DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Q&A, Davao City. 04 Feb 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Davao City | 04 February 2017]

Q: Ang ceasefire lifted pero, sir,  ang peace talks po, ano po ang status, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have…I will request maybe tomorrow the Philippine contingent to fold their tents and come home.

I am not ready to resume peace talks. As I have said, I would like to tell the Filipino people: peace with the communists might not come in this generation.

Q: So, you are scrapping it, sir?


Sir, is it just temporary na hindi lang magre-resume now…


Q: Or could it still resume throughout — sometime midterm?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Do it after my term. There is still one.

Q: Sir, what happens to your campaign promise now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I tried everything. As you can see I walk the extra mile, release prisoners, release their leaders so they can go to Oslo to talk. Now they want 400 plus prisoners who fought the government under a rebellion, crime and — that is only given, common sense would tell you, after a successful talk or talks. Hindi ka mag-release ng mga nasa presuhan kung — at the beginning. So, what’s there to talk about?

Kung i-release ko lahat sila, so why bother to talk? I told the soldiers to…I said: Go home to your camps. Clean your guns and prepare for the long struggle. 

Q: So, sir, you are giving up already?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s very clear to you obviously.

Q: Sir, how about your pitch for federalism because you still…Do you…Will you still aggressively push for it?


Q: Federalism, sir, no more?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah federalism? The setup?

Q: Yes.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, because that is the centerpiece of my campaign. And federalism is the only way to arrive at a peaceful solution to what is bugging Mindanao.

I’ve told before and I would say it again and again and again that there can no be peace in Mindanao until we reconfigure…Iyong mga proponents ng 1987 Constitution, they should come here on the ground to listen to the Moro people. They will not stop their struggle until this country blow up to pieces.

Now, with the coming of the ISIS, you can very well understand my problem. They are here, they are not interested in the Moro nationalism of getting back their lands, they are just interested to wage war and kill people, period.

How can you talk peace to those…? Paano ako mag…Saan ninyo ako ilagay? We’ll just sit…Will I just fold my hands and look at my country deteriorate? We have the Armed Forces, we have the police, maybe we have the money to do it. So if we continue to fight for the next 50 years, fine.

Q: Sir, you mentioned in your speech yesterday or two days ago na ubusan na lang ito. Are you giving the AFP a deadline?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. It has been a struggle I said that’s going on for 50 years. Ubusan ng bala pati lahat siguro until such time it would come to a natural cessation because everybody is tired of killing people. That’s what it is actually.

A revolution or a terrorist is out there just to kill people. Why? Can they hope to overthrow this government with the next 500 years? You really believe that?

Q: Sir, do you see the need to talk to Joma Sison?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, no. I need to…I need to understand their senses. Until they come to their senses, I have noticed that all throughout the years since Marcos’ time. Then there was the Aquino administration who went out of their way, I mean the people there, during the — ‘yung administration during their time, then we had the succession of Fidel Ramos, then si Erap, Gloria, Aquino and to me.

This time, it should end here. Pwede ba o hindi? Ako, ginawa ko na ang lahat. Gumastos ang gobyerno, I released all the prisoners. They started with 18. Now, they came up with 23 leaders. And now it’s 400. Eh kung ganun mag-surrender na lang kami. 

Q: Pero, sir, I suppose the CPP would argue, sir, in the first place kayo ‘yung…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not interested arguing with them. As a matter of fact, if they issue statements I will not answer them.

Q: Pero, sir, they would say in the first place kayo ng nag-promise ‘nung release of all prisoners?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I never I said promise…I said “leaders” so that their leaders can go to Oslo to talk. You do not release all prisoners because they committed a crime along the way against the Republic of the Philippines.

Ngayon nag-400, eh ‘di kung 400 eh ‘di lahat na lang at ano pang pag-usapan natin?

Q: So just to be clear, sir, you never promised all just the leaders only?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I would not be stupid in entering in that kind of arrangement. You must remember that I am a prosecutor. Why would I promise that? That’s practically granting amnesty. But amnesty is usually given if there is successful talk between the — whatever with the kind of revolution all throughout this world, it ends up with the release of — it’s a mutual thing.

Ngayon, nandiyan pa ‘yung mga sundalo tapos na-ambush. Eh ‘yung dalawa doon sa paguwi — 76 bullet wounds? Bakit ganunin mo? Ang isang sundalo namatay 64 wounds. Nirakrakan mo tapos you always invoke human rights in Geneva Convention. To hell with it. I will not honor any agreement that will violate the Philippine Constitution especially if the rebellion because the purpose is to overthrow the duly constituted government.

