fast boats.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not only that. By enlarge the economic ties between two countries, okay, okay.

Ms. Jumilla: Mabibili ba tayo ng China?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay, I’ll bring you to just a few days passed, a few months back.

Ano tayo sa China at ano ang China sa atin? They don’t want to talk to us. Ayaw natin magpunta doon bakit? Nakatali tayo dito waiting for the exact position of the United States sa arbitral. So walang galawan ‘yan.

Kaya sinabi ko, remember, now when they were building the Spratly there, even the first spade na lupa, bakit ang Amerika hindi pumunta doon at niwarningan niya, ‘wag ‘yan because that is international so all that it belongs to everybody,’ or that, that belongs to another country not yours? Bakit hindi nila binigyan? The satellites, we were publishing the satellite na ibinigay sa atin.

Ang sabi nila nandiyan na, nandiyan ‘yung arbitral. Well, of course, it was a good move actually, President Aquino. But ‘nung nandiyan they want something else. They seem to be fighting using us na ‘sige, sige mag-ano kayo para mag…’ ‘ito, o magdemanda kayo, magdemanda, eh naaano kayo…’

Ms. Jumilla: Inuudyukan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bakit hindi na lang siya mismo ang nagtutulak ‘non? No, sabihin mo umalis ka diyan…Kasi siya ‘yung may armas, may aircraft carrier. Now you want me to fight? So what are my choice when I received ‘yung kopya ko? Hindi pa naman presidente.

Ms. Jumilla: You were already July.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ako ang nag-ano. Ito may choice ako, makipag-away ako o makipag-usap ako? Kaya kong makipag-away?

What will I bring there? And the flying time between that —those islands there ‘yung nearest island sa ano— it’s about mga 40 minutes sa fighter planes nila. Huwag muna ‘yang Spratly.

So may missiles ako? And sabihin ikaw, ‘sige hayaan mo lang basta may arbitral, reklamo ka lang nang reklamo.’

Ano, ako wala akong foreign policy? Nag-isip ako, anong gawin ko? So sabi ko automatic ‘yun, actually. I did not have to say a word against China, no need for that. By the mere fact that I accepted the invitation to go to China, that already created an irritation between our two country.

Kasi noon hindi pa ako Presidente galit ang China. So anong gawain ko? Magpatayan tayo o mag-usap tayo? Bakit? ‘O sige pumunta ka dito.’ Okay, we have this US-RP pact? I’m ready for that.

If they want to go to war tomorrow, I will call the command conference, lahat ng military pati pulis. You want to side with the—with military of there of the America? Okay, you go, sige may pact tayo eh. I’m ready for that. Ako okay ako. But America should lead there. Kayo muna ang mag-ano diyan, kasi kayo may mga aircraft carrier ka.

Ms. Jumilla: Pero hindi naman sila claimants sa ano, sa …

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Well, but they are insisting on the…

Ms. Jumilla: Islands in the South China Sea.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, but their insisting on the international seas, right of passage. That narrow thing there between the sa America pati ‘yung sa Malaysia and Vietnam. Ito ‘yung pasukan galing Indian Ocean papasok dito. Alam mo that’s a narrow, gaya ng doon sa—‘yung oil ng what’s that place na kinikidnap nila ‘yung mga barko.

You know if things do not go well there, you can drive the—the goods for export or import higher than more than. You know even the insurance. Hindi na magtanggap ang insurance diyan kasi delikado eh. So at a higher premium. So it goes na…So why create the trouble? Saan tayo may makuha?

Ms Jumilla: You mentioned…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have to go to China and say, look guys, I will bring the matter before you during my time, itong arbitral. You can very sure of that, but I’m not ready to argue with you. I am here to do business.

Ms. Jumilla: Okay, and you said a few speeches ago that China has the kindest soul, but at the same time this is also China that has been building all those artificial islands and putting up a weapon system in some of the islands. Saan nanggagaling ‘yung…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Is not a matter of sentiment actually. In good faith. Kini-claim talaga na as an — parang ancestral nila ‘yan eh.

