DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS. Birthday of Speaker Alvarez. 12 January 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Davao del Norte | 12 January 2018]

Daghang salamat. Kindly sit down. Thank you for your courtesy.

I have a prepared speech. It’s a one page but let me just bring you to the tunnel of vignettes in life.

In 2013, sa After Dark, diyan ho ako nag-iistambay before going home to take my coffee there, kaharap ko for several occasions si Bebot, Speaker. At sinabi niya sa akin, “Pare, dagan ka’g Presidente.” [Pare, tumakbo ka pagka-presidente]

‘Di ako naman natawa. Sabi ko, “Bot, huwag mo akong bolahin. Maghanap ka na lang ng iba diyan. Bakit ako?”

Sabi niya, “Hindi. Maski nung su Congress — even at the time that we were members of Congress, when I look at you, I have this queer feeling that you would be one day President of the Republic of the Philippines.” [applause]

So I don’t know in what dimension of time was he in. But ang second batch talaga, all generals that was led by Faeldon, mga 2013, and I was surprised because they were urging me to run and I said, ‘yung sabi ko, “Bakit ako?”

I do not have the money, I do not have the political base. It’s just a small city and maybe, if I limit myself to that area, I might make it every election.

But for me to dream of something big, sabi ko, “Hindi ko na kaya ‘yan.”

Gusto ko lang magkwento sa inyo because this is how it developed to where I am — hindi nga ako sanay na ganito.

Then came Solicitor General natin, si Calida. He was the one who said, “Tumakbo ka.” At sinabi ko sa kanya, “Jo, nagloloko ka?”

Because he went to the place just to talk to me but when he sat down in front of me, which somebody — si pulis, I forgot his name. Is he here?

Sabi ko na, “Bakit ako ang bobolahin ninyo?” Sabi niya, “Hindi, may feeling kami na ikaw.”

So sabi ko, “Sa anong paraan? Are you divining something for me? Because I am forced to tell you now that you are not the only one who has to talk to me about the presidency. Si ano rin, si… But ito si Jo ang nakakatawa because he went spiritual.

Sabi niya, ‘yung linya mo, ang — “The stars are… seems to be aligned for you.”

Tapos si Bebot Bello, sabi niya, “Pare, tumakbo ka. Pagka ikaw ang tatakbo, iiwanan ko si Binay.”

So sabi, “Bakit?” Well, and so on and so forth. Nakita ko sila Roy and — Cimatu, he used to be assigned here, diyan sa kampo, tapos si Greg, always asking me also if I’m running.

I really do not know what — I seem to be at a loss to explain why I became President.

Ang nagsuporta lang sa akin, si Abet Garcia ng Bataan, Governor; si Governor ng Agusan del Norte, pati si Imee.

‘Yun lang tatlo. Wala na akong — ni wala akong barangay captain, ni wala lahat.

But because… I don’t know why. Si Bebot talaga kept on pushing and he said, “If you are not running, we might as well organize and secede from the government of Manila.”

Sabi ko, “Bot, mahirap man ‘yan. That would, you know, require a revolution or a destruction of our country.” Sabi ko, “Huwag ‘yan.” Sabi ko, “Ano ka na lang,” sabi ko, “Tumakbo ka na lang uli kasi mukhang mananalo ka.”

So si Bot, sila Mike, tapos suddenly, the election was just parang — if… almost just a flash, naging Presidente na ako.

Ang… during the campaign, ang sinabi ko lang, “I have only a very simply message to the Filipino. If I win, I’d limit myself to five issues.”

That’s why I was very conscious na ako ang nauna nakatapos. Even during the presidential debates, I was ahead because I said, This is just my promise to you: graft and corruption and I will stop drugs and improve the countryside para… ‘yung, the weakest link really is agriculture but if we can have manufacturing right here or maybe right just within the periphery of where you are planting, whatever it is, it would produce more, less freight and less everything and spur the movement of goods and services.

And lastly, sabi ko, I have to talk to the Communist Party of the Philippines, the Bangsamoro, and everybody fighting the government.

So, dito sa Muslim insurgency, I am really awaiting for the product of Congress, but I have my own, ‘yung Executive Order No. 10.

