DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Manila Times. 09 February 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City | 9 February 2018]

Kindly sit down. Thank you for your courtesy.

Allow me to say my apologies. I was ready to be here on time but some intervening events and progress in the country — problems actually. I had to talk to many people and I was calling everybody to fly in and I waited for them so I could give the proper instructions.


Let me state my case with a predicate. Predicate is I mean no offense. I mean there’s no ill will in me but as a worker of government tasked to look after the welfare of my people. I have to say things here which might offend your sensibilities.

The only, maybe redeeming factor, after this speech is that it was all done in good faith and the truth must always be known to everybody for it is not even a question of race or [unclear] or tribe or family. It’s a question of humanity.

So I’ll just dispense with this — let me just say my acknowledgments. Mr. Dante Ang, Chairman Emeritus of Manila Times, thank you sir for inviting me; our man of the year, he heads the organization. I had no doubt in my mind that we will prevail.

About the only reason why it took us too long is my orders were one, so many hostages were taken that we do everything, all that is possibly humanly possible to avoid deaths of the hostages; second is, I said, do not destroy the shrine and holy places of the Muslims in Marawi because it would not be good for us as it will only arouse the anger of the Muslim world.

And I told the military in a command conference together with General Guerrero: Remember, it is to our national interest that we face this problem with sanity and not anger. Of course we have our different individual sentiments already what is happening but the larger interest, the bigger view is that, remember we have two million plus Filipinos working in the Middle East.

They must know that we respect their religion. Islam will be [live stream interrupted] by all and so mind you, I said, my mother is a Muslim-Maranao because her mother is a Maranao.

My grandfather was Chinese and his name was Lam. So ‘yung kayong mga Muslims. Do not be offended… or from Marawi. That is what really worried me.

And the third was, we were fighting a new kind of war, a new environment, because aside from the hostages with them inside the building, they were able to capture so many buildings in the downtown area and were really also able to preposition themselves in critical points of the city.

And so it was not a fighting in open space. Our soldiers are fundamentally trained or at least the most basic is really in a free range, in the mountains where the NPAs are or even in urban areas but not so many buildings and houses, not so many civilians to worry.

They were able to position themselves and they have perfected a new art now. And it’s being used by the communists. There is almost no confrontation now and that they would only just shoot from a distance, sniping or sniper fire is the new vogue. And I told the policemen, I called them because — and the soldiers that one was killed yesterday surprisingly just standing in detachment.

A detachment is where there may be checkpoints along the highways. And I said, if that incident is true, then you have to learn again a new environment. You have to reconfigure and you have to reinvent your military doctrines. Because in Marawi, we were facing a cover of the enemies, cement pati bakal. Buildings. And they kept on sniping us.

And so I lost 167 soldiers and policemen. Now this comes this human rights idiotic thing. You know, it started with a service of a warrant arrest for a guy there who was issued a warrant by the court for arrest and the crime was cooking shabu.

So when the policemen went there to arrest them, they were met with heavy gunfire. And the police is no match for any high-powered interdiction. So they had to call on the Marines and the Marines are battle weary maybe but they are always ready and hardened soldiers, adept and ready to die.

And indeed, they died. Because as they proceeded on that Mapandi bridge, they were met with sniper fires. They were in the bridge, no cover. So nine Marines died the following day. And all because of that incident of shabu.

I cannot see the reason why I’m the first head of state to be chosen by these idiots when there are so many things in [inaudible] and they’re fighting and…

Well, but I have this transmittal. I cannot reveal it but I can tell you now. Three days after, they were discussing. I had already… I was already listening to the tapes of their conversation. It was provided by me by another country but the conversation was in Philippines and New York. Loida Reyes was one of them. And there was this, “See you in the headquarters when the case is filed.” Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I knew in advance that they were [inaudible] it. Problem is this case, from the looks of it, it’s all politics. And well, later remind me if I — I will tell you why they cannot… Well, I’ll tell you now. [laughter]

You know, America is not a member of the ICC. International court of justice. Why? Because if America signed that particular document as a member state of the ICC, the first to go to jail would have been Bush.

Why? The Americans invaded Iraq because at the — it was bruited about that there were weapons of mass destruction. Only to realize that there was none and to admit before the whole world that there was no weapons of mass destruction.

Here I am. I’m fighting a serious problem and this lady and that is why I said, if you convict me, find a country that promotes death penalty and kill me by a firing squad. I would be very happy to face them. It would be a distinct honor for me because our foremost hero, you must have seen the Luneta Park, Mr. Rizal. He’s our greatest hero. He was shot by the Spaniards on that spot there in his… monument is right now because of his defiance.

I’m no Rizal. I am not bright as Rizal. But I would like just to imitate the way Rizal died. And I would be happy to — before the last, before they pull of the trigger, I would say, “F*** you guys.” [laughter and applause]

You know, my oath of office simply says, reduced in its simple words. “I, Rodrigo Duterte, having been elected to the position of President of the Republic of the Philippines” blah blah blah. The meaning of it says, I am here, swear to God and people that I will preserve the Republic of the Philippines and protect the Filipino people. Period. Wala nang iba. [applause] That is my guidance.

And they keep on hammering, “You know Duterte is repeating his words encourage police…” You know, the police before they are policemen, they go to an academy. They go to school for three years ‘yung basic patrolman there. And for an officer, it’s four years. And for the military like Jagger, they stay in the Philippine Military Academy for four years.

