DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Mass oath-taking. Malcanang. 29 Aug 2017

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(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech,  released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace | August 29, 2017]

This is just about two pages. I would need a longer time with you. And so may I start by just rattling off the Cabinet members:

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, and the members of the Cabinet; our newly appointed government officials; mga kasamahan ko sa gobyerno; ang minamahal kong mga kababayan.

In the newspaper reports today, there seems to be an apparent — well, it’s an allegation that a daughter-in-law of mine visited Customs. She is not a Duterte. She is a Sumora — Sunera — Sumera. And I haven’t seen that one for the last ten years.

Nag-ano ‘yan siya eh, unang asawa ng — ni Pulong. Pulong, the Vice Mayor now of Davao City, eloped with a Maranao lady, whose age was 24. Tinanan niya — o tinanan si Pulong o tinanan niya ‘yung anak ko kasi 18 years old lang at nawala ‘yan sa kamay ko.

One of my sad events in my life because I never saw him for more than five years. Until ‘yung nalaman ko na nagkaroon na ako ng apo, so I sought him out and made peace with him.

Naghiwalay na ‘yan sila. She is now married to a Sumera. And si Pulong naman, just like the father, married another woman for the second time. Pero ganun lang ang buhay.

Now ito naman si Mans Carpio, ang tatay niya kapatid niya si Ombudsman Morales — Carpio-Morales. Ito, abogado ito. Long before ‘yung Mighty ano — Might King, ang office nila ang nag-handle niyan.

I don’t know if Bebot Bello has divested his interest there. But sila ‘yung mga puro Ilokano — Bebot Bello, marami ‘yan sila. At ang anak ko was lawyering for the Mighty King. Syempre piliin mo ‘yung kliyenteng may pera.

Kaya sabi ko, kung hanggang diyan, okay lang, sabi ko. It’s lawyering. Nobody can question us and even I, when as a matter of fact it is just part of our profession, our vocation as a lawyer. Alam naman natin ‘yang mga abogado. Pero wala kaming [inaudible]

At ang sinabi ko naman sa inyo, if any of my children — at right… Sabi ko sa — pinangalanan ko na kaagad, si Mayor Sara, si Pulong, pati si Sebastian — kung ‘yan ang pumasok doon sa — may hiningi na illegal or graft and corruption, I told you before, I am ready to step down as President.

I will not hesitate and cling to power when it is no longer productive of me as a human being. Gusto ko lang malaman ninyo. Wala akong illusions diyan sa presidente-presidente. As a matter of fact, if I were to turn back the hands of time, I would have decided differently. Maybe, maybe. ‘Yan ang ano ko.

So I am now scouting around, ‘yung PCGG kasi is focused on the work of Marcos. Ipakita ‘yung pamilya and there’s a…

I have yet to select the guy para walang duda. Baka sabihin na naman nag-hao-siao, there is a backchanneling.

But the Marcoses, I do — I will not name the spokesman. Sabi nila na they’ll open everything and probably return ‘yung nakita lang. Sabi nila na, “malaki ang deficit mo sa…” “Maybe this year, ang projected deficit spending would be big,” sabi niya. Baka makatulong. Pero hindi ito malaki.

“But we are ready to open and bring back,” sabi niya, “pati ‘yung a few gold bars.” Hindi ganun kalaki, it’s not a Fort Knox, it’s just a few. But sabi nila, isauli nila para walang ano.

And the only reason really was sabi nila, that the father was protecting the economy. Now, of course, the eventual kung maalis siya. But he was thought of regaining the Malacañan and that is why ganito ang lumabas. Parang naitago.

I will accept the explanation, whether or not it is true, wala na eh. And they are ready to return. How much they would give me an accounting? Trying to look for a guy not identified with anybody to handle the negotiation kung gusto nila.

I’m looking at a former Chief Justice. Sila na lang mag-usap, then another CPA, and maybe a representative of all that is accepted also by all. Para… So that tatlong tao ‘yan, mag-usap sa kanila.

And they are ready. And I’m happy na we come with a clean [inaudible]. Make something that is really worthwhile for the Filipinos. ‘Yun ang explanation ko.