Ayaw ko na munang bitawan kasi out of respect sa Congress. But if you want some resource persons, anyway we start with Justice Puno, if you want to hear them, I’d be glad to transmit the message.

Ang sasabihin ko lang sa inyo ito, and I’ve been warning everybody that something went wrong during the imperialist days. We were conquered, we were subdued, subjugated, and just being under a sovereign power.

In that event, it has caused a lot of injustices, most of them in Mindanao, committed against the Moro people.

So sinabi ko na — ito ang sasabihin ko uli without really batting an eyelash: If we can not concede something that would require a correction of a wrong, na hindi na maaring magawa ‘yan. We were not the ones who did it, the imperialists did it.

We don’t have to mention the names now because it’s not time for recriminations.

But kailangan natin mabigyan sila because if not, I am afraid there will be war. ‘Yan ang dapat intindihin ng… lalo na ‘yung hindi taga-Davao. It is that dangerous.

So I am happy that instead of the celebrant who is busy eating, making himself strong for the night, kasi depende nga sa kalaban, talagang matatag ang kalaban eh. Maganda pa.

Ito man rin ang advice niya. Pabalik-balik ‘yan siya, “Rod, sige na, takbo ka na. You run for the Presidency.” I said, “No.”

“Ah you run.” I said, “No.” Sabi niya, “You know, if you are the President, girls will go into you in mass.” Okay, I’ll run. [laughter and applause]

Alam niyo naman ang buhay ko. My life is an open secret. Quite distinct.

So it started. Ngayon, Presidente na ako. I will insist on corruption. It has to stop.

I will fight the drug problem to the last day of my term. It will not stop.

I was wrong when I said that I could stop it but at that time, I was uttering the words when I was only mayor of Davao City.

But I was a bit successful in cleaning the city, a certain degree. But really, to make it drug-free is something which is really impossible.

It was not until after I became President, I said, “I’ll finish within three months,” that I had access to all information about drugs and its dimension in the entire country.

So doon ko nalaman na kalaban ko na pati pulis, kalaban ko na ‘yung Customs, kalaban ko na lahat and I was up against a formidable group of…

Alam mo, you cannot go into a drug business without an organization.

So pagka may organization talaga — from the one who cooks, to the one who distributes, to the one — ‘yung mga basurero, ‘yung sa labas, peddling drugs.

And most of the time, they are using itong mga minors and sad to say, actually, the law — it was not Pangilinan but it was his law that provided for this kind of environment now.

Pati ‘yung mga pulis, kayo, alam ninyo, mga mayor. You cannot arrest, even detain for a moment, a minor.

And you are not even allowed even to lecture on him or to him, even a minute of what accountability means to society.

Wala eh. Kaya paghuli, pagsabi minor eh, and that is why, ‘yun pati mga bata ginagamit.

And worse, they say, “Si Duterte, ang pinapatay niya, ‘yung mahihirap.”

As I said, you cannot operate a drug syndicate without an organization.

So the law says that the one who cooks, the one who distributes, and the one who peddles the drugs are equally — equally guilty.

The act of one is the act of all because it is a conspiracy. That is the law.

And my oath of office says that I have to enforce the law against everybody who violates the law.

So kung ikaw, mahirap ka sa buhay, I cannot do anything and say, “Hindi kita hulihin, hindi kita patayin kasi mahirap ka lang.” That would be a selective justice.

And I cannot say that this law is only for the rich but not for the poor.

But remember, shabu is a merchandize for the poor. ‘Yung nandiyan sa Forbes Park, nandiyan sa Dasmariñas, they do not do it with shabu. They do it with cocaine and heroin.

The most popular ngayon, pumapasok at malakas, ang cocaine, which is a derivative of poppy. At least, it is organic.

Itong shabu is a mixture of deadly chemicals and it shrinks the brain of a person.

Kaya ako galit dito sa mga human rights pati ‘yung sa labas, one left lady, taga-left, managed herself to become a rapporteur.

So I was investigated by a rapporteur two years ago and I said when he started to ask a question, “Do not ask me those questions. I am not responsible to you nor to the United Nations. I am responsible to the people of Davao City who elected me as Mayor.  Don’t f*** with me.” [applause]

Kaya sabi ko — kaya bastos talaga, eh nakaka-insulto eh. At ibigay ko ‘yang talagang… sabi ko nga sa interview kanina, “Ang problema ko is dala-dala ko ‘yung mindset ko, ‘yung asta ko as mayor, dinala ko sa presidency.”

