DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: SSS’ 60th anniversary. 06 Sept 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s media interview, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Manila, BGC, Taguig City |
05 September 2017]

 [start of audio]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Otherwise kung kulungin mo ako, kung ako sa Marcos, bakit ko isauli?

They’d rather reserve it for my children and grandchildren. ‘Di ba?
Q: Opo, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kung ako ang Marcos, eh kung ‘yung torpe nagsabi [inaudible] ako. I’m asking you, kung isauli ko tapos kulungin mo ako, eh ikaw payag ka?

Q: So, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin na lang ni Marcos, “no deal”. We’ll shut up. Sige hanapin ninyo kung mahanap ninyo.

Q: So, sir, ‘yun pong iniisip natin is a deal with the Marcoses outside of the existing cases in the Sandiganbayan being held by the PCGG?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, because ma-ano ‘yan, we have to look into the bank accounts and everything, and I said a law should provide.

If I were the Marcoses, kung isauli ko lang naman ‘yan, sabihin ko — sabihin ko sa kanila maghingi kayo ng immunity. Otherwise keep the God d*** money at baka makukulong ka pa. Isauli mo na makulong ka. I’m a lawyer.

Q: So sir, la… Last na lang, sir, amenable po tayo na ‘yung tinitingnan natin na deal isosoli? Lahat po ba ito, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko nga eh hindi ako niyan eh. It should be coming from the Central Bank, Finance and Congress.

Q: Sir, amenable tayo na iwe-waive na ‘yung criminal liability?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I… It’s not my — It is not my take.

Q: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I cannot grant it. It is only Congress.

Q: Pero, sir, as a matter of principle, on your part, do you think, sir, parang…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I — I will take a neutral stand.

Q: Okay. All right, sir. Thank you for your time, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bigyan mo ng immunity, fine. Hindi mo bigyan ng immunity, fine. But walang perang isauli ‘yan. Then you’ll have to look for — to the ends of the earth to — to get them.

Q: Sir, i-rephrase ko ‘yung question. When Governor Marcos mentioned returning a few gold bars and some of the wealth…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Isn’t a few. Basta sinabi niya sa huli. It was not more or few.

Q: Oho. Ibig bang — Sir, nung sinabi niya ‘yun…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yan mahirap diyan sa ano, kasi ‘yung third, fourth, sa fifth statement eh. It is an added word taken or another word added.

Q: Pero, sir, when — when he mentioned — she mentioned it, sinabi na ba niya, ang kapalit nito, sir, ay wala nang…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. They did not ask any immunity. And I could not guarantee it also.

Q: All right, sir. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I know that I’m not the proper authority to do that.

Q: Sir, good evening po. Pulong and Mans Carpio are attending the Senate hearing. Ano po expectation natin? Similar pa rin po ba ‘yung advice natin sa kanila?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I will not advise anything to the Marcoses. They are better off listening to their lawyer.

I am just a friend, because I know them from way, way back. Si Marcos noon-noon, when we were young, we were riding the motorcycles, the big bike. And we used to tour the Philippines on big bike.

That is why he is my friend. But it ends there. And it does not creep into any other fields of endeavors that they may have taken during the Presidency of his father.

Q: Sir, i-clarify ko lang po. Kay Pulong po at tsaka kay Mans Carpio. A-attend po sila ng hi — Senate hearing.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. They should. They should.

Q: Ah, ano po expectation natin, sir, sa…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I cannot, because no expectation. I would leave it to the lawyers. Because if I give an expectation, media will begin to speculate. Ganun ‘yan eh. I have to be very careful.

I — I do not… He has his own lawyer. He’s about 38, 37 years old. He’s old enough to know and he can take care of his problem.

I do not speculate. I do not give him advice. I just said, “Kung wala ka talagang kasalanan, ‘bat hindi ka pumunta doon?”

Now, Trillanes has been throwing garbage to my family even during the election. Kasali na ‘yan si Pulong. At that time, hindi pa ako Presidente, smuggler na ‘yan.

Sabi ko nga, 18 years old, nagtanan ‘yan, and the business of the wife, she’s a Maranao, pati itong sa barter trade in Jolo.

Q: Sir, kahapon po, you met with the leadership of the MILF. Na-address po ba ‘yung concerns nila about the BBL?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. I — I said that I hope the BBL would pass Congress. I said that I will husband it.

And I’m trying to convince everybody that it is for our own — to our national interest that we start changing the unitary type into a federal type.

And that was — that’s being asked by the Visayas and Mindanao for the longest time, an equal sharing of the wealth of the nation, the taxes and all. Kaya mga probinsiya and that’s why some of them are rebellious.

Q: May na-pinpoint na po ba kung sino ‘yung…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi ‘yung mga mina, ang may-ari, taga-dito. Sila Gutierrez, sila lahat, taga-Maynila.

Ang taga-Mindanao, walang — walang gold mine. The gold mine are owned by the rich families here in Manila.

Kaya ganun. Kaya ang Moro, ang kanila, trabaho lang. But the wealth is not theirs. It’s a big cor — mining corporations into open-pit mining, which is very dangerous environmental activity. Tama si Gina diyan. Last — yesterday, I asked General Cimatu, who is the Secretary of the DENR, to look into the eventual closure of the open-pit mining.

I agree with Gina Lopez. That that has to stop some time. But I’ll give the mining companies enough elbow room to make [inaudible] on eventual change or the modality of getting what’s inside the bowels of the earth.

Q: Thank you, sir.

Q: Sir, kanina po, sa pagdinig po ng Senado, hindi na rin po nakatiis si PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa na maging emotional po ano? At siya po’y napaiyak. Hindi po ito unang pagkakataon lang, Mr. President. Sa tingin niyo po ba, nakakaramdam na rin po ng matinding pressure talaga ang…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I think he’s hurt that ‘yung policy na — itong pangalawang namatay. Do you think two killings, even if it’s illegal, would make a policy?

