DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Bureau of Customs. 06 Feb 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

 [Delivered at OCOM Grounds, Bureau of Customs | 06 February 2018]

Thank you for your courtesy. Kindly sit down.

I have here a three-page speech. Eh, I am afraid that this would not be enough really to express what is in my heart.

You know, my co-workers in government, I hate — it leaves a bad taste in the mouth to be talking about corruption and graft, especially among — well, at least educated and learned people and especially so about finances and money, revenues. Ayaw ko sana.

Sabi ko eh… Pero, kaya lang, I am not in front of an incorrigible crowd. I know that most of you are honest, otherwise we have not collected this huge amount. [applause]

Alam ko ‘yan. I grew up in a bureaucracy and I started as the — at that time, the 7th assistant city fiscal of Davao. And ano rin ako, climbing up to the second spot eventually before I became mayor. So many years of sacrifice. And again, in that office and every other office in government is a veritable ground for corruption. Nandiyan ‘yan eh.

And it starts from the top. Ako sinasabi ko sa inyo whether you like to believe it or not, papers about transactions in government do not reach my desk. I only sign appointments and security matters and keeps me busy all the time. Lahat ‘yang mga… Whatever the department, it stays there and I have given the authority to every Cabinet member to decide and to use his own talent to protect the interest of the nation.

Walang mga contract, either ‘yung mga railway, MRT. Walang umaabot, maski tanungin mo — and I do not call Cabinet members. And you can ask them. And even Sid there who’s a good friend of mine. I have not for the life of me even called him once. Nakita ko siya ‘yung — he was inducted into office and that’s about it. And so with Mr. Dulay of the BIR. Alam mo, Sonny of…

Magtaka kayo kung bakit na… But I will answer it in full detail and with a good explanation later on. But kung bakit maraming — sabi nga nila, militarized ang civilian bureaucracy.

I will give you the answer maybe in the future. But for now, I’ll just that I need them to run the government faster and more to my liking and immediately done.

Ito sila, they are not strangers to me. They are not my kababayans. Some of them or most of them are military men who in their — during the years of their, in the career buildup, they happen to pass by or sojourn Davao City.

When I was the chairman of the Peace and Order Council, mas expanded ‘yung rapport ko sa mga military. ‘Di ko ‘yan sila kilala noon. But nakilala ko, for example like Sid, he started as a 2nd Lieutenant right after his PMA days. I was then a vice mayor.

And I became mayor for 23 years. So lahat ‘yan sila. Si Cuy, lahat dito, Moreno. Nakilala ko lang ‘yan sila along the way in my mayorship days. And ‘yung iba naman, sila Dulay, Bello, they were my dormmates. And karamihan sa — ‘yung ano namin sa floor namin almost all Ilocanos. Kaya karamihan puro Ilocano ang naging barkada ko.

But when I was choosing the men and women to run this government, I remember them for their goodwill and honesty — the innate basic honesty of a person.

Mga estudyante lang kami nila Dulay and ano. So I could more or less had a glimpse of the values of their persona. Sid eventually became… But I choose him as a chief of police then the regional commander and his penultimate position was that of operations of the PNP. And so with the others.

Pero wala ho kaming ano. Baka sabihin ninyo, nagpapalakas ako sa military. I’ve been telling the military, I do not need your personal loyalty. Far from it. Your loyalty should remain only to one specific thing and that is the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and it symbolizes — it’s an abstract thing actually. No… Not everybody understand what’s written there. But the flag represents that union.

Remember that we are not blood brothers. Well, as a Filipino maybe as a race, yes. But magkakaiba-iba ‘to, with different — we have different dialects, menus, idiosyncrasies, lahat. Hindi tayo magkakilala.

But once upon a time, whether it was a foolhardy decision or not, our forefathers decided to write a Constitution that binds us. Now, it might not really be the perfect Constitution. As a matter of fact, it has so much — there’s a room for improvement.

But then again, as we continue with the nation building which has started many, many centuries ago, we just have to make something out of it during our generation. And your generation is really to take care of the next generation. That is included in our duty. To pass on the values, whether good or bad, to the next children and maybe — pero wala na tayo doon.

Ako, sabi ko sa mga anak ko. Hanggang anak lang ako. Huwag na ninyo akong bigyan ng trabaho na to the grandchildren. Of course, I love them. But my worry is only how they would live out life as it is presented in this planet. Hanggang anak lang ako, sabi ko.

