DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Mayon Volcano. 29 Jan 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Multi – Purpose Hall, PNP-Police Regional Office (PRO) 5 Camp Gen. Simeon Ola, Legazpi City, Albay | 29 January 2018]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sir, I am just curious. I am — layman’s ano ako lang eh — grasp of the situation. What’s the worst that can happen to Mayon? ‘Yung pinaka-problema natin aabutin?

USEC. RENATO SOLIDUM (DOST/PHILVOCS): ‘Yung pinaka-worst po ‘yung pagsabog nang malakas at gugulong ‘yung pyroclastic flow. Ah kaya po tayo nag-extend ng danger zone sa eight kilometers. So kailangan walang tao doon.

Usually po, ‘yung ipinakita ko pong picture nung 1984 hanggang seven kilometers po ‘yun. ‘Yun ‘yung worst case na nakikita namin.

Now, pagkatapos po nun, ang mas may problema ay ‘yung lahar. Kasi po ‘pag inanod ng ulan ‘yung mga abo’t bato, ‘yung lahar ay umaabot sa mga kabayanan na ng Albay at mga national road. So dapat babantayan nating mabuti po ‘yun.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So sa… In every catastrophic event, whether man-made or nature, we face the same problem, it is recurring one.

First is the problem of human beings being kept from a distance or removed from the danger zone and to provide for the services.

Ito sa… Ito ‘yung pinaka — isa sa mga mahirap na trabaho ng gobyerno. How to handle human beings in case of a crisis. So there is a short-term — from what I have experienced so far and the long-term.

‘Yung short-term is food and, well, an increased surveillance of contamination. Usually, if there is a congregation there, near each other, infection can break away in a matter of days. Contamination nang lahat.

So it is always demanded of the situation that we safeguard health. So we have to provide temporary shelters na itong ano karamihan tents and they are exposed to the ravages of nature. Sa labas and the psychological impact on the people. Education is cut temporarily and these are the things that we have to worry.

So first is, sabi nga ni Governor is I will take care first of the food, which you are running short. I’ll give you about —[Magkano pera mo?]

I’ll give you initially today 20 million and I will augment it tomorrow by sending you about 50 for the operation, lahat na, for pagkain, and I’m interested in the hygiene or sanitation of the place.

So in the meantime, if there is none constructed, we have to somehow deliver a sanitary way of disposing human waste and that could be like…

If there are available portable toilets in Manila, we can always send them by maybe… Pupunta kasi ako ng Marawi pa to distribute the temporary shelters.

So I will just ask somebody in my office to take care of where to find for it and send them immediately. Maybe ipasa ko na lang ‘yun sa — kay Defense Secretary so that he can request the AFP to transport them as immediately as it is possi — it is available.

May pera ang agriculture. So that kung may — meron pa akong madukot, hindi ko pakialaman ‘yan. Just focus that fund for rehab sa agriculture damage. Malaki ‘yan man, agriculture pati ‘yung infrastructures.

I said, if Mr. Solidum says it right, ‘yung baba ng lahar would also destroy our roads and bridges and infrastructure. We have to keep track of that. But ang problema ngayon is pagkain and sanitation and health.

So I supposed that from the presentation that was given, medyo okay naman siguro. If there’s a shortfall or something, so let me know so that I can bring the matter to my office, so that somebody can move.

Ang long-term is the rehab of agriculture. Maraming pera ang DA. [Karami mong pera 100 million] [DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol laughs] Well, everybody has a fund for that. Every department has always a component for a crisis. Lahat ‘yan sila.

I supposed that everybody was doing his work, contributing — not that much, not exactly on equal with the others. There can be no parity of money in the contribution but at least the machinery of government is working.

So the long… The short-term is really ang pagkain, health, and sanitation and everything. The second is really the cleaning up and improving on the evacuation centers, as much as possible to protect the people from nature, especially it’s an open thing and you know they can — children especially are vulnerable to colds and fever and everything.

Bantayan lang ‘yan. It’s… I would take an intense surveillance of the — on part of DOH na walang mangyaring ‘yung magkalat na. So one worry really is sanitation. And DOH maybe can provide something but we will try to send as many as we can gather and find, itong mga portable toilets.

Somebody has to supervise from the health office dito or DOH for its upkeep. It’s a closed enclosure and there must be some sort of cleaning sa — maybe some chemicals there that are not really harmful kasi sarado ‘yan eh. Pangpalinis lang just to contain an emerging disease whatsoever.

