DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Palarong Pambansa. 23 April 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Binirayan Sports Complex, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique | 23 April 2017]

Kindly sit down.

Salamat po. The reason why I am with my family is, today is Sunday, I usually stay home. As a matter of fact, I purposely go home to Davao just to be — one day with the family, Linggo.

But, you know, the reason why I said, ‘come along,’ is ang asawa hindi ninyo alam Ilonggo ‘yan from Iloilo, Avanceña ‘yan sila. [applause] That’s why sabi ko, ‘come along, tingnan ninyo ‘yung Panay island ninyo kung nandiyan pa, maganda pa.’

Secretary Leonor Briones… Meron tayong secretary dito a very low-key person. He does not want even people to mind him. As a matter of fact, it would be better for him if he’s not… Well, for one thing I said, ‘you have to come home maybe we have time to talk to the officials kung may panahon pa and let’s see what we can do.’ Si Secretary Mark Villar and the other members of the Cabinet. The other members of the Cabinet is really Secretary Roy Cimatu. Matagal ng taga-Davao ‘yan. Ewan ko kung bakit nandito siya ngayon. Saan ba ang bahay mo doon sa Davao o…? Roy Cimatu is an Ilocano. Many, many years ago he was assigned as — in a division sa Davao at doon kami nagkilala. And if things would not go well, he is a candidate for another — Cabinet na siya ngayon eh. But this time I’d transfer him to a more busier job. So, kaya pagtanaw ko sabi niya nandito pala ‘yung misis niya.

Governor Rhodora Cadiao and local chief executives of the province of Antique, Representative Paolo Javier and other members of the House of Representatives, Chairman Philippine Sports Commission William Ramirez and other commissioners present, Secretary-General Assistant Tonisito Umali, and the dedicated and hard-working officials and staff of Palarong Pambansa, Most Rev. Bishop Jose Romeo Lazo and members of the faithful, Ms. Elma Muros-Posadas and aspiring young athletes of the 2017 Palarong Pambansa, fellow workers in government, distinguished guests, ang mga minamahal kong kababayan.

You know I was looking at the ‘yung replica ng Philippine Eagle. If you take about one-third of the entire dimension of the size — ulo, pakpak, paa — then that is the Philippine Eagle you will see in Davao City when you go the eagle reservation. [applause] There are about 19 left and we’re really trying to preserve their habitat. You know, they mate in the air. Doon ‘yan sila sa taas mag-loving-loving para magkaroon ng anak. The problem is we do not have the forest anymore. Civilization has crept in in all furthest of Mindanao and sadly there are places which are not really conducive to wildlife or there is none at all because of the violence there that’s still going on.

Alam mo pagkabinasa ko itong speech ko, dalawang pages. So I can do it in a minute and a half and we say goodbyes. So sandali lang ako but there are things which I have to convey to you, to impart sa inyong mga bata to which this moment belongs to you. Inyo ito eh.

Meron lang akong gustong sabihin, short but one is that you must be by now must have the sense of responsibility. And while we are spending, kayo ang pinakamalaki. This time, education gets the lion’s share sa pera sa distribution. [applause] Next is agriculture, then health. Malaki talaga ang investment ko dito sa inyo kasi ganito ‘yan eh, kayo ‘yung tatay pati nanay bukas. Iyang bukas na ‘yan is just a few sunrise and sunsets and it’s just around the corner, it’s just in the wings, pagkatapos kayo na.

So we are trying to build competitiveness, fairness, values, and the sense of goodwill sa inyong mga bata. To know — to get to know each other, make friends from other provinces Ilonggo, Cebuano, mga Waray and the spirit of building your muscles, stamina and physical being, that’s one. Kaya kami gumagastos nang malaki, iyon ang target namin. In the Cabinet meeting, it was really agreed unanimously na kayo ‘yung pinakamalaki ang bibigyan. Then it’s agriculture because it’s food and then the health and so on and so forth.