Remember kami dito pinili kami ng tao including this government, the setup which was approved by the Filipino people in a plebiscite. The vote of the smallest guy here even the grave digger is as much important as my vote. |

Remember that we ratified it, sagrado iyan eh. So you just don’t overthrow a government by the simple expedient of releasing all your enemies. 

Q: Sir, what would prompt you if anything…


Q: To possibly return to going back to the…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No I don’t think that…Ma-aano ito eh. I do not want to mention it. Pero parang sina…Itong gobyerno na ito — from Marcoses, well, of course, they said that they had a valid gripe against Marcos, then so be it. 

Q: Sir, do you see the need to talk to Joma?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No more, I said. They can retire all of them. For those who were released by the government, they should on their own volition return here and go back to prison. Or else I’ll be forced to…I mean, I am alerting all the intelligence community to keep track of where they are now. Iyong na-release temporarily to talk with us in Oslo, they should come back and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of this government because they are still prisoners. Walang pardon, walang amnesty, wala lahat.

Q: Anong remedy, sir, ng government kung hindi sila bumalik?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong problema ano bang gusto nila?

Q: Dadamputin ninyo, sir, if they do not…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t care. I said I am not interested to listen to them of what they intend to do. For, after all, they have been fighting with government.

Q: No we mean, sir, those who will not go back ‘yung mga ni-release po and mga…? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, they are all in the wanted list. So I will alert the international police to arrest them where they are because they are wanted here. I’ll cancel their passports. I don’t know if they will be granted asylum there. But they are…Iyong mga rebellion, well, if you are just a member, that’s not a grave offense maybe. Pero ‘yung mga leaders, they are — they should be in prison without bail. For those serving sentence, they should serve out their sentence.

Ngayon, kung gusto nila doon sa labas, okay lang. Then the most terrible thing that can happen to a Filipino is that you will die outside of your country. Just imagine kung…Ako that’s the very thing that I would hate maybe. Mamatay ka doon sa ibang bayan. O, they can rot there all, for all I care. 

Q: Sir, bibigyan mo ba sila ng certain time frame?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na. I said that it was a…Kanila, they said that it would begin on February 10. Ako bakit pa February 10? Namamatay na mga sundalo ko pati pulis, anak ng…Ibig mong sabihin maghintay ako para maubos ‘yang…Ang masakit diyan lumalabas itong mga Army because they do not carry arms. Then went out there to — nagpunta ng ATM para makuha nila ‘yung incentives nila, combat pay. Why would you kill…? Anak ng puta.

Bakit mo patayin ‘yan tapos ganun, 76 wounds sabi ng autopsy? Bakit mo rakrakan ano ‘yan baboy-damo? I could perhaps understand their outrage one or two if it’s a gun battle or gun fight. Rakrakan mo ng…Of course, I am mad.

Q: Sir, just to be clear about it I know I asked this earlier but there is no…There is no…You will not…Are you saying that you will not change your mind…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not ready to talk about anything. I have lifted the… I told the soldiers to prepare for a long war. I said it will not come during our generation. I know them already. 

Q: Your position on the peace talks will not change anymore throughout your term?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, unless there is a compelling one. I do not know what would be that reason. But always it would be in the interest of the nation.

If I do not feel or I see that there’s a joke somewhere, I will not waste my time and compromise the integrity of the government by releasing all for nothing.

Q: Sir, kanina pong umaga si Kabunsuan Makilala ‘yung whistleblower po doon sa Bilibid, binaril po doon sa Davao del Norte. According…Doon sa pinuntahan po namin kanina, patay na po itong si Kabunsuan Makilala. Siya nga po ‘yung sinasabi din po ni Sandra Cam na naging whistleblower doon sa naging corruption inside doon sa New Bilibid prison way back 2012?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I said, there has been a lot of killings — killings rather. Feeling bad about the — ‘yung nagpumiyait ka. You know ganito ‘yan eh, there is a funny joke going around. Itong mga pulis na scalawags na sabi nila binabayaran tapos papatayin. Itong mga ito, those connected with the anti-illegal drugs, may pera ‘yan sa gobyerno that’s why I gave them 150 million for this year.

