DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Martial Law talk. 09 Aug 2016 – 24 March 2017

(MindaNews lifted these excerpts from the official transcript of 25 speeches and media interviews of President Rodrigo Duterte between August 9, 2016 and March 24, 2017, where he spoke about declaring – or not declaring – martial law. The official transcripts are released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office. The full transcripts can be accessed through the Duterte Transcripts filed under MindaNews’ Duterte Files, or though the PCO)

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Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army
Gymnasium, Camp Edilberto Evangelista
Cagayan De Oro City
August 9, 2016

Ako may trabaho ikaw wala—walang mga judges na mag-pa-patrol ng daan walang mga sherrif ninyo na naghuhuli. ‘Yan ang mabigat na problema ko na-inherit ko sa dumaan, pati yung gobyerno na naglagay sa iyo diyan sa Supreme Court.

Please huwag mo akong orderan, hindi ako gago. If this continues, tigilan mo ako, sige pag nagwala na or would you rather that I will declare martial law. Pinapatay ang Filipino, I grieve for the so many woman raped, men killed, infants rape, tapos ipitin mo ako.

I have to clean. Siguro ma’m I can give you an idea pag binilisan lang yan federalism at malinis ko sa droga ang Pilipinas  I am ready to retire again. Kung ma-ready yan fedelism by two years from now three years from now.  I will give way and I’m tell you , I am good for retirement. wala akong  diyan sa presidente-presidente matagal na kasi akong mayor pareho lang eh.

Davao City
03 Sept 2016

Q: Sir, message sa mga taga-Davao.
PRES. DUTERTE: Well, just keep calm and it’s seasonal in our city, we have suffered the most, one of the most battered cities about terrorism and all of these things, criminality. And I said the government is here with you as much as humanly possible, we will protect everybody. We have very limited soldiers and policemen. So I suggest that the citizens also do their part by being vigilant and at this time, you can go anywhere but be sure if your hairs on your nape stands up, there’s something that’s afoot, then maybe just get out as soon as possible. But there will be, a lockdown in the city and there will so many checkpoints along the way. These are extraordinary times, and I suppose that I’m authorized to allow the security forces in this country, of our country to do searches.

Maghinto kayo sa mga checkpoints. If you see a sign there, that there are soldiers flashing their lights, turn off your headlights, switch on to your lights inside your cars because I’m authorizing them to search.

So if you do not have anything to hide, I am suggesting, suggesting that you be liberal enough to understand us because we are trying to cope up with a crisis now. There is a crisis in this country involving drugs, extrajudicial killings as they say, killings. And there seems to be the environment of lawlessness. Lawless violence, so I might just declare a state of lawless violence in this country. It’s not martial law but I am inviting now the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the military and the police to run the country in accordance with my specifications.

Q: Immediate po?
PRES. DUTERTE: Simula ngayon, I am declaring —lahat. Lahat-lahat

Q: You are declaring what sir? You are declaring what again?
PRES. DUTERTE: Lawless violence, state of lawless violence. It’s not martial law, no such thing until I— well, until there is threat against the people and against the nation.

Q: Anong characteristics no’n?
PRES. DUTERTE: Lawless violence. Discover it for yourself.

Q: Wala bang dapat ikatakot —
No, no, no. Kaya lawless, any action–any punitive or any action at all, taken by the security forces would be in furtherance to stop terrorism. And I am including drugs because of the so many killings unfairly attributed to the police. Na parang handy work daw ng pulis, we do not do that. Of course, there are a lot of people that have been killed because of itong gun fight. They just do not believe, some others are, tend to do, ang akala nila hindi lumalaban itong mga drug people. Itong mga drug people, sira ulo na nito. You have a war mind there because their brains have shrunk. And most often than not, they really fight it out. That, they have to understand.

Q: Does that declaration mean that we can expect— are we expecting now that the President or military men throughout the country?
PRES. DUTERTE: Yes, and the movements will be orchestrated by the National government that binds everybody. I have this duty to protect the country. I have this duty to keep intact the integrity of our nation. So, I’m declaring now a State of Lawlessness, it is not martial law. It has nothing to do with suspension with the of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. We go about, but I said there will be checkpoints, there be… and the I believe that we are allowed to do that under such circumstances.

Makati City, 4 October 2016

Four million scattered around the Philippines with congressmen, governor, mayors, 11 generals, judges in the list. It’s either they are on the take or the generals are doing it themselves. So when I became President I’ve fired six generals of the Philippine National Police and I’ve warned them that I will really kill you if you do it. You continue with your business, I will kill you because there is no other way to do it.

In the case of the barangay, that is the smallest political unit, it’s the barangay then the municipality, then the city, the province, there are 6,000 barangay captains doing their own thing, manufacturing shabu. How am I supposed to deal with—sometimes, I’m tempted really to declare martial law but it is not feasible to say. Well, fine. That’s why I declared a state of lawlessness because narco-politics has entered our country just like the failed states of South America.

Garden Pavilion, Waterfront Hotel
Davao City, 11 November 2016

Ngayon, I will try to connect because there is a rebellion. Ang Maute, grabe ang bakbakan dito, baka akala ninyo. There is a rebellion, there is a rebellion being waged down in Mindanao.

At kung magkalat itong still lawlessness, I might be forced to, ayaw ko, ayaw ko. Warning ko lang sa kanila ‘yan, ayaw ko kasi hindi maganda. But if you force my hand into it, I will declare the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, not Martial Law. Wala akong balak sa pulitika. But I will, kasi wala akong remedy. I cannot issue an order without a valid–

I have to build a case one by one, itong sa pulis naman ako, I will declare a suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, pick-apin ko ‘yan lahat. Dalhin ko yan sa Samal. Bukasan ko ‘yang Samal sa gitna para lumubog, kasali na sila. Mamili na sila. Totoo.

If you don’t give me a choice then you box me in a corner and I find myself helpless because, we have, kaya nandiyan ‘yan eh. Those are really provisions intended to protect the Republic of the Philippines.

I can be ordered by the Supreme Court to stop it but there are things that they cannot, and maybe, I will not, stop. Eh, bahala sabihin ko na muna tapusin ko ‘to, tapos I can go to jail.

File all the charges that you can think of. But this country, in my time, will not deteriorate any further. At yung, kung sakali magdating na ‘yung mga tulong na ano natin. Now, let me talk about the merito, para maintindihan.

SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, Davao City |
01 December 2016

Ngayon sinasabi nila na martial law. Martial law. Mag-martial law ako dito, ano? Patayin ko lahat ‘yang Maute pati ‘yang mga religious extremists? Then? Then? Bakit, ‘yon bang nasa utak niya maipasa niya sa anak niya? Hindi, kanya ’yun eh. So what guy —- what this guy would remember is that tatay niya pinatay.

