DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Media. 27 April 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Malacañan, Palace | 27 April 2017]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So after all the crusaders are also the wrongdoers. ‘Yan lagi ang mahirap sa media. And that is why I said, it is a hypocritical business. Media? It is. Dito sa Philippines.

Q: Sir, what will you be saying to your counterparts in the ASEAN region during the plenary of the — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, the most important thing really is whether we like it or not, everybody’s interested.

We will skip… I will skip the arbitral ruling. It is not an issue here in the ASEAN.

Code of Conduct, maybe. But arbitral, it’s only between China and the Philippines. So I’ll skip that. Iba ‘yung ano eh. But the Code of Conduct sa sea, ibang istorya ‘yun.

It might be taken up pero we will not talk about sovereignty over what part of the islands there, I said because that is not an issue before the ASEAN Summit.

What is at issue is the conduct of the parties in the use of the China Sea.

Q: Sir, doon sa draft statement there was no mention of the reclamation and the militarization of some of the islands within the Spratly. Sir, why is that? I mean…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Actually, it’s not entitlement eh. So, somebody — everybody is not happy, so including us. Hindi nga tayo—but this is not the issue.

Kasi ang sabi ko, entitlements eh. I will only bring it up when the issue is about what is really or what are included in the entitlements. Construction is not one of them. It is a violation of the Law of the Sea.

Q: Sir, is it your own decision to leave out the arbitral ruling in the statement or did China ask you to do this?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, wala. Nobody tells me what to do or what to say.

Q: Sir, did other ASEAN countries want the arbitral ruling mentioned?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It cannot be an issue. That’s why… it’s the Philippines… Why should I challenge somebody there, engage someone with a non-issue?

The conduct of the sea, paggamit, okay. Pero ‘yung arbitral is far different. And I said, I’m not ready to do it. Not now.

Q: Sir, you don’t see the need to gather support from our ASEAN neighbors for the — to back us up on the decision sa arbitral ruling?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No need. It’s a concern of the Philippines. What’s the most that can happen actually? You might want to extrapolate something out of it.

Sabihin mo, amin ‘yan. Sabihin nila, hindi ito inyo, amin ‘to. Sabihin mo, amin ‘yan. O sabihin, o sige ano gusto mo?

Let’s go to the… to to…Anong mangyari? Punta ka roon, mag-ingay ka. Strong protest. Will they listen?

China said he’s completely ignoring the arbitral. So what more can you ask of it? Make noise? For what?

Kung sabihin mo, amin ‘yan. Sabihin nila, amin ‘to. Sabihin mo, amin ‘yan. O sige, inyo man kaya ‘to. Anong gusto mo? Sabi, sige daw.

Kung… If somebody can answer that question with sense. ‘Di samahin ko siya, kaming dalawa ang magsisigaw-sigaw.

Q: Sir, you don’t think the ruling and China’s island building in the South China Sea are of concerned to other claimants in ASEAN like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said it’s entitlement to the Philippines, as far as arbitral ruling is concerned. ‘Yung conduct sa sea, iba ‘yun. Iyong you are challenged, you are asked to be identified, you have to ask permission entering the air space when that’s…

Well, that thing is a vast sea but it is really the route of so many cargo ships, passengers going south, going south and then you get to be — the south — the Sulu Sea is becoming fast a Somalia thing. So we’ll have to discuss hijacking, including the BIMP-EAGA. I think I’ll bring it up in a closed-door…

What’s the use of promoting something which will be of a danger to us? Mag-RoRo ka doon. May BIMP-EAGA. Tapos hinoldap ‘yan, hinijack (hijack) na naman. So let us agree that we will use our gray ships, our navies, our coast guard to guard and if any ship of any country of the ASEAN or any ship for that matter and in dealing with piracy, my order is just to blow them up. That’s it.

Why should I arrest you to? I would not know the imponderables of life, what will happen to you. You might escape and again continue the depredations there.

Q: So on another topic, ‘yung kay Nobleza, sir. Ano ‘yung latest directive niyo kay — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, she will not be released at all. She’s being held there for investigation. It’s a continuing crime and we have so many — so many things against her.

I cannot discuss it now but it will… I’ll leave it to the PNP Chief to deal with the problem in public.

Q: Sir, were you surprised that she was married with the Abu Sayyaf?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Di ba sabi ko, ‘yun nga, nagbuhos ako ng intelligence diyan ‘di ba? Kine-kuwestiyon pa ako, kino-connect ninyo doon sa — ‘yung ano sa extrajudicial.