Dalawang patay. Palagay na natin, pinatay — murder o… I asked Hontiveros, “Is that already a policy? Is that the baseline of a policy?” Paka-bobo naman niya.

Kaya umiyak ‘yung tao nga eh. It’s an insult na sabihin it’s a policy of the police to kill. There are so many criminal minds, even in the Liberal Party.

Sila, the record of plunder and also killing, you make a comparison. ‘Yung sa kanila, ‘yung killings noon, well, hindi [inaudible], because it’s not… Wala, pulis takot, wala. Even the drugs, they were all silent.

So, when I became President, sinabi ko sa Pilipino, “This is how widespread the drug is.” Wala man silang…

Bakit ba? ‘Yung limang pinatay doon sa Bulacan, na pati ‘yung one-year-old na bata pinakialaman, pinatay. Why is that… Why don’t I hear… I do not hear her crying or even complaining that the police are not doing enough.

Tapos, they pick up… Eleksyon eh. Politika. They’re crazily into it. And even before the elections, may assignment ‘yan siya. She was assigned with a group, I would not name them now. But, nakuha ko ‘yang mga conversations nila.

Q: Sir, dapat bang parang ma-demoralize naman ang ating pambansang pulisya, dahil…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ma-demoralize. The police will never be demoralized. Our soldiers will never be demoralized as long as I’m there.

Basta sinabi ko, “in the performance of duty”. It means to say that your life is in danger and you have to save yourself. Now, if they have committed an excess of that duty, then they shall go to jail.

But that — you ask two killings, and you say that’s a policy? That’s a silly question. Oh, why can’t you just say, “what is the policy of the police when confronting —?”

Ang problema sa inyo, ‘yung pinapakialaman niyo, ‘yung patayan, ‘yung magamit ninyo sa politika.

For example, trying hard to get the cadaver of the — ‘yung Kian — to parade it to EDSA. Politikang barrio.

Q: May balak po ba kayong parang banggitin kay Bato, sir, na baka, parang nape-pressure na po siya dito sa nangyayari?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Continue with your work. Confront the criminals. In the performance of your duty, then make the arrest, and if there is a serious violent resistance, overcome that resistance. Why? Because you have to bring him to the court or bring him to the police station.


You have to overcome. Otherwise, there is no arrest. ‘Pag sinabi mo, “I… You are under arrest,” “Oh, sige ano?” That is why people who resist arrest, talagang biniboldyakan, because the law — ‘pag hindi alam ni Hontiveros, for her listening pleasure — when the police arrest you, it’s the duty of the criminal to surrender and to bring — the police to bring him to the station.


‘Pag ayaw, then the police has to forcibly grapple with him bodily, para — kaya tinatamaan, nabubugbog. What do you expect?



Kung lumaban — kung lumaban, magsuntok sa pulis, pagdating doon, kuha ng medical certificate, “Oh, eh may tama ito dito sa rib.” If you resist arrest, then that’s the, that’s the — that’s the consequence.


Well, ayaw ninyong maniwala — sinasabi ko na ‘yan. So ‘yung mga durugista, wala akong — I’m not attributing to any particular incident or person. But those criminals, lalo na ‘yung mga tuliling na sa droga, may armas talaga ‘yan.


I suggest to the police to bring the hoards of media in their operation. Dadalhin mo lahat ng media, sige mag-linya kayo diyan, tingnan ninyo at we will try to make an arrest and see what develops.


Q: Thank you, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh, mas mabuti, pagitna kayo. So that is my advice to the police. If there — if it is the unbelieving, make them believe. Dalhin mo. Tawagan mo ang ABS-CBN, “Hala, tana.” Mga reporters, Rappler sige. “Abante ka, kayo mauna.”


Tingnan natin. O kayo ang mabaril, eh ‘di, ayaw pa kaya ninyong maniwala na walang mga baril ‘yan. Hala sige.


Next time, I’m ordering. Now, this is an order: Bring the media at paunahin mo sila so that they can get the story from the beginning to the end. Kasi kung papasukin lang at tapos na ang barilan, sabi naman niyo, “Ah, tinapunan lang ‘yan ng baril diyan.”


Kaya dapat, sabay kayo sa pulis. Now, sabihin niyo, “Bakit kami?” Ah, journalism. Bravery under — in the interest of the truth.


‘Yung pulis ganyan sinabi ko: Do not make raids now without the media. Pero, see to it that it is — if it’s a camera, if there’s a reporter, see to it that they are there in the beginning up to the end.


Katabi kayo ng pulis. O sige. ‘Yan ang order ko. At kayong mga media, na gusto ninyong maraming isulat, firsthand experience. Palagay ko naman, ‘di kayo babarilin ng mga adik. Siguro, ‘yung mga naka-uniporme lang.


Why don’t you try to experience the work of a police? One… One swallow makes a summer? Two killings makes it a policy of the Republic of the Philippines? Bakit kami mag-patay ng inosente?


Tama ka na diyan, Rappler. Sige ka’g senyas-senyas. Ikaw dapat mauna. To the police, better invite Pia sa Rappler. Parang Teflon ang katawan nito.


Ah, sige ikaw naman. Ah, she’s my friend. Uy, mga adik, ‘pag makita niyo ito sila, huwag ninyong barilin ah?


Q: Sir… Sir, just on the issue of the drug war. So sir, there was a recent death again of a teenager from Caloocan, si Carl Angelo Arnaiz. Sir, we just want to get your opinion on the matter. Do you think…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ako, ano — basta nabasa ko lang sa newspaper.


Q: Sir, do you…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I would like… I would like to invite you again. There’s a guy who wrote about the drug history of Latin America, Grillo? Ioan Grillo. He’s here. And be there because I’ll tell you what is happening why there’s a flood of drugs in this country. Sasabihin ko sa inyo. I’ll just give you a tickler.