Do you know why? They are out to arrest drug traffickers. Kung walang pera ‘yan pambili, ano mang hulihin mo? There can be no buy and sell of drugs. So it is not trafficking. Maybe possession kung hulihin mo. Itong mga ito, binigyan raw sila 5,000 pambili ng droga ‘yan so that there could be a buy-bust. Kuha ninyo? Hindi mo palabasin iyan na basta magkapkap na lang. They go out to buy then hulihin ka because that is really trafficking. Buy and sell of drugs.

Kung walang pera ‘yang mga ‘yan, anong ibibili nila, bayag nila? Ngayon eh sinasabi na binabayaran. Bakit kita bayaran? P***** i** mo, trabaho, g*** kang pulisa ka. Trabaho mo ‘yan. Bakit kita bayaran? Ang ibig mong sabihin, binulsa mo ‘yung 5,000 o 10,000 depending on the amount of the transaction. Binulsa mo, pinatay mo ‘yung drug pusher diyan. Kinuha mo ‘yung droga, ipinagbili mo uli. Kaya iniiwan ninyo diyan patay.



Tapos sabihan mo itong tunto na itong Amnesty International pinapatay namin. For what? Ano nagbabaril tayo ng aso dito na basta na lang naglalakad ka diyan barilin ka? Ganun ang nangyari. I’ve been trying to figure out a way of explaining it. Ngayon, nandito na tayo sa cemetery, tutal lugar man ito ng mga patay, maraming pupunta pa dito. T**** i*** ‘yan. Itong mga pulis na ito — iyong documented ng Amnesty, ito ring Amnesty so naïve and so stupid. Why would we kill people? Ano itong gobyero na ito? Tiga-patay ng parang aso? There has to be a reason. Find out the reason and find out the truth. You do not ask government, you just go ahead and publish anything you want and it’s easy to condemn because people judge best when they condemn.

Eh pinulot nila iyan noon, that started during my term as mayor. Pabalik-balik na ‘yang si De Lima. Iyong Human Rights siya, napaka-estupido. Wala, tapos naging senador, naging secretary. Ilang beses niya ako inimbestiga? Hanggang ngayon? Tapos ang makuha lang niya ang Amnesty? Karaming patay diyan. Is that the only thing that you can produce, the report of the Amnesty unverified? You must remember Amnesty International is a creation of Soros, ‘yung bilyonaryo na who’s funding it.

You remember Soros? Do you know him? Iyan ‘yang nag-funding ‘yang mga Amnesty International. Private ‘yan hindi ‘yan gobyerno.

Q: Sir, paano po kung magkarooon po ng Senate inquiry doon sa Amnesty?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Aba ‘di hayaan nila. Eh ‘di hanapin nila ‘yung totoo. Kasi ‘yung sinasabi — ‘yung binabayaran, binubulsa ‘yung lahat ng…So it is up to Bato to make an accounting of where the money went, to what it has spent, or what it has prompted him, and what was the scheme.

The scheme I said I know na pagka-transaction na, binabaril na lang, kinukuha pa ‘yung pera, kinukuha pa ‘yung drugs and the scalawags sell it. Iyong sabi ni Bato na mag-retraining? No. They will be suspended all of them.

Tapos mag-report sila diyan sa Malacañan. Diyan sa opisina ko, magtindig sila lahat diyan until I decide what to do with them. Bakit mo i-training ‘yang mga —?  Retraining to be more a better scalawag than what you are? T***** i** ninyong mga pulis kayo, l****. Huwag ninyo akong…Hindi ito Presidenteng taga-Maynila na bali ha. T***** i**, ibahin ninyo ako. Hindi ako ‘yung mga pitsugin na pinipili ninyo ‘yung taga-Maynila. Loko-loko kayo.

Q: Pati ‘yung sa NBI, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Lahat. The NBI is also suspended from enforcing the…It’s only the Armed Forces of the Philippines and PDEA. I have yet to make the whatever executive order or…Because right now the Armed Forces of the Philippines is in because I declared state of lawlessness. That’s the reason why. Hindi nga namin makuha kung paano ito maraming patay na itinatanong namin ‘yung mga specific mission for the night, nahuhuli naman.

Samantalang bakit itong patay na ito walang nakukuha ‘yung mga tao na shabu? Eh kasi kinukuha nila eh. Nawala ‘yung pera kasi kinukuha nila. Nawala ‘yung baril kasi savings. Huwag ninyo akong baliin.

