DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Relaunching of Malacanang Press Briefing room. 12 Oct 2017

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office).

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

October 2017]

The Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; PCOO Secretary Ruperto Martin Andanar and the other members of the Cabinet; former press secretaries, nandito pala si Commissioner Dulay; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno; mga minamahal ko at ang hindi ko minamahal na kababayan ko, marami din kayo.

Kindly sit down. Thank you. Thank you for the courtesy.

This is the first time that I have visited this room or any other room for a press briefing actually.

I’m not up to it ‘yung regular briefing. But if you want, I’ll just say a few words. Maybe — Sinong naggawa nito? Three pages. [laughter]

I am happy to be with you today as we introduce the new improvements in our Press Briefing Room. This represents this administration’s firm desire to reach out and effectively communicate with our people.

It is my sincere hope that the state-of-the-art equipment and the [newly refurbished] holding areas will serve as a reminder of our dedication to upgrade our state media and to keep it at par with international standards.

The new Briefing Room also exemplifies our government’s commitment to uphold the freedoms that these halls represent. After all, it is through these halls that the press and the government engage to be able to present to our people the real state of our nation.

To my fellow workers in government, especially those who form part of the Communications Office, I enjoin you to remain committed to your duty of upholding the truth at all times. Never exaggerate, never misinterpret [and] never agitate as you communicate our platform of governance. In other words, do not be arrogant.

In the same vein, I call on our friends from the media to also remain committed to the truth at all times. Never, never lie because we are not up to it anyway.

Never confuse your search for answers with the need to engage the public through sensationalized news and overpublicized political propaganda.

There are so many things which I have been tempted in the past to blurt it out but for reasons of public interest and maybe the prevailing sentiments, hinayaan ko na lang muna.

Anyway, at the end of the day, lalabas naman ang totoo. So I’m just hoping that developments will come our way that would need an answer from me or from the staff and would be able to express the truth.

There are truths which cannot be divulged just because it is the truth. It’s always a thing that awaits at the appropriate time.

Marami akong gustong sabihin. But ‘yung nagtiklop ako because I think it will not be to the best interest of the country, especially when everybody gets a go-go ‘yung mga — whether sensationalized or not.

But if you are a journalist of significance and a little more thorough investigation, makikita ninyo ‘yung totoo.

But as you’d wonder why, sabi ko, maybe it not would be the right time for the truth. You know, God sees the truth but waits. So ganon lang.

Indeed, as we enter into a new chapter in our nation’s history, we need to foster a more vibrant relationship between the government and the press.

The role of the media is vital if we are to successfully educate our people about the much-needed constitutional reforms that would lead to a more responsive federal-parliamentary form of government that welcomes foreign investments as a catalyst for economic growth.

Let me just dwell on these two words: federal and parliamentary.

I am not threatening anybody. I would be the last person to do that. I would not want to strike fear in everybody’s mind because nobody wants it.

At this time, it’s for garbage. It is susceptible to almost equivocal interplay of words.

The press will also play an important role in the dissemination of accurate information on the gains that we are reaping from our country’s successful chairmanship of ASEAN, our improved relationship with our neighbors, and our role in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Let me just dwell on the parliamentary type. You could just imagine if what happened in Marawi would have happened to about three or four cities in Philippines. You might want to… This is an open secret anyway among the military and the police that if these were to happen simultaneous in three big cities or four, it could be Basilan, Zamboanga, Cagayan, Davao and Cotabato and about one or two in the Visayas.

And I don’t think they have this modus vivendi with the enemy. But if the Reds would finally do it, then they are now in alignment with the Reds, the terrorists and the — itong droga.

I think this country would go into shambles. Alam ninyo ‘yan maski dalawa lang.

So we’re trying our best just to — just keep silent. I have to build a strong army and the police. Not to perpetuate myself, I don’t need it. That’s the last thing that — napaka-korny niyan.

I find even the thought of just mentioning it an idiotic thing. It has something to do with my country and how it would travel through the years safe and sound.

But there are challenges ahead, threats that could come our way after I shall have stepped down. If this will continue for another time, this will continue to bug our children and grandchildren. If not… You cannot control it on time.

I’m sorry but this is the reality, not the reality of the Duterte administration, but the reality of the problems confronting our country today.

Gusto ko lang malaman ninyo na ‘wag na muna ako diyan sa mga criticisms sa mga Trillanes thing, itong mga yellow, itong mga Reds.

I would be happy really if they would start to merge into one command. Itong mga komunista at itong Liberal. At ito ‘yung iba na gustong paalisin ako. Mag-isa-isa na lang kayo, isang grupo.

