DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Meeting with former NPA captive. 16 Sept 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at the Matina Enclaves, Davao City | 16 September 2017]

I’d like to announce the release of George Rupinta, a policeman assigned in Lupon, who was taken hostage about a few weeks ago.

And through the intercession of well-meaning citizens, and the usual bishops sa [Sinong nandoon, Bong? Palagi ‘yan sila diyan eh] ang Exodus for Justice in Peace. They are always there all the time whenever there is a release of POW. They consider it na prisoners of war.

Actually, whatever is the category, I’d like to thank the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NDF, and the CPP-NPA-NDF combined for the humanitarian gesture of releasing a policeman taken hostage. Wala namang kasalanan ‘to, except to do the duty, law and order, at tsaka maganda ang…

Well of course, I would have to say, because I should share that I see it that all prisoners of war have been treated well in accordance with the Conventions of Geneva. And for that, I also would like to acknowledge their respect for the law. At wala naman talagang itong isang buhay kung papatayin mo lang.

So, nandito si George, he’s suffering from — maybe I would like to say that I forgot the — what his — arterio — arteriosclerosis or something. May heart condition ito siya.

Good na ni-release ninyo, kasi kung namatay ito sa kamay ninyong mga kaibigan ko, magkakaroon tayo ng problema, at least sa mga pulis.

Well anyway, ‘yung mensahe ninyo sa akin for the resumption of the talks, let me say this very carefully. Sa inyo ‘yan eh. Sa inyo ‘yan. Kasi when I became Mayor, there were so many demands, and I conceded, and even appointing people from the left to join the government.

And I released almost something like 25 prisoners of war or so doon sa Bilibid. Ang — kasi, ang gusto niyo, apurahan. And there are things which I cannot concede alone because I am not the only one in control of this government.

I share power with Congress and the Supreme Court. So do not ask for something in a hurry and for those which are not really acceptable to the other branches of government. Mahirap ‘yan.

Pag-usapan natin ‘yan ng masinsinan. Do not be in a hurry because we have been fighting for the last 50 years. And you just cannot ignore that period of violence and killing on both sides.

And you have to consider also the position of the military who invested and the police, who invested lives there.

Ang kinapital nila diyan, buhay eh. So hindi ako basta-basta makapasok because — Kaya nga ang sabi, “Authoritarian, autocrat.” Hindi nga pwede ‘yan eh.

The fact alone that I cannot operate by myself would indicate that there is something more to be done that’s just — there is more than what meets the eye.

There are things which has to be done. We have to clear it with the Speaker periodically and the Senate President.

So that is how it operates here. Now, if you want to resume the talks, I am not averse to the idea, but let me sort out first the other branches of government.

And they remove — it is not my own. It’s — hindi naman kaya tama na sabihin na I torpedoed. Kung halimbawa i-torpedo ko, why would I go into a rigmarole of appointing you every time they are rejected or bypassed by Congress?

Gusto kong maglagay diyan because I have to hear both sides. Ang problema kasi, while we are talking, there’s full of threats about countryside positioning, deployment of New People’s Army soldiers, and that, and that.

Eh wala lang mang — eh ako, kung matapakan ko ‘yung sapatos niyo, nagso-sorry ako eh. In-ambush ninyo ‘yung Presidential convoy na kung saan ako mag-landing sana. Wala naman kayo — hindi man lang kayo nag — nag-sorry?

And every time that I break bread with you, I am so courteous and… tapos, hirit kaagad. Hindi ito madadala ng hirit, ng init ng ulo. At it cannot be solved by harsh language na insultuhin mo ang mga officials.

It would just — p***. Eh ano kung ayaw mo? Pasupladuhan ‘to eh. So, huwag kayong pumatol ng kasupladuhan ng — o ‘yung sa akin, kung palakihin ninyo, talagang walang mangyari. Might as well forget about the talks. Kasi walang mag — walang resumption ‘yan.

The fact that they — sa human rights, wala akong — wala akong ka-ano diyan. As I have said, I — I challenge anybody in the military or those who have the… Wala kayong recording na may tinawagan ako — simula ako nag-Presidente, may tinawagan ako na congressman o Cabinet member after office hours. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan.

