DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS. 1st Mechanized IB. 07 June 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk 

[Camp Leono, Barangay Kalandagan, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat | 07 June 2017]

I’d like to introduce the persons with me. General Año, Chief of Staff; Lieutenant General Glorioso Miranda, the Commanding General, Philippine Army; Major General Arnel Dela Vega, Commander of the 6th Division; Governor Mangudadatu, province of Sultan Kudarat; Colonel Bismarck Soliba, Brigade Commander; Police Chief Superintendent, Region Director, Police 12; the officers and the troops of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade; my beloved countrymen. 

[Could somebody please, the commanding officer here to give the tikas pahinga order?]

Meron akong speech at alam mo sayang naman kung hindi ko basahin gumawa nito. I do not read speeches. But since it is part of our trouble at present, may I just read it.

It is my pleasure to be here today as we honor and commend our brave men and women in uniform who selflessly risk their lives in the name of peace and freedom.

As our forces valiantly pursue the mission of quelling rebellion in Marawi City, let me assure our soldiers that the Filipino people is completely behind you in this fight to restore order and maintain peace in Mindanao.

I came here to personally recognize the valuable contribution of the 1stMechanized Brigade in our efforts to neutralize the enemy.

As reinforcement of our operations in Marawi, we have already dispatched the infantry company of the 1st Mechanized Brigade composed of officers — three officers, 62 enlisted men, personnel and armoured vehicles.

I am certain that these efforts will play a crucial role as we wrap our operations in the next few days.

The experience of the 1st Mechanized Brigade in facing various threats, groups in Mindanao and Sultan Kudarat will greatly contribute to our efforts of completely crush the rebels hiding throughout the city.

I also commend the men and women of the 1st Mechanized Brigade for your commitment in enforcing martial law within the parameters set by the Constitution.

I thank you for your efficient handling of 858 operations, 12 of which led to encounters and 676 security checkpoints in various parts of Mindanao.

I also salute the personnel of the 1st Mechanized Brigade who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Let me assure you that I will see to it that the families of the two soldiers killed in action during operations last year, will be attended to by the government.

We are also proposing — processing rather, the documentary requirements of the 18 soldiers who were wounded in action in various operations in the past two years, especially the three soldiers who just came from our operations in Marawi City.

As we retake the beautiful city of Marawi from the clutches of the enemy, I call upon our troops to remain steadfast in performing their sworn duty to protect our people.

I ask you to never waiver in your commitment to defend the Republic from all threats especially of terrorism, criminality, and insurgency.

Let me commiserate with you for ‘yung soldiers na— [Saan ‘yung kopya ko kagabi sa briefer? May tatlo, dalawang sundalo?]

I grieve with you and I’d like to extend my condolences to the family of the brave men.

You know, I’m the second President of this Republic to declare martial law. Much as I hate it, dalawa lang kami on record na nag-declare ng martial law at hindi maganda ‘yan para sa akin because I would have wanted really peace for my country.

Ayaw kong pumatay ng Pilipino at nasasaktan ako every time a Filipino is killed, whether he’s an NPA, whether he’s a Maguindanao, Maranao.

Eh kasi kung maaari lang, mag-usap lang sana. And this is what I really wanted to do.

Dito sa NPA, marami kasi silang drama. And, you know, every time that they make demands, it is as if they are the ones trying to bargain in a higher level, para sila tuloy ang tigas.

And, I, in the beginning, I know that some of you were sad, maybe did not like it but you know I am a President for peace. I am not a President — a wartime President.

And so I did all that I could do. I called for a ceasefire first just to show our goodwill. Pati ‘yung puso natin na gusto talaga natin mag-usap.

But they all fouled it up. And to think na sila pa ang maghingi, na sila naman ngayon ang desperado makipag-usap.

At no other time in history of this country, beginning from maybe Mr. Marcos na maraming nag-surrender ng NPA, in droves, and with firearms.

Believe me, I’ve been mayor of the City of Davao for 23 years and ngayon ko lang nakita na mag-surrender marami at pati armas.

