DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Arrival from India. 27 January 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Davao International Airport, Davao City | 27 January 2018]

Kindly… kindly sit down. Thank you for the courtesy.

May I just say… kasi ‘yung persons to be acknowledged, the presence really, they were with me. Secretary Lorenzana, of course, [unclear], I’m glad to see you; Congressman Belmonte was also with the party. So may I just say, mga kasama ko sa gobyerno at mga kababayan.

I am glad to be home after my first and Official Visit to India.

Our destiny as a region is closely interlinked with the security of our seas, dagat.

At the ASEAN-India Special Commemorative Summit meetings, I reiterated the Philippines’ position in maintaining and promoting open, free, stable and secure maritime spaces and responsible use of maritime domain, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

Together with ASEAN Leaders and India, we reaffirmed our commitment to work as a region in our fight against the menace of terrorism and violent extremism [that] cross and reach our maritime borders.

During my engaging meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi, we discussed our common concern for the welfare and protection of our nationals abroad.

I encouraged India to collaborate with ASEAN in line with the principles and standards outlined in the ASEAN Consensus on the Promotion of Migrant Workers.

At the bilateral level, I urged India to expand our cooperation in the areas of defense, counter-terrorism and the fight against illegal drugs.

We agreed to enhance two-way trade and investment to achieve a healthy balance of trade.

At the sidelines of the Summit, I am pleased to report that the Philippine and Indian business delegations forged a total of US$ 1.25 billion worth of investments, which will create approximately 10,000 jobs.

New business agreements in IT-BPO, tourism, hospitality, aviation and pharmaceuticals promise positive change in the lives of our people. Lalo na ang medisina.

At the regional level, we recognized that the Philippines, India, and ASEAN face similar challenges and threats on land and at sea.

ASEAN can be our common platform for dialogue and, more importantly, a venue for concerted actions against the threats [to the] security and stability of nations in the Indo-Pacific region.

We need to go beyond consultation. More than talk, we need to move together to deter, interdict and neutralize those that seek to destabilize our region.

I congratulate India on its Republic Day. During the parade, India has shown its growth as a democracy and an economy.

India’s Republic Day Parade clearly showed the resolve of a proud people to work together to achieve their goals and counter the dangers of its well-being as a nation.

As head of our democratic Republic, I assure you, I will do my very best to develop and utilize all our potential in making the Philippines more stronger [and] an important player, not only in our region but in the entire community of nations.

Thank you.

I am ready for… [applause] Ang ano kasi, cold, very cold. Kaya ako nag…


Q: Sir, good morning po. Welcome home. Sir, first question is, ay hindi na muna about India but it’s about BBL and Cha-Cha. Which comes first, BBL or Cha-Cha.


Q: Which comes first, BBL or Cha-Cha or Charter Change?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it’s the BBL as law?

Q: Yeah. Which would come first? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I think it would be in keeping with — dalawa ‘yan ha.

Q: Yes. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This is my, this is my take. Either we figure out new regions, if I can do it administratively without violating any provision in the Constitution.

So if it’s only a matter of laws, then we can ask Congress for the corresponding change.

But we trans-counter now to the sentiments of Congress and leave the delineation for physical arrangement of what MI, MN and the rest would want to have, then Congress can also make it at the same time as they have figured out how to… not really — there’s provisions at this early which says Congress has been saying that it is unconstitutional.

So let’s start to sort it out. Let us show the Moro that we are trying our best. That those Constitutional provisions that will be violated can be corrected if there is a federal setup coming.

Kung wala or if they do not believe us, remember there’s a… there is a caveat there by somebody in Central Mindanao which says that… I think it’s Murad and I have a, pardon me, inaatake ako ng migraine ko and I have a cold coming up.

Tignan na lang natin. Sabi ni Murad, “We are tired of waiting for so long.”

Alam mong promise na ‘to, this is not mine actually. I’m having the beating but it so happens that this is really mine. Sa panahon ko ‘to.

Pero ‘yung commitment to come out with a federal system was promised to Misuari.

I do not want to make an… a big issue about it but it was the time when Cory Aquino went to Jolo to talk to Misuari and made some concessions about a federal setup.

‘Yun ngayon ang sinisingil na sa panahon ko, na-timing eh. At they are threatening to go to war.

Ako naman, I’m pleading to the Moro people to give government a chance to work out something. That’s the last thing that I would want to happen to my country. Go again and wage war against their own people.

It’s not my style to do that because you are not criminals. This is something which is a matter of principle to everybody.

I know that, of the historical corrections needed but at the same time, I can only promise you but I have to stand for the Republic whether I like it or not.

So let’s avoid violence. If the thing that we are working at now does not fit, your paradigm of what you want, we can always talk and change everything.

Maybe after this… kung ano na lang. I’m not saying I’m postponing. It can be discussed together with the proposal.

To make public my stand, I never talked to anybody. I have not talked to the Speaker and you can ask them, nor to any congressman about federal setup.

Sinasabi ko lang ‘yan. It is an echo and re-echo of what was promised them. Tapos binigyan sila ng ARMM tapos ito ngayon.

They want it done. I don’t know if it’s a — if it’s an event that is imposed on… there’s always a time to do it and I think that they are decided to do something if they are not given the things that they want.

Ako, ayaw ko. Let me make myself very clear. I do not want violence, I do not want war. I only want to talk.

Kung siguro man if the words that you would hear is more or less, far different from my direction, to where I am proceeding to, it’s really to put a stop sa itong, about time that we deal with the NPAs and the drug traffickers and human trafficking.

Q: Sir, second question po. Before you left, or was it December 25 was that? You said something about firing about three police generals, and 60 erring policemen. May we know what exactly happens now to the investigation and when are you —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tapos na ‘yung investigation. It’s just a matter of looking into the charges again.