‘Yun lang man ang nakita ko. And if there’s any complaint about how we responded, maybe I can hear it now para ma-ano. If it’s money, I’m leaving right now… [Saan na ‘yung pera?] 

Ibigay ko na kay — sa provincial government ng Albay. It’s 20 million. I understand that[applause] hard hit are about four or five municipalities. [Huwag na ‘yan. Kalaki ‘yan. Ito na.] [laughter] 

Do not do it in my time. Nakokornihan ako niyan. [Ibigay mo…] Namolitika diyan… Pera naman nila ‘yan.

Where is it? Huwag na ‘yung… Do not do it again. Cut it. I do not like it. [Sandra, hinahanap ka ni ano, ni Balutan.] [laughter] This is for… Coming from? [PCSO] Salamat ha.

So you have 25 initially. Spend it the way you want, but for the people. Wala akong ano diyan. Pagkain, sanitation, I said, will — it’s very important. [applause] We will — we will remedy the situation.

‘Yan talaga ang problema, even in Marawi. And for the years that I’ve been with the local government. It’s almost the same, fire, flood, ganun. Bantayan lang ninyo ‘yung sakit pati — it’s aggravated by a poorly attended to sanitation or hygiene.

So ang pinaka-ano diyan is — important is DOH, including the — lahat naman siguro. This money of — Secretary Piñol is offering. He has 100 million kung gusto.

But if there’s an immediate and urgent need to spend for agricultural aspects in this crisis, Secretary Piñol and ito si Undersecretary Puyat sa Agriculture, they are ready to give the money any time. Quick Reaction Fund.

So mas mabuti ‘yang it’s geared towards agricultural problems muna to take care. But we will be there to rehabilitate. It’s a matter of how far the destruction of lahar would cost on the soil of your province.

‘Yun lang ang worry natin. Nothing grows. So you have to wait overtime for the soil to get the characteristics of a useable for plant and for living things.

Sana maghinto na lang. Kaya ako nagbiro ako, Governor, nung umalis ako. I was really worried because I was going to India and ayaw ko sana magpunta but you would know later that it could cause some diplomatic…

So I had to go and I was able also to get something from them, both our support for ASEAN. So pero nung nagsalita ako, sabi ko sa airport, birong bata. Sabi ko na kung if you happen to meet Ms. Mayon, sabihin mo sa kanya galit ako sa — at tiniming (timing) pa niya ‘yung… Magdadala ako ng problema doon sa…

Eh sino ba naman may gusto? So I have to keep track of everything. Every now and then I would like to… I asked my aide show me what’s — well, the modern technology is really very, very good. So I keep track of the physical and the unseen problems of a situation which — as occurred.

‘Yung… Ang gusto ko lang malaman dito kung may reklamo na kulang ang aming response. If there’s a short of the services that we are expected to do, let me know kasi gagawain natin kaagad. Let… Maybe you can — We will always have some money for you.

Huwag lang magsabay itong lahat ng volcano sa Pilipinas. Kung sabayan ito ng Mt. Apo, ‘yung sa akin. Malaki ‘yung p** — problema ‘yun.

But the last time it was glowing, I was high school. So kung ganun ‘yung started with a — like a flare at a distance and it stopped because siguro sabi ni Mayon, “Huwag mo akong unahan. Let me explode first.” I don’t know why but bakit ang mga Bicolano ang inuna? Marami namang…

Of course, Pinatubo was also really hell for us. So… Any, you know, any… In any situation, in any country, at any time or event, always remember that if a thing can go wrong, it will go wrong. Just like Mayon.

So sabihin ho ninyo ngayon kung anong pagka… Sorry my Tagalog. Pagkukulang namin. You stick with your Bicolano. Itong mga Tagalog, mahirap — pagkukulang — at we will try to answer, mitigate, or remedy the situation.

SEC. PIÑOL: Good morning, sir, before you arrived, we held a farmers’ consultation in Guinobatan, Albay and we already addressed all of the concerns of agriculture.


SEC. PIÑOL: We already have a program. In fact, we are ready with the seeds, 6,000 lang po ‘yung tinamaan pero ready po ‘yung 10,000 natin.

And we are ready with our loaning program, and then ‘yung mga vegetable farmers na tinamaan… Next week po bibigyan ng tolda, pang — gulay nila — ng [inaudible] ashes.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, you know, let me just introduce my Cabinet members to you, ‘yung — hindi naman resume, but their track record. Secretary Piñol comes from the North Cotabato, mga Ilonggo pati Ilocano ang marami diyan.