Q: Pero, sir, just back on si Arnaiz, sir. Sir, do you think his case is similar to Kian delos Santos’ case?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said I cannot respond to you because I have never… I cannot think of what you are thinking because I cannot think of what happened. So I cannot think also what to answer.



Q: Sir, ito na lang, sir. Just your reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision to junk Bongbong Marcos’ motion questioning the integrity of the elections? Sir, what do you think of it?






Q: Sir, ‘yung Supreme Court junked the motion of Bongbong Marcos who was questioning ‘yung integrity of the 2016 elections. Part po siya ng electoral protest ni Former Senator Bongbong. Do you agree with the decision? Do you dispute it?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong nabasa pa, honestly. Wala pa akong nabasa.



I was working on state documents. It took me until six o’clock including the promotion of so many soldiers and police.



Eh binabasa ko ‘yan eh. So I have to know who is my policeman there and who are my soldiers.



Q: Sir, last na. Sir, ‘yung cancellation po ng assignment ni Jovie Espenido from Iloilo. Sir, you agreed to this?




PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I did not say that you should be there as a chief of police. Alam ko wala pa siyang ranggo. Ako nagpipirma ako ng appointment pati promotion.



Sinabi ko lang, “Gusto mo ang assignment mo doon?” Maybe I said — doon Police Station commander lang naman siya. Hindi naman siya ang police…



When he was in Ozamiz, he was not really the — may police chief doon. In-assign lang siya para solbahin ang stranglehold ng droga.



Q: So, sir, you are saying that one day you will assign him to Iloilo but not as police chief?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I can assign him anywhere. As a matter of fact I can order him to report — but not as a police chief. Mabuti pa si Mabilog nag-tulong na, nag-offer ng one… Bilib ako kay Mabilog, Mayor.



Q: Nag-offer, sir, ng ano?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Di ba nag-offer siya ng one million?



Q: For?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: For anybody who can identify or pick the drug people there in Iloilo. Hindi niyo alam ‘yan?



Q: Pero, sir, did he ever talk to you about this, ‘yung clearing his name? Did he ever want to clear his name in front of you?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: What? They don’t… I do not care what their explanation is. When I assign you there, you go there.



Hindi ba ninyo nabasa na he offered one million? I’m trying to ask an honest question sa media, nabasa ninyo o hindi?



Hindi niyo nabasa na he was offering one million kung sinong makaturo ng mga tao? Hindi niyo nabasa ‘yun?



Eh it was in the headline gyud. Paano tayo magkaintindihan dito pati kayo palang media wala ding alam?



Wala, ako bilib ako kay Mabilog kasi — hindi ako nag-iba ang paniwala ko, hindi lang ako — bumilib lang ako sa kanya, kasi matapang siya. Sabi niya, bigyan daw niya ng one million ‘yung taong makapagturo sa kanila ang mga drug people.



Hindi ka bumilib sa kanya? Na bigyan ko kayo ng isang milyon kung mahanap ninyo ako — ako… Bobolahin pa ako ng p***** i** niya. ‘Wag mo akong s****** ng ganun. Katagal ko na sa gobyerno na ito. Ililibing na nga ako eh.



Magbobolohan tayo dito? Kaya my language become — becomes foul, ‘yung mga stili —- mga istilo na ganun.


Ipinatawag ko lahat ‘yung mayor, lahat ng mayor ng Pilipinas in three batches. Pinuntahan ko ‘yan sila, sinabi ko, “Do not f*** with drugs. G****** I will…”



Pati lahat ng governor, pagdating doon sa harap mo, “Wala man, Mayor.” Mayor ang tawag nila sa akin eh, puro man kami mayors.


“Baka — ano lang ‘yan, intriga.” Tapos maririnig ko na lang… Eh bolahin mo ako ng ganun eh.



Kaya bastos ang bunganga ko eh, eh binabastos mo rin ako eh. Kakasabi ko lang sa kanila na huminto.



In that place, no elections for two decades. If you run against them, he’ll kill you. If there are policemen who won’t follow him doon sa drug ano niya, pinapatay niya. Anong klaseng mayor ka?


O kita mo ‘yung hinukay na butas doon, eh nandun ‘yung pulis na missing for four years, ibinaon niya doon. Eh kung ikaw ang Presidente, maligaya ka?



Tapos matakot ka lang diyan sa policy-policy ni Hontiveros? How could that be a policy? Two killings? 110 billion? Two  gruesome murders? Bakit solo ba ng mental health ang buang? Marami ding buang diyan sa PNP.



Kaya pati sila sinasali ko. Bakit? Bakit kayo makasabi sa pulis? Ilang pulis ang namamatay araw-araw? I lose two or three soldiers and police everyday, all over the — drug related.



Are they not sad about that? Kaya nakikita ko talaga ang takbo ng utak nitong mga ‘to eh. When a family is massacred because those guys are really crazy after drinking, maghithit — alcohol and shabu goes together — go together. They go together.



Nung namatay wala man lang ni isang statement doon sa — kawawa naman, pati ‘yung bata na one-year-old. You try to balance here.


And ‘yung sa — may mga mali, mali talaga. Pero a — too lousy criminal brains of a policeman or policewoman, does not make a policy.



Pa-ekek na salita. Tapos ‘yung ilang inosente na namatay dito, mga bata ni-rape, I have not heard Hontiveros really cry to the heavens and say, “My God, what’s happening to the innocent people?”



So the next time that you found — find — if somebody found a cadaver there, tanungin mo muna, “Sino ito?” Eh ‘di kung sabihin ‘yung pulis diyan ‘yung g***, eh ‘di…



Kasi ‘yung — ‘yung mga pulis na nasa droga, hindi ko kayo palulusutin. Anak ng… Kayo ang mauna.


Bakit? Namimili ba ako ng sinasabihan ko niyan? Ano bang problema niya? Droga? Mayors, barangay captains, o bakit ayaw niyang umiyak?