I do not have a daughter by the name of Lovelie Duterte. Ang daughter-in-law ko is, si January — I think she was born January. But she is not a Moro, she is a Christian. Espanyol nga ang salita.

Ito namang kay Mans, I do not apologize for him because he’s a lawyer. And every lawyer knows that. That’s our job. The richer the client, the better. So you can die early — die early or retire early.

So ‘yan po ang — ang for today’s consumption. But sabi ko, ni-limit ko doon sa mga anak ko kasi wala akong kontrol sa ibang tao. Like for example, just like my son-in-law who is a lawyer and it is perfectly all right for him to see anybody.

I may if he’s just going to the BIR in connection with the case of your client, I do not [inaudible]. Eh trabaho ko noon ‘yan. We have to protect the interest of our client, that’s our oath of office as lawyers.

Ito namang babae ‘yang pumupunta diyan. Excuse me, she is not — she’s not my daughter. Hindi ko manugang ‘yan. Diyan nga ako nagkaroon ng sugat sa puso noon. Imagine, your 18-year-old son eloping with a 24, tapos — nahirapan talaga, hindi nakatapos.

Ang sabi ko, ni-limit ko diyan sa mga anak ko kasi ‘yan ang kontrol ko. Ang mga anak ng mga pinsan ko, wala na ako doon. Hindi ko na kaya ‘yun i-kontrol kung anong gustong hanap-buhay gamitin nila sa mundong ito. I could only answer for my daughter — daughters, dalawa na pala ‘yan pati sa mga anak kong lalaki.

‘Yan… And anyway, that was what I said during first… If you remember, I was very specific in the names. Kasi ‘yung iba, hindi ko kaya. Itong si Lovelie, they separated 10 years ago. I haven’t seen her for the longest time. ‘Yung mga anak nila, nandoon sa kaniya.

Not the kind of event that would prompt me to insist on resigning. Pero ako, sabi ko sa mga anak ko, if they are into it, just call my attention, remind me of my commitment and I will resign. Hindi ako ‘yung kapit-tuko. That’s one.

The second one is, itong PCGG kasi is focused on the Marcos wealth. Gusto ko tanggalin pero baka sabihin naman ng mga tao, on the verge of discovering something, ayan na nga, binuwag na tuloy ‘yung ano — binuwag na tuloy ‘yung PCGG.

But I will create another office. Itong… I just name it good government pero meron na kasi. Maybe an anti-graft and I am looking for somebody to handle.

‘Yung anak ni Bello — ni Bebot? Siguro kaya niyang hawakan. Ah ayaw mo? I’m really looking for somebody. Kung may makuha ako na… Meron akong gustong kunin pero hindi na papayag ‘yon. Justice talaga. One or two or three. And maybe a lady na ‘yung not identified with me nor identified with the other group.

I need… I need somebody na ano. Kasi matagal eh. Si Justice Sereno made insinuations that siya ‘yung itinuturo ko. Actually, none of the above. I was just — generic ‘yun. For those guys, sinabi ko na… Well, I said there’s a lady in…

Ako naman, I rely on documents that are given to us here in the Palace. I do not… I do not put a premium of truth in it actually.

But something that is transmitted to us officially. And when it… If that is the situation, I have to make it public. I cannot make it a secret because the people will say, “Ipinaalam namin ‘yan, wala namang ginawa.”

But ‘yung sabi niya na trips niya abroad. I don’t know. From what I gathered from the papers was that she was traveling first-class. Eh kami maski nung Congressman ako, we were allowed to travel. And ang pwede lang sa amin really is business class. But if the airline decides to upgrade you because you’re a congressman ganun, well and good.

But public money spends only for a — ‘yung mura na business class. At ‘yung mga kwarto na sa hotel, such an ordinary room. You are not supposed to be occupying a suite.

The only problem at baka mabalikan ninyo ako, when I go out of the country and visit nations, sila ‘yung nagre-reserve ng kwarto. Usually, it’s the Presidential Suite. Because there’s a room — a receiving room, tapos dalawang kwarto, security mo, pati ‘yung iyo.

Kaya may caveat ako diyan. I am also… Pero karamihan kasi binabayaran ng host country. They offer na sila na ang mag…

So ‘yan ang score diyan. Para malaman ng Pilipino kung ano ang laro ng buhay sa Pilipinas.