He was once the mayor and then he became governor, and alam niya ang problema sa — itong agriculture, with it — tips of his hands. So wala tayong problema, magtingin lang sila — si Berna ‘yung humahawak ng pera. So sabi nila, “okay, 100 million.” 100 million, so sabihin ko kaagad sa inyo 100 million.

Kung meron pang iba, maybe I can send somebody here as a personal — hindi naman ako makabalik, marami akong trabaho, my special emissary assistant, si Attorney Tolentino, si Francis. He used to be the mayor of Tagaytay City. Siya na lang ang pabalik-balikin ko.

Others, if you have something about energy, Secretary Cusi is here. DILG, General Año, he used to be the Chief of Staff. Ang Chief of Staff ko ngayon si Jagger, Guerrero diyan sa… But he is also slated to retire. He is the next MARINA Chief because the other one is always travelling.

If you want to travel, mag-ambassador-at-large ka, ‘wag mong sasayangan ‘yang pera ng gobyerno. For those who have travelled more that 20 in a year, you have a problem with me. Sigurado ‘yan, including local governments.

So there’s an order that nobody goes out without my permission. It doesn’t mean to say that I want to curtail. Ayaw ko namang magpapaimportante sa buhay ninyo but even dito sa akin, started with mine, there was a lot of travels na — Presidente na — and I didn’t know about it.

Sabi ko, I do not approved it personally, it goes to Medialdea, the Executive Secretary. But now, I will go over it. Wala, walang ano ‘yan. Alam ko ‘yan kasi pati kami noong piskal pa kami, patawag kami diyan sa seminar-seminar, hindi naga-attend, nagsasawa ako diyan sa kakaka — eh…

Pero ‘yung iba, that’s different because you go out junket. Pinatignan ko doon sa record, ‘yung pirma mo ‘pag — madali lang naman, pa-picturan mo lang doon ‘yon nagpirma, nag-attend ng meeting, tapos ‘yung certificate mo and no…

Even you use government money, when you go back you have to make a report. If you’re a local official, then make a report to DILG. “And this is what happened there, what we talked about, and these are the per diems that I collected and how I spent the money.”

Ang problema, nawawala lahat eh. So I am ready to answer your questions, sir. Yes, ma’am?

ALBAY MAYOR CIELO KRISEL LAGMAN-LUISTRO: Hello. Good afternoon, Mr. President. Thank you so much for visiting us here in Albay. I’m Mayor Krisel Lagman-Luistro from Tabaco City.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nagsama ba tayo sa 11th Congress, ma’am?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nice to meet you, ma’am.

MAYOR LAGMAN-LUISTRO: Again, sir. Among the food, the immediate needs, like food, health and sanitization, one of the immediate needs would be for the displaced learners and DepEd has allocated temporary learning spaces.

Pero ang na-submit pa lang po namin at na-download sa mga regional offices and division ‘yung mga — ‘yung initial reports namin po, Mr. President, na hindi pa na-raise sa alert level 4.

Ngayon po, Tabaco, naka-receive na po ng allocation na 28, pero ang 28 pong ‘yun ay base lang sa 500 families na nag-evacuate. Ngayon po, may additional 1,300 families na.

So ang dagdag po ng temporary learning space sa Tabaco lang po is approximately, 48.

So palagay ko po dapat ma-address ‘to, Mr. President, lalong-lalo na marami pang mga schools ang hindi pa po patuloy ang kanilang — ang kanilang pagka — klase, may suspended pa pong mga klase.

Tabaco lang po ito. Palagay ko ganun din po ang na-e-experience ng mga kasama ko from…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So almost universal?

MAYOR LAGMAN-LUISTRO: Yes, universal po ‘yan. We need more TLS, oo, temporary learning spaces.

Another po, Mr. President, pagkain lang po ang ibinibigay natin with the DSWD, at wala akong masabi talagang napakaganda rin po ng suporta nila.

Ang problema po, hindi lang naman po pagkain ang kailangan, kailangan din nila ng pang-gastos sa ibang pangangailangan nila habang nasa evacuation center.

And we’re talking about displaced farmers, we do not allow them to farm back doon sa permanent danger zone. So wala po talaga silang hanapbuhay.

Maganda at merong TUPAD program ang DOLE, pero po ang request ko nga, kasi 10 days lang po ito at computed at P290 a day, so that would be around 2,900 per family, kung ta-targetin natin na kada pamilya mabibigyan ng isang TUPAD worker.