You know, when you fire people, especially ‘yung matataas na ranggo, you have to be very careful.

But there’s a recommendation to terminate them that’s why I announced it.

But whether I will go ahead with it, I have to, personally being a lawyer, to review. I need time. That is what is utterly lacking in my… in my life now. It’s always short of time and short of sleep.

Q: Yes, sir. Maya na lang ako mag…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag ka na maya-maya. Sige na. Ano pa?

Q: Yes sir. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi bale. Ala-una ang…

Q: Okay. Sir, in your talk with — 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alas-kwatro tayo.

Q: — the Indian Business Community, you talked about wheelers and dealers who ano, who cornered projects in the golf course. May we know details of — Could you give us details, more details, how many groups are they or who are they? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me communicate directly and I will — they will agree with me, I’m sure. Lalo na ‘yung matitino na tao dito sa gobyerno.

‘Yang lowest bid, that is always… if it is there in the project itself and it is to be bidded out, ah wala, corruption sigurado. Sigurado ‘yan.

There are a group of idiots going around just playing golf. Naghihintay lang ‘yan ng, if there is a call for a bidding to submit.

Tapos ‘yan sila, mag-dive ng husto ‘yan. Sindikato ‘yan eh. The true blue contractors are in good faith.

‘Yung the rest diyan ‘yung mag… four or five contractors or pretending to be contractors tapos ida-dive nila ‘yan.

So meaning to say if it’s a 100 million project, they would even bid it for about… mag-lowest bid ‘yan sila. I’ll give you money sa 90, 80 tapos ‘yung project, maibigay sa kanila babayaran pa niya ‘yung cohorts niya doon.

‘Yung nagbid rin ng, “Ito sige o, magbid tayo sunod-sunod.” O ‘di sila ang manalo. Tapos mag divide pa.

Alam ko, hindi lahat. Magbigay pa sa engineer, DPWH tapos you have to go over ‘yung sa council. If there’s a conversion of land, it’s the city council. ‘Yung mga ganun.

It’s, tingnan mo ‘yung mga… kaya I talked about it when I left.

I am giving DPWH to tell the contractors to complete it within 30 days. Pag hindi, I will give it to another contractor, cancel the contract and sue you.

I will only allow a delay of 1 month. ‘Yung tawag nila na… Y*** na ito, nakalimutan ko.

‘Yung… short-short nila. There’s a term for that. Oo, slippage, parang nai-slide. Marami ‘yan maski sa Maynila.

I will remind everybody through the DILG, through the mayors na there should be no open holes or canals everywhere. And I’m giving everybody in government only 30 days. Either they cancel the contract and allow somebody else or somebody else’s endeavor to, kung meron siyang pera pati…

And I will let, just tell COA to, huwag na tayong mag-bidding. P** —‘Pag mag-bidding ganun rin. Mas lalo ng matagal.

So if COA wants it, they can always look for somebody who can do it. Wala ng — ‘yung negotiated contract. Even if it’s a bidding, wala sa…

So henceforth, all projects of the Philippines would be something like a Swiss challenge. If I want building, if I want a highway, if I want railroads built, ipakita ko sa inyo, there would be an open space for everybody.

Ito gawain mo, pagkatapos niyan, if you do it correctly at walang corruption, I will pay you. I will tell… in 15 days bayad ka. Bayaran kita. Gusto mo ito? You build it for me in accordance of what is required by government. Sundin mo lang ‘yan. If you complete your project — ‘pag sirain mo ‘yung project mo and you come up with an inferior quality on…

Well, anyway, it should be always at government’s supervisory function.

Q: So it would mean…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Short of a visitorial and all… ‘yung lahat ng contract.

Q: So it would mean eradicate…  a way of eradicating golf course —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na. I’m telling everybody. I’m telling Congress, COA, and the Supreme Court including, ‘yang lowest bid na ‘yan, ‘yang policy ng lowest bid, ‘yan ang naghila sa atin sa corruption. Walang pahinga ang bayan niyan.

So dito, gusto mo? O, sige. Gawain mo. Tapos bayaran kita. Ang takot kasi ng mga contractor is it’s a long and winding road getting payment. Kasi pagbayad maghingi pa para ma-release ang pera.

O dito, hindi na kailangan. You just tell me. Kung sabihin mo naghingi ang wherever, ako ang kukuha ng papel. I will tell the department secretary or the bureau director, “Give the papers to me. I will release it.”

And if it is really a delay, tell me how the delay was. So I can correct everything. Or if you’re delaying it, then I’ll fire you.

Q: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tsaka kulang tayo ng trabahante sa Basilan. Gusto ko mag gawa ng highway doon, right across the mountains of Basilan. And if you want, Jolo.  

Q: Thank you, sir.  

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Marami namang trabaho sa gobyerno, wala lang tumatanggap. Ako ang magpatanggap sa inyo.  

Q: Yes, sir. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi kayo makinig, eh ‘di pasensya.  

Q: Sir, you met with the Indian businessmen and vowed them protection in doing business here in the Philippines. Did they express uncertainties and considering that Philippines has security threat and Mindanao is under martial law. So what was the assurance that they are protected? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They didn’t even mention it. They said they want to come here.

But I was the first to say that: Maybe just avoid that western portion of Mindanao, especially down to the archipelagic Zamboanga. If you have the map of the Philippines, your left is the Western side, just avoid it. Visayas, Luzon, and some parts of Mindanao — Davao, maybe Butuan, there’s a less… unless there will be something coming up in the days to come.

But mind you, it’s not because I am extending my term, I’m telling the generals and the police: Do not allow, including me, to extend our term, the normal exit under this Constitution.