Martial law for what? Killing people? I would rather empower every mayor, ‘wag lang ninyong gamitin sa iba because there is — ito mga sundalo ‘to and they would never accede to any illegal order.

‘Yun pa is… Ang utusan mong mag-escort ng droga eh sabihin ko, ‘sir, utusan mo,’ ‘barilin mo’. ‘Ikaw mismo mag-baril ng amo mo.’ Bakit kung sabihin mong punta ka doon sa brigade then you are asking — tell your story, ‘why your community is not safe anymore?’ Then I will give you the blanket authority, ‘Go ahead. What is your order?’

Pero kung manggaling sa akin mag-martial law, kalokohan ‘yan. Nag martial law man tayo noon, anong nangyari? Gumaling ba ang buhay natin hanggang ngayon? Wala.

Kaya itong mga taga-Maynila, akala nila siguro, hinihintay nila ngayon na magagalit ako, t***-ina, martial law dito, martial law doon. Barilan dito, barilan doon. Pag-alis ko, dumami ang patay lalo.

So you build a nation over the dead bones of the Moro and the Christians. Wala namang kasalanan — tatay ko pumunta dito, hindi man niya alam ‘yan istorya na ‘yan abugado ‘yon eh.

So I am appealing really is for you to — maski ‘yung mga leaders. Halikayo sandali. Ito ‘yung target natin. Ito ‘yung gusto natin. Ito ‘yun ang gusto rin ni Duterte, sundin lang natin’ yan.

Parade Grounds, Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga
22 December 2016

But because nangyari sa atin, ‘yun… lahat ng ginawa ni Marcos, although, it was not Marcos’ Consitution, sinira, sinira. Pati ‘yung Martial Law powers ng Presidente.

The Martial Law powers are subject to review by the Supreme Court and by Congress. Kung mag-declare ako ng Martial Law at may invasion ngayon o giyera, I cannot proceed on and on, lalo na kung may gulo, pupunta pa ako sa Congress, pupunta pa ako doon sa Supreme Court, if there is anybody who’d file a complaint to look into the factual, kung totoo ba, which you could not do.

Eh kung magulo ang mundo? Kaya nga Martial Law na eh. Para isang tao na lang ang mag-direkta. Eh ngayon ang problema niyan, kung finding sa Supreme Court at ‘yung findings ng Congress magkalaban, hindi na alam ng pulis kung saan siya magbigti, ‘yung… [laughter]

Pati biik pati ‘yung mga president kung saan siya mag-dive. Eh kung iba ang Supreme Court, magsabi ang Congress yes, no ito, or no ito, yes itong isa. Saan mo ako ilagay? Kaya kailangan ko talagang palitan ‘yan. But there is a safety measure there. I’ll just tell you later.

29 December 2016
Malacanan Palace 

Ms. Jumilla: Mr. President, I’ll move on to the next topic. You also know that there has been a lot of controversy about certain pronouncements that you have made and unfortunately hindi agad naka-clarify ano. So can I ask you for some clarification on key issues. For example, you said about Martial Law and I would like to quote your speech, ‘Kung mag-declare ako ng Martial Law at may invasion ngayon o giyera, I cannot proceed on and on lalo na kung may gulo dahil pupunta pa ako sa Congress, pupunta pa ako dun sa Supreme Court’. First question, is there any condition that might necessitate imposing Martial Law right now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. You know, itong akin — state of lawlessness lang ako. Iyong iba naman, actually it was Lacson and [inaudible] nagsabi, i-declare mo ang Martial Law, ang Mindanao. Well, early on ganito ‘yan —  para sa akin useless man ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law.

I mean, kung gusto ko talaga. But only if the military and the police, which is really about the two factors that would make or unmake you is, if they believe in your cause. No need really to.. If everything is in shambles, kung tonelada-tonelada na, all we have to do is declare a state of lawlessness. What is the use of Martial Law? For what?

Ms. Jumilla: So you mean there are no conditions right now existing that would compel you to impose Martial Law?

 Even if it would really… Except maybe an invasion from other country. Rebellion and so on and so on, wala ‘yan. That would just… I said you just declare a war against them. You do not have to declare war against the Republic of the Philippines.

Ms. Jumilla: But you also expressed, I don’t know, frustration ba ‘yon na maraming reporting steps when you go to…

 I’ll tell you what. The Constitution says that 60 days after you have to go Congress for the extension of the Martial Law period, correct?

Ms. Jumilla: That’s right.

The Constitution also says that any citizen of this country can bring a case questioning the presidency to look into the factual basis.

Okay, ngayon ang presidente ano talaga sa Congress ‘yan medyo malapit, pulitiko eh. Ngayon pupunta ako sa Congress, sabi niya, ‘go ahead, another 60 days.’ Tapos sabihin nitong Supreme Court, the factual basis does not exist. It’s pure fiction in the mind. So, it is not lawful to declare the Martial Law. What happens? Sino ngayon ang mamili? Eh ‘di ako na.

Ms. Jumilla: So if Charter Change will push through, would you seek an amendment of the Martial Law provision?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Ako, ibalik na lang ninyo ‘yung 1935 Constitution. You are the Ombudsman. You are the —  wala man ‘yon.

You are the Ombudsman. You are the — the all the commissions including the Human Rights. Because we might…Ako I’m… Hindi ko kailangan but I might need it. My country might need it more profoundly.

Eh Duterte, hindi man kailangan…Eh nagano lang, patayin niya. With the enormity of the problem they want to look. ‘Ah sige, hintuan ninyo ‘yan.’ O, tingnan mo ang Davao. O, ikaw, you are familiar with Davao. Sinabi ko, ‘hintuan mo ‘yan’. O ‘di hinto.

29 December 2016
Malacanan Palace

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I was not hambog. I did not have the wherewithals, I did not have the information nor to access the information. Nobody was — I’m sure that you were horrified on your own TV when you saw by the thousands of Filipinos surrendering — payat tapos — all the time, yun pala ang nakikita ng lahat, they were all addicts.

Actually it is, forget about the law. Ah totoo. Sa akin. Hindi, hindi, hindi, ganito yan. Forget about the law, forget about feelings, forget — I just want to preserve my nation, my country. Kaya wag kang magkamali because you know, yung sabi nila na martial law ako, that’s a lot of b*** s***.

I do not need to declare martial law. Rather, if I do, magkaroon na tuloy tayo ng problema and you would, if you want make dictators out of presidents. Why?

Ito ang Constitution. That the President can declare martial law. Call the Armed Forces and the police, lahat ng armed. Armed Forces pati security guard. Armed force yan eh. Okay. So is that good for 60 days then after that, I go to Congress.