Itong isa. I will read the official ano. Bakit ang Ombudsman matagal na siya diyan, natapos na lang itong si Aquino, why can’t they just wind up the cases against the senators?

This is not a brief. Hindi ko man kapartido ‘yang si Estrada pati si… [Sino ‘tong isa?] Taga-Cavite? Hindi naman. Ba’t ‘yung kaso nila hanggang ngayon… You know, it’s sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. If you allow a certain person to post bail, there is absolutely no ground — legal or otherwise — na bakit ‘yung iba, hindi mo rin gawin?

The latest is Gringo Honasan. Gringo runs sa ano… Wala kaming ano, but naawa ako sa kanya because hindi klaro eh. At ang  batting average ng conviction, sinabi ko sa inyo, sa Ombudsman, case is filed, is two to eight. Eight is acquittal, two ang conviction. Bihira.

At itong mga Ombudsman, I was once also a — an accused sa Ombudsman. Corrupt rin talaga ‘yan sila, ang mga imbestigador. I’m telling you. And I can bring forth the record at basahin nila uli.

But eventually, ako hindi ako. Hindi talaga ako pumayag. Naghingi siya, sabi ko, I told him, “Anong kasalanan ko diyan?” Eh may prosecutors. So eventually, umabot ako sa Supreme Court. But at a great expense sa abogado. And I was exonerated.

Ang maawa ako diyan, itong style ng graft and corruption sa ating bansa eh. ‘Pag sinabi ng mayor, tawagin ka, “Pirmahan mo ‘to,” ‘yung auditor pati treasurer, automatic, pipirma ‘yan.

Kung magsabi na ‘yang mayor, “P******* i** ‘to, ano ba?” And yet they are the ones naluluto, malaman nila ‘yan eh. Magpunta ng — wala pa namang barko — wala na ‘yung barko Davao — plying Davao – Manila.

So they had to go to another province, board a ship there, makita mo ‘yung barong nila na puro butas na and only to be acquitted. ‘Yan ang mahirap sa file nang file nang file. So many cases that they cannot handle. Basta pagsabi nandiyan, there being a prima facie, file mo lang ‘yan, sige file, para may output lang at the great, great expense of the human emotion.

Hindi maka — tapos ‘yung iba, ‘yung the favored nila, hanggang ngayon hindi pa na — ‘yung inuna ‘yung mga kalaban.

Naawa ako dito kay Greg, sabi ko — sabi ko, “Then the measure of standard of granting bail and whatever legal remedy sa below, you give it. Give it to the others and give it to your enemies para…”

Kaya itong dalawang… Without really casting us sa… Alam mo itong mga Justice sa Supreme Court, wala akong problema.

But the way things are being run, kagaya nitong sa contraceptive. Dumaan na ‘yang ilang expert eh tapos sabihin ni Sereno na it’s a — it causes abortion.

And yet, nagbili na tayo ng medisina, expecting that it would, you know, be needed by government to — para maumpisahan na.

And until now, it’s two years ago, nag-expire na ‘yung medisina, Sereno is sitting on it. What’s the problem, ma’am? Gumastos na tayo, bumili na tayo ng medisina tapos nag-expire na lang.

A simple presentence would say if you are going to deny it, “We denied it because it is an abortive substance.”

Hanggang ngayon wala. And yet you call us for the slow movement of… There is something terribly wrong in our country, I tell you — very, very wrong.

Me, I have my faults. Plenty. Pero not enough to — sabihin mo na mag-resign ako dahil nagtanggap ako ng pera, niluto ko ‘yung — I do not go into it.

If it’s my son that’s lawyering, I will not interfere. ‘Yang si Mrs. Sumera is not a Duterte, mind you.

At ang sinabi ko na sa inyo noon — noon pa — I can distinctly remember, I said: “If somebody goes to your office mentioning my name, dropping my name, consider the subject matter denied.”

And do not allow my son or daughter to enter into your office to talk about something. You can always stand up, open the door and say, “Ma’am/Sir, Mr. Duterte, Mayor Duterte, the door is open. Kindly go out.”

