DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Chinese-Filipino Business Club. 19 Feb 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Fiesta Pavilion in Manila Hotel, Manila |
19 February 2018]

Salamat po. Kindly sit down. Thank you for your courtesy.

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo; Excellencies; Ambassador Zhao of China, a great neighbor of the Republic of the Philippines; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and other members of the Cabinet; honorable members of the Senate and the House of the Representatives; officials and members of the Chinese Filipino Business Club Inc.; other guests; mga kababayan.

I’d like to thank the Filipino Chinese, especially, community for their untiring toil to help the entire nation in the so many catastrophes and crises that we had faced in the past.

I know that your feeling towards the Filipino — well, most of us are really almost of Chinese ancestry. We love our country and we love the people. So sa inyong lahat, maraming salamat po. [applause] Alam ko ‘yan kasi isa ako sa inyo, although just a little Chinese drop in me.

I would like to dispense at this time reading a two-page speech because I have to talk about the pressing demands and issues of the country.

Forgive me, I might take just about maybe longer than expected. But I assure you by the time you get hungry, you can go ahead and eat and start serving. Never mind, just let me talk while you eat.

Ang una po, ganito. Let me address ‘yung sa China. You know, maraming mga experts diyan, ex — lahat na, lalo na ‘yung kabila. That I exert more serious effort in pressing for the demands of the West Philippine Sea or the China Sea, for that matter.

Alam mo, sa totoo lang, whatever it is, what are the theories of relationships in the field of geopolitics, wherever you are, it’s always changing. Geography is changing, not the physical movement but geography and politics internationally changes all the time.

Now we are allies with each other, maybe enemies before or ideological differences which were fundamentals or — are just theories now.

Itong claim sa China Sea, ang — talagang atin ‘yan, insofar as the Republic of the Philippines is concerned. I am ready, almost ready, to put my presidency, my career as President, my life and honor. Akin ‘yan. I’ve stated it in black and blue.

It has been the claim of the Republic of the Philippines na atin ‘yan, which we now call the China — which we call before the China Sea, now the West Philippine Sea. Walang kaduda-duda.

In front of the Ambassador, I’d tell you, we will insist. But what would be the components of our demands and our insistence? Well, we can only be diplomatic. We can only be talking on friendly and civilized terms.

We cannot go there, ride in our whatever, Navy, the gray ships, the Coast Guard and start waving our rifles. We cannot do that today. It is unrealistic. It cannot be true.

Now, China has put a stake there that it is also a property of China. So may diperensya na ngayon. So that how do we resolve it? The critics say that I am not doing enough. Lalo na ‘yung itong…

What were they doing during their time? Why did they not start to build things there, structures that China is doing now?

So even in the claim itself and in the development of that claim, wala tayong ginawa. Now, nandiyan ang China building structures and military bases, I must admit it. But is it intended for us? You must be joking.

It’s not intended for us. The contending ideological powers of the world or the geopolitics has greatly changed. It’s really intended against those who the Chinese think would destroy them and that is America.

Wala tayong kasali diyan. Then why would I go there — [applause] bring my Navy, my soldiers, my police and everything only to be slaughtered? I will not commit the lives of the Filipinos only to die unnecessarily. I will not go into a battle which I can never win.[applause] 

Now, how will I win it? Well, China. Meron dito, we were already projecting the attack sa Marawi. We were never sure of how many and how much were their ordnances, ‘yung firepower, pulbura.

But we sure at that time that — there were a lot of firearms passing the hands from one to another and it indicated to us that there will be trouble.

Nagbili ako ng armas for the police. Sabi naman nitong mga congressman, “huwag,” 23 pieces, 23,000 pieces. “Huwag kasi gamitin ‘yan sa extrajudicial killing.”

My God, we were projecting something to save our country from the terrorists and here comes America telling us, “No, you cannot buy from us because you will use it against your citizens.”

And how… Kasi ako, good boy na ako. Wala na kayong marinig na mura. [laughter and applause] 

So I had a dream two months ago and my mother appeared before me and said, “Hoy, g***. Tama na ‘yang pagmumura mo.” [laughter]

When as a matter of fact, the terrorists cannot be distinguished who are the Filipinos, and who are the Malaysians, and who are the Indonesians.

Pagbuka natin, you don’t even know if it’s Chinese. Halos magkamukha tayo eh. By evolution, bihira kang makakitang either a Chinese ngayon dito sa Pilipinas na talagang singkit. Magbilad lang ‘yan ng ilang araw doon sa Boracay at magkaroon ng infection, paglabas niyan o parang — it could be a Bagobo from Davao or Igorot from Cordillera.

If I… Kung sinunod ko ‘yun, paano ko…? How can I quell and…? I would not know. Do I have to ask, “oh you are…” “Are you a Filipino terrorist because this gun is only…?”