And if they say, stop, hanggang diyan ka lang because we are not satisfied with your reasons, ‘kay? That’s one mechanism provided by the itong, because of the Marcos scare. So they practically castrated the President.

Ms. Valdes: What are you saying? You’re finding that that law is actually useless?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Hindi. Ganito ma’am eh. Because if you add another sentence eh nakalagay naman doon, ‘any citizen of this country, be he, be from Greenhills, o taga-Payatas can go to the Supreme Court, file a petition for the Supreme Court to inquire into the factual basis, ang rason mo to declare martial law.

Now, kung ang Congress, which is normally your ally, political body ito eh, it’s a political animal ang Congress pati ang President eh because they are elected by the people. So magka – [unclear] duti naman ang Supreme Court.

I’m asking you now kung ang findings nila would contradict the findings of Congress because susuporta ng Pres — what happens now?

Ms. Valdes: Stalemate?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Constitutional crisis. So kung ako ang Presidente, sabihin ko sa Supreme Court, pasensya ka na Supreme  Court kasi ang Congres he does not agree with you. Eh di sabihin ko na ngayon sa Congress, ‘hoy, making kayo kunt anong anong sinabi ng Supreme Court ha.’ So talo tayo dito. You create a stalemate. A crisis. Who gets and who benefits from it? It’s the sitting President. Why?

Ms. Valdes: That’s right. Teka —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: — Because I am no longer bound by any Constitution.

Ms. Valdes: That’s right. Are you going to take advantage of this weakness in the law, then why are you even saying this?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I just said there will never be a time that I will declare martial law. Sinasabi ko lang ang defect because yun, si Sen. Ping Lacson said that everything as bad in Mindanao, he said, ‘well the President may just consider,’ sabi niya, ‘may just consider declaring martial law for Mindanao only.’

That’s [unclear] talks about Duterte into power, ganun. I will answer all of you, yung lahat na, you ask me the questions, am I extremely, just because mag isa ka lang eh. Am I extremely, inordinately, excessively happy or proud to be President?

I will answer you: I do not need the position at this time in my life. But since I sought it and it was placed on my burden, I will solve the problems of my country the way I think I should be doing it. And yung sabi na to perpetrate myself in power, I am not into it. I have been in power for the last 40 years. Holding power.

29 December 2016
Malacanan Palace

Ms. Ressa: So, a year ago also — so I’ll take this forward. A year ago, you told me you would be a dictator. You were so straightforward. You said, “If I win, I’m going to be dictator.” And then just this month you said that you want changes in the Constitution so that it’s easier to declare Martial Law. I mean, do you have any plans? One of the things we hear all the time is about a revolutionary government.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: As a mayor, it would be really just a — it just exercise in futility. What I’m saying, Ressa, is that you have this Constitutional provision. It was Ping Lacson who said that, “If things get worse in Mindanao, you might declare Martial Law.” So that started — the loose talks about Martial Law

Pero there’s really no need for it because Martial Law would burden also the innocent people who are not into the you know… because of the declaration. Gusto mo mag-curfew and things like that. I am not up to it, actually. So, because I can get … The way that I run things now, can you sense a little bit of dictatorship? Ganoon ako mag-utos. When I say, kita mo akong magsalita? Pati ‘yung money laundering, sabi ko, mga p******* i** kayo diyan, you better behave or …

Ms. Ressa: And now you have 2017. Now you’re six months and you see the extent of the problem, and what you want to do. What are you going to do in 2017?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I would continue to overhaul, make suggestions. And you know the only thing I wanted this thing about Martial Law, we can have a Constitutional convention.

Kasi ang Martial Law power says that any citizen, for that matter, can go to the Supreme Court and petition to look into the factual basis. But at the same time, that also says I have to go to Congress to get another 60 days.

You know, the President is always — kasi give and take ‘yan dito eh. So, what now happens if the findings of the Supreme Court on the factual basis runs counter to the resolutions or findings of Congress? That would make the president now the dictator. He can always ignore Congress and will say, Congress, you do not fight with the Supreme Court. I will fight and protect the Supreme Court but Supreme Court, how about this Congress? So, take the cue from me. Eh di mas malala. Because, it would encourage me now to a dictatorship.

Ms. Ressa: Again, we go now …

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Again I said, that’s basing on the conditions are there for a declaration of Martial Law. Kaya ako, okay na ako sa state of lawlessness.

Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City
14 January 2017

Ngayon, it has been reduced to a something like there’s a country already, there’s a functioning government. It would do well for us ready to consider federalism. But not the type because of the scattered, archipelago eh. You have to have a president, a strong president.

So those who are thinking itong mga taga-Maynila about Martial Law, lengthening your stay, it’s bullshit. You know, if you will ask me, frankly, are you exceedingly happy or am I exceedingly happy, pleased or — being the President of the Philippines? I will answer you this one thing: I do not need the position at this time of my life. Hindi ko na kailangan ito.

Kaya ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law? Mas bright ako sa kanila. [laughter] You know this Martial Law thing was really…The Martial Law provisions really to defend the country sinira na ‘nung sa Cory Constitution because of the hangover nila sa Martial Law.

Here is a Martial Law provision, it says that a President can declare Martial Law in case of invasion, insurrection, and blah blah blah. But after 60 days I have to go to Congress. See, to ask for an extension if I cannot complete or whatever is there to finish. And there is also a provision another paragraph, which is a very contentious thing which says that any citizen of this republic can bring a case to the Supreme Court to question into the factual basis of the Martial Law.

Ang problema nito if Art — si Art Milan would go to the Supreme Court to question me if there is really a need for Martial Law at ang Congress naman would say that there is reason to believe at ito namang plain citizen tapos tingnan ng Supreme Court and sabihin ng Supreme Court, ‘no, kulang, it’s not sufficient to declare a Martial Law.’

So here is Congress and here is the Supreme Court drawn into a stalemate just to have the safety nets of an abusive, despot, a dictator. Saan ka pupunta ngayon diyan? So if the Supreme Court decides otherwise and here is Congress, what will I do now? There’s no more control.

Anak ka ng, sabihin ko, the three great branches of government, two are against one another. So ako ‘yung presidente will decide. So you give now to me the carta blanca to really decide what I intend to do. Oh di sabihin ko, ‘Okay, Martial Law forever.’ Tapos na. Sabihin ng Congress, ‘eh iyan may rason eh.’ Sabihin naman ng Supreme Court, ‘ah, kulang ‘yan, that’s not sufficient.’ Tingnan mo talagang…And yet to think that there are about — how many of them wise people? No offense intended pati sila Joker Arroyo. Hindi nila tiningnan ‘yan.