And one of the things that they are really hearing everyday, here, there, is that you do not follow illegal orders. I never gave an illegal order to General Jagger. What I said when I was mayor here, it was turmoil and everything was topsy-turvy and our income was just P800 million and I was running a big city, paying for the policemen, paying for the teachers, paying for the bureaucracy, and paving the roads and everything, it’s almost 1,000 kilometers of road network in the rural area.

Where will I get the money if we continue to be poor? And so I said, I will make the city peaceful. I will stop drugs. So I say to those who want to destroy my city, “Do not do it because I will kill you.”

And for those who want to create a slave, a generation of slaves to a chemical called shabu which they will hunger on everyday of their lives and even without money, they will go for the kill, steal, beg, or borrow, just to have that shot to remove the monkey on their back.

And there were about… When I took over there was and you could see it on TV. Hundreds of thousands and we have reached at the end of day it was 1,400,000. But before that, General Santiago of PDEA, whom I fired. I fired everybody taking so much liberal [inaudible] towards the money of the people.

And Santiago said during his time, there were three million already. Even if by a conservative estimate, you just add it, it would be four or maybe those are the same users during Santiago’s days and now.

Just put it at a liberal something, the same number. Three million.

Or just follow the findings of the PNP, Bato. One million — 600,000, 400,000. You think it’s a joke? I lost… I lost everyday a policeman or a soldier anywhere in the Philippines because of drugs.

Why is it that up to now I have already lost something like 600 plus plus policemen and soldier? Not counting the Marawi siege because actually it was a war.

Why am I losing my — And you call me extrajudicial killing? That thing is strange to us and to lawyers.

What is extrajudicial? It is not crime by the word itself. How do you define it? That he was killed outside of the court? Or outside of the case being heard?

Out or outside extrajudicial. So what are the perks of an extrajudicial killing added to it? And they want me to answer for all.

You know, when we signed treaties, like your country, we adopt the treaty as part of the laws of our land. Ganun ‘yan eh.

So the reason why I apologize to Senator Poe now and I will apologize because I have the — You know, Senator Poe, you can understand that I have to say my piece of what I believe is.

The reason why I ran actually and only because my daughter agreed to run as mayor to take my place over. And the most important thing, the Supreme Court allowed him to run, adopting a new principle that — because there’s a treaty, it says that no human being should be stateless.

And you are treated as a citizen of your country where you are found. So that’s the international law and it’s good. So Grace was one of them.

But you know, the Constitution says Filipinos who run for the presidency must be natural-born citizen of this country. I have nothing against Grace. She’s bright. And I really suppose that she’s really a daughter of a Filipino.

But the Constitution is very exacting. What do you mean by you are a Filipino natural-born? One semester of our law school says it is when you are born, you come out of your mother’s womb already a Filipino. At birth.

And that’s the only time that you can run. It is really very strict and that has been impressed on us almost kaming mga law student because the Philippines must be really a Filipino.

And if you happened to elect a son of a b**** or that is not the problem of… not even the problem of the military and the police. If he’s an idiot, if he’s the choice of the people, so be it.

That’s what the… our law says. ‘Yan ang problema diyan kaya — Kaya ako na…

Ito ngayon, tumakbo ako. [inaudible] I’ll abbreviate it.

What did I promise you? I have no money, no supporters. In Manila, not even a single kagawad. Who supported me in Luzon? No.

Only Imee Marcos [applause]. Tapos sinasabihan nila kasi tinulungan ka ni — ng mga Marcos family, you allowed the burial of Marcos. Look, stupid.

The law says who will be buried there in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Who are the heroes? The soldiers, the President, you must be the president at one time or you are a soldier.

On both counts, Marcos was a president, you cannot deny that. And ‘yung sabi nila na he was a bogus soldier. Well, sabi niya, tama, it’s fake.

If your opinion is different from mine, my news is fake, yours is right. That, that’s what… We quarrel — You are fake. Why? Because you do not jive with what I believe in.

You have to — If he was not a soldier, he was not a president then I would not have — That was a decision I made before I met the Marcoses for… [garbled].

One is that I said, I will allow the burial of Marcos. It has created not an irritant but a deep-seated — ang Ilocanos of the North. Nasasaktan diyan sila.

And only because we are not ready to admit. Itong mga ‘to mga denial. Look. They are ready to deny Marcos his honor. You know, if the Ilocanos would believe that Marcos was really their hero, let them have their hero, too.

The Visayans who are here. That’s my main complaint. Everybody doon hero. What about Visayans? None. You know, it was Magellan who killed the first colonial.

He killed — Lapu-Lapu rather killed Magellan. He was… he set foot on Cebu, pinatay talaga siya ni Lapu-Lapu. But Lapu-Lapu was a Muslim and so was Rajah Sulayman of Manila. And they were all Malays. And because they came earlier than Magellan.

So when Magellan landed in Leyte in 1521, Islam was already thriving in Mindanao. All of the tribeb. Maranao, Maguindanao, Iranon, Sama, then Kagan of Davao. Tausug tapos doon sa… Basilan, mga… Salapuddin.

There are many tribe. So ‘yun ang nangyari. This problem of ours is not ours. It was the colonial Spain and America, especially when it was the time to occupy because Spain lost in the Philippine-American war.