Sinasabi mga inosente ganoon. Totoo? Ewan ko. I do not have the result of the investigation.



But for you to cry — masyadong maarte. That’s a pretended grief. Bakit ka naka-ganun? You do not understand the word “pretended grief?” Otherwise known as hypocrisy. Get me?



— END —



Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Ramon Magsaysay Hall, 2/F SSS Bldg, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City | 06 September 2017]

Salamat ho. Kindly sit down. Thank you for the courtesy.

Alam mo itong si Bebot, talagang… Sinabi ko na ‘yan sa kanila, “Do not address me as ‘excellency’.” It is not the practice now for democratic countries to be addressing you with such — ‘yung “hilas” sa Bisaya.

I don’t know what’s that in Tagalog. Nako-kornihan (corny) ako. Just address me as “President” because that’s really my position.

You know, I’m not into speeches, actually. So what they do is just to prepare a three-page. Ang lalaki pa ng space. [laughter] Nakakahiya naman. This is my first time really to visit you. And besides, I said, I do not read speeches. I do not… I am not into oratory. When I talk to an audience, it is always a conversational talk.

So… I’m a bit late because the parents of Arnaiz, the latest victim of… I don’t know who. It’s still under investigation. But I ordered the Secretary of Justice to take over the investigation of the case.

Ang sinabi ko naman talaga, “We will protect the soldiers and the policemen.” Wala… No doubt about it. But always, there has to be the element of the performance of duty. And you do not kill defenseless persons.

I’m sorry, but I will pursue the cases against the police, and if need be, they should go to jail. Wala akong inutos na “patayin mo ‘yung bata o matanda and even the enemy on bended knees”. That is not the norm nor the rule of a democracy. And even… Well, you saw a lot of it during the Serbian War. Massacring all — almost all people there.

Pero hindi ganon ang… And I would never, never, never condone or allow it. [applause] Alam mo, fiscal ako at abogado ako, at sa awa ng Diyos naman — except for my quarrel with the bishops. Half of the priests are with me also. So ‘yun lang naman ang naalaala ko that a rift that would say it would involve my religion.

Alam mo… Naman ‘to. Congratulations to the occasion of the 60thanniversary of those in the Social Security System. [laughter]

You know, when I was a student, we used to fly —  kami ni Bebot, magkaharap kami ng kwarto sa dormitory — and sa high school, si Melchor Quitain. He was our valedictorian. Consistent ‘yan. Sonny Dominguez was also our valedictorian. Kasi imbis na pataas ako, pababa nang pababa eh. [laughter]

And Yasay was my roommate while reviewing the bar. He was also a brilliant guy. Medyo ako lang ang mahina. And… Ganon talaga ang buhay. You could not be in parity with everybody else who are brilliant. But in my own little way, I…

Kaya ‘yung mga bata na sige complain ng K-12, K-12, including my daughter. She wants me to order the Education Secretary to scrap the K-12. [laughter]

Sabi ko, “Anak, I cannot do that. Because I was a matter of fact, ako ‘yung unang graduate sa K-12 many years ago.” [laughter] Classmate ko si Melchor, naging abogado na lang. Dominguez became a brilliant economist. Bebot, nauna na sila. I was still behind. And… Eh hanggang… Wala akong gradong lumampas ng 80 eh. It’s a very strange alien to me. Makakuha ako ng 78 noon, okay na sa akin.

But I managed to pass the bar. And fortunately for them, itong mga brilliant — Sal Panelo, he’s a good writer; Melchor, valedictorian; Secretary Mamao, classmate ko rin ‘yan. Kami, sa San Beda. Parang trabahante ko na lang ‘yan sila ngayon. [laughter and applause]

Nandiyan pala si Dennis. Nandito pa si… Marami pala kayo dito. Alam mo, mag-graduate na lang ako… Hindi totoo, nandiyan ‘yan sila, tanungin mo. Ang talagang buhay ko was a little bit tumultuous.

Kasi… From classmate kami, I had to go to the province. Dureza was also a classmate. Siya ‘yung valedictorian doon sa probinsya. Eventually, I finished my high school sa province. Digos, which is what used to be a municipality long, long time ago.

So, K-12 original ako, sabi ko. Mag-graduate na lang kami, mag-practice na kami doon sa akyat-akyat ng stage, may nabaril pa ako na tao. [laughter] ‘Yan sila o. Kaya it’s always been. I thought that I’d never be a lawyer actually. Kasi sumibat ako, eh hinanap ako ng Metrocom noon. So I had to go back to the province.

Ang mahirap nito, ang nanay ko nagtanong. Sabi niya, “O, Rodrigo…” Rodrigo ang tawag niya — “O, Rodrigo, kailan ako mag-ano, mag-reserve ng ticket?” Kasi alam niya, mag-ga-graduate na eh. Sabi ko, mag-ga-graduate na ko. Nakikita naman niya ‘yung card ko. Siya ‘yung gumagastos.

Sabi ko, “Ma, sa March kami.” Eh nangyari ‘yung barilan. ‘Di umuwi ako. Sabi ng nanay ko, “O, kailan ako magbili ng ticket kasi magpa-reserve pa tayo.” Noon, tumawag ka sa telephone magpa-reserve ka lang. Sabi ko, “Sabi man ng pari, Ma, ang Mendiola, magulo.” Magulo naman talaga noon. 1972 grad… Ayan nandito pala sila. Nandito. Ruben, pati…

Alzheimer’s na ako. Sino ngang pangalan mo? [laughter] Quintos, actually. Ed Quintos. Hindi, nagbibiro lang ako. Sabi ko, “Sabi ng pari, Ma, magulo man. It’s not safe to be…” Kasi ganunan. Metro Disco, pati ‘yung demonstrators. Kaya hindi ako bago sa ganon eh. Sabi ko, “Sabi ng pari, they’ll set it on a different date.”