I think you share the same ideological whatever para hindi na masyadong mag-kalat ang ano — we can focus on all of you.

This is no threat. I said it is my mandated duty to keep this country safe and sound. And the only way I can do it is I have to build a strong army and police.

And we will be getting the arms that the other nations have donated. I do not want to keep it a secret. They want to but I don’t like the idea because we must know that — who are the nations who are helping us.

China gives us the much needed plus two shipments and we have now arms that can arm the ones that are training now. I want about five SAF police units to do the challenges sa urban terrorism.

It has totally changed the landscape of fighting. Hindi kagaya noon that we have only to deal with them in the mountain ranges and in the grasslands and a few urban areas, ‘yung mga barangay-barangay.

Now if you are a keen interest — have that keen interest to observe, you might want to look at the destruction of the Middle East. Mosul, Aleppo, and the rest took the — for the longest time fighting almost two years.

And in Marawi, you’d notice that we are into the fourth month. Maybe there’s a failure somewhere. But I don’t look for mistakes. It is there already. It has happened. So what’s the use of flogging a dead horse?

And so I vow that I would never be, you know, caught in a — same situations of unpreparedness. But really this thing is — It has changed the dimension of the doctrines of war that’s being adopted by the Republic of the Philippines sa Armed Forces.

Ito ‘yung building for building. And if they go inside first or capture the place and there’s a lot of buildings, it would be just like in Syria and Iraq.

Ang awayan nito building for building and that’s a natural cover of concrete and iron. So mahirapan talaga. They are positioned appropriately and they are just waiting for the troops to move in. With all the IEDs planted everywhere.

Our heaviest casualty was not the confrontational face to face. Masyadong mahusay ang mga sundalo natin diyan, especially itong mga bata.

Itong mga Scout Rangers na bata. They’re only about 20, 21, 22. And they can move with agility. Problem is you have to crawl and while crawling there are a lot of pressure agitated.

Ang marami nating patay, IED. Sunog talaga ‘yung katawan. I’m sorry to say it in public, at sa sniping.

So you would need rockets and everything there which we do not have right now. Russia has — [Kailan ‘yun? 25?]

That would be on a ship. I told them that they could just leave via Philippine Airlines. Bilihan ko na lang sila ng ticket, iwan na lang nila ‘yung barko nila. [laughter]

They will deliver the arms. I am not at liberty to say how many and — but it would be enough to start with the strong trust and over the years, at least in minimum of safety in the — especially in the Mindanao area.

In the Mindanao area, ganito ‘yan. And this is my take and I would say everybody’s take. The MI pati MN has hanging on to the range of their horses.

They are cooperating with government, fighting alongside with government forces, but they are hoping that what they have been asking for centuries will be given.

If we fail to come up with a reasonable counter proposal, then I assure you that there will be fighting everywhere in Mindanao. For then, the mainstream rebel groups would now be joining with the extremist groups.

Now, we are on one side and Misuari has remained neutral pero some of their rogue members are there fighting.

But fundamentally, they are waiting for the word of Hashim Salamat and Nur Misuari.

But if their common determination, their dream is — ends in a failure or a disappointment, magkaisa itong lahat against the Republic of the Philippines.

And I have it in good authority that they will declare an independence. They would declare an independent Mindanao.

Remember that there are more Christians than the Muslim populations. But that’s not the point. The point is we are not ready to embark on another war again. This time on a large scale throughout Mindanao. I just know what will happen.

In the meantime, I have to talk patiently with Secretary Dureza. Everytime Murad is there, Secretary is there. Everytime Nur Misuari is there with me in Davao, Secretary Dureza is also there.

But he knows deep in his heart and we fear the same challenge and that would be… I hope it would not end in a fissure na magka — mag-hiwalay ang Mindanao.

Because then if there is a status of belligerence given to them, then it becomes very, very, very serious for all of us.

It’s not the politicking dito, that’s not. They will disappear overnight. Wala ‘yung CIA-funded, ganun na mga [inaudible], Rappler, ‘yung mga ganun.

And the Americans will realize to their sorrow that they have been too myopic in this thing.

Now, the recent events is — magulo man kaya itong — marami. I have issued the [Do you have a copy of that… Executive Order or have I released it to them already?]

Ang utos ko, lahat na lang ng mga civilian, bigyan nila ng armas. Kayo na ang makipag-away sa mga durugista because I need the soldiers in another front.

Each citizen is now given the right to bear arms just like in America and shoot the drug people. Would that it be all right with you? [crowd answers: No] Ha? [crowd answers: No]

Ayaw ninyo? [Crowd answers: Ayaw] Kaya ito… [laughter] Pagka duwag ang tao, you — like a sacrificial lamb, it’s a memorandum from me to address to all concerned.