One of which was given was really the Philippine islands. So the Americans were all protestants, or at least Christians.

When they came to Mindanao here, dito sa Pilipinas, ayaw magtrabaho ng mga — The Muslim [inaudible] would not work for them. The Americans saw the promise of Mindanao.

No typhoon, good soil, everything. So they could not get the Christians to — The Moro… they…

“Mindanao is a land of promise. Come here.” Just like, “Go West young man.” Doon sa Amerika. Remember? There was this gold rush in the state of — “Go West, young man.” So if you face America, the West is really the left. It means California, Nebraska. Ganun ang nangyari.

So they gave — they farmed out the lands by giving homestead corporation without really also thinking that there are original Adams and Eves, the Malay.

We’re all Malay brothers and sisters. Mixed, plenty.  In Davao, that’s the most — the number of Japanese-descended Filipinos. They were here one century ago.

So, ganun ang nangyari. So because at that time Mindanao was very, very, very [unclear].

So when the Visayans came, later on the Ilonggos came. So they went to the southern part of the sea, occupying here because it was [unclear]

Nobody was claiming ownership of the — It was simply big. In 1949, this thing were was dirt wood.

So now Mindanao is very small because so many people now claiming the title which their ancestors came and tilled the land.

Karamihan niyan Ilokano. May mga Bisaya. So now, it’s trouble because along the way, the investors before the minings were all Americans. The most of the lands were given to the Spaniards, they called the Insulares. Those who were the Spaniards born here, not in Madrid but here were Spanish citizens. ‘Yan ang… pagbibigay.

Now, here comes now the Moro people claiming back what was there before, which is gone now. So I tell you as a President and from being a…

My father was a Visayan. If we cannot agree on certain things or at least reconfigure and give them a contiguous territory of their own, not a separate state. I’ll never agree to that. Not an independent PNP because I will never agree to that. Not an autonomous Armed Forces because I will never agree to that.

But I will always be in favor of reconfiguring Mindanao to give them their ancestral lands or else there will be war. In a war, the MI and MN, both entities are talking to us. The rest are simply rebels and the hotheads.

But in a war, these two MI, MN main rebel organizations would merge. And in a war, my enemy would be your friend and you’d open the floodgates of Mindanao to the invasion of the ISIS. Then we will have trouble and it be a wasteland just like in the Middle East.

Look at Syria, Iraq, Libya and Marawi. Flattened. ‘Yun. That is what it is.

Ngayon ang sama ng loob ko is — Hindi… this is not a problem which we created by ourselves or for ourselves. This is a problem of the colonials. Just like the Middle East.

Just like Malaysia taken over by the British; Indonesia by the Dutch; Philippines by the Spaniards; and the [unclear] just like in the Middle East, Britain had its own country sponsor patronizing Saudi Arabia. Some countries went to Italy, American and all.

And they built their empires at the expense of what? Of the Arabs. So when they were there already, modern times and the living past, and dito na sila.

Itong mga European and all the bright guys think that — Well the footprints are so deep now.

Time for a climate change. So, we also joined this thing here.

But you know, I said, okay, we cannot go down, we’ll go kaput, so there’s a ceiling. This our usual output, “Okay, I will reduce and then proportion it.”

You, since you are there on that level, we also want to cut a little bit. So progressively na gumaganun. Kalokohan. So, any word will never reach the heights of our industrial prosperity kasi pinipigilan because of climate change.

But anyway, how much is the contribution of the footprints of the Philippines? .00. [inaudible] factories, there’s no factories around here, what we have is a f***** thing that…

Kay sinong maganahan niyan? Then they impose their moral. Ako, again, I would assure the Canadian people —we are friends, we do not hate you, we love Canadians because there are a lot of Filipinos there. Let them come home first and I will say what is in my heart. [laughter] In the meantime, I’m lying. [laughter]

You read today’s newspaper? Nandiyan? That they so — they will sell us helicopters, but you cannot use the helicopters bought from them, bell, for war, because you cannot wage — use our product to wage against your own people.

So ang pwede mong gamitin lang — the only use or the only utility, which is really inutility already, can use only for evacuation, nandiyan sa newspaper, and assistance during disasters.

Well, I respect your — change of values there. Walang problema, may helicopter ako, 23 — hindi ko magamit sa mga rebelde. Alam mo ang masakit diyan, ang rebelde dun sa Mindanao, halo ha, the ISIS.

So they want us to fight the ISIS, araw-araw — day-to-day basis, we can never have the edge — because we do not have that attack helicopter.

So do not use our helicopter. We will sell but only for evacuation. So I might just order the military to go there in front, use the slingshot and die there so that I can use the helicopter for which it was bought.

Kaya sabi ko kanina, we will stop buying. I am [inaudible] but I said, anything that is arms, do not. Canada is out. We respect the policy of the Canadian people, well and good, do not buy anything that has something to do with arms.

But if you need cosmetics, you want to be beautiful at beauty products, okay, you can buy them.

Na-realize ba — do they realize that we are fighting a war? That if this government will collapse and Guerrero is also there, lying dead and be hanged, there will be a trouble and a new revolution again. Because how about the soldiers of those who are able to just — to survive?

That’s what happened in Iraq and Libya. Nakita nila, they saw what was happening to their country, which draw them to extremism.

