(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office).
* [censored] is part of this official transcript.  

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at SMX Convention Center in Lanang, Davao City | September 30, 2017]

Kindly sit down. Thank you for the courtesy.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

I would talk randomly. I want a discussion with you tonight. I do not intend to deliver a speech.

But contemporary times, we have experienced a lot of upheavals, trouble for our country, good or bad. Leaders almost brought down from power, about to be brought down, and also the previous ones by a sheer military coup d’états.

I’d like to discuss the environment that we are today. Let me start with onion-skinned and a cliché, which says that a thousand lies being run everyday becomes the truth.

You know, I am a citizen of this Republic. And I never bargained away my Constitutional rights as equally as with the others. I do not do — lose those rights just because I — I was a mayor and I am a President now.

But let me give you this covenant tonight. And I will repeat it. If there is a 200 million in the banks, you will receive my resignation immediately. Sigurado ‘yan.

But before going into the lies, I will just — there’s a lawyer who says that “do not be too onion-skinned”. Even in face of fabricated evidence illegally obtained and added so several times, day in day out. Mag-deposito ka dito, 500, madagdagan bukas ng ganansya mo ng dyes pesos, ilagay mo uli, and they counted it all over again.

What happened to Corona is happening to me. You know, [censored] kung babain mo lang ako, bababa tayong lahat. Don’t give me that [censored]. I do not lose my freedom of expression.

So there are lies based on baseless hundreds of millions and even if I wanted to steal, saan kukunin ‘yang [censored] amount na ‘yan?

You know, politics plays a very important role. ‘Yung hindi makatanggap ng kataluhan nila would keep on hammering because they want to pull you down and erode your leadership. And that cannot be cured by onion-skinned. If your leadership in this country is being eroded by blasphemy, malice…

Sinabi ko magre-resign ako. And to your sorrow, one day lalabas ‘yan. But I will not give them that… ‘Di ko ibigay the silver platter [censored] hanapin ninyo. At huwag ninyo akong — I cannot answer because I have — I should not be onion-skinned, [censored] statement is that?

Mumurahin mo na… Why, have you forgotten that there is honor? Eh kung sabihin ko ngayon ang asawa mo, ‘yung dalawa hindi mo anak, kasi nangaliwa ‘yan? Ano gawin mo? That is an attack against honor.

And you just say, “Do not be onion-skinned.” Who  [censored] are you to tell me in face of fabricated evidence? Sinabi ko na sa — before the election, wala ako niyan. At wala ako ngayon, I said, to your sorrow. Ihampas ko sa mukha mo ‘yang  [censored] papel na ‘yan.

I’m sure it will be released in due time. Pero ‘yung — ang source niyan, tama. In-add lang nila araw-araw. Eh nagne-negosyo ‘yung asawa ko. I do not… ‘Yung sa palengke, sa meat, why? We do not have the… We cannot struggle in this life to make a living?

Assure, all in all, it would not go beyond 40 million, my lifetime savings. A part of that was my hereditary — kayong taga-Davao, alam ninyo ‘yan, properties… ‘Yan, totoo ‘yan.

Kaya minumura ko kayo kasi wala talaga eh. Hindi umabot ng ganun. At bakit ako magtitiis sa  ganitong bahay ko kung meron akong pera?

Pati ‘yung ibang eleks — saan na ‘yung ibang pera ko? ‘Di nagastos ko sa eleksyon. And in face of accusation, the Ombudsman [censored]. You say now that you have evidence of Mr. Duterte, do not worry. We will proceed with the case. Yet, they… Sabi ng AMLC, they have not issued any resolution to release the statement of my bank account.

Tapos sabihin mo sa akin na, “Do not be onion-skinned,” in face of the fabrication and the illegally obtained… Onion-skinned ‘yan? How about my right again to freedom of expression? [Censored] nasaan na — ikaw ganunin ko? [Censored].

Maniwala ka ba talagang lahat ng abogadong…? Sus. Pati judges. You know that. Huwag na tayong magbolahan iyang pa-ekek ninyo sa publiko. I said, I am ready to lose the Presidency — my honor, my life and the Presidency.