Noon mag-surrender ‘yan pinapatay talaga ‘yan sila ng mga sparrow, sinusundan. But now, ngayon lang sa inyong karami nag-surrender dito pati ‘yung armas nakita ko.

So I am again addressing myself to the NPAs. Kayong mga NPA, able-bodied, at kung mag-qualify kayo, both — hindi sabihin na kailangan ko ng bright.

Kayong mga sundalo sa New People’s Army, kung gusto ninyong sumali sa gobyerno ko, I will take you in as soldiers of the country. And I will — i-e-enlist ko kayo as soldiers anytime. Bumaba lang kayo at mag-train.

Kasi the fourth… Towards the end of the year, Nur Misuari, noong nag-usap kami offered. I asked him, “Nur, are you with me in this Republic? Ano ba ‘to, Republika o sisirain natin?”

You know, we have been fighting for 50 years. Lahat itong insurgency, ‘yung Cotabato campaign, just about as the MN noon then MI. Ngayon nag-usap lang hindi natin ito sila kalaban because they are talking and we would like just to talk.

Si Nur mag-usap kami once makumpleto rin ‘yung mga tao niya. Sabi ko, “salamat.” Tapos he offered to send 2,000 of his men. Ay sabi ko, “Teka, teka huwag muna. Huwag muna Nur kasi I do not want, you know, most of them…” Kayong mga… you know, it’s not good to be fighting na hindi nila makuha talaga ‘to, a Moro against a Moro. Let us make them understand first what is this all about.

But si Nur is passionate about just getting the structure of federalism. Alam niya kasi sa Mindanao halo na talaga. Alam nila ‘yan na nandito na tayo.

Kailangan ‘yung Christians pati ‘yung mga Moro talagang mag-usap tayo kasi karamihan dito, ako, I come from a mixed Maranao — Cebuano ang tatay ko eh. Ang nanay ko, ang nanay niya ang Maranao.

So galit talaga ako sa kanila diyan sa Marawi na ‘yan kung bakit ‘yung mga Maranao pinayagan ‘yung mga tao, pinapapasok doon at manggulo and bringing a very corrupt ideology.

Ang gustong gawain patayan lang tapos sirain. Iyon lang ang gusto mo sa buhay, that is pure oppression. Eh tayo naman, bakit naman palugi? And to think that they are fighting a Republic, hindi naman tayo nagkulang.

And not in a million years manalo sila sa atin. Ang liit itong giyera na ito. Were it not for the fact na we are bound by rules, I could flatten Marawi in two days. In 24 hours, tapos ‘yan. Tumbahin ninyo lahat ‘yang — ihulog mo lahat ng bomba mo.

But sabi ko nga, we are governed by rules because we are a Republic, a democratic Republic.

Kaya tayo natagalan kasi nauna sila doon, isinama naman ng mga taga-Maranao. Kaya ako, galit ako.

You know, when I was young, I used to go to that Lake Lanao, napakaganda na lugar. My God. And I used to visit my grandmother sa Lanao del Sur. Kita ko ‘yung Lake Lanao, kung nakita ninyo, kaganda na lugar noon. High school ako, I remember the…

Kaya galit ako nitong mga Maranao nagdala doon ng ibang klaseng tao and ‘yung iba hindi pa Pilipino. Hay naku.

Pero kung sabihin mo na manalo sila? Not in a million years. Kaya natin ‘yan. But alam mo, may order talaga tayo. Just na walang collateral damage, walang inosenteng mamatay. Nandoon na sila eh, nakapwesto na sila bago tayo pumasok.

Iyong casualties natin medyo mabigat. Kaya sabi nila na mag-usap iyong nanay ni Maute, sabi ko, “No, I will not.”

I will not talk anymore kasi marami na ang sundalo ko namatay. Marami nang pulis ko namatay. P***** i**, huwag mo akong bolahin diyan usap-usap na ‘yan. Not anymore.

Pagkatapos diyan mag-usap tayo. Right after. ‘Pag naubos silang lahat diyan then I will talk to the new generation. Sabi ko, “Maranao man tayo, sige mag-usap tayong mabuti.”