But during my time, there are things which are really bothering us. And almost always, to the critics, and I accept their criticism. This is a democracy. I accept their evaluation of things vis-à-vis with mine.

I was not the one who declared drug problem as a national security threat. It was Gloria Arroyo. So from there, I don’t know but I am not trying to belittle Aquino but his role just went by — para sa akin na — in a flash. It’s now past tense.

Nagpaiwan ‘yang deadly toxic. It has reduced and even if there’s a conflict in the figure of 10,000 o 1,000 ang namatay. O sabi ko, kay Santiago ‘yun eh. Former PDEA he says that it has reached three million. Kay panahon ni Bato, sabi niya, one million four. But it is really one hundred one.

You know, it has reduced my country, some of the citizens to slavery. They are slaves to a chemistry that is very lethal.

And for those unbelieving, the many, so many crimes and the many victims, innocent ones, raped, children, and even a six-month-old baby being raped. That could only be done by a crazy person and shabu had a great contribution to that.

But when I was mayor, I said, it was during Sid’s time and si Bato, pati si Cuy, they were — sinabi ko sa kanila when I was mayor, “I’m building a city. I am not a policeman, I am not a soldier. But do not destroy my city because I love the people and the place. You do it and I will kill you, destroy you.” And that statement is intended for the human rights people.

When I became President, I said, “I am not a military man, I am not a general. I am just an ordinary worker in government. Pero ang problema, the task is on my lap and I have to do something about it.”

So sabi ko, “Huwag mong sirain ang bayan ko kasi p**** i**, papatayin talaga kita. Huwag mong patayin ang mga anak namin kasi ‘yan lang ang pag-asa nating lahat.”

Except for those guys who own those — ‘yung gustong bumili ng mga ‘yang sinira pati ‘yung mga brand new doon sa Davao. Okay ‘yan sila. They do not need government. They can buy government. They can buy their security, buy all the things that they need, luxury, otherwise.

But how about the poor people? Hindi nila kailangan ng gobyerno. ‘Yung mga Taipans diyan, they can provide for own security. They have so much money to live comfortably until kingdom come.

Tayo, kayo, ako, why are we working here? And how much do you expect to receive at the end of your productive life, when you retire at the age of 65. Magkano?

Ako? Maybe pegged to the highest salary, three, four million. Justices, mas malaki ‘yan sila.

Ordinary empleyado, it’s about one, two? Policemen, mabuti’t na lang dinoble ko ‘yung sweldo nila.

Ilan makuha lang nila? 800,000? And they retire at the age of 56, strong enough to pull a truck. God. Tapos they wait out until they die?

And at the age of 50, papasok na lahat — diabetes, hypertension, lahat na, kidney. Especially itong mga sundalo, halos sira ang kanilang kidney. I don’t know why but it’s the popular disease that they would like to acquire.

All of them halos kidney, sira ang kidney. Siguro inom dito ng tubig, inom doon. Baka ininom ninyo ‘yung ginamit ng babae sa ligo niya. [laughter]

Tapos I increased the pension of the SSS senior citizens, 1,000. Is that enough? If you get for another 10 years, would that suffice to buy all their medicines?

Who pays for your hospitalization? Who pays for your meds? Who will spoon-feed you? Sinong magluto sa lugaw mo? Sinong mag — who will wipe your body with a towel and a hot water when you are already bedridden? And you think that you can live by that pension that the government is giving?

So what is the secret? The secret is we work hard, educate our children. Just like my mother and when she’s on the sunset of her days, we take over and we take care of them.

Otherwise, mangamoy ka diyan. And there are people who just abandon their mother and father just like that. And even in a family of five, nobody wants to take care. Ganun ka-ingrato minsan ang tao eh.

And so itong, itong drugs na ito, it’s about — ipalagay na natin 1,000 pa.

I will not debate with… I’m wasting my time with… Sabi nila, 1,000 — one million ‘yung kay Bato. That one… It’s a joke. You have one million people craving for a drug to have the fix for the day and kung walang pera, they go about killing people, holdup dito, holdup doon and when they go crazy, they rape children, they rape families, tapos the latest one, a six-year- old — a six-month-old child.