I now challenge Carpio to resign with me at itong si Supreme Court Justice. Sige nga. Ikaw, may kaso. Morales, unahin mo ‘yung mga kaso noong nai-file nang matagal na. You are in on a selective justice [censored]. Bakit nauna ‘yang mga — ‘yung amin na hindi pa totoo? I said it to your sorrow.

May — mabuti pa, may kaibigan man kayo, Central Bank, [censored] silipin na lang ninyo. Kaya sabi ko talaga, isampal ko ‘yan sa mukha ninyo, tingnan mo.

Kami, taga-probinsya lang. Hindi kami [censored] hindi ako pitsugin na pagkatao, l**** kayo. Ba’t kayo lang ba may pamilya? Eh kung sabihin ko [censored], ikaw? You’re a rotten lawyer also. I have talked to your clients. You are better no than the others.

Magsalita kayo parang onion-skinned. Why? What thick of my skin do you prefer? The skin of the bull? You know, that is a oft-repeated Supreme Court decision. So kung wala nang iba, do not be too onion-skinned, okay.

But whoever thought that I would be bargaining even my honor, eh kung sabihin ko sayo “[censored] ka, daldal ka nang daldal. Wala ka naman sinasabi. Eh anong grado mo sa bar?”

Kung magsalita kayo ng… Hoy, hindi ako mamatay ‘pag hindi ako Presidente. I said, I challenge you two. Eh kami man nagpapagulo, nagpapagamit ‘yang dalawa eh. Oh ‘di mag-resign tayo.

I challenge the two, we will go to Congress, in a simple ceremony, we sign the letter of resignation. Sige nga. Then let us open all the books pati inyo. Bakit ka magsalita na…?

And itong [censored] Carandang na ito, tingnan mo. Using falsified, going public, knowing that the AMLC council has not given its authority to release. At ang sabi pa doon, they said, “Can I have it?”[‘Yung, meron ba ‘yung ano?]

“The Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat received on 6 September 2017 and 17 August 2017 a letter of Overall Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang requesting it to initiate investigation on subject matter. We categorically stated that before — that the Anti-Money Laundering Council is not the source of the documents and information attached by Senator Trillanes in his complaint regarding the alleged bank accounts of the President. It has neither provided the Office of the Ombudsman with any report as a consequence of any investigation of such account on mind on any purpose. We have yet to evaluate the request and the intention of an investigation as well as the release of any report on the subject will depend on such evaluation. Suffice it to state that the attachment of the complaint and the alleged debits and credits representing outflows and inflows of funds were added together thus making the result total amounts wrong and misleading.

Meanwhile, we cannot make further comments considering the confidentiality.”

Tapos sabihin ninyo na corrupt, [censored] buong Pilipinas — how about the six million plus and the base, who voted for me? Gusto niyo akong siraan sa kanila?

Now look, I will not submit jurisdiction to the Ombudsman. Okay? If we cannot decide how to do it, then I will not — Congress refuses it. The Supreme Court is headed by — I’m not saying the membership, I have deep respect for the…Kilala ko…

Pero ito, if it’s headed by a corrupt, wala sa SALN diyan ‘yung Piatco na ‘yan. [censored] Piatco na nabalita ‘yan, the legal circle. It was — who will decide? The Armed Forces and the police will decide it for us para hindi magkagulo-gulo itong bayan.

Alam ng Armed Forces at police na corrupt ito si [inaudible]. Alam ng Armed Forces kasi ‘yung mga pulis na dinemanda nila doon, ako ang nagbigay ng pera. Hinihingi ko ‘yan sa mga kaibigan ko, “Tulungan ninyo ito kasi hinihingian ng mga Ombudsman investigator.”

Mag-imbentaryo kami and I’ll tell the Armed Forces, “Make an inventory of how many policemen and soldiers had to pay the investigators na para lang makalusot.”

Ngayon, hindi ako mag-submit ng jurisdiction because it’s a lousy thing. Imagine this, Carandang, mag — magdasal ka lang, Carandang. I’m not threatening you. Pagka nagkal**** – l**** ang Pilipinas, uunahin kita.

Because now, sabihin ko na there’s a stalemate, I will not, for the life of me… [Inaudible], eh kayo, kayong mga taga-Armed Forces, ilan sa inyo nagbayad ng mga kaso? ‘Yung finance officer niyo, dinemanda, tapos binalikan niya ‘yung mga Ombudsman. Dismissed, sa Quezon City. Maligayahan kayo niyan?