So naniwala rin ang nanay ko, natapos na lang. But there was a reconsideration of the decision to expel me. And I had the support of my classmates. Kasi halos mga brod-brod rin eh. So I was able to take the bar and became a lawyer.

May gusto akong… I don’t know if it has happened to you. From time to time, Christmas vacation, semestral break, Araw ng Patay, umuuwi talaga kami to pay homage to the ancestral.

But in the so many flights na Davao-Manila, Davao-Manila, it could be — hindi naman thousands, hundreds, all these years, including AB. Dumadaan ako ng Manila. And sometimes because it is too constricted because we only have one airport, one radar and everything. Minsan umiikot ‘yung eroplano. Would you believe it? Ito totoo talaga ito.

Tinitignan ko, sabi ko, “May feeling ako na I will one day rule this place.” Nung naging mayor ako, sinasabi ko doon sa unang asawa ko o ‘yung pangalawang asawa ko — dalawa asawa ko eh [laughter] — na may feeling ako na… mayor na ako na I have this eerie or queer, whatever, na one day I will rule this… Sabi ng…

Sabi nila, “Gusto mo?” “Gusto ko, pero minus the problem.” Kita mo ‘yang… Makikita mo dito, squatter’s area, ang laki. Then you have this magandang subdivisions, then another corner, nandiyan na naman ‘yung mahirap.

So even on aerial view, you could see the disparity. And ‘yung… The borders that would… You know, saan ‘yung mahirap, saan ‘yung… Kami ho, hindi naman ako, but I am a son of a migrant. We went to Davao many years ago, looking for the greener pasture. That was what was the slogan — sloganeering of the Americans. “Go to Davao because it is the land of promise.”

Actually, the Americans were short of workers. Kaya ‘yung mga Moro, ayaw talagang magtrabaho sa kanila. But to entice almost, dito sa Luzon pati Visayas, a few brave souls, ‘yung mga Ilokano. They were our first teachers. At karamihan ‘yung Leyte, Cebu, nagbabaan because of the approximate kaya ganon. But at that time, Mindanao was already divided by the Americans into cadastral and homestead.

Sa kanila ‘yan eh, nd they introduced the Torrens title. Actually… Register of Deeds pa ang nanay ni Melchor. There was really an uneven distribution. At hindi nila alam na we would grow so big in numbers na maraming pumupunta doon only to find out there’s no land and puro squatters.

And so magulo talaga. And even the Moro… Long before 1521, si Magellan is — Mindanao was Islam already by almost — sabi nila, 70. But I will place it at… Ah 100, I’d place it at about 60.  Because when I was going around, I used to go to the archives of the Malaysian government. Binabasa ko ‘yung ano… The few times when I was traveling around as congressman. Congressman kasi ako. So ‘yan ang… That is what fuels now.

Ang problema nito is… With due respect to my Moro brothers, ang tagal ko nang sinasabi sa inyo there’s a lot of shabu going on. It’s flooding the country. And Mindanao was producing even more than it could consume. Lahat ng adik doon.

So I was getting suspicious, together with the military. And we found out that it was fueling terrorism. And over time, they were able to hide… On its third month, inexhaustible ‘yung IED nila, lahat. Hanggang ngayon putukan pa rin. And they are into the tunnels which connect one building to the other.

So ganito ‘yan eh. The military — nandito ‘yan nakabarong. Pareho kami. [laughter] Gusto ‘yan nila tapusin, bombahin ‘yung mosque mo. Sabi ko, “Huwag. Because that could be the ultimate… si ano… It will inflame not only the Muslims of the Philippines but of the entire world.”

Kawawa ‘yung ibang Pilipino na mapunta doon sa iba. You must remember that we have almost about a million and a half Filipinos working abroad, mostly in the Middle East.

It is to the national interest that will limit the numbers destroyed — whatever it is — at ang tao. And even the terrorist. Alam ko galit kayo.

But you know, the higher interest of the country prevents me from — you know, just like a El Chapo na… If you are a despot, you just want this thing to happen. You have to remember that there are a lot of Filipinos outside working.

And sabi ko, “Huwag mong bombahan kasi tapusin na.” And there are about — we are not sure of the numbers. Sometimes it’s 70, sometimes it’s 120, and we have the numbers now that it’s 300.

Sabi ko, “Pag inatake ninyo ‘yan, they would start to behead every hostage inside.” Then how would now I explain to the people of this Republic what happened?

Because whether you like it or not, the buck stops here, hindi ko na mapasa. “That is failure, that is wala — intelligen…” People would not listen to that.

“Eh ikaw ‘yung Presidente, don’t give us that hullabaloo.” ‘Yan ang nakaproblema. So pinipigilan ko. Now, you’d say, “Bakit umabot tayo dito ng katagal?”

Eh there are things which I have to consider as the Commander-in-Chief.

Either you agree with me or dispose of me. Period. Wala na tayong pinag-usapan diyan. You can either oust me if you want or follow my orders because that reflect my sentiment.

Eh sinabi ko, “Huwag lang ninyong kalimutan ‘yang kababayan ninyo nasa labas.”

So I am not ready to accept headless hostages, mostly Christians at tsaka may a number of Moro people. And what would result in a higher — higher intensity of hate.

‘Yun ang problema natin. Hindi lang ma-explain ng military, probably out of delicadeza, hindi nila masabi, “Eh Presidente ‘yan eh, siya ang nag-utos.”

“I’m sorry”, I said. If you have… Have you lost your faith in me? All you have to do… We do not have to go into war.

Eh mga sundalo ‘yang guwardiya ko, sundalo ko. Just let me know. I’d be glad to step down.

And itong sabi nila na anak ko. You know, Trillanes has been at me and my children even before I became President.

You are witnesses to the 200 million na basura na… Noon pa pati ngayon sinasabi ko na, “I am authorizing anybody here. Any media member. Silipin ninyo — Rural Bank, Central bank, AMLA. You have my blessings.