Bakit sisirain mo ‘yung lugar mo? G*** pala kayo eh. Bakit ka magdala doon ng mga ISIS? They are foreign, ang gawa nila doon magpatay ng tao tapos magsira ng — ‘yun lang. And they expect us to talk to them.

I am only willing to talk to Nur Misuari of the MNLF, Murad, ang NPA, just give me the document na signed by the Norway — Norwegian government also because they offered the good offices for us to talk to them. So ibigay mo ‘yung dokumento at mag-usap tayo.

Kung wala ‘yan… We have been fighting, I said, for 50 years. You want us to fight for 50 years? Ganon ang gusto ninyo? P***, purgatory ‘yan sa Pilipino to be there for 50 years but ‘pag ayaw ninyo eh ‘di sige.

If that is what you want, we can fight another 50 wars. But you cannot just itong Republika na ito bababuyin mo ng giyera-giyera, karami ko nang namatay na sundalo.

So wala. I am sorry but we have to fight. But kung sabihin mo, manalo tayo, manalo talaga tayo. Napakarami natin.

Wala man silang mga tangke na ganon, walang truck. Maglakad pa sa bukid, puro alimatok ang kumakapit sa katawan. [inaudible]

Wala ‘yan sila eh, this is just a disturbance. It’s not really the entire Philippines. It’s limited to Lanao.

Dito ‘yung mga NPA, eh ragtag naman. Mahilig lang kasi mag-ambush pero that’s about it. Eh ‘yung…

Sinong sundalo dito may anak, apat o lima? Apat, lima? Pauwiin kita kaagad ngayon.

Kasi ‘pag mag-punta ako sa ospital, mag-tanong ako, “Bata, taga-saan ka?” “Taga-Tuguegarao, sir.” U**** na Ilokano. Ilan ang anak mo?” “Sir, apat.”

‘Pag pin ko sa Purple Heart, sabihin ko, “Huwag ka nang bumalik dito ha. Paglabas mo sa ospital umuwi ka na. Ako na ang bahala doon sa general mo, sabihin ko, ako na — bigyan kita ng ibang trabaho.”

Kaya kayo kung sobra, ah wala, uwi. Sino? Magsabi nang totoo. O, puro bakakon. Kasali na ‘yung anak ninyo sa labas, sige, ilan? [laughter]

Huwag masyado kasi naaawa ako eh. Alam mo… Ayan, tanungin mo si General Año. Ma-Jolo man o mag-Cagayan, tinatanong ko na: “Ilan anak mo?” ‘Pag magsabing “apat.” “Uwi ka na. Mag-retire ka na. Bigyan kita ibang trabaho. Gusto mo bouncer sa nightclub para busy ka?”

But you know, may nakita na ako na konting pera. I promise you that I will set up a foundation independently of the other benefits na nakuha ninyo.

Ito, para lang talaga sa edukasyon. Hindi sa pagkain. Para ito sa edukasyon lang ng mga anak ninyo. Buhay o patay, makita mo na may…

May nakita na ako na P20 mil – billion – madagdagan ko lang before my end — the end of my term. If I can just raise another 30 billion, okay na kayo. Okay na, ‘yung kita lang niyan hindi ko ibigay na sa mga ano ‘yan. Ibigay ko diretso ko sa bangko. I-bangko ko. That 50 billion we can take care of the education of all of your children.

Hindi ‘yan independently ako na mag-retire ka diyan. Basta ito ‘yung… This will assure… Kung nasa labas na naka-kwan eh ‘di you save it for the next — ‘yung mga apo. But wala na kayong problema diyan sa edukasyon sa mga bata. So ‘yan ang — I promise you.

There is already the fif — ah 20 billion. Over the years, dagdagan ko na lang ‘yan para sigurado. Hindi ninyo mauubos ‘yan. 50 billion, sa interes? It’s about… Ang laki. 70 [b]illion. Hindi na ninyo mauubos ‘yan. Ilan man lang rin ang sundalo natin. Hindi masyadong marami.