I-coup d’etat ninyo kami. Huwag lang ninyo ako itapon sa Pasig kasi hindi ako marunong maglangoy. Buti pa ihulog mo ako diyan sa Mt. Apo, maybe I’ll survive or Albay if you want.

Basta ito sabi ko sa kanila, as I’m telling you now: There will be no corruption. Pinaka-konting naghingi ka.

You know, some of them were really — were campaigners during the last election. But ang sinabi ko sa kanila, “Babayad ako ng utang, bigyan ko kayo ng trabaho. Pagka pumasok kayo diyan sa corruption, sorry.”

On the same guarantee, BIR, Customs, lahat, at the helm of those agencies are really of the few good men dito sa ating — Customs Commissioner, I have no doubt about it. He was with me in the many years when I was mayor.

Dulay, kilala ko ‘yan. He’s an Ilocano from Baguio. And we were together in the dormitory for so many years.

Q: Okay. In another issue sir, there were reports that you were a target of ISIS and terror group when you were in India. How did you deal with this? And what were the security arrangements? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, I’ve been telling you right at the start, when my time comes, it will come. I will stick to what destiny has given. If I go tomorrow, then I go. Wala ka…

Sabi mo, ayaw mo, gusto mo mamatay, kung patayin ka rin, talagang mamatay ka. Especially ako, lumalapit ako sa tao. That’s the nightmare of the PSG.

Sabi ko, “Huwag niyo ako pigilan.” Assasination? Kung panahon ko na, panahon ko na. So I should not be deterred. I should not be discouraged by just mere threats. I’ve lived with it. I’ve been a prosecutor for nine years doing trial work. I live with a — it was a dangerous life then as it is now. 

Q: Okay. Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang sabi ko, I’ll repeat it. To the NPAs and to the terrorists, not the mainstream rebels, itong MI, MN because they decided to…

Pero kayong enemies of the state, my orders are really to destroy, to destroy the apparatus. Itong NPA, totodasin ko talaga sila. Tatapusin ko. The talks are over. No more talks. And I will go after the legal fronts. ‘Yung mga legal — illegal nila na collecting sa taxes, sa mga association, ito ka… Ano ‘to? Mga kasamahan sa magbubukid para magkutkut ng mina diyan sa — T*** i*** ‘yan. Kayo lang ‘yan.

Lahat… lahat ‘yang legal. Kayong mga legal, makinig kayo. Hindi kami torpe. I was once also handling an organ of the Nationalist Alliance for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. ‘Yun ‘yung Karapatan ngayon.

So huwag tayong magbolahan. So I’m waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court. ‘Pag lumabas ‘yan as terrorist, which you are, really are. Imposing taxes here and there. Mabuti pa kayo, mas marami ang kita.

Kayong mga — Look ha mga NPAs.  Kayong mga nakikinig, Kayong mga Lumad. Niloloko lang kayong lahat niyan. Alam mo kung si — kay sabi ko nga, kung bright ‘yang Sison na ‘yan, siya ang Presidente ngayon galing sa India, hindi ako. T*** i**.

Maniwala ka diyan. [unclear] Kay kayong mga Lumad? [Speaks Bisaya] Anong prinsipyo ninyo? ‘Yung… the way how he interprets Marxism and…

Communist is a party. It is not… Socialism is the rationale or rational behind it. Kayong magpakamatay diyan, separated from your families. Palagi kayong manganak diyan, wala kayong ginawa kung hindi mag-anak tapos iwanan lang ninyo ang mga anak ninyo for years. Tapos maglaki na lang. Walang nanay pati tatay. Anong nakuha ninyo? Pera? Hiningi ‘yan.


Noon ‘yung mga mayaman diyan, mga banana, mga mining. So my next step really is I will look into your transaction sa — money laundering. ‘Yung pinapasangil nila na marami daw. ‘Di buksan ninyo. But kayong mga…

I will place — I suspect everybody. Lahat. Wala akong… mine or banana. Prangkahan tayo. Nagbibigay kayo. Pero ‘pag nahuli ko kayo, I will give your hell of a time. Maybe lalo na mga miningI’ll just cancel your… Kayo nagbibigay ng malaki. I’ll just cancel your permit. I’ll tell Secretary Cimatu to cancel it. You are funding an organization which is bent on destroying my country, our country.

About time na mag-prangkahan tayo dito, nabibwisit ako diyan, salita-salita dito. Gawain mo na lang para mas mabuti. Basta ako, nagwa-warning na ako sa inyo, ‘pag nalaman ko na… I will know na sabihin mo na wala kang guwardiya doon. ‘Di karami diyan Pilipino walang trabaho. Diyan sa city jail mamili ka diyan. Pa-eskapuhin ko ‘yan. Gawain mong CAFGU.

Because the order is to destroy. Kung mag [inaudible] tayo ng peace talks tapos diyan human rights, walang mangyari sa bayan na ‘to. At the end of the day, ako pa ang sisihin kung bakit nagkaganun. Kaya huwag ninyo akong…

The order is to crush. A synonym of that is destroy. And a collateral of that sentence is you destroy. And if you have to kill, do it because the human rights, kung babagsak itong bayan na ‘to, walang maitulong sa atin ‘yan.

Remember, if you place a premium for a single individual because his human rights were violated and — I said you begin to do it one by one, this country would have allowed the derogation of the dignity of the people. I am not prepared to do that.

And also, I would like to address myself to all nations taking in Filipino as workers. All I ask is that you treat them decently. Do not destroy their dignity as a human being. Let them sleep long enough for them to. [inaudible] ‘yung binibigay, the complaint is that they’re fed with leftovers and they are only allowed. Kaya nagsu-suicide eh. Hindi na matiis. Including rape.