Q: Sir, kamusta ‘yung plano po sa PC? Iyon po ba magpa-prosper?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, but I need a Constitutional amendment for that. But it could be good for the Republic to re-establish the fourth service command ng Armed Forces. Philippine Constabulary talagang national police and it will be under the military structure.

Q: Sir, you’ve said…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi itong mga…Let me finish. Kasi ‘yung mga pulis kasi, whether you like it or not, they gravitate towards the mayors, itong mga barangay captains. Forty percent of all the barangay captains of the Philippines are into drugs. They are about 6,000 policemen.

That’s the problem. That’s why it’s that thick. Sabi ko nga…I’d say: Huwag ninyo akong baliin na. Hindi ito ‘yung nakatira diyan sa mga Forbes Park o Dasmariñas. T***** i**, local boy lang ito.

Q: Sir, you’ve said that you’ve always known that the police force is corrupt to the core…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Remember you were with me during the campaign. What did I tell you? That there is a need for us to review all of the activities because I believe sincerely that the police, PNP, is corrupt to the core. Hindi naman lahat. Pero there is a group of stupid scalawags there. ‘Pag napulis na mag-ambisyon kaagad ng bahay, kotse, tag-dalawa ang asawa. Kagaya ko. Pero ako hiwalay tapos nag-asawa uli. Itong mga pulis, nagdadagdag ang mga g***. Wala namang pera. Kaya racket dito, racket doon.

Tingnan mo ‘yung mga police generals mag-retire, tingnan mo ‘yung mga mansion nila. Tingnan mo ‘yung mga Army mag-retire, nasa housing projects lang because they have enough leeway, elbow room to enforce the laws. Wala ‘yan sa Army e. It’s limited to the threats to national security.

Q: But, sir, actually my question is, didn’t you see that…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah hindi pa pala ‘yon?

Q: No, sir, hindi ‘yon ang tanong ko. But didn’t you see the need to address the scalawags first before starting your — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, because the drug problem was already at…Kita mo ‘yung crime situation? Rape dito, rape doon. Martilyuhin tatay, martilyuhin ang nanay kasi sira ulo. There was a more pressing problema actually. But we will start, I will start. Kaya ‘yung retraining, that’s cancelled. I am countermanding the order of Bato.

They report to Malacañan. Alam mo bakit? Kailangan ko linisin ‘yang Pasig River. Hindi makadaan ‘yung mga baroto doon kasi nandiyan ‘yang water lily, ipakain ko sa kanila ‘yan. Huwag ninyo akong…Sabi ko, hindi ako ‘yung paporma-porma diyan sa may…

Q: Pero, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: T**** i**, ubusin ko kayo.

Q: Ang nagiging criticism kasi, sir, is kailangan pang magkaroon ng high profile incident involving a high profile businessman like Jee Ick Joo bago pa mai-suspend ‘yung Tokhang, sir. Bakit hindi noong time na, for lack of better term, the “poor ones” ‘yung mga namamatay? Bakit hindi pa sinuspend (suspend) ‘yung — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi the poor ones, they are free to roam around. Anong poor ones? Ganito iyan eh. You want to stop the drug industry? Kung maraming isang barko naka-parking diyan sa pier ngayon puno ng drugs…Well, that’s only good if it is farther and the cargo is not distributed. But if you has to unload it, to make money and then sell it, and you must have the runners, the lieutenants and the runners.

Kapag wala kang mga…Walang nag-pu-push dito, hindi mauubos ‘yung cargo mo. Kung hindi mo rin pinatay ‘yung kapitan ng barko pati ‘yung may-ari ng droga, wala rin. So you have to destroy the apparatus. You must be stupid kung sabihin  mo lang na ubusin mo ‘yung…Marami dito sa baba. Walang droga kung walang magpabili. Wala silang ipagbili kung walang droga, stopped. So it’s a catch-22 thing. You have to use a [raid?]

Iyong drug industry is an organization. It involves the rich and the poor. Kaya noon, “Where’s the big fish?” Binira itong si Albuera marami namang daldal. Naalangan pa ‘yung pulis ngayon. Ang sabi nila sinalvage. I don’t care, I believe in the police. Kapag sinabi na lumaban, eh ‘di lumaban. Wala na akong istorya diyan ano pa. So, of course, they will have my support.