Bantayan ninyo ito ha because hindi ko sabihin sa inyo. The truth will come out.

Implementation of Republic Act 9165, otherwise known as the “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.” Date: 10 October 20[17]. That was yesterday.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) was created pursuant to Republic Act No. 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous [Drugs] Act of [2002] in order to safeguard the integrity of its state territory and the well-being of the citizenry, particularly the youth, from the harmful effects of dangerous drugs in their physical and mental well-being.

Okay ‘yan? So, you are now learning. Among others, the PDEA — listen very carefully because this would — to your chagrin — I assure you.

“Among others, the PDEA is mandated, empowered and authorized to undertake the enforcement of the provisions of Article II of this Act, relative to the unlawful acts and penalties involving any dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursor and essential chemical, and investigate all violations and all other matters involved in the commission of any crime [relative] to the use, abuse or trafficking of any dangerous drug and/or controlled precursor and essential chemical as provided for in this Act and the provisions of Presidential Decree Number 1619.”

Is this okay? Nice to hear? Okay.

“Monitor and if warranted by circumstances, in coordination with the Philippine Postal Office and Bureau of Customs, inspect all air cargo packages, parcels and mails in the central post office, which appear from the package and address itself to be a possible importation of dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursors and essential chemicals, through online or cybershops, via internet or cyberspace.”

Okay ‘yan? [inaudible] [laughter]

“RA 9165 further mandates that while it…” “RA 9165 shall not mean to be a diminution of the investigative powers of the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police on all crimes as provided for in their respective organic laws, the said law however specifically provides that, when the investigation being conducted by the NBI, PNP or any ad hoc anti-drug task force is found to be a violation of any of the provisions of this Act, the PDEA shall be the lead agency and the NBI, PNP or any other task force shall immediately transfer the same to the PDEA.”

Lipat nila lahat.

“Pursuant to the aforequoted provisions of RA 9165, and in order to bring order to the operation/campaign against illegal drugs, thus pinpointing precise accountability, I hereby direct the NBI, PNP, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Bureau of Customs, Philippine Postal Office and all other agencies or any and all ad hoc anti-drug task force to leave to the PDEA, as sole agency, the conduct of all campaigns and operations against all those who, directly, or indirectly, and in whatever manner or capacity, are involved in or connected with, illegal drugs.”

“All information received by the NBI, PNP, AFP, Bureau of Customs, Philippine Postal Office and all other agencies or any and all ad hoc anti-drug task forces shall forthwith be relayed, delivered or brought to the attention of the PDEA for its appropriate action.

The PNP shall, at all times, maintain police visibility, as a deterrent to illegal drug activities leaving to the PDEA however the conduct of anti-drug operations as aforestated.”

“Strict compliance is [hereby] enjoined.” Is this good? [Crowd answers: Yes] [laughter]

Bright talaga kayo. Well, tingnan natin. PDEA lang, wala nang iba. And I will again reiterate, umalis kayong lahat. Ibigay ninyo sa PDEA and let us see what happens.

But me, I am not interested anymore in — using any other… Hayaan mo ang PDEA. I will not comment, basta sinabi ko mukhang ‘yun ang gusto ng…

Gusto ko lang, as a last word, maybe this will suffice for the stupid European Union guys.

You know, they were all focused on how many deaths. They say it’s 3,000. Mine in Davao during my 23 years, I’ll admit about 600, all done in a police operation, police work. Sabi nila… Ilagay natin 10,000. [Ang figures mo Bong sa…]

And they threatened us, I said that they will have us expelled from the UN. My God, do it stupid. Do it now.

Because by just reading the victims or at least the persons killed in police operations and others who were murdered by other drug cartel, I’ve told you that the drug operations in Southeast Asia is being now controlled by the Bamboo Triad.

I’d just like to say that of ‘yung killed in police operation, I lost, when I became President, 147 men sa pulis.

Remember in Marawi, it started with a drug bust. They were there to implement a warrant of arrest in connection with the drug problem. Wounded in police operations, drug-related, 449. Hindi ako — nandiyan sa AFP ngayon. And others, 180.

AFP drug-related encounters, killed-in-action, 210 — [inaudible] others 52.

Sa Marawi casualties lang, and remember it was because of a drug case. They were serving a warrant, namatayan ako sa Marawi, 153 soldiers.

Wounded-in-action, 2,048. PDEA, killed one, one. Ang PDEA, walang patay. Konti lang, isa-isa lang. Wounded-in-action, dalawa.

