DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: 403rd IB, Bukidnon. 06 July 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Camp Bahian, Barangay Impalambong, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon | 06 July 2017]

[Troop Commander, kindly give the order of tikas pahinga, please.]

I’d like to acknowledge the men sa gobyerno na nandito ngayon kasama ko si Secretary Lorenzana, he’s the Defense Secretary; the Presidential Adviser for Military Affairs si Arthur Tabaquero; General Eduardo Año and other major service commanders; Colonel Eric Vinoya, Commander 403rd Brigade; officers and enlisted personnel, men of the 403rd, 403 Infantry, Peacemaker Brigade; fellow government workers.

Meron akong… Usually, may speech talaga ako. It’s about mga two pages. Kakahiya naman nag-biyahe ako dito tapos ‘yan lang ang basahin ko.

But I would read it because I was reviewing the documents last night, including the briefers. I find it very appropriate. Kaya lang English, but I’d like to say it first in our dialect na…

You know, I’d like to thank the officers and men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for your contribution to the country.

Mga ibang mga kasama ninyo contributed their lives and… You know, inuulit-ulit ko ‘to, if there is anybody who is sadder, if there is a word — sad, sadder — na mas malungkot ako kasi I declared martial law and I was the one who ordered the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police to go to the places where there is violence, to go there and fight for the government at ‘yung iba, their lives.

So every time na mabasa ko ‘yung briefer, I say a general prayer but I… Nakita mo namayat ako. I kind of grappling with the loss of lives. Pero sabagay lahat naman tayo mamamatay. There’s always a time.

But masakit lang sa akin kasi wala namang Presidente gustong may magpatayan sa kapwa niya Pilipino. I mean it’s not good to wage a war, if possible, against your own people.

But we are forced to by circumstances at ako naman by Constitutional mandate, I have to do it. Otherwise, I would not only be a failure as a President, I could even go to jail, for just not doing my Constitutional mandates.

So, you have my… Pinaka-ilalim sa puso ko ‘yung paghihinakit ko sa mga panahong ito. But wala akong magawa eh.

And it would appear now that I am the second President of this Republic to declare a martial law.

Sino ba naman may gustong ganon? And I want to end it as soon as possible. But I must be assured also na the Filipino people — the nation is safe.

Ganito ‘yan eh, it’s not even the martial law powers dito sa papel. Papel lang naman ‘yan, sa totoo lang. It’s nothing compared with the fighting and the dying there out — where there is trouble.

But in our, lahat, pare-pareho tayo ng oath of office. We swear to God, to Allah and the people that we will protect and defend the Filipino nation. That’s the long and short of it.

Wala, balewala ‘yang Constitution kung talagang magka-giyera-giyera. Eh kita mo ‘yung ibang mga…

Not to criticize them but just saying a words, this is a democracy. Karami ko ng sundalo patay pati pulis, at mga sinasabi pa nila na hindi pa bagay mag-martial law just for the sake of being on the other side.

And as a lawyer, you have to — enough gray matter between your ears, that’s called the brain. The problem is they are not using it.

And, well, sa ibang araw na lang. I have criticized them, lahat ‘yung mga —restraining order, mga project ng gobyerno na hindi natatapos because of judicial interference that’s not really what you would call part of the duties.

But anyway, the majority of the justices sustained me at hindi naman ako mag-declare ng martial law kung talagang hindi pwede, ka abogado ko.

And we won by an overwhelming mandate. It was only one. Ang lahat pumayag but ang iba naman gusto lang ng Marawi. Eh papaano ‘yung spillover? You have to really use… That’s the reason why you have the Chief of Staff and you have the Defense Secretary.

But in fairness to these guys, ‘nong nasa Moscow kami, when I was informed na “critical”… Maniwala kayo’t hindi, walang military makasabi sa Presidente, “Mag-declare ka ng martial law.” No military would ever do that.