Hindi ko taguin ‘yan, I will support the security forces of government to run into trouble because they were performing their duties. Sabihin ninyo na hindi iyon ang istorya, eh that is yours. Mine is different. Why would you insist diyan ang iyo kung iyan ang paniwala ninyo, eh di iyan. Eh paniwala ko ‘yung istorya ng gobyerno. Kaya ‘yung diyan sa…I will not refuse…

Rather I will refuse to talk about it anymore. Itong…I’ll just order the Philippine contingent, Dureza, Bello and company, to fold up their tents and come home.

Q: Sir, balikan ko lang ‘yung consultant, sir, ng NDFP. Are you giving them enough time para makauwi before you ask the help of — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, they should advise that they are coming and they should deport to Muntinlupa again because they prisoners. They are out on pass. That’s why I said, “I walk the extra mile”. Buti lang sana kung dito lang sa Philippines. They were allowed to go out of the country.

So that’s something that’s extraordinary. And because Oslo was good enough to provide their good office there, fine. I said, let it not be said that I did not try very hard. I have to spend for dito sa iyong mga baon nila. Gastos ng Pilipino iyon.

Q: Sir, kuhanan nalang kita ng insight, sir, kasi in-acknowledge ni General Bato ‘yung so-called “Korean mafia” —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Dito. It’s strongest in Cebu. If you ask any in Cebu or you go to Cebu for an investigative journalism, you will find out. Cebu is the hardest hit diyan sa ano.

I am not saying that…I am not condemning all Koreans. They are always welcome here. Korea is our friend. It has helped us in so many ways.

I would not want to pick a quarrel just like India. I would like to official talk to the Indian government regarding itong mga “5-6”. Okay lang man ‘yan magpahiram sila ng pera. But ang bagong style kasi nila pahiramin nila ng pera ‘yung pobreng Pilipino tapos pabilhan pa nila ng mga refrigerator, mga appliances. So doblado ang kalbaryo ng Pilipino.

If you do that, I will get angry. Why? Because you are oppressing my country. So hindi tayo magkakaintindi diyan. Buti ‘yang prangka-prangka para wala ng…Skip the diplomatic [talkaties?] Diretsuhan tayo.

I do not like it. Hindi ko naman mapahiram lahat but I am releasing almost in the coming days, one billion per region. Ipahiram ko lang sa mga tao. Last December, I released one billion sa mga para sa reseta ng mga tao na walang mapuntahan. They can go to the DSWD. I-presenta lang nila and I will buy or they can check in sa hospital, I will pay.

Dahan-dahan lang. Kung walang masyadong pera eh di sabihin ko sa ospital, “Maghintay kayo.” Then I release…

Q: Paano ginagawa, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sorry, I release another one billion. Alam mo kung ano ‘yan? To buy the medicines for those who would undergoing rehab, community-based. Iyong wala pa sa rehab, sinasabi nilang pinapatay, wala ngang mga medicines kailangan for a rehab drug destroyed body. Kaya sabi ko, sige, mag-release ako another two billion last Dece — bago lang Disyembre.

Ito ngayo ang warning ko sa lahat: Iyong departments sa Gabinete ko are just given one month to process papers. Anything that has something to do with everybody.

Itong mga regional directors, I want you to be the first to report everyday, weekdays, working days, and the last to leave.

Ayaw ko ‘yung pending papers, pending there because it would need your signature. Always in Manila, you’re out. Anybody who has a valid gripe, complaint against the government, just dial 8888. Sabihin mo lang ito si Director Juan dela Cruz, hindi mapirmahan ‘yung ano naming kasi wala hindi nagre-report. And those caught or reported to be out after lunch, nagpapasyal diyan sa mga mall, you will be summarily dismissed. I will ask the Civil Service to impose the maximum.

Maraming Pilipino na walang trabaho. Nandiyan sa labas naghihintay. Pati ‘yung gustong mag-pulis, maraming criminology students na walang mapuntahan. Anak ka ng p***** i** dito. Palitan ko kayong lahat.

Either you have to sacrifice kasi talagang mababa ang sweldo sa gobyerno o you better get out. Gusto ninyong kotse, bahay? Mag-negosyo kayo.

Wala kayong trabaho? You start as a grave diggerer. Dahan-dahan lang, mag-ipon ka ng pera. Magkutkot ka muna para mailibing ‘yung mga patay. Nagsasakripisyo lahat, bakit hindi kayo?

Q: Sir, just to press on a bit doon sa Korean mafia, sir. Ano ‘yung efforts ng government to — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I’m sure by this time that the NBI and the police… It’s already out in the open. The cat is out of the bag so we now know the problem.

