DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Pre-departure for India. 24 January 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk 

[Delivered at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Pasay City | 24 January 2018]

Kindly sit down and salamat ho sa kurtesiya.

[Walang speech?]

You know, I’m very late and DFA is hurrying me up.  Sabi ko, “Marami akong problema diyan sa Mayon.” I still have to — Late ang…

Sige sila complain doon. I think we devolved the money almost five days ago. Something wrong there. Sabi ko, “Sa inyo ‘yan.” I have not been remiss in my duty.

Today, I leave for New Delhi to attend the ASEAN-India Special Commemorative Summit and India’s Republic Day Celebration.

Alam mo, the last time, there was this communiqué, a note verbale from — Sabihin ko na lang. There’s nothing wrong with it. The last Independence Day, we were also invited. But I think that President Aquino, busy maybe at that time, chose to just send a talking delegation.

In this [year’s?] invitation, they pointed out that they were — more or less, read between the lines na sana this time the chief of state and that the incident last year would not be repeated again.

So nung advice ng DFA sa… “You have to go.” Because every ASEAN meeting, almost all nandoon. We cannot afford to be absent.

Now, the reason really why I’m going is that, we’re okay sa ASEAN. But it’s all trade and commerce and everything else under the sun, except but we do not have the platform for terrorism and other problems of law and order.

You have the vacant — diyan sa Celebes, Sulu Sea. Bakante tayo diyan eh. And the Moluccas. Na kung sabi kung — Kaya ako pupunta, sabihin ko, “Kung ganito lang naman, so what’s the use of meeting just once a year?” And probably the ministerial level, once every three months.

They cannot accomplish anything because ‘yung waters natin contiguous to the archipelago of the Philippines is getting to be dangerous. And yet it is only Indonesia who’s active there.

Sasabihin ko sa inyo, kung hindi natin kaya, we’ll just have to call China to come in and blow them off just like Somalia, that Aden Strait there, were it not for the presence of the Chinese, hindi mahinto ‘yung piracy doon. It’s doubling up everything — fuel. You have to go around. Then the freight charges, of course it goes with it. And the insurance.

‘Yan ang mahirap diyan sa — So we have to come up with a platform of how to deal with terrorism. Ako, I go for a hardline policy. Blow them up in the high seas. Sirain mo. Kanyunin mo. Otherwise, if we do not do the extreme measures, we’d always be at the mercy of criminal.

Ngayon, ‘pag ayaw nila, eh ‘di tayo. And my orders to the Armed Forces would really be to destroy. Now, well, destroy means you have to destroy physically. And if you have to kill, you kill. That’s the only way to destroy an enemy. It cannot be empty words.

Now, the second is [inaudible] ‘yung to complete the stories that were [inaudible] during the last ASEAN conference.

I’m glad that India is inviting us so that we can do something about the other allied problems of each other’s governance. Pero ang mahirap dito is we keep on —

There’s an upcoming meeting in Australia. It’s all about security again. Pagusapan na natin dito. Let us talk what would be the platform that we will represent. Otherwise, ako pa naman nagsabi na I do not want to go to Australia.

And Turnbull… si Prime Minister has always been asking me again and again if I can reconsider. So with an empty baggage there, wala man tayong masabi na concrete, except that we talk all over again about cooperation and sharing of…

We have been doing that. We’ve been sharing information with everybody, as a matter of fact all this years. And yet the thing in Marawi came into being.

So I need more than just talk and more than just promises. I want it done during my term. And my orders are specially an ideology that is so bankrupt, so corrupt, na wala namang nalaman kung hindi pumatay at magpatay at magsira. And we cannot live with that kind of world.

Ako kung ganun lang naman araw-araw, just give it to the other — Hindi ako pwede niyang [half-cooked, half-cooked?] na ano. Just like drugs. Millions have been afflicted. Millions have been destroyed. Now you treat the problem with a…

Kaya lahat talaga tapusin ko ito sa termino ko. Lalo na ang drugs. That is my aim. I will destroy the drug industry in the Philippines. Not for us anymore because marami na ang may tama. But at least ‘yung mga anak, mga apo ninyo will… shall have been freed of the scourge of drugs.

Huwag kayong mag-kumpyansa ‘yan human rights. They cannot defend you. And I do not care about ‘yung human rights. Solve the problem first. Hindi nga nila ma…

We have almost six Filipinas dying, committing suicide, jumping out of the window. Mga p*… Ni hindi lang man kayo pinansin niyan. And in their countries, they’ve been raping and here we are, I’m dealing with criminals and you ’re all noise. You can go to hell as a matter of fact.