One it’s not — it’s out of order; second, respeto. Because the use of the word “martial law”, mabigat ‘yan eh. Giyera talaga ‘yan.

So I would tell you know, frankly, nobody but sabi nila, “Sir, the situation is critical.”

So I was with General Año, General Lorenzana. I know him before when I was mayor 23 years ago. He brought the Scout Rangers Second Regiment to Davao City. I was then the mayor that’s why we know him — I know him.

Kami puro ‘yung… Along the way na Mayor ako for many years, nakilala ko sila. So sila ang nagsabi, “The situation is critical.” Sabi ko, “Are there civilians killed?” “Yes.” “Are there civilians part of the fighting or puros innocent?” “Sir, mga bata.”

So what might not be critical to the other idiots of this planet is critical to me. Namamatay na nga ‘yung mga tao. So I had to declare martial law, to save lives and to save the Filipino nation.

‘Yun ang… Now, in doing so, I have to declare martial law, you have to fight the war. Mabuti lang kung [mag-pirma?], kung makasali ka doon sa away, ibang istorya ‘yan. It’s not easy to do that.

But you are called upon to contribute your share of nation building and sumasaludo talaga ako sa inyo.

So huwag kayong ma-ano. You will not me the last in this government of mine. Lahat ng mga equipment ninyo, lahat nang kailangan ninyo, kaagad-agad ‘yan bago.

I bought you costing about billions of itong mga hospital equipment. More than once and I have ordered specifically government that my Presidential plane or planes gagamitin to ferry the wounded soldiers to Manila, especially those needing immediate and urgent medical attention which cannot be done in the provinces.

I bought you a baric, high-pressure thing, lalo na kung wounded ka, hindi na masyado — for three days, you are not extricated and there is gangrene. Kung  maipasok ka lang doon sa makina na ‘yun, it can arrest the infection, mahabol, instead of maputol o ma…

So, these things that you need, binili ko na lahat ‘yan. And I am sorry to inform you that I was only about two months President, I visited the AFP hospital. Napakaraming kulang. And would you believe it, itong gobyerno na ‘to, ewan ko noon pa ‘to. Na kaka-bidding lang, kaya sinabi ko kay Ubial, “Do it in 60 days, or do it this month. Kung hindi ninyo palitan ‘yang procedure, kayo ang palitan ko.” Si Secretary Ubial mismo.

I can’t… Don’t give me that s*** about a bidding process. Eh kung wala namang magnanakaw diyan sumasali, bakit patagalin niyo nang ganun? Sabi ko, “Change the procedure or I will change you.”

Tutal ang ano lang naman natin… But I can guarantee you guys, magpakamatay kayo sa bayan ninyo, hindi kayo lugi, walang corruption dito. At lahat ng dapat sa inyo, mapupunta sa inyo. Lahat ng mga baril, lahat ng mga ano — sabi ko kay Defense Secretary, “Bago.”

Hindi na ako tatanggap ng helicopter maski kanino, ke ma-America o… I will not accept secondhand. Magbili tayo ng atin. Kung hindi natin kaya, eh ‘di mag-bili na lang tayo ng lima muna, anim.

But, ako gusto ko ‘yung Air Force. There are 12 FA-50s there. Baka makalabas ako siguro maging mga 24 ‘yan. We will have a credible Air Force in our — for our country.

Pero sa inyo, walang problema. And, may sabihin ako sa inyo. Hindi ako nagpapalakas ng atay ko sa inyo. I do not need personal loyalties.

That’s the least of my worries. Pareho lang tayo. You are as important as me in this government. My life is not… Your life is not less important than mine.

Ako, Presidente lang but… Eh kung Presidente ako, what? What do you contribute to your country? Sometimes, you should die also.

So, ang inyong makuha dito sa gobyerno na ito would be one of the best. That would be the best years of your — kasi naabot rin ninyo ako.

Maski noon sa Davao. I do not allow any policeman or military man going to jail for doing their duty. ‘Yan ang maasahan ninyo.