Because there are [unclear]. I will not make a sweeping statement. There are countries that if you are a slave bought from the slave markets, or you are paid to work for them, rape includes the term of agreements. It’s a cultural insanity. Huwag ninyong gawain ‘yan sa —

We are ready to suffer. They come home. China is opening its doors, they are not really as bad as the others for they are — Asians eh. And we Asians we do not do that, that’s a barbaric form of…

Kaya I think the loss of employment opportunities for the people. But at the same time, I grieve for the Filipinos for what they have to go through, and suffering. If it means a reduced income, it will redound to a less GDP, then so be it. I will ask China to open its doors to us. They need teachers and domestic helpers. And I said to them that if you can consider the Philippines, we would be glad to allow our workers to work here.

All I ask is that treat them, I said with dignity. Huwag ninyong abusuhin. Hindi naman ‘yan — They are not, you know, Filipino women are not merchandise, you buy and just do what you want. It sucks.

And as a worker of government, as one who also decides whether we go there or not. I will not hesitate to lose your friendship, not at the expense of the Filipino. Do not do it.

Tutal you are all moneyed, well to do. Look for some entertainment, Europe is just an hour away, do not do it to the Filipino.

All other Presidents have remained silent or never really bothered to take the cudgels because one, they are afraid to lose your friendship and of course, the money that would bring in.

We accept that as a truism in today’s — the life of the Filipino. But it was just never acceptable to me and to everybody else, I think, that you allow our less — that’s — they are driven into insanity, jump out of the windows of up high.

What does that indicate? It has become unbearable for a human being to live. What do you think if I’ll do that also to your citizens? Your only advantage is you have the money, actually, but whatever — God, your God is, it’s never right to do that to a fellow human being.

Next question.

Q: Sir, ‘yung Mt. Mayon po nasa Alert Level 4 na daw po. Ano ho ba ‘yung mandato niyo dun sa mga concerned agencies?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tigas ulo ‘yang Mayon na ‘yan, sinabi ko na ‘wag ka munang pumutok eh kay mag-alis ako.

Sige, paputukin mo basta as long as everybody has complied with the safety zones and nobody is near enough to be hurt. Eh patakot-takot ‘yan siyang puputukin — gusto ko — kung tao lang ‘yan, sipain ko ‘yan.

Pumutok ka na para tapos. No more view. Well, I — this is the correct answer, I’m just joking para mawala lang ‘yung sakit nung — ‘yung sa ano ko, sa migraine.

‘Yung… Nakalimutan ko nga ‘yung ano, sino nga pangalan mo? ‘Di, magpunta ako in about — I’ll decide tomorrow. I’ll probably take a rest for a day or two, I will go to — sa Mayon.

Ang problema kung saan tayo mag-landing. Sa tabing dagat siguro.

‘Di ba parang kasali sa ano — ah wala ba? Hindi kaya masyadong malayo na rin ‘yun? [Inaudible] the ashes there, but it’s the wind current that you have to worry about because it will bring the ashes to you, where you are.

But if it’s safe to go there and even if it’s not, you give me the space to land. If I am cleared, I will go there in about one or two days. So what’s your problem, about the health?

We have the — ‘yung sabi nilang pera, I don’t know but to my recollection, it was the day before nagsabi — I’d like to assure Governor Bichara, nahulog na ‘yung — na-[inaudible] ang pera, nilagay na sa…

So the delay, the hitch must be somewhere else, pero hindi kami kasi sabi ko ilarga mo na kaagad.

Q: Sir, comment niyo naman po dun sa ano, ninenegosyo…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakita mo si Ms. Mayon, sabihin mo galit si Apo. Magdagdag ng problema lang ‘yang y*** na ‘yan… Sige ho.

Q: Sir, comment niyo naman po dun sa ninenegosyo daw po nung mga ilang members ng Kadamay. ‘Yung mga bahay na inokupa nila dun sa Pandi, Bulacan, tas nakunan daw po ng video na binebenta nila ng 20 to 30,000 pesos?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That’s good. You know, when they invaded the houses or the condos that was built for the soldiers, nung nagpunta sila doon, they forced themselves in and occupied this, sabi ko sa Armed Forces pati sa pulis, “Just believe in me. Ibigay mo na lang ‘yan, kasi kung uutusan mo ‘yan sila doon magpunta ‘yung mga pulis, baka barilin pa ‘yang mga ‘yan.”

Kasi, alam mo na, the left is always — the left does not know what the right hand is doing. Sabi ko, “Ibigay mo na lang tutal pobre man ‘yang mga ‘yan, gawan ko na lang kayo.”

And anyway, for the Armed Forces and the Police, the universal complaint was that masyadong maliit. So from 24 something, I raised it to — 65? Sixty-five na ‘yung ano nila. And I’ll build you with an improved space there inside.

So I’m doing it right now sa — diyan sa — ‘yung sa Bangkal. Pero, sabi ko, ‘wag ninyong agawin ‘yan. Kung gusto ninyong masubukan kung ano ang mangyari sa magnanakaw, ipakita ko sa inyo.

Do not do it again, I was just [unclear] my force at that time because I do not want a bloody incident just because of a house because everyone needs one. Pero in the priority of things, I have my own schedule in my mind. I will make as many as the government can afford.

Pero ‘yung ganun, anarchy na kasi eh. So if you repeat it and if you want to commit su — bahala kayo. Bahala kayo, sinabi ko, “Stop.” Bigyan ko kayo, walang problema, priority kayo. But allow me a certain elbow room to move because hindi lang ho kayo ang Pilipino. Hirap rin lahat.

So ‘yung hindi na sa inyo, do not repeat it anywhere. Because then, I will have to order the police just to stop it, and we want to stop it in the right way or the wrong way, that is no longer my problem.