Kung ayaw ninyong maniwala, okay lang. So that’s your worry, it’s not mine. Pero ‘yang ganun, ‘yung sa Human Rights, kung ayaw lang naman talaga isauli ng Congress, the Lower House, or the House of Representatives — they do not want to call it the Lower House, hindi naman sila lower, they are as a matter of fact in parity with the Senate in terms of privilege and power and everything.

Kung ayaw ninyong isauli ‘yung pera diyan sa CHR, why don’t you invest the money para to buy equipment for the police na lahat ng police sa Pilipinas — it’s about 600 million, and it can buy it all — na lagyan sila lahat, 24 hours a day ng camera dito sa — I think it’s shouldered… ‘Yung mga state-of-the-art, kasing-laki lang ng butones eh.

Just don’t invade the privacy of the soldiers and the policemen. But you are free to embed and place cameras on the body of the law enforcers whenever they go out to operate because the Philippines is a narco-state already.

The fact that you have mayors and everybody clinging to power in decades, it’s because of pinapatay nila ‘yung mga kalaban nila, there’s no election. Pati ‘yung pulis na ayaw sumunod sa kanila, pinapatay nila, binabaon nila. ‘Yung ang mahirap.

So, ‘yung — let me be very clear on this. Nung sinabi ko when I was campaigning, that I will kill anybody who would destroy my country and would kill you if you kill the youth of the land.

I am referring not to teenagers without a sin. I’m referring to the organized crime, kasi ang shabu, organized crime talaga ‘yan.

Hindi mahinto ‘yang patayan. Because sasabihin ko sa kanila, ‘yung mga big-time, I am after for your neck or necks. Hindi mat — walang, walang compromise ‘yan.

First of all, nagkampanya ako, I just — that’s why even on the debates, I was early in my summation because I just promised you the ba — some basic things, which we badly need in this country — graft and corruption, drugs, criminality, tied up with the economy.

Criminality — lahat ng bribery, lahat ng corruption. Hindi ma — I cannot back down on it. No way. No way. I — I will — tutuparin ko ‘yung pangako ko sa Pilipino.

Look, kaya nga ito si Gascon. Let me just tell the guy, for all of his — he is really a spokesman for the Liberal and for the opposition, who want me out of the Presidency.

I am inviting you to try it. Para magkasubukan na tayo, try it. Kasi ikaw, hanggang ngayon, puro ka teenager, teenager, teenager na patay.

Ngayon, bago ako umalis ng bahay, may ni-rape na namang bata nung isang araw, about two days ago.

May isang adik, dinala niya ‘yung anak — ay ‘yung pama — ah anak ng kapatid niya, doon nakuha sa CCTV, tangan-tangan ‘yung bata, then stayed there for a while, raped the child — two years old, lalaki — then chop-chopped it, nilagay niya sa bagahe.

Araw-araw, and even in Marawi, there are hostages there by the terrorists, and they are raping the women every day. Wala naman kayong Human Rights narinig na, “Tama na.” So you are concentrating — sumakay kayo sa linya ng political enemy. ‘Yan ang problema.

Kita mo, nakatutok ang fire nila, hanggang diyan lang, “Patay bata, patay bata, patay bata,” forgetting all other crimes committed in the name of drugs. Ang biktima nito, mga bata and it is by the — it’s more than 10, 20 cases everyday.

And the humans suffering in Marawi, including the Moro people, hindi man kayo nakasabi lang na, “Kawawa naman, there — there must have — there has to be something.” Or even try to worry about what will happen to the Moro people, to the Marawi, after the war.


Wala, basta inyo, “Teenager, teenager.” P**** i**, pulitika lahat. Why can’t you move on to other issues that are beset — besetting this country? ‘Yun na lang? Basta may mamatay na bata, eh nangyayari ‘yan. Nangyayari maski saan.

Pero itong human suffering, everywhere. Diba sabi ko nga sa Marawi, there have been hostages there, they are forced to marry the terrorists. And those who escaped say that they are being raped araw-araw. Ginagawang konsumo sa h******.

I don’t know how many of those are really Moro ladies or Christians. It’s not really — let’s not go into the color of the tribe, but the fact that there are women suffering there. Wala naman nakasabi sa inyo na to appeal.

‘Yan ang mahirap. Kapalit nila — eh ito si Gascon, ilang araw na puro teen — teenager, aka — parang pedophile kang p**** i** ka.