Lahat ng pulis halos, bayad ‘yan. Guilt — Liable or not liable. I’ve been a prosecutor. Don’t be f*****…

Onion-skinned, you repeat a lie every day. Sabihin kita [censored]… Araw-arawin kita. Can you bear it? I’ll talk to you now, and I will try which is [censored]… Stand there and listen to me for a thousand times. Sige nga.

Huwag ninyo akong ganunin, hindi ako abogado basta… Huwag kayong maghahanap ng kakampi, gusto mo dalawa lang tayo sa kwarto. [Censored] unnecessary comment, onion-skinned. Tingnan mo muna ano ba ang nangyari dito.

Sabi ng money laundering, ba’t may nagkuha doon sa loob, binigay kay Trillanes, binigay kay Carandang [censored], [censored] Carandang ka, you are holding a fabricated — to your sorrow, you will realize that.

Kung may kaibigan ka sa loob, pumunta ka na sa Bangko Sentral tingnan mo na para safety ka. You make a — I will allow it. Maswerte ka na kung may 40 — 40 million. Sabi ko, kayong taga-Davao, talaga bang ganun na kami kahirap?

Sabi ko nga eh, trace it from IBAA, Insular Bank of Asia and America kasi it was about that time that we had… Because nagkakaso, nag-away-away kaming magkapatid, we had a extrajudicial settlement.

Tingnan mo ‘yung first million doon. Ito sabihin ko sa inyo, kasi may mga asawa akong negosyante, lahat ng sweldo ko, pagka — Landbank people, give it to them. Lahat ng sweldo ko pagka-mayor until now, dumederetso diyan sa specific account na ‘yan.

Kaya sabi ko, hindi mag-abot ng 40 million. Go ahead and look at the records. Bank-to-bank ‘yan, ang sweldo ng taga-gobyerno, Landbank. ‘Yan ang — tapos reported doon sa ano… ‘Yung sweldo ko, Landbank, eh doon ‘yan papasok rin ‘yan.

Kayong mga abogado, pakisilip lang. Lahat, all the years, minsan nakukunan ko, well, pamilya. Minsan paghiwalayin ng asawa ko. Nagbili ako ng lupa diyan sa just beside the regional. I was looking for a small house. That small house now, ibinigay ko na sa cancer patients na mga bata, pediatrics. You check it out. Kayong mga taga-Ombudsman.

Kayong mga taga-Ombudsman, ilang beses na ninyo akong inimbestigahan. Nag-file kayo ng kaso, si [Herman?], recommended my prosecution. Sinabi ko na hindi ko ginawa. Umabot ako ng Supreme Court, gumastos ako. “[Herman?], may pera ka?”

Sinabi ko sa inyong Ombudsman, file kayo nang file ng kaso to only to be dismissed. So what happened to the guy? ‘Pag sinabi ng mayor “[censored], pirmahan mo ‘yan,” pipirma ‘yang auditor pati… Pagdating doon, hingin ng mayor, may hawak nang pera si mayor, bigay siya.

Sinong naiwan? Ang auditor pati treasurer. P***, makagalaw kaya ‘yang treasurer pati auditor kung walang…? Ganun kayo ka-distorted. Ayaw paniwalaan ni Ombudsman. All that she has to do is to consult all her lawyers, kakilala niya. Period.

Huwag na tayong pumunta. ‘Yang mga ex-justices, eh ‘di tanungin ninyo. Arbiter, kaya sabi ko ang corruption, hindi ko madala ng… There has to be something else. Lahat, it’s corrupt to the core.

I said I will stop drugs in three to six months. My template was Davao. Pagdating ko sa Maynila, when I had access to all of the confidential and secret files, came up with this name of nine generals. How can I stop it?

I did not start to operate. After two months pa ako. Kasi kapa pa ako kung sino ‘yung mga pulis na — naga-juggle pa ako. Sabi ko kay Bato, “Huwag muna.” And yet, you count. Kasimple lang naman niyan. Ilan ang namatay before — two weeks before I became President? And about one or two months after I assumed the Presidency?