Now ngayon, meron na kayo niyan sense of discipline. Discipline itong mga laro eh. You have to build something, it’s all — it’s not all physical, it’s also mental and the desire to win. Kailangan ko ‘yan na ipasa sa inyo bago ako mamatay. Sabi nga ‘nung kanta na ‘yan, ‘tatanda at lilipas din ako.’ [applause] It is my sacred duty to transfer to you the values to which we hold very, very dear to us.

Ngayon, ang Pilipinas hindi masyado mayaman. We are not struggling but we are making strides, big ones. As a matter of fact, all financial quarters would tell you that we are the fastest rising ngayon and we may still be able to hit the 6.8 growth economic rate. So iyan na lang ang habol natin.

But sinasabi ko sa lahat at lahat ng — from my office down, if we can stop graft and corruption at wala talagang nakawan at ‘yung pera na ibigay sa departamento dadating talaga doon sa baba at gastusin para — for purpose of which it was appropriated — okay na tayo. Wala lang corruption, okay na tayo. [applause] And those are the reasons why kung bakit noon hirap na hirap tayo kasi nawawala ‘yung pera. So I am very, very strict.

I am not the most righteous person in this planet but because I was elected by your sacred vote and my covenant with the people is that — I just mentioned a few. And even during the presidential debates you must have heard of me just — bullet, bullet lang ako because I realized that one and a half minutes would not really matter kung ganun. Sinabi ko lang, ‘I will stop graft and corruption.’

I am on my way forward. I have fired several officials. Hindi ko na lang pinablish (publish) ang pangalan and even the dismissal kasi ‘yung iba tiningnan ko ‘yung mga records may mga anak na nag-doktor, may mga anak na nasa Manila Med, Manila Medical — so ayaw kong hiyain. And even a Cabinet member and a close friend of another agency, who was with me since 1988 when I started as mayor. I’ve been mayor for 23 years.

Ayaw kong gawin ‘yan sa mga kaibigan but you know I said sa lahat, lahat na, lahat ng taga-gobyerno dito, huwag kayong magkamali diyan talagang uupakan ko kayo. [applause]

I am not joking. If I can fire friends, eh lalo na ‘yung hindi ko kilala and it goes down to the local government pati barangay.

Corruption must stop or we will never rise as a nation. Ilang taon na without being specific about the period, ganun talaga and it is always justified and there’s always the threat of prosecution pero hanggang diyan lang. Hanggang diyan lang tapos nakakalimutan.

Eh pagkaganun, bakit hintayin pa kita eh ‘di diyan na mismo. I can maybe forgive you sabihin mo, ‘Mayor, nademanda ako sa — dahil dalawa ang asawa ko.’ Okay lang ‘yan, bata, pero huwag mong kunin ‘yung panggastos mo sa dalawang pamilya sa gobyerno ha. Maghanap ka ng ibang negosyo.

Then the second is, pinakaimportante ito, ‘yung sense of love mo sa bayan mo. Huwag mong hayaan na this country will deteriorate and go to the dogs. So when I became a legit candidate, ang sinabi ko una, ‘there will be no corruption.’ Second is, ‘I will suppress drugs at all cost, at any cost.’ Kaya ako nagkaso-kaso, there are allegations about being me prosecuted before this court and that court, but they are all stupid statements just like America, for example. If they can explain to me how in hell were they able to invade Iraq under the excuse or pretext of weapons of mass destruction na wala man pala and creating chaos in the country and killing Saddam for nothing. Now the Middle East is on fire.

They also undermined Gaddafi. If they can explain to me why they invaded a country and shanghaied, kidnapped, President Noriega of Panama to stand trial in New York and he is there serving time. Kung ma-explain nila sa akin ‘yan and if they can explain why they went to Vietnam just to kill people and why is it that for every one white, there are two black Americans dead every day. Unless they can explain it to me I would say again, State Department, you go to hell and don’t — with me.