Kaya pumunta ako ng China. And I wanted to establish, to realign our broken — it was really broken — let us be frank with each other. Ni hindi tayo pinapansin ng China. So I went there and I said, “I come here in good faith. I do not have any arms, as you can see wala akong armas. I just want to talk about the Western Philippine Sea, you call it the China Sea.”

And I told them, in front of Cabinet members, General Año, General Lorenzana, Secretary Medialdea, sabi ko in a bilateral table, “I want you to know that I am going there to drill oil because that is ours.”

Sabi ng China, “Well, we understand that we have this problem. But we do not think that it would be the right time now to talk about trouble. Maybe some time”.

So good riddance. China now has offered to us for a joint exploration. Eh kung nag-init ang ulo ko? [applause]

Tapos sabi ko, “Well I have this problem back at home. I need the firearms, nabili ko hindi natuloy. Can I buy from you to be paid later on? Can you give me the most liberal terms?” Sabi ng China, sabi ni President Xi Jinping, “No need to pay. I’ll give you.” [applause]

If you just… You know, if you follow the — not really demand but the in overpowering influence of another

country, “ito ang gawain mo,” “itong gawain mo,” and impose their values.

Kita mo sa Canada, nagbili tayo ng helicopters. We need it because we are fighting terrorism. As a matter of fact, so many lives of Americans have been lost in the Middle East fighting terrorism and they know that the terrorists are all over the world.

Comes now Canada, she’s offering to sell but with no — the helicopters, I think it was 23 helicopters, Bell, to fight insurgence. Of course, there has to be the armaments, the weaponry. Sabi nila, “No, it could only be used to transport evacuation and assistance.”

So ‘yung helicopter kargahan ko ng sundalo, hindi pwede ‘yan. And they are about to retake another city in the Philippines or to take another geographical unit, hindi ko magamit ‘yang helicopter kasi ‘yun ang ikarga ko lang kung mga sundalo ko nangamatay doon, parang gawain mong funeral service by helicopter.

Eh ‘di sabi ko, “bakit pa tayo…”  Eh ‘di magbili tayo ng iba. There’s always the Korean-made, Japan-made, China-made. All of them are quality.

As a matter of fact, ‘yung rifle na tumama doon kay Hapilon, ‘yung leader diyan sa ano was a Chinese 7.62 rifle. [applause]

Gusto ko ngang… You know, Ambassador, I’d like to return it, the rifle, to China just to show that at least what you gave us made a statement in our fight against terrorism.[applause]

So ang sabi nila, Benham or the Philippine Rise and I would insist on the Philippine Rise because that is ours, period. We allowed expeditions, undersea expeditions. The Americans made the most of it. China, twice.

Many other countries made expeditions, ‘yung underground, pati ‘yung continental shelf. Continental shelf is there, that’s the water, that’s the land, pero may pababa pa ‘yan. And what is tied to this land, sa ilalim ng tubig is the continental shelf.

So my claim is the 200 miles — huwag ‘yung kilometers mababa ‘yun, miles ang akin — miles and the Philippine Rise ridge. If it goes as far as Guam, akin ‘yan. Pagka p**** ‘yan doon sa ilalim, ‘pag umabot ng San Francisco, akin ‘yan, ‘wag mong galawin. I will insist.

Now ngayon, pumunta ang China, naglagay ng markers, mga ganun, VIP 3 o siya naman, tapos Chinese characters. Eh alang-alang gawain nilang German, ang alam lang nila Chinese eh. So ‘pag ‘yang mount — ayan oh, ‘yan tapos na ‘yan, dito nanaman tayo sa isang bukid. Those are just directions na tapos na sila diyan.

Of course, they do it in Chinese because it’s their dialect, alangan i-Tagalog mo ‘yan? Those are — those are fixtures or features.

Sabi nga nila, “those are the features…” Maybe someday magsabi sila, “there’s a lot of oil there eh. If you want we can explore it together.” Fine.

Sabi sa… Maybe a Chinese said, “maybe a part will be…” “Yes, but remember that is ours.” The whole of the China Sea you have already claimed it. That is up to Japan, bahala ka diyan. But this Philippine Rise is ours, period.

The conti — the continental shelf below it is [applause] Philippine jurisdiction, that is ours. In the meantime, I am not allowing any expedition anymore. Unless you get a permit from the President upon the…

[Is Lorenzana around?]

He has to give the recommendation, then he has to consult the commands. Then if the military says that it’s good, it can be done, well, I’ll give you the permit.

But in the meantime to avoid any ruckus there, magpadala ako, it is… Ambassador, it was not intended agai[n] — it’s just an act of showtime.

Like yours, you also sail there around the Scarborough, I never stopped you. So we also would want ours to for sure, like you, let us make an agreement, it is only for show. No — no shots are fired.

We can always talk. I think you invited me to a conference? I like more investments for my place. [applause] I’ll go there to argue my case that…

You have exceedingly been very good to us, but I have to find another world because I want more, I am very poor, I cannot — at this time.

