DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Balangiga. 28 Sept 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at the Balangiga Encounter Monument,
Balangiga, Eastern Samar | 28 September 2017]

Kindly sit down. Thank you for the courtesy.

You know, I came hundreds of miles away, but I was given these three pages speech which I could finish in about two minutes and I’ll be going.

But I know that you do not deserve this kind of gesture coming from the government and from the Executive department.

But before I proceed I’d like to acknowledge the following officials of government who are here: the Presidential Adviser for the Visayas Michael Dino; Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone; Eastern Samar Vice Governor Marcelo Ferdinand Picardal; Balangiga Mayor Randy Graza; mga kasamahan ko sa gobyerno; mga minamahal kong kababayan.

I would read the speech to render justice also to the guys who prepared for this. They had to maybe research.

From… I was more emotional when I read my State of the Nation Address for this painful incident happen to our country and to our brother Filipinos.

I was born in Leyte just a few miles away but kind of mix. I grew up in Davao. We are migrants but — sa taga-Baybay po ako, Leyte. And my roots are from there, on the father side.

My mother is a half-Maranao. My grandfather on the mother side is a Chinese. And my lola was a Maranao.

But, you know, as we grew up we learned history. And as the country has been occupied by the simple imperialism those days.

It was quite the practice of the West. And without necessarily attributing it to United States, most of the Western powers took advantage of the lands of others and the natural resources.

That is why we have a war going on in the Middle East. And the great industrial nations built their glory on the resources of other persons.

For example, like the Arabs. They exploited the oil to a hilt and made them powerful nations. America, the [inaudible], the Dutch occupied Indonesia. The Malaysians occupied… No, the Dutch occupied Indonesia and the Malaysians were taken over by the British.

It’s kind of too late to be really — just to harangue them. But I was, under advice that the negotiations are going on, that the government of America is looking for ways how to get out of this problem of the Balangiga bells because it remains to be not only the source of irritation but the source of a painful reaction of what really happened to our countrymen.

It was bad enough that they were foreigners and yet this has to happen.

And many other massacres, especially in Mindanao against the Moros. But these are all water under the bridge.

I was under advice by the Department of Foreign Affairs that I would just temper my language and I should avoid na mag-mura kasi — which I am prone to do if I get emotional.

But I believe also that a lot of water has passed under the bridge. And America today…  Well, of course the liberation came but were it not also for the fact that they were present here and that is why the Japanese came.

There are so many factors involved. But I’d rather be friendly to them. Now, because, aside from these episodes of, I said, sad incidents, overall I think the Americans also redeemed themselves a lot.

Not during the time of their occupation, for they had the Parity Rights. They also claimed the same privileges as a Filipino in the exploitation of our natural resources though we were already an independent nation, kuno.

But they retained that right to exploit the wealth of the nation, side by side with the Filipino people. That was also a thing which most of our generation today would find it a very — just maybe to use the word not the right thing.

But bumawi naman sila and they have helped us a lot. Whether we like or not, they were engaged here, challenged by the Japanese occupation. And it was America who partly helped us as an ally.

I would not say that they were our saviors, but they are our allies and they helped us. And even today, they have provided the crucial equipments to our soldiers in Marawi to fight the terrorists.

Alam mo, the soldiers would review their doctrines. Kasi just like in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Libya, it took them so many months until now to take back Aleppo then the Mosul area, it’s because there is a new kind of a — a military tactics.

And these are that — our soldiers, our policeman are trained to fight in open fields maybe a little of fighting in urban areas.

Actually, it is the SAF, the Special Action Force, which were organized to meet urban terrorism. Nabigla lang talaga tayo doon sa…

We knew that they were stacking arms. We knew that they were arms going around and passing around. But we never realized the extent of their ordnance and bombs, explosives and guns and ammunition.

Today, we are still fighting but I hope that by the end of the month, we’d be able to resolve the issue.

As I have said, we are all Filipinos and if by the grace of God, we’re able to finish everything, the business of stopping the rebellion, not necessarily killing, we will be happy.

And my orders to the military is that kung manalo man tayo, we do not celebrate any victory in Mindanao. Simply because we are waging a war actually against our own people and it would not look good, especially people who have adopted other religions.

So I said na, “Kung manalo tayo, matapos na, you just pack up your things and go silently out of the place.”

But I’ll be leaving some. Sinabi ko naman sa mga Maranao, mga Moro doon na I will leave some of the soldiers of the Engineering Brigade to help rebuild your city. And we will do that. At sinabi ko, “We will rebuild Marawi.”


But remember that, we also have a problem in the other areas and today it is really terrorism.

We have to prepare for that. That is why, I said, aside from terrorism, we have a serious problem of drugs.

So when the Senate President with some senators and the Speaker of the House with some congressmen went to my office, I presented to them what is really the real status of the drug problem.

Well, let me just say that the Chinese triad, the Bamboo gang has taken over. Most of those gangster, Chinese, have taken over the business and has established the control of all drugs.