Ms. Jumilla: Saan nanggagaling ‘yung [overlapping voices] China?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The way that they receive it, despite of our differences, despite of the fact that here we are, we follow the foreign policy of the dictates of America.

Here I am, if you can give some concession as far as — hanggang kaya mo lang, the farthest that you can get, then I will maybe, ang sabi ko… Alam mo naman, Lynda, they said they understand the problem. China has also problem with drugs. Maybe much worse now—ito.

Alam mo kasi ‘yung ano, ayaw ko ng America. It is a hypocritical state. Kaya sabi ko ito dito mag-prangka prangka tayo dito ha. Oriental magsalita almost…

Iyong America they blamed Panama for flooding drugs in America. Anong ginawa nila? They invaded the country,  uprooted the President from his authority, brought him to the United States, held him for trial and he still in prison there.

Itong problema ko, at ‘yung problema — you invade the country ako dito, tapos pati ako bira-birahin mo. So what’s the…

Ms. Jumilla: Mr. President, I’ll move on to the next topic. You also know that there has been a lot of controversy about certain pronouncements that you have made and unfortunately hindi agad naka-clarify ano. So can I ask you for some clarification on key issues. For example, you said about Martial Law and I would like to quote your speech, ‘Kung mag-declare ako ng Martial Law at may invasion ngayon o giyera, I cannot proceed on and on lalo na kung may gulo dahil pupunta pa ako sa Congress, pupunta pa ako dun sa Supreme Court’. First question, is there any condition that might necessitate imposing Martial Law right now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. You know, itong akin — state of lawlessness lang ako. Iyong iba naman, actually it was Lacson and [inaudible] nagsabi, i-declare mo ang Martial Law, ang Mindanao. Well, early on ganito ‘yan —  para sa akin useless man ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law.

I mean, kung gusto ko talaga. But only if the military and the police, which is really about the two factors that would make or unmake you is, if they believe in your cause. No need really to.. If everything is in shambles, kung tonelada-tonelada na, all we have to do is declare a state of lawlessness. What is the use of Martial Law? For what?

Ms. Jumilla: So you mean there are no conditions right now existing that would compel you to impose Martial Law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Even if it would really… Except maybe an invasion from other country. Rebellion and so on and so on, wala ‘yan. That would just… I said you just declare a war against them. You do not have to declare war against the Republic of the Philippines.

Ms. Jumilla: But you also expressed, I don’t know, frustration ba ‘yon na maraming reporting steps when you go to…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ll tell you what. The Constitution says that 60 days after you have to go Congress for the extension of the Martial Law period, correct?

Ms. Jumilla: That’s right.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The Constitution also says that any citizen of this country can bring a case questioning the presidency to look into the factual basis.

Okay, ngayon ang presidente ano talaga sa Congress ‘yan medyo malapit, pulitiko eh. Ngayon pupunta ako sa Congress, sabi niya, ‘go ahead, another 60 days.’ Tapos sabihin nitong Supreme Court, the factual basis does not exist. It’s pure fiction in the mind. So, it is not lawful to declare the Martial Law. What happens? Sino ngayon ang mamili? Eh ‘di ako na.

Ms. Jumilla: So if Charter Change will push through, would you seek an amendment of the Martial Law provision?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Ako, ibalik na lang ninyo ‘yung 1935 Constitution. You are the Ombudsman. You are the —  wala man ‘yon.

You are the Ombudsman. You are the — the all the commissions including the Human Rights. Because we might…Ako I’m… Hindi ko kailangan but I might need it. My country might need it more profoundly.

Eh Duterte, hindi man kailangan…Eh nagano lang, patayin niya. With the enormity of the problem they want to look. ‘Ah sige, hintuan ninyo ‘yan.’ O, tingnan mo ang Davao. O, ikaw, you are familiar with Davao. Sinabi ko, ‘hintuan mo ‘yan’. O ‘di hinto.

Sabi ko walang inom, walang paputok. O ‘di wala. Ayaw ninyo ng parehong Davao, eh ‘di wag. Pero tingnan niyo ang Davao.