At ang pasweldo po nito is every 10 days, pero po ang pangangailangan ay hindi po every 10 days. Kaya sabi ko po sa ating regional director, kung maaari maging at least man lang, twice or even thrice ang pasweldo dito sa sampung araw na ‘to.

Ang sampung araw pong ito ay para lang sa short-term talaga, eh papano po kung nag-extend ‘to ng buwan?

So sana po madagdagan din ang suporta para sa emergency employment dahil hindi lang po food, para may cash needs din po ang ating mga evacuees.

So i-limit ko muna po doon sa dalawang ‘yun kasi baka ‘yung iba kong mga kasama may napapansin rin na mga pangangailangan na maaari pong matugunan ng pagbisita ninyo sa amin. Maraming salamat po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That was the predicate that was given to me — to us by Secretary Piñol, for those displaced and emergency assistance. There is 100 million for that.

MAYOR LAGMAN-LUISTRO: Ang alam ko po livelihood support, Mr. President. Oo, pero hindi na sila maka-farm back doon.

Kaya kung seeds naman ‘to, hindi pa nila maitatanim po ito. So ang kailangan po nila is talagang employment outside their farms.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me ask Secretary Piñol to answer you, ma’am. He might be in a better position to explain it further.

SEC. PIÑOL: Thank you, Mr. President. Alam niyo, ma’am, sa planning process ng DA, talagang [inaudible] na ‘yung disaster.

So we came up with a program called SURE, it’s Survival and Recovery. Ito ‘yung ating emergency loaning program for farming families affected by calamities.

Ang SURE stands for Survival and Recovery, 5,000 po ang initial release natin sa mga farmers na registered sa RSBSA or which is the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture.

Ito po’y talaan ng mga farmers na talagang accredited ‘no. So sa bawat farming family, meron po tayong pinapautang, walang interest, walang collateral, over the next three years, limang-libo po para pambili nila ng pagkain.

‘Yun po ‘yung immediate na pwede naming ma-release. In fact, kanina po, Mr. President, sa Guinobatan, I told the mayors who were there na pwede nating i-release ‘to starting next week kasi po dadaan pa po kami sa proseso. We have to find a conduit —  na magbababa po kami ng pera sa isang conduit.

And then after that, the next amount would be 20,000. Ito na po ‘yung recovery loan, wala din pong collateral, wala din pong interest, pero ito po, pambili na nila ng binhi, abono at kung ano pang kailangan nila para maka-recover sila. Ito po ‘yung immediate po na pwede nating maibigay sa mga farmers.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I think the, really, the urgent problem would be at this time ‘yung hanapbuhay pati…

In the meantime that aside from being food on the stomach, the other things that they would need personally as a — ano nila, sanitation, everything, clothes and maybe jackets if they are still out there.

This would be… Francis, just kindly take note of the problem. I will discuss this with you and the Secretary… We have a Cabinet meeting coming up. Siguro there’s any other time to really bring it up.

Meron kaming Cabinet meeting, in the meantime, magho-hold muna tayo lalo na pagkain at ‘yung surveillance ng — intense surveillance about infections and diseases in evacuation areas. Most important is, really, ‘yung sanitation, kasi kung basta saan lang, ah sigurado ‘yan, Dysenterya (Dysentery) ‘yan.

Pagka, you know, if there is no place where in the meantime they can really place them in a safe…

So kailangan mo ng mga — [Tawag nito? Mga — ‘yung ibinubuhos diyan sa — ‘yung agua…].

I forgot the name but it’s — it stinks but it is good for sanitation.

[Off mic]

Sabi ko nga, it stinks but you put it — at least a little bit distance…



USEC. LEYCO: I’d like to share with the mayors, DSWD’s program we called Sustainable Livelihood Program.

We are able to provide capital or employment facilitation to the beneficiaries. And in this case, we should be able to provide capital to — we should be able to provide small amounts to the beneficiaries in the affected areas.

We also have — I understand, we also checked how many SLP beneficiaries we currently have in the area and we will continue to provide that support.

We also have cash-for-work and in relation to the problem being experienced by DA or other agencies, we’d like to make the cash-for-work payouts more frequently so that they would be able to receive the cash as they need them.

The Pantawid beneficiaries, this morning, we already met with regional office and we decided that we will call for the suspension of the conditionalities so that our beneficiaries will be able to receive the cash without having to meet the conditions for the Pantawid program.

So, Mr. President, I think, in addition to what DA, what DOLE provide, DSWD can also offer its cash-for-work, its Sustainable Livelihood Program, our Pantawid program to the beneficiaries of our program within the affected areas.