Bakit? Kasi hinihiritan ko talaga. Deaths? It will not stop. I am warning everybody into drugs or connected with drugs, if you continue with your business, you will die. When I was mayor, I warned the criminals there sa Davao, that’s why makita mo ang Davao, well, ayaw ko ng magyabang pareho man tayong Pilipino. If you can also be Davao City someday I would be most happy. [speaks Ilonggo]

So to me we are all Filipinos. I’m beyond politics actually. Pero itong droga na ito sinabi ko sa kanila, sa mga criminal, ‘Go out of Davao City. Do not do drugs here. Do not destroy our children and do not destroy my city because if there is no progress, no money, I cannot pay the teachers, I cannot pay the policemen, I cannot pay the cleaners, I cannot pay the doctors and everybody. I have to make the city productive. If you are there, it will not happen. And so ‘pag ayaw ninyong umalis, papatayin ko talaga kayo.’

Now when I became President, I gave the same warning, ‘Huwag ninyong galawin ang mga anak namin. Bakit? Iyan ang aming kinabukasan.’ Dito sa stage na ito walang bilyonaryo dito na… Me, with my savings and a higher salary, maybe I can stay in the hospital for seven months, bayad lahat but after that kailangan patayin na ako ng mga anak ko pati asawa ko. Ubos na ang pera. Cut off everything, oxygen pati lahat.

Alam mo, dadating ang araw at aabutin ninyo ‘yan. Na pagka kami ay matanda na, hindi naman tayo milyonaryo dito, kayo ang bibili ng medisina namin. Kayo, [speaks Ilonggo] Iyong iba can acquire properties but at an old age, ang father, mother, cancer, kidney, you have to mortgage. Karamihan ‘yung kinita nila eh iprenda para lang makabili ng medisina, pagkain, oxygen, makabayad sa ospital.

And as you know there is always the cycle of life. You have to live and you have to die. And it’s always a reduced income and you impose hardships on the family.

And then, there are four million contaminated now. Sabi ng silang mga Amerikano, mga forensics nila, constant use of shabu for six months to one year would shrink the brain of a person. If the brain is shrunk, you are insane. Anuhin ko itong four million? How many of them? I really do not know. I do not have the accurate count. But ipalagay mo na lang at a very conservative number of 800 insane person. Anong gawain ko diyan sa kanila? What will I do with them? Inutil na eh.

Ang masakit diyan ganito, if they… May abugado dito marami. If they commit a crime under the influence of drugs, at during the time when at the stage when their brain is already shrunk, he does not commit any crime. Kasi pagdating mo sa korte sabihin niya, ‘Your honor, may we have a preliminary hearing on the sanity or insanity of my client to determine whether or not he can stand trial and he understands or will be able to — ?’

‘Pag sinabi ng doktor tapos iba ang sagot, ah wala akong pasyal ganun. ‘So what’s your name?’ ‘Ah wala ikaw kapatid ko, ikaw…’ So he cannot stand trial. Ngayon maski na sane siya, pagdating ng panahon pagkahuli sa kanya insane na, sira na rin ang utak, he cannot stand trial, he cannot be punished, he cannot go to jail. Now, I ask you Filipinos, sino ngayon ang managot nito? Tell me.

I went a step back, three steps, sa recorded drug-related killings in the past, no specific president, 77,000 drug-related crimes. Sinong magbayad nito? Kaya ako nandito ngayon eh. I just… I want to communicate with you. Sino ang hulihin ko magbayad nitong lahat? The 10,000 son of a b**** ‘yung mga namatay? Iyon numero nila ‘yon pero hindi umabot. In Davao, when I was mayor maybe 600, 700 for 23 years. Tama ‘yan. Because my orders to the police and to the military now is: Go out and hunt for them. Not to kill them but to arrest them if still possible. But if they confront you violently then shoot the idiot because either ikaw o siya ang mamatay.