The last killing sabi ko doon sa Bulacan, inuman — it always starts with alcohol, ang shabu. ‘Pag shabu ‘yan, maghanap ’yan ng beer-beer, Tanduay. Kung loko-loko na ‘yan, gumaganun na, they go to a house, rape the blind mother, rape the daughter-in-law, killing the 14-year-old, pati ‘yung one-year-old, pinakialaman pa, pinatay.

Sinong maligayahan niyan? And you want me just to respond to, “Mayor, what can you say about the killing?” P*—

It’s a very stupid question. It’s always — maski sa Davao. “What is your reaction?” How am I supposed to react? And you do it every day. Mahirap na ‘yan. Diyan tayo hindi magkaintindihan.

‘Yang military, I have not asked… It will be the military and the police and all of you, you will see to it that the Constitution is followed. That if I overstayed even for one day, you are supposed to oust me, place me under arrest for violating the Constitution.

And there will never be a time that I will ask you, “You prop me up as a dictator of this country.” I have enough politics. I have experienced all the accolades of my life.

I have been  — this would be my 40th, I have never lost an election. I have been elected eight times as mayor in my city; one term as a congressman and another term of being vice mayor to my daughter, ‘yung mayor ngayon.

And this — itong pagkatapos nito, I would have served government for 40 years.

Eh itong mga g***** ito, “dictator-dictator” and even the, mga edukado, akala nila sila lang ang may delicadeza, sila lang ang bright, sila lang kasi ang mga nag-aral diyan sa mga…

Mahirap ‘yan. How poorly you look at your other fellowmen. And you think that you are bright, pa-English-English diyan.

Hindi ko maintindihan ‘yung buhay pero I would be happy. I’ll tell you what. Listen to me very carefully. The only singular and sole reason why I am hurrying up the federal setup is, I am telling you now as your President, na ‘pag walang different structural changes diyan sa Mindanao, the Moro people will go to war. And believe me because my grandmother is a Maranao.

Hihirit talaga ‘yan and when the time comes, of course, they have opted to remain in the talks. I thank Allah for that, that there’s enough sense left in them.

But kung walang maibigay tayo and because they were well ahead in Mindanao ang Islam by almost 90 years before Magellan came here and f**** our own country, under them for 400 years plus the Americans for another 50 years.

And it was at that time pagdating nila ng Amerikano and Español, Mindanao was already Islam. So when the Americans allowed the [inaudible] of Mindanao, they copied the homestead style sa America. ‘Yung go West young man because there is a lot of land ahead of you. Dito, we forgot that they were already the Adams and Eves there.

Sa modern times, sabi nga ng libro, “and the living past, that spirit is living past.” And modern times, sabihin nila that is 300, 400 years ago, it ain’t matter.

Kasi sila feel that they are oppressed. The seat of government of the Imperial Spain as the head of that government, the head of the tail of this government now. It has always been monopolized by the Christians. Power has been concentrated in Manila.

In a war, the Moro people or the different tribes there are not our enemies. They are our brother Malays. But in a war, your enemy is my friend.

So the ISIS has gained a foothold in the southern part of the Philippines. It’s a mix. But it has never been a question or issue of religion. It never has been. But it’s turning to be an ugly one and I think it’s…

Kasi nandito na. The Syrians, the Arabs, the white Arabs, there are the dark Arabs, a lot of Indonesian and Malaysian terrorists there just waiting to — you give them the slightest reason. That’s the only thing. It has nothing to do with perpetuating in power.

I guarantee you, if they are able to perfect it in 2020 and if they call for an election of a President, I will step down. That is my guarantee to the Filipino nation.

If you can perfect the federal setup or any other kind of structure that could — to prevent a war, violence, bloodshed, I will go down.

If they can do it in 2020, I will not wait for 2022. I will gladly step down.

That is my commitment to the military, to the police and to everybody. ‘Yan lang. Do not listen to those idiotic na mas marunong sila. Mas akala nila may prinsipyo sila kaysa atin.

I would not have survived 23 years as mayor, four years as a congressman. I could not have helped my children being…

‘Yang Pulong na ‘yan, ganito ‘yan. My son ‘yang… At the age of 18, nag-tanan ‘yan with a Muslim lady whose mother was a Maranao and whose father was a Tausug.

And the lady, the first wife, was only — was 24 years old. Sumama ‘yang bata at hindi namin nakita for 5 years.

Maybe he was brought to… But anyway, ‘yung lola niyan, great grandmother niya, Maranao man din. He went to Lanao, he went to… Ang negosyo ng mga in-laws niyan, ‘yung mga jars.