Wala na masyadong drugs dito kasi alam nila, like Mindanao, talagang — talagang binobomba ko ‘yung laboratories nila pati ‘yung tao.

So what they want now is the ships are sailing on the high seas, the trawlers, they cook shabu in the ships and inside. Then they put it in cans with Chinese markings and throw it overboard but with a GPS attached. So that ‘yung mga ano — ‘yung lieutenants dito will just look for it and find it. ‘Yan ang…

And you know, if we do not fight the ills of our country — terrorism, drugs, which are destroying our children, ‘yung sacrifice ng mga kababayan natin magpakamatay would have been ought to a naught.

And the reason why we are really — I’m passionately against all forms of activities that will destroy the nation. And that is why a lot of these things, from [EJK] to itong mga pera, ‘wag ho kayong maniwala niyan.

Sabi ko nga, if there is a 211 million, kanila na lang. And I’d be happy if they give me 1,000 and they can — if there is one, they can confiscate it.

And if I have a deposit outside of the Philippines, maski isang dolyar lang, bababa ako pagka-Presidente at pwede ninyo akong patayin diyan sa monumento for those people who suffered for the greater good of what is now the Republic of the Philippines.

Alam man ninyo politika. But just take my word for it, there is really none. Wala akong 200 — 211 na ganun. Hindi na ako tatakbo ng presidente, hanap-buhay. Pahinga na ako.

But you know, politics. Ganito ‘yan eh. Kung maniwala kayo sa kanilang — go ahead. Believe them.

Kung maniwala kayo sa akin, then so be it ganun ang… Sabi ko nga nung kampanya sa Luneta, nung miting de avance, sabi ko, “Kayong gustong maniwala sa pari, pati Obispo, doon kayo. ‘Yung gustong magpunta sa langit. Sige, sige, doon kayo. Kayong gustong magpunta ng impiyerno, pero ayaw ninyo nga drugs, ayaw ninyo ng corruption, ayaw niyong criminality, and…”

You know, during even the presidential debates. Ang sinabi ko lang naman sa inyo, apat lang eh: I will try to stop corruption. I will try to stop drugs, criminality, and improve on the economy. Not by me. I said, I do not know anything… I’ve forgotten about economics.

Sabi ko, I’m a lawyer and my work has always been focused in trying cases in court. Trial prosecutor po ako.

Kung pag-usapan natin ‘yang korte, ah iwanan ko sila. Pero economics, p***** i** nahihilo ako diyan sa graphic, ‘yung pa-ganun, tapos pababa.

Bakit ka mag-drawing ng ganun tapos ibaba mo. Itaas mo uli ‘yan para…

But we have the managers doing the bureaucratic — running the grid ‘ika nga.

Finance Secretary is a Filipino. Kababata ko ‘yan. He was my classmate since Kindergarten. Valedictorian ‘yan.

Tugade, ‘wag kayong matakot ng corruption. Bilyonaryo ‘yan. He was the valedictorian of our class.

Vit Aguirre was cum laude. Kaya lang ang buhok niya, nawala. [laughter] Sa College of Law pa kami, wala na eh.

And even the Secretary of Defense, Lorenzana, he was a valedictorian of his class. Puro mga valedictorian ‘yan. ‘Wag kayong mag-alala, sabihin mo that ma-mismanage ang gobyerno. Puro bright ‘yan, puro valedictorian.

Ako… My daughter was complaining, sabi niya, “Pa, why don’t you order that Secretary of Education, si Briones to do away with this, itong K-12, K-12 niya.” Nagdadaldal.

Sabi ko, “’Nak, dahan-dahan ka lang magsalita. Kasi ang tatay mo original K-12 noon pa, 19…”[laughter]

It took me seven years to finish high school. [laughter] Ordinaryo lang po ako. Below average nga eh. Kung sabagay, sa buhay na ito, sabi nga ni Erap, which is… He’s a very, he’s good at inventing mga colloquials and idioms. Sabi niya, “Ang buhay ay weather-weather lang.”

Itong si De Guzman — ah itong si De Guzman na kababata ko, kasama ko ‘yan. He went to school in — I think Columbia University or Yale.

Ako, nag… Wala pa, sige pa aral. Pero Delfin Lorenzana is know — who was the attaché for some position in Washington. But he was introduced — I was introduced to him when he was… He’s the guy who brought the Second Ranger Battalion doon sa amin kaya nagkakilala kami. He’s bright.

Ang problema lang sa kanila, itong mga bright. Kasi silang lahat nagta-trabaho para sa akin. Sila ngayon inuutusan ako. [laughter] “Doon, doon ka. Puntahan mo nga. Ikaw, ikaw.”

Ang nag-uutos sa kanila, below average. [laughter] 75, 76, 77. Really, totoo ‘yan ha. That 8 and 9 is very strange to me.

Hanggang 77, 78, except during the College of Law kasi namatay na ang tatay ko and I knew that I was in danger of…

‘Pag hindi ako nag — humirit dito, patay ako. And that was about the time, I took my course seriously.