Now, I continue makita ninyo sa TV, I continue to lose three, four, five on the average, three military pati pulis. Extrajudicial killing? Hindi amin ‘yon. Kanila ‘yon. Remember that I fired nine generals when I became President for being into drugs. Now what do you think is really happening? Eh ‘di barilin na lang nila kaagad bakit pa ako mag…? Why do I have to lose a policeman or a military man? Kalaki ko ng gastos mag-training ‘yan para ipapatay ko lang?

So those people who keep on harping either ayaw — they cannot accept defeat or they just want really something to talk about. But I’m beyond that. I cannot be reelected anymore.

Ang akin may problema ako. Droga, terrorism. It’s raging in Mindanao. Iyong mga traditional NPA, MI, MN, we are talking. We are starting to talk with the NPAs. Kay nagalit lang kasi ako kasi even before the termination of the ceasefire, pinagbabaril na nila ang mga military ko pati pulis. But we are restarting because, you know, we cannot fight forever, I told them.

Kayong mga NPA nakikinig, we have been fighting for 50 years. You want to fight for 50 years? Another 50 years? Hindi na kayo nahiya sa sarili ninyo. And all of this time 50 years we are killing Filipinos. Buti sana kung… So we are talking. So what’s the problem now? Kung walang terorismo pati droga the Philippines by now would be — would have been heaven.

But because of terrorism diyan sa Bohol ngayon may hinahabol pa sila. I told the military, ‘Huwag kayong matulog. T***, hanapin ninyo at patayin ninyo ‘yan. I want them dead. Huwag mong ibigay sa akin ‘yang nang buhay.’  Iyong mga terrorism na they cut other people’s throat, slit it and just to decapitate, they are really animals. But if you want me to be an animal, eh sanay rin ako diyan. Pareho lang tayo. I can dish out more than what you can 50 times over. Kainin pa kita sa harap ko, bigyan mo lang ako ng suka pati asin, I’ll eat you. [laughter] Totoo. Pagalitin mo ako. Bigyan mo diyan terorista, bigyan mo ako ng asin pati suka kakainin ko ‘yang atay niyan. Do not… Wala… No quarters given, no quarters asked for these people.

Shabu? Drop the shabu today and there will be no trouble tomorrow. I assure you not even a single fight. Terorista, you go out. You have been influenced by the ISIS. That’s the mother of all terroristic organizations, the ISIS. Ayaw ninyong hintuan eh ‘di sige. Maybe you can blow up my place, place a grenade there. Ang ayaw ko kasi minsan sa Zamboanga National High School nilagyan nila ng IED, explosives. Tapos sa Marawi University, nilagyan nila ng granada.

Sabi ko do not force my hand into it. Ako’y… Ako taga-Cebu ang tatay ko. But my mother is a half Maranao because my lola is Maranao. Ang lolo ko Chinese. But my father is from Danao City, Cebu. So I know Mindanao with the fingers of my hand.

Do not force my hand into it. Kasi ‘pag nag-martial law ako sa Mindanao, tatapusin ko ang lahat ng problema whether it is really terrorism or a boundary sa lupa o away ng pamilya, tatapusin ko ‘yan, lahat na. Wala na akong iiwanan na problema diyan. Even the slightest paputukan ng dinamita diyan sa dagat. ‘Pag ako ang nag-martial law sabihin ko sa Navy, pasabugin mo ang bangka pati ‘yung tao.

Kaya kayong mga terorista sa Mindanao, I’m warning you: I hate it, I do not want it but I said do not force me to do it because it will be a very sad day for all of us. Hindi lang ‘yan terrorism ang tapusin ko, lahat na pati ugali namin kasali na ako. Magbago talaga ‘yan. No more arrogance and… Tatapusin ko lahat. Kaya huwag ninyo akong pilitin kasi magbago talaga ang Mindanao. So I will lockdown Mindanao and tatapusin ko ‘yung mga problema pati tao.

Human rights? Do not commit a wrong, do not commit a crime, you behave and I will defend your human rights and your life itself with my life. Pero bababuyin mo ang Pilipino, t*** i**, hindi ko matanggap ‘yan. [speaks Ilonggo]

You know, Mindanao — a third of Mindanao’s population puro Ilonggo. Iyong asawa ko. So kailangan akong pumunta dito to speak about goodwill.