You ask the Customs people here, pati ‘yang mga chiefs of police.  Mga jars, mga… Alam mo, galing Singapore, and maybe ukay-ukay.

At 18 years old, he learned the ropes there because he had to help, kasi palamunin lang siya ng in-laws niya. Now, where is Pulong now? Nasa pantalan sigurado ko. ‘Yan ang alam niyang hanapbuhay eh.

O sabihin niyo drugs? Alam niya, papatayin ko siya, kung hindi ipapatay ko siya. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan. Where is he now? Where will he be tonight? Eh sa pantalan ‘yan, ‘yan ang hanapbuhay niya eh.

Pero sabi ko, “‘Wag kang pumasok diyan sa mga car-car. Gusto mo bumili ka kung may pera ka.”

Kaya the smuggling… This has been going on — ang history natin is for centuries na, even the Customs, it’s more than a century old. Pero itong smuggling na ito, this kind of racket has been going on again and again, and again, over a period of centuries. Well, it has to stop.

Ayaw kong ipagbili kasi kung ipagbili ko, consigned to a fictitious person, igagarahe lang ninyo ‘yan diyan, [garbled] kayo and when the time comes, they are sold to an auction, ‘yung auction diyang opisina, itatawag na rin sa isang sindikato dito, siya lang ‘yan eh.

Wala man akong nabasa sa newspaper na may auction, gusto ko ring bumili maski secondhand, wala. O maya-maya… So na-auction, then again mag-i-import na naman itong mga unggoy na ‘to.

P***** i**, huminto kayo, huminto kayo. At least during my time, I plead to you, tutal paalis lang ako, I’m just a passing [inaudible], four years wala na ako.

I’m not — I’m not saying that [inaudible]. I’m addressing myself to the entire government machineries. Itong mga Cabinet members they are only allowed one month to process.

The directors of this country must do it in one week, you failed to do it, I’m opening a border office there because I would like to resume the barter trade.

That’s the only business that our brother Moros know how to. But Dominguez wants a stringent measure or maybe ano…

Kung sino ‘yung gustong magpunta doon sa Jolo, Sulu, magpa-assign doon, let me know, because I’m drawing the skeletal diagram. Doon kayo ipa-assign, sige, mag-smuggle kayo doon. Kayo ang — bahala na kayo doon kung… I will not hesitate to do it. I have fired so many.

Alam mo… Somebody told me, “Mayor, sa panahon mo, maraming lumalabas ha, buwan-buwan, spending public money.” So tinignan ko, pati itong si MARINA. Nandito ba ‘yung buang? Sipain ko ‘yang p***** i***** ‘yan.

Twenty-two trips a year? He wants to attend every convention doon? May climate change sa Africa, conference nandoon; may climate change sa Brazil, nandoon; may climate change sa New York, Brussels. Marami ‘yan sila, puro climate change. P***** i***** bagyo na ‘yan, pinupuwet pa ‘yung isa, pumapasok na naman ‘yung isa, rumami tuloy hindi na — and you’re spending the people’s money.

Itong isa, sabi niya, eh may standing ano ako, prohibition, all government employees, if you travel, economy class. You want comfortable? You add, if you have the money. Do not travel, mabuhay-mabuhay.

You will have to explain to me. Show me the receipt that you added more to be upgraded there. Because it is not our money. ‘Yan ang mahirap diyan. So we take the cheapest. What is the way — well, ‘yung ganun.

Mag-travel-travel ka ng first class-first class — mabuhay. That’s the thing — that’s how to do it. Sasabihin mo na, “Para namang hindi dumaan ng ganun…” Kaya nga eh, I’m asking only four years. Maybe I, too, I’m guilty about it.

Eh kung mag-presidente na ako ngayon, I carry the burden of — ‘wag na ‘yung mga moral diyan. I carry the burden of the trust of the people. Work with me only for three years. Patapos na ‘yan eh. It’s eating the fourth year now of my term. Just give us a respite of about four years, okay na ako, bahala na pagkatapos.

But in my time — I was talking to Davao, with the Japanese ambassador. Sa Davao, ako pick-up lang, maski dito pick-up lang ako. Eh kayo mga taga-Davao alam ninyo ‘yan.

