DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: PTV-4’s interview. 29 Dec 2016

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of PTV-4’s interview with President Rodrigo Duterte, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

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Presidential News Desk

PTV 4’s
[Malacañan Palace | 29 December 2016]

Rocky Ignacio: Kumusta na po kayo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kumusta ho kayo Ms. Ignacio? At Alvin, kumusta ka?

Alvin Baltazar: Okay naman po, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We’re celebrating New Year in about few hours from now. Before I forget, let me just talk to the people and to all Filipinos that, there’s a New Year coming our way.

And, we in government are trying our very best to come up with the, at least the barest of your expectations po. We have promised so many things.

We might feel and this will include some explanations regarding the impasse diyan sa SSS. We had this long debate. I have to talk—I know that you’re expecting some positive results but ‘yung economic managers are having their doubts and they want to talk about it again.

I promised that it would come your way before the year ends. I’m very sorry but that’s how it is. I do not own the money. And hindi naman—Ang problema kasi dito is government assures everybody that SSS will remain solvent for all times.

So just in case there will be severe shortages, it’s not a sovereign thing, debt something like that. But it’s an assumption of, it’s a legal guarantee of a government that created another agency under its wings. And if it, if it… You know, if anything goes there, it will be passed on to the taxpayers, those who are not members. So that’s the problem.

Because hindi naman kasalanan ng buong bayan. Hindi naman sila miyembro lahat. Government tayo, GSIS. So the same thing.

I would really given kung wala lang–But the memo of Dominguez, si Sir Ben Diokno, at si Pernia, they had a very [bleak?] assessment of what’s in store for us in the days ahead. And, the risk is not really that good.

But anyway, we’ll meet again. Naunahan ko lang because marami na kasing pumapasok tawag of what happened. So is there or is there not anything to expect in the days ahead.

I’ll try to give you the honest explanation maybe in the month of January.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero sir, meron kayong parang directive pa rin, para to come up with a win-win solution doon sa situation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, sabi ko, give another alternative. The… ‘yung pinaka na lang. [Daginot?] sa Bisaya ‘yung pinaka-ano. What’s the Tagalog term of–? ‘Yung pinaka mabigay mo, the barest I said, huwag naman—

Ms. Ignacio: Mag-balance?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So I’m ready to answer your other questions. But if you want to dwell on this issue, fine.

Mr. Baltazar: Light topics lang po muna, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah okay. Fit for Christmas?

Mr. Baltazar: Pag-usapan natin Mr. President ‘yung Cabinet members. We know na satisfied naman kayo doon sa performance ng mga—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Performance, yes. I’d rate them equally. I’ll give them a passing average of something like 80, 85.

Mr. Baltazar: Pero kung meron tayo Mr. President na top three Cabinet members, who would that be sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No I would not rate them in that order. You know why? Lahat naman sila nagta-trabaho, they’re giving their best shot that they can muster. So it’s the effort. But I will just like to say that the country is performing well.

We have hit the 7 plus. It might go down again to 6 something, way beyond maybe the expectations of many.

But the reality is the dollar is getting stronger. And so the value of the peso is also getting lower. And we cannot dispute that because with the election of President Trump, everybody is optimistic about that also.

Everybody is [casting?] in and investing and there’s a renewed vigor sa economy because people are spending. So if they’re spending, there’s money circulating around, it improves the–‘Yung gumaganon ‘yung takot.

And that is why instead of protecting the economy, it goes down further.

Ms. Igancio: Talking about economy sir, may problema tayo dito sa traffic.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Traffic you know, nobody but nobody, not even me personally can solve the traffic problem if there is no money to spend for a new infrastructure.

It could be a railway, it could be a new highway there somewhere, elevated or underground.

But kung walang pera, which Congress did not give in to Tugade. Lack of trust, they do not like him, I do not know. But, ang pag-asa ko, frankly, is that if China would lend a helping hand.

Just like what they did but these several guys who were in the private sector, they built us a 10,000-person facility for the drug.

Those are the things that… kailangan natin. It has to be mega. The mega problem, EDSA and the rest of the periphery sa Maynila, talagang barado.

Kung baga sa drainage ‘to, it’s stuck up. I need to get a new plumber somewhere to just fix the… [unclear], in EDSA. How to do it? You might resort to draconian measures of limiting the entry of so many, more than you have to improve the mobility of the LRTs and MRTs.

Otherwise, ‘yung may mga kotse, you cannot just tell them to you know, just park it somewhere, do not enter into the zone that are very critical to the mobility of Manila like EDSA and—

Ewan ko kung paano ‘to. Basta pagkaalam ko, as far as I’m concerned, Tugade is there. He has the brains to do it. I know, I’m very sure of that.

But he has asked for the money which is not forthcoming. So we have to look for something better.

Mr. Baltazar: Sir, nabanggit niyo ‘yung mga barado, usually ‘yung reklamo ng mga pang-karaniwang Pilipino, malaking contributory factor, Mr. President, ‘yung mga nakaparada sa side streets. Do you think may liability rito ‘yung mga barangay officials?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said… No, because the streets are not owned by the barangay government. The streets are owned by the national government.

Like EDSA, walang ibang maka-diskarte diyan because it’s a national road and you have to get the permission or the whatever, the cooperation of the national government.

And it could not be also be a thing that you’ll just leave it to the barangay, except maybe law enforcement.

Itong traffic, there’s the [catch there?] we continue to give licenses and the rights and whatever, permission for this, itong mga gumagawa ng mga kotse. Some are imported, knock-down, ‘yung kumpleto na or they are assembled.

But whatever it is, it is with government’s permission that you continue selling, manufacturing or—I said whatever.

So you are duty-bound because nag-oo ka, eh kailangan patakbuhin mo ‘yan, magamit nila. You cannot continue giving licenses for people to assemble, importing, I said, knock-downs, pagkatapos sabihin mo huwag mong gamitin ‘yan.  It would be crazy.

For example, itong sigarilyo. Well, Davao is a—I do not know but how I did it is not really a question anymore about the who was the mayor at that time, who’s the mayor now.

Kasi wala na ako and people really enjoy the ambiance or the environment of, without so much nicotine in the air. Ganito ang catch diyan eh and even sa drinking. For as long as we continue to give licenses for them to operate and manufacture alcohol and everything, you cannot prevent them from selling it.