And If I am into corruption, if I have properties way beyond my means to buy or acquire, let me know. I will step down tomorrow.

If any of my family — the Mayor of Davao, ‘yan si Pulong, sinasabi nila na nagpapapuslit, may tara, o who is he to… Eh noon pa ‘yan eh.

Itong si Pulong, ganito ‘yan. Para malaman ninyo ang sentimiyento ko. Eighteen years old ‘yan, nagtanan ng babae, Moro na babae. Ang nanay, Maranao; ang tatay, Tausug.

Alam mo ang mga Moro, barter ‘yan eh, mga jars, mga merchandise, ‘yung mga — ‘yung beef loaf, ‘yung… Ano ‘tong — made in China.

Now, it’s being imported legally at ‘pag doon sa ano, on all fronts. That’s why we have to open the barter trade again. Otherwise, magkagulo talaga itong Pilipinas. Walang hanapbuhay ‘yung mga Moro diyan eh.

They cannot catch fish sa — maybe for their consumption. But to have a decent life, house, ganun, wala.

So ganun ‘yan si Pulong. He had to help, he had to chip in effort because ang in-laws niya ‘yan ang negosyo.

So even before — long, long before I became President, ‘yang anak ko and the woman who was — si Lovelie Sangkola, was 24 years old. Ang anak ko, 18 lang.

Wala na akong sinasabi na ano. But ang sakit na lang ng ano ko kasi bata eh. Eh kung sabihin mo makita mo sa pantalan. Nandiyan talaga sa pantalan ang nalaman niyang hanapbuhay. Ang tagal nakatapos eh. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan.

And you know, si Mans, ‘yung son-in-law ko na anak ni — kapatid ni Morales ‘yan, si Ombudsman.

Pumunta ‘yan sa akin sa Mighty King. Sabi nila na kinuha sila as retainer. Sabi ko, “It’s lawyering, I have nothing to do with it. But you know our boundaries in life.”

So ‘yung kanya, lawyering. Just earn a living. Struggling ‘yan but he’s connected with the Bello — Lucas Carpio, ‘yung tatay, pati si Mans, ‘yung law office nila ang kinuhang retainer.

Of course, si Bello nag— bumitaw na ’yan. Pero ang kinuha, that is hanapbuhay, lawyering.

Kung mag-appear kayo doon sa Congress and just tell them the truth. What’s wrong…? Lahat naman tayong abogado, we never question any lawyer for that matter getting a client even if he’s the killer. Even if we know that he is the killer or that he is the real culprit, we have to stand by our [raises right hand]. Ganun kaming mga abogado. Lahat tayong abogado, we know that.

Sabi ko, “There’s nothing wrong with that. Basta huwag ka lang… You know the boundaries.”

Now, what was the offer? Three billion. Pumayag ba kami? O, magkano ang ma-recover natin? We’re getting about 25 billion sa taxes. Okay na ako.

Eh kaysa magka-kaso tayo. A long protracted war, legal, hanggang Supreme Court, wala tayong mapakinabangan itong generation na ito.

That’s why the most contentious moment in the Cabinet regarding SSS, when we were debating whether or not to allow the increase. At the end of the day, ki-nut (cut) ko sila lahat because we were already arguing for two hours.

Sabi ko, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is my stand. We have a problem in our generation.”

Then there is this computation about 2040, an aberration in the system sa… We will solve the problem of our generation. Let… Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Ang mga anak natin, may mga utak ‘yan. Then how to continue is no longer our problem.

Bigyan mo ako ng computation hanggang 2040. Of course, may mag-object talaga, the economics — Sonny Dominguez, and I have to be very frank with you, si Pernia and si Diokno.

Talagang… But Dean Valdez wrote me a letter and said, “Ang bukas hindi atin, kanila na ‘yan and they will solve the problem by themselves.”

Ang atin, meron tayo. Now, ‘pag 72, meron ka na talagang problema. Nakita mo si Bello hindi na makabili ng medyas. [laughter and applause]

Si Sal naman, sinasabi mahal ‘yung ano niya, sartorial repertoire. [laughter] Eh dating ano na ‘yan eh, maganda ang practice eh. He is a good lawyer. Pero ‘yung… Tingnan mo, siyang… [laughter] Buti’t na lang hindi ‘yung ano niya, ‘yung pantalon na may butas. [laughter]

Eh ‘yan ang style ng tao. You see that’s his queer, parang ano… Eh ‘yun ang gusto niya eh, eh ‘di hayaan mo. Eh kung mag-scarf siya, alam ko naman kung bakit. Ang taas kasi ng leeg [laughter] Para mababaan nang kaunti. [laughter]

Pero sabihin ko sa iyo, I’ll go farther. Hindi naman nagagalit ‘yan eh. Nandoon kami sa Cambodia. ‘Yung… The ultimate event was really the dinner, state.

Dumating ito si Sal na naka-barong, walang sa loob. Ito lang, itong taas. Tapos, nakita ‘yung sa… [laughter] Meron mang plaster na bilog. [laughter] Ikaw, lagyan mo ng plaster o band-aid diyan.

Eh klaro ‘yung t**** mo diyan. [laughter] But that’s his style and I do not begrudge him. Eh ‘yan ang ano niya eh but talagang mamahalin ‘yan. Matagal ko na ‘tong kilala. Long, long, long time ago. Ano pa ako, piskal pa ako.

Kaya kung magkasama minsan kami noon sa Hong Kong, ito talaga bili nang bili, bili nang bili. Tapos i-blowout ka, bilihan ka ng sapatos.

Kaya magsabi siya, “Labas tayo.” Maglabas lang ako ng 100 kasi alam ko bayaran niya ‘yung sapatos, bayaran ko na siya ng… Ganun ang ano eh. ‘Pag binigyan ka ng sapatos, bayaran mo. O so ‘yun lang ang gasto ko. [laughter] Pero, may pera ‘yan, sa totoo lang.