So ganun panay ang patawa. I am… I’m almost gratified looking at the church and I don’t want my mind to enter into that incident. Ayaw ko basta sinabi ko na…

I would not even — Hindi ko nga binasa ‘yung libro. ‘Yung “Howling Winds then “Hang the Dogs”. Kasi mag-init ang ulo ko. Pagsaputon ko, mumurahin ko ‘yung… T*** i**.

Namura ko nga si Obama eh. P***** i** kang maitim ka. Tapos tinawagan ako ng mga pinsan ko sa Amerika. “Hindi mo mainsulto ‘yan na itim, talagang maitim ang tawag nila dito.”

That was because he was reprimanding me about extrajudicial killing and all.

Now, in dedication to the memory of those brothers and sisters of ours, ako naman nag-Presidente, I’ve been criticized by this statement.

When I was a Mayor of Davao, I tried my best. At kayong nagpunta ng Davao, tingnan naman ninyo ngayon. Look at Davao. Maraming… Wala na masyadong… Sino ang NPA dito? [laughter] Please raise your right hands. NPA, NPA?  Diyan sa kanto na ‘yan meron?

Kita mo basta ano, ayaw nang mag-amin. Maya-maya mag-ambush diyan sa mga sundalo ko.

I tried my very best to improve the situation and I hold it as an article of faith that peace and order would only come if the place itself, the community, is peaceful.

‘Yan lang ang mathematics ko diyan, that’s the equation. And I accompanied it with a very harsh word: “That if you destroy my country, I will kill you. And if you destroy the young, the young Filipinos of today with drugs, I will kill you.”

Now, that’s the favorite refrain of people — United Nations Commission on — whatever, Europeans pati itong mga Amerikano. Well, find something wrong in that statement and I will apologize publicly.

But if you cannot find anything wrong with that statement coming from a President with his intention to protect everybody, I offer no excuses and apologies.

Tinanong ako ng pari, “If this killing would go on, how will you preserve…?” Kasi sabi ko, “Look, Father. When I swore before God and people, I said blah, blah blah — Constitu… I will obey the Constitution and the laws.”

I have to enforce the law against all. Ngayon, sabi ng pari, “How do you suppose to protect the Filipino people when there are a lot of them dying?”

Well, for those legitimate encounters, itong mga durugista pati ‘yung pulis ko, pati ‘yung sundalo ko, akin ‘yan.

Especially in Marawi, akin ‘yan because I declared the martial law and I sent my soldiers and police there to die.

And that is why everyday when I read the briefers, it really breaks my heart. Pero wala akong magawa eh.

I could have been impeached kung wala akong ginawa about the situation in… Eh sabihin nung pari, kaibigan ko si… ‘Yung Presidente ng CBCP, si Valles, taga-Bohol ‘yan eh.

Sabi niya, “How do you now propose to protect and preserve the Filipino when those young men and itong namatay na…?”

Sabi ko, ‘yang patay na ’yan, huwag ninyong bilangin ‘yung hindi amin. ‘Yung recorded doon sa police logbooks, sa kanilang computers, wala naman itong sulat-sulat, blotter, eh ‘di ‘yun ang bilangin mo.

Sabi ko, for those who died, akin ‘yan. And you can blame me for it and I will answer it, and I assume full responsibility for that.

Pero ‘yung nagpatay na iba, there are so many explanations for that. ‘Yung iba kanila lang ‘yan, huwag mo namang ilagay sa akin.

Sabi ko, “I have to preserve the Filipino.” Tama? Sabi ko. But I did not say, “I will preserve all the Filipinos including those who want to destroy the Filipino young and the Filipino law-abiding citizens.” Walang kasali ‘yan. [applause]

With that, I preserve the people for the law-abiding, God-fearing citizens and there are plenty of them.

How can I preserve if I allow these idiots to flood the country with drugs?

Now, I’d like to tell you now, kinuha na ng Bamboo Triad, ngayon it’s being run. China government has nothing to do with it. The Chinese people have nothing to do with it. It’s the gangsters of the Philippines and China combined — they combined together and making the life of the Filipinos miserable.

Sila na ang nagluto sa barko, tapon nang tapon na lang. And they had franchises. They have a franchise given to the Abu Sayyaf in — kasi may armas eh at nakapag-trabaho.

Nakakapagluto, distribute, kasi may armas. Sinasadya nila ‘yan. Pati itong mga mayors, pati itong mga police, we have about 40 percent of all the barangays in the Philippines contaminated.

About… There are about 9,000 policemen all over the country into drugs. Hindi ganun kadali ang problema. And they are the ones — Parojinog, itong p****** i**** Albuera.

He was responsible for… Si Espinosa was responsible for the drug distribution and everything dito sa eastern side. Place yourself in Cebu. Dito.

On the western side, it was the Odicta spouses, ‘yung pinatay na dalawa.

Ang sabi nitong mga — lahat, sila Trillanes, “Kung magsalita ito si Duterte, parang siya na ang talagang nag-utos na patayin ito sila.” Tama ka. G******* ka pala eh. Ako talaga ang nag-utos.