Karaming… that is why I directed the Department of Labor to stop processing.

Now, let me ask publicly. I hope I’m not — Secretary of the Foreign Affairs is here. I hope I am not committing a diplomatic faux pas.

But one more incident about being a — a woman, a Filipina worker being raped there, committing suicide. I’m going to stop — I’m going to ban.

And I’m sorry, the Filipinos there, you can all go home. Tutal ‘pag na — nag-alis kayo lahat na mga Pilipino diyan, they will also be having a hell of a time adjusting to that.

Hindi ako papayag na… a continuous incident of things like that. They have to endure rape, they have to endure starvation, and they get about only four hours — that’s a universal story for all Filipinos.

Can I ask you now just to treat my countrymen as human beings with dignity. [applause] I do not want to fight with you. We need your help to improve our country.

As a matter of fact, the incomes there of the Filipinos contribute a lot to the GDP of the country. That is taken. Wala tayong ano diyan. Nakakatulong kayo.

Pero kung… if it ends up with misery, rape and everything, and my countrymen committing suicide, well, there’s always a time.

We are poor. We may need your help but we will not do it at the expense of the dignity of the Filipino.

Let me be blunt about this because Kuwait has always been an ally.

But please do something about it and for all the other countries in the Middle East.

We have been sending Filipinos, doctors, and nurses to help you also and in return, helping us in the very much-needed revenues for their families here.

I hope that you’d listen to me because I mean well but I will never, never, never again tolerate.

One more incident of rape to the point of committing suicide, jumping out of the window, that is something the Filipino people cannot stomach.

And if I cannot do something about it, then there is no reason for me to stay in this position a minute longer.

I am going to dispense with — might as well just wait for the product after the meet.

It’s very important that I talk to the ASEAN regarding another platform aside from the trade and commerce and everything, that has something to do with the security.

It’s getting to be a dangerous world. Why do I have to be patient? You know, you afford my people the dignity of their being and maybe, if you are a criminal, I may reconsider human rights as part of my understanding of the problem of what’s happening.

Hindi ko kaya itong mga ganito na temporary lang ‘to. Whether I sit as President for one year, doesn’t really matter to me.

Sabi ko nga sa military, “If I stay a minute longer, I am asking you to go into [immunity?] and drag me out.”

Pagka isang minuto lang after the six years, barilin ninyo ako. Because then, I would have violated the Constitution. Para klaro tayong lahat.

I do not intend to stay a minute longer. But within my term, kung sabihin ninyong mag-diktador-diktador ako, no, I am not. There are laws to be followed.

But I will go for the harsh measures kasi itong mga kriminal, itong terorista, walang awa naman.

[When they?] decapitate you in public, they don’t really bother about your family, ilan ang nawala, at pinakabastos ang ginawa mo.

Now, let me ask you a question, [garbled]. Eh kung gawain ko kaya sa inyo ‘yan? Would you be happy?

Just a matter of getting a sharp and — Praktisado ako nung maliit pa ako because kung ang ulam namin manok, ako talaga ang nag-volunteer, magvo-volunteer ng — Ano kaya kung gawain ko sa inyo ‘yan?

You know, it takes two to tango. What you are capable of doing, I can do better 10 times over so think about it.

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong when I say, “Do not destroy my country. Do not spoil the economic strides, however small and humble.”

We are climbing bit by bit. Tapos ‘yung mga anak namin, eh huwag ninyong — Kaya ‘yung mga nanay at tatay, you know, when a family loses a wife going abroad, this family is dysfunctional.

Wala na ‘yan. Mga anak niya, walang —- [inaudible] no bother to [inaudible], maski ‘yung mga infant iniiwan. When the father goes out, the family becomes dysfunctional.

When the father and mother decides to work abroad, both of them, the family is floundering.

Iniiwan lang doon sa mga lolo. At alam ninyo, kayong mga durugista, kasi alam ninyo may regular remittances, ‘yan ang dinidikit ninyo.

Shabu is for the poor, it is not for the rich. Cocaine pati cannabis ‘yan sila, ‘yang mga mayaman na p**… Sabagay, patayin ni Duterte ‘yung mahirap? Because doon ang selling pati buying and it is an organized crime.

When it is an organized crime, ‘yung pinaka-basurero pati ‘yung pinaka-drug lord, kasama kayo.

So I am sorry. You say that you are poor, oh, fine. But the law says when it is an organized crime, the act of one is the act of all and the liability of one is the liability of all.

Eh ‘di itong drug lord na ito, ‘tong… Kasali kayo. Sabihin niyo kasi, “Mahirap kami.”