I hope that helps and let us know how we can further enhance our program in your area. Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: My only question is, when do you start or when can it start?

USEC. LEYCO: We already discussed this morning and we made a decision, and therefore, we should start immediately.


USEC. LEYCO: Right now, we are — we were already able to download about P20 million worth of family food packs and non-food items to the region.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay. I’ll just — hindi ako mahilig ng committee eh. I’ll just task Secretary Tolentino to call you.

Do not wait for the Cabinet meeting, that’s too far away. Tapos he will just inform the local units concerned about it.

So today is — mga Monday — siguro naman mga Wednesday nandito na ‘yun, they can start. They can start just giving the assistance, whatever.

USEC. LEYCO:  Particularly ‘yung sa cash-for-work, I think?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, you should have the express lane there in your office for that. It’s a crisis. The paper work can — basta ibigay mo lang sa tao, walang problema ‘yan. You can fast track it or the paper work can come later.

Sino pa ‘yung may program sa DOH, ‘yung tulong? Alam ko na pati ‘yung DSWD.

Any other agency that has a… May mga component talaga eh. Every agency has a component for crisis management.

Who else? PAGCOR is really one. Kaya dapat ‘yung lahat ng sugal, magpunta sa tao.

Sandra, pwede mong dagdagan? Itong mga… Kaibiganin mo na ‘yan si Balutan para… Huwag mo ng awayin. “Sabi ni Mayor padagdagan na lang.”

Maybe they can… You just gave five. Can I ask for about 30? Tawagan mo lang si ano… Huwag mo siyang tignan. Sabihin mo lang na — [Oo, saan si Pinili?] [Wala pa po.] — Oo, si Pinili na lang. General Pinili.

Alam mo bakit puro general ‘yan sila? It’s a… Kayo alam ninyo ‘yung sa local government unit especially one who has handled national.

It takes forever for people to move that’s why. Kaya puro general na. Therefore si Añ — General Año, Jagger, pati — madali utusan eh, pronto.

So sino pa? Sino pang ma…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Hi, sir, oh.

REP. SALCEDA: Tawagin ho natin si — actually marami ho kayong ginagawa eh. May I call on the RD of DOLE kasi hindi naman ho ganoon kaliit ‘yung ginagawa nila, 30 million po ‘yun kaya kung samahan mo po ng 70 million, sakto-sakto na po ‘yun para sa cash needs —


REP. SALCEDA: Kahit po in three months, wala ho tayong problema doon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bilib ako sa Mathematics mo, Joey.

REP. SALCEDA: Hindi marami hong pera ‘yan eh. Magkano ba ang balanse mo sa DRR?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala kasi si Bebot dito eh.

REP. SALCEDA: .4 billion ka ‘di ba?

DOLE REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Good afternoon, . President.

REP. SALCEDA: Labas ka para makita ka. Actually malapit na ho nilang i-implement, sir.

DOLE REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Ah, actually Mr. President [inaudible] provided the budget of 30 million. We started the emergency employment program today.

The payout will happen between February 8 and February 16. He will be coming over on February 8 and 9 to also provide relief goods. Secretary Bello.

REP. SALCEDA: Sir, can I call another of your members, DepEd.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo kung sinong may pera ha? Bilib ako sa’yo.

REP. SALCEDA: Mr. President, may I call first DepEd to report on TLS kasi fully complied for na nila ‘yung request dito eh. May I request — meron ‘yan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Meron ‘yan. Meron ‘yan sigurado. Kaya sinasabi ko lahat ng ano, merong component for that. I’m sure. But is Secretary Briones around?

DEPED REPRESENTATIVE: Good afternoon, Mr. President. I am reporting for DepEd. As of last week, DepEd Central Office has already downloaded million for the construction of 163…


DEPED REPRESENTATIVE: 13 million, sir, for the construction of 163 TLS. Now, this report is based on the six to seven kilometer radius danger zone.

Now after this, we requested for additional funding for 253 more TLS units and as I was talking with Mayor Krisel earlier, I verified from our Central Office — [off mic] — been processed. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, nandiyan na pala eh. So sino pa, Joey?

REP. SALCEDA: Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasama kami sa Congress.

REP. SALCEDA: Dalawa ho kaming former governors dito. Mukhang ‘yung food po talagang kailangan DSWD po ang mag-shoulder.