My orders to the military and the police is very, very clear. Whether you are a terrorist or a drug lord, talagang ipapatay kita. Because I have to destroy the organized crime and I have to destroy people and materials. Wala akong choice diyan. [applause]

‘Pag sinabi ko… When I protect — maski… Sino mang mayaman dito ‘be? Maniwala pala kayo na may billion dollars. Susmaryosep. Sabi ko, “Pag ganun, bigyan mo lang ako piso, iyo na ‘yan.”

Now, if you destroy the people — ilan dito ang mayaman? How many families in the Philippines can afford to finance the needs and demands of old age?

Hindi tayo milyonaryo, hindi naman tayo — buti kung anak ka ng Cebu Pacific o ni Lucio Tan.

Wala tayong ganung pera. We take care of our children, see to it that they do not fall into these harmful effects of drug.

Because they are our only asset. ‘Pag matanda na tayo, I ask you — after retirement. You have a retirement sa gobyerno? O magkano?

If you get to live for about 15 years more — 65, 75, 80, who will buy your medicines? Pension mo? Ubos ‘yan in three years. Magkasakit ka na niyan cancer, diabetes, hypertension, lahat na, kidney problems.

‘Yang sundalo, kidney ‘yan sila. Eh inom nang inom ng tubig diyan sa — karamihang tama nila kidney.

Ilan lang ang retirement — retirement ng sundalo? Kayo in the Civil Service? How much would you get? 100 — 200,000? 300,000? Can that sustain medications for the next… Sinong magpakain sa iyo ng lugaw pati painom ka ng tubig? It’s our children.

It is really a matter of preserving nga and a matter of defense of the people. And I will not hesitate to do that.

Sinabi ko, “Sirain ninyo ang apparatus.” Apparatus is not… Ang drugs cannot exist if it is not organized. It has to be an organized crime.

Dito, tagaluto ‘yung mga lieutenants dito, then ‘yung mga basura, tawag nila diyan kasi “basura,” ‘yung peddlers.

Sabi ng simbahan, “Mahihirap ‘yan sila.” Ang target, my God, makinig kayong mabuti — ang target ng shabu, ang mga mahihirap. Hindi ‘yang mayayaman.

Ang mga mayayaman, cocaine, heroin. Hindi kaagad — because it’s organic. It’s a plant, poppy.

Itong shabu, chemical ‘to. Actually ‘yang tubig na ginaganun mo pagluto mo, tubig ng baterya ‘yan. Baterya na ginagamit mo pang-start. Kaya sira talaga utok ng mga bata.

Kung sabihin mo, “Dito sa… lima lang, anim.” I do not care maski isa. By what right do you have in this universe to destroy my son or daughter?

[applause] Ano? Who gave you that right?

Tapos ganun, wala naman, sabi lang, “we surrender”. Ang namatay panahon ni Aquino, 208. Akin, one thousand three, something.

Bakit? P****** i** kasi pati dahil pulis nandoon. I, I… You know, when I said that I’d become President, I will solve this problem in three to six months.

‘yung records.” So I can now open into the files, national security matters, which is not allowed to be read by just anybody.

Doon, mga generals sa Maynila, nine of them were running the show sa drugs — ‘yung mga ninja.

Paano ko ma-solve ‘yan in three to six months? Hindi ko alam pati ‘yung corruption dumating sa pulis.

Ang Customs na inaasahan kong magtulong sa akin para parahin ‘yung importation ng shabu, eh kasali pala sila doon. So anong magawa ko?

Tingnan natin. Last year was maybe a dismal. We will try this year. Pero hindi ko kayo palusutin nang ganun.

Sabihin ko na lang sa inyo prangka ha. I’ve been mayor of Davao City for 23 years. Congressman then two terms as vice mayor. Alam ko ang problema. Hindi mo ako maloko diyan.

Sa malayo pa lang, alam ko na kung… Kung magsalita ‘yang anak mo tapos kinakain ‘yang ngipin, ‘yung parang… ‘Yung karamihan ‘yung mudamgo ba, magsigeg ana. Pero ang kanang durugista, karamihan niyan ubos ang ngipin. Ang ngipin nila, hanggang dito na lang. They grind it eternally in their way na ano. ‘Yan, serious mag-ganun. Bantayan ninyo ‘yan.

Kung ito sabihin — balik ako. Dito sa itaas, bilyonaryo na ‘yan, multi-billionaire na ‘yan. Ang drugs kasi… Sa China, sa Taipei, lahat, Thailand, ang market nila ‘yung mahihirap. Lalo na ‘yung alam nila, mura…

Do not take this out of context. Tayong mga Bisaya, ‘yung negosyo na Inintsik.  Do not — you Chinese there, do not bother to feel bad about it.

Sabi ko, ‘yung lolo ko Intsik. Inintsik na mga negosyo. ‘Yung bahala na barato basta marami. Volume ‘yan. Ganun ‘yan ang shabu.