So ibigay natin sa PDEA kasi lesser ang patay eh. Dalawa lang o.

All figures on related casualties came from PDEA as of 11, 2017 except the AFP killed-in-action, which was sourced from the AFP’s spot reports includes other enforcement, internal security organizations such as looting incidents and encounters with the local terrorist groups.

So kung ang PDEA konti lang ang patay o ‘di konti lang rin mamatay doon sa kabila. Isa lang. Wounded-in-action, dalawa.

This is better or betterer, do you say. O, diyan tayo. Walang patay so walang encounter ‘yan. So better for the bleeding hearts and the media. I hope I will satisfy you.

But ‘yung sa… ‘Yung mga sa left, itong ano, be careful with that E[JK]. Kasi ang mga left, lahat ng sa probinsya ‘yung tinamaan nila, always E[JK] ‘yan.

Lahat ‘yang namatay sa kanila, E[JK] ‘yan. Oo, sus. Hindi ako bugok binabantayan ko sila. They are using the E[JK].

May mga namatay sa kanila, ‘yung sa probinsya, idagdag na nila ’yun. That’s why the number dito sa Maynila keep on increasing. And it may reach about 30,000. ‘Yung mga guerrilla nila doon namatay, [EJK] ‘yan. Ang ating sundalo, died-in-action. Ganun lang ‘yan.

So I’m trying to say that PDEA has the least of the wounded and dead, isa lang, ibigay natin sa PDEA. Drug enforcement ‘to eh.

Now, kung kaya ng PDEA, palagay ko, palagay ko kaya.

‘Yung mga — sa Mindanao, kasi bulto-bulto ‘yan parang sawmill ‘yan doon. Kaya ng PDEA ‘yan. At least may side arms sila.

Tingan natin kung — pero ‘wag kayong tumingin sa akin, kindly. I’m not joking. At ‘yung nandito na ‘yan ang gusto ng lahat.

When something not to your liking is happening, do not look at me. Praise the bleeding hearts and all.

Kasi ginawa ko na talaga lahat ang magagawa ko, ito na. And some of the noted writers say, “Act now.”

Ito na po. Ito ‘yung mga patay. Taguin ko na lang sa bulsa ko. You know why? Itong mga left, itong mga… Hindi naman sana bobo ang mga p**** i** nila, ilabas mo ‘yan. Bakit ang tingnan dito ang patay lang sa mga suspected addicts?

‘Yung mga sundalo ko, balewala na sa kanila and the thousand other victims who are now hooked into drugs during the time that they began in earnest dito sa drug activity until the time when I acted on the problem.

Ang pinakamasakit dito, they have cheapened the deaths of my soldiers and policemen and the one million three hundred and you saw it with your naked eyes ‘yung mga Pilipino na payat na, na parang skin and bones surrendering everyday to government.

Ang pagka-presentar ng mga animal na ito. I call them animal. You tell them. Come back. Start delisting the Philippines from the UN. Sige nga kung kaya nila.

And from now on, we are not… The latest word from Sonny and sa Great Britain, 18 million dollars, 20. Sabi ko kay Sonny Dominguez, “’Wag mong tanggapin. Mabubuhay rin tayo.”

Anyway, I control the foreign affairs of this government. So ‘yung mga diyan mga noisy na, “It will go hung — the Philippine will go hungry.” In your ignorance, you are not the one who’d formulate the foreign policy of this country. It is solely the privilege of the Executive department.

The conduct of external affairs of this country is not in Congress. It’s not in the Supreme Court. It is the presidency in the great separations of powers. ‘Wag mo nang tanggapin ‘yan sila.

Then I will… Ayaw nila tanggapin ang export natin because the tariff is almost [inaudible], I will ask China to accept it.


China is saying until now, “So where’s your fruits? We need the fruits. Where are they now?”

Eh nagkaroon tayo ng shortfall because for the time being that the things was not very well with China during the past administration, wala mang nagtanim ng… Ngayon lang tayo nagbawi.

But all exports natin binibili ng China. China said, “No problem. We’ll help you.” Russia, nagpadala nga ng armas eh. Wala pang bayad.

So those who are obsessed with the affairs of other countries and interfering, I would tell them that “Do not do it or else I’d start looking at you.”

‘Yung mga EU. Do you  know — I’d like to ask them, “Is the morality…?”

Noon panahon in the 13, in the 18 rather, in the 18, 19 and the 20thcentury, was the morality of right and wrong different from the morality of what is right and wrong now?

Remember, you, Europeans, all by yourselves, by your lonesome selves, you started the First World War. Idinamay ninyo ang Middle East because you were the great colonizers between 1813 to 1816.