It’s — the development, the progress on a high gear, kumbaga primera, segunda, naka-tercera na tayo. We have to go to the fourth gear for a cruising… So I need the help of China. Why should I be ashamed? Bakit ako mahiya sabihin ko kailangan ko ng…?

I forgot, ma’am, hindi — kayo talaga sa… Senator Villar is here. Bakit hindi ninyo inilagay diyan? The next time you… Itong mga bata-bata ko, karatehin ko kayo maya diyan ha. [laughter] Ma’am, I’m sorry. But I saw — I saw you.

So ganun. Let us be very clear on this, we are on good terms with America. Special terms, military alliance — that’s why we cannot enter into another military alliance with any country because there’s only one.

And if you look at it very closely, it would appear that there’s really a divide, the great divide now of ideological… But we are all in the capitalist state. So the war now is on trade not territory. That’s why I said geopolitics is always changing.

Philippines now is veering towards China. But we maintain good relations. We have this RP-US pact defense deal, we will honor it, I don’t know when. But if we go to war, everything wilts, lalaya ito lahat.

Because, you know, North Korea is the wild card and that it appears to be tempering its policies. And I only… I have to pray, I do not pray usually but I pray to — once, twice, when it enters my mind about what’s happening with the world. One mistake and if all those nuclear weapons are launched, China will join the fray, Russia, Britain, France and Iran.

So if those atomic weapons are blown up, there is no more territory to fight for, there is no more ideology to cause friction because we will see each other in heaven. [laughter]

Talagang matutunaw ito. Just imagine one Hiroshima a million times. The bomb in Hiroshima multiplied a million times, what will happen to the world?

Kaya, China, Russia, America, eh nakatutok ‘yan. There’s a stalemate. Do not pull the trigger because mine will also go off. And we are at a very proximate distance to assure mutually dead. O sino ngayon ang — ?

So why would I… So I go to Russia, I said, “Mr. President Putin, can I buy…” “I’ll give you, plus trucks and…” I don’t know. I’m not in a position really to talk about it — the military.

So maybe if there’s another uprising about terrorism. Ang kalaban ko lang naman ang terrorist eh. He could be a Filipino, he could be a — a Chinese, he could be a Malaysian, Indonesian, he could be anybody, Arab or Caucasians or Slavs, pagka terorista, kalaban kita.

And I all — would always need the help of everybody. That everybody includes, China, Russia, and United States, and Israel, fine. Wala man tayong away.

So why would be a concern of any Filipino giving his misgivings about my contacts with the Chinese government and Russian government? And as a matter of fact, hanggang ngayon ni singko sentimos wala silang hinihingi sa akin. See? [applause]

And the Chinese government to show its goodwill, not because they are afraid but because they want to maintain good relations with everybody — not only in the Philippines. They are building us two bridges for free, walang bayad. [applause] 

So ano pa bang gusto mo? Ngayon, kung America gusto niya from Clark gawa siya ng bridge hanggang San Francisco, oh ‘di tanggapin natin. [laughter and applause] 

Wala man sila’y kwarta. Wala silang pera, kasi hindi negosyante eh. Lumaban sila ng sabayan ng… You know, in the lean years, where Russia was building its military might, the Chinese really followed.

They planted and planted and built, built, built. Nauna sa akin ‘yung build, build, build eh. Built, built, built sila, plant, plant, plant. Now, they’re sufficient and everything, they started to study about arms. Ngayon meron sila.

Kung ipadala ko ‘yung mga sundalo ko, hindi ka na — hindi pa nakababa sa truck bungkag na, wasak na. Sabi ko, eh bakit ko i-sakripisyo?

When I can talk to them, why should I fight? China is willing to talk. As a matter of fact, there is an ongoing now negotiations, I said, for a joint exploration. Can you beat that?

Eh hayaan mo ‘yang vessel-vessel diyan, hindi naman para sa atin ‘yan. Ibig mong sabihin papayag si President Xi Jinping na nandito tayong lahat, bigla lang sasabog ‘yang cruise missile diyan? Eh ‘di nawala na ‘yung Filipino-Chinese community, ubos. [laughter]

‘Yun po. Ang second is the issue of… Alam mo, historically, I do not want to mention — I do not want to rub salt on the wound. Ayaw ko nang pag-usapan publicly but I am forced to because I have to convey my message very clearly.

I repeat, the Filipino is a slave of nobody. The Filipino seeks to work abroad to earn a living so that he can help his family because the economy here, local, cannot absorb the entire workforce who would want to.

It is an indictment of this government, all the way that until now, we have not been able really to climb economically to provide comfort living for everybody. Kasali na ako diyan. Maraming mahihirap.

And that is why we have to allow them to go out. My message is that, we are poor, we go to your country to work.

The only thing that — things that we ask is that you give us the dignity of a human being, you treat us humanely, be tolerant of our cultural differences and do not abuse our women because it will inflict a long and lasting wound. Maybe this generation cannot and will not forget it.