A respected leader like Gaddafi, when he was captured he was treated like a dog, he was in a culvert, in a canal and Saddam was hanged.

And so the country is now fragmented because it — it belongs to who is in power, who has the arms and who can — has the capacity to kill people.

Hindi ko maintindihan ang ano nila. I ordered 23 police rifles, hindi nga ‘yung — ayaw niya ipagbili ‘yung — sabi ko, ‘yung [inaudible], brrrrrt, as long as you press the trigger, ‘yung — pero ‘yung single shot after that, you have to pull it again, ‘yung parang isa. Sabi ko, okay na ‘yan, maganda.

But anyway, that was [inaudible]. Two senators took the floor, “Do not sell it to Duterte because he will kill the drug addicts.” Who is the leader in this town or in this planet would not see say that if we…

Pilipina ito nilitson in Kuwait, pinaplantsa nila ‘yung katawa eh and that’s the ano — I’ll give it to you.

Drugs, I said, if the mother, again, I’ll repeat, if the mother goes out of the house to work in Kuwait, and because they are poor, it’s really not a good idea.

The moment she leaves the house and ceases to supervise the children, the family becomes dysfunctional.

If both parents, father and son, leave the country to work outside and pass the children to — ‘yung mga aunts, uncles, and they are not supervised, they are not loved as really their children and they go…

Ito kasing mga durugista, if they live in a community, they know who is — who has the money because shabu is for the poor, that is a merchandize for the poor.

It’s not for the rich. The rich now, they use cocaine. Marami diyan. The rich people use cocaine and they have their yachts and they have their airplanes to do it. Walang magawa ang gobyerno.

But that is expensive and it does not destroy as much like cocaine. Why? Because they are grown. Tanim eh. May tawag diyan — ano ba ‘to? Itong shabu is a mix of deadly chemicals, that is why ‘pag pumasok sa utak ‘yan it shrinks the brain and most of the shabu, natatamaan and mga mahihirap.

Rehab, completely is no longer [inaudible]. And if they do it, per hit is 200 per day. The end of a week it’s, how much? 20,000? Times it by one month, one year then compare that with the number of people affected by one million plus.

If it’s three million, that’s — maybe I have a wrong — 206 billion industry, eh kwentahin mo, you’ll arrive at the same number — 206 billion, hirap na hirap — si — ano ba ito? Is this — pang ilang hotel na ito? Papalipat-lipat tayo, this is the fourth hotel that I’ve been to, that’s why I’m late. I will tell you now why I was also late.

‘Yun ang problema ko. They are reduced to slaves, craving and looking for money to [inaudible]. To have a fix. Otherwise the monkey will be scratching at their back all day, the only relief is you have your fix.

Kaya itong mga tao na ‘to, alam nila kung sino ang may regular na pera o [inaudible], alam mo kung saan? Galing dito. Papadalhin nila ang pera, they are raped, [inaudible] and they endure it because…

Now let me, I guess, I said, I know that there are employees who are [inaudible] who are Arabs — not all Arabs, just like not all Filipinos but there are Filipinos also those…

There are some tribes in Arab, particularly in Kuwait, who has the most number of incidents.

I was late because I called for the Labor Secretary, and I had to wait for him because I said, “Fly as soon as you can.”

So you had to wait because it was important to me. At least, I’m not trying to belittle your presence here, but to me it was more important — concerned. It was a very… there were six, one in December, then six suicides and killed under mysterious circumstances.

Ang karamihan kasi ‘yung pinaplantsa ‘yung katawan, in Kuwait, binubugbog. These are not lies; it just came from the Embassy of my country. You see the mutilation?

I’ll give you, kita mo. ‘Yung file diyan sa gitna, that’s the autopsy. Hanggang autopsy lang naman ‘yan sila because they really know [inaudible]. Was dragged by the police upstairs, dragged around, while she was down on her knees — sa police…

Ano ito, ‘yung who are inside the room tapos na ‘yung tiil, putol na ‘yung paa, tiil. Hindi ko talaga alam mag-Tagalog. Kayo kasing mga Tagalog ayaw niyong mag-aral ng Bisaya. [laughter] T*** i**.

Kami noon may Tagalog subject kami. How unfair. Sabi ko nga, bakit kami mag-aral ng Tagalog, hindi nga kayo nagaral ng Bisaya.

Kaya ang ginawa ko nung nag-Presidente ako, I created the Order of Lapu-Lapu. Kaya sinabi ko sa Historical Commissioner ko, si Badoy. Sabi ko, “Badoy, bantay ka sa akin.”

Tignan mo ‘yang hero namin, kaming mga Muslim, actually, we are brave. Anong ginawa ninyo sa hero namin? Kaming mga Bisaya, the tribe — we are not called Bisaya, we are — kung Cebuano kami, we are called, our tribe is Sugbu.

So the original from Cebu would say, “Ano ka?” “Sugbuanon.” That’s the tribe. We have — we have s tribe, just like Maranao, marami… but the conversion of the religion was another thing.

An endless — noon pa ‘yan, noon pa ‘yan. Alam mo ito, kayong mga Pilipino, matagal na ‘to.

We we’re just kept silent, we endured it because we were afraid that we would lose the market.