Otherwise, there’s no sense. Bakit mo bigyan mong lisensya ‘tong manufacture, only to say huwag mong ipagbili?

So what’s the point? The point is you cannot stop an activity which you earlier approved of then cut it parang [unclear] ganunin mo.

It’s not only unlawful, it would… it simply just drive business away.

So ‘yung draconian measure for example like parking, was [unclear]—maybe selling it, allowing it sale, giving licenses, business license, and then they cannot park it.

So, the point is being used as a mobility thing. So you have had that, at least that duty because they’re also registered. Hindi mo naman mailabas sa casa ‘yan pag ka hindi mo nirehistro.

Then then bad thing is that hindi na sila maka-parking sa… because you have banned—So it’s a catch-22 thing [unclear].

Ms. Ignacio: May related diyan sir ‘yung Malacañang Press Corps. Kasi nga sinasabi natin traffic pwedeng maging… isa sa mga solution kung maganda ‘yung ating mga railways, ‘yung MRT, LRT. May plano na ba ‘yung government natin?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, a lot of those guys are coming in. So I’m sure two or three years from now, we’ll be better off [unclear]– Sigurado ako. Maraming investors eh. And it’s Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and even the Europeans… itong, [unclear] Czechoslovakia.

Ms. Ignacio: Speaking of investment, may question din ‘yung Malacañang Press Corps and Focap. Dadarating si Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sa Davao. So ano daw ‘yung  magiging, ano ‘yung ini-expect natin na magiging result ng trip niya dito sa–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This is just a friendly visit. It really is official because he’s an official, he’s the Prime Minister. We will give that information way back when we visited Japan but it was passed on to me as a private confidential matter.

And, during our talks, which was really one of the longest that I have had with a sovereign chief of state, he was interested about helping us, the investments, but most of all, they also wanted to visit my place Davao City.

And that is really very easy to solve, it’s not a riddle. Actually, Davao City has the biggest number of Japanese descended Filipinos, because the Japanese came here not during… 1945, tapos na ‘yung giyera way, way back, 1902, dumating sila sa Davao ang they developed the Manila hemp, ‘yung abaca ngayon.

Ang maganda ngayon sa abaca, on the side, is it has– It is into something of a regeneration kasi ‘yung mga mabigat ‘yung steel at ‘yung plastic naman natutunaw.

They’re trying solve it or they were trying to solve it and they found out that it was better to go back to the old times of the rope they made of abaca and materials and papers and everything.

Some [branches?] find it very hard to be cutting trees endlessly and they come from trees eh, ‘yung… Kahoy ‘yan eh, ‘yung papel.

But they were running out of trees to protect us, climate change and everything, and the progressive laws of the countries. But we can make something out of abaca rope, paper, and even clothes. It has to go into some kind of… I don’t know how they do it. But makati naman ‘yan, because ‘yung mga Lumad ng Davao, the natives ‘yung ano nila somwehat made of abaca. But they have that ability to really fine-tune the fabric into something more smoother and durable.

Mr. Baltazar: Sir nabanggit niyo ‘yung Davao, safety, alam namin sa Davao ‘yung mga taxi drivers medyo lumapit lang tayo ng konti sa ‘ika nga parang bituka ng ordinaryong mga tao. Mga taxi drivers sa Davao matitino dahil na rin sa takot, dahil sa mataas na paggalang sa inyo Mr. President. Dito sa Metro Manila recently sunod-sunod ‘yung mga nababalita na merong mga taxi drivers na nangho-hold-up at nangbibiktima ng kanilang mga pasahero. Any warning against those sa mga–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes ganito. But before I end my topic with the– I really do not know I have to consult the Foreign Affairs. He might want just a very modest thing si Prime Minister. And  I’m not even at liberty, although nag-landing ‘yung isang eroplano doon na, the Japanese flag but I am not, I’ve not been apprised by the security guys of how it will unfold.

So as to me, it’s just, he wants a, just a show of solidarity. So until, until such time then, however late it may be, I will inform the nation.

So dito, itong sa mga driver, you know most of ‘yung bumilib sa akin. People who, a sector of our population, na society na gusto nila akong maging Presidente, because of what I did in Davao.

That’s what I was really trying to say all along. I would have wanted to make the Philippines like Davao.

But I did not have the wherewithals at the time, and it was pure, a case of pure miscalculation, because I never thought that the, ‘yung droga was that virulent and so widespread.

Because at the time, when I was mayor, I was campaigning, I didn’t have the wherewithals. I had no access to critical information, intelligence. So ‘yun ang nangyari.

So itong mga… droga ‘yun. Itong mga driver ngayon, ganito. Ang alam ko na gusto na maging Presidente ako and they were really very, very vocal about it,  ‘yung mga taxi drivers.

Now that I am President, I’ve been trying hard to instil discipline and really go after criminals to the point of being accused as ‘yung salvage nga.

Well, huwag na nating pag-usapan ‘yan, it’s too late in the night to be discussing… Pero ito ang warning ko sa inyo: I will be requiring all public utility taxis and jeepneys na maglagay sila sa likod ng, at the back… Doon harap ng pasahero ninyo kagaya ng sa Davao.

Just an enlarge ID, maggawa ang—But I gave them the, libre doon, na ‘yung pangalan ninyo, taxi mo ‘yung number must match otherwise kukulungin ko kayo.

Kasi ang mga tao, the usual advise is, report ka sa LFTRB, LFTRB. LFTRB, hindi pulis ‘yan, walang tao ‘yan to enforce the rules and beside, it’s not the proper agency to handle it. ‘Yung mga ganon you’re short-changing the riding public.

Itong sabihin ko sa inyo, kayong kinokoletkahan more than the usual or exorbitant fares, do not go to the LFTRB, you go to the police and the police all around ‘yan, all around Metro Manila may mga communications ‘yan.

All the police has to do is just to flash an alarm. Kaya babantayan nila ’yan. And I’m ordering the police to arrest them. For what? For estafa, it’s a crime, swindling.

You’re only allowed to… eh ‘di kung ilagay mo 600, ilagay mo 1,000. Hindi naman nakaw ‘yan kasi hindi naman kinuha sapilitan. But it’s a form of swindling.