That is why, I’m addressing myself, not only to Kuwait but to the entire nations in the world to say that Filipinos are everywhere seeking livelihood, can I please plead to you? Please do not degrade them like animals, do not treat them as a slave. We know that a slave is a slave and she can be raped, she can be… I — t*** i**…

Nasasaktan ako because I know that once upon a time, there were three Filipinas — Filipino women who were in prison in Riyadh for giving away rosaries. Eh Kristiyano eh, Katoliko.

Ito namang itong mga workers, you know, you must also respect the laws, culture of the place where — where you are in.   

Eh nagbigay, ‘di nahuli. So and the family was there at my gate in the house every morning, crying. My wife had to attend to them, serve them breakfast and could not leave the house. All were crying everyday and said, “we will not leave. We will come here everyday until you do something about it.”

So I went to Riyadh pleaded my case with King Fahd. And the King was all compassionate and good — and Allah be kind to him, his soul — agreed. But he said, Chief Minister there, “you go to the Parliament to talk to your counterpart.” I was a congressman, so not executive official.

So I went to Parliament to talk to one. ‘Cause I was there the only member of the law and order committee of Congressman Golez at that time when I was a member of the House.

Sabi niya, prangka-prangka, alam mo, sabihin ko na lang, sa Arab culture, hindi lahat, but the Arab culture, parang when you are a slave, you are a slave. But hindi naman sabihin mo na they are all treated really as slaves. May mga edukado doon. But you know, there are certain — not a number but not all. I repeat, I lay now the predicated not all Arabs. But there are subtribes there that treat a slave a slave.

She is punished. She is raped by the employer, by the son, by the son-in-law, and all — even…

She cleans the house for their — ‘yung pamilya niya. Then she goes to another house to the sister-in-law of the family to clean the house and another house. And that is why what you read in the newspaper is always constant. She gets about three to fours hours of sleep everyday and she is feed with garbage, leftovers. ‘Yan ang sinabi sa akin. Ang nagsabi sa akin niyan, Arab. Hindi ko imbento ‘yan.

If you are a slave or you are a paid worker, the treatment is always the same. Para magklaruhan na tayo.

That’s why I’m suspending and it will continue. Will it involve hardships? Yes. Will it involve sacrifice? Yes. Would it mean anger? Yes. To me, yes. Tanggapin ko lahat. If they lose their — yes. I’m ready to admit everything but the ban stands. Umuwi lang kayo dito maski na papaano matulungan ko kayo maski sa pagkain.

And maybe in the fullness of God’s time, if we can really improve the economy, I could give you livelihood projects — it’s undertaken by Secretary Lopez of the Department of Trade and Industry. And of course, other projects provided by the Cabinet, by the department run by the Cabinet members.

Ngayon, maghingi ako ng tulong, yes. If there is a need for — just a shot in the wind that… Maybe China needs additional workers or teachers, especially that every Chinese who wants to learn English, we have a supply of that or human resource.

We, Orientals, do not do that. We do not inflict brutality and cruelty on our fellow human. Even without… Most of us are Buddhist, some are…

But however they look at it, they used to call it the Far East. We are not really the Far East. Alam mong sila ‘yun. And I think that if it will only cause heartaches and…

The ban will continue and it will extend to other countries. Mahirapan sila, well, humihingi na ako ng tawad sa inyo. I will not allow… Hindi… Wala akong kaplano na ipadala kayo doon tapos babuyin kayo. Hindi ko style ‘yan.

Magalit kayo nang magalit sa akin tutal — basta ako trabaho lang. Mawala na ako sa politika. Wala na talaga. I’m done and wala na akong ambisyon.

To be a dictator? Nandiyan ‘yung military ngayon. Nandiyan ‘yung… If I overstay for one day, the military should kill me. If I am a dictator, then the Constitution provides that you do not, we do not do despots in this country.

They should go, stage a mutiny, coup d’état and remove me. If I do those things that are not within the Constitution, I should not be there a minute longer, even…

Gawain ng military pati police ‘yung trabaho nila. That is what is needed. But let me also say, sa Congress. ‘Yung si Bong Go, ‘yung aide ko tinawag. And wala talaga… You know why? To be frankly. Alam ninyo, ‘yung mga transaction na papeles ganun, hindi umaabot ‘yan ng Malacañan. Alam ninyo ‘yan.

If it’s a Finance thing, you — lahat signature hanggang doon lang. Walang kontrata na may approval ako — “okay.” Hindi umaabot ‘yan. Alam ninyo ‘yan.

If it’s Finance department, if the local government — General Año will finish the process by signing it. Kanila ‘yan. Ang umaabot lang sa akin, mga state affairs, mga anong problema, law and order, and appointments.

I do not allow contracts and transactions in my table. It is not allowed to enter Malacañan, ganun ako kahigpit. And I even said, even a whiff of corruption, magkaibigan tayo, tanggalin kita.