Kaya ‘yan ang in-adopt ng — I do not want to mention, but all administrations, ‘yan ang behavior. Ministerial. Sabi ko kay Bebot, sabi ko, “Bot,” I confronted him kasi ‘yung the latest one was a Filipina that was placed inside the freezer, she was there for one year.

And when the tenant left, so ‘yung landlord pumunta doon sa apartment, pagbukas ng freezer, for one year, ang Filipina nandoon sa loob ng freezer, patay.

Sabi ko kagabi sa eroplano, I was met with the military guys, sabi ko, “P*****, hindi ko na ito kaya. I will not remain silent.

Either give me the space to air my sentiment or if I cannot give the Filipino the face of a brutal victim, then I will resign.”

Inutil ako, mag-resign na lang ako. For what? Sabihin nila ako, “diktador,” anak ng p***, if they can perfect that several setup in 2020, I will step down and give way, that is my commitment to you all educated guys.

Do not mind about ‘yang — hindi ako ganun. I’ve been mayor of this Davao City for 23 years, kaya for the time that I was — sabi nila diktador ako, no, I was just strict at tsaka, I — talagang — dito sabi ko…

You know, we love Kuwait. I know a lot of people who are — in the country and they are good but the problem is the culture, hindi ko na kayang tanggapin ‘to.

I will not keep silent and I will really confront you. Eh ito ngayon, look, when the Americans fought Iraq, they went inside. To maintain the equilibrium there.

To at least prevent another attack to Kuwait by the Iraqis, to maintain the balance of power there, the Americans really were forced to place a — something of a fulcrum there, but mainly because it was to protect Kuwait.

Because Kuwait was invaded by the Iraqis, and when the Americans there came alongside to serve — that’s war there of Bush, alam mo, upon — I’m sure at the behest of the Americans, the American-British expedition because of the behest of these two countries, I just don’t know who.

We contributed 760 something doctors and nurses. They were first deployed there in Iraq — in Kuwait before they entered Iraq. But we did it because we followed or maybe the Americans, I don’t know but there were Canadians also.

Parang allied — it’s an allied of whites, actually, Canada, Britain, France, these are the biggest. Now, who would want to impose their values on us?

So to the Iraq — to the people of Kuwait, we have not done anything you wrong, we do not owe you anything, our only sin or the only sin of these people that you have brutally treated or killed because they are just poor.

They are poor, they have to work there and suffer. Alam mo, I’ll tell you the — I’ve been there and it was an Arab legislator who told me, there were three Filipinas from Davao City, nahuli nag — they were caught by the religious police selling rosaries.

So two of them, two of the families were there everyday, I was a Congressman then. Sabi ng — my wife said, and they have been there almost everyday, sunrise, they are there already at the gate, crying, “Do something about it.”

So I flew to Saudi, and King Fahd was still, and later on he suffered a dementia progressively, but at that time he was able to give the order of release. I thanked him and the Palace [unclear], I don’t know if it was the — and said, you should talk to your counterpart.

My counterpart, ang aking committee sa ano is law and order. So ang aking counterpart, we talked in the Parliament of Saudi Arabia. I went there until evening.

Sinabi niya, “Better warn your countrymen that there are some tribes, far from here,” kumbaga ano pa, mga halos nandoon na sa Oriental, “and you know it’s — it’s their thing, if you are a slave, the first would be the employer then the son, and the son would call his friends and…”

When I came back, nag-hold ako. Why? Kasi maraming may asawa dito. There are husbands and millions of them who were listening to me and after tonight ,their brain would start to — at this time.

And human nature is this. Human nature ‘yan, hindi lang ‘yan Pilipino. When your wife is raped, you are angry at the world, not so much about the rapist but you take it against your own wife and that’s the start of a family problem.

Or the husband would say, “Well, anyway my wife is being used by somebody else.” Kasi he gets his pregnant neighbor. Mangangaliwa, it’s biology eh. mga [unclear] during the Presidential debates, I was asked, “Duterte you have perceived to be so have many girls?”

“What?” “You have mistresses?” So? It’s all biology. You take biology? What are we here for? G******. Might as well die. You come here, you listen then you go home. So, without biology what are supposed to do with you brief? Flatten it? [laughter]

Ako ganun ako magsalita, the way — I talk that way. They say I’m — bastos ako, I’m a vulgar person. Correct. I am, but at least that’s the truth. You might not want to hear it, it might be indecent language, but that’s the truth.

‘Yan ang problema kaya hindi ako nagbitaw. Kasi I know that there will be the gray matter between the ears starts to work, and he will now begin to picture what is happening there.

I kept that, I controlled myself and only a few Filipinos are [inaudible], sinabi ko, and the military. Tinago ko eh, but now, I cannot. Hindi ho ako — we — I said, we are — we do not take revenge, there’s no vengeance, no, nothing.

I simply want to address myself to the people of Kuwait. We serve you, we help you, we went to war with you, we sent doctors. Is this the way that you return our sweat? Is this the way how you reciprocate the goodness of the Filipino people? I’m just asking.

Because if you really want to do it, you can do it. If you say that stop that stupid thing… Si Bebot said that we just talk and arrange. I said, “What about the Filipinos? I will use all the money of government to fund their livelihoods here.”

All the money — there’s no such thing as a country without money. We can always borrow.

May economist diyan, meron bang — is there a country in this world who says it has no money even those countries who are fighting today killing people with nothing, not productive but they have the money? Yes. Why?