So lahat ng ito itatapon ko sa inyo. I know that you were one of the, talagang loudest voices of all to, na ano na maging Presidente ako. Pero ito, maghanap tayo ng paraan na mawala itong mga holdaper.

Huwag naman ninyong, ‘yung iba diyan pagdating ng ano, mag-para ng, maghatid ng, ng malayo na na lugar, puntang Cavite, tapos rapin (rape) ninyo, iba papatayin pa ninyo.

You will end up just like your victims. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just trying to put sense into your head. Gusto ninyo akong maging Presidente dahil gusto ninyo mapayapa ang ating bayan.

Then I promised you, walang corruption ginagawa ko naman. Droga, halos patayan na nga araw-araw. Criminality, kasali kayo diyan eh.

Huwag ninyong gawin ‘yan sa kapwa ninyo tao, overcharging, pababain ninyo at saka ‘yung namang mga Filipino ganito.

There are rates prescribed by government. If the drivers are not happy with the amount, all they to do is petition government for a higher fare.

But do not do it in such a way na pababain ninyo ‘yung pasahero, tatakutin ninyo. Kasi ‘yun ang bagay na ayaw ko at kaya ninyo ako nagustuhan na maging Pangulo.

Do not do that. ‘Yan patayin mo,  o ngayon o. Malaman namin na ikaw, hindi mo alam na alam ko na, sasakay ako ng taxi lalabas ako ng… sabihin ko, ‘Guard huwag mo akong pakialaman.’ Sakay ako ng taxi, abangan kita saan ‘yung garahe mo, sasakay ako sa iyo, sasabihin ko, hatid mo ako sa Cavite.

Tapos paparahin kita bigla, dito para ka. Anong tingin mo gawin ko sa iyo? Sige… Pinatay mo ang babae, ni-rape mo, ngayon na paputulan ng ano kaligayahan.  Pasabugin ko ‘yang… Huwag ganon.

Sasabihan ninyo ako bastos ang bunganga, eh talagang bastos ang bunganga ko. Walang magawa diyan. Nananakot ako. Talangang nananakot ako. Tinototoo ko. Minsan. Ganon lang.

Depende na lang kung hanggang saan tayo mag-abot ng landas ng swerte natin sa buhay. Hindi ako [arteng?] Presidente.  I’ve been mayor, tama. Almost of the time for 23 years, I was mayor, so what’s the–? Nasanay ako ng ganito dahil you want me to reform in six years, in six months. Hindi ako magbago.

I said this is my identity. Dala-dala ko rito… pumatay. It’s not actually a question of a flaw in character. That character is identified in [unclear] pagkatao, ‘di ba?

So magsalita ako, salita mayor.

Ms. Ignacio: Yes, ‘yung illegal na droga talagang mahigpit ‘yung laban mo. Pero sinasabi nga na walang extrajudicial killing o state-sponsored killings—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong ginanon.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero, ang sinasabi lang ng iba parang allegedly, mukhang walang ginagawa ang Philippine National Police doon sa mga krimen na nangyayari related doon sa—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That was the usual complaint, even when I was a mayor. Sabi nila, saan ‘yung big fish, big fish. O ngayon, ‘yung big fish pinag-[unclear] they said extrajudicial killing.

Big fish? Bilangin mo na lang ‘yung big fish na naging daing na. Karaming nilibing na—[unclear] ganon, gobyerno, extrajudicial killing. Huwag na muna ‘yan kasi New Year. Huwag mo lang gawin.

Ganito, I’d like to address myself to my countrymen. You want the killing stopped immediately whether it is legal or not or whatever. Stop drugs. Let go of the drugs tonight. Ibuhos mo kung sa, sa flush, sa toilet bowl or itapon mo diyan sa Pasig, para [malasing?] lahat ‘yang isda diyan, hindi na mahirap hulihin. Eh naka-droga, lulutang lang na lang… Itapon mo sa ano—

Huwag kang humawak ng droga maski isang kutsara. Wala ng patayan [bukas?]… Malinis na ating bayan.

Mr. Baltazar: Mr. President, how does it feel na merong mga bumabatikos, pero majority lumabas din naman sa survey na kontento talaga sa anti-illegal drugs campaign ng administration? How does it feel sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me answer you. I cannot run again. I am not aspiring to be a popular President. Far from it actually. My job, my promise to you, corruption – extra, ‘yung extrajudicial – droga, criminal, salvage… gawin ko ‘yan. Wala akong pakialam. Tapos na ako. Wala na akong panahon magbait-baitan.

Kasi after this, 72 ako ngayon, maging 80 na ako, tamang-tama na lang ‘yan para pang—

I made a solemn promise. Corruption, drugs, criminality, at ‘yung ibang sinabi ko sa kampanya, even during the debates.

You were around. I said we were asked, ililibing mo ba si… burial ni Marcos? Sige. Why? ‘Yun ang batas. I’m a lawyer. Huwag kang tumingin ng tenga, ang nakalagay ko doon, ang mata mo, huwag mo gamitin tenga, ‘yan.

Soldier and a president dito. Wala namang sinabing batas, soldier pero duwag ‘yun. Walang pakialam ‘to… Wala naman siya…

Besides, that’s not the law. The law says soldier, period, president. Hindi sabihin na, Ah, nag-diktador. Except when he was, he became a dictator, become dictator are not really [due?], wala namang sinabing ganon.

So hanggang diyan lang ako. ‘Yun ang… So ito ngayon, sa item ninyo na maligaya kayo, ‘yung naligayahan, okay lang. Equal number, tabla. Galit sa akin, okay lang.

Tapusin ko lang ‘yung trabaho ko six years. Iwasan mo lang ‘yung droga. Bawal ‘yan eh tsaka masama. At tsaka alam mo, ayaw ko sa droga. Gawin mo ang mga anak namin, sisirain mo ang buhay at gawain mong alipin.

You are creating a nation of slaves. Because when a human being is addicted, he’s actually a slave ng shabu. You reduce the dignity and the quality of life, sirain mo ang pamilya.

You know how much is isang hithit, I said. It’s 200. That’s a running rate doon sa Tondo noong pumapasok ako hindi nila alam, mayor pa ako.