Huwag tayong mag-bolahan dito, puro tayo abogado eh. Don’t [censored] into a corner na… you know, you can say that one who’s saying… [censored] Nainsulto ako ng… Hindi ako kilala eh. Baka akala niyo kayo lang diyan sa Maynila ang sikat [censored].

Paano ako mag-corruption? Piskal ako dito and at the same time I was a private — I was a special prosecutor of the Tanodbayan before. Wala pa ‘yang Ombudsman. Wala pa ‘yang Ombudsman.

Kaya alam ko kung paano ka magtindig diyan, sentensyahan ka, you’d be prosecuted. [censored] Gumawa ng ganon. Early on in my life, I had to work because of — kulang eh. The day-to-day earnings of a new lawyer would not suffice for the financial…

Hindi ko… hindi ko kayo ano… kasi I want to have a discussion, at makilala ninyo ako. Para magkaintindihan tayo. [censored] Huwag niyong gawin sa akin.

[censored] Bastos talaga ako. Sabihin ko sa inyo. Maghanap kayo ng pinakabastos na tao, ako. [inaudible] Presidente. Bakit? Kung Presidente ka, bastusin ka, [inaudible] ka lang diyan just because you’re President?

I am not a statesman. Abogado ako, for [inaudible]. Prosecutor ako. Wala ako niyang diplomatic talkatese. Diretso-diretso ako. Kung maligaya ka, eh ‘di… Kung ayaw mo, eh ‘di sige, ikaw.

Aabot ba ako ng Presidente ng ganito kung? [censored] Bakit? ‘Yan ang tanungin mo. Aabot [censored] sa Presidency? Bugok ‘yan.

And isa pa. Itong mga… You know, in school, we were taught to apply the law equally. Enforce the law against all who are responsible therefore. That’s a very basic and blessed thing.

Itong droga, for your information, kung mahina ka diyan, cannot be sought to look for them, buy and sell, because it is impossible to do. It has to be an organized crime. Hindi ‘yan pwede — may tig-luto talaga and…

By the way, iyong binitawan ko na, we are now controlled by the Bamboo Triad. Kinorner na ang lahat sa Southeast Asia ng Bamboo and 14K. There has to be some cooking and there has to be the lieutenants who will distribute it to the peddlers.

Tawag nila ‘yang basura. ‘Yung maliliit na. That cannot be done — buying and selling, trafficking of drugs — cannot prosper if it is not organized.

Lulutuin diyan sa trawlers international sea, lagyan ng GPS, itatapon ‘yan. Itong mga [censored], kunin nila ‘yan. May GPS eh. Tapos ilipat nila. Tapon nila ‘yung mga beans. ‘Yung mga blue na washed ashore sa Regions I, II, and III. Marami ‘yan, araw-araw.

‘Yan ‘yung shabu na nilipat ng sako. Kasi may mga Chinese markings ‘yung ano eh. ‘Yan ang laro diyan. ‘Yan ‘yung laro… Parojinog. Was there an existing government kay Parojinog? May eleksyon ba doon?

They lord it over for several generations. And they were into drugs — doon sa matrix. He was the recipient, got it from Marawi. I have been telling you all along. Pati itong Human Right…S******  The bleeding hearts kuno, pa-ekek-ekek, human rights, human rights. And yet, during elections, wala, because Parojinog will just simply kill you.

He even killed his own policemen who were against him. ‘Yung anim, ang dalawa nakita niya doon sa… There was this digging — dugout — those were the bones of the two policemen.

Look at the obscenity of it all. ‘Yang anak niyang si Ardot, nakita ninyo sa TV. Ang wallpaper ng bahay niya, 500 pesos and 1,000. My God.

Walang gobyerno doon. Albuera, same thing. Si Espinosa, ‘yung sabi nilang sinalvage, sabi nila sinalvage, sabi ng pulis, lumaban. Saan ako makinig? Doon sa mga inmates? You want me the President to believe the inmates na sinalvage? Well, let them prove it.

Sabi ko, “Aguirre.” Sabi ko, “Pag-aralan mo nga ‘yan.” Sabi niya sa akin — in the Cabinet meeting — eh lahat ‘yan, open ‘yan, lalo na corruption. Sabi niya, “Mr. President, sir, murder.” “File it.” Tanungin mo si Aguirre. “Demanda mo.”