Hindi po kakayanin namin. Kaya pakiusap ko ‘yung 50 million ibigay niyo po sa PG — as marami ho silang ginagastusan — animal evacuation, operations po ng public care, pati po ang curative care po.

So ang suggestion ko po, kasi ‘yung ginagastusan po ng provincial government, sa tingin ko ‘yung 50 sakto ‘yun po pero kailangan ho ‘yung pagkain, DSWD pa rin.

May QRF ka pa naman sir, ‘di ba? At saka meron ka pa namang cluster fund, ‘di ba? So combine mo ‘yun, ikaw ang may pinakamalaking pera dito eh. Pero, sir, hihingiin ko po sana dito — sir, kaya po nila, sir. Ang hinihingi —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag mo akong sirin (sir) diyan eh. Governor kayong dalawa? Ah nag-governor kayong dalawa dito?

REP. SALCEDA: Dalawa hong former governors kasi, sir. Nag-usap ho kami kanina na sabihin po na ‘yung bini — nahihiya ho si Al na sabihin sa inyo ‘yung singkwenta po, akmang-akma lang po doon sa gagastusin po ng Provincial Government sa mga pang araw-araw po nilang — marami ho silang ginagastusan.

So ang pakiusap ko na sana ‘yung food support na one pack every two days, i-maintain niyo po. Tutal, diretso na sa LGU para maka-focus ang ating PGA sa kanilang pong mahalagang ano.

Sir,  ang tanong ko lang po, ‘yung cash-for-work po ba, baka naman ‘yung SLP mo, ma… Hindi, sir, ‘yun SLP mo, sir, pang 4Ps lang ‘yun?

USEC. LEYCO: ‘Yung SLP program is not limited to —

REP. SALCEDA: Dapat ‘pag disaster, sir, universal. Pangalawa sir, ‘yung cash-for-work mo baka napaka-burdensome ng ano — mga documentary requirements.

USEC. LEYCO: Hindi po. I think we just need to establish ‘yung identity. We need support from the local government.

REP. SALCEDA: Okay, sir, ₱292 per day din para minimum wage sa Bicol, sir?

USEC. LEYCO: Ima-match naming kung ano ‘yung ibinibigay ng DOLE.

REP. SALCEDA: Katulad po ng TUPAD?

USEC. LEYCO: Magkasama po sa DOLE.

REP. SALCEDA: So, Mr. President, ang natitira lang po talaga ‘yung 700 po na toilets at 300 na CR.

Kasi kailangan ho nila kaya ho ‘yung iba po napipilitang umuwi kasi nga po talagang congested po ‘yung CR. Ibig sabihin toilet — ‘yung toilet bowl. ‘Yung CR po ‘yung pinapaliguan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  We will solve the problem all of it next week.

REP. SALCEDA: Thank you. Thank you Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Before the end of next week, tapos na ho ‘yan. [applause]

Kasi… Governor ka pala. Ako naman, Joey, mayor lang. [laughter] Hindi, magkasama kami sa Congress kaya ako medyo —

REP. SALCEDA: [off mic]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasama na rin kami ni Ms. Lagman sa… Mahusay ‘yan sila si — ako ang hindi tumagal t*** i*** lugar na ‘yon. Always talking.

So… Buti nga nandito si Presidential Adviser, si Atty. Panelo. Nandito talaga siya kasi Bicolano talaga ‘to.

Francis, ikaw na ang mag-coordinate sa lahat. I want it done by the week’s end. So Saturday, tapos na ‘yan. At least delivered na.

Ako, I count by the hours eh. Ayaw ko ‘yung… And I’m not fond of ‘yung mga committee-committee. Isang tao lang.

Kayo na riyan, general, ikaw ‘yan. Pero huwag committee-committee kayo. Magkat**-t** ‘yan.

Oo, si ano… ito, ito na. Galing Davao rin ito.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Di ba Maranao kaw? Maranao kaw? Ilonggo? Mao’y linte na — damo siyang Ilonggo nga… Dito ka pinanganak, Francis?

  1. TOLENTINO: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Sir, with due respect after you leave, can you direct DA, DSWD, DOLE, and DepEd together the nine mayors and the governor to sit down with us — with me. And so most probably we can submit a report within 48 hours.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O pala eh. Taga-rito pala ‘yung ano eh.

  1. TOLENTINO: Dito po ako pinanganak, malapit sa Mayon, sa Guinobatan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pwede mong akyatin ‘yung — t**** i**, murahin mo doon ‘yun, galit na galit talaga ako sa — walang — nagbibigay ng problema.