Basta ako, taga-bigay lang ng direksyon. I do not order, I do not like the word, “ordering the military, ordering the police.”

I will just give them the direction. Do not allow a takeover and when things go to a [unclear], do what a policeman should do, or a peace officer, or a military.

Gusto ninyo ng mag-suicide? ‘Di sige. Walang problema sa akin.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will not hesitate to do it. Believe me.

Q: Welcome home, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tumaba ka, iha?

Q: Buyag, sir. Before leaving for India, you appointed members of the consultative committee to review the Constitution.


Q: What’s your direction, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’m waiting for it and maybe look into how grammar and the… Hindi, nagbibiro lang ako — and the dangling clauses and all, the Constitution is one paragraph it’s one — several ideas go into play.

Q: Are you giving them timeline to submit?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Just enough time to also — for Congress to act on it without — I want it done this year.

‘Yung ano — itong — it’s — we cannot — just like the — we do not want to hang, hindi ito cellphone na nagha-hang ng, itong gobyerno, I do not want it.

It’s either we do it, if there’s a cost, so be it. It may result in violence, we avoid it hanggang — then we…

The problem is really the procrastination. So I would wait for the right time, procrastinate — procrastination and I waste time and the four years is there already tapos wala akong nagawa sa bayan ko.

You may not like it. You may not like my mouth, my jokes, but that is not really your problem. My behavior is, I said, I — there was no shift in the paradigm of — para akong mayor lang, kung hanggang dito lang ang talent ko eh ‘di bakit pipilitin ko?

If you do not want to see, just transfer to another channel, isang pindot lang naman ‘yan.

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There’s a job to do and I will do it. Ikaw ang — ha? Anong company mo?

Q: Hindi, sir. Business World and — sister ‘yun ng Reuters, and Daily Mirror.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sigurado ka na — tignan ko ‘yung lisensya mo sa SEC.

Q: Hi. Maayong buntag, sir. Sir, final na po ba ‘yung — talaga ‘yung rejection of EU aid?


Q: Final na po ‘yung rejection ng EU aid? EU, EU.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Rejection about? Money?

Q: ‘Yung assistance. Oo, aid. ‘Yung assistance po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said I’m willing to lose — hindi kasi nila alam eh. I said, same. The socialists are contributing money for the destab and all of these things, which I cannot discuss publicly.

Pero kung ako naman ang Presidente, wala akong magawa dahil sa kanila, ay l****, wala akong pakialam sa inyo. It’s my country first before I want to hear you.

You know, as I said, you place a premium, and all that they can do and have been doing all these years was to say, 700 deaths, no name, wala lahat and they come here and say it’s a social problem, it has something to do with health, so it becomes a health issue.

‘Di sabihin mo sa akin, kailan nag-umpisa ‘yan, sinong patay? And then figure out — always in unison, 7,000 o 10,000. If you are really sincere in your work, ‘wag kayong pumunta dito ng dalawang araw, 2, 3 days and listen to the idiots also, like you.

Tapos bakit hindi mo baliktarin. So it’s a social problem. So what caused it? If you can help, so this is how it started, so we will help the Philippines. Where, why, how — how was this [unclear].

Extrajudicial killing. Magkabaril ng ano — anong extrajudicial? Extrajudicial sa inyo, ang sa gobyerno ang hindi. Ilang — ilang mga bata diyan na ni-rape na ano, anong tawag mo sa kanila?

There’s no such thing, imbento ‘yun nila. It is maybe a violation of our penal laws or a crime. Extrajudicial, kailan pa tayo nagkaroon ng extra-judges dito? Kaya nga hindi ma-hear-hear ‘yung kaso kasi walang — you’re fond of saying extrajudicial.

You want everything to pass by judicial process? If my soldiers there would like to raid an NPA camp, they have to go there because to do it without a warrant is extra.

You know, you started as if you do not place a premium on the individual human rights. In the end, to our sorrow, it will be the dignity, and maybe, the shame of the Filipino.

Biro mo, matumba lang ang gobyerno kung si — Kagaya ng Colombia, patay dito, patay doon. May pulis, patay. Mexico, general, admiral, patay. Eh kasi hinayaan nila.
Mexico. Judges, hearing judges, patay. Admiral nila, patay because the marines took over in the enforcement of law. Hindi na kaya ng police eh.

Ako, hindi naman taga South America. I will not allow that kind of s***. Never. I will not allow government to be beholden to no one except to the people. Why should I listen to you, human rights?

Ang problema nito, because these countries, EU, pati ‘yung lahat, you never have really ceased to be imperialists. You have always been imperialism ever since.

You impose your own values, you want countries to follow a certain norm of conduct, the ethos, kanila because this is the right way.

In the past, you do it physically, occupy territories of other peoples, of other countries, subjugate them, and enforce your own set of rules and values. Ngayong wala na kayo dito, mga t**** kayo.

Gusto ninyo na we follow a standard. I told you I will not accept the money with conditions. Sabihin nila, “No, we give you so many dollars to promote democracy and stop with the…”

Wala namang — hindi nga nila alam kung saan inilibing ‘yun. Sabi nung andito, “Davao is a killing field.” Pumunta dito ‘yung g***. Nag-dala ng pala. Ang nakuha niya skeletal remains of one person.

Dalawa ‘yung ulo, isang katawan. Eh ‘di walang human rights. Hindi naman human. Eh monster siguro. Dalawang ulo. ‘Di ba nandoon man kayo?

Ikaw Regalado, ‘di ba nandoon ka? O, dalawang ulo, o isang katawan. Anong tawag mo nun? Monster, right.