Magpapasyal ako diyan. Maghanap lang talaga ng gulo. Ngayon, at 200, per—times one month, ilan ‘yan? 6,000. Okay. Times it, gawain mong three lang, four na ngayon. Nakuha na natin ‘yung numero. Sabi ‘nong pulis, statistics, recorded ‘yan, hindi naman statistics na bulong-bulungan lang.

One month, ‘di 6,000 times three million, that’s 18 billion a month. That’s one year, alam mo magkano? That’s 216 billion of the pera ng Pilipino na dapat mapunta doon sa pagkain ng mga bata, ‘yung edukasyon.

So I’m declaring war. So what’s your problem if you die there? Kayong mga totoong durugista, I never ordered the police to just go into a police operation, diyan, mag-operate ka sa—I declared war.

And I said, I will kill you if you destroy my country and I will also kill you if you destroy the young, the human life.

Sabi, utos ko ba ‘yan. Hindi ganon ‘yang mga pulis. Apat ‘yan, PNP Academy nila, pati Philippine Military Academy.

Day one, sinasabi na ‘yun sa kanila, do not follow illegal orders. Kung pipilitin ko itong mga sundalo ngayon at itong mga pulis na nag-aral four years, hindi susunod ‘yan. Kung pilitin ko ‘yan, sisigawan ko, mag-coup d’etat ‘yan.

Sasabihin sa’kin, we are not supposed to follow illegal orders. ‘Yang statement ko na papatayin kita, akin ‘yan. That shows ‘yung rage ko. Ang ibang, ang kaiba ko, hindi naman lahat, halos may kapareho.

I have this rage. I have the passion to serve and the rage in my heart. Bakit mo gawain ‘yan sa mga kababayan ko? Bakit mo gawain ‘yan sa Pilipino? Bakit mo sirain ang buhay?

Nanghiram na nga tayo ng pera.  It’s an 18-billion industry, one month, 216… Kita mo naman kung paano binaboy ang Pilipino.

Kaya P*********, bantay ka talaga sa akin. L**** ka. On air ba tayo?

Ms. Ignacio: Yes sir.


Ms. Ignacio: Sir, may tanong din isa pa, sa Malacañang Press Corps pa rin. So paano mo naman daw kukumbinsihin ang judiciary na makipagtulungan  sa kampanya mo kontra-droga para matiyak na nagkakaron ng mabilis na conviction doon sa mga nakakasuhan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have this—Can you give it to me again? So that I can show you… [unclear] PTV 4.

I have this list, the final list coming from the intelligence community all, [unclear] ISAFP, police, military, lahat na, pati DILG. So this is really the visual, para ma-picture ninyo gaano kalala ang bayan.

This is the list. Ito ‘yung mga picture nila. ‘Yung may mga ‘x’ ibig sabihin wala na ‘yan dito sa mundong dito. Eh may iba, may mga generals. Ito ‘yung listahan.

Tingnan niyo mabuti ha. Listahan ‘yan. Puro pangalan ‘yan. Ngayon, ilan ito? Barangay captains, police, mayors, mga big time.

Noon sabi ninyo, asan ‘yung big time? Mga mahirap lang. Ibira mo big time, tapos—Ayan kakapal o.

Ito ang drug industry ng Pilipinas. Hirap nga ako mag-karga ng–

Ms. Ignacio: Pero na-validate?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kita mo kalakas ng putok.

Ms. Ignacio: Na-validate na ‘yun?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Validate na ‘yan, validate. Hindi ko ilagay ‘yung… I would not allow the military or the police or anybody else for that matter… ilagay mo ‘yung—That’s dangerous. Ganito ‘yan ako ha.

Rocky Ignacio, known diyan sa inyo. Saan ka? Cavite ka, sa Laguna ka ba, Santa Rosa?

Ms. Ignacio: Santa Cruz.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah Santa Cruz. Matagal akong hindi napunta sa inyo. Ikaw pa ba doon ang—O, bilihan kita, patayin mo, of course not. Baka talagang gutom lang ‘yan o may problema. Bilihan mo ulit, anong mukha, [hati?] kasi makikita. O, sige bilihan mo pa ulit.

Pangatlo, lagay mo p******** pangalan diyan. Tapos bilhin mo ‘yung kaluluwa niya. Magkano? Magkano ba ang rate doon—Ginaganon ko kayo kasi kung hindi kayo nagrerespeto, ‘yan kasi ang problema eh. Kaya ako galit, because sinisipa– Mabuti kung papel ‘yan… eh kung ikaw na mismo ‘yan sipain ko diyan.

Kasi galit nga ako.  Binababoy mo talaga ang… Kaya ako galit sa mga human rights, kaya ang Amerika, hindi ko malaman kung ano talaga ‘yung values nila.

Ano ‘yung [asal?] na gusto mo. Ito si Obama, binibira ako in public. Meron naman sanang United Nation, ‘di doon siya mag-file ng complaint, doon ako imbestigahan ng Human Rights Commission, at ‘yung report ibigay niya sa [unclear] then tawagin at ako pupunta ako sabihin ko ito ‘yung problema mo.

I have four million addicts in my country. You think it’s a joke? Ngayon, sabi ko, I’m worried about ito ‘yung mga… 3,000, 10,000. Gawain mo na maski 50,000. Mabuti pa ‘yun kay patay na. Itong iniwan nilang four million.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero Mr. President mataas pa rin ‘yung ano, ‘yung tiwala ng publiko na mas maganda ‘yung magiging ‘yung 2017 nila based dun sa SWS survey.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, I got the feedback… tinatawagan ko Davao. O kumusta diyan? Ano ‘yung sa… Uwi kayo galing… Karamihan kawawa, taga-Hong Kong, ‘yung mga ordinaryo.

Kaya ako galit kasi alam ko kung… Alam mo kasi Rocky kung ano ang maging mahirap? Kasi anak ako ng mahirap kaya ako galit nang ganon.

Mas mabuti pa gatasin mo na lang ‘yung mga bilyonaryo diyan, kung magreklamo sa akin, sabihin ko dagdagan mo pa, karami mong pera. Dami mong daldal.

[unclear] Kukunin niya diyan sa…  ‘Yung last time na mayor ako, ‘yung TV kaming mga mayor sige lang, congressman, maski limang train ng bagahe senador, governor, mayor. ‘Yung mga mahirap na ano, isang TV. Wala ng tao kasi nakalabas ng lahat binabantayan ko lang and she was haggling. Nandoon siya sa kahero kasi babayran pa niya.