Tapos pagdating doon sa baba na, naging homicide. Ganito ito ha. The President is not without recourse. Kasi gusto ninyo, investigation? Okay, good. Findings murder? Good, still good, file it. Pagdating doon sa korte, sige. Convicted. Read the sentence.

But if I believe sincerely that it was misappropriate — because sabi ko, I will support the police. Come hell or high water. But I will not tinker with the system of justice.

Pagdating dito sa akin, reading judgment. Reclusion perpetua. Okay, give me the decision. Then, ako na naman. It’s my turn now. Tapos na kayo, judiciary… o pardon.

So what? It’s the Constitution says the President can pardon. So what’s the [censored] objection there?

Hindi nga nagsabi na he could not pardon even himself. Eh ‘di pati ako, isali ko na ang sarili ko. Kaya huwag mong sabihin na ganun lang, p***** i** magkagulo… I will not submit to the jurisdiction of… Waving fabricated evidence in front, lying through his teeth in front of the nation. Tapos you want me to submit to the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman and who will now investigate? The Ombudsman.

Si Carandang. Ito si Morales. Who will investigate her? There’s a vacuum in the law. Impeachment? Who will do the legwork of investigation? I can do it. Because I have the authority to investigate. I am not saying that I will — factual lang. Ilang mga pulis, ilang mga na-convicted.

I will ask for the records and I will have analyzed, and I will talk to the policemen, I will talk to the generals, and I will talk to the people who were unjustly convicted. And I will encourage them to file a case. And when the time comes, if we cannot agree with each other, then let us decide to submit it to the Armed Forces kasi magkagulo tayo.

You decide. Mag-resign kami, you decide. Sinong mag-decide? Who will be fair enough to do it? None. Kasi ang Ombudsman is not answerable to anybody.

I can be impeached, can be impeached, but how about the investigation? You cannot expect Congress to do that. There has to be some legwork. Then the NBI and the CIAs will do it for us.

I will also investigate. Hindi ‘yan investigate, ipatawag ko si Conchita. That’s a very poor dimension of looking at things. Pero certainly ito si Carandang, I can summon him. Because he committed a crime. Not an administrative one. I’m not trying him, because I’m not a judge. But he has to answer for this, or else, I will go there and bring him to the NBI.

Kailangan you must obey the law also. Not only me. Ako, ‘di niyo ko pinatawag. You invented. Itong nga yellow, halos mamatay na lang. Gusto nang bumawi.

You know, I’m not trying to… There is also a cliché which says… I was elected by a margin of 6 million. So gamitan ko kayo ng colloquial. Onion-skinned, sabi ko — the truth — a lie repeated a thousand times is the truth.

I’ll add another one, a colloquial. The voice of God… The voice of the people is the voice of God. You want to rule this country? Fine. Get elected.

Maglaro tayo, sumali kayo sa pulitika, magpa-ek ek. Anong onion-skinned? [censored] Paano ‘yang mga anak ko? Onion-skinned? So sabihin ko sa kanila, “You adopt the hide of a bull, or a carabao, or a rhinoceros.”

T**** i**. Onion-skinned? Onion-skinned lahat kaya, including my grandchildren. Ipa-onion-skin mo for a fabricated hundreds of billions. It’s to your sorrow. And I hope to meet you one day.

Kung hindi ipakain ko ‘yang papel sa inyo. Sabi ko don’t f*** with me. Hindi ako papayag na ganunin mo ang pamilya ko. I will die. I am old, I’m 72. I’ve been going around, maski gabi, nag-takeoff ako ng eroplano, even in Marawi.

Itong mga gwardya, “Sir, malapit tayo sa kamatayan.” “Eh ‘di mamatay tayo.” Swerte-swerte naman ang buhay eh. Why? Why should we… Bakit naka-ano ka… Duterte is always talking life and death? Because people are worried about how I behave. Naglalanding ako ng gabi, tume-take off ako ng gabi sa helicopter. Diyan sa kaniyugan.

Nakikita mo ‘pag hinatid ako sa bahay ng bahay ko, doon sa likod ng bahay ko nilalanding ang helicopter. Panahon mo na, panahon mo na.

Pero itong panahon ko sa mundong ito, I only pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to my fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.