We were throwing troops there because matagal ng alam na ano, but the timing was…

We knew all along that papasok sila. But, malakas talaga ang loob ‘nong si Lieutenant Saldua. Sila ‘yung dalawa nagbakbakan.

So, alam na ng ano, alam na natin na bumabiyahe na sila.

Q: Mayor, have you chosen a new Bangko Sentral chief?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not yet. Dominguez has not given me any list until now. And I might just, if I have the resume, whatever how long would it be, I do not know.

But I just, it will be to the best interest of the country and not to any particular — not even to the Central Bank, to the interest of…

Somebody whom we can rely. The standard is what is the best for the country.

Q: Sir, do you prefer an insider or an outsider?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ako. Basta ‘yung marunong.

Q: Sir, can we get your reaction on the communication or some are calling it a complaint filed doon sa International Criminal Court by the lawyer of Matobato?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let them be. Wala man ako maggawa. Nobody can stop from filing you. I can event invent one and go to the fiscal’s office now and accuse you for entering into three marriages.

Q: Sir, interested po kayo na basahin ‘yung communication or ‘yung complaint?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Binigyan nila ako, why would I waste my time. If I go to prison then so be it. ‘Di ba you promised me Ina that you’d be there also to visit me. Where will I be imprisoned? What do you think?

Q: But do you think, sir, ICC has jurisdiction to actually handle?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I don’t know. Ako, I haven’t talk to any lawyer. But you know, the fundamental thing in our Revised Penal Code, it is territoriality. That only… You can only be prosecuted in the country where you committed the crime.

Alam ba ninyo ‘yan? What are the features of our criminal system? One is territoriality.


Q: Sir, may investigations na po there are police who are actually doing the EJKs in Manila and they actually work with actual police districts to carry out these EJKs. Sir, so you keep saying na wala naman kinalaman ‘yung pulis doon. How about that, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Why would I… Why would I attribute it to the police when I was the one who ordered? Klaro man ‘yung order ko.

Do I have to repeat it? I think this will be about the nth time. Go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if it’s still possible. If you’re confronted with a violent reaction, thereby endangering your life, God d*** shoot him.

Q: Hindi, sir, but you keep saying that the EJKs are not by police but by — or by criminals–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Of course, who else?

Q: But, sir, there are reports nga po that they are actually policemen who work with other policemen.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will not, I will not—Because the policemen never told na… Anong ifi-feed mo diyan, ime-mention mo in passing is just yours not mine.

Q: So sir, are you not going to investigate —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Katagal na. Kaya nga there was cleansing di ba?

Q: Hindi sir, meron pa ring mga nangyayaring na EJKs now eh? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘di continue to investigate. It does not… May mga nangyari pa ayaw mo na mag-imbestiga. There is no limit to the investigation because there is no limit to crime.

Q: But sir when can we expect actual conclusions and findings made transparent?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We cannot do it because it is happening everyday. So there can never be a conclusion of any crime in any country because that is historical.

Bakit ba ang Amerika nasolve nila? Were they able to solve their killings until now? Forty thousand deaths. Ang atin 77. You step backwards and look at the records.

Q: Sir, may bagong DILG chief?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag na muna ‘yan, huwag na muna ang DILG. Akin ‘yan. Ang gusto kong tanong sa iyo, ‘yung mga crusaders na mga newspaper, bakit sila corrupt rin?

Answer me. Iyang Mile Long na ‘yan. Sinong may-ari? [inaudible] Rufino. Who is Rufino? He is married to Prieto.

And then the son… Briccio Santos, he was receiving a salary more than the President 200,000 a year. Ako 130 tapos sabihin nila immorality and all of this graft and corruption. And you have a 1.5 billion liability, pinapasa-pasa ninyo ang imbestigador until it reduced  by Henares to only 8 million.

And itong Mile Long diyan. Sinong may-ari? I assure you after all of these things here, I will start to recover what is government’s property, including ‘yang Inquirer na ‘yan. The loudest, one of the loudest of it all. Crusader kuno. T*** i** ‘yun pala crony rin ni… Eh kay Romualdez ‘yan eh, who is Philip Romualdez? He is the man of Prieto.

Q: Sir, just to clarify. You don’t consider the reclamation of China in the dispute in Spratly islands as an issue in the South China Sea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It cannot be an issue anymore. Nandiyan na eh.

Q: Then what is the issue?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What could be the purpose also of discussing it kung wala kang magawa?

Q: But you can, parang you can pressure China by way of international opinion because the side of the law is—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You cannot do that, you’re just dreaming. Those are theories which you are dreaming. That’s really the Obama style. All dreams.