And I realized that being President, hindi ka na makasabi ng p***** i**, hindi ka na maka — too late to change eh. It’s in the persona embedded deeply in the psychic mind. Wala na akong magawa niyan.

So kung magsalita ako, parang mayor. And that is why everybody who addresses me as President would give a — would come a reply something like, “Please do not call me President. Just call me ‘Mayor.’”

Kaya ugali ko talaga, pang-mayor lang. Nung sinabi nila na hindi ako statesman, hindi naman ako nag-aral pang-statesman.

Ang sabi, “bastos,” eh talagang bastos ang bunganga ko, lalo na pag asarin mo ako.

So but the problem — pero ang gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyo, kami, I have a very supportive Congress — Senate President and the Speaker, they are supportive of me and they are correct. [applause] 

Given or not given dahil magkasama tayo. Kasi corruption talaga nandiyan and I’m starting it with those guys who have been wasting money, going in and out of the country as if they owned the money and for nothing.

They go out every convocation, convention, powwow, seminar, labas ng labas. And for those who have traveled more than 12, you have to go.

Hindi na ako bilib diyan sa most of the time nag-ibang bansa. Let’s say the Cabinet members, ‘yung mga Foreign Affairs, ‘yung only official — military, they go to schooling.

Go, walang problema man. Limang buwan? O sige. But ‘yung mag-attend ng… p**…

Karamihan ng dumaan sa akin, almost every conference regarding climate change, kung sino-sino ang kuwan.

Everybody wants to attend and everybody was really attending to those present. Climate change, climate change. Climate change?

Simula sila nag — naimbento nila ‘yang climate change, mas dumami ang bagyo ng p***** i**** dumating dito sa Pilipinas.

Kakalabas lang ng isa, ito na ‘yung sa p***, sumusundot.

Unless the big ones realize that they have to look after the small one. Ganun na eh.

When they wanted control of the climate, nasa taas na sila eh.

They were imperialists, they were living the fat of the land, oil of the Arab to build this kind of…

Ngayon, tayo na nandito, they’re all — we’re all given us a proportionate… Kalokohan ‘yan. Tama si Trump and there’s no way whether or not they are really telling the truth.

So sabi ko, pag-isipan natin uli and most of you are maybe connected to this issue.

Just think about the banning of the open pit. Talagang nasisira ang bayan natin. Wala akong — wala akong ibang mautos kay General Cimatu except that please, kindly take care of the environment for the next generation. It has to… [applause]

It has to stop, at I chose General Cimatu, who used to be the — diyan sa… [anong kampo ‘yan diyan?].

We used to go there, nagmo-motor, naki — tagal ko nang kilala kasi si Roy and Bato, and si Greg. We are friends, many, many years ago.

When they were just — they were not actually hiding. They were here in Davao, nagmo-motor lang kami araw-araw, gabi-gabi, umiikot kami ng ano. He was wanted for the longest time, but he was enjoying life as if it had no tomorrow.

So ‘yan ang ano ko dito sa mining because alam ko na pinakamarami dito. The prosperity of Tagum has its roots sa mining.

So whatever is left there, well, you cannot forever produce gold, although its unstoppable, it rises to the surface from the bowels of the earth. Pero medyo depleted na ata, like any other human, you have to slow down.

Pero ‘yan lang ang akin. I’m sorry to say that I’m not ready to talk to the communists. I have talked several times with them and with the representatives. It sums just like a coalition government kaya hinintuan ko na.

Stop. I cannot give you what I do not own and sovereignty of the people, sabi ng ating Constitution, can only be exercised by people who are elected.

You cannot be just an appointed one or an arrangement whereby we join tapos you share with the powers of government. That ain’t — hindi talaga pwede.

Sabi ko, at this early, “You want to fight?” I cannot do anything, mahirap eh. Mahirap. That cannot be done. You go mainstream, let go of your guns and I will even join you in a party, but armed struggle? Mahirap ‘yan.