I am that exacting. Kasi kita mo si — kita mo naman kung sinong binibira ko: Inquirer, Rappler, ABS-CBN. Do you think magbigay ako ng butas? They are all enterprising. Wala ng ginawa kung hindi mag…

So ito ang military. May kaibigan ako na military. I would not vouch that he was really 100 percent clean, that he was a general assigned doon sa Mawab noon and we became friends and I respected him for his talent, mautak eh and a very good soldier of this Republic.

He retired. He was a member of the Cabinet of — he was honest. But then he was called to the Congress at binastos siya diyan sa Senado. And even when he was desperately trying to say, “allow me to say something to defend my dignity.”

Alam mong isinagot ng isang senador, ‘yung paborito ninyo, you elected him, “no, shut up. You do not have any dignity in this position.”

And all the others subsequently, ang mga military pati police, sinisigawan nila diyan sa Congress. Kaya tuloy ang mga tao nanonood, nawawalaan ng respeto.

Alam mo ‘pag tinawag ka doon parang guilty ka na. When you are summoned there and you are castigated, binabastos ka, ang tao maniwala — oh ano ayan kita mo oh, talagang minumura kasi corrupt ‘yang General na ‘yan, ‘yang Cabinet member na ‘yan.

‘Yun ang sabi ko. Sabi ko nga kay Bong, “just tell the truth. Wala ka mang problema. Bitawan mo ang totoo kay ‘di man talaga dumating ‘yan kasi wala ngang duma…”

But I have been telling everybody, you especially, in the previous meetings, if you have any complaint especially about corruption, go directly to me or write Malacañan.

‘Yun ‘yang mga papel nakukuha ninyo na may mga reklamo, may mga note-note. ‘Yan ‘yung mga telltale signs of corruption ganon. So ‘yan, pina-imbestiga. Oh ‘yung Koreano na nanalo sabi niya bakit ngayon walang order ng delivery? Eh paano nagtatalo sila diyan sa baba.

Hindi ako kasama. It was Mercado and Lorenzana all the time, all along. But I — ako, I believe in Lorenzana. I believe in their honesty. Año and the others because I know that they are honest and men of integrity, that’s why nandiyan sila sa Cabinet.

Kung p***** — kung kurakot ka, kunin kaya kita diyan? You will only destroy me and everybody else. And…

Ngayon with due respect to the… I will not allow that to happen anymore. I expect that lalo na ‘yang Armed Forces pati pulis pati mga Cabinet because they are the ones very visible to the public, tapos babuyin mo ng ganon? Sigaw-sigawan mo?

Eh kasi may ibang Senador akala nila it’s all. Nanalo sila akala mo gumaganoon nang ganoon ‘yan, tapos ‘yung mga tao naman… Well, ako tinitiis — kung…

Alam mo dumaan ako ‘pagka Congressman eh, kaya alam ko. Kaya ako ‘yung tiga-sabi na you know, “Mr. Chairman, can we just tone down our — maybe insults here so that we do not embarrass anybody?”

Kasi ‘yung pag-subpoena pa lang ang mga tao, ang takbo — “ah may kasalanan, may anomalya ‘yan”. They will find kung wala but at the expense of your reputation.

Because once you are summoned, it indicates to the public that something is a brewing — something is evolving there. Okay lang ‘yan sana. But kung ‘yung military na wala namang magawa sabihin mo, “ay you have no dignity, shut up.”

Eh ako ‘yung Commander-in-Chief nila eh. Sa pulis ako ‘yung Chief Executive ng civilian so under the chain of command for the uniformed forces of the Philippines pati — basta naka-uniporme pati CAFGU.

So I take care that they have to die when it’s time to die but at least you give them a life — ngayon — so ginagawa ko lahat. Oh tignan mo kung walang Armed Forces eh ‘di walang Army. Kung wala ‘yung mga pulis doon magpakamatay, ‘di naloko na. By this time they would be knocking at the doors of Manila.

Masama… It’s a reflection of how also I… I do not protect them unnecessarily but I have to, you know, nakakahiya kasi ako ‘yung Commander-in-Chief and this time it’s the Army din.

I don’t know what’s happening, there’s an investigation. Sana wala lang babuyan because I do not want to violate the Constitution. I’m telling Congress now with due, with the utmost respect: please treat them as if they are really a general, a Cabinet member and officer. Do not demean them before the public.

Sinusunod ninyo kasi ‘yung mga Amerikano. Eh bastos ‘yung Amerikano eh. Kung mag-tira ‘yan sila ng ano, hindi marunong.

So why don’t you just investigate first rather than on a mere gossip pati piece of paper, you call them and they have to answer for hours of grueling questions and all. Tapos only babuyin lang.

I will not allow that to happen. I do not want to fight Congress. I know that Congress has the power to do it. I know that. I know that I have to obey the Constitution and obey the summons.