You go into reality. Who will dare pressure? Who can pressure China? Us? Katagal na niyang construction na ‘yan. There [were] so many photos and pictures published four years ago.

Sino ang makahinto no’n tayo? It’s only America. Eh bakit nila pinayagan ‘yan na ganon na tapos tayo itutulak nilang arbitration, arbitration? Gusto nila mag-suicide tayo. Masyado kayong bilib sa Amerika eh.

Q: Sir, doon sa Declaration of Conduct, will you still be pushing for the arbitral decision as one of the basis of the Declaration of the Code of Conduct?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi nga eh. It is far different eh. Arbitral is simply entitlements. It’s not even a territorial thing. God, you have to you know, you better… Entitlement is different.

Entitlements na ang question diyan sa arbitral, hindi jurisdiction, not even territory. It is outside of our territory but it is part of our exclusive economic zone. Magkaiba ang issue diyan. How will you raise the issue? It’s a non-issue eh. Bakit mo pipilitin ‘yang iko — ? Walang makikinig sa iyo.

Q: Sir, you’re not concerned na this issue on South China Sea is costing political capital?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What political are you talking about? I am ready to retire. Bakit sabihin niyong atat, atat talaga akong maging Presidente. Sinasabi ko na sayo eh.

Q: Sir, kaso your critics seem to be capitalizing —-

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Whose political capital?

Q: Sir, yours.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What is the survey? What does the survey show? What does the survey show? O, and then you’re talking about losing political stock. Hanggang ngayon I think 77. How can you lose political stock there?

Q: Sir how about the fishermen in Bataan who were allegedly intimidated by Chinese Navy —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There was a misunderstanding there. We have talked about it. And sabi ko na I hope it will not happen again.

Q: What was the explanation, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Parang papasok talaga sila doon further. Testing the waters or you know, tempting the Gods. Palayo silang papasok eh sinabi nga nila diyan lang muna eh.

Tanggapin na lang natin ‘yan because we have… You know guys, you must realize by now para mahinto na ‘yang dream ninyo, we cannot on our own enforce the arbitral judgment.

Sabihin nga ninyo inyo ‘yan? Amin man rin ito. Amin ‘yan. Hindi amin ‘to. Amin ‘yan. O sige, p****** i** mo, o sige, iyo ito. Sige o anong gawa? What now? Eh kung ganonin ka?

It’s not political case, mapahiya ang buong Pilipinas. O sige na, umpisahan mo na. It will be degraded into that kind of level. Sabihin ninyong arbitraryo, alin diyan? Enforce? Hindi nga maka-enforce ang Amerikano. Hindi ba nandiyan na ‘yan? Bakit hindi ninyo pinuntahan?

May South Pacific fleet man kayo, the 7th fleet is here in Asia. Bakit hindi nila pinarking doon? That is violation of this Law of the Sea. It is not a violation doon sa entitlements na sinasabi nila. One issue is not… There is no connection at all.

Para nga tayong country binigyan tayo ng kanya-kanyang fishpond pero it is outside of our fence because ang territorial waters is limited to 12 miles.

Q: Sir, on another issue, as ASEAN Chair, what’s your position on North Korea? President Trump said the US might take action and there’s concern about rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, kung malayo ‘yan, ma’am, I would say that I would caution everybody. Kung doon ‘yan sa malayo, if there’s a nuclear war here, a holocaust, this will become an arid land, nobody will grow and everybody dies of cancer.

So my reaction is kindly, kindly be — use your patience there and… China which has the bigger weapon should at least rendahan niya. Rendahan niya because ang kumakati diyan ang Japan pati South Korea.

So it will be as good as any other time to advise now people to, you know, just go easy. Kasi kung pumutok diyan, wala na, hindi na tayo pwedeng mag-istorya-istorya dito.

Q: Sorry sir, sinong people? Sinong kinakausap niyo doon sa—?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: China pati — tumaba ka nang husto.

Q: Sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, cut lang ninyo, totoo man, tingnan mo.

Q: Live tayo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko ayaw ko, kayo ‘yung gustong press con, press con. Ngayon —

Q: Sir, naka-live tayo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sir, anong mensahe ninyo sa mga kritiko ninyo na hanggang ngayon ayaw tumigil sa paghahanap ng mali ninyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s a democracy. If they stop talking, they are dead. Wala nang papansin kasi talo na nga eh, wala pang ingay. So patay ka man, multo ka na lang rin diyan eh di gumawa ka ng —political stock? I am not eligible for re-election. What political stock are you talking about? I am here to do my job. I am not aiming to be popular anymore. Tapos na ‘yan, nanalo na ako. That popularity may wane tomorrow or the next day. I don’t give a s*** kung mapaalis ako o tapos na ako. I have tasted the presidency.