That I can assure you. At saka ‘yung anong kailangan ninyo na hindi maibigay ng command, baka makatulong ako. Anytime. Just call me.

Sa lahat ng mga wounded personnel, meron ‘yang silang card pati cellphone. But if you can just borrow, you… Alam ng mga sundalo ‘yan.

Bong Go, my aide, or anybody. [Tagai ra ko ug card] Iyong card na ibinibigay ko.

Kung anumang problema ninyo. Hindi ninyo ma-solve-solve. Kagaya ng idemanda kayo dahil nambabae kayo, dala-dalawang anak.

Kung ma-demanda na kayo, bigamy, huwag kang lumapit sa akin kay pareho ang kasalanan natin. Ito ha. Ito ‘yung card, piluin ko. So ito ‘yung front piluin ko, ito ‘yung tawagan niyo sa left. Ayan si Bong Go. Itong left. I-trianggulo mo lang.

Kung anong problema mo, tapos hindi kaya o kailangan mo ng ano tulong talaga, tawagan mo lang ako. ‘Pag wala ako, sabihin na busy ako or I’m not inside my office, I’m out in the field, just leave me your name and your rank under — ‘yung unit ninyo and I will call you.


[Soldiers answer, “Yes, sir.”]

Lakasan ninyo. Clear?

[Soldiers answer, “Yes, sir!”]

Kasi ‘pag sabi “Sir, nakalimutan ko na ang numero.” Kunin na lang ninyo ngayon. For anything, for any reason. May problema ka. Sa edad mong ganun, bata ka pa, pero ayaw ng — ayaw ng mag… Ayaw magtindig ‘yan u*** ninyo siguro… Ayan pwede ‘yan ipaopera natin, ipalaki. Sundalo. O, so taguin ninyo ‘yan.

Let me again give my salute sa — lalo na ‘yung namatay and I will be there to protect you.

Regarding martial law, mga droga. Ang droga fuelled martial law because martial law was declared because of terrorism or it was a direct fund-raising nila. Lahat ‘yung mga Kristiyanos pati ‘yung Moro, nagma-manufacture ng droga went into sa…

Kaya itong sabihin ko nga sa Moro talaga leader, huwag kayong mag-kumpyansa nitong mga Balik-Islam, ginagawa lang kayo ng g*** diyan. Ito tingnan mo ‘yang kriminal just to seek protection sumasali diyan.

And it’s because of the drug money, they were funding the terrorism. So ‘pag ka droga, it’s part of rebellion, kasali ‘yan. Kasi ‘yang pera na ‘yan, hinihingi ng NPA, hinihingi ng mga terorista. It is partly responsible for what is going on now.

So kasali ‘yang droga because that is what really funded terrorism now. Walang pera. Tiningnan na namin. Ang ISIS nagpapadala kokonti.

Alam mo kung sino pinaka-regular na binibigyan ng pera mga ISIS? Iyong police, si Nobleza, ‘yung babae.

She was assigned sa Region 11 sa forensics. Nakita namin doon sa… Iyong bangko, transmittal. ‘Yun, isa lang ‘yun, nakita namin.

Pero ‘yung iba wala, dito lang ‘yan. They are funding the drug or protecting the drug para may magastos sila.

So that is included in the crime of rebellion now. Part of the arms, part of the funding.

And I said, do not be afraid, wala kayong sagutin diyan. I and I alone, ako lang ang managot nito lahat. Hindi kayo. Ako. At the end of the day, ako ang magpakulong kung nagkamali kayo.

Kaya huwag kayong magkamali, ‘pag ka hindi ka tumatama. ‘Pag tinamaan lahat, ay tama ‘yan lahat, may tama. Ang mali ‘yang hindi ka makatama. So ako ang magsagot niyang lahat nang tinatamaan ninyo.

So just obey your commanding officers. Work hard. Do not die. Do not be shot at at mabuhay ka. Mananalo tayo, maliliit na bagay lang ‘to, very simple.

We can, I said, if we are not a civilized nation, we can finish this war in 24 hours.

But because of the soldiers, kunin ninyo ang numero ha and let me know if you need anything. [applause]

— END —