But if they do not respect the human dignity of the person, sabihin ko sa General na ‘yan, wala si Bong kay si Bong lahat ‘yan eh. But ‘yung ongoing ngayon, ke si Mercado — kasi si Empedrad o sino diyan —

huwag lang ninyong babuyin kasi my orders would be: if you are degraded, if you are inflicted with the wounds of your dignity as a person, stand up and go out. If you are arrested, I will object. ‘Pag hindi kayo binitawan, I will go to Congress even alone to get you. [applause]

And if I die in the process, let it be. Let it be. [applause] Because over and above these things, the Constitution individually and collectively protects the Filipino and his dignity.[applause]

Huwag tayo magkamali diyan. ‘Pag i-contempt nila, with due respect to Senator Villar, at sabihin ko, “you release him,” ‘pag hindi niya binitawan, pupunta ako.

Kung sabihin ng military pati police, “mali ka Presidente, wala sa Constitution ‘yan,” eh ‘di huwag kayong sumali, ako lang. And I will go there, wala akong dalhin maski Swiss knife. ‘Pag pinatay ninyo ako, eh ‘di patayin ninyo ako, then I’d be happy to go.

Basta huwag mo lang ganunin because it would reflect on the leadership na, “Commander-in-Chief namin, hindi lang man nag-ano na binaboy.” Imagine sabihin mo, “no dignity,” sa hiya ng tao, pumunta doon sementeryo, sa harap ng nanay nag…

Magklaro tayo diyan. Constitutional crisis? I don’t think so. Ako lang man mag-isa. Mag-aral ako mag-drive ng isang tangke de giyera at itutok ko ‘yang kanyon papunta diyan sa gate na ‘yan.

Sabihin ko lang sa kanya, “hiramin ko itong isang kan…” Huwag kayong makialam dito personal ko ‘to. Pero I will not. I’m — this is not really a warning.

I’m just putting on notice na we behave here. Because you’re being a congressman or a senator does not give you additional power to use raw language and treat everybody as if they are really… Ang pagka-imbestiga mo, talo mo pa ang pulis eh.

You have already assumed na totoo ‘yan, hinuhuli mo lang ang tao. You berate him. Nako buti’t na lang hindi ako nag-Cabinet member. Ewan ko kung…

But during my time as mayor, every time we meet, alam nila ‘yan, nandyan sila, ‘yung mga generals tanungin mo. Sabihin ko, “I will not allow.” Totoo ‘yan. Magtanong kayo ng general na wala dito, ‘yung dumaan ng Mindanao, sinabi ko talaga ‘yan, “I will not allow.”

Maghihintay lang ako, after that Angie Reyes incident, I will not allow my military men and police officers, however crooked they are in your thinking, but you are — do not assume that he’s guilty and you shout at him just like… Mahirap ‘yan, magkagulo tayo. Magkagulo talaga tayo.

Pero sabagay, ako lang naman isa, nagpa-parking ako ng — totoo. Sabihin ko, “paki-hiram lang, General Bautista ng isang — “ ‘Yung golf course hindi ko naman ginagamit ‘yan, diyan ko praktisan ‘yang tangke de giyera.

Ihaharap ko talaga ‘yan sa gate ng — ay naku. Hindi man, biro lang ‘yan, istorya lang ‘yan para may masabi ako diyan sa…

Pero, ako I’m sorry, I think at this time… I have to — dito. Diyan ka, dito ako. Magkaproblema tayo, magkaproblema tayo. Mamatay ka diyan, mamatay ako dito, walang problema ‘yan. Kung hindi kita maunahan sa tangke ko.

Ano bang millimeter ‘yang — malaki ‘yan eh. Maghingi ako ng isang tangke, parking ko talaga ‘yan. Parktisan ko ‘yung golf course, may golf course diyan na wala namang…

Tapos promises. Ilan ang promise ko? Apat, lima. Ituro mo sa akin kung saan ang hindi ko nagawa ngayon. Tell me of one promise that I did not comply or perform.

I promised you governance no corruption, I’m doing it. I have fired so many Cabinet members and directors. ‘Yung nagsasayang ng pera going in and out, in and out using money, ano ba namang… Climate change sa Africa, conference, nandoon sila. Climate change doon sa Japan, nandoon sila. Tingnan nga — ‘pag climate change sa Canada, nandoon sila. Climate change sa San Francisco, nandoon sila. Puro climate change. Tapos ‘yung bagyo dito sa Pilipinas, pinup**** ‘yung isa kasi may lalabas nanaman na isa. Dumami tuloy. Kalaki ng gastos ko. Ah, t***… [laughter and applause]

Hindi pa nga natatapos ‘yang bahay ng mga Moro diyan sa Marawi. ‘Yung iba hanggang ngayon nasa plastic tent. Anong kasalanan ng Moro na Maranao, bakit siya magtiis? Eh ‘yung mga g***** terorista naman, pati mga Maranao na g***.