Q: Sir, hindi ba kayo nananawagan ng reconciliation with your…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala naman kaming away. Mag-ano… Ano ito, mag-asawa?

Q: Sir, will you discuss Mary Jane Veloso’s case when Indonesian President Widodo comes over?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It will be an opportune time for — to discuss it during the restricted meeting.

Q: Sir, what will you propose to him on her case?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Anong gusto mo? I-liberate natin?

Q: Sir, kayo, ano po ‘yung inyong proposal?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko alam kasi depende nga sa sagot nila.

Q: Nila? Sir, sinong nila?


Q: Indonesia?


Q: Sir, kayo, wala po kayong any…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Di ba sabi ko nga, sagot ko is pwede ba natin ‘to pag-usapan? ‘Pag sabihin nila ayaw, hindi–

Q: Sir, if he says yes, what will you say about Mary Jane?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘di natural, then we will talk about it. Ikaw naman. Napaka-corny mo talaga, Pia.

Q: Sir, according to the New York Times, you are man that must be stopped. Ano pong masasabi niyo doon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it’s about time that their publication also must stop.

Amerikano you’re playing like the morals of you. You didn’t even realize that you invaded a country in thy name of drugs. You remember Noriega of Panama?

Remember the time that they invaded a sovereign country like Panama, kidnapped the President and brought him to America to stand trial and he’s serving prison time there.

O anong ginawa nila? Sa Iraq. You invaded Iraq. Why? Because of weapons of mass destruction. How many died? What did… What was found there? Nothing. There was no weapons of mass destruction and yet you invaded Iraq. Who answer for the lives — of the lives lost there?

New York Times… A*** h***, a*** h**. You cannot even criticize your own mistake. Invading a country, making up excuses before the world that is not true, then you have the gall to say stop. You better stop your publishing.

Maybe because there’s no other newspapers there. Dapat doon ang Inquirer mag… Sige, tingin doon sa.

Kaya kayo magbilib kayo diyan sa mga media-media. L*** ninyo. Kita mo how I was crucified? O… Kayo ang media… O tingnan ninyo ngayon. Who’s the corrupt? Nandiyan lumabas na.

‘Yung ABS-CBN… Ako, si Chiz Escudero. I don’t know if you… He was… Si Cayetano. Irresponsible ABS-CBN. Tanggapin ninyo pera namin, nakalimutan man lang ninyo.

Kung ngayon hindi ‘yan, kung hindi ako nag-p***** i** ‘yang media na ‘yan. Hindi lahat.

Pero ‘yung mga oligarchs. These are the oligarchs which I was talking about when I was campaign. They give me the… Hindi ko na masikmura. Ayon.

Q: Mayor, paiimbestigahan niyo po ‘yung Inquirer?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. I will recover the property for the Filipino. Everybody who has a tax obligation must start to talk now.

Within six months time, I will go after them. I will… I will… I will get back.

Inquirer, you have to let go of that property. It is not yours.

Q: Sir, paano po ‘yung process? Sino po ‘yung magli-lead ng investigation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, wala na. Basta there is a process. There is always a law for that. I forgot. You ask the BIR what is the process.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag muna. Pag-usapan… Samantalahin muna ninyo. Paano ‘yan… Paano ‘yan ngayon, kung mga media pala eh corrupt rin?

Q: Sir, hindi naman lahat.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi naman lahat.

Q: Sinabi mo rin hindi naman lahat, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Siya lang ang nagdagdag. Tapos ko naman nagsabi na hindi lahat. Pero ‘yung mga, stop dreaming about arbitral, arbitral.

You cannot… Unless we are prepared to go to war. Ganon lang ‘yan eh. Pilitin mo ‘yung isang bagay.

There are two contending owners. Sabi niya, historically sa grandfather ng grandfather ko, historical eh.

Atin, it’s the entitlement by the law of the…. UNCLOS.

Before nagsabi na ang China, ‘we will not honor’. So bakit mo pilitin ‘yan na, O, t*** i** you honor.

Hanap ka lang ng gulo. Ngayon, preparado ba tayo maggulo? ‘Yan ang problema. Can we go to war?

Maski… Ako payag ako, mag-giyera tayo? O sige. Pero dapat kayo ang mauna diyan. Ikaw kasi… Sakay tayo lahat. Bigyan ko kayo baril.