Tapos, look at the publicity they created outside of the Philippines. Killing fields daw ang Davao. Eh kung kriminal ka — sinabi ko na sa inyo eh. Do not destroy my country because I will really kill you. Do not destroy the young of this country. Mahihirap lang tayo.

At the age of retirement, itong mga pulis pati sa Armed Forces. Maaga ‘yan, 56. Ilan lang makuha nila? You think they’ll get millions ‘yung mga nandiyan sa baba?

Tapos ‘yung mga anak nila, pinapa-aral nila ‘yan kasi ‘pag matanda na sila, umaasa sila sa anak nila.

Hindi bale ‘yung may-ari ng mga malls, ‘yung mga ano, sa may mga subdivision, because they will continue to flourish even after you are gone. ‘Yung iba, kailangan talaga ng anak nila magbili ng medisina.

Kaya pumunta ako sa India, ‘yun ang gusto ko, ‘yung mura. Medisina, magbayad sa ospital, sa ward pa. Tapos ‘yung oxygen mahal. Ako ngayon, magsabi ako, “Ikaw,” — may oxygen ako because this is the advice of the doctor.” “Why?” “Because of circulation.” “And what caused it?” “Smoking.”

‘Pag matulog ako, hindi masyado maka inhale. My sensors are destroyed because of nicotine. That is why there’s no smoking now. Nauna ang Davao by, ahead by about — Kailan ba tayo, Regalado, nag no smoking?


Pagbalik ko sa mayor galing congressman, sabi ko, “This has to stop. If you want to kill yourself, go out and smoke yourself to death.”

Kaya ko pinigil kasi ako personally na-experience ko. And it is unfair lalo na sa mga — kasi minsan buntis makita mo sige bili — You can just imagine how the fetus inside the…

Q: Next question. Sir, the Indian government has extended an assistance —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Libro na ‘yan ah. Kuyaw na ‘yang EU. Ilang page na ‘yang y***?


Q: Has extended an assistance of of 500,000 dollars. Cash ba ito, sir —


Q: Or in kind? For Marawi.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, matagal na nauna ‘yun. Nagpasalamat ako. Actually, at the — right at the beginning of a talk or a speech during the plenary, I never failed to mention the gratitude of the Filipino people for those countries na tumulong sa atin.

Pero ‘yung mga aid-aid ng Europe, you put conditions there.  You are put on advice. Bigay na lang ninyo ‘yan sa private sector. ‘Wag ninyong ibigay ‘yan sa left-leaning kasi gastusin lang ‘yan para bala pati baril.

Mas lalo tuloy — ‘yung tulong mo na imbis makapa-gana ng buhay ng Pilipino, you are making it worse day to day because that money will be used for terroristic activity.

There is absolutely no ideology now that the communist are following. It’s a discredited — nakakasuka na ‘yang style ng komunista.

Kita mo ngayon, you are asking money from the poor. But at no other time na maraming nag-surrender ng armas kasi ‘yung armas talagang taboo ‘yan [inaudible] na ‘wag mong mag-surrender kada —

Pagka nag-surrender ka ng armas, papatayin ka nila, ‘yung Sparrow nila. Well, noon  ‘yun. Pagka ginawa mo ‘yan, pag nahuli kita, papatayin kita. Bigay ko sa iyo ang ginawa mo sa kapwa mo tao.

Sigurado ‘yan. Kayo diyan na nasa bukid, mag-binisaya ko. Ayaw’g buhata ninyo na. Kay ug buhaton ninyo, timan-an ta mo. Unya ug panahon na gani na kamo na’y gikapoy, mu-surrender na mo, o nasamdonon mo, tiwasan ta mo. Ayaw ko ninyo’g binuangi.

(TRANSLATION: That’s for sure. To all of you there residing in the rural areas, I’ll speak in Bisaya with you. Don’t do it because if you do, I’ll mark you and remember you. When the time comes that you will tire of fighting and you’ll surrender as well, I’ll finish you off. Don’t joke around with me.)


Kayong mga kriminal pati police, ‘pag patay ninyo — Ah, sige lang. ‘Pag na-tiyambahan ko kayo, ‘wag kayo — then let it not be said that I did not warn you and do not accuse me of extrajudicial killing.

There is war going on in the drug front and in the revolutionary insurgency. Sabi ko, “Ayaw ko.” Pero ‘pag — My orders are to crush. Destroy. It includes everything.

How do you destroy an organization? An organization without the warm bodies there, walang tao, is an abstract thing. Put the criminals there and it becomes dangerous for — Magkasala kayo kung magkasala, ‘wag talaga ‘yang droga.

Sabihin mo tuloy nagbarilan kayo kay puro lasing. Sige, hayaan mo. Pero ‘yang droga pumasok ka. Sinasabi ko na ‘yan sa inyo, how many years na mayor ako.

Huwag. Huwag kasi ‘yang human rights na ‘yan hindi makatulong ‘yan ‘pag bumagsak itong bayan na ‘to. Not during my time. Huwag sa panahon ko. After four years, bahala na kayo kung mag-sirko-sirko kayo diyan. ‘Wag lang ninyo akong distorbohin kasi…

Kung ano ang alam mo, alam ko. Kung ano ang kaya mo, kaya ko rin. Ganun lang ‘yan.  If you want to be a bad boy, I can also be one. But if you are a law-abiding citizen, religious — Religion, wala na ako. Isa pa ‘yan. Pretending to be — hypocritical organization.

Q: Salamat, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Buti ka pa, marunong magpasalamat. ‘Yung iba mag-talikod kaagad.

Q: Hello, mayor, maayong buntag.  Maayong buntag. Mayor, another soldier was fired by the NPA and another two soldier wounded…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Was fired upon? Killed?