Sabi ko, p******** adre. Pati ba naman ‘yan? Karaming lumabas dito pati ako, ni hindi mo nga ako sinita. Kaya ‘yan ang gusto kong tatapusin dito sa Pilipinas.

Do not oppress people kasi magagalit talaga ako. Kasi kuhang-kuha ko ‘yung sentimento ng tao. Hindi ako nagyayabang kasi dumaan ako ng ganon at noong panahon na ‘yun pinahirapan din kami.

Si nanay ko noon, may kapatid ako nasa Amerika. Even diyan sa postal, ‘yung mga postal, ‘yung sa Customs, marami diyan. And to think that I was a fiscal at that time walang patawad ‘tong mga ‘to.

I’m sorry but you have to stop it.  Eh ‘di itong six years na ito, pahirapan talaga ito. If you think you will not survive the salary sa Customs, hanggang diyan ka lang, made out the millions that you get on the sides, BIR umalis kayo. Kasi upakan ko talaga… [unclear] ‘Di ninyo alam [92?] sa regulatory bodies ng LFTRB all over the Philippines pinatanggal ko. Ayaw ko ng… kasi magulo na, kaya sabi ko mag-resign kayo. Pag hindi—

Ms. Ignacio: Nabanggit mo nga na naghahanap ka ng honest na tao para malagay talaga sa–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There’s a Chinese proverb na, araw na araw may dala silang lamp. [unclear] Bakit may dala sila na—still broad daylight. Sabi niya, I’m looking for an honest man.

Well, ngayon kung kontento ako diyan sa pinili ko ‘yung mga kaano ko ‘yan, puro, puro bright ‘yan.

Sabi ko nga, schoolmate ko ‘yan si Yasay. He’s a brilliant lawyer, he’s teaching  kaya nga babalik na ‘yan sa America, by the time that Cayetano is ready to assume the Foreign Affairs.

’Yan nga, sila Dulay, mga estudyante ‘yan mga Baguio ‘yan. Bebot Bello, taga-Isabela. Puro kami, hindi kami taga  taga-Maynila.

We are not the sons of moneyed people. Nag-dormitoryo lang kami. Yasay was my roommate, across my room was Bello and Dulay, puro Ilocano ‘yan.

Kasi hindi ako nag sa—Doon ako sa eskwelahan ko kasi ayaw ko ‘yung isang eskwelahan kasi pinaalis nila ‘yung, pinaalis nila ako doon sa Davao ‘yung branch nila.

Loko-loko mga pari nito… ayaw ko. Dito ako sa bagong pari ng, gusto kong–

Mr. Baltazar: Sir, medyo nahagip na natin ‘yung isyu ng corruption ano. Sir nabanggit po ba natin sa mga Gabinete natin na, meron po ba kayong iniisip na bigyan sila ng direktiba na magkaroon ng accounting doon sa mga empleyado nila na nasasangkot sa anomalya, ilan na ‘yung may kaso at ano na ‘yung status ng kaso?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo ha, ako ordinaryong tao lang… Siyempre may kalokohan din kasi ako… [unclear] Hindi ako nakatikim ng– Sa College of Law, medyo nag-improve ako doon. Pero ako, kindergarten to [AB Law?], hanggang 75 lang. ‘Yung mga kaharap ko, Tugade, valedictorian namin ‘yan. Tugade was already, mabigat na ‘yan sa Delgado shipping noon.

He was a working student but he’s bright at marami ‘yang— Si Tugade actually bilyonaryo ‘yan. But self-made man. ‘Nong working student ‘yan sa eskwelahan namin diyan. Nagta-trabaho but he was already top. One of the top executives ng Delgado shipping.

Itong si Sonny Dominguez, kindergarten kami hanggang… valedictorian ‘yan. Hanggang sa labas. Galing ‘yan kung saang eskwelahang gusto… Kaya ako ang bigyan nila sa direksyon, hindi ako mag— Pernia sa UP, professor emeritus.

Ms. Ignacio: So tiwala ka na kaya na nila?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [unclear] Briones was a former national treasurer and she’s a top economist. Sinong turuan ko diyan? Ubial is a career, from the ranks ‘yan. Ka-brad si ano… So hindi ko na–

Ang akin lang diyan is no corruption at I do not have any reason at all to suspect about corruption sa… Kasi alam nila, the first [whip?], isang amoy lang, sabi ko magkaibigan tayo, pero hindi na lang tayo mag-away, hiwalay-hiwalay na lang tayo. Para walang, parang you’d, you… we maintain your—

Do not let me find out pag ka… Kaya sabi ko Rocky pag may mga anak ako, o mga apo ako na involved sa corruption sa gobyerno, pera ng taong bayan, huwag naman ‘yung pabiro na haka-haka. Kung mag-abot ng Ombudsman, magka-demandahan, I will resign from this office.

Oras na may marinig kayo na anak ko may corruption at napatunayan, huwag na ‘yang ma-convicted, I will resign.

‘Yan ang guarantee ko sa inyo, ba-bye. Hindi [unclear] siyempre mag-iyak ka ng konti kasi maghiwalay na naman tayo, tapos ngayon nagkikita na tayo.

Ms. Ignacio: Mr. President, maraming salamat po sa pagpa-unlak niyo, napasama kami sa nag interview sa inyo today. Alam namin pagod na kayo, maraming salamat at siyempre alam–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mga alas-dos pa naman kanina, paabutin natin ng alas-dos para isang ikot talaga ng–

Ms. Ignacio: Alam namin na busy po kayo hanggang bukas. So alam din namin na talagang dito kayo mag– Paano niyo sasalabungin ‘yung bagong taon, first time niyo magiging–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: And this is what I said, if you’re asking me, if I am extremely or exceedingly happy to be President, ubos na ubos ang kaligayahan ko, I’ll answer you this, I will not answer you directly, but I do not need this job at this point in time.

Okay na ako. I’ve been, I said 40 years I was mayor from vice mayor to the presidency wala akong talo-talo. Hindi ko na kailangan, patapos na ako diyan sa palakpakan na—‘Yung four million [unclear] was just a, plano ng Diyos na ‘yan or just destiny.