But I’ve always heard from all intelligence sources that in Cebu, with due respect to the South Korean government, sila ang humahawak ng droga, prostitusyon ganoon.

Dito sa Davao, wala. Alam ninyo kung bakit? Magtanong kayo kung bakit. Dito umalis sila. Alam mo kung bakit? Magtanong kayo kung —

Q: Bakit, sir? Puro North Koreans po ba?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I was a Mayor then. I said, “You do not mess up here.”

You’re always welcome here to invest, to live. There are so many South Koreans students, we will protect them, that is our duty.

We welcome them to study there, study here, there, wherever Cebu, Manila because we have a good educational system also.

The Indians they are in droves, so about mga 300. Tapos there was this controversy about their stay here kasi pinipilit sila na magtira ng dormitoryo and they have to pay exorbitant fees. So I put a stop to it because I said, we are duty-bound by international law to protect even nationals.

Wala akong problema sa law-abiding Koreans. You will be protected, you will be treated equally as a Filipino.

But for those who are into the racket of prostitution, drugs and everything, kidnapping, well, you will be treated as just an ordinary criminal just like a Filipino.

You do not enjoy special privileges just because you’re a foreigner.

Q: On a lighter note daw, sir, break na naman daw sabi ni Baste?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No I am not against the affairs of my… Sa edad na ‘yan sila. Wala ako… I was just trying to raise not actually Baste but I told them I told the Crown Prince na, you know, mag-uwi ka naman minsan-minsan. May problema ka na, may anak ka, tapos kinuha ko na nga itabi ko ‘yung bahay na maliit doon sa bahay ko, doon ko inilagay because the father is not always at home.

He’s on surfing ana-ana. Sabi ko, eh ‘di naawa ako sa apo ko, eh apo ko eh. Natural loyal ako sa nanay niya. Apo ko eh iyan ang nanay ng apo ko eh.

Ngayon magtanong ako na “O, saan Papa mo?” “Trabaho.” “Saan?” “Love mo Papa mo pati mama?” “Mama lang.” Kasi hindi nakakilala ng tatay.

Ako naghiwalay kami sa asawa alam nila ng mga tao. But when my wife went back to the States, kinuha kinupkop ko pati si Inday pati si Baste dinala ko sa Maynila.

Sabi ko, “Dito kayo sa akin, mag-aral kayo.” Sabi ko, ipina-aral ko, “Isang eskuwelahan na lang, iyan man ang eskuwelahan ko, diyan kayo San Beda.”

Iyang Baste, tapos na ng ano ‘yan San Beda, pati si Inday. Hindi siya nagtapos diyan San Sebastian but she stayed there until fourth year? Pero hindi ‘yan nag-review diyan sa San Beda, ewan ko kung ano nagalitan niya.

I was not moralizing. Eh pati ako nga eh. Who am I to criticize na…Ang sinabi ko lang na kayong mga lalaki hindi lang ang anak ko, that’s what I’ve been telling people at doon sa crowd na anuhin ninyo ang mga anak ninyo kasi hindi lang ‘yan marami dito mga lalaki, kayong mga — sa mga ulol.

Maghanap ng tatlo, apat tapos iwanan ‘yung asawa magsama sa ibang babae. Gawain mo kay Ina ‘yon ‘pag hindi kita binaril. [laughter]

Iyong bang sabihin na hindi na makakilala ng tatay. Nasasaktan ako para sa anak, sa apo ko. Kaya I have not seen the guy sabi ko, “Umuwi ka kasi ‘yung anak mo hindi ka na kilala.” At saka naa-ano ako doon sa nanay. Sabi ko, “Dito na lang kayo sa tabi ko para makita ko ang apo ko at masiguro ko na makapag-aral.”

There will be a time that they will mature — si Sebastian but, you know, you do not live a carefree as if there — just nobody’s business.

Hindi lang si Baste, kayong lahat Pilipino mga g***. Marami, marami kayo. May pamilya, tag-limang anak tapos bigla magsama ng ibang babae.

Magpunta ‘yung asawa manghingi ng suporta bugbugin pa ninyo. Kaya ko binubugbog ‘yan, dito sa Davao ganoon eh. ‘Pag binugbog mo ‘yung asawa mo dahil nanghingi ng sustento ayaw mo bigyan, bugbugin mo pa, magsumbong sa akin ‘yan, pagdating mo ng City Hall, bugbog ka rin. Talagang bugbog. Sige magdemanda ka kasi ilagay kita doon sa — ‘yung may bakante pa dito. [laughter]

You know, ganoon iyon eh. He who is the cause of the cause if the cause of them all. Iyon lang ‘yung  babae pakasalan mom, tapos iwanan mo, humingi ng suporta mag-away kayo, bugbugin mo pa. Eh ‘di mabugbog kita. Ngayon ipakulong mo ako kasi binugbog kita eh ‘di ibaon kita dito.