Na-ano lang ako dahil dito itong sa… I am now treading into the law and order thing. Pagka meron kailangan sabihin ko sa kanila, ‘Drugs?’ ‘That’s not enough.’

Tapos nakikita ko na you know there are about four million slaves in this country. Not the slaves that you buy in the Middle East slave markets, but a slave to the pocket of the odious and despicable people. Slave na hanggang kailangan sila magnakaw, magpatay para lang…?

And the drug lords are…They have a chateau in or whatever meron sila sa Switzerland. And yet itong mga human rights when they say that another idiot said that I cannot…You know, tanungin mo muna bakit sila namatay? Ask what is the reason for this crime? Do not just say na namatay and period.

You know I have to protect the Filipino people. It’s my duty. And I tell you now, if I have to declare Martial Law, I will declare it. Not about invasion, insurrection, not about danger. I will declare Martial Law to preserve my nation, period.

Wala akong pakialam diyan sa Supreme Court or — because the thing, the right to preserve one’s life and my nation, my country transcends everything else even the limitation. Kung gusto ko at it will deteriorate into something really very virulent, I will declare Martial Law if I wanted to. Walang makapigil sa akin.

They say, ‘Why are you declaring Martial Law?’ ‘Because I have to preserve the Filipino people and the youth of this land.’ That’s why I said, ‘Do not go into that thing because I will kill you.’ That’s what I said in Davao, eh di namatay ka talaga. Anak ka ng…Sinabi ko sa’yo, do not tinker with this, it’s a very dangerous thing.

You destroy my country, you destroy the youth of the land, what is there for tomorrow? The money in the banks? It’s the greatest resource, the brain of the Filipino collectively to maintain the integrity of this country. Hindi tayo nagkakaintindihan diyan eh. Kaya itong mga taga-Maynila bullshit. Do not joke with me about Duterte wanting to…Sa edad kong ito hindi ko na kailangan.

Actually, kung may magsabi mag-coup d’état sila, eh ‘di good. Basta tingnan ko lang ng mga tao na ang mga generals, sila ang magdala, ‘oh ayusin ninyo.’ I will swear them to office, ‘I, General…’ ‘Oh, sige kayo na ang magpatakbo.’ Kung ka ninyo, eh ‘di patakbuhin ninyo or Congress may opt to impeach me, fine.

But let it not be said that I allowed this country placed in jeopardy, in peril because I did not know what I had to do. Wala tayong pa-drama-drama dito. Martial Law? That piece of paper is nothing. Look at…Did it ever prevent Ramos? Ay, Marcos? Did it prevent Ramos from joining him? Enrile? Why? Sila lang puro, itong parang ito — huwag naman ninyong…Sabi ko talagang papatayin ko kayo.

Cabanatuan City
18 January 2017

Eh di sino? Ang Constitution mismo ganito. Sinira nila ang…Because of their hatred for Marcos, they came up with a Constitution. Abugado marami man tayo dito. The President can declare martial law but any citizen of this country can bring a petition to the Supreme Court to question on the legal basis for declaring martial law. But in the same paragraph, the President after 60 days should go to Congress for an extension if he wants to, if he wants to complete the slaughter.

Pagdating sa Supreme Court, sabihin ng Supreme Court, ‘it is baseless’, ‘it does not amount to any legal basis.’ Eh sabihin ng Congress, ‘go ahead because it is the national security which is at stake here.’ Eh kung magbangga ‘yung dalawa, if they cannot agree. But the President usually and Congress are betrayers eh. Pulitiko eh. O ngayon pag…Who decides now? Supreme Court sabi huwag; sabi ng Congress, yes. Who decides? Eh siyempre ‘yung President. So ako. It will discourage me to become a despot because I now can interpret the law itself and it is final. Eh nag-aaway kayong dalawa eh ‘di dito. Iyon ang ibig kong sabihin. Ito namang newspaper, ‘Duterte, Martial Law.’ I will not declare martial law. At kung mag-declare ako ng martial law hindi ako mag-ingay. [laughter] At magtanong anong basis? P******* i** ka, wala kang pakialam. Basta tumahimik kayong lahat. [applause]

Ganun ‘yan eh. Sino man ang g***** presidente mag-declare ko ng martial law Supreme Court, pwede ba ito Congress ganun? Basta ako, it is not found in the Constitution. It is not written there. But if I feel as a President that I have to preserve my country, I will declare martial law. [applause] Pero kung sabihin lang ninyo na peace and order ganun ngayon, tama ang military, there is no compelling reason really. But I will just fill you in as the days to come.

It’s ISIS is coming in very fast and itong Mindanao is a pure case of rising nationalism. Iyang Mindanao, before Magellan came more than 100 years, was already Islam. Kaya pagdating ng Kastila pati tayo there is no original Christian there kasi nandoon lahat puro — ang Moro country was already Islam.

So ang problema ‘yung rising nationalism, sila Nur Misuari, ‘yung MILF, MN, they want their country back which is correct, eh kanila ‘yun eh. Kaming mga… Kaya tatay ko ‘yung Kristiyano pumunta lang doon nakapag-asawa ng Mindanaoan.

Pero ngayon iba na ang istorya, because the ISIS have contaminated Mindanao. Kaya alam mo — you see the CNN TV putok dito, putok doon and the ISIS is a very, very cruel thing. I don’t know what drives them crazy but they burn children, they’re making women by the thousands as slave. Iyan ang delikado, hindi pa dadating ‘yan. Pero ang media kasi hindi nakikinig eh. Ang marinig lang nila ‘yung martial law. Hindi ako istupido, mas bright tayo sa kanila. [laughter]

Alam mo sa totoo lang, kung mas bright sila sa akin, sila ngayon ang gumagamit nito. [laughter] Kaya ako bright and besides, it’s — I said, it’s a God given — not even a gift, it’s a God-given task and I will not do it just for a flimsy reason. Perpetuate in power, I will tell you now. Please listen very carefully.

Am I exceedingly happy or I am glad — am I glad that I am President? I’ll give you the answer, truthfully. Truthfully, sa bunganga ko: I do not need it at the time of my life, at this time.

So takut-takotin ninyo ako niyang ‘Oust Duterte.’ Iyang ‘yung yellow—‘yung si yellow sige maski — ‘yan — ang yelo sa Bisaya eh ice, bumili ka ng yelo, that’s ice. Eh matagal nang natunaw ‘yan, pagtapos ng eleksyon, it melted. Sino pang gustong mag-Liberal dito? Eh di wala. [laughter] Sinong kaibigan ni Duterte? Kita mo. [laughter and applause] Sinabi ko eh.