My oath of office says, I, Rodrigo Duterte, would only enforce the law against the rich and leave the poor to f*** this country because they are poor.

Hindi naman pwede ganun. I have to enforce the law against all, against the generals, against the Cabinet members, against everybody. And if you can prove a case against my son, I will leave him to — Bahala ka.

We make our own story in this world. At the end of the day you answer for your deed or misdeeds, period. You cannot be worrying around, anak kita o dito kaibigan kita.

Ito si Atong, I was hearing, tinawag siya, tinawagan ko ‘yan siya. Sinabi ko, “Atong, ikaw ang number one na gambler dito sa Davao. Hawak mo lahat. Huwag tayong magbolahan. Pumunta ka doon sa PCSO, hintuin mo ‘yang lahat ng illegal at tulungan mo ang gobyerno.”

That was the only reason why I called for Atong Ang. Tell him. Many years ago. I do not want to mention the President. He wanted to set up a Jai Alai in Davao.

Sabi ko sa kanya, “Kaibigan tayo. Huwag mong pilitin ‘yan. Mag-aaway lang tayo. Ayokong makipag-ano sa’yo pero kung pilitin ‘yan na Jai Alai sa Davao talagang magka…”

Balita ka man na tigas ka, eh ‘di ikaw. Tsaka ‘yung sabi ni Frank Drilon na ano — Magtanong siya kung sinong… Senator Drilon, if I talked to somebody urging a case against you sa PDAF, bring that person in my presence and I will resign because you are my friend.

Hindi nga ako. Sinabi ko, “It is not in my system. It is not in my style na maghabol ng…” Ni wala akong pakialam sa kaso ninyo sa Mamasapano. Magdala ka ng tao dito kung sinong inutusan ko ‘yang sa PDAF-PDAF.

Sabi pa naman ni Napoles, marami pa raw siyang sasabihin. O, nauna na nga ‘yung mga kalaban ninyo. But ikaw kasi kaibigan kita noon pa, so nirerespeto ko ‘yan.

I told you before in front of so many congressmen. Wala akong ginagawa against you. But do not force the issue na may — Just to…

Kung may makita kayo na mali, go and shout everyday for all I care. Tutal itong gobyerno na ito hindi man ito akin. Whether it will rot or it will ripen, I can only be there to sympathize with the Filipino people. Hindi ko ito personal. I do not lose sleep kung mag-corruption lahat.

Ang akin lang is the future of my — the next generation. Kita mo na nga nagpapakamatay, na nagpaparape na doon. Tinitiis na lang ang indignity. Tapos ‘yung mga anak dito, papakainin niyo ng droga. Kaya ako nasasaktan.

Sabi niyo drama, problema ninyo ‘yan. If it is a pretended sentiment, fine. But I would still hold you to account for what you do to your fellow men. Hindi ako pang-ordinaryong — There’s even no need for you to address me as President.

“Rody” mo na lang ako. I am not so enamored with these perks sa position. Remember that I won as President because of the people, period ‘yan. So ‘yang utang na loob ko sa taong ordinaryo, ‘yung mahirap.

Eh kasi ‘yung mahirap, ‘yun ang nangangailangan ng gobyerno. Itong mga mayaman dito, ito dito, itong hangar dito puro private jets ‘yan. Ang may-ari niyan, mga mayaman.

Every company of whatever. May mga jet ‘yan. Kaya hindi maimprove-improve ‘yung p**… Kaya hindi tayo maka-extend ng runway, paano puro mayaman. Kayong mga mayaman, you better be prepared.

Sabihin ng mga manager dito, even a clerk of the airport would say that it’s about time that we use that goddam space there.  Bubulldozin (bulldoze) ko kayong lahat. Wala man akong pakialam.

Hindi rin kayo nagpahiram ng jet ninyo. ‘Yung eroplanong ginamit ko sa kampanya, naghinto pa sa runway, pumutok pa. So what do I care? I paid for my expenses. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan.

Basta lahat magbayad ngayon. Lahat. ‘Yung hindi nagbayad ng ilang taon because you were… using the influence and your money, forget it. Huwag kayong mag-duda ‘yang ano —- We do not intervene.

That is why I want to… Congress to proceed. Mag-imbestiga kayo. As a matter of fact ako ‘yung mismo nag-i-insist para malaman ninyo ‘yung totoo. This endless suspicion. It’s about time that magharapan tayo. Kaya ko binibira lahat. Wala kayong makalkal sa akin.

Billions? Susmaryosep. To my billions, I’m going because I’m late.


— END —