Eh sabihin ko sa kanila “bakit ka — bakit ka magalit sa akin? Maranao man din ako, bakit? Eh ‘yung sakit lang ba ng loob mo? Why, are you the only one hurt? Do you think that I was enjoying my — there was fighting, lahat nakikita ko?” ‘Yung mga Maranao na terorista, masama talaga loob ko. Mga terorista na ‘yan, bahala kayo diyan.

Tapos travel-travel, kaya sabi ko, “if you want to travel, get a permit from me. You give me a — a syllabus there of what you intend to do and report your — your performance there in the conference.” ‘Wag tayong mag-bolahan dito.

Ngayon, droga — corruption, droga, makukulong na nga ako. Nandito na ‘yung imbestigador nila, sana tinawag ninyo, sumali diyan. ‘Yung si ano — eh ‘di sige mag-imbestiga kayo. Makulong ako, eh ‘di makulong.

Basta alam mo, in the penal — modern penal system ngayon, may conjugal visit. Kung may asawa ka, ang asawa mo, pwede kang bisitahan doon sa ano.

Ang hinihingi ko lang naman sa International Court kung kulong talaga, “Honor, you — sana you would just give me unlimited access to my conjugal rights.” [laughter and applause] Eh kung once a year lang, magbigti na lang ako. [laughter]

So I’m talking to the communists. The Norwegian officials came here to explore the possibility of talking again. I have to consult my military people. Why? Eh sila ‘yung namamatay eh, hindi naman ako. Sabi ko, “I will talk to the military. If you would agree, I might…”

Ngayon, hindi ko paggastusan ng panahon. I am not thinking about it even. Why? Because now it’s beyond my control. I have to get the… How do you feel? What’s your take? It is good for us to fight forever or mag-usap tayo, maki…?

And I will tell you, ‘pag sabi nila, “ubusin na lang natin, Mayor.” Oh it’s fine. Sabi ni Sison, hambugero, “kill one soldier a day.” Eh di sinabi ko, “you kill one NPA and I’ll give you ₱25,000.”

Kwenta-kwenta ko kung hanggang end of my term mas magastos. Bayaran ko na times active — they cannot be more than 3,000. Sa 25, makamura ako. P***, totoo. At next week, mag-increase ‘yan. I will increase it to make it 30, then… I-increasan ko ng 100,000, sila na ‘yung magpapatayan.

No need to bring me the body. Bring me the head, ilagay mo sa styrofoam, ipakita mo sa akin. “Ayan, oh sige.” Sabihin ng military, “totoo ba ito, military?” “Yes sir, ‘yan ‘yang si ano…” ‘Yun pala karibal niya sa babae. [laughter] Patay.

So I’m talking to the Moro? Yes. I continue to talk with Nur Misuari whom I also respect very deeply. To the MI, I expressed my sincere appreciation. They have… They’re hanging on to their horses, baka mag-usap tayo.

Sinabi ko naman eh. There are experts who say that pwede ang BBL lulusot as legal. So diyan tayo. Why should we be so pessimistic about it? There’s the optimism and pessimism. There are experts who say na it can be constitutional. Eh ‘di dito tayo. Why take the path of pessimism when there’s the possibility that it can be granted?

You know why? The one and only singular reason why I am also campaigning for the BBL is that kung wala tayong ibigay, there will be war in Mindanao. I’m telling you now, kayo mismong taga-Mindanao, mga negosyante, alam ninyo ‘yan. That’s just the rest of it.

Dictatorship, changing of… Sabi ko nga and this is my commitment, start on it, work on it. You have about…

In 2020, if there is already the document of a federal structure for this government, then it calls for a president, I will step down. I will not accept any transition position.

Election na kaagad, I will be there. You conduct an election, I will guarantee that it will be… I will be present there. ‘Pag malinis ang eleksyon and I will guarantee it to everybody, elect kayo ng bagong presidente, alis na ako. ‘Yan I commit to you and to the Filipino flag.

‘Pag ayaw ko, sabihin ko sa military, “tanggalin ninyo ako by force.” If I happen to be a dictator along the away, tanggalin ninyo ako.

If you think that I’m violating the Constitution, my God, remove me, ora mismo. No transition, no nothing for me.

Isa pa, bakit ka magpaka…? P*** alam mo magkano sweldo ko? Two hundred. Totoo. With two families to support. [laughter] Eh totoo ‘yan. Ang lolo ko Chinese. May Chinese wife doon, ‘yung Chinese second wife dito. Magbolahan pa tayo.

‘Yan ang ugali ng Intsik noon. Lahat ‘yan sila. May tiyo ako na — may tiyuhin ako na pure Chinese, ‘yung mga half-brother… Nandoon na sa China galing Binondo noon. Mayaman na doon.

Supporter pa ni — you know, I respect si ano… Ganoon na lang ang respeto ko kay Xi Jinping. Matakot ka? Sabi nila they will not build… They assured us, they will not build anything there sa Scarborough Shoal.