‘Yung opisina, wala ‘yang budget except to… So, I think I should stop here and deliver the speech if you want.

[laughter] If you still want to hear it. At least, to do justice to the guy who prepared the speech. [laughter] Kawawa naman.

Congratulations to the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Social Security System. [applause] Mabuhay kayong lahat. [applause]

For six decades, the SSS has efficiently safeguarded and nurtured our people’s hard-earned contributions to the Social Security Fund so that we can secure the future for each member as your theme here puts it.

‘Yung… Well… You have to do some fixing in the… I hope that the… The only salvation I think to move forward is really to improve the economy and I am committed to do just that. [applause]

Kaya sabi ko, there will be no corruption. Walang palakasan dito. And though I’m having a hard time looking for the appropriate or the right man to the — a particular job. Somehow, nakakakita rin ako ng…

There’s a lot of complaints about the military. Medyo marami na. Well, you know this is even PNoy and Gloria. Alam mo bakit? Ang military ‘pag inutusan mo, gawain mo ‘yan kaagad.  And I do not mean all of you. You might really be dedicated to the task that you are up to.

Pero karamihan kasi lalo na sa probinsya, indolent ang… ‘Pag may sunog sabihin, “Saan ‘yung disaster guy?” “Hindi, sir. Hindi pa nag-uwi baka nag-i-inuman pa.”

Kaya ‘yung mga ganun. You know, in times of… I was very lucky in going to Moscow I brought along. And there was a complaint bakit daw maraming military?

Alam mo, ‘pag ako ang mag-travel puro pareho kami lahat ng upuan. Walang first class, first class diyan.

‘Yung regional jets ‘yan, there’s no first class, business class. Pero wala ‘yan. Then one trip sa Moscow sinabi ko na, “You know, it’s about time that we reward the retireables and their wives.”

Kasi ang bayad ko sa eroplano, punuin ko o ako lang, pareho rin. Kung ako lang mag-isa pati magdala ako ng — sana maganda pero… [laughter]

Wala eh, so ganun. ‘Di punuin ko na lang. Binigyan ko totoo. Marami naman akong mahingian. I do not have [inaudible] to commit graft and corruption.

And even ‘yung… Tingnan niyo ‘yung mga… But never ako na as I have promised to you, hindi ako tumatanggap talaga. I do not mean to insult or…

Kaya ‘yang mga tao ngayon na malaki ang contribution sa mga rehabilitation ganun and even willing to give money, ‘yun ‘yung mga sabi ko ayaw ko.

And prominently is really Lucio Tan and Megaworld. Hindi ako tumanggap. I’ll just say that, you know, I was avoiding conflict of interest.

Karamihan ng ano ko ‘yung mga kababata ko na Chinese sa Davao naging milyonaryo.

You know, Davao has improved. Ang growth rate ng Davao, economics, this year is nine percent. That’s the highest. All over the country.

And if you go to Davao, punta naman kayo doon. Wala masyadong droga, walang hold-upper. You can walk around. And we have a very thriving communities there. Both mga Moro and they are all gainfully employed.

You have to provide them the space kasi ‘yung iba they drive them out. But you know, they are the original inhabitants of this country, Mindanao.

It’s just that the difference is we were Visayas, Luzon, went to the Christian missionaries and Mindanao went to the Islam preachers.

But you have to… Kailangan balance-balance mo. And I really do not know kasi the money have drive them away. Maawa ka. Hanggang Abra. Kayong mga Ilocano dito makita niyo hanggang Abra, nandoon ‘yan sila hanapbuhay. Diyan lang sa sidewalk, tarpaulin pati plastic ang bahay nila. Nakakaawa rin.

So you have to balance. Kaya doon talagang binibigyan ko sila. Night market binomba pa ng ISIS pati Maute. But still Davao is growing and I am… I would have thought na ‘yung magtingin ako.

Sabi ko, tingin ako sa eroplano. Sabi ko, “Sana gawain ko itong parang Davao.” It was the template that I was… Only to realize that when I became President, got hold of the all available data that may mga generals who were into it. Ang inasahan kong ahensya na tutulong sa akin in controlling the import of drugs, isa rin palang pumupuslit ng droga.

So on that score, I admit, it might have been due to a shortcoming of my projection. But I never thought that I had to deal with officials and corrupt agencies and never knew really the dimension or extent I would be facing.

But ako marami akong… I have mistakes. Faults many. But itong droga will stay. I would like to tell you, that if I do not act decisively, sans ‘yung ano nila na the attacks about extrajudicial killing, of course, we do not like it.

And if you are into it, I’ll see to it you go to jail. Baka ako pa ang babaril sa’yo. Pero if I do not control drugs, I will, you know, put the next generation into a jeopardy.
Ano… Sino milyonaryo dito? Wala. Pinalaki tayo ng nanay natin. Pinakain tayo. Pinaaral. Hindi naman mayaman. But hopefully ‘yung mga anak nila will take care of them. Kung hindi tayo, if we are able to control the family in a usual discipline that’s ‘yung Filipino, how about the others?

How about the dysfunctional family? You know, ‘pag ang nanay umalis for abroad or ang tatay mag-trabaho sa labas or worse both of them go out, you have a dysfunctional family there.

‘Yung iiwan lang sa mga kapatid, iiwan ang maliit pa. And there are aplenty. And they are the most vulnerable in numbers.

Kung sana sa Europe, kung sa Amerika, ma-utak, may edukasyon lahat, then they have a time really to crank the grey matter between the ears to think of danger or not.

Dito maraming squatters kang makita ko sa — and they’re all vulnerable. Ang masakit diyan may pulis. Almost 40 percent of the entire barangays under the control of… Or they are into… Three months operation, bilyonaryo na ‘yan sila or at least milyonaryo. May mga mayor, governors, tawag it’s the “protection racket.”