‘Yan lang naman ang hiningi ko sa inyo. At sinabi ko, “Kung kayo ‘yung magpayag, boldyakan ko rin kayo, bakit kayo pumayag?” I will go after you for consenting to a corruption not only by you but including my children.

I-demanda na ninyo. Wala akong pakialam diyan sa — I have sacrificed this far — thus far to remain floating in public office na…

And I’ve said I’ve never lost an election. From the time I won the vice mayorship in 1987 until the presidency. Bakit ko sayangan ‘yan? Ano ba naman ang gusto mo pa sa buhay? ‘Yun lang. Wala akong ano.

For those… Simple lang ang gusto ko, quiet life. I am satisfied with my house and still good. Sa second wife, I only have one daughter. Magkasya na sa amin ‘yan lahat.

Wala akong… ‘Yung piso mo manalo sa akin ng whatever my property worth one million, it’s yours kung may makita ka sa akin na kalokohan.

The wheels of justice grind to a halt when those tasked to dispense it have friends to serve and debts of gratitude to pay, no matter what.

The lack of moral courage to do what is right and act beyond those twin failings, ends up in inequitable decisions. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours, is how some people describe it. It is to me, detestable.

Everyone calls for “due process” and the [dispensation] of justice without fear or favor.

But sad to say, recent events show that no less than the Office of the Ombudsman, which is supposedly the embodiment of everything that is just, fair and reasonable, has not exactly lived up to its constitutional mandate.

And may I add, your hold to the office is very, very precarious. You are supposed to serve the remaining terms of the guy who resigned, not to a full term. That is very clear under the law. But it has not been questioned until now. I do not know why.

Ako naman kasi, balae ko ang kapatid niya, ‘yung tatay ni Mans. So mabuti ‘yang open. Ayaw kong i-mention in public but since we are talking about what is right and what is wrong, then maybe, we should talk about everything, sparing no one.

The Office of the Ombudsman rightly stresses the importance of “due process of law.” Yet it cannot act on complaints with the “cold neutrality of an impartial tribunal,” which is basically required in “due process.” It seems that the Office of the Ombudsman has mastered the art of selective justice.

Harsh on some, soft on others even when they all suffer from similar or analogous circumstances. Slow to act on complaints against the “friendly” but quick to decide against perceived “hostiles.”

The enemy of the Ombudsman’s friend is the Ombudsman’s enemy too, so it seems. That is how I see it from where I stand.

When I took my oath of office [on] June 30, 2016, I said that one principle of governance I abide with in running the affairs of my administration is contained in the saying thus:

“I have no friends to serve; I have no enemies to harm. I am beholden to no one save my conscience.”

I can only wish that the Ombudsman would go beyond the friendship bonds and adapt the aforequoted principle as a governing rule in the performance of its constitutional mandate.

I implore you, let justice be done. It is not yet late in the day to do that. Let the remaining months of your incumbency be truly reflective of your mandate to do justice to everyone without favour or bias.

That said, let us now go to another equally important item. When [something] wrong is detected in the way an equipment or machinery runs, it is either one takes immediate steps to repair it or stops using it temporarily lest its defect worsens or affects other parts of the equipment. In the meantime, public service suffers.

When there is an urgent need to acquire equipment, parts, materials, supplies, et cetera to meet contingencies or improve public service, any delay in the procurement of these items could result in adverse consequences. And it is the public who bears the consequence and sufferance. It is the government that gets pilloried and crucified.

Alam mo, it’s high time. I hope Congress is listening. Alam mo ‘yang lowest bid is the culprit of them all.

‘Yang lowest bid na ‘yan is the source of all corruption and the efficiency and the inadequacy of government to meet its public works commitment.

Kasi ‘yung lowest bid – ‘yung highest bid…Well, I do not have to mention but Consunji, Ayala, et cetera, may equipment, may tao, may capital.

Then ‘yung the next… Ang lowest bid itong wala, laway lang ‘yan. T*** i**.

‘Pag nakuha niya ‘yung lowest bid, wala man ‘yang capital, walang equipment, wala lahat. I-sub-contract niya ‘yan. Kunin niya kanya ‘yung kanya.