Wala akong pera, wala naman akong kilala. Wala nga ako ni isang barangay captain dito sa Maynila. And yet I won, so ang akin is there’s a job waiting to be done by the wish of God. That’s destiny. Tapusin ko lang ‘yan.

Sabi nila, it was negative kasi sa labas daw, ganito, ganito. Sabi ko, hindi ko malaman nasaan ang values nila eh, kasi si Obama. Pagdating naman kay Trump, tinawagan ko. ‘Yes, sir. President. I heard that you’re doing good job… [unclear] You know this… [unclear] we have the same problem. You’re doing it good.’

So hindi ko malaman ngayon ano ba talaga ang asal ng America? Itong kay Obama, with all of the… ‘All the… [unclear] extrajudicial killing.’

Ito naman si Obama… You can… Read my lips ‘yan. Read my lips. You want an inkling of what to expect during the [unclear]—I’ll give you one.

I’ve been in politics for quite a time. Read his lips in between. And he would know.

Ako, diretso ako. Kaya ako I have this passion to serve. It runs in the family. Tatay ko governor. Ako naging vice mayor diretso Presidente.

Ang tatay ko as a matter of fact, during the first term of Mr. Marcos, I said because he was the one of the two remaining [Nacionalista?] governor.

‘Nong una, hanggang ngayon, kung saan ‘yung winning party doon ‘yan. Tapos pag ibang partido… Saan ‘yung presidente doon. Okay naman ‘yun para walang gulo, walang conflict.

But my father and Governor Ebarle of Zamboanga del Norte stood by ‘yung promise nila kay Marcos, was them running as the candidate of the Nacionalista Party against Macapagal.

So my father was here many years ago as a Cabinet member, where I am now. Ang anak ko naging mayor. Sabi ko nga diyan sa isang anak ko, huwag kayong magkamali.

Pag nagkamali kayo na may corruption at pumutok ‘yan at napahiya ako, wala na akong moral ascendancy magsabi sa lahat ng empleyado sa gobyerno, huwag kayong corrupt.

How can now I carry the day for my countrymen, pati ako, ang pamilya ko pala corrupt? Mas mabuti pa mag-alis na lang ako.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero New Year ngayon Mr. President, so first time mong nag-New Year na Presidente ka tapos nasa Maynila ka, may putukan dito—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Naplano ko na eh. Sabi ko, ganito, mag-take off tayo after… Sabi ko sa PSG, hawakan ako bukas, ang laki-laki ng flag baka ilipad ng hangin ‘yan dala-da–. Ako ‘yung [tabanog?], anong tawag [tabanog?] sa Tagalog? ‘Yung lilipad.. Saranggola. Baka paglipad ‘yan, naputol, p***** ng pisi na ‘yan. Pati ako dadalhin kung saan.

After that, I was planning to go home because we had… You know, hiwalay ako sa asawa ko, first wife ko. Annuled ako. And I have a second wife. So, [unclear] diborsyo ‘yun eh, ‘yung iba nga ilang ang asawa diyan, tagatlo, apat na divorce. Ako, isa lang.

So, dalawa… Sila Inday ‘yung Mayor, pati ‘yung second wife. We had it planned because sa gabi pupunta ako doon sa kanila, so… Bili ka ng lechon, I’ll have lunch sa bahay. Doon man ako nakatira sa second wife ko.

Tapos sabi ko, magpunta muna ako sa Luneta kasi ire-raise ‘yung flag for the anniversary. So kagabi, sabi ng security, ‘Sir may pumutok sa, tinamaan—‘

So tomorrow, o ngayon tatawagan ko, forget the lunch, punta ako ng Leyte, sa karaming problema doon. I’ll be there in about, mga 1, 2, 3. So kanselado na ‘yun. Ayan ang sinasabi ko [unclear].

‘Di ko kailangan ‘tong trabaho… Nandiyan, set na lahat, tapos papuntang Davao, gaganon ka. Hindi ko malaman ‘yung ilang… ilang oras ako dito.

Mr. Baltazar: Sir, ihabol ko na lang. ‘Yun nga may bombing sa Samar, sa Leyte.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [unclear] mga Moro doon.

Mr. Baltazar: May mga nabiktima na mga inosenteng sibilyan, hindi ba kayo nagtataka sir bakit parang tahimik ang Commission on Human Rights, kasi the fact na may mga nabiktima—?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [unclear] Ibang planeta ‘yan sila. Ibang ugali. Duda ko nga hindi mga Pilipino ito. Ewan ko… Baka may, pagka-gabi tanggalin ‘yung maskara nilang Pilipino, iba na ang mukha. I really do not know but that’s how this world, this planet runs.

So just, you have to adjust also to the reality.

‘Yung sa Midsayap, alam mo ang nagsabi sa akin doon, kilala ko ‘yung NPA na nago-operate diyan sa boundary ng Cotabato, Davao. Nakita ko, sabi ko… Kita ko kaagad eh.

Sabi ko, Bong, tanungin mo daw sa kanila, tapos confirmed by the police, military na… While the priest was excruciating. Isn’t that the word? Excruciate. Excruciating the value ng extrajudicial killing, pumutok ‘yung simbahan niya.

Kaya tinanong ko, sino? Tanungin mo… Droga. Ganti kasi earlier may operation ang pulis, siyempre may mamatay… Alam mo bakit mamatayan sila? Kasi ang pulis hindi naman magpunta ‘yan doon ng isa-isa, dalawa. Minsan, tatlo, apat ‘yan.

Kaya pag ka nagka-barilan na, patay talaga ‘yung g***. At tsaka sa panahon ko, sabi’t maraming patay, kasi noon, ang Pilipinas, talagang feudal, feudal… Noon ang mga hari, mga governors, mayors, they go around town, may bodyguard na army, may bodyguard na pulis, may CAFGU pa na bodyguard, mga gangster, they [nurture?] mga characters na ganon.

So ang pulis, sinong g***? Pulis, huwag tayo mag-operate diyan, tsaka magtawag si Presidente. ‘Mr. President, tanggalin mo itong si colonel dito. Itong sa army, strikto.’

O ‘di pagdating niyan, tawagan ang Aguinaldo, tawagan ang Crame. Ngayon, saan ka magpunta? Wala man akong utang sa inyo. Binoto ninyo ako. Hindi nga tayo kilala.