Then as a last note with you, you have to go back to ROTC, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Kasi ‘yung ROTC ‘yon ‘yung may training, reserve officers nga eh. Because if there is really violence, anarchy, ang maka-alam niyan, ang marunong mag-handle ng M16, M14 or mortar, ‘yung mga ROTC. Iyon ‘yan silang mag-guide sa mga civilian na walang alam.

I just do not know what was the rational or rationale ng ut — utak ng mga… At there was this hazing incident in UST that resulted in the death of about one or two. Tapos I think it was Congress scraped entirely the ROTC. Diyos ko po, that was really a very shortsighted. We could have just investigated and place to — put to prison…

Bakit mo tanggalin ‘yang ROTC na kung magkagulo tayo, kayong mga ROTC ang magturo sa sibilyan kung paano mag-cock ng baril, paano mag-load sa magazine at paano mag-repair, and how to fight. Wala tayo ngayong residual… Tinanggal nila ang ROTC eh, iyong iba ayaw. Or would you rather that I would come up with a law that could conscript you. Do you know what is conscription? Conscript? You are required by the government kagaya ng Israel, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, you are required to undergo military training compulsory. So make a choice. Either you have ROTC training so that we can depend on you. Baka ‘yang gulo na ‘yan mangyari wala matanda na kami so you take care of the country. Eh kung hindi ka marunong mag-handle ng M16 eh di pareho tayo lahat inutil. Kaming may alam matanda na, kainin ko na lang ‘yung 45 kasi ‘pag maabutan ka ng terorista puputulan ka ng ulo.

So ‘yon ang sabi ko, I’m here to announce it that I’m working on a law that would restore the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Then I can be assured that the next generation or ngayon at least marunong kayong humawak ng baril, marunong kayong mag-maneuver kung paano akyatin ‘yang bukid na ‘yan at marunong kayong mag-depensa ng bayan ninyo. Who else would defend you?

You always ask America for help? They will not die for you. Kayo ang magpakamatay sa bayan natin. That is a message from a father to the nation. Kayo ang magsakripisyo. ‘Pag kami kung maabutan ‘yan kami, panahon ninyo kayo na. Kunin ninyo lahat ng pag-aaral paano ibigin ang bayan ninyo at pagsilbihan kung sakaling kailangan.

In the meantime, I said we are pouring money on the education sector. You have the biggest appropriation in the annual budget. And for my… For the rest of my term it will be because I’ve always believed na ang edukasyon would save us someday. [applause] But then again I would want to stress — huwag munang magpakpak, nagmamadali. Hintay ka muna diyan. [laughter] Ako nga mag-uwi ng chopper o baka mabangga pa ako sa bukid niyan.

Gusto ko I have talked about population sana but this is not the proper time. But I will again discuss this with the Cabinet. We have to do some family planning. Our population really is not in parity with our resources. Hindi makaabot, dili ka-tabla ba, even tabla. So but there will be some forums on that. I’ll leave it to the elders dito sa ating bayan.

In the meantime, I’d like to congratulate Secretary Briones and the rest of the guys, the governor, the mayor who had a hand in making this Palarong Pambansa a successful one. To you I said to whom those moment rightfully belongs. You deserve the medals and the honors na ano — nagpapasalamat ko nandiyan for the participation and for the spirit.

Ngayon ‘yung Region 11 nandito? [crowd cheers] Siguro mga dos siyentos ka-baka? Ubra na? Eh pag-abot mo let me know so that we can eat together. [applause] Siguro may ara nga prize nga kwarta. 50,000 each, okay na? [loud cheers] Maghanap tayo ng pera.

Salamat po. [applause]

May I continue with my talk with just a declaration. I now declare 2017 Palarong Pambansa officially open. Mabuhay! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

So huwag ninyong kalimutan… Do not forget my message to you.