So nandiyan na. Kunin pa ng Office of the President, kunin pa ‘yung technical, mayor hanggang doon sa barangay captain. Pati barangay captain kasi mag-pirma ng public work.

Doon nagka-l****-l****. So ‘yung 100 million mo, 40 million is about — ‘yung lang ang babalik sa tao.

Kaya sabi ko sa kanila, kunin mo. Alam mo bakit? Ganito. It’s now August. Last year I became — [Kunin mo nga ‘yung resignation ni Inday, Bong.]

Alam mo itong babae kong anak na ito, baka gusto ninyo sabihin na gusto namin sa gobyerno.

I was — I took my oath of office June 30. So I reported August 1. August 5 pumunta na ako ng…

Buti’t itinago natin ito. Pumunta na ako ng AFP V. Luna. So marami akong sakit eh. Nasubukan ko na lahat. Sabi ko, “Meron ba kayong MRI?” “Wala.”

AFP Medical Center ha. “Meron ba kayong hyperbaric to arrest the spread of gangrene?” Wala, lahat.

Sabi ko, “O sige.” Good that si Sir Ben Diokno was there. He kept on nodding, “Okay ‘yan, okay.”

So maligaya ako. He gave them half a billion. Tapos ‘yung main building ng hospital nila ‘yung drainage umaakyat na ‘yung…

Sabi ko, “Paano gagaling itong mga sundalo kung ganito?” That is why in my SONA sinabi, “If this is the way how you treat your soldier, can a coup d’etat be far behind?”

Kasi meron kaming ospital diyan, dispensary lang sa PSG. Minor ano o ‘yung mga sugat, nasugatan, nagpapahinga diyan. Alam mo, hanggang ngayon August na, wala pa ang makinarya. Walang MR, walang hyperbaric kaya in my speech sinabi ko. O ba’t narinig niyo ‘yon? “Ubial, you change the process or I will change you.”

But it is really Congress who can put a stop to it. Go for the qualitative essence of a bidding. Kasi ‘yang lowest bid-lowest bid, will promote — will hasten the perdition of this country. And talaga…

Kaya I was talking. I was not joking but I am not into it. For the Philippines to really go up, sabi ko, ang kailangan ng mga tao is not martial law. Go for ginawa ni Cory, revolutionary government. Pero huwag kayong magtingin sa akin, hindi ako pwede diyan.

Na you declare all positions of the government vacant and change all. Ang mali lang kasi ni Ma’am Aquino was ibinigay niya uli sa mga politiko.

So balik… It was the golden opportunity. Let me also say that hindi naman pwede ‘yung…

That is why, I say that when procurement laws and rules tend to unduly delay or derail instead of hasten the implementation of government projects or programs, then the time has come to change or amend them to keep in step with the changing times.

Experience tells us that the lowest bid is not necessarily the best. And I’m telling you, as mayor for 22 years, congressman for four years, one term being the vice mayor of my daughter, talagang itong bidding is…

Punta ka dito sa mga subdivision. Ayaw kong anuhin kasi — no offense intended. I’m just being factual and true to myself.

Punta ka dito sa Maynila o sa probinsya. Sinong magagandang bahay? Sino ‘yung nasa upscale subdivision? It’s the Customs and the itong BIR. Wala talagang katapusan ang ano… Dito magsabi ‘yan sila, “Duterte five years lang.” Kaya nga.

Experience tell us that the lowest bid is not necessarily the best. The quality of service, durability of materials, purpose of procurement and the amount of the bid though not the lowest must go together.

At first blush, the lowest bid may appear cheap, but on the long term, it can be more expensive than anyone could think or could imagine.

Nasabi ko kasi na hindi kami ‘yan sa politika pati ako. I and my daughter nung last election won. Inday Sara as Mayor. On June 30, nag-oath ako, nandito ‘yung mga anak ko, sila.
Iniwan ni Inday pagkatapos ng oath ko. Ibigay ko sa inyo. “His Excellency — “ Excellency pa ang tawag tatay niya. “Rodrigo Roa —“ Ang tawag sa akin “Mayor.” “Nasaan si Mayor?”

“Your Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President Republic of the Philippines, Office of the President, Malacañan Palace, Manila.