Bakit ka mahilig masyado sa teenager? Are you? Nagdududa tuloy ako eh. Bakla ka o pedophile ka? ‘Yan lang nakatutok ka.

Mabuti pa, I was listening to Gwen Pimentel. She had a good word for the policemen who are also suffering. Every day, a policeman dies, hindi naman napa-publish ng media, not even ABS-CBN, na mahilig mag…

O ‘di four days ago, exactly where Kian died, there was an operation, na binaril ang — sa ulo ‘yung pulis. Because maraming droga eh.

Just because there — there are some people who died there, and even teenagers, it doesn’t mean to say na you have to stop. We cannot stop. Otherwise, I will throw this country to the dogs.

Hindi ko talaga hintuan ko. This is my country and this is how I view it. It is destroying my country just like the South American countries.

Tingnan mo ang nangyari. Narco-politics. How long did it take them to get rid of that? Almost 100 years.

Hindi pwede ‘yan. Sa panahon ko, may pinangako ako. Either I rise or fall dito sa issue sa mga sinabi ko — corruption, droga, criminality pati ating ekonomiya.

Wala na. Ako, I need about — sabi nga ni Lorenzana, 50 billion would not be enough to rebuild Marawi. I was there.

Now, let me just answer — the ‘yung sa mosque. Pagdating ko, sabi ko, “I want to go to the front.” ‘Yan ang — nakinig ‘yan sila, lahat. Nandiyan si — group mga military, nandiyan sila, naka-uniporme sila lahat. Sabi ko, “I want to see the soldiers on the front.”

Sabi nila, “Hindi pwede.” Sabi ko, “Ako ang magpunta kung ayaw ninyong sumama.” ‘Yan ang sagot ko sa kanila.

“Ayaw ninyong magsama? Eh ‘di pupunta ako. Eh ‘di pumayag sila. Narinig ninyo sa PTV 4 — I think PTV 4 was there. ‘Yun lang ang camera na makita ninyo ‘yung recoilless — there was a heavy exchange of fire. Marinig mo talaga. Maya-maya ‘yung sa kabila “pprrrtttt.”

Ang mga bala nag-ricochet.  So sinabi nila, tinulak nila ako doon sa mosque.

Do I have the time to remove my shoes? In the first place, I went to Marawi not to enter a mosque. I went to Marawi to see the situation.

Eh kung napilitan kami mag-cover kasi ‘yung bala lumilipad, eh kung ayaw ng sundalo mamatay ako sa kamay nila — You know, maraming basag na bote, maraming bato. Ako pa nga ang nagsabi, “Linisan ninyo ‘yan.”

Eh kapag maghanap ka ng issue. Why? Masama ba kay Allah na you seek shelter in his house so that you will not die? Bakit? Ikaw lang ba ang Moro? O, how about me? Can I not seek the help of Allah, na magpasok ako kasi umuulan ng bala?

Huwag kayong kung magsalita ganun na lang kasi wala kayo doon. And next time, pag matatapang kayo, tutal magkapatid man natin ‘yang kaaway, I hope ‘yung iba hindi na.

Ang marami diyan Indonesians pati mga Arabo. Wala man tayong pakialam sa kanila. Pilipino tayo. The only thing there is si Magellan, kinuha niya ‘yung Visayas pati Luzon.

Ngayon, the Islam missionaries also took over Mindanao. Eh magkakapatid tayo tapos ganun ang tingin ninyo. Magsabi ka ng brother na puro man tayo Malay, kaya nga magkakamukha tayo eh. ‘Yan ang sentimyento ko.

There are [unclear] to see, when they are here now. But I will down the rule. I will not.

There will be no let up in the fight against organized crime. Ang shabu, organized crime talaga ‘yan. Sino ‘yung magpuslit, sino ‘yung mag pick-up.

Destroy the organization. So those connected with the organization, organized crime of shabu, p****** i** talaga, hindi ako aatras diyan.

I said I rise or fall diyan sa buhay ninyo, kamatayan ninyo. That’s my solemn promise to you.

Do not destroy my country and do not destroy the young people kasi wala na kaming pag-asa, kinabukasan, ang mga anak namin puro bangag na.

And what will happen to my children and their children’s children? Hindi niyo inisip ‘yan. Ako, I am — I project for the next generation.