Q: Pero at the very least sir, do you agree that international law is on our side and what China is doing is against international law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. Insofar as this generation is concerned, wala ‘yung arbitral ruling doon. So we are justified now.

But you know, what is really justification? Para… A simple education for all? Might is right and right is might.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag muna. [laughter] Sige na, panahon na magbulgaran kasi… Pretentious… Lalo na ‘yang Inquirer, itong, ‘yung si Neri. Pag ka… saan ‘yan siya?

Isa pang bastos ‘yung p***** i*** ‘yan. Ay sus. ‘Yung editor pumalit kay Magsanoc sa Inquirer.

Q: Sir, may mga pangalan ba kayo ng mga media na corrupt?


Q:  Can you tell us?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, sabi ko. ‘Pag hindi ko na nalunok na—P***** i**, yawyaw kayong lahat.

Q: Sir, sino na po ‘yung DILG chief niyo? Clue lang, sir. Have you chosen one? Have you chosen one?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ikaw sana, hija. Pero dumadaldal ka eh.

Q: Sir, ‘yung seryoso, sir.

Q: Sir, si Marcos po, sir?


Q: Sir, wala pa?

Q: Sinabi ni Marcos sir, he’s willing sana, sir, na mabigyan daw ng government post.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We have not discussed it actually. He has a pending case there. He will abandon that case if he gets into a position.

Q: Sir, how about Foreign Secretary?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa rin. Sinong rekomendado ninyo? Sagutin mo muna ako. What is your comment now? Na ‘yun palang Mile Long diyan, ibinigay ni Marcos kay Rufino.

Then Rufino married Prieto. So nakuha nila ‘yung sa Sunvar. And they were collecting the rentals there sa mga–

Q: Sir, how about NFA, sir? Ano na pong mangyayari?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag na ‘yang NFA, wala ‘yan. NFA wala pang inimport ‘yan.

Q: Sir, what to your mind is the best way to deal with China? What would you suggest to your fellow ASEAN leaders?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The way we’re doing. Talking. That’s the only luxury that we have. Talking. Action? Tell us how. Tell me. Educate me how.

Q: Sir, some people were saying na ‘yung code of conduct is just a PR for China to make it seem that there’s progress in the dispute?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, at least, if there’s a conduct, then they would agree so many things will be out. For example, challenges in the high seas. Then the over flights that you have to identify yourself. Above China Sea is also the airspace.

Q: So, sir, you mean that will be in the Code of Conduct?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know. Maybe China has already crafted one.

Q: Pero, sir, what’s your view about the sincerity of China in the negotiations for a Code of Conduct?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan eh. Hindi sincerity ‘yan. They really claim it as their own. Noon pa ‘yan.

Hindi lang talaga pumutok nang mainit. Ang nagpainit diyan ‘yung Amerikano. Noon pa ‘yan, kaya China Sea eh. Kaya sabi nga nila, China Sea. Historical na ‘yan.

So hindi lang ‘yan pumuputok. But this issue was an issue before so many generations ago.

Q: So, sir, how do you make sure that the Code of Conduct is protecting the interest of ASEAN–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero ‘yung tayo — tayo kasi we occupy the Pag-asa and the rest since 19… Kay Coloma pa ‘yun, Admiral.

Pero since 1974, ‘yung islands diyan na sabi ko kunin na natin. Kasi baka maubos ‘yung… Wala tayo. Gusto nila ubusin lahat, sabi ko, eh ‘di… Kunin natin ‘yang ano diyan.

Itong Benham Rise. I’m renaming it Philippine Rise or Philippine Ridge.

And by the way, I finally got to sign an order making Lapu-lapu also a hero.

At last, na-recognize ‘yung Cebuano na unang pumatay sa mga invader, si Magellan.

So I am renaming Lapu-lapu into… Guess what?

Q: A knight?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ayaw ko na tawagin si Lapu-lapu na isda. He’s a national hero.

So I am… I have baptized him with another name.

Q: What name, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Anong pangalan niya?

Q: Ano, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ay sus, intriga, alam na gud nila  ’yan. Sige ikaw diyan. Anong pangalan ng bagong — it’s an… Internationally he is known as the grouper. Grouper ‘yan eh, ‘yang lapu-Lapu. May pangalan ‘yan eh I have  —

Q: Sir, ‘yung message to the Filipino people watching and listening to us right now?


Q: ‘Yung message, ‘yung message po, ‘yung mga nakikinig at nanunuod, namimiss nila ang mensahe mo.