Hindi ‘yan maka-penetrate dito sa mga tao kasi iba ang bisyo nila. Eh ‘yung iba na mayaman, nahulog rin sa ganun.

Ngayon, Parojinog. Election, walang kalaban. Pinapatay niya ‘yung kalaban niya. He has been there and it was always a ter — a community of terror.

Ang pulis — diyan ako galit — ‘yung pulis niya na hindi sumusunod sa kanya, pinapatay niya. Kaya ‘yung pagkutkot ng mga patay doon, hinukay, nandoon ‘yung dalawang pulis na for the longest time missing, pinapatay

Tapos, ‘yung ayaw niya, ipa-ambush niya. Same with Espinosa. Binaril niya ‘yung dalawang pulis niya diyan sa harap ng palengke. Bangag eh. Kaya sabi ko, “Kung ganito, saan ang gobyerno?”

Sabi ninyo, “Duterte, patay ka nang patay.” Eh totoo. L*** ka, sino ba nagsabi sa iyo na…? Don’t f*** this nation with drugs. Mahirap. ‘Di tayo magkaintindihan diyan. Itataya ko ‘yung honor ko, buhay ko, pati ‘yung Presidency. Wala akong ano kung maalis ako. Tagal na ako sa pulitika. [applause]

Tsaka napunta na ako ng — sa lugar ninyo, Balangi — to pay homage to the Filipinos who suffered a terrible death. Okay na ako. Nabisita ko na, I saluted the people and I bowed out of sheer respect.

Ngayon, ‘yung ganun, ito ‘yung mga… And they make — they make slaves of the Filipinos to a chemical. ‘Yan ang ayaw ko. Noon, slaves tayo ng mga banyaga. Ngayon ang ating mga anak are made or reduced to slavery to a chemical called “shabu.”

Hindi tayo magkaintindihan maski sa mga pari. Mahirap. You know, when I became President, I swore to you and to God that I will enforce the law against all criminals.

Hindi — wala doon sinabi na, “I, Rodrigo Duterte, will enforce the law and the shab — laws against shabu, but only those who can afford it or who are rich. The poor, pakawalaan ko.”

Ang sabi ng batas, I must enforce the law against everybody. Kung dito ka sa organization, diyan ka mahirap ka at napatay ka, t*** i** mo, pasensya ka. Alam mo masama ‘yan, bawal, huwag kang pumasok diyan.

Kasi ‘yang shabu… Kung ang kasalanan mo, marami kang asawa, dagdagan pa kita ng isa, taga-Davao, para makumpleto ‘yung kaligayahan mo.

Huwag ‘yang shabu. Maski sa mga pulis, t*** i**, huwag kayong pumasok diyan. Kasi kayo ang mauuna talaga.

Kagaya nito, kita mo ‘yung anak niya? Nakita ninyo sa TV, ‘yung wallpaper ng bahay niya, pera, 500 pesos. Ginawang wallpaper. You know how obscene it is? Pati ikaw na manonood, mababastusan ka sa sarili mo.

And yet they keep on harping na, “Bakit si Duterte, wala nang ibang issue EJK?” Corruption? Ay susmaryosep. Tatagal ako ng 23 years magnakaw ng pera? Billions? Saan at saka sino ang nakawan ko ng billions? Kung meron talaga, gagawain ko. Pero magnakaw ka lang, magporsyento ka lang diyan ng one million, five — ay p*** sa inyo na ‘yan.

Tapos na ako sa — I’m finished. I’m through with ‘yung ganun, pabilib, pa-copy, pa-[inaudible]. It does not — I’m sorry to say, it does not…

Para sa akin, matagal na ‘yan, araw-araw sa amin. Wala na ako diyan sa trappings of power. Matanda na ako, 72 na ako ngayon. Sino bang 72 dito? Walang mag-amin ang y***. [laughter]

Bakakun ang mga taga-Samar. [laughter] Kasabot mo ug Binisaya? Malibak gud mo kung di mo… [laughter]

When I finish, wala na. Hindi naman ako makalabas ng Malacañan. Hindi ako maka-motor. Pilitin ko mag-motor, sakyan ng sundalo ‘yung bumper. ‘Yan, mag — sakyan ‘yan. Sabihin, “Huwag, sir. Talagang bawal.”

So, lalo na diyan sa Manila. Sa Davao, hindi ako maka — diyan lang ako sa bahay. Kaya ‘yung mga girlfriends ko na magsabi, “Tayo pa ba?” [laughter] Sa katagal ko hindi nagpunta. Sabi ko, “Bakit? Nagkaroon ba tayo ng ano?” “Nakalimutan mo na?” Na sabi ko, “Matagal na akong hindi nakalabas. Sino nga ba ‘yung pangalan mo?” Sabi nung babae, “P***** i** ka.” [laughter]

Hindi na ako nakalabas ng bahay. Puro ayaw. Ayaw nito, ayaw ng… Oh ito, si Asuncion, Waray man ‘to. [Taga-saan ka, dito? Ah Tacloban.]