Itong mga patay, I’m sorry. But it had to happen. I’m sorry that there are policemen talagang bungog ang — baka naka-shabu rin o kasali sila sa shabu because the entire Caloocan police was relieved.

Sila lahat ng pulis, isa lang ang naiwan. If they were there to suppress the truth or just really plainly kill people or baka kanilang shabu ‘yan.

Hindi kayo nagtataka pati mga generals kasali? Tapos sabihin lang ninyo na, “Duterte, Duterte, Human Rights.”

Ito, Parojinog. Pati pulis na ayaw niya, pinapatay — nilibing niya. Ngayon pag, digging the bones, nandoon ‘yung pulis.

Odicta, Albuera mayor, tapos sabi pinatay. Wala, hindi pa nga tapos ‘yung trial, bleeding hearts, umiiyak. P***** i** ninyo, isali ko kayo.

Ako basta ‘yan. Either you accept it as a fact of your life now, today or you will die of exasperation, or you can kill me if you want.

Feel free to do it basta wala tayong atrasan dito. I will not — I will not be remembered as the President in whose time the Philippines went to the dogs because of drugs. Hindi ko kayang tanggapin ‘yan.

It’s either maghanap kayo ng negosyo na bago o magkamatayan talaga dito pati ako. Mamili kayo.

Ngayon, hindi ako nakikinig ‘yung … hindi na ako nagbabasa ng newspaper. ‘Yung kolumnista-kolumnista. You are oozing with… [inaudible]

Liberal, wala lang ‘yan kundi “Teenager, teenager, teenager.” ‘Yung bata nga pinatay ngayon ha, making kayo sa Channel 7.

Ayun, nakuha pa ng camera. ‘Yung bata na chinop-chop bago ni-rape ng tiyuhin niya.

Then he had the gall to face the camera and say, “Eh kasi basag ako sa droga eh.” P***** i** niya. Ganun na lang ka-lousy ang Pilipinas.

Ganunin mo ako? L***** niya. Mabuti hindi ko siya — hindi ako doon. Pag sabihin mo ‘yan sa harap ko, babarilin kita sa harap ng media. Ganun na lang?

Rape-in mo ‘yung pamangkin mo na lalaki, two years old? Tapos i-chop-chop mo? Tapos magsabi ka sa harap ng tao, “Eh kasi basag ako eh. “ You do that to me and I’ll shoot you.

Sa bunganga kita barilin. P**** i** ninyo. Ganun lang kayo magsalita? Ganun ang droga. That’s how — that is what happens when drugs prevail.

It cheapens life. ‘Yung mga inosente rin. Ayun. Eh tingnan ninyo ang pulis bakit niya ginawa. Alam man nila. Pulis ‘yan sila, first year ‘yan sila may ano na ‘yan sila, may syllabus na ‘yan sila about human rights, about performance of duty, how to do it properly.

Eh everytime magsabi ako, “You go into an operation, you go out and kill them.”

Alam nila na pag ang tao nakatali na, pag ang tao naka-surrender na, hindi na pwede patayin ‘yan.

Every time mag [garbled] ako ng ganun tapos mag-lecture ako ng ganito? Ano pa ang panahon namin?

Itong Human Rights. Tingnan mo ka-torpe ang p*****.

Two days sa — two days into the siege sa Marawi, he [garbled] a statement, “Magpadala kami ng imestigador.”

Sino man ang hanapin ninyo ng kasalanan? Hindi naman ninyo mga kalaban ang mga tropa o pulis. Kasi nakatutok diyan si Human Rights ang taga-gobyerno na umaabuso at gumagawa ng masama. Extra-judicial killing. That is one of the few things that you look into.

Tapos pagsabog ng gyera mag-announce ka, para bang tinatakot mo ako, human rights dito. Anong Gawain ng —

Kaya ikaw, Gascon, I hope to meet you one of these days.Tingnan mo. So bakit hanggang ngayon, “teenager, teenager.” Why is this guy so pre — suffocated with the issue of the young people, especially boys? Are you a pedophile?

Mahilig ka sa mga bata? Halos na lang mag-iyak ka ng dugo. Of course it’s repugnant. Of course it’s — pero teenager ka ng teenager, hala, araw-araw.

You are so fixated with the death of young male. Kaya nagdududa ako, pedophile kang g*** ka. Thank you.