Q: Sir, can I get your reaction? Amnesty International issued a statement saying that the ASEAN Summit should take up human rights and extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is not an issue. You are funny. Bakit kayo makialam sa amin dito? Magagalit pa ‘yung mga Presidente na…

You take up. You look at the sense of other nations first, God d*** it. Do not zero in… Alam mo mga pulitika ‘yan eh itong mga pera ni Loida ‘yan. Mga friends friends diyan sa Amerika pa kuno. Go ahead, go with the trial and let us see.

Q: Sir, ‘yung mga labor groups inaantay kung merong good news this May 1. Meron po ba tayong good news for the laborers?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maybe yes, maybe no.

Q: So wala pang final, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We can make other people happy but I cannot make all the people happy all the time.

There will be groups there within the labor sector that would also be disappointed. But you know, I am not really, ‘yung mag- order-order diyan. I’ll let Bello have his way.

Q: Sir, if human rights and EJKs are not an issue in the ASEAN, what issues and agenda will you be pushing as Chairman of the — of this year’s ASEAN?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Many things. Cooperation, trade, hanap-buhay, adre. Hanap-buhay. Iyon mas mabuti pang pag-usapan than conduct of the sea. Hanap-buhay, exchange of technology and ‘yung mga pagkain, ‘yung itong bago nating rice.

In one hectare, it has almost thrice the — -well, hindi naman tayo talagang sobra-sobra but we are — there is no such thing as a rice shortage.

Q: Sir, based on your previous discussions with fellow ASEAN leaders, do you get the sense that they are supportive of your war on drugs? Nag-express ba sila sa inyo, sir, that they support ‘yung campaign niyo against drugs?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanungin mo sila. Hindi pa man kami nag-start. Kaya tanungin mo sila. Tanungin mo si President Widodo kung ano ang problema niya. Tanungin mo ang China kung ano ang problema niya ngayon.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanungin mo ang Singapore kung ano ang problema nila ngayon.

Q: Sir, thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanungin mo ang Amerika, what is bugging your civilization?

Q: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Give us the reason why you hate the Mexicans.

Q: Sir, kaunting message lang po sa ating mga kababayan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah ‘yon ang maganda. Mga kababayan kong Pilipino, at itong mga Pilipina sa harap ko, ito ang tumaba rin si Pia sa… Ayan sa kakasulat ng hindi totoo. Yeah, your last one I tell you was really full false ha.

Q: Sir, you read my articles?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi kasi hindi na kita kilala. Hindi, totoo ‘yan. I will point out to you and I will analyze.

Karami mong mali doon. ‘Yung puro speculation. Pero since we are friends…  Pero aabot ‘yang panahon na…

We are hosting the ASEAN Summit and the heads of state, including the, His Majesty King of Brunei. He’s here already. We met. We had a ceremony a little while ago and we had agreed on so many things. And actually, one of the strongest was the drug. If you are listening to him. China sakit rin ng ulo ‘yan. Drug ang problem. It’s drug, it’s drugs. It’s killing the world. At itong mga Human Rights, ang akala naman nitong mga u**, ang pinatay mo inosente.

Iyon kasi ‘yung Human Rights bale sa kanila, maski sino ‘yung namatay basta may Human Rights. Maski lumaban, may Human Rights, i-charge sa iyo.

You know, Human Rights, I am not a worker for human rights. I am a President trying to build a nation. You must remember that.

Kung medyo tingin ninyo sa amin, if you think we are really that small in your perception, you better think twice. I am not a… I am trying here to build a nation including wiping out drugs that will harm the country and compromise the tomorrow of our children. Huwag ninyo ako… People dying because of drugs? Plenty. It will be still ‘pag ka lumaban.

And terrorism. Ganon rin sa terrorism. Tinanong ako roon. Nandoon man kayo sa, I think it was in, where was that? La Salle? Kay Maria Ressa man ‘yun di ba? You asked me how I would treat terrorism and drugs. You go over the tapes, I said, ‘harsh,’ ‘very harsh’. Anong katumbas ng harsh diyan sa Tagalog? Hindi ko naman masabi na ‘I will kill.’ Hindi ko pa masabi na… Sabihin ko, ‘I will kill you, Pia.’ I will kill you… Kaibigan… Ito, si Mia.

O, tanungin ko kayo Human Rights, may pinatay na ba ako? P**** i**** ‘yan eh. I will kill you. Wala man akong sinabi, ‘I am now ordering the police to kill everybody.’

I said ako ‘yun, I will kill you sa sama ko ng loob.