‘Yang military aide ko, babae. Taga-Tacloban, Waray. [Puro na — puro ka na sa Waray?] Pero mahusay man kasi mag-Cebuano. Sabi ko, ‘yung, “Paano intindihin ‘yung mga Waray?” ‘Yang ‘L’ palitan mo lang ng — ‘yung ‘R’ palitan mo ng ‘L.’

“Waray kwarta?” Walay kwarta.

Hindi malaman mo ‘yung ano, ‘yung clip. Ang mga Cebuano, walang “L.” ‘Yung “out” is a lot. Kung magsabi ang Cebuano, “Asa imong bay?” Dito sa Leyte, klaro ‘yan, “Asa imong balay?”

Ang Cebuano, shortcut. Kaya mga g*** halos lahat, ‘di ba? “Asa imong bay?” Depende sa question. Kung ganun, ang balay. “O hay imong bay?” “Naginosara ka man?” Sabihin, “Sayang ‘yung kasama mong babae.” Ganun ‘yan. ‘Yung “wala” is “wa.” “Meron ka bang ganun?” “Wa.” Way kalipay.

Shortcut lahat ‘yan, basta Cebuano. That’s the tongue of my father. My father is from Danao, Cebu. My mother is a Mindanaoan.

So magkaintindihan tayo diyan. Because itong syndicated crime, the act of one is the act of all. The liability of one is the liability of all. Ang punishment nila, pareho halos. Equally, shared. Sama-sama tayo dito. Because it cannot exist kung isa lang. There’s no such thing as a drug operation na hindi syndicated. It has to be an organized crime.

Ngayon sabi na, “Eh namatay, mahirap lang ‘yun.” Eh p****… Eh ‘di kung nagsabi ka lang, magtulong — marami man tayong matulong niyan. Huwag kang pumasok diyan sa shabu. Kasi lahat diyan mabungog ‘yung mga anak natin. Sino nga magpakain ng lugaw sa inyo kung mga anak ninyo wala na? Who will feed you? Buy your…

I have to say this, because talagang gusto ko… In honor of these poor souls na they did not want maybe to be under a foreign power. Tama ‘yan. Tama ang ginawa ninyo. Kung nandito rin ako, hindi magkulang sa lima ka ulo ang maputol — magwala ka diyan sa…

They are the real patriots. Kaya may bago akong ano, the Order of Lapu-Lapu. Kasi itong mga taga-Maynila masyadong mga hambugero rin. Lahat ng mga hero, puro taga-Luzon. Si Dagohoy, si Lapu-Lapu, who — siya ‘yung unang pumatay ng imperyalista. Si Magellan, pinutulan niya ng ulo. Anong ginawa nila sa heroes natin? Ginawang Lapu-Lapu, isda — escabeche, paksiw. Buang-buang man diay ning mga Tagalog. [laughter]

Sino man maligayahan niyan? Sige, maraming mga Leon Kidlat lahat sa — what are these? So I created the Order of Lapu-Lapu.

Ngayon ‘pag ano ka, bigyan kita ng medal, may civic or may — ‘yung mga parang sa military, meron rin sila. Eh kung malaman ko lang kung sino ‘yan sila lahat, bigyan ko ng ano. Totoo.

It’s still possible to trace the families, descendants? Can I have a maybe — may I kindly request you to do some research? [applause] mga descendants. [applause]

They deserve the medals. Without necessarily, you know… America will understand that. Eh sabi ko, we have to cooperate with them. I can only say that — thank you for the help.

And China also, for helping us. Meron pa silang dadating before — ayaw lang sabihin. But they provided us already with almost 1,000 — tapos ‘yung sniper, and it’s making a — a hit there sa Marawi. ‘Yung made in China, maganda na. And they have promised to send more.

And there’s another country who has promised to send us some. But the Americans are very active sa equipments there. So without their help also, mahihirapan tayo. We have to — tutal, tapos naman ‘yung ano, pasalamat na lang kami sa inyo.

Pero huwag kayo all — kasi the law says, those things [inaudible] can only be returned with the permission of Congress and it is the President who will [inaudible].

Until now, they are — so, we give them enough time. Sabi nila matagal ang proseso. Siguro naman, mga Americans, mga year 2050, masauli na ‘yan ‘no? Sharo? Kasi war — something… Basta something metal belongs to the military, so gumaganun sila.

Pero we — we make this commitment now. Now it will never happen again. Maski ‘yang bagting diyan sa ice cream, huwag ninyong dalhin sa labas. Magkagulo tayo sa airport. No bells of any kind. Maski ‘yung nag-teneng-teneng-tenengteng sa ice creaman [ice cream], do not do it. Magkamurahan tayo dito.

I… Lastly, because I’d like really you to know that it was out of my sense of — feeling their sense of patriotism. It’s not easy at that time. They were actually com — committing suicide. Alam nila na may resbak eh.

Pero still, what prompted them to do it? It could only be one thing: ayaw nila ng dayuhan. Ayaw natin ng dayuhan. And it is good that we have realized this, ganito ang sitwasyon. Ayaw ko ng dayuhan.