Pero ‘yung mga taga-Davao, kasi nagmamagandang-loob ‘yung Japan. Japan wants to help us also, gave us 26 Monteros, Mitsubishi. Ang sabi ko sa mga pulis, “Hoy, t****…” Kasi ako, hindi ako barat. Hindi ako bumibili niyang mga lowest bid, lowest — I do not believe in that s***.

‘Yang lowest bid, that is has been the source of government corruption all these years. Alam ng COA ‘yan and there was a statement by Congress na we cannot altogether remove.

I will not obey you and even the COA. Lahat ng projects will be on turnkey, parang Swiss challenge. Ito, I’m building this mega structure. You want it? Build it for me. You just follow the specifications, because at the end of the day, sa delivery, may hindi maganda diyan, hindi kita bayaran. Worst, I would expropriate it and I’ll just give you token amount.

Lowest bid, there’s a group here in the Philippines, just going around playing golf and just hearing kung sinong may siyudad na may bidding.  ‘Yang grupo na ‘yan, ‘yung legitimate mag-bid na ganung amount, “100 million ito ‘yun amin offer, 95.”

Mag-dive itong mga unggoy na ‘to, pababa, kunwari pababa rin siya, pababa — sa lowest — sa government project worth 100,000, if you build it for only — I’ll pay you something like 60. Mananalo ka talaga.

So maghati-hati ‘yang mga g***** ‘yan. They’re just playing golf, may kasamang mga babae. Kilala ko, gusto ko ngang patayin ang mga — one of these days ma-ambush ‘yan.

Kaya lang nandoon sa table nila kasi magaganda ‘yung mga babae nila. So pinapatulan ko, ‘yung babae kinakausap ko, hindi sila. Diyan ‘yang mga g***** ‘yan. Kaya ‘yung mga — parang lipstick, after one or two thunderstorm, wala na.

And same, magbigay sa Office of the President, kung hindi ‘yung presidente ‘yung corrupt, ang tao, tapos magbigay pa sa governor, magbigay pa sa mayor, magbigay pa sa congressman, magbigay pa doon sa barangay captain ang p***** i** niya, ang g***, kung bakit pati barangay captain magpirma sa completion sa project, maghingi ‘yan.

So ilan na lang naiwan para sa project? About a third or a half. So you get this lousy thing. Ngayon kung — if COA will insist on that, you can charge me, kasi you know very well, Commission on Audit, pati kayong Ombudsman that that process of lowest bid corrupts everybody there. So ‘yun lang.

Kaya ‘yung pulis sinabi ko, kasi nagbibili ako, Isuzu, Toyota and they are still there. ‘Yung binili ko nung mayor ako, dinagdagan pa ng Japanese government. Kasi ‘yung nabili ko ‘yan, ewan ko kung kaninong panahon ‘yun.

Nagbili ako ng mga Hilux, ‘yung t******* pulis na ito official, gi-drivan, lasing, binunggo, natumba ngayon, sus pagtingin ko. One-week-old lang ‘yung Toyota na — sinaw pa masyado.

Ano ba ‘yung sinaw sa Tagalog? Kasi itong mga Tagalog ayaw mag-aral ng Bisaya, mga buang. [laughter] Makintab pa masyado, paglabas, ako pa nagsama doon sa… Kita ko, nasira, gusto kong umiyak. Talagang napaiyak ako, eh siyempre mayor ka, maganda ‘yung sasakyan, sabi ko, “T******* pulis na ‘to.”

Kaya nung nagpunta ‘yung ano, dineliver puro Montero. ‘Di naabutan, malas kayo. Japanese assistance.

May sinabi ako sa kanila, pero eager beaver naman, ang mga tao ko sumobra. [Pahingi nga ng ano. Pahingi nga nung pamphlet na ginawa ninyo.]

Pero this is not intended, again, mga kapatid kong — assalamualaikum, hindi ito para sa inyo, pero ang litratong ginamit kasi ng — itong Bong na ito… Itong si Bong, apo ito sa biggest printing press outside of Manila. Alam ‘yan ng mga taga-Davao, ‘yung Tesoro, likod ng UN, kanila ‘yan. Hindi na kailangang magnakaw ng frigate diyan, may yate na ‘yan eh.

Kaya sabi ko nga, there was a talk, sinabi sa kanya, “you’ll be called to testify”. Sabi ko, “That is your golden opportunity para ma-senador ka.” Gusto atang tumakbo ng senador, sige, si Bato gusto ring mag-governor. [laughter]

Saan si Panelo? Isa pa rin ‘yun, artista. Eh ito, printing press na ito. Sinabi ko — I was talking about, not only about cars, sisirain nila, you take care of that because ang sikreto is maintenance so sayang naman.