Ngayon may nabalitaan ba ninyo ako lumabas ng Malacañan mag-patay, mag- baril ng tao? Has anybody seen me shooting or stabbing or mauling a person to death? I. I will kill you. Sa awa ng Diyos, I have not as yet killed anybody until now.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I never said I ordered the police to kill. Pero ‘yung sa terrorism sabi ko, shoot on site because they are armed and they will kill you. Talagang mamatayan ka.

Q: Sir, naghihintay ng mensahe ‘yung mga ordinaryong mamamayan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ito ang sasabihin ko to the Filipino people. Ang promise ko sa inyo noon walang graft and corruption. It is not really over yet and done with. Nandiyan pa rin ang corruption pero minimized. Marami na po akong napaalis na corrupt na, pati ‘yung mga kaibigan ko.

So I will continue my campaign dito sa — to the earnest. Then I told you lahat kayo, ano bang problema ninyo? Everywhere in the Philippines, drugs so 4 million. Then nandoon nag-surrender. Makita man ninyo, you go back to the previous tapes ng television. They were walking towards the barangay halls like zombies.

And I said I will stop criminality so that we can grow. That you can walk the streets safely. Then I said that I will — I made just a few promises. I said that I will allow the burial of Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani and I complied with my promise.

‘Yun ang mga sinasabi ko, kakaunti lang. Nakikinig kayo sa presidential debates.

Ngayon, ginagawa ko ‘yung sinasabi ko, galit kayo. Eh bakit kayo bumoto sa akin?

‘Di ba sabi ko sa drugs, gagawin ko? Kaya nga sinabi ng mga pari sa inyo huwag si Duterte kasi mamamatay ang mga tao. Tapos, pinapanalo ako ninyo ng…

Tapos anong, anong ano mo sa human rights? What’s f***** you? I’m just complying with my promise.

‘Yung ibang politiko sa… All other politicians they pay lip service to the problem. Please don’t mix me with the politicians. Kasi sinabi ko talaga, gagawin ko ‘yan.

Sasabihin ninyo, you want to stop… You try to do everything to put me in prison. Please go ahead. Okay sa akin. Wala… Maalis ako? Eh ‘di okay. That’s my destiny. Ako ‘yung naniwala sa destiny ako. If it is my destiny to be — to go to jail? Then I will go to jail.

If I said somebody will kill me for killing the idiot drug people? Then so be it. I die. Walang problema ‘yan.

So…  But I stand on what I said. Hindi ako nagpapalit-palit ng istorya. Kayo ang mag-misquote ng istorya. Wala man akong sinabi na hindi ko ginawa.

Sabi ko ngayon itong mga mayayaman, oligarch. Number one itong mga Prieto, may-ari ng Inquirer, you can be sure that I will proceed with you harshly. Or return the property of the people which you got for… Magkano binayad niyo? Piso lang siguro. Really.

From Marcos crony to Aquino Corazon crony kayo. Crony kayo palagi. And it has long expired ‘yung lease diyan.

Sabi nila na it was sold to you. For a song?

Then you have to return and you have to pay your taxes. 1.5 billion. Wala kayong bayad-bayad tapos komo si Henares ang…

I will look into… May kaso diyan sa Ombudsman eh. And I urge the Ombudsman also to fast track the case because it is property owned by the people. By this time the income of that property should be going to the National Treasury. Habol lahat.

So ang akin ngayon, my last word? Look at what a hypocritical world this is. Pati kayong mga media, pati ang promotor, ‘yan si Henry…

Q: Henry Uri? [laughter]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyong editor ‘yan?

Q: Sinong Henry?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Neri. Mukhang pera ‘yang buang na ‘yan.

Q: Salamat, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin mo sa kanya, ang kapal ng mukha niya.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh wala… Dito, dito tayo sa corruption ng media. Corruption sa’min, kayong media muna. Ano ang masasabi ninyo ngayon?

Ikaw sir, how will you comment now sa media? Hindi, anong masasabi mo ngayon sa revelation na…

Q: Sir, tanong ko na lang ‘yung tanong ko, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, hindi ‘yung ABS, ‘yung ibinayad namin na hindi na sinauli. Anong masasabi ninyo ngayon?

Q: No comment, sir, GMA po ako.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Akin, Cayetano, kay Chiz Escudero pala. Ako, deposito ako. Tapos ang ABS-CBN, una ang bayad ko then came ‘yung black propaganda nila na ginamit nila ‘yung mga bata.

Q: May legal action po kayo sa ABS?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, alam mo, itong ABS, ang franchise will be due pero hindi na kailangan ng extension because it has been there for about 25 years. Sabi ng batas, okay na. Only if you adhere to journalistic…

Ang ginawa ninyo sa amin, it’s estafa, swindling. Not only me but Chiz Escudero, pati si ano. Marami pa ‘yan. Inotso niyo, p***** i** harap-harapan magkolekta kayo tapos estafa ninyo kami.