Itong sa technical, but sabi mo, combat soldiers from out. Eh ‘yung mga technical advisers, okay ‘yan. But soldiers of foreign countries, I will never allow it. Anybody for that matter.

We will fight our own wars. Kung wala tayo, then we have to rely on our soldiers who are true Filipinos.

At saka ‘yung ating mga… Maraming pulis doon na nadidisgrasya. Kaya sabi kung — nagtanong kayo kung pwedeng areglo ‘yan? Hindi ako magpayag ng areglo with the terrorists.

Sabihin ko sa kanila, I will only agree na just to return their — body ganun. Pero ‘yung talking about — ayaw ko. Ayaw ko. Marami na akong pulis pati sundalo namatay. It’s about too late in the day to do that.

And so it’s getting… Helicopter raba usahay, gabi-I na. Na baka mabangga kami ni sa bukid. Si Robredo na ang inyong — ma inyong Presidente. [laughter]

Kayo. Kaya tabang mo ug ampo nga — because I’m the only… You know, I go to Marawi, hanggang gabi, maglipad ako diyan sa kalubian ‘yan eh. Instead, nag-ano…

I’ve been there five times. I’m still… I’m going back there, almost on a regular basis, until such time that peace is attained.

In the meantime, I said, I promise you that there will be no corruption in government. I will not allow it.

‘Yan ang maasahan ninyo. Sa airport, lahat, Immigration. Nakita naman ninyo ngayon. You go out, walang…

Ang sabi ni Dominguez kay Tugade, “Bakit wala tayong collection diyan?” “Eh sabi kasi ni Mayor.” Eh totoo naman. Kung tayo magdating ng airport, “O, Mayor…” Saludo pa. Sila pa… Ang mga g*** pa ang magkarga ng bag para sa iyo.

Pero ‘yung mga mahihirap na OFW, sige hingi ka diyan… Sabi ko, “Mas mabuti pa, parahin mo si Imee Marcos. Maraming dala ‘yan. Perfume. Kunan mo ng isa.” Huwag lang ‘yang OFW kasi… Ako, bag ko, kunin mo.

Kay Martin ang marami talaga. ‘Yan. Kami. Kaming mga opisyal, buksan ninyo. Ang mga mahirap, huwag niyong kunin ‘yang mga bagay-bagay nila.

Ang liliit-liit na nga eh pinagbinili para may maibigay eh, kunin pa ninyo. Maski sa Immigration, wala nang hassle. Workers, diretso kayo. Wala na ‘yang detain-detain na ‘yan.

Pero huwag kayong pumasok sa human trafficking ha? May mga taga-Davao kasi sila ‘yung unang taga-Mindanao — mga Moro ladies — nawala doon sa Davao, about 10 years na. Sige, balik sila doon sa opisina ko noon as mayor. Sige ako, hanap, communicate. Nagpunta ako doon sa kay King Fahd noon kasi nakiusap ako kay may tatlong Pilipina na nagkasala. Pinagbigyan ako ni King Fahd.

So ‘yang mga ganon, lalo na ‘yang mapunta kayo, huwag kayong magdala ng… Kasi ‘yun, nagbibigay ng mga rosaryo, religious articles, bawal talaga ‘yan. Just observe the laws of the other countries. Mahirap kaming makatulong, malayo pa ‘yan. Ngayon kung nandito, you can have the access. [Bong, taga-i ko ug card, Bong, bi.]

Ito ‘yung parang information mo. Huwag mong pakialaman itong left. So i-fold ko. Ito, may black line, diyan sa itaas. Kopyahin lang ninyo. I want all of you to have access to me. [applause]  

Kung may problema kayo, itong si Bong, SAP, Special Assistant. Mga babae ito. Babae ‘to. Parang calls. Ito. May mga babae.

Ito lang. Huwag na ito. Malayo na ‘yan sa tulong. Ito lang. Gusto ko na lahat kayo makatawag sa akin. Alin diyan? Ngayon, kung wala ako, kagaya ngayon, o busy ako, may Cabinet meeting, that’s about the time that I’d be inside a room for the longest — minsan mag-abot kami ng seven hours — iwan lang ninyo ang pangalan ninyo at sabihin ninyo na taga-saan kayo, Balangiga.

May reklamo kayo, it’s either tawagan niyo ito or you put it in 8888. Kung may reklamo kayong mga opisyal, sabihin ninyo, tawagan ninyo ang 88, “Ang complaint ko, ganito. Si Director ganon, pinapabalik-balik kami araw-araw, hanggang kamatayan na.”

Ganon. The directors are only given 15 days. Ang Cabinet members, they’re only given 30 days. ‘Yan lang, wala na.

So kung may application ka minahan o ganon, hintay ka lang. If after 30 days wala, tawag ka doon. I was calling out, “Tugade, walang nangyari sa…” And I will take it up from there. And I will call you. Tawagan kita. Sabihin ko, “Bakit?” Pero 30 days lang. [applause] 

Sa gobyerno, 30 days lang talaga. That’s the longest. Police, ‘yang permit, two days, three days.