In front of the Japanese Ambassador, I said, “make it last”. Ordinary wear and tear. Kaya sabi ko, “Hoy, kayo. Makinig kayo ha…” puro — sinabi ko, “‘wag — do not do foolish things,” and I said, “not during my watch, ‘wag sa panahon ko.”

And so those were catchy words, but they were just spur of the moment, tingnan mo ang ginawa oh. Ang sa Marawi tuloy, baka sabihin ng mga Moro, hoy, hindi kayo, kasi — t****** kayo, p***, kasali talaga kayo.

Pero hindi ko ito dini-distribute, binibigay ko lang sa… ‘Pag pinadalhan kita nito, ibig sabihin kandidato ka na sa kkkk [laughter] extrajudicial killing.

I’ll just leave one for — lagay ko ‘yan sa ano and Billy is here. I mean no offense, Customs, ito ‘yung mga traditional ano eh. Fortunately, kayo, para kita nila easy money. At alam mo kung bakit?

Noong na — noong mayor pa ako, magpa-recommend, magpa-endorse, ngayong presidente ako — pati — pati ‘yung mga supporters ko. O sige, bayad tayo ng utang na loob eh, “Saan mo gusto?” “Sa Customs, sir.” [laughter]  

P***** i**. ‘Pag ‘yan ang lumabas sa bunganga ko, pasensya ka. ‘Pag ‘yan — sabihin ko sa’yo, “Saan gusto mo?” “Sir, sa BIR, sir.” Tapos na. Ang totoo niyan, prangkahan ko kayo. Maglibot ka any town, any municipality — ‘wag lang kayong mainsulto. It might be a product of your toil. Not all of you are corrupt, please believe me.

Not all of you are without morality. Pero maski doon sa Davao, maghanap ka ng magandang bahay, it’s the BIR and the Customs. That’s the sad fact.

I hate to say it because it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Kaya ako, kung — if they are not the incorrigible one, so palampasin ko na lang.

Kung ikaw ‘yung — bato-bato sa langit, tamaan ‘wag magalit — I am just echoing and re-echoing the deep-seated sentiment of the people. So ‘yan lang ang…

Ang problema kasi ang nagsulat nito, mukhang nandito. Kahiya naman kung hindi ko basahin. Just give me about one and a half minute and I’ll be through. I’ll just read the speech. Ito ‘yung pang-formal. [laughter] Ito, ‘yung isa, first half, pang mura ‘yun sa ano. [laughter]

I greet the Bureau of Customs on the occasion of its 116th Anniversary today. It has been a long and challenging journey for the agency as it strove to curb customs fraud and facilitate trade through effective customs management system.

However, much remains to be done. The BOC needs to improve its overall revenue collection to meet its target so that the government will have more funds for its priority development programs.

Now, putulin ko muna. What happens now to the debris there? ‘Yung winasak? [May value pa ba ‘yan, ma’am? Is there still a value? Kasi magamit pa.]

Kasi just make me a rough computation. A true and correct ano — rough lang. Ngayon ba? Without looking into the papers. How much it is?

Kasi ang order ko kay DILG Secretary pati kay — I don’t know who’s the other one — sabi ko, “Ibigay ninyo ‘yan sa tiga-pabili ng bakal.” At least hindi sila maka kotse ng ganun pero baka may kuha pa sila doon, eh ‘di laru-laruan na lang. [laughter]

Kaawa naman. So I will pay. If there is a liability there, I will pay para walang ano. I know that there’s still — however low o however small, it’s still a thing of value. So just make me a computation.

Walang problema, ako ang magbayad. Ipa-distribute ko na ngayon. Ipakuha ko siguro sa pulis o ano diyan. General Año would take care of it. Puro ‘yan sila general ngayon sa — marami sa Cabinet ko — we are shadowed by all halos military men. At karamihan sa kanila puro Ilocano. Kaming mga Bisaya diyan, dalawa na lang siguro. ‘Pag mag-retire pa ito si Bato pati si sinong mag-retire? Baka mag-junta na lang siguro kayo. Okay naman, ha? And I will…

Do not fight it out. You want me out? Tell me. ‘Wag niyo ako takot-takotin diyan na mag coup d’ etat, coup d’ etat. Kaluod (how disgusting).