Oathtaking, Malacanan Palace
19 January 2017

Ako I will do everything to preserve my country. Huwag na ‘yang martial law, martial law na issue, issue. I-headline lang naman ‘yan para maka — may magbili.

I will do everything. I will not allow my country to go to the dogs. And I will do everything to preserve my country, the Filipino people.

That is my job. That is the job of General dela Rosa. That is your task, your mandate. Trabaho lang tayo and you will have everything.

Maasim, Sarangani
26 January 2017

I have been warning all of you especially mayors. I called you to Malacañan a week ago. I told you: Do not do it, you will die. Barangay captains you will die. What makes it more odious is that you are in government.

Why? Because I said I have to preserve my country. The loose talks about martial law. If I declare martial law, I will not say anything. I will just declare martial law. Just shut up. You just behave. It’s not… They always say that I want to perpetuate myself… Sus maryosep.

But sabi ko, the position of President, I don’t need it at this time of my life. I am ready to go anytime. You want me impeached? Go ahead be my guest. You want to kill me? Yeah. I’ll be taking off shortly. Just make sure that you hit the pilot. Never mind about us because we will go down with them. Ganun lang ‘yan.

Malacanan Palace
29-30 January 2017

Mr. Ramos: Because previously po, you declared a state of lawlessness, ‘yung after po ‘nong incident sa Davao ‘nong September, you declared state of lawlessness. Are you considering placing certain parts of Mindanao like Lanao, possibly, or Basilan, under martial law? Did you consider that?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When the time comes that they will be asking for it, I’ll give it to them. Remember this Philippines, kung kayo na ang maghingi, magsabi kayo, ‘Mr. President, declare tayo ng martial law.’ Sabihin ko, ‘mag-isip muna ako.’

Kung kayo na mismo ang maghingi at baka dadating ‘yung mga scenario na ‘yun, sabihin ko lang, ‘huwag muna, okay pa naman, madala pa naman sa presinto, presinto.’

But when the time comes na ang tao na ang maghingi, ibibigay ko. But ako satisfied na ako. I’m quite adept with the… what… what is available to me now. Tutal nakakagalaw man sila. They are doing their duty. They are being commissioned to do police work.

Oathtaking, Malacanan Palace
31 January 2017

So it took that long for me really and I said the — the numbers are just too great. To the extent that I decided to furnish everybody, the Speaker of the House and the Senate. Sinabi ko sa kanila na, “Mabigat ito. Hindi ko kaya.”

I don’t know, sabi ko, what are your plans are. But even if you declare martial law a thousand times — because little did we know that five, four, three, two, one, six years ago, we were already a narco-politics.

SMX Convention Center, Davao City
02 Feb 2017

Kaya hindi na ako tumatawa. Kasi alam mo, hirap ako eh. At the beginning martial law, martial law. Right and left, martial law.

It started when Lacson suggested because of the propensity to decapitate people at hinihiya tayo to declare in Mindanao limited martial law.

You know I don’t really need it. Sa totoo lang abogado ako, I don’t need any martial law. Frankly, I do not need any extra powers.

And if I would declare martial law, I will not announce it and I will not even give you an answer and I will just say shut up.

If it is really needed to preserve the country, maybe. But it’s not a… the right thing to do at this moment. Wala pa naman.

Pero kita mo, we cannot make use of the police because it is corrupt. I cannot trust now the NBI because it is corrupt. That is a law enforcement agency under the Department of Justice. Then the police is under the DILG. Both under me.

Penaplata, Island Garden City of Samal
24 February 2017

Akong ma-preso, walang problema sa akin ‘yan. I’m 72. I ran for the presidency. Beyond that the presidential, ganun-ganun, martial law to protect. Mine is to preserve the Filipino nation. [applause] Di na ko muto anang kinahanglan nako mag-habeas Corpus, suspension, martial law, ‘di ko kailangan ‘yan. Dito nga. That I will protect and defend the Constitution of the Philippines and protect the Filipino people.

Pasay City
08 March 2017

I’ll be talking bukas sa Central Mindanao governors and mayors. And for everybody, may I address myself to every mayor: See to it that your municipality or city is peaceful.

Alam mo ‘pag hindi, kukunin ko ‘yung pulis sa kamay mo at papasukin ko na lang ang military with the police and for the military leader there — hindi naman Martial Law — to plan out what is good for a peaceful city or municipality.

Then I can do that because I have declared the state of lawlessness and the fact that the military is there helping the police to preserve. At the end of the day, lahat tayo, ako I swore that I will protect the people and defend the Constitution.

Huwag mo na akong pakitaan ng Martial Law suspension of writ of habeas corpus, hindi ko kailangan ‘yan. Dala-dala ko na. My oath of office carries with it a simple mandate: I will protect and defend the Filipino. So in a nutshell, what is it? That I have this sworn duty: To preserve the Filipino nation.

Hindi ko na kailangan ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law. I will do what I think is legally allowable and just do it. Hindi ko na kailangan ‘yan. Duterte mag-Martial Law, perpetuate. Anak ka ng…

Ako mag-ambisyon ng perpetuation? Sinabi ko nga sa inyo eh kung mayroon lang diyan o sige kayo na. Parang bang g*** na mag… Presidente ka tapos hindi mo na kaya? Eh ngayon pa lang sabi ko I am not happy because of the enormity of the problems and I am getting old everyday.

SMX Convention Center, Davao CIty
09 March 2017

Because the certain dynamics of communism, they are there also in your areas. They are also operating in your areas. But my concern really is terrorism.

I mean, I could talk about peace with almost anybody — with the Moro guy. But ‘yung mga terrorism ang mahirap talagang i-control.

So that’s why I called for you because kayo lang ang pwede talagang — to prevent it from spinning out of control.

Kayo lang… If you would just insist, tutal nandiyan na rin ‘yung pulis sa inyo and you can ask the military commanders to pitch in for help if needed, why don’t you just also take advantage?

Ako nakikiusap sa inyo because I said I do not want the trouble in Mindanao to spin out of control. Because then as President, I will be forced, I will be compelled to exercise extraordinary powers.

You have had experience sa martial law and it could be a brutal war, just like any other ideological war.

So the… Wala ako masyado… In my briefing or in my briefers, nababasa ko kasi. But kung gagranadahin mo — state of lawlessness eh.

Parang ang bato diyan sa Central Mindanao, itatapon mo lang parang bato. And in Zamboanga, it was thrown at a national high school where Moro and Christians and all are also studying there. Sabi ko, we are devouring even our children.

Kinakain na natin lahat or pinapayagan natin na kakainin and I cannot allow that. I would rather sink, rise, and fall sa issue ng law and order. Kaya kung hindi ko talaga kaya ibigay ko na lang doon sa babae at sabihin ko, ‘baka kaya mo, hindi ko kaya.’