I hereby tender my irrevocable resignation as Mayor of the City of Davao effective immediately. I cannot devote my full commitment to do my work and I am unable to discharge the functions of the office due to personal and health reasons.”

Media can have this after. Sabihin ninyo kami na… Nag-resign na… It took me several days to himas-himas lang. Pero ‘yan anytime ‘pag na-peste ang utak niyan, aalis ‘yan.

But then, that is the only side of the situation. The other is… There is another side. Allow me therefore, to think [out] loud in this regard.

Could it be that the problem is not really our procurement laws and rules but the people tasked with their implementation?

[Our] procurement laws are good, they say. It is therefore people charged with the implementation of those rules that is the problem.

Stated otherwise, the problem is the singer and not the song.

I have heard of one department where goods, supplies and materials are purchased mostly through negotiated contracts due to alleged failure[s] [in] the public bidding. And that amazes me no end.

I was informed that someway or somehow, some kind of arrangement or modus operandi — operandi — somebody would pronounce it — if you will, is contrived between members of the BAC on one hand and the bidders/contractors on the other, to manipulate processes [to] intentionally make a public bidding fail so that resort [to purchases] through negotiated contracts could be availed of.

And this is where favored people and entities make their day, in conspiracy of course with department officials and BAC members. And this has to stop. One day, I will catch up with you — God willing, if I’m around — and your heads will roll.

Do not betray my trust; do not betray the people’s trust. Like someone wrote, “Once lost, trust is seldom, if ever, regained.”

That is why, I shall be creating an Anti-Graft Commission soon to investigate complaints of corruption in government. At ito is habulan ng panahon. I do not want investigations to last more than one month.

There is something wrong in the contract, you could see it, diretso na.

Problem is, you have to file it with the Ombudsman. And that is where the game begins again. Delay all others.

I’m not saying that all. I’m not even saying… I could not say that Morales is involved. But huwag kayong maniwala diyang Ombudsman na ‘yan. Dumaan ako diyan. A long time ago.

‘Yung kalaban ko sa pulitika, demanda nang demanda. But ako, wala ako. Sabi ko, I am not in the habit of anuhin ko ‘yung mga kalaban ko. Sabi ko, bahala kayo diyan. Ako patapos na at nanalo naman ako.

That is why I shall be creating the Anti-Graft Commission to investigate complaints of corruption in government. Aside from the results of the investigation supported by competent evidence, I shall either suspend or dismiss presidential appointees.

For the [mean]time, let us go slow in the hiring of consultants.

Meron ditong opisina, about four consultants. Ang bayad niya is 200 per consultant. Tapos syempre, may mag-intervene na. Susmaryosep. Kakasabi ko lang nga eh. ‘Yung sweldo ninyo, pati ang magdaan diyan sa Malacañan, it’s either Diokno, Sonny, and…

But four consultants, 200,000. Mas malaki pa sa sweldo ko ang buang. Susmaryosep. Eh kung ganon, eh ‘di hindi na sana ako nag-Presidente, nag-consultant na lang ako.

We have experts in government from whom you can consult when [the] need arises. Avail of their expertise. Seek their assistance.

But if you cannot really avoid hiring consultants, then it could be good if you moderate their fees. Excessive fees cut into the budget. Be careful with public funds. It is not money that you are of liberty to spend at the people’s expense.

Let me end by welcoming you into the administration. I expect to work with all of you up to the end of my term.

Wala ho akong ano sa inyo. I am in a… Thus far… This far, I think we are good. But sinabi ko lang talaga sa inyo na ako ‘yung medyo sa — talagang matindi ako diyan because I was once a fiscal, a prosecutor.

And I was also one of the two Tanodbayan, predecessor of Ombudsman. Dalawa lang kami sa Mindanao, I was one of them.

Kaya ako ‘yung umiikot ng Mindanao, nagpo-prosecute ng kaso. Kaya ako talaga iniiwasan ko ‘yan kasi nakakahiya eh. Titindig ka diyan, pagbabasahan ka ng demanda ng pagnanakaw. Okay naman, kung hindi totoo. But you know, it’s a very humiliating thing.