Eh ikaw ‘yung nag-umpisa ng problema eh. Iyan droga ‘yan. Kayong mga hindi pa pumasok ng droga p***** i**, ‘yung IQ ninyo katorse. Bakit ka papasok diyan maging alipin ka? That’s what I’m mad about because if the figures are correct, which I suppose they are, you create in my country slaves, alipin sa droga, papataba ng bulsa mo, ng pera, sa kahirapan ng tao.

Kaya ‘yung talagang vigilante na vigilante hindi ko man sila masisi. Kagaya ko ‘yung anak, ako ordinaryong tao lang ako pero may baril ako. Makita ko ‘yung anak ko diyan patay, ni-rape, mutilated, sinaksak pa ng  — the other day ‘di ba ‘yung kahoy? O, anong gawain ko sa durugista? Hindi ako maniwala ng pulis, hindi na ako mahintay ng army, papatayin talaga kita. Eh inumpisahan mo eh.

Just because na kayo lang ang may droga, kayong may baril baka akala ninyo pati lahat ng Pilipino tatanggapin ‘yang kaputahan ninyo, not me.

Ngayon kung sundin ninyo style ko bahala huwag na lang kayo magpahuli. Pero kayong mga durugista, huwag ninyo akong sisihin. T***** i** ninyo. He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all.

Sinong may sabi sa inyo, kayong mga lahat na foreigners, aliens and Filipino, whoever gave you the right to cook shabu and make our children slaves and insane? Sige nga. I have to preserve the Filipino because you’re doing it the stupid way.

Ngayon, sabihin ninyo, bakit ganoon ang salita niya encouraging vigilantism? Anak ka ng jueteng. Gawain ko ‘yan sa bahay mo. Kayong mga international dalhin ninyo ang pamilya ninyo, ilagay ninyo dito. ’Pag hindi kinatay ‘yan.

Q: Sir, kasi hindi lang naman international organizations o ‘yung pangkaraniwang Filipinos din may ganoong concern, sir — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ay sus… You solve the problem I am ready to hand power to them. Sige daw. Iyong sabi, “mahirap”. Wala akong pakialam mahirap ka, mayaman ka, huwag kang magbenta ng shabu p****** i** mo, sinisira mo ang bayan ko.

It is you and my country. It is you and my — the people who voted me to serve. It was I who made the promise, the solemn promise during the campaign, that I will destroy drugs and stop corruption in government.

So kayong mga pinaalis ko sa gobyerno, kayo ‘yan, hindi ako. I’m just complying with my promise to the people of the Philippines.

Ngayon, binoto ako, nanalo ako, by the millions pa ang lamang ko, ano ang ibig sabihin? Gusto ng Pilipino kasi desperado na. Hindi na makauwi ang mga anak nila. Matulog na doon sa bahay, saan-saan para hindi na makauwi kasi nandiyan kayo diyan nasa daan. Kaya kayo, do not stay out. Kayong mga nandiyan sa whatever.

Sus, mga slum area, mga Forbes Park, huwag kayong magistambay diyan sa daan. At saka mag-inom kayo diyan sa, that’s a public place. ‘Pag ‘yung mga kanto-kanto, pagpasok nandiyan kayo nag-iinuman. Tapos ‘pag may magdaan hingian ninyo ng pera o painumin ninyo ng pilitan.

My orders to the police is ‘pag nandiyan kayo, huli. Huli lahat. Do not use the public, a plaza… Basta may mga tao, ginagamit ng tao, huwag kayong… Do not appropriate the public streets and… Wala kayong karapatan niyan, sa Pilipino ‘yang daan na ‘yan.

Tapos sa inyo ‘yang makita ko diyan sa mga camera nagra-rumble, hinihingian, baka kasali na kayo. ‘Pag ka lumaban, tapos nadelikado ang buhay ng sundalo o pulis eh di barilin mo. Same rule.