Or I will be compelled now to exercise extraordinary powers, not to perpetuate myself believe me. I am not happy continuing with this job but since I am here, I have to. It’s not a question of emotions here, it’s a question of duty.

Eh pinasubo ko sarili ko. Well, the thought probably enchanted me to be President. Then, I now face the enormity of the problem of dealing with this violence that’s almost unstoppable.

Wala akong choices so mag-usap tayo. Either tulungan ninyo ako or I will declare martial law tomorrow for Mindanao.

I may understand battles between combatants but I cannot for the life of me understand why we have to kill our children too.

Saan ko ilagay ang prinsipyo ko sa buhay? I’m President, I’m called upon to protect everybody. That’s my [acts like swearing oath]… Hindi na nga eh. Sabi ko, hindi na kailangan mag-sign pa ako ng martial law, martial law, suspension.

I can even do it by just declaring martial law. But martial law would open the doors of every house there, the arrest of every person, the detention of every person, everyone, anyone. The military and the police would be allowed to just pick you up from the streets and detain, and then you can go to court for the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.

The Supreme — might not agree with me. Fine. But you must remember that Congress is a political body at kayong mga congressman na nandoon, would be forced to face the issues squarely because we have to debate.

I do not…I am not saying that I will disobey the Supreme Court. But I have limited period to do it than go to the Supreme Court to explain how it has affected the lives of the people in Mindanao.

The rest of the Philippines is droga and gambling. Sa gambling, basta they go legit, tutal kayong mga mayaman mayaman naman masyado. O ‘di sige.

Pero you go legit then eh ‘di mag-sugal tayo, but give me the money because I have to help. Buti kayo diyan milyon kayo eh. Eh dito, you know, last two-last two lang ‘yan.

Iyan ang problema ko ngayon. Tulungan ninyo ako kasi ‘pag hindi, alam naman ninyo. Martial law then I have to authorize the military just to arrest and detain you for… And it would not be good for our people and they would go into a trauma. Because how long would it take? I don’t know. It could be 20 days, it could last for one year.

Who says that I have to explain to the Congress and I have to explain to the Supreme Court? And the Supreme Court at the behest of any citizen can inquire into the factual basis of martial law.

Kung makita ng mga judges ‘yung briefer for the days there’s so many violence in Mindanao. They will be swayed.

Or may option ako, I can go to Congress, I can report there after 60 days, and then — na ‘pag ayaw ng Supreme Court, pumayag ang Congress o ayaw ng Congress, pumayag ang Supreme Court, I have two choices. Iyan lang ang mabuti rin.

But if the two will agree na hindi, then I will ask them. ‘Okay. You run the whole show if you can and solve the problem.’

Mahirap naman sabihin mo, paupuin ninyo ako dito pagka-Presidente, gawain ninyo akong inutil. O ‘di kayo na lang. But somebody has to act on the problem with dedication and seriousness.

We have to protect our nation. It is high time that you decide. Whether we exist with one nation or there will be a breakage in our society and our lives.

But government, kami, ako, is mandated to preserve the Filipino people and the Philippine territory. So giyera talaga ‘yan. ‘Pag umabot ng ganoon, then I’ll be forced to use the sea, land and air forces. And I have plenty because nagdatingan na ‘yung mga jets na inorder ng gobyerno.

Eh ang trabaho ng mga sundalo talagang gulo naman eh. I do not say that they enjoy it but give them to flex their muscles and do their job for the nation.

Kasi tayo, kayong mga mayors, ako pati sila, parehong lang ang oath of office natin eh. Remember, I am not declaring anything here. I said I have to ask you may pulis kayo, use it to the hilt.

Huwag ninyong protektahan ang mga durugista, walang mangyari sa inyo niyan. Mag-away lang tayo. I will deprive you of the police. Kukunin ko ‘yung supervision at authority ninyo over the police and I will just ask the military to go in and impose order.

With orders to shoot anybody who defies the law with violence. That hanggang diyan, barilin mo, patayin mo kung sino ‘yung lumaban using violence against government. That would include you, ibig sabihin kasali tayo dito lahat.

But ang problema kasi ang martial law, the military and the police would be higher than you already in terms of authority at lahat. Ayaw kong gawain ‘yan. Ayaw kong gawain kaya tulungan ninyo ako. Gamitin ninyo ang pulis. Tutal nandiyan ‘yan, they are just there. Use them.

Kung sila ang mapasubo sa order mo, you just tell me the truth. Do not lie to me. ‘Pag sinabi mo, “Mayor nangyari ito…” That is pursuant or in obedience to my orders as city or municipal mayors, fine. I will support you. Magkakaso-kaso ka sa Ombudsman.

But ako ang magsabi sa Ombudsman. I will include in my affidavit na I have specifically ordered the mayors and the governors to use necessary force, necessary, and to kill if demanded under the circumstances.

Kaya sabi ko sa pulis, huwag kayong matakot na ano. Iyang kaso nandiyan lang ‘yan. Lahat tayo may kaso by this time sa Ombudsman.

Pero I cannot sit here as President or preside over the affairs of the nation as an inutil. Mas mabuti pa mamatay na lang ako o barilin na lang ninyo ako paglabas ko ngayon. That would be more honorable for me to die rather than to sit and preside over a deteriorating country. I will not countenance it.

Baguio City
11 March 2017

Q: Magandang gabi, Mr. President. Sir tanong ko lang kasi ‘nong last day, sinabi niyo sa mga local governments na, local government officials sa Mindanao na you need the help–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi lang… tapos na ‘yan. Hindi lang sa Central Mindanao. Lahat sa Mindanao sinabi ko. Different audiences lang ‘yan sila.

Q: Na kailangan niyo po to topple down terrorism, eh hindi naman po kaila sa ating kaalaman na meron din pong mga local na opisyal ng pamahalaan na involved din o nakikinabang din sa terrorist groups and most specially sa Abu Sayyaf?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is why. That’s the problem. Sabihin na ng mga militante, kino-condemn nila ang martial law. O gusto nila? O sige, sabi ko I have given access to everybody. They can come here. Mga militante dito. O sige, kayo ang bahala sa Mindanao. Solve Sulu first. Sige. Ayaw man ninyo ng martial law.

Q: Sir, you might have names of those government officials?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi na kailangan. Basta sinabi ko sa kanila, I called for them. I did not go into specifics. I said that do not coddle or protect the enemies of the state and if it is widespread at binobomba na ‘yang mga eskwelahan ng mga bata, the State University of Marawi and sa Zamboanga, ibang istorya na ‘to.