Ms. Jumilla: Next statement, killing criminals when you were still mayor. Of course, nakita niyo naman ‘yung criticism ‘no, ‘yung feedback and backlash on that statement of yours.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, I’m facing stupid people so I cannot really do anything for them.

If you cannot understand me and if do not bother to…Ikaw taga-Davao ka, ma’am. If you do not try to find out, spend at least a time to validate and verify, it’s your problem actually.

Kaya sa America, kayong mga bobo na mga human rights, alam mo bakit? It really happened. I was only three months into the mayorship. Hindi ba may kinidnap na bata na Chinese, dinala sa Cotabato. Held there for two months. Itong mga kidnappers say that they are returning the hostage. Set a date, alam ng media, nandoon lahat and so there was an encounter. Kasi pagpasok nila dun sa Obrero —  you are familiar with the place.

Hindi namin akalain na babalik sila dito kasi pagdaan nila ang mga — ang mga pulis nagdeploy kaagad. You’d never expect that, one rule ‘yan sa buhay is huwag kang bumalik sa dinaanan mo, diretso-diretso. At least ‘yung kaharap mo mga…Apat na lang kayo. One of them was Estares. Driver niya pati driver ko kasi nagpuntahan na ‘yung mga pulis doon. Bumalik, pinara ng driver ni Colonel Estares, diyan sa harap. Humarap diyan sa gitna ng daan, ginanon. Tapos pagbukas lumabas ‘yung… Hindi man nila kami nakita pero nakita nila ‘yung sasakyan.

Noong lumabas ‘yung Carbine, ah, putukan na. Pero hindi nakatutok sa —  hindi lang kami nakita pero papunta ‘yon doon sa pulis na… I said, ang masama nitong mga.. Gusto kong magmura eh. Ang masama nitong mga g***** ito, bakit kami killing suspects? I was not up against this sus… I was fighting criminals. Pero ‘yung inihuhulog sa helicopter kay Tulfo ‘yan. Hindi ‘yan akin. Noon pa yan sinasabi na ‘yan hindi pa ako..

Ms. Jumilla: Hindi totoong may hinulog kayo sa helicopter?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala naman helicopter para hulugan ng tao.

Ms. Jumilla: Okay. And finally the other issue that…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero at tsaka kung totoo man ‘yan, eh hindi ko aaminin.

Ms. Jumilla: Well, also…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will not — I will not say yes, it is true. I will neither… So basta ako, mahal ko ang bayan ko. ‘Wag mong sirain…T*** i**, yayariin kita.

Ms. Jumilla: Okay. On that note, another statement that probably needs clarification…


Ms. Jumilla: Iyong sinabi niyo that — or through your Cabinet men na, you’re not allowing Vice President Leni Robredo anymore to attend Cabinet meetings…


Ms. Jumilla: When she was still HUDCC chairman.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo ganito ‘yan eh. You know, marami nang criticisms. Bakit hindi isali sa Cabinet so she can be productive? And more help will come your way if you have somebody there…Tama iyon, ‘yung hindi mo kakampi. Sa iba, you’ll took…Who would even say no, this is wrong.

Ang problema kasi niyan out in the streets pumupunta siya. Eh malaki ang pag-oust Duterte. Ikaw alam mo ang taga-Davao, iyong mga oust Duterte alam mo ‘yan, hindi ‘yan sa left because ang left Duterte talaga iyan noon pa.

I became mayor because katulong rin ‘yan. Sa bukid puro Duterte ‘yan. Nandiyan ‘yung NPA. So ang mga yellow ‘yan. Iyang mga yellow oust, oust — even the burial.

Why are you? Bakit mo ako? Sinabi ko na sa kampanya, eh ‘di nagkampanya kayo nang talunin ako. Because I said I would allow the burial. That election promise ‘yan eh.

Ngayon, nandiyan siya, oust Duterte. Kinabukasan kaharap ko siya kung Cabinet meeting, for example or about a day or two weeks after. Don’t you think it’s the height of incongruity to be facing somebody? To be there at the same to be here?

Oo kung statement lang on the burial or… Pero kung pumupunta siya tapos nandoon pa si Roxas, all yellow…Yellow, eh ang yellow kasi sa probinsya ice eh. Eh matagal nang natunaw ‘yan. Why do you have to? Wala akong magawa eh.