Trabaho lang ako. Tignan mo ‘yang milyon… bakit, saan ka kuha ng pagkain [censored] ‘yung nanay ko may pera, eh ‘di doon kami kumakain sa bahay. Doon nga kami nakatira eh.

It was only after I became President na sabi ng nanay ko, “umalis ka diyan”. Kasi naguguluhan na sa bahay. Maraming tao palagi. Because people would know how to navigate kasi governor ang tatay ko noon.

I said it cannot… [inaudible] It cannot go beyond 40… Tingnan mo ‘yung mga titulo na inano nila, ang mother title nasa pangalan ko. ‘Yung naghiwalay kami ng asawa ko, sabi ni Elizabeth, “Sige, pero lahat ipunta mo sa pangalan ng anak mo.”

So siya ‘yung mother title, different… Tapos itong mga u***. “‘Yung mga anak niya, binigyan niya ng trabaho.” Bakit, anong akala mo sa amin? I hate to say it, anong akala mo sa amin pobre?

Ganon na lang kami kahirap? I’ll tell you the secret, ‘yung ice plant. Nobody could operate an ice plant before. You have to get a congressional franchise. If you cannot get a congressional franchise, it’s not your fault. It’s the law. So kung walang ibang franchise diyan, ikaw ‘yung solo ‘yung — ikaw ‘yung source of all the ice ginagamit sa Davao. From ice cold beer to lahat. Part of the bulk of that money is from the ice plant.

May logging kami, totoo ‘yan. Kaya nga may lumber yard kami, ‘yung [inaudible], ‘yung mga taga-Davao. Baka sabihin niyo pobre talaga… T**** i**. Kayong taga-Davao, alam man ninyo ‘yan.

I don’t know but I said it, it’s a good discussion tonight. At least I have a — audience that’s very quiet and listening.

I apologize to the others who have no business in this, but ‘yan lahat sinabi ko. I have my… You have my commitment. Abogado to abogado, lawyer to lawyer: I will resign if it goes beyond… kasi may mga lupa. So you have to…

Kaya ‘yung mga binigay ko sa House of Hope. ‘Yang mga ‘yan mga babae — bata — na may cancer. At walang naaawa. So ang Lady of Victory, binigyan ko ng 3 million. Sabi ko may negosyo man ‘yan si ano… Si Honeylet, bright. Valedictorian ‘yan. Marunong talaga. Kaya ako nagtaka itong mga…

Sonny Dominguez sa Finance, ‘yan man ang valedictorian namin. Started as a clerk diyan sa bangko, BPI. Now, he owns Marco Polo. Marunong ‘yan sila eh. ‘Yung medyo mahina, kung ano na lang trabaho nandiyan, sige na lang.

Marunong ‘yan. [censored] Iyong pera niya, pagkabukas, i-add mo lahat. Eh ‘di may tubo talaga ‘yan araw-araw, 500, 600. Pero that is the same amount. Sabi nga dito, “… state that the attachment to the complaint the alleged debits representing outflows and inflows of funds were added together.” Plus, plus, plus, plus. Araw-araw. “Thus the resulting amounts are wrong and misleading.”

So as you see now, I am not onion-skinned. And salbahes ako sa’yo if you want… Hindi ako naghamon but you choose your weapon. Mamili ka. Sanay ako ng ganon. Alam na may ilang opisyal dito sa Davao, sinampal ko. Pati pulis. Ilan ditong pulis na binugbog ko. Patatapang-tapangan na wala sa lugar.

Pati military. [censored] na ‘yun, ‘yung nag-regional director ng pulis? Binaboy ko ng [censored] ka, l*** ka, pangit mo. Eh sabi niya, [censored] Duterte na ‘yan, kaya ko ‘yan. Si Lacson nga, gikwelyuhan ko.” Eh ‘di si Lacson. Dito ka magkwelyo sa aakin. Pasabugin ko ‘yang…

Wala akong pinipili. I die with a bad reputation, fine. I die with a good, fine. Huwag lang ‘yang corruption, wala ako diyan. I could not have survived 22 years kung kayong taga-Davao alam ninyo magnanakaw ako.