Because there is the money, you can always borrow. Or you give concessions to foreigners. You’re selling that gold in Africa and the copper, and all. Well then, go there.

Mining? I’ll stop mining, open-pit. I will close Boracay. Boracay is a zest pool. Andiyan si Architect Palafox. He will tell you what is the tragedy.

Now, during days when I was there, ‘yung basura was just 20 meters away from the beach. At a distance you see a cotton balls of Boracay is a white sand.

But you go into the water, it’s smelly. Smell of what? S***. Kasi lahat doon, ang palabas nila, sa Boracay, in a few hand[inaudible] there it’s destroying the environment or the Republic of the Philippines and creating a disaster coming.

There will be a time that no more foreigner will go there because he will have — when he goes back to the plane to where he belongs, he will be full of s*** going back and forth to the restroom.

So I told Cimatu, Cimatu is a general, he was assigned here. “I’ll give you six months. Clean the g***** thing.” Now, their reason, about complaints, “Bakit mahilig ka sa military? Maybe you want to [inaudible] yourself?”

Why should I? I’m working. When there was war, I was with them. During the height of the Marawi siege, I landed on the main battle area and I took off at eight o’clock at night, dalawang beses, in the midst of a coconut plantation, the only clearing there.

Nag-landing kami. And I took off at — twice, sa gabi. Sabi nila, “Matamaan ka diyan kasi may mga…” Let it be, so be it. If it’s our time, it is our time.

So ano bang reklamo ng military sa akin? I was with them all along. I love my soldiers. I go there and everyone who was wounded gets a medal, maski lang ‘yung — shrapnels there. Because masakit na nga ‘yung thumbtacks, eh p***** i** eh. [laughter]

Even a thumbtacks wound. Sabi ko, every soldier who gets wounded, good that I ordered, I said, the Lapu-Lapu award. So I gave every soldier who WEre wounded there.

Later I told the entire land [inaudible]. I went to Jolo, I’ve been to Jolo, I’ve been to Basilan. I was there with them. So bakit ako magpalakas sa military? I’m a dictator? I mean, Jagger, should relay it to the officers diyan mga kaharap ninyo diyan mga [inaudible].

Get into their heads. Nobody but nobody should be a dictator in this country because the military will not allow it. It is not allowed under the Constitution

As a matter of fact, I said if I die, it was during… in Makati, see to it that the [unclear] of succession in the Constitution will be followed.

Sabi ko, “‘Pag madisgrasya ako dito, eh hambugero ganun ganun rin ako doon.”

Just to show to the soldier there I am with you and we will die together. But unfortunately Jagger is retiring [March ka? April?]

And his position is waiting because I fired the MARINA. The agencywho  handles the ports.

Pero sabi ko sa — somebody told me, you know Mayor when I say Mayor—I don’t address myself as President. If you want to address me, do not call the President, I will not answer you.

I will not — sige when you say “Mayor,” o okay.

Sabi niya, “Mayor maraming lumalabas sa panahon mo.” So I said to look around.

Ang unang tinamaan si ‘yung — I forgot this guy. Sabi ko he had twelve. Ito ang style ng mga buang eh.

Climate change conference in Africa nandoon. Climate change in Europe sa Switzerland nandoon. Climate change in California nandoon. Conference of a — ilan bang Climate change ang  pina— p**** ‘yan.

“Sir, kasi we have to share the knowledge of what Climate so that we can control.”

P***** i** ka. Sige ka climate change, climate change dumami tuloy ang bagyo sa Pilipinas [laughter] p*** palabas na lang pinup*** pa ng isang bago na andito sa’yo.

So now, nobody gets out of the country. You have to ask my permission. Lahat ‘yung ano, ‘yung CHED, higher education, the onesamga universities. Out.  And Santiago out.

The Department secretary, the local government, of the Interior and Local Government out.

[unclear] out, lahat out. If I see you there tanungin kita how many times did you go out? Nine. Why? Sir because change is about to…

Eh itong sa MARINA, about ports management, nagbubungguan na ‘yang barko mo p****** i** dito sa Pilipinas, pupunta ka pa doon para mag — how stupid can you get.

If you are that inutile, you have to be lectured upon in the international forum, you better resign. I do not like you.

Now, bakit military? Kasi ang military isang utos lang. If I say — look at [unclear] presentation doon sa Cabinet. Marawi may isang Cabinet doon member, ito.

He wants the thing to be his project — management executive calamity tapos ito dito parang para sa administration, operation, finance, tapos sa baba operation ng — hinintay ako  tapos niya sabi ko, “You call General del Rosario.”

General del Rosario was… served also in Davao as the — pareho sila ni General, Task Force Davao during my time.

Sila ‘yan dumaan sila dito. It is not because I’m — the military is my favorite. These guys are not from here, but during their tour of duty sa career nila napadaan ng Mindanao ‘yan.

Kaya kilala ko ‘yan sila lahat. And only those also military men that I know. Because I know them, the others, they are all good, honest but the problem is I do not know you.

So lahat yan sila, si Año, he became the, sabi ko, tulungan mo si  Cimatu. Now Jagger will assume so I’m looking for another guy.

Ako naman I always follow the — the ano, ‘yung progress nila. No, no, no other guy will get except itong si Bato because police is — mahirap dalhin ang pulis, mahirap talaga ang pulis.