We do not kill each other just because we want to be in government, mahirap ‘yan.

So ‘yan lang ang ano ko, Bebot naman, you are — ito nireserba ko na lang because these are all praises.

But today, I would like God — thank God to… to having you as a friend and a very — maski saan-saan ka nung kampanya, buong Pilipinas, not until after he decided also to run na nawala sila but most of the time, they were with me in the campaign.

So Bebot Bello, iniwan nga si Binay. [applause] Kaya ang iyak ni Binay ngayon, para sa iyo ‘yun eh, brod rin sila eh ni — pero when he was — sabi niya, iwanan niya.

So most of you are my supporters, maybe, and that explains the reason why na medyo malaki ‘yung boto ko. But you were there when I needed you.

Si Bato, I think he’s headed for… And finally, we would have a solution sa ating mga presohan.

He will take over BuCor but his jurisdiction is also far and wide, including the penal colonies of the government.

General Año used to be the Chief-of-Staff, its now Jagger. I am eyeing Jagger, ‘yung Chief-of-Staff ngayon.

Ito si Jagger, matindi ‘to, mas matindi kay General Año, hindi ‘yan tumatawa, naka — ang mukha naka-ano, hindi kagaya kay Roy na smiling, espesyalista ito sa mga Waray na babae. Waray ka lipay. [laughter]

I’m inclined to appoint Año as — I want the MARINA Chief out, I want him out. Travel tapos 20 times? 18 times? Ubos ang pera ng tao diyan. Anak ng…

Kaya I have this order, one, nobody travels, well, I do not include the Congress pati ‘yung Judiciary. ‘Yung sa Executive department, under my control.

I… I just signed an Executive Order banning travel. You let me know first and I will read, I need to know what you are going for after the — after the… ‘Yung iba naman nage-enroll lang doon tapos hindi naman nag-a-attend.

So as of now, I’ve — mahirap ang travel ngayon, down, pati local officials, down.

Local government will enforce it, you have to — be sure to give me well ahead in time your itinerary and give me a synopsis or — just a short memo of what you intend to do and what is it all about.

‘Yan lang ang ano ko, it’s part of the campaign against corruption. Not only done with malice but those who just want to spend money of government for nothing.

‘Wag ho kayong magalit sa akin because these are the promises that I — I said, drugs, and thousands sabi nila namatay, well, sabi ko, I said, you cannot operate without an organization, especially when it comes to distribution and the selling of drugs.

And I really do not care if you are the — the lost poor soul na mahirap o pinaka-mayaman, I do not even care if you are the mayor.

Yung mga mayors na pati ‘yung mga pulis pinapatay, pulis nila pinapatay if they go against them, you know, you have to do something about it.

Using the platform of the mayorship for drug distribution, you’re signing your death warrant there, totoo lang.

‘Yung iba siguro can take it but I cannot, hindi ko kayang sikmurain ‘yan, na pati na mga tao sa gobyerno papatayin mo, lalo na pulis mo? Then you are asking, really, for something that is agony and…

‘Yun lang po. Babasahin ko lang itong ginawa ng Malacañan, which is really a reflection of what you are.

Life is great at any age and turning 60 is only the beginning of many greater things.

To our celebrant, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, may this time in your life be the start of new experiences as you look forward to another year of prosperity and opportunities coming your way.

Your thoughtful leadership, great vision, you can fathom a face from afar, especially if it is the image of a beautiful woman. [laughter]

Wala ‘yan diyan, buang, dito — akin lang ‘yan. [laughter]

Your thoughtful leadership, great vision, and sincerity as a lawmaker and public servant have had a positive impact on the changes we are doing for our nation.

By the way, magkasama kami ni Bebot sa Congress, 11th Congress during the time of Villar. Ang Speaker namin si — Congressman Belmonte was our — kasama namin sa Congress, a very valued worker of government.

We value your hard work and commitment to your profession and I’m truly grateful to have you as a friend and ally, whom I can count on in achieving our shared vision of uplifting the lives of Filipinos.

wish you the best in your future endeavors. Here is another fulfilling year of good health, happiness and success.

Mr. Speaker, I hope that you are married for the last time. [laughter]

Happy birthday and mabuhay ka. [applause]