Ms. Jumilla: Oo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So, her ouster from the Cabinet from that time on became a fait accompli.

Ms. Jumilla: She had no choice but to resign. Oo, because she could no longer attend the Cabinet meetings. Was that the intention there really?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. I was the one. Baka sabihin mo na naman Cabinet. I decide dito. I have the last say.

Ms. Jumilla: Is there any, possibility that the two of you, can still, I don’t know…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know si Leni is really a very gentle lady. Hindi mo nga mabiro sa tutuhod niya eh. Sabi ko wala ka na simba kasi ah biyuda. Nanay ko kasi nung nabiyuda araw-araw simbahan. Almost two years.

You pray for strength and everything. Siguro di na malaki ‘yung tuhod mo. There was really nothing to it.

Ms. Jumilla: So you think that somebody is parang egging her or compelling her or…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, she has her own mind of her own. She’s a very intelligent lady, abugado pa.

Ms. Jumilla: But have you validated that there is really supposed to be an ouster plot by the Liberal Party?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May… Hindi. In… Ang pagkaalam ko dito actually, going by the sentiments that are floating, ang una sa akin — ang ayaw talaga sa akin ‘yung mga elite.

Ms. Jumilla: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyong mga, klaro ‘yan, iyong mga mayayaman. Iyong mga… They lost the privileges of… Kaya sa akin sabi ko, noong mayor ka may security ka. Kaya ang pulis hindi makipag-away.

Kasi ‘yang mga mayayaman, they go around with so many army. Magtawag pa sa — magtawag pa dito noon. I’m not trying to pin down any president ha, ‘Mr. President, itong mga tao mo dito inilagay mong ano, si provincial commander nakapa-istrikto nitong sa Army.’ Eh ang Presidente naman, ‘leader ko ‘yan’. What do you find in me? You think you can call me with that kind of bullshit?

Ms. Jumilla: Sir, you won with the ABC ‘di ba? Nanalo kayo based on the survey…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I don’t know pero… Wala akong govern… Tatlo, apat lang na governor ko. Alam mo na ‘yung isa…Alam mo sigurado ka. Huwag na ‘yon. Huwag mo nang isali ‘yung sa Mindanao.  Kasi alam mo ‘yon. Iyong ibang ano lang. Si Abet, of course, Zubiri, nag-open, talagang… I won by a landslide. Bumaligtas eh.

Ms. Jumilla: Few days before the New Year siguro, what can the country expect in 2017 from President Duterte?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: More stricter. No corruption. Walang corruption. Uupakan talaga kita in public. Iyong mga — either masampal kita or masipa kita.

‘Pag ‘yang pera sa tao iyang bagyo, huwag ninyong galawin ‘yan maski singko centimos. On the first whiff, ‘pag naamoy ko, Cabinet Secretary will have to go. Kung hindi mo kontrolado ang tao mo, umalis ka diyan.

First whiff of corruption, huwag na huwag niya akong may makabulong sa akin may nagbigay. Kaya sabi ko sa tao, the Filipinos should learn to be assertive. Kaya ka binubugbog ng corruption, kasi ang Pilipino ganon… Sabi ko, be assertive.

‘Pag may manghingi diyan sa Customs, binuksan ‘yang bag mo kinuha isang perfume mo, sampalin mo. Create a scene and create a noise because I would know.

May nangyari doon sa ano, sinampal. Utos ko ‘yan. Just for to stop corruption. Eh kung loobin mo lang. Hingian ka ng pulis dito parking. Eh sabihin mo bakit ‘di ako magbigay? Eh sabi ni Duterte sipain eh ‘di sipain mo. Bakit ka sinipa? Magsabi ka nang totoo. ‘Pag hindi sipain kita ulit. Eh kasi nanghingi kami ng pang-kape.

Ms. Jumilla: You mentioned..

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Masipa talaga kita.

Ms. Jumilla: You mentioned you’re going to remove anyone the moment you step…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Correct. Walang akong ano sa corruption.