Hindi ninyo ako kilala, mas mabuti pa ‘yung apat, at least may appearance sa national.

Ako, hindi niyo nakita, hindi ako mahilig sa TV. Nagkahilig lang ako ‘nong kakilala na kita, itong PTV 4.

Ms. Ignacio: Kaya nga po nagpapasalamat kami, siyempre sa pagbigay niyo ng atensyon din at tsaka tulong—

PRESIDENTE DUTERTE: [unclear] Umuwi na kayo. Ano request mo? Sabihin mo, sige. Kasi kaibigan tayo. Kilala ko si Rocky panahon pa ni Ramos.

Kasi dutdut siya nang dutdut ‘yang mic na ‘yan. T******, sabi ko. Mahulog ako… Nag-away kami. Sabi ko, ‘Bakit… ‘yung mic mo sa mukha ko?’ Sabi niya, toxic ka. Sabi ko, ikaw rin.

Ms. Ignacio: Toxic ka rin ngayon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pag ka gabi, sabi ko areglo na lang tayo. [unclear] ‘Yung mga durugista, sino bang tawagan nila, ako? Tawagan, mayor ka, governor ka. Tawagan mo ako, eh bata mo ‘yun.  [unclear] Kasi wala akong utang na loob. I do not owe anybody [nothing?].

Tsaka ako trabaho. ‘Yung mga Cabinet member ko kilala nila, kilala ko rin sila. Okay sila. Okay rin tingin nila sa akin. Pero, may one basic trait kami. You know what? ‘Yang Dulay na ‘yan, ganon lang ‘yan. Taga-Baguio ‘yan eh. Bebot Bello, taga-Isabela ‘yan. Anak ng judge ‘yan si Bebot. Nagdo-dorm lang ‘yan.

More or less hindi naman talagang pangpaano ‘yung, parade lang… Honestly.

Tugade, sabihin na Tugade ganon. Kung kayo ayaw niyo bigyan ng pera kase pang-ayos, huwag ka matakot doon. Sabi, we cannot trust you with this money. Tugade is a billionaire. Tugade is from Cagayan. Halos siguro Ilocano ‘yan sila eh, Pernia. Sonny is from Davao pero halos Ilocano ‘yan.

I think Ubial is also a migrant Ilocano o Ilonggo. ‘Yung last one, si Diokno kaya ko kinuha, ‘sir’ nga ang tawag. Ako lang ang nag-se-sir sa kanya sa Cabinet, ‘Sir, Sir Ben’ when I address him.

Nauna sa’kin dito noon eh. At tska ‘yung panahon na, I was here, I was working for President Arroyo as a consultant sa public order and security.

Minsan pinapapatawag nila kami ng, ni Presidente alas-tres ng umaga, nag-upo ako, saan ‘yung, pag may hagdanan na may sala na maraming mukha ng presidente.

Hindi ko na… I cannot. Nag-upo ako, naghihintay ako kay Presidente Arroyo, upo ako nang  ganon. Nandiyan ‘yung mga mukha nila. Pagpasok ko dito alas-tres ‘yun, medyo malamig na… alas tres ng umaga.

Ms. Igancio: Madaling araw.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Madaling araw. Kaya ‘yung mura ko hindi ‘yan bago kay Presidente, maski mag-meeting kami noon dito tapos hindi kami nagkakaintindihan. Nagmumura talaga ako, sa harap pa ni Ma’am. [unclear]

Pero pinatawag niya ako, ‘nong pagtingin ko sa mga picture ganon [unclear] ni Rizal noon. Malayo man ang tingin nila. ‘Nong matagal na ako, hindi naman kaagad nagigising si Ma’am, tumingin ako sa mga painting, ‘yan sila o. Nakatingin na sa akin lahat. Ito na ang problema dito ngayon kaya ang taghoy ko.

Meron pa isa dito, ako mahilig sa maong. Ngayon lang ako nag medyo—Maong talaga sa ganon. ‘Yun ang kilala mo, ‘yan talaga uniform ko, tsaka naka boots kasi nagmo-motor ako, para ‘di ako mapaso.

Pinatawag kami ni Presidente [unclear]… ‘yan o buhay pa si Presidente, buhay pa si Elias Lopez, buhay pa si Congressman Garcia, ngayon patay na, Jess Dureza nandiyan ‘yan.

Nakabarong sila, nauna sila. Ako naman nahuli kasama ko ‘yung pinalitan ni Bong. Pagpasok nila sabi ng gwardiya, may upuan…  Diyan lang kayo ha, upo ka diyan. ‘Di upo din ako, maya-maya sabi ni Presidente… Ayan buhay pa naman si Presidente. ‘Where’s Rody?’ Sabi ni… kasama man namin ‘yun. Jess Dureza, balik siya, nag-backtrack siya, nakita niya ko sa labas, pati ‘yung pinalitan ni Bong, ‘yun rin ang driver ko dito noon, mayor pa ako.

Sabi, hinahanap ka ni Presidente, bakit ka nandiyan? Sabi ko, sabi man ‘nong gwardiya hindi raw ako papasukin, dito raw ako.

Sabi ng… Totoo ‘yan, ewan ko kung nandito. Sino pala ito? Sabi, sino pa ito, si Mayor Duterte. Sabi ‘nong gwardiya, bakit mo naman hindi sinabi. Eh… Sabi niyo, mag-upo lang ako diyan, eh ‘di upo–

Tapos minsan panahon ni Estrada, doon ako nag-parking diyan sa San Miguel na—

Ms. Ignacio: Sa may church?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh bawal man dito. Sabihin naman ng gwardiya—‘Di dito tayo. Diyan ako sa gate. Pagpasok ko, naka-maong ako, narinig ko talaga may radio ‘yan. Ang radio nila ‘yung hindi ‘yung ganon, ‘yung pahawak-hawak.

Sabi pa ng buang, ewan ko kung sinong ‘yun commnader dito. ‘Sino ‘yang kumag na ‘yan?

Ms. Ignacio: Ngayon iba na.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko sa gwardiya, ‘yung nag-escort sa akin, alam niya ako, pero sabihin mo diyan kumag na ‘yan, siya ang magsabi diyan kay, bahala kayo diyan, uuwi ako.  Habol, habol sila, habol [unclear] trabaho lang sir.