I dread the day na ako rin. Kaya maingat ako sa ‘yung mga ganon. Itong mga tao talagang malalakas and the… Ang problema kasi, hindi kayo. The inter-government service for the comfort of it. The money.

So nasa inyo ‘yan. Noble is here. I was around when he was a rebel of Mindanao and his complaint was corruption. Danny is here. Nag-rebelde sila because of corruption

Kaya kinukuha ko sila, sabi ko, “Tumulong kayo at baka…” Ito kasi demokrasya, hindi ko solo. But if you are there, at least there will be mitigations in how the money of the people are spent.

Ako nauna ako, nag-divulge na ako ng ano… I said… I repeat that Lovelie Sumera is not my daughter-in-law. Mans, the husband of Inday, is a lawyer. Hindi na — wala tayo kasali diyan. Maski kaming mga abogado. ‘Pag abogado ka, lawyering. It is not part of the problem, it is part of our democracy. ‘Yan ang istorya diyan.

So kayo inasahan ko naman kayo’t sana, magtulung-tulungan tayo. Ayaw ko talaga ‘yang corruption. Bahala nang bumagsak ako.

If there is a ground for having more than two wives, then I’ll plead guilty. I will not wait for the impeachment to succeed. I will [inaudible] it’s failure by just going away. ‘Yan ang…

So… Dan, Noble, welcome to… Then you’ll find out really how we can improve. At least huwag na lang ‘yung ano, na ‘yung pera ng gobyerno hindi ma-dissipate.

Ma’am, ano bang trabaho mong bago? Kasi naghahanap ako ng… May mabakante DSWD is vacant. Hindi ako ni ano ni ano hindi galing sa akin ‘yun sabi na ginamit ‘yung pera ni Taguiwalo.

We did not… Dumating ‘yun sa kamay ng congressman sa mga — well, [inaudible] from the military maybe. But hindi galing sa akin ‘yun. Otherwise, I would not have re-appointed and re-appointed her.

Eh kasi doon sa kampo ng NPA may nakuha silang ‘yun mga envelope na doon nakapasok ‘yun pantawid.

Ako, ako naman sinabi ko naman ito. Let me be very clear. To the Communists, makinig kayo, wala akong pakialam kung ‘yung pera nakatanggap NPA na mahirap o law-abiding citizen sa barangay na mahirap. Puro ‘yun nangangailangan ng kain. I don’t give — kung ano ang ginawa nila sa pera.

Ang akin lang sana huwag kang magbili ng bala pati baril. But sa liit naman ng bagay na ‘yan ibigay mo sa mga mahirap. May panahon pa ba sila na mag-isip niyan?

Kaya Secretary Taguiwalo, you are barking at the wrong tree. That is what I told the military. I’m not so concerned about money reaching the hands of the NPAs.

Especially if that money is — bought something to eat, wala ako diyan. Pero pagdating na nagpadala ‘yan doon sa —nagkalat diyan sa Congress… Huwag mo akong… Sa akin, okay lang, because I used to do that when I was mayor. Manghingi  ng medisina, maghingi ng pagkain pinapadala ko. ‘Yan, magbili ka ng bala pati baril eh problema mo ‘yan kung patayin ka ng sundalo.

Ganoon… Marami kasing lumalabas na hindi nga tama. Ako, wala ako. Basta ako Pilipino ka, period.  Pilipino ka, gutom ka, o sige may pagkain. Pilipino ka, doon ka sa Komunista magbili ka bala, eh kung pinatay ka ng military, problema mo ‘yan.

Ganoon ka-simple ako. But I have to defend this, you know, my oath of office and everybody else is here. It simply that they have to protect the people and defend the integrity of the Republic of the Philippines, period. Wala na ‘yang martial law, martial law na ‘yan. It means nothing.

Ako, my advice to a President who wants to change, do not go for martial law, gawain lang isyu. Go for a revolutionary government, para tapos lahat.

Kung magawa ni Cory, bakit hindi mo magawa? Bakit may monopoly ba dito sa pagmahal natin sa bayan?

‘Yun lang. I have taken much of your time this afternoon but I have to explain my position to… Otherwise, mahirap ‘yan mawalaan kayo ng bilib sa inyong appointing power. Otherwise, I think you will not be working for me.

Salamat po. 






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