Ako iyon. Itong drug campaign? Its success or failure, mine. Akin iyan. Huwag kayong mag-demanda ng pulis pati sundalo. Akin iyan. Ako ang i-demanda ninyo. I take full responsibility. Nagkamali? O nagkamali. Pero ‘yung personal na nagpatay diyan ‘yung mga hindi ko naman inutusan na nakawin mo, barilin mo, kunin mo ‘yung droga pera, pati — dapat kayo patayin rin, ‘di ba?

Pero ‘yung mga pulis sa extrajudicial killing…You must be very awfully stupid. I have lost about 32 soldiers now. About 27 policemen dying, dead. Dito sa Mindanao, ‘pag nag-raid sila ng laboratory ang kaharap nila hindi M16, hindi Garand, M60.

Kagaya ‘nung mayor na pinaghahanap ‘yung Maute. Hindi man nailabas, pero doon sa likod na iyon napakalaking laboratory. So do not give me that joke about vigilantism, vigilantes. Do not shit with me about that.

This is not your country. It’s not…The duty is not given upon you to preserve and establish order. Basta sinabi ko wala kaming order na sabihin na, “katayin ka diyan.”

Iyong sabi na binibigyan sila ng singko, ‘yon ‘yung mga pulis na binibigyan para ipagbili so that we can catch them in the buy and sell of shabu because trafficking is a graver offense. Walang bail.

Kung sabihin lang kasi possession lang, sabihin niya na addict siya, because it’s lenient, you can post bail. So to stop the drug activity, you have to buy and you have to sell. Sino pala utusan ko? Civilian? “Sige, magbili ka doon ng shabu at ibigay mo sa akin.”

It has to be the police. Iyong ibang scalawags hindi ginamit ‘yung pera. I know that because, at the end of the day, ‘pag umaga, after the operations, sabihin wala, nothing happened, but wala naman ‘yung pera.

Sabihin naman ng isang estupido na leader, “Sige, another P5,000 tomorrow.” O sabi ko kay Bato, “Kunin mo ‘yung pera ulit.” Make an accounting. Audit.

Q: Sir, last na po talaga, sir, para lang clear, sir. All out offensive ba ‘yung inorder ninyo or defensive — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ako, basta the military has to do its duty. Alam nila iyan. Hindi ko na kailangan… Mas marunong ‘yan sila sa akin. So kung ano ‘yung trabaho nila, trabahuhin nila.

I don’t give a… Wala akong pakialam kung anong sagot nila kung makipag-away sila. Eh after all they have been fighting, I said, for 50 years. If you want to extend it for another 50 years? So be it. We’d be happy to accommodate you.

After all I said, “I walk the extra mile”. So let it not be said for the record in this generation, hindi ako nag-upo lang tapos walang ginawa.

So I am offering the same thing to the MILF. I am offering it to the MNLF. Ayaw ng taga-Maynila, let’s submit it to the Filipino.

Mag-ingon sila that we will not allow the tinkering of the 87 Constitution. That is not for you to decide. It is for the Filipino to decide. Over your dead body? So be it.

Mag…Kasi “over my dead body”, eh ‘di sige, over your dead body. Basta ibigay natin sa Pilipino to decide. It is not for anybody dito magsabi, “Ito ang dapat mangyari sa Pilipinas”. No? Your record here is not permanent. There is no such thing as a permanent performance here. It is subject always to what is to the best interest of the Filipino.

They said na, “maganda ‘yung ginawa namin na…” Sa panahon siguro ninyo, eh nag-rebolusyon eh. You have the freedom of what? To write anything there because nobody was questioning you.

But it ain’t so. Sabi ko, walang federal system or at least a modified government just also to give concessions to the Moro people. I am not… This is not a rift of Moro people, I am talking to you as a President.


Eroplano? Umuwi na kayo. As I have said, wala akong pakialam diyan. There was this forum na ano. I will decide what is to the best interest of the nation and submit it to the people.

If the people of the Republic of the Philippines says that tama sila, then reject it. If you think that it is the only saving grace for us, then accept it and embrace it.

And accept the fact that dalawa dito the Moro which is Islam at ang mga Kristiyanos. The only way is to understand each other.

So I am telling everybody: Shut up. Do not talk about religion. At itong mga slur na baboy-baboy ganoon. Stop it. You will just be promoting violence in this country.

Kaya ako istrikto dito sa Davao ‘yung ganoon. I will not allow you. Talagang uupakan kita. Ang behavior mo could always contaminate the others. It is not because that you have this right to express. You commit a slur then you create a violence in the community.