Ngayon, sige lang demanda lang kayo. Sabihin na, “Salvage o ano”. “Fine, go ahead. File the charges.” I never really interfered.

When they said that it was murder, fine. Because there will always be a time na it would be my call. Lahat nang pumasok sa gobyerno at nagtrabaho at sinunod ‘yung utos, at kung legal naman, bakit ko papayagang ikukulong?

Pati ang mga pulis, kung minsan ganon talaga ang style diyan, I will never allow a policeman to go to jail for doing his duty on my orders.

Itong martial law, anything that happens here, the consequences — good or bad — it is my responsibility. I and I alone. Akin ‘yan.

Sige lang sila diyan. Eh demokrasya ‘to eh. But there will come a time, i-demanda mo, hearing kayo, tapos may judgment. Pagkatapos, akin na.

Bakit kayo magkaproblema may pardon naman? Eh ‘di pagkatapos ng sentensya, “O halika dito. Ibigay mo sa huwes ‘yan o: ‘Restored to full political and civil rights, and a promotion to boot.’” Wala nang… Diretso.

Ngayon, kung ‘yung mga abuso na ano eh hindi na kasali sa trabaho ‘yan. Pero magprangkahan tayo dito kasi puro batikos na ‘yung mga pulis, army… Wala akong army na umaabuso. Ang utos ko sa army, pumatay. Kung tingnan ninyo abuso ‘yan, problema ninyo ‘yan.

So I have to save a country. So that’s my guarantee to you. At tsaka bigyan ko kayo ng baril lahat. Kasi… [Hapon na.]

Kayo kasi palutaw-lutaw. I’ve been mayor for… You know, my father was governor of Davao. Isa lang ang probinsya no’n. I’m quite familiar with military and — eh JAGO ‘yung tatay ko eh — and itong mga pulis.

Maglabas kayo ng kampo, ‘pag naka… Lutay-lutay lang diyan, maglakad. Then you think that you do not have a gun, dapat walang engkwentro.

Eh itong mga… Unahin ko itong mga NPA. Hindi ko talaga maintindihan ang utak niyan. Gusto, ayaw, gusto, ayaw. Gusto makipag-usap, gusto sumali sa atin makipag-away.

Kaya hindi ako pumayag kay baka ‘yung mga sundalo ko ang tama sa likod lahat. Kung nandiyan kayo — eh hindi ako sigurado. Eh ngayon, gusto nang makipag-away.

So, our focus now dito sa Marawi is distracted. Parang may lamok na sigeg [makes buzzing sound] Eh naka-sight ka na diyan, magpasok diyan sa tenga mo, ‘yan ang NPA. ‘Di mo malaman, gustong makipagkaibigan, gustong tu — we talk, then…

Sabi ko, “Mabuti pa doon kayo, isa na lang ang kalaban namin.” Lahat… But in the fullness of God’s time, this will be over and there will also be changes.

We will not forget our brother Moros. We will rebuild Marawi. Pilipino ‘yan eh. Ang problema lang napasukan tayo dito ng dalawang relihiyon. But that is not really the issue, but it has been the moving factor dito sa gulo.

Wala kayong ma-ano sa akin because ang sabi ko nga, my grandmother is a Maranao. Ang nanay ko ang mestiza, Maranao; ang lolo ko, Chinese, but my father is Cebuano. Wala akong ano… I do not have that kind of bigotry na…

Pero ako, basta tayo, the Republic must be able to survive and we must remain strong. I will assure you that you will be strong and I will protect and defend you. ‘Yan ang maasahan ninyo.

And you will have the best of everything, in terms of equipment at lahat. And you would be comforted. ‘Yan lang ang maiwan ko sa inyo.

Maraming salamat sa contribution niyo. And for your — our comrades in arms, which just say to God that, “May you bless them.” And ask God to bless us all this afternoon because we have a task to do.

Daghang salamat. [applause]