‘Yan ang ayaw ko kaya ipinatawag ko sila lahat in three batches. Sinabi ko talaga, “You do not f*** with me. Stay out of this business kasi yayariin ko talaga kayo.”

Ang governor, sinabi ko, “Huwag ninyo ako lokohin because I’ll give it to you.”

In places sinasabi nila grieving, bleeding hearts. Walang election. If there’s an election, patay ‘yung kalaban. And they are there two decades ruling and using government machinery to perpetuate the drug situation.

At pati pulis nila o ‘yung mga tao na ayaw, pinapatay at binabaon. O kita mo ‘yung doon sa butas ng Ozamiz, ‘di nandoon ‘yung buto ng dalawang pulis.

‘Pag ka ganun huwag mo akong… Hindi ako ganun. Ewan ko lang kung kilala ninyo ako. ‘Pag ginanun mo ako talaga… Ay naku. Magka-l****-l**** tayo sa buhay nito.

Huwag mo akong takutin na ‘yung i-coup d’état, extrajudicial killings, so what? Patay? Lahat ng tao namamatay.

You know, sabihin mo, “When are you going to die?” Me, I told them. I went to Marawi and said, “Why are you here, Mr. President?” “I’m here because I want to die also. ‘Yun ang gusto ng terorista. O, ‘yun ang gusto ko rin.”

You don’t have a monopoly of dreaming dying early or late. Alam mo, when you are born today. The process of dying has begun. So it’s a matter of destiny.

We all believe in God. If sinabi ng Diyos na it’s your time, then it’s your time. Wala akong ano. I do not have to look for the reason.

I said I follow a destiny which I must abide. ‘Pag hindi ko na panahon, bakit ko pipilitin na mabuhay ako? Hindi mo ako takutin ‘yang ambush, l*****. Eh ‘di then do it.

Pero sabihin mo na paluhurin mo ako, putulan ng ulo? Barilan muna tayo. Of course, the bullet will be reserved for…

Sinabi ko man ‘yan sa kanila, binigay — kasi ang Army walang short eh. Long lang lahat ‘yan. That’s their primary firearm, that’s the only one that they have. So paglabas nila, pinagpapatay ‘yung mga NPA, lahat sila binibigyan ko na ngayon ng sidearms.

Sabi ko, “If you are assigned in Jolo or… Reserve the two bullets, you have a choice, you either eat the barrel or do it sideways.” Bakit? Sabi ko, “Mag-surrender kayo? You’ll be humiliated. Bababuyin ka diyan tapos putulan ka ng ulo in public, you are decapitated. Do not give them that pleasure.”

‘Yung dalawang balang — para sa inyo ‘yan. That’s for you. You end the misery, right there and then.

Sabi ng iba, “Tignan mo si Duterte, suicidal.” You know, I’m just being practical. Why do you humiliate me and cut my head?

Ang mahirap kasi nito because they do it and we cannot. Hindi tayo ‘yung tit for tat kasi you’re supposed to be a government run by rules. Hindi tayo pwede mag-ganon na ipakita mo gumanti ka.

‘Di ba sinabi ko time and again, “One shot, tapos na. Do not tinker with the human rights.” Ano bang — ‘yung tinamaan sa ulo, patay na ‘yan.

Eh nandito ba lahat ng classmate ko? ‘Di ba may trabaho naman kayo lahat? Oh?

I urge you to intensify the monitori — [laughter]… Monitoring… Monotonous monitoring of the employers and ensure that they have registered and that they pay their dues contributions.

The SSS management and personnel, you are in a unique position to directly impact the lives of our people through the services you provide.

Through the work that you do everyday, you manage and maintain a sound and viable Social Security System, which shall provide social justice and promote meaningful protection for members and their families against disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingences resulting to the loss of income and financial burden.

Dito, ganito ‘yan. Last December, I released to DSWD one billion. From PAGCOR idineretso ko na kaagad ‘yung cheque. At sa — sa ospital. So tag-one billion sila for the medicines so it’s Christmas time, maybe we can give happiness to…

Alam mo ‘yung — kulang talaga, Sal. Unless we bring down radically ‘yung medisina sa — alam mo pagpasok niyan it’s — ano bang sakit nila ‘yan? Hypertension, heart, liver, diabetes, lahat ‘yan pasok na.

Kaya at the age of 72, ‘wag mong tanungin kung may sakit ako o wala. May… Sabi ko nga — sabi nila, “Itong si Duterte, ma-a-assassinate ‘to.”

‘Wag ninyo akong takutin na ganyan. I realized when I came to the age of reason, that was somewhere in Grade 6, first year, that I said noong nailabas ako sa womb ng mother ko, the process of dying began already.

So wala akong — talagang mamamatay tayong lahat dito. Ang problema lang, kung wala man lang isa magpunta sa langit, lahat tayo sa impiyerno.

This is the crowd that I addressed some years ago. They’re all here, nobody goes to heaven. Walang — ang problema kung makita ko kayong lahat doon. [laughter] “Ah, ikaw pala, ma’am, ha. Alam ko na. Alam ko na ang kasalanan mo.”

Tapos mga — siyempre makita. At tsaka bakit ka magpunta ng langit? What’s the difference? Anong gawain natin sa langit? Sige daw.

Magpunta ka sa langit, Tony Quintos, who’s my classmate. What do we do in heaven? [laughter]

Pray? Hesusmaryosep. Pray sa eskwelahan, pray — pray sa eskwelahan, tapos pray dito, pilitin ka ng asawa mo magsimba, tapos pagkamatay mo pray nanaman doon. [laughter]

Dito na lang ako sa purgatoryo.

[laughter] ‘Wag naman ‘yung impiyerno, I do not…

May this occasion reminds us that our workforce is the backbone of our society [laughter] and their welfare is our primary concern.

Let us work together in empowering them so that they may help us in building the foundations of a brighter and more secure future especially for the marginalized.

Happy anniversary at mabuhay kayong lahat! [applause]