Kaya nga ano, nakita ko noon, ‘nong nanalo ako ba, pauwi na tayo. Matter of ano lang, parang mga lighter side of life.

‘Nong nanalo ako, pagka-prinoclaim (proclaim) ka ng Congress, ang mag-takeover PSG na. Magbabaan ‘yan sila doon… biglang rumami mga sundalo.

At ‘yung mga pulis na dati kong security… Alis na kayo diyan, alis na kayo, takeover na. [unclear] akala mo kung sino. Nagalit ‘yung… ‘Di ako naman, sabi ko sige maglabas ako.

Paglabas ko, siguro mga convoy, mga sampung sasakyan nakasunod ganon, puro naka-blinker. Kaya tumitindig ‘yung balahibo ko. Hindi ako sanay dito. Nakokornihan ako. Sabi, sige lang.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero ngayon sanay kana?

PRESIDENTE DUTERTE: Hindi rin. Binuksan ko ‘yung bintana ko, sabi ko puro naka-ganon, sa deadend mas mataas ‘yung ilaw niya na pula… Sino ‘tong—Sabi ko sa pulis, sino ‘yun, susunod-sunod sa atin, mahaba, matangkad… Sabi niya, ambulansya ‘yun sir. Huwag ganon.

Sabi ko dugtungan mo na lang ng punerarya, para– Ambulansya pag wala na talagang magawa, diretso ka na, dala ka na ng kabaong. Kumpletuhin mo na.

That’s the only…  The reason why I do not accept invitation, may I just, before mag final ako. Mag-Merry Christmas, mag-Happy New Year. Kasi I do not want to [distract?] traffic.

Kasi mag-daan ako, minutes before 20, 15 magka-traffic na ‘yan kasi lahat ng kantong daanan ko nandiyan ‘yung motorcycle cop, pinapara talaga.

So dito sa likod niyan is exponential na increase of traffic. So even to just normalize again the movement, it’s about one hour, two hours. I do not want to impose my presence sa taong bayan.

Kaya kung maari lang, yayain mo ako, late very late. Pero ganon pa rin ang EDSA. So ‘yan ho ang explanation ko. Hindi na ayaw ko, gusto kong pumunta mahirap kasi sa Davao, sanay ‘yan sila na mag-embrace sa akin.

Pero, ngayon punta kong Lanao kasi may mga kamag-anak ako dun. Pinilit ko talaga sabihin ko, sabi ko sino ‘yung mga pinsan ko dito. Nakita ko talaga, mga Moro doon.

Limitado kasi ang… So I’m sorry if I cannot– Sa Davao, alam ho ninyo even to just open the, ‘yung sakyan nila. Sarado ‘yan, ‘yang sakyan ko, ‘yang sabi nila armored, sarado ‘yan hindi mo mabuksan kung hindi buksan ng driver. Kaya kung iwanan ka ng driver tapos kunin niya ‘yung susi patay ka na diyan sa loob.

Oo, hindi ako makaba-bye sa tao. Gusto ko ang mga taga-Davao makita lang nila ako kasi ang haba ng, sabi ko… We are about to… Can we, dalawa or tatlo. Sabi niya, kulang.

But ang sabi talaga nila, you know ang mandate kasi namin Mr. President hindi manggaling sayo, it comes from the law. Ang trabaho namin hindi galing sa iyo, sa batas na protektahan ka.

So I’d come to, not really adjust, but come to terms with the… nalimitado na ‘ko. Ilang beses ko na sinibatan ‘yan sila. Anak ng–

Ms. Ignacio: Hindi ka naging successful?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi… pag maya-maya, pag… Kami ni Bong. Sabi ko, Bong, kunin mo ko dito pera magtago ako magsakay. Ang bibilis ng mata, maya-maya nandiyan na ‘yun sa likod. Sabi ko, sino ‘yan? PSG.

Kay Inday, daughter ko, sinibatan niya sumakay ng, mahilig ‘yan magpunta ng Palawan. Hindi pa buntis, sinibatan niya ‘yung security niya. Mahilig man si Inday ng ganon, pag-landing niya sa Palawan nandon na ‘yung PSG naghihintay… Kalokohan ng buhay na ito.

Well anyway, I said in a few hours, I’d like to greet my countrymen. Sincerely really I wish that I could impose things in our country.

And, nandiyan ho ‘yung passion ko to serve and my rage inside me sometimes brings forth words that are not usually or should not be coming from the mouth of the President. It’s about too late in the day, huli na na mag-apologize ako, it’s my character. Just live with it, basta ako ta-trabaho lang.

Ang promise ko, no corruption, the drug, it will end I said until the last pusher is out of the street, and the last druglord is killed, ‘yan ang promise ko.

No, non-negotiable ako diyan, pero ‘yung mga pulis, they have the rules to follow. Pag ako ang Presidente, sabi ko nga, kung ako ‘yung kasali ako sa, nalaman ko ng San Juan na isang tonelada. Hinila ko na ‘yung mga g*** sa likod ng compartment, binaril, pinagbabaril ko na, well that’s mine. That’s mine.

Kasi galit talaga ako. Pero, even just… you destroy my country.  But I wish I could be more, is there such a word as kinder or be be more kind to your fellow men.

But there’s a, there’s a task to be done and I will do it. I will do it even if I have to put at stake my life and the presidency itself. Huwag kayo maano diyan, kayong mga,  paalisin ako, nagsasayang kayo ng… Anytime.

And if the military says mag-coup d‘etat sila because [unclear]. Fine, huwag na tayo magpatayan, puro kayo sundalo, puro tayo Pilipino.

Basta kung tingnan ninyo, hindi ko kaya, hindi ko talaga kaya then you want somebody else, fine.

Look for him and let him solve the problem. Walang problema. Wala talagang problema.

Sabi ko, I am not exceedingly, am I exceedingly happy? More proud than I used to be? Tapos na ‘yung palakpakan, I have these many years to serve my country. And I will serve you and faithfully.

Sabi ko corruption, anything mga anak ko mga apo ko… I will decide. Huwag naman ‘yung ano lang, ‘yung gossip-gossip. Pagdating na ng Ombudsman, sa Sandigan. The most honorable thing for me to do is to [leave?].

Happy New Year to you all.

— END —