Maniwala kayo kasi ‘yan ang commitment sa akin ng China. And galing kay Amba — si Xi Jinping mismo ang nagsabi and he is a man of honor.

Kaya nga sabi ko, “why are you so sparing?” Gusto ninyo gawain na lang ninyo kaming province, Fujian pati Philippine province of China, eh ‘di wala tayong problema. [laughter]Libre na lahat. [applause]

Kasi ‘yung oil — joint naman. ‘Yung oil mo dito mo ang pinakamarami. Two-third sa amin, one-third kayo, mayaman naman kayo eh. Sus. At saka probinsya na kami. Oh, Province of Philippines, Republic of China. [laughter]

The nearest is Fujian. Hayaan mo na lang ‘yang Taipei. Huwag na nating galawin ‘yan… Ah napaka maliit-liit na ano, hayaan mo ‘yan siya. [laughter]

Let it float there. Makuha mo ang Philippines, wala ng problema kasi maraming pera eh.[laughter] Kung babae pa itong China, niligawan ko na ‘yan. [applause and laughter]Daming kwarta ah.

So I have a… Corruption ginawa ko na. Drugs sinabi ko and it’s a continuum… Pero alam mo, ‘yang mga murder-for-hire, ‘yang mga mag-kidnap-kidnap, alam ko — alam ko marami hindi niyo kayo sinasabi. Alam ko kasi ‘pag nandiyan na, ginaganoon ko na, “sino pang kinidnap mo? P***** i** ka.”Si ano, si ano.” “Sino pa?” “Oh si ano, nagbayad.” I know. “Oh so saan ‘yung pera?” “Ubos na.” “Ay p*****.” Bang! [laughter]

Gusto mong solohin. Alam ko kasi ano anyway — mahuhuli’t mahuhuli talaga kita eh. Marami ang gobyerno. Kaya sabi ko itong mga left, “ibagsak ang gobyerno!” “Si Duterte diktador!” “Rebolusyon!” “Bagong gobyerno kailangang!” Rebolu… “Magrebolusyon para bagong gobyerno!”

Eh ito namang mga g*** mahina ang utak. Sabi ko, “Revolutionary government ako!” “Ah, kita mo itong bata na ito rebolusyon ang kailangan.” Gusto mo magdiktador… Kung sila ang mag-rebolusyon, okay. Nakikinig lang tayo, sila diyan palibot-libot.

Ngayon, kung ako magsabi ako, mag-revolutionary government, kontrabida ako. Eh ‘di pareho lang man tayong…

Anyway, gutom na ako. Mag-uwi na ako sa amin. [laughter and applause] 

 I’m supposed to… I’m supposed to meet some American legislators, congressmen. So… Anong kailangan ko pang…?

Magtanong man sila. “Saan ka galing?” “Doon sa mga Chinese.” “Ano ang…” “Wala. Hingi ng pera tapos ano…” [laughter] “Kayo may pera kayo?” Wala. Pera, pera? America, wala. Ang aid ngayon, maliit wala na. Ayaw pa tayo bilhan ng armas. Even to preserve the integrity of the nation, they’re making it hard for us. They are — the values are…

Kaya nga, do not impose your values on us kasi hindi mo alam ang ano ang nangyari. Nandiyan na ‘yan, CIA, National Security administration,  dapat alam na ninyo. Kaya for those who have helped China, Russia, Israel is very active. America, because madali ang rapport ng… Kasi karamihan ‘tong mga Pilipino na sundalo, kunin kaagad nila sa America. Talaga ang bond nila…

Kaya ang suggestion ko ‘yung next batch diretso na sa China para ang loob nila — para balance. So I’m sure there is an academy there that’s for — to train good professional Chinese soldiers. Maybe China can accommodate them also and let them — not really to fight the Americans but terrorism and…

Ang kulang lang kasi ng — the absorption of the cultural and social… Dapat punta rin tayo sa China.

So I have to… I want to break bread with you. Kain kasi sa plato pa lang nakakalaway na, wala pa ‘yung ulam. [laughter] Pero I have to give way also to the others who are waiting for me.

So thank you for this occasion to meet with you. [applause] And I hope that… I’m telling you, wala lahat. You have a BIR. Sige lang, ma’am, okay lang ma’am.

Ang takot ninyo ang Customs, BIR. Meron diyan si BIR, Ilocano ‘yan, si Billy Dulay. Ka-roommate ko ‘yan. And you have Sid Lapeña who is very good. Wala… ‘Yan lang man ang worry ninyo, BIR noon, hingi-hingi.

Eh kasi kayo. Kaya dapat sagot mo diyan, “t*** i**, ba’t ako bibigay sa iyo? Hindi nga naghingi si Duterte, ikaw pa.” [laughter] Sabi ko, “maghintay kayo kung ako maghingi…” [applause] 

 — END —