Q: Yes.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I think that’s what —

Q: At Paquibato District yesterday.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O, eh ‘di gawain rin natin. Madali lang naman.

Q: When you say, “Destroy the NPA,” President, are you going to declare — does it mean that you are going to declare an all-out war with the NPA communists?

PRESIENT DUTERTE: Yeah, I’m waiting for that law na it’s being heard now in the Supreme Court. I maintained that they are into terrorism because they are into exploitation of everything — getting the money of the people, hinihipo ‘yung mga asawa.

‘Pag pumupunta doon sila sa mga barangay-barangay, ‘yung asawa, hinihipo ‘yung hita. Tingnan mo ka-bastos ng…

Tapos kunan mo ng pera. Why? Because they feel that they are superior. What makes it superior in their g****** minds? Baril.

‘Yung walang baril diyan o, mga talawan (coward) ‘yan. Then here comes the ideologian, isa pa rin. ‘Yung mga leaders ninyo, malalaki ang contribution ng sa labas.

Hay Ginoo ko, kamong mga Bisaya. (Diyos ko, kayong mga Bisaya.) Ginagamit lang kayo. Magpakamatay kayo? Saan man kayo magkuha ng bala? Nahuli na ang isa, makita na patay, ang bala, anim, pito lang.

Eh paano ka mag-laban ng — Eh, ang kampo ko dito, may Army ako. Gusto mo sa dagat tayo mag-tapusan? May Navy ako. O kung gusto mo talaga, hulugan kita ng bomba diyan. Tapos ako pa ang takutin mo? Naloko na. Ba’t ako matakot sa inyo?

Ako ‘yung may armas, lahat. Eh ‘di magbakbakan tayo. When you fight government, you fight government. Do not make an idiotic statement na ‘pag namatay kayo, namatay ‘yung mga semi-legal ninyo, pati ‘yung mga babae, they are there in the mountains convincing people to turn communist, then ‘pag namatay kayo, human rights kaagad.

Ito ‘yung human rights naman — Magpa — they take cognizance of — Isa pa kayo. Gusto niyo, sumali na kayo sa kabila. Tutal, lahat kaso ninyo laban sa gobyerno. Naniniwala kayo doon sa kabila, eh ‘di doon na kayo.

Eh ‘di magka-prangka na lang tayo. Walang drama. Hindi ako nagda-drama. Kung gusto ko drama, eh ‘di nag actor na ako. Wala naman magtanggap sa akin na ano kay wala daw, payat, malaki ang tiyan. Alang-alang ‘di ta mukaon ani. (Should I starve myself then?)

Q: Mayor, yesterday, we commemorate the Mamasapano raid. May we know the update of the case? And last year, you said that you will create a commission?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi na kasi I realized that once again — Tutal, naka-demanda na eh. They are facing charges. What more do you want? We can only presume that they did it in the wrong way.

Nandiyan na, naka-demanda na si PNoy. President Aquino, ‘wag mo akong — Sabi ko, “It is not my style. It is not in my system.” Ikaw, si Sereno, si Ombudsman. Hindi galing sa akin. Magtanong ka maski sino, magtanong muna kayo. Hindi ko style ‘yan. ‘Pag magkita siguro tayo, medyo — We come to a face-to-face, ‘yun, baka you can — you know, anything can go wrong there.

Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Mamasapano, I can’t — isa lang kasi ang mahay? (regret/pinagsisisihan) [Ano ang Tagalog ng mahay?] ‘Yung sentiment ko. Because itong lugar na ito, maraming TOG, ‘yang Air Force.

Now, they were pinned down, started in the 11, maybe 10 O’ clock in the morning. They were already pinned down. Dumating na lang ang sunset.

The Army was not authorized to do anything because this was an exclusive affair. Ayan, malaman natin. I’m not prepared to accuse personally. Ang tanong ko lang, bakit ninyo hinayaan na maipit ang mga sundalo tapos mamatay?

‘Yan ang masakit eh. Kagaya nung mga Pilipino na inaabuso.

When you go to war, you go to war. Do not make human rights as a shield to commit a crime. I am not fighting individually here. I’m up against cartel ang… sa shabu.

Now, in the report now [inaudible], I was sitting, may nabunggo sila. They are now back into the system of producing shabu and selling it is the fastest way to do it. Every barangay, 40 percent of the barangays are contaminated.

Some of the barangay captains, if they are into it, in three months after, they are billionaires. Kayong mga mayors, pati ‘yung mga pulis ninyo pinagpapatay ninyo kasi ayaw ng — O kita mo anong nangyari. ‘Di ba tinawag ko kayo sa Malacañang lahat?

Lahat ng mayors pati governors, pardon me hindi ako nagyayabang. Isa lang rin akong mayor eh. Trabahante lang ako ng gobyerno.

But did I not warn you? Sabi ko na, T*** i** ‘yan, hihiritan ko kayo. Huwag mo gyud sabihin na mayor ka, na you are free to do anything and even kill your own policemen just to have your way.

Not in my time. Huwag sa panahon ko kasi sa panahon ko, ano man ang sabihin mo, sinabi ko, maniwala ka o hindi, you better just follow.

There’s a book, says: I do not ask permission. Maybe forgiveness. There’s a book right now. I forgot the title. It says: I am not asking permission. But maybe forgiveness later. Hindi ako maghingi ng permiso sa iyo na…

So kayong mga mayors, barangay captains. There’s a reason why — that was my objection. Congressman Belmonte is here. My objection really was, ‘pag magtawag ka ng election ngayon, ang mananalo, ang pera, dirty money would get them elected and we will have a problem.

You will just add… Now the elections are coming. There’s a law and if it cannot be stopped, then let’s have an election.