You massacred — pareho kayo Europeans and the Arabs that you took in as your armies. You killed, slaughtered each other, 15 million stupid Europeans died because of you.

Bakit ang right or wrong ba noon hindi ba right or wrong pati ngayon? So bakit kami ang — Why don’t you start scratching your head? And find out… Kung mag-ano kayo. You will be excluded in the UN? P**** i** ninyo, gawin ninyo.

Hindi man ako Español. Papaano ba sabihin sa Español?  Hijo de p***, you go and… [laughter]

Go ahead. You are interfering in our affairs kasi mahirap lang kami. Magbigay kayo ng pera then you start to orchestrate what things should be done and which should not happen in my country, you b******.

We are past the colonization stage. ‘Wag ninyo akong… Don’t f*** with us. We ASEAN members can export to each other. We can also have tariff free.

And you have the problem there of terrorism. You imported it in your country. You built your riches. You were ahead in the industrial race of the planet Earth because you stole the greatest resource of the Arabs and that was — that’s oil.

Kaya nauna kayo and you paid a pittance for the raw materials. From where? From the Middle East. You colonize, lahat. Then started to divide Middle East, United States, UK, France, kayo ‘yun eh. And that is why you are paying heavily now with terrorism.

May you end up happy for what you have done. Do not come to this country again. We do not need you.

You want to expel us? You try. My… Euro, 1,000 dollars will earn one million pesos from me if you can expel us from the UN.

Bakit? Papayag kaya ang Russia pati China? U*** pala kayo eh. You think China and the rest of the countries of ASEAN will agree to that? Where will be… Where will be the crucial vote that would come?

It’s a security council. And you think that China and Russia will allow that? Kasi ang pagtingin ninyo kasi sa amin, walang alam sa charter ng United Nations. You think that we are a bunch of morons here. You are the one.

Now, the ambassadors of those countries listening now, tell me. Because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours. All. All of you.

You must have taken this — the Filipino for granted. Saying that we could be excluded. Is it your decision? You really think that you can do it? You have to pass by the security council if one of the members would say, “Let us talk about this.” Would you think Russia and China would allow it? Come on guys.

In Español and the Spaniards would learn that is estúpido. But because sometimes it’s g***. In the Philippines, you are called torpe.

And itong mga media, you know, all of you Westeners, you just say “son of a b****.” That’s a slang. That’s a street slang.

Alam mo, pagdating doon, while you were publishing it against Obama, you change the traditional word “son of a b****” with “son of a whore.” The way that you’d try to destroy…

So we will not allow anybody, not even the United States to dictate on us. And I will tell it straight during the November in the ASEAN. Ibubuga ko lahat talaga sa…Akala mo dali mag…

You’re the ones… You’re the last vestiges of imperialism in this part of the world. You idiots came to our lands, Indonesia, Malaysia. Dutch for Indonesia, Malaysia for the British; and the Philippines for the Americans and Spaniards, and you have the gall to say to us, “We will expel you.” Son of a b****.

My language is horrible. No, that is part of our grammar here. Why? Because we are angry at you for colonizing and stealing our resources for so many hundreds of years. G*** pala kayo eh. Kayong mga…

When you left my country after 400 years, you brought home the best of everything in this country. Tapos ganunin ninyo ako? [laughter]

Sabihin mo sa kanila. And United States would… You are funding Rappler, said and all of these…

Go ahead and fund more. So that we can always transfer… There’s always China and Russia. What should we worry?

You keep on funding those — Soros is funding Human Rights Watch. So you think that you are the conscience of the people? That you are the right ones because you are the white? Excuse me. Are we talking of a monkey here or… Kung magsalita kayo, akala ninyo.

Maybe the other presidents but — ‘yan CIA stop f*****. One day, I will just drive you away. It’s either they — your cahoots here will have to kill me or you have to get out of my country. Choose. Basta ako sabihin ko sa Pilipino, ‘pag namatay ako, America na ‘yan. CIA na ‘yan.

‘Pag may mga bagong barko diyan na maganda na Chinese character, kaibigan natin ‘yan, China ‘yan. Kung ‘yung parang drawing drawing na… Hindi mo maintindihan ‘yang… Russian ‘yan. [laughter]

Mag-salute ‘yan… ’Pag mag-salute ‘yan sa atin, ganun, Amerikano, ‘wag ‘yan. Ganun, ‘yan, mga Russian ‘yan.

Bakit idol ko sila? Kasi marunong silang magrespeto. Kayong mga p***** i** kayo, akala sinong…

Go ahead. That is my inaugural speech to… [laughter and applause]

— END —