You just tell me, “Mayor, gusto namin mag-take over.” “O, sige.” Hali kayo dito. Oh, there. Secretary Esperon, Lapeña, si General Año, Bato. Oh, raise your right hands. “We, the members of the junta, members of — of the AFP-PNP, now officially takes over the reign and we will solve all corruption, lahat, at we will…”

Kaligaya ko na lang. Bakit kayo makipag-away sa akin? Ang patayin ninyo mga sundalo din. Ang patayin ninyo mga mistah ninyo. Eh puro man — kalokohan. Basta kung gusto niyo…


Kasi ako naghahanap lang rin ng rason. If you provide me the reason, ba-bye. Bahala kayo diyan. Tutal, magkaibigan man tayo. Why do you have to f*** with — ? Coup d’ etat, coup d’ etat. Murag buang (it seems crazy). Inyo na ‘yan. Uwi na ako sa amin.

So ‘yan ang guarantee: no dictatorships, no extension, ready to abbreviate my term as early as if you can get to it in 2020. Fine. No more mountains to climb, no more challenges to meet. I’m done.

Naku… Ibinigay na sa akin ang Panginoong Diyos. May isa lang na — Sabi ko, nagpe-pray ako. “God, please extend.” Sabi ng Diyos, “Akala ko ba ayaw mo ng extension?” “Hindi ho sa pwesto. Alam mo na.” [laughter] 

Sabi niya, “Hoy, Duterte, p***** i** mo, 72 ka na. Matulog ka na lang ng maaga.” [laughter] Sabi ko, “Extend. Lord, ‘yung extend ba.” [laughter]

Sabi niya, “T*** i**. Akala ko ba ayaw mo na ‘yun?” “‘Yung ibang extend.” [laughter] Sabi niya, “Ilang taon ka na? ‘Di ba 72?” “Oo.” “Magdasal ka nalang. No more. No more extension.”

Marami dito. Ewan ko ito si… Itong Dominguez, classmate ko ito. Kababata ko na ‘to, classmate ko pa. Siya ‘yung — ayaw niya aminin. Nahihiya. Valedictorian namin from kindergarten to up way.

Ako, 75 lang. It took me seven years to finish high school. Matatapos na ‘yan sila, ako nagpaiwan. Sa law, 76, 77.

Aguirre, cum laude ‘yan. Pero naubos ang buhok sa kaka-aral ang p****** i**. [laughter] Tugade, valedictorian ‘yan. Aguirre, cum laude yata. Magna?

Lahat ‘yan sila, classmate ko. Dennis [garbled]. O, parang isa ka pa diyan. Ito, isa rin ‘yan. Maingay sa klase. At napalibutan ako diyan. [mimics Yasay] “Oh, you know the guy who was criticizing about the passport last night? Well, he had the chance to do it, but I was wondering… Take care of it. He lied to Congress and he’s gone and I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

Eh kung inilagay kita diyan kasi sabi ko i-solve mo. Anyway, puro mga valedictorian. Yasay is a son of a ministro, pastor. Kaya when he talks, talagang perfect English. Oxford ang ano niyan. Ewan kung nakapunta ng Oxford. Ewan ko.  Pagkaalam ko niyan, fugitive ‘yan. Kasi hinanap ng military ‘yan noong 1972, batch kami.

So I’m surrounded with valedictorian. General Año is very good. Andanar went to school outside. [Saan ka nag-aral?] [Sec. Andanar replies: Australia, boss.] Australian graduate ‘to. Ito, Davao City Elementary School lang. [laughter]

Pero sad to say, just like the military, sad to say, with all the military, with all the valedictorians and military people. Lorenzana is bright. He’s the valedictorian. Totoo ‘yan.

Sabi ni Quiboloy — Quiboloy ‘di ba, pastor — Sabi niya he was a classmate sa Notre Dame, si Delfin. Pikit ‘yan, Cotabato. He was the valedictorian.

Pero all of these mga valedictorian, mga gwapo, mga foresight, minsan [inaudible] very consistent. Magtingin ako sa kanila ngayon. Mga trabahante ko man lang itong y*** na ito [laughter] They all work for the 75. [laughter] So kung ‘yung anak ninyo mag-75, hayaan lang ninyo.

In the long run, isa sa mga anak ninyo maging president, tignan ninyo.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]