Kita mo natutulog ang mga p*** [laughter]. Ginagawa nila ‘yan sa akin. Pagdating ko… Alam mo ang gawin niyan?  Pagdating ng buang, ‘yan dalawang mesa na maliit ‘yung ganun ‘yan. I-connect nila ‘yan tupong-tupong sa Bisaya.

Tapos lagyan ng latag ng newpaper, maghubad ng sapatos maya-maya ‘yung na electric fan na [makes snoring sound] ayan kita mo si lgbayalde kanina nagwala.

Pumunta siya nak-amotor lang eh hindi nakita ng mga buang, ako ganun. Ganun talaga ang pulis.

Kumakain ng durian, tapos ‘pag tapos niyan magtindig ‘yan, sakay ng sasakyan niyan. Ibig sabihin military. ‘Pagdating ng kundoktor, magkain ng durian hindi magbayad maawa naman kasi ako, tingnan mo double ang salary nga nila.


And it was good that I — that was part of my campaign promise. Imagine if I promised it, o gawin ko after the Marawi, sabihin, [unclear] p***** *** kung hindi kami namatay lahat eh.

Sabi ko, “next year that was election time doble na.”

So ‘yang mga general, puro mayaman na ‘yan. Malalaki ang sweldo, doble. Oo, pero may mga pamilya ‘yan. Now i-connect na. This is the last.

Bakit may iba dito milyonaryo na, huwag na lang tayo magbolahan. Huwag kayong mga — kayong nasa likod. Kayong — para hindi ako magalit, kayong nag-iintay mga kamera diyan, ‘yan mga elitista na Pilipinong ugok t*** i****.

How much did you get when you go out retire? Military men 56 years old compulsory retirement. Kayo 60 alis na rin, kayong mga cameraman, how much ang retirement ninyo benefits sa SSS? GSIS kami. Ako I retire something like… pegged the last salary ‘yan.

So pare-pareho naman kaming sweldo ng mga ano rin mga congressman pati senador. Medyo maliit lang ako nang kaunti.

Something like in pesos mga 400, okay magretire kami. So I get 4 million.

I will be out of office exactly mga four years from now. Ang pension ko 4 million. Now if God will keep me alive, I’ll be retiring at age 77, 78. If I get to live another ten years, saan ako magkuha ng medisina ko?

Inday has a family. Maski na sabihin mo si Inday may — ay sabi ko inyo, meron ako dapat ng 40 million flat, that’s all the money that…

Now, kayong nandiyan sa higher echelons of society, kayong mga negosyante, you want to find out?  I will give you the authority. Pindutin mo lang at lalabas ‘yan.

I said it could not be more than 40 million, including my inheritance. So ‘yun lang. If I get to live for… Ang sundalo, ang mga sarhento’t mga corporal, magkano ang sweldo nila at magkano ang savings, kung meron, if at all, o magkano ang kanilang pension?

Fifty-six years old mag-retire na, at that time ang mga anak nito patapos pa sa college or papasok pa lang. Ngayon, kung mga anak nila, kasi alam doon sa ano may pera, itong mga ‘to, magpakahirap doon magpah***** p***** i** niya, magpa-rape araw-araw, tiisin niya, tapos maging drug addict.

She suffered almost four, five years only to find out pagdating dito ang anak niya drug addict. Because, I said, shabu is for the poor.

Maski itong mga military, they are out in the fields fighting for this country and yet ‘yung mga nila — ‘yung shabu, they are being thrown everyday basahin mo ‘yung newspaper.

And this girl, this prosecutor, has the gall to — ako pa ‘yung inuna. Sabi ko, “You want,” sabi ko, “File the case because I want to cross examine you.”

Ako mismo because when you say, the treaty shall form part of the laws of the land. In this city, in this country, alam ninyo ‘yan, every penal or punitive measure must be published in the Official Gazette.

Tinanong ko ang Official Gazette, “Pinublish ba ninyo? Kasi makukulong ako eh.” That is a required — without that, you denied me my due process.

Paano mo ako makukulong ngayon? Because certainly, a treaty cannot be more powerful than a Constitution, it’s just an agreement

international —incorporated, to form part the law of our land, but it does not release people in government from complying with the rules of the Constitution.

Tanong ko lang, did you see to it that that stupid law, that actionable law common law sila. What are extrajudicial, extreme cruelty, mga ganun, blah, blah, blah, and genocide? That’s what is happening now in…

Bakit hindi ninyo ikulong ‘yung mga military doon? Pero let me end this way in saying, alas-diyes na kasi. I hope you can carry this message and the — what’s her name?

I — I respect you as a woman, but as a lawyer medyo — hindi ko masyado ano — do not go into that kind of adventure, it’s a messy one, and I assure you, I’m not bright, I’m not the brightest lawyer in town, I do not even rate myself as good, ano lang fair, whatever.

But you will — you will get your comeuppance. You cannot just tell people na — and say, takutin mo na Trillanes nagsasayaw-sayaw, mukhang walang alam eh. ‘Yan ang mahirap sa mga gustong power, they want power, hungry for power, attention.

This one guy na mu — mag-mutiny, p***** i** sikat pa ngayon. Pero ako kasi — because if you argue with stupid people, you cannot, there’s — there’s no medicine for that. There’s no cure for stupidity.