Ms. Jumilla: Are you happy with your Cabinet right now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Zero tolerance ako ha. Walang… Ah pagbigyan natin. Wala ‘yan. Pasensiya maliit lang man. Not my time.

Ms. Jumilla: Let’s talk about the Cabinet. Are you happy with them right now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Yes, because they’re all honest.

Ms. Jumilla: But will there be changes in the coming months?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. There will be because Yasay is going out and Cayetano is coming in. But the only reason Yasay favored me with ES because magka-room mate kami sa law days pa namin. Tapos kinuha ko siya but he is on contract teaching criminal — international law, international trade…

Ms. Jumilla: In the US?


Ms. Jumilla: He actually said it also, sir, na talagang one year lang ‘yung sabi niyang ibibigay niya sa inyo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s about… Ano yan.. Visiting professor ‘yang si Yasay. He gets to be invited in mga international.

Ms. Jumilla: There’s also talk that you might appoint senator — former senator Bongbong Marcos to Cabinet position after the ban.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Walang mapuntahan. He was mentioning ‘yung DTI. But I mean, mahina akong maghintay sa kanya so mabakante. I mean he’s good. I assembled the best team so far. They’re all honest, hardworking.

Walang ano.. I do not allow them to use ‘yung plate number 6. Do not use it. Nobody’s allowed to use it. Iyong mga congressman, senador, bahala na sila because ibang departamento tayo.

But those under me, including the military, including the barangay captains, no special treatment.

Ms. Jumilla: So, no changes in the Cabinet except for the post of DFA. Recently, you had a few choice words to say about some people in the BSP, Bangko Sentral, and Governor Amado Tetangco is going to retire soon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong problema kay Tetangco. May problema ako dyan sa AMLC. I think some of them are corrupt. You remember I was bruited that meron akong 200 million?

Ms. Jumilla: During the campaign.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Bakit nga, sabagay, you cannot…Ano ‘yan diyan. Ako na magsabi, ‘tingnan ninyo.’

But you know ang iba, they were dilly-dallying so si Aguirre who was also very smart, bakit ganoon katagal? Are you protecting somebody? Now we have the wherewithals. Now I’m telling you, we have a very serious problem. Huwag ko munang i-mention, maybe some other time when puputok na ito, not now.

Please ask another question kasi it’s still…I was coming in from a closed-door meeting with the military and the police, some revelations, they are not really very good.

Ms. Jumilla: Ganito na lang siguro, ‘yung hinihingi niyo from AMLC the last time, have they already complied?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Yes. And they should only stick to their…Huwag silang punta because I…Pinuntahan ko si Aguirre and which I think I could establish a prima facie case ng criminal liability.

Ms. Jumilla: Sir, does this mean Governor Tetangco will be reappointed to a third term?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t think he’s qualified because the law prohibits it. But wala naman akong…Hindi ako nakikialam ng mga ganon.

I know that he has been there, he’s really good and we are fine because we are doing good. I mean, in the matter of managing the Central Bank, the monetary thing about our country, we don’t have a problem at least so far ha.

Ms. Jumilla: So are you eyeing somebody?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am looking into the possibility if I can appoint him again. But itong AMLC na ito, guys, you are there for a fixed term but I could give you hell.

File-an kita ng kaso then you manage there something like plunder ‘yan, kukulong kita. You must have a fixed term, but you’ll go to jail.

Ms. Jumilla: Just a couple of questions that were thrown our way. Iyong pangako daw po ninyo that doubling the salaries of the teachers, the policemen and the soldiers?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  No, ang inuuna ko pulis. Dahan-dahan lang. They are feeling it now. Hindi naman bigla na ano by months tayo kasi ang kita ng gobyerno. If there’s an income, you know, GDP — GDP is just income of government. So the money there, it’s programmed, nandiyan na and they will feel it.

Kasi inuuna ko ang Army pati pulis kasi sa drug ano ko, Lynda, I have lost about 22 soldiers sa Mindanao, iyong raiding ng mga laboratories. Ang baril-barilan doon hindi ‘yung baril na ano ha, ikaw taga-Mindanao ka, bazooka ‘yan pati kanyonan.