Ang mga business permit, kasi I will bind the — I’ll issue an executive order, all. Business permit… Wala na ‘yang mag-sign pa ang bumbero, mag-sign pa ‘yung electrician, wala na ‘yan. Isa na lang. Isang proseso na lang.

Ke magpunta ka doon sa electrician, hingian ka ng para hindi ka makuryentehan. Pagdating mo doon sa bumbero para pirma… Y***, baligyaan ka ug fire extinguisher, [laughter] unya mupirma, ‘di ba?

‘Yan sila lahat, inuna ko kasi nagmamalasakit talaga ako sa mga tao na namamatay. [applause] ‘Yan sila lahat doblado ‘yan sila. Hindi doblado kasi bawal ‘yang parang two — occupying two positions at the same time eh.

Ang highest nila is about 83. Ang malaki sa… Halos doblado na, kasi may combat pay, may lahat. Doub — pero hindi basic, bawal talaga. But additional combat pay, incentive, longevity, meron sila, malaki.

Kayong mga pulis pati sundalo, you will receive, double your salary come January. Oo. [applause]

Kaya lalo na sa pulis, magbawas kayo ng — ang pulis marami. Eh dito kilala man niyo ‘yung mga pulis ninyo. O sino ‘yung playboy dito may dalawang asawa, tatlo?

Sila man ‘yan. Kaya ‘yung mga mayor, ito man kayong mga buang na ‘to, pagka gabi kung saan ‘yung mga bar-bar… Sa siyudad ko talagang binababaan ko, t**** i** sinabi ko.

Mag-parking mana doon sa mga bar, tapos doon sa mga girls. Landi-landi. ‘Yung maganda doon, pinakamaganda na siya diyan sa bar, either girlfriend ng mayaman na may kwarta pero durugista o holdupper o hindi puli… Totoo ‘yan.

Ang common ground niyan is, pardon for the — it’s not really a sexist statement. Pareha gud kay ano Marilyn Monroe. O girlfriend niya si Kennedy — ah boyfriend niya si Kennedy tapos ‘yung sa top boyfriend rin niya.

Kaya sabi ko… Alam mo, ang asawa ko Baptist. So ang pera kong — ‘nung kampanya, dito nabara na kami sa Tacloban. ‘Yung eroplano kasi mawalaan ng brake, ‘yun lang man ang kaya ko, wala man akong pera.

Tapos ‘yung barato-barato lang. ‘Yun lang ang… Nalaman ng asawa ko, sabi niya, “Magbasa na lang tayo ng Bible.” So pagganun ng page, kung anong mabuksan, basahin niya tapos ako ang mag-pray aloud.

“God, I’m about to fly to Samar. It’s quite a long haul and, you know, anything can happen, the plane…” 1984, ewan ko kung sinong may-ari niyan.

1984 — Kay Archie Po but 1984 model. Unsa na tang tuiga ron? Nabara pa kami minsan, ang ginawa kanang cable sa baterya sa jeep gibalhin gud to sa… Oo, totoo ‘yan, tanungin mo si Archie Po.

Pero lupad man gihapon. Kaluoy sa Diyos. [laughter] Kaya magsabi ang asawa ko, mag-read kami ng Bible. So mabasa niya, “And King David entered the city with his…” “Bringing with him 17…” Nandiyan sa Bible, tignan mo.

“…17 wives into…” Sabi ko, “P***** i** ‘yan. ‘Wag mo nang basahin ‘yan. Tignan mo ‘yung u*** nasa Bible, 17 ‘yung kanya, ako sa buhay tatlo lang kayo, apat, daghang ka pag reklamo diha.” [laughter]

“T*** i**,” sabi ko. Eh ‘wag… Bible mismo — 17 kanya? Akin apat lang? Kay Martin siguro mga lima ‘yan sila ano? [laughter]

Sus. Kana, ibulgar ko ang imo. ‘Yan ang totoo. Sabi ko, “What I have… Anong pakialam ko 3,000 years ago?” Bakit pa ako magbasa-basa? Painggitin ka pa. Eh huli Bible eh, huli sa iyang kabuang naay 42. Binuang na ni.

Ngayon, I have to go. Pardon my jokes if they don’t suite your — pero totoo naman ‘yang nasabi ko.

I leave your place with a fulfilled — sense of fulfillment. Nakarating rin ako dito, basa-basa man lang tayo noon sa — ‘di ko nga kinokompleto kasi kakainis. Makainit ng ulo ba, makasapot.

Sabi ko, but one day, isali ko ito sa message ko to the nation and I will demand for its return. The Americans says that they are processing it.

So I hope that Congress of America will give the President Trump the authority to return the bells to us. [applause]

To them ano ‘yan, parang war trophy. But if you look at the — as closing — at the cost of so many innocent lives, just return it and we would be happy.

We are not angry at you. We are just saying that those bells would touch in the core of our existence as a Filipino.

Maraming salamat po

— END —