In my office Presidente, walang papel na negosyo. Lahat doon lang ‘yan sa secretaries ninyo. I only sign appointments and walang contract na umaabot sa akin — ayaw ko. At wala akong ibang pinirmahan kundi sweldo ko lang. Wala akong allowances maski piso. Naga- iwas ako. Hindi ko na kailangan ‘yan.

What will I do with the money? I cannot go out of my bahay kasi itong mga ‘to, sobra ka-istrikto. Magsakay ako ng motor, sasakyan rin niya ‘yung bumper. “Sir, hindi pwede, sir, eh ganun.” Totoo. Sabi ko magpunta ako diyan. “Sir, may wala kang advise, linisin pa namin ‘yan.” Sabi ko “Sabay sabay na tayo…” Sa After Dark ‘di ba? Madalas ako diyan. Noong mayor ako, diyan ako… Alam man ninyo nagkakape ako pati maruya. Gusto kong pumunta, sabi naman nitong… Kasama ng ugali ninyo uy. Hindi na ako makapunta doon kasi baka may road side bomb. Sus. Kaya nga may constitution ‘yan diyan o.

Ano pala ginagawa ni Robredo? Nagahintay  man lang ‘yan. So I’m sorry to… I don’t know if a pleasant or unpleasant with you.

But if you want to talk to me, I’m ready to… Basta sabi ko ‘yan ang pangako. Lawyer to lawyer and in obedience to my oath of office, I will resign.

Pahanap kayo. O diyan sa Landbank. Kung may abogado dito taga-Landbank, pakitingin nga ‘yung sweldo. Hindi ‘yan lumalabas sa opisina ninyo. Pagdating niyan sa sweldo namin, kayo lang rin ang nakikinabang. May kinukuha ako diyan minsan, nagbili ako ng bahay kasi naghiwalay nga kami.

So sabi ko kay sa aide ko maghanap tayo ng bahay na maliit lang kasi tutal ang… ‘Yung sabi ko dalawa. I said look for a three-two room affair. Kasi tutal dalawa lang naman ‘yang kabit ko pati ‘yung isang asawa ko. Dito ako sa gitna. And so maliit masyado ‘yan.

But finally, I… kasi ‘yung mga hindi taga rito, they would need — I mean they are ‘yung sinusukatan na ng prosthesis and ganun. And the others, four days ago, ‘yung mga paraplegics diyan sa Lady of Victory, pinasakay ko ng 130 doon sa Malacanang, binigyan ko sila ng dinner. Puro baldado na but I cried when they sang because naawa ako sa kanila, sabi ko “Malas naman ng buhay talaga, bakit ganito?”

Kaya minsan you begin to question God. If God is perfect, why are there so many imperfections in life? ‘Di ba sa Ateneo? First year, second year kami, ‘yung lahat ‘yang three generations above three gen… Father Mark Falvey, it’s in the… tignan mo ‘yung… He was the priest who was sued for being a pedophile.

Tignan mo last entry niya, assignment. Kunin mo. Mark Falvey. Internet. Inabot kami noon dito. While we were being — whenever praying our confession. “Oh, come, come, come. Tell me about your sins.” Minamasturbate kami. “What are my sins?” “Father, I’m getting hot. Is it a sin? I’m about to explode.”

Katoliko, susmaryosep. ‘Yung catechism. Naku. God created paradise and he created man. Tama na sana ‘yung tayo-tayo lang dito mag-upakan. He created a woman. But anong God na ‘to, perfect eh. When we use of a very — when we talk of a place that comes to mind, paradise it’s — there’s everything that we have and happiness abounds.

Now, anong ginawa ng Diyos? Ng Katoliko? I believe in God. In God alone. Ang Katoliko? Naggawa si God ng ahas, anong napasok sa ulo ng [censored] tapos nilagyan ng bunganga galing China. ‘Yung dumadating dito every ano. Tapos, “Sige, magpunta ka doon.” Ang ahas, nagpunta doon kay Eve. Pinakain. Si Eve naman, pinakain ni Adam.

So the creation which was paradise perfect became an incongruity. Just life. Life is incongruous by itself. That’s what I…

‘Yan ang message ko sa inyo. Nobody’s perfect. Life is never fair. It’s really an incongruity. It depends on how you handle yourself here.

Maraming salamat.

— END —