I have lost about so far another 26 policemen in the fight of drugs. And they call it extrajudicial killing? Sabihin ko na lang sana sa mga pulis na ‘wag ninyong harapin, barilin niyo na lang sa…’ Kita mo karami kong pulis pati military namatay.

Ms. Jumilla: Sir, ‘yung sa teachers po, when can we expect?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sunod sila. And the only reason is sila ang pinakamarami rin. Pero ito buhay.

You go to Mamasapano and die there, no hi, no ha. ‘Yes, sir.’ Kaya inuna ko talaga because they keep the country strong. Pero sabi ko sa kanila, kung sabihin ako papabor na binigyan ko sila ng sweldo? Guys, sabi ko, if you think I do not serve the presidency, you can oust me anytime. Wala akong…I do not develop sa — maski ngayon magtanong ka ng military. Sinasabi ko talaga, do not establish a cult, bata ako ni Marcos, bata ako ni Aquino, bata ako ni Arroyo. Wala ito ‘yan general, bata ‘yan ni ganun, ni PNoy.

Dito sa akin, talaga sabi ko, just remain loyal to the Constitution, period. Do not…Huwag kayong mag…Sabi ko kanina, I do not need it sabi ko nga eh.

And sinabi ko rin sa kanila, in command con — I do not need it. And if you think that I will cling there, I am not happy. I mean, I even said I am not really very happy. What I said was that I do not need it at this time in my life.

Ms. Jumilla: Finally, whether positive or negative, it cannot be denied the change has come to the country under your administration. Kayo po ba, sir, do you plan to change anything about your own, let’s say, personal style?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah wala. Ganito lang. Mabilis ako kung may interview. Pero usually wala naman akong medyas masyado. Pang ano lang, pang display, iyan o.

Ms. Jumilla: Pagsasalita?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Wala rin. Look ten years ako prosecutor. I survived 40 years sa politika. Ni minsan hindi ako nakatikim ng talo.

From a vice mayor diretso-diretso ‘yan hanggang dito sa Malacanang. Eh bakit ko i-change siya? Change is coming ‘yun sa mga corrupt lang. Huwag mo akong isali diyan.

Why should I change? God made me the way I am. God gave me this identity. And God gave me this mouth because when you say that we are the creations of God. If you have something against me, about my mouth, about my character go to God and complain, huwag ako. Siya ang may gawa. He is the one to be blamed not me.

Ms. Jumilla: On that note, Mr. President, would you like to give a message to the Filipino people?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, of course, New Year is coming in very fast, in a few hours. I would like to greet everybody of you the entire nation Happy New Year.

And let us pray together, join us in 30 seconds, and  just us say, God, huwag mo naman kaming kalimutan dito sa mundong ito, while we are still here. We are trying to fix our nation. Get rid of corruption. Use the money for the people. And ‘yung mga sa durugista, I am sorry but I have to — not only be… I have to appear strong to my people.

Talagang itong mga drug, itong tonelada? Happy New Year ka sa akin. Hindi talaga kita papa… Happy New Year. Do not do that to my country. Do not do that to my country.

So sana tapos kung anong gusto ninyo, mawala na ang patayan, huminto na kayo, at maganda na ang buhay natin. All we have to do is to go to business. I’ll fix the country. I’m sure something will change somehow.

So, just… We all work. Understand me, my mouth, my temperament because ako iyon. Hindi ko na nga, sabi nga ni…Hindi ko na… I cannot change anymore. Iyan dala-dala ko na.

But I will work. Masiguro ninyo there will be no corruption. Drugs will go down until the last pusher is out of the streets at until the drug lord ‘yang ganoong tonelada, patay na, I will continue to the very last day.

About kaso, about human rights akin na iyan, huwag ninyong problemahin iyan. I mean, I can rot in prison for my country.

Ms. Jumilla: Mr. President, daghang salamat for this opportunity and Happy New Year.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Happy to see you.

Ms. Jumilla: Thank you very much. Thank you, sir. And thank you for joining us in our interview with President Rodrigo Duterte.