I can understand if you attack a garrison of the military there, go ahead. Eh kasi magkalaban talaga tayo. But when you start to slaughter the innocent sa… Makukuha talaga ninyong gusto ninyo.

Ako, I said, I do not want it. I am not good at it. Pero huwag ninyong, do not force my hand into it. Sinabi ko ayaw ko ng martial law. Kasi dito, ‘yung mga nagsisigaw na ayaw-ayaw, ‘yun lang naman mga oposisyon.

But they are not into killing people. They are not killing, bombing, you know, government structures and including the schools of the children. Pag ginawa ninyo ‘yan, hindi tayo magkaintindihan.

Kung gusto ninyo, ibigay ko talaga. It’s provided for in the Constitution. I’m warning everybody not to do it. But if you continue the depredations there, killing the innocents… pag ka martial law is martial law.

What you’ll have is not a search warrant or warrant of arrest. Aso. Balik tayo sa aso and I would not hesitate to do it. Wala akong ano… Wala akong… Sabi nila, mag-criticize ka. You can even shout until you die. I cannot do anything for you. Just don’t… Philippines.

Huwag sa panahon ko. Huwag sa panahon ko kasi ayaw ko talaga ‘yang inaapi ‘yung tao. Ayaw ko ‘yung inaapi ang Pilipino, na hindi na makalakad kasi takot, tapos diyan may… Kahapon may babaeng ni-rape, pinatay. May cohort sa… lima lahat, apat. May babae pang dalawa, bangag sa droga ‘yun.

Huwag kayong mag-kumpyansa, kayong mga durugista. Kayong mga drug lords at kayong nagpapasa diyan. Do not ever think that human rights, ‘yung propaganda will save you from the gallows, from entering the mouths of hell.

Huwag ninyong gawain ‘yan sa Pilipino kasi nangako ako. Mas sagrado ang aking oath of office kaysa human rights issue.

After all na mamatay ‘yung tao, gusto ninyong mauna? Good. Ibibigay ko talaga sa inyo. You want to die first? Good. I’ll give you… it’s a matter of choice.

Do not kill children. You will force me into it. Pag nandiyan na ako, sabi ko, ang martial law is walang search warrant, search warrant. Walang warrant of arrest. Tandaan ninyo ‘yan.

At hindi rin ako papayag na i-curtail mo ‘yung powers ko. I will implement martial law the way it is worded and defined in the dictionaries and legal books.

No other interpretations. Pag ka ganoon, I’m warning you. It’s the military who runs the show.

Malacanan Palace
13 March 2017

Benjie Liwanag (DZBB): Good afternoon, Mr. President. Ito po’y may kaugnayan ang tanong ko sa Mindanao. Nababahala na po ang Defense department especially Defense Secretary Lorenzana na dumudoble na ‘yung kidnapping sa Sulu, ‘yung Abu Sayyaf. Ano po ang masasabi ninyo rito, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I said. Medyo okay pa ‘yan. I can understand it very well because there’s a rebellion going on.

But with your pakiusap, meron tayong peace talks with the MI and MN. So ‘yun sila ‘yung main — nasa highway talaga travelling towards, if possible a peaceful solution sa Mindanao issue.

Ang problema nito ISIS na. Kaya I just want… I just give you the warning. Itong ISIS wala itong pinipili. A few months ago pinaputok ‘yung Marawi, ‘yung sa granada sa loob ng library. And then about two weeks ago, one week ago ‘yung national high school sa Zamboanga.

Kaya pinatawag ko ‘yung lahat, hindi lang ‘yung mga Moro official. Pero separate, separate ang issues eh. Sabi ko sa kanila, in a nutshell is that, you have to use your own — your own office to solve the problem. You have the police, use it. You have my backing. Huwag kang magda-dalawang isip. Go ahead and destroy them. Because if not, then kung ayaw mo, maraming drugs, maraming kidnapping, I would just simply call the military to establish order there. No need for martial law.

But sabi ko, kung, if it gets worse and people are dying needlessly, ‘yung mga inosente, do not force my hand. Kasi ngayon, pwede ka pang mag-ano, search warrant, warrant of arrest.

Alam mo, martial law, ASO lang ‘yan eh. Arrest, search, order.

Mr. Liwanag: Papaano po ninyo poprotektahann ‘yung mga inimbita ninyong mamumuhanan especially sa Sulu para mapalakas po ‘yung ekonomiya natin sa Sulu?


Mr. Liwanag: Iyong security po ‘nong — nagkaroon po tayo ng program dito eh sa Malacañang.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I get it. At this time, I cannot. I cannot but… Well, ibang istorya ‘yung martial law. Arrest, search, order. ‘Di na kailangan ng korte-korte, basta mapirmahan ‘yan ng administrator ng martial law, which is usually the highest military officer. Para siyang governor. And he has a free hand.

So law should be enforced not by the civilians but by the military. But that is an extreme measure. Now kung ganon kayo palagi sabi ko, you kill innocent civilians, pati mga bata na binobomba ninyo. Do not force my hand into it.

Kasi ‘pag ako ang nag-martial law, tatapusin ko talaga. Tandaan mo ‘yan. ‘Pag ako ang nag-declare ng martial law, tatapusin ko ang problema. Tapos as in tapos.

But I will have to use all the might of the Armed Forces, air, sea, pati… It’s going to be an invasion actually.

I will order the invasion of places where government cannot operate.

At kung ako ang mag-utos niyan, sabihin ko talaga: Linisin na ninyo, ganon rin.

19 March 2017

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said I have made my admissions and I bind myself to it. But certainly, killing other sectors who are not at all connected with the… you must be an insane person to do that. I’m just interested going after the drug guys. I have nothing to do with what’s your business, what is your… anong karnabal na gusto mo sa buhay mo.

If you have Carnival there, fine, you go ahead. But dito sa akin droga. I’m trying to protect my country. I’m trying to stay loyal to the oath of office, to protect and preserve the Filipino nation. That’s the long and short. I do not need to read the Constitution about martial law, about suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, far from it. Actually all I have to do is just to remember my oath and I would do anything to protect the Filipino and preserve my nation. ‘Yun lang ang trabaho ko.

Mr. Mabasa: Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yung hindi nakakaintindi, talagang magulo ito. At gugulo ito kung ayaw nilang intindihin. Basta do not do anything that deprive us of the happiness of our children and destroying — Iisa lang itong bayan ko. Eh kung sisirain mo, talagang mag-ge-gyera tayo.

And I’m warning the Mindanao guys: do not tempt me to declare martial law in Mindanao for starters. Because if I declare martial law, I will finish every problem of that island. Tatapusin ko na talaga lahat para wala na ‘yung next generation, wala na.