But anyway, I said, almost every department has a component, money, to deal with crisis. Ang pinakamalaki diyan ang education, pati ‘yung DSWD. Agriculture, konti lang pero well, we can always look for the money. Nandyan, work — government is working.

So basta ‘wag lang mawala ‘yung pera diyan, meron talaga. We can always — but ang ano ko is, I don’t — I’m not, I said, wala akong — ayaw ko ‘yang committee, isang tao lang.

Usually niyan, it’s a problem of DILG. Isa lang ang… Hindi ako mahilig niyang committee-committee.

So isang tanong, Art, bakit hindi operational itong airport na ito for night flying?

DOTR SECRETARY ARTHUR TUGADE: Ang airport ho na ‘to, Legazpi, is night rated.


SEC. TUGADE: Ibig hong sabihin niyan, it can operate even after sunset.


SEC. TUGADE: Noon hong pumutok ‘yung Bulkang Mayon, nag-cancel ho tayo ng operation from January 22 to 26, as earlier reported, but it reopened on January 27.

Dahil ho sa epekto ng ashes, ‘yung operation ho naging from 6 A.M. to 5 P.M. Pero ang operation talaga ng Legazpi ho is from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Discretion ho ng airport na magpalipad sila from 6 to 9. ‘Yung schedule ho na from 6 o’ clock in the morning to 5 P.M. was dictated by the ashes of the volcano, ‘yung ihip ng hangin.

I am told earlier today that the operations will commence again from 6 A.M. to 9 A.M. in —


SEC. TUGADE: In two days, sir. In two days, that’s right, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, hindi ngayon?

SEC. TUGADE: Ah, mago-operate na ho ‘yan from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, but I would like to know if the ashes still pose a problem to—?

SEC. TUGADE: In-open po effective today from 6 A.M. to 9 A.M. Ibig sabihin, ‘yung effect nung ashes is not as aggravating as in the earlier days.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So it’s safe to fly now?

SEC. TUGADE: Ah, it is safe to fly now.



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi gusto kong makita ‘yung —


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala man akong makita kanina. [laughter]

SEC. TUGADE: ‘Yung Naga ho, na ayun ho ‘yung available airport kung saka-sakaling hindi ma-operate ‘yung Legazpi, pag nag-alburoto nang todo ‘yung Mayon, operational ho ‘yan from 6 A.M. to 2 P.M.

However, by just issuing a NOTAM I can extend this to 5 P.M. Unfortunately, it cannot operate up to 9 P.M. kasi hindi pa ho night rated.

Kung saka-sakali, at sana naman huwag mangyari na nag-alburoto ‘yung Mayon, pati ‘yung hangin naapektuhan sa Naga, ang gagamitin ho nating paliparan ay yung nasa Virac saka ‘yung nasa Masbate.

Unfortunately, the travel time to connect Legazpi to Virac and Catanduanes, more than three hours. Nakaabang ho diyan ang DOTr na kung sakaling mangyari ito, meron ho kaming tawid pampasada kung saan we will extend the help, support, cooperation, and even [inaudible] to transport these people needed from Legazpi to either Virac or Masbate. Ayun po ‘yung [inaudible] network dito sa lugar na ‘to in relation to the explosion of Mayon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘yung mga tao sa labas, pumupunta dito ‘yung mga turista, foreigner, manood lang.

SEC. TUGADE: Para manood.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bahala na kung mag-ashes-ashes diyan. Eh eh ‘di mahulog.

We will try to stay a while until maybe 6 o’clock and see if we can have a view of… Kasi lahat ng nakikita ko doon sa ano was posted by you, Joey.

Ikaw  ‘yung prolific na ano eh, from the Facebook. Totoo. So lahat nakikita  namin doon galing sa iyo. So, still… There’s still a fire? Merong… [kahapon yata] Ngayon, wala?

USEC. SOLIDUM: Sir, patuloy pang lumalabas ‘yung lava.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Makikita sa gabi?

USEC. SOLIDUM: Sa gabi. Basta walang clouds kita.

Q: [off mic)

USEC. SOLIDUM: Hindi, hindi naman explosion eh. Walang ash. Usok lang ang nakikita, steam lang po ‘yun.

Q: [off mic]

USEC. SOLIDUM: Basta walang clouds, kita ‘yung lava.

 PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Eh ‘di manood nalang ako. Ngayon… Wala na ba kayong ano, Joey?