O so, I will file a complaint. Congress, no need to renew it. But to operate? That’s something else. So I will point this out, ‘yung basura ninyo then we’ll see.

Q: Sir, just to clarify. You’re going to block the renewal of franchise of ABS?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You are committing a crime.

Q: Sir, you’re gonna block?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Kung ganon ka na ano, you are engaged in swindling. For all you know, ilang kumpanya dito na nagbayad na na hindi ninyo pinalabas?

If you operate an ABS-CBN tapos manloloko lang kayo ng tao, mag-swindling kayo, I have to stop you ‘di ba? Eh kung manloloko ka, anong gawin ko?

O kagaya ng Inquirer, karaming editorial kung anong mga morality, ‘yun pala p***** i**.  ‘Yung inyong…

Kasi alam mo bakit? ‘Yung Santos na ‘yan is the mayor — the mayor was his father sa Davao. Pinagkasal siya ng Prieto. So he was appointed doon sa — kita mo kung gumastos ‘yan, kayong mga pamilya ninyo, kamag-anak ninyo, akala mo mas malaki pa ang sweldo sa Presidente. Bakit hindi ninyo inexpose ‘yan?

So ang media, tanungin ko muna. Anong masasabi ninyo? Let’s start with you. Anong masasabi mo ngayon?

Q: Sir, taga-PCOO po ako.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ikaw Pia, anong masasabi mo?

Q: Sir, may mga politicans rin na hindi binabayaran ang media for the —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, hindi. I’m not saying it. I’m not saying paying media. Ang sinasabi ko sa iyo, ito ngayong sa ABS pati ito ngayong sa Inquirer, anong masasabi mo? Ako na ang nagtatanong sa inyo. Sige lang kayo tanong sa akin.

Q: Sir, hindi ko kayo pwede sagutin kasi I’m media also.


Q: I’m media. It’s conflict of interest to answer that question.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ibig sabihin wala kang opinion as a Filipino?

Q: I cannot give you —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I was asking you as a Filipino citizen.

Q: But I’m a reporter now —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes I know. But you are a Filipino citizen.

Q: Then I decline to answer your question.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O, then you are not a Filipino citizen. Or you don’t know your responsibilities as a Filipino.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, hindi huwag. Balik tayo. Kayo, kayo tatanungin ko. Nag- unahan kayo ng pagtanong sa akin, ngayong kayo na, tahimik kayo.

Q: Sir, doon sa pagsisibak niyo ng mga officials, may mga bago ba?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa. May bagong pinasibak? Meron, meron pa. Kita mo mga bago na ang empleyado.

Q: Sa Cabinet, sir, Cabinet?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sa Cabinet wala ako. Hindi ako maingay… Sa Cabinet wala ako. Wala pa akong — I’d like to convene. May Cabinet meeting man ako so if somebody could recommend, then I’ll discuss this.

Parang gusto kong tanungin, now as a Filipino citizen. Eh ikaw diyan gaganon-ganon ka agad ganon. Sige lang ikaw ang tanong. Kami naman. Bakit? Just because kami ‘yung — sabi ’yung… Sabi nitong Prieto, ‘no because it is press freedom.’ S***. You don’t know what press freedom is. I have every right to question you as a citizen of this Republic. Freedom of expression. ‘Yan ang laban ko sa iyong press freedom. Freedom to what I want to say and what I want to expose. You cannot stop me. Let alone being President. Huwag na ‘yan.

Ako na ngayon ang magtanong sa inyo. I am starting with you Pia. Eh ngiwi agad sa mukha. Ikaw ma’am?

Q: Sir, taga-PCOO po ako.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi mawawalaan na ako ng respeto sa media eh. Talagang nawalaan na ako ng respeto sa media.

Kasi when you ask questions, you adopt the, ‘yung mga, the issues of the day and you talk about it as if parang Inquirer.

‘Yun palang p**** i**, magnanakaw rin numero uno. Itong ABS-CBN ang klaro kasi marami kaming inotso. Wala man lang kurtesiya p***. Ni hindi nga ako binigyan ng kurtesiya Presidente ako, ano pa kaya ‘yung maliit na tao?

But this I would promise: lahat ng propidad ng Pilipino, if it is owned by the Filipino people, isauli ninyo ‘yan. ‘Yung lahat ng mga ibinigay sa inyo in the past. The price is ridiculous, it could only mean one thing: graft and corruption.

Q: Thank you, sir.