At magkakaintindihan na ang lahat. Ang Moro, kontento, ang Kristyanos, kontento sila sa buhay nila. And it’s gonna be a progressive island. But if I declare martial law, I will finish, I will finish all what ails the island. Ayaw ko. So do not force my hand into it. Because if I do, wala nang atrasan. Tatapusin ko talaga to the last period. So, ayaw ko. Do not force me to do it. Okay? Salamat po.

22 March 2017

What I can assure you is this: maniwala kayo, mabuti. Pag hindi, huwag. My administration will begin or began and it will end with the public interest foremost. [applause]

I will be loyal to my oath of office. Huwag lang yang mabalitaan mo sila Trillanes,

Kung sabihin ninyo na ikaw ba talaga sobra-sobrang ligaya? Iilan lang ang nagiging Presidente ng Pilipino. Are you extremely or inordinately proud to be President? I’m telling you, I do not need the position at this time of my life. Tandaan mo.

So dito lang. huwag na yung martial law na declare martial law. Dito lang umiikot. And my oath of office says I must preserve the Filipino people. [applause] hanggang diyan lang.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2
23 March 2017

JP Bencito (Manila Standard Today): Good morning, Mr. President. Sir, last Tuesday may nahuli na isang member ng Maute sa Quezon City and PNP Chief Dela Rosa raised a concern that maybe ‘yung Maute has already entered here in Metro Manila and has established presence po. Sir, how serious and up to what extent po ‘yung threat na nakikita po natin on Maute dito sa Metro Manila specifically? And do you have any instructions to the police or to the military on how to counter these security threats?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, even just a connection with Maute is very serious to me. And I have said before, I was — I think it was in La Salle during the debate, and ako lang ang sumipot, sabi nila, “how would you deal with terrorism?” My answer was [inaudible]

Kayong Mindanao, I am warning you kayong mga kadugo ko na Maranao, tulungan ninyo ako because I have warned you, hindi ako kagaya ng ibang Presidente pabigla-bigla martial law. I just warn you now, now is now, tulungan ninyo ako kayo diyan sa Mindanao pati ‘yung mga bata na pati ‘yung pamilya dumadaan eh isang pamilya pinagrarakrak lang diyan na walang ka… Because ‘yung bangag, the terrorism there is you will buy drug money. So they earn fast. May mga ilang… Marami ng bilyonaryo because of drugs. I used the word “harshly.” But I would not… You overdo things, you put bombs in schools, you bomb ‘yung mga IED diyan sa mga eskwelahan ng mga bata, then you have forced my hand to declare martial law.

Martial law, hindi ko na kailangan pumunta ng korte para magkuha ng search warrant, warrant of arrest. Ang tawag nga nila diyan ASO.

‘Pag ako ang pumasok sa Mindanao ng martial law, I will see to it, tapos ang lahat. Eh magma-martial law lang naman ako, ‘yung lahat ng problema ng bayan diyan sa Mindanao tatapusin ko talaga. Gagamitin ko ‘yung ASO. Wala na akong… ‘Pag search warrant walang, wala ng… Magsabi ang korte “bawal ‘yan.” And I would use the powers of the presidency to the hilt.

‘Pagka pumasok ako sigurado ‘yan. Ang makuha ninyo puro ASO, puro aresto and maybe I will just also create [inaudible] I will allow the military to try you and to put you to death by hanging.

Huwag ninyo akong pilitin. Kayong mga may pera tama na ‘yan. Huwag ninyong galawin ang mga bata, ‘yung mga inosente, walang kamuwang-muwang ‘yan sa diperensiya natin. Ako inaantok na ako pero I am taking time to take questions because mabuti ‘yan dumating na tayo dito.

Ulitin ko, ‘pag ako ang nag-martial law, tatapusin ko lahat ng problema hindi lang sa droga. Then ang bayan natin da-dive ‘yan, pasensiya, wala na akong magawa. It’s either I save the Republic or mag-prevent [inaudible] exploding.

I will be harsh and harsh is harsh. Do not try it. Do not try it kasi kakasahan ko talaga kayo. Do not do it please. Yes, sir.

Marriott Hotel, Pasay City
23 March 2017

Kung kayo hindi kayo maghinakit sa akin, bakit ako maghinakit sa inyo? Kumbaga para matapos na, para sabihin ko tapusin na ninyo, tapusin na ninyo. Kasi ‘pag hindi it will be… And may I also add, ‘yung nangyayari sa Mindanao, binobomba ‘yung eskwelahan, ‘yung Marawi diyan mismo sa eskwelahan sa library, state university, pinasabog ninyo ng granada. Then sa Zamboanga nilagyan ng IED ‘yung national high school.

Ako, hindi kagaya noong previous na ayaw magsalita openly, ako magsalita ako. Do not force my hand into it. Once you begin to massacre and slaughter people who are innocent, I will declare martial law over the entire island.

Huwag ninyo akong hintayin na pumasok diyan. Nagmamakaawa ako. I’m pleading for peace. Huwag ninyo akong hintayin na kailangan ko pang gumamit ng extra ordinary power. Kasi ‘pag ako ang pumasok diyan, taga-Mindanao ako, tatapusin ko lahat.

24 March 2017

Now itong criminality, kidnapping I will deal with them [inaudible]. The only problem is ang IS has already annointed [Hapilon]. This Abu Sayyaf leader from Jolo, he’s now in Central Mindanao.

I would like to make public. Do not force my hand into it. Because several times they have been bombings schools, and even exploded a grenade in the library of the Marawi State University. And last month, you planted an IED in the National High School of Zamboanga. Do not mess up with innocent children.

Do not force me into it. I beg of you. Do not do things that would hurt the civilians. I can understand if I lost one battalion of Army, anyway there’s a rebellion going on between the extremists and the ISIS and the other factions there.

That’s why shabu is aplenty because they are fuelling and raising the money to buy arms, selling shabu to the Filipino. But I — as of now I can take it. I can swallow it. But don’t raise the stakes. Huwag ninyong taasang mabuti na pati ‘yung mga bata namamatay na. Because I will not hesitate to declare martial law over Mindanao.

Now let me tell you. There are so many problems in Mindanao, including terrorism. If I declare martial law, I will solve every other problem permanently. You can be sure of that.

Martial law, there is no more court. I do not have to go to the court to apply for a search warrant.  I do not have to go to the courts to secure a warrant of arrest. Martial law, just like Mr. Marcos, he used the aso in order to arrest, to search. Aso ang tawag nila doon. It’s a cruel process and it is taken care of by the military.

So I said I’m begging you not to raise the stakes. Because if I will declare, I will not only solve extremism. I will solve, I said, every other problem that f***s the island. Please.

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