Ako, six years. Not a minute longer. At sinabi ko na ‘yan sa military pati sa police, do not allow, including me, to overstay even for one minute. I may even allow to shorten my term. But hindi ko style — Ganun lang po ang bunganga ko.

You want to talk about integrity, honesty. You can say anything about me pero — ‘pag sinabi ko sa publiko, kayong walang honor, when I say something, I really do it and honor it.  Wala akong ambisyon.

Alam niyo ‘yung word “kapoy?” Pagod. I’ll allow you to sort it out. Kapoy na ‘yung trabahoa. 

Q: Mayor, last na lang, Mayor.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Fly seven hours and you are talking to me until morning time. Okay, last.

Q: In your bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi, you discussed about combatting illicit drug trafficking, sharing intelligence, and countering terrorism such as urban terrorism. Can you expound more about these issues, President? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They are also facing problems. But not that — at that… as intense as we are facing now. They understand the problem. Terrorism, human smuggling, and all.

So there are the things that ASEAN might come up with a format.

Kasi ganito ‘yan eh, we have been talking about economics. And leaders meet almost every year to talk about ASEAN and what is good. But it is geared towards more of the economic problems. Wala tayong platform sa Indonesia, Malaysia… not so much Malaysia but Philippines.

We’re having problems with our economics and with a law and order in some places break down. So… Kay sabi ko sa kanila, itong ASEAN dapat should have a different platform from the economics.

Either we agree — I’ve talked to Najib, he was there. The Prime Minister — Tapos nandun si Widodo and [inaudible] that we should have a platform.

Ako, I was insistent about it even during the plenary that we should have a platform ASEAN para ito lang. And kailangan mag-usap kaming apat pati King ng Brunei kung paano ito.

Ako, I will allow troops of Indonesia and Malaysia to come in if they are pursuing a lead na — and they would think that they are able. Just inform the Armed Forces about it. Or we can be of assistance, a joint. If it is joint operation, you bring along my soldiers because ‘yan ang isang sabi ko. Hot pursuit in the seas.

Sinabi ko pagka terorista, my advice to them is just blow them up. And that’s my order to, my suggestion to the meeting. Blow them up. Kaya huwag ka magpa-hostage diyan kay baka kasali ka doon sa blowing up.

Naubusan na ako ng pasensya sa mga ‘to. Just sink. Isang bala lang, isang malaking — And do not worry about…

Alam mo ‘yung mga terorista diyan, ginusto nila ‘yang buhay na ‘yan eh. They know that it is very dangerous. Kayong mga nagsa-shabu, alam ninyo.

There will — there’s always the dog day for you. Call it the dog day. ‘Yung malas na — I think it’s a idiom or a cliché. What do you think ma’am? It is? It’s a dog day. Everybody is entitled to a dog day.


‘Pag dumating ‘yan, wala tayo magdrama-drama dito. Hinahanap ninyo ‘yan. Nasabi na nga eh. Pang-ilan na ito? Hanggang mahulog na lang itong — Sige ako salita niyan. Every time, I always remind them.

Ang mabuti sa human rights is to go around. You know, if you’re a decent human rights, you should sponsor seminars. Do not commit a crime as serious as drugs because the government has placed it in a category as war.

Pati ‘yung mga NPAs, I have raised them to the level and — Sabi ko, mga terorista lang kayo.

Terorista naman talaga kayo. Huwag na tayo magbolahan. Huwag niyo gamitin ‘yang human rights. ‘Pag lumaban ka sa bukid, t*** i**, be prepared to die because my troops are pursuing you for only one purpose, to destroy you.

So lumaban ka nang husto. Huwag ka magpahuli. Tapos may human rights ka. Pagka humahawak ka ng baril, it’s just a — you know, I was criticized, sabi ko, when you’re holding gun, shoot. Human rights… loko-loko pala kayo eh. It’s war. It’s one trigger pull away. And that was — snapped out the life of my soldiers and policemen. Sabi ko, “Huwag kayo magpauna.” Unahan ninyo kayo nagkamali.

Human rights, halika. Mag-usap tayo. Minsan nagkakamali tayo eh. Mandaluyong incident was unfortunate. But I may reprimand them. I’m not ready to condemn them.

Sabi ko nga, there’s the Murphy’s Law. Anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. A little bit reckless, I would say. But there was no intention of killing the people there. Principles of criminal law is mistake of fact. It does not — it should not be a reason really to kill just because you believe it otherwise. Kaya hindi namin…

You have to pay because you were there to — Pero kung sabihin na intentional to hurt the innocent. Tsaka ‘yung babae doon tinatransport nila, may butas na sa ulo ‘yan. That’s why there was this ambulance, there was a quarrel between I think a Moro and a… There was a ruckus there. Binaril sa ulo. Kaya ‘yung… kaya kinakarga ‘yung babae.

Hindi ko naman sabi-sabing patay na nung nangyari ‘yun. Sinasabi ko lang, there was a serious person there with a bullet in his head… in her head. 

Q: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Thank you. Wala na? Mia, ikaw? Mga taga-Malacañang, takot magtanong. Kailan pa ba ako na-ano… Hindi ko nga kilala ‘yung —

Wala na. Ba-bye na. Kasi mag-uwi na sila.

Q: [off mic]


Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Again, again, again. Medyo bingi ako sa…

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When? When? I said where? 

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Susmaryosep… Gastos-gastos lang ako. Buti sana kung mura ‘yan kung maglipad ako. It would cost us millions but then again.  

Q: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I just don’t like their attitude. That’s all. So why would I go there to discuss a matter which I hate to talk about in front of them.

Alam mo kasi sa kanila, they’re always right. They impose their own values, ethos, policy nila gusto nila ganito. Eh kung ganun, huwag ninyo akong kausapin.

— END —