Mag-chopper ako. Gusto kong pumunta doon. Sinong gustong maprito? [laughter] Mahulog tayo doon, ‘di at least may representative na Bicolano. Magdala ako ng Ilonggo. [laughter]

Kung wala ng reklamo… Kung sinong gustong — gusto ko representative, Ilonggo, Bicolano. Si Joey. [laughter] Damay-damay na tayo.

Tutal nakuha mo na lahat sa buhay, Joey. No more mountains to climb ka, no more challenges to meet. Nakasakay ka dito. ‘Pag nahulog, ‘di isang governor. Ikaw ma’am, huwag muna kay baka makompormiso tayo.

Pareho kami, pareho man kami ni Joey walang asawa. Walang kaming problema. Anything else?

REP. SALCEDA: Sir, thank you very much po in behalf of the Albay. Ah, meron pa ba? Nagte-thank you na ako eh.

CAMALIG MAYOR MARIA AHRDAIL BALDO: Good afternoon po, Mr. President

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Do not worry. I’m staying until — Gusto kong makita lang. Nandito na rin ako, ‘yung ibig sabihin.

MAYOR BALDO: Isa pa pong problem namin ‘yung evacuation rooms. Kasi ‘yung ideal po is one room, 10 families. Kami po umaabot ng 40.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Yes, sabi ko nga. ‘Yung overcrowding. We will try to send as many, as many as we can afford.

Francis would — we will try to get some. Meron diyang ginagamit ng military na parang malaki talaga if they can also just spare. 

MAYOR BALDO: And isa pong suggestion po sana. Kasi every — halos every year po nagpapa-evacuate kami. Dahil po minsan sa bagyo at saka minsan po sa, ito nga po ‘pag nag-e-erupt ang Mayon. Siguro po parehas, pare-parehas  po kaming mga mayors, kailangan po namin ng permanent evacuation centers para po hindi na lagi na lang po every time na may evacuation, ‘yung mga estudyante po laging natitigil po ang kanilang pagpasok. So mas maganda po kung may — meron po kaming permanent evacuation centers.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s a truism everywhere. It’s always — in any situation. The school is, public schools becomes the — become the sanctuary, the refuge.

Sige, ma’am. Well, but wala ‘yan sa budget. But maybe we can consider it. Wala… Kayo, hindi niyo kaya?

MAYOR BALDO: Maliit lang po ang budget po namin. Actually, meron po kaming isa, binigyan po kami ng [inaudible] pero hindi po sapat.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Sige ma’am, I will…

MAYOR BALDO: Thank you very much, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige, si Defense.

DEFENSE SECRETARY DELFIN LORENZANA: Mr. President, if I may suggest something to avoid this — medyo long-term ito na solusyon. Now, the Mayon Volcano will not stop spewing this lava, for the long — siguro for the next…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  For the longest time?

SEC. LORENZANA: For the longest time. And there is actually a permanent danger zone. Why don’t we declare that as a no man’s land so that no people will go there anymore? Kasi every time na matapos ‘yung — matapos ‘yung Mayon babalik sila doon. Until the next explosion comes, babalik. We will have always this problem of evacuation.

So kung ma-declare natin ‘yun na no man’s land, then it will also — maybe we can declare it as a part of the Mayon park, national park. We can let the trees grow. It can also be a buffer zone for future cascading of the lahars or any flooding that will come from the volcano.

Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, but the first question there is, are there properties privately owned and titled to individuals? Because then we’ll have to expropriate. ‘Yan ang first consideration diyan.

Kung meron, there will be a lot of persuasion to be used, which is a question of money, expropriation na lang.

Alam mo naman kung ang gobyerno mag-expropriate, barat man talaga. So you’ll create a social problem again. So, we can be sure na lahat are all in accord with what is good for public interest. We would be happy to do that.

But the first thing that we have to find out is what would be the solution of people who are there tilling the land which they own and titled in their name. ‘Yan ‘yang isa.

Pero ako boto ako diyan sa — kasi itong, lalo na ‘yung may mga active. I don’t know where there are dead volcanoes around.

But itong Mayon ninyo is very active and yearly, it threatens to — ‘yang pausok-usok muna. But it, it would be good idea [garbled] others idea to… I-maximize mo lang talaga. The farthest that they can cause damage.

Yes, meron kayong suggestion? Sana ma-harness lang natin ang electricity, ‘yang yawa na ‘yan di walang ng problema si…


Mag-take-off na daw kami. Joey, ‘pag hindi na — ‘pag kinain kami ng sa loob doon, ba-bye na lang. Halika. [applause]

— END —