So the best way, sabi ko nga kay Inday, “Hayaan mo na ‘yan.” Kaya nga hindi nanalo, look at what he got, four percent of… PMAer man sana ‘yan pero may nakalusot, ang buang, I don’t know why.

Ako bilib ako sa mga — kaya I’m getting them to work for me. Actually, ‘yung Cabinet ko, almost all, with the addition of the guy — the Cabinet is now — is heavily infested with military men.

Dalawa lang kaming Bisaya diyan, puro Ilocano ‘yan sila lahat. Ito classmate ko Ilocano, [unclear] [laughter] He used to work for the Immigration, he’s my classmate. Retired na.

Let me state it that I announced the banning of — isang tao sa — Bebot, I don’t give a s***. Sabi ko, “Suspension, suspension.” But I have to, I have to process…

As President, I have to give that problem a…” Kaya ‘yung ibang Presidente, diplomatic, diplomatic protest. That’s garbage to me.

If you do not like us, say goodbye. So, I will work — somehow we will survive. Ganun lang tayo but we will survive. In the fullness of God’s time, I tell you, we will make it. Basta wala lang corruption [applause].

Kaya [unclear], I need telco to improve. Government gives you the frequency free, eh itong — may taga-Smart dito pati ano? [laughter]

Kasi galit ako, suntukin ko na lang kayo kaya? [laughter] Sila ‘yan, wala man akong ano, kaibigan ko man lahat. I mean, I appreciate they are being there in business also. Otherwise, we will not have anything.

But ito, abogado ka man, binigay natin sila ng extra hoping that they would use these frequencies to further strengthen their duopoly.

O sabi ko, “O sige tama lang ‘yan para to improve.” Gusto ko Pilipino eh, although I know that [Salem?] is behind… Ah ito. Magbolahan pa tayo dito. O sige lang, si MVP, okay lang.

Ngayon sabi ko, “kung walang improvement, so we invite China.” Anybody from China but of course the money wala akong… Ngayon [garbled] ‘Wag niyong gawain talaga sa akin ‘yan. T****** i**.

Pabayarin ako? Cabinet meeting — Cabinet meeting na ano ‘yung the other night, we ended at 2 o’clock arguing. Kay gusto nilang magpabayad. P***** i**.

Sabihin mo itong sa dalawang ito ha, mamili sila. P*****. Isauli nila pupuntahan ko sa opisina, samapalin ko sila. [applause]

P****** i** binigay ko sa’yo libre, binigay ko sa’yo libre tapos ngayon hinihingi ko kay hindi mo nagamit, ibigay ko sa iba. Magbayad ako?

Ay, sabi ko kasi si colonel ‘yan, military rin ‘yan. He’s  good that… Siya ‘yung nag [garbled] sabi ko, “look” medyo nagalit ako nang kaunti. Sabi ko, “Look. Do not… Huwag kang magpunta dito sa akin na ganun magpabayad.”

Anong tingin nila sa atin, bugok? Sabi ko, “Balikan mo doon bukas.” Kung hindi naisauli ‘yan puntahan ko sila sa opisina, ako lang mag-isa, kung hindi — sampal ‘yang mga p****** i**.

‘Yan pangako, ako lang mag-isa. Ginawa ko na ‘yan dito. You know him. Basta sabi ng mga ‘yan, “Ah ‘yan si Duterte hindi ‘yan magtagal. Two years ‘yan, bagsak na ‘yan. Military, mag coup d’ etat ‘yan.”

Eh ‘di nakikinig ako ay — ‘yan si General [garbles] ‘yung Presidential Commander ng Presidential Guard.

Eh itong mga intrigador, si medic — itong mga Pampagueño syempre.

“Mayor sabi ni ano, hindi ka raw tatagal.”

“Sino may sabi?”

“Si ano, sabi niya ganun, doon sa kapehan sa…”

Sabi ko kay Bong, “Tawagan mo ‘yung p***** i**** ‘yan.”

Sabi niya… Ay unfortunately nandoon nga. [laughter] Pag bigay ni Bong, sabi ko, “Ikaw si kwan?”


Sabi ko, “P***** i** ka l**** ka. ‘Di man kaya ako magtagal, unahin kita, nasaan ka?” [laughter] “Nasaan ka? Huwag kang magtago p***** i** mo hahanapin kita. Papatayin kita sa harap ng tao. Magpakulong ako letse ka. San ka?”

Andito lang ako sa Davao kasi may p***** i** may pera ‘yan, nagdevelop ng 100 hectares. Oo. Resort diyan sa Samal Ah talo ka pa? Ano?

Eh ‘yung resort mo small time man ‘yan. One hundred hectares. Kaya sabi ko, “Taga saan ka?”

Sabi niy, “Nandito sa Seda, Mayor.”

“Huwag kang umalis diyan, p***** i** mo hintayin mo ako.

Tapos sabi ko kay [unclear] “May puntahan ako, ako lang mag-isa. Huwag kayong sumunod.”

Eh punta na akong Seda. Tapos ‘pag balik ko — ‘pag baba ko sinabi ko ulit sa kanila, “Huwag kayong magsunod.” Eh ‘di ako lang ANG pumasok doon.

Sabi ko, “Saan ‘yung kwarto mo at anong number?” Katok na ako.

‘Pag bukas niya, p***** i**, “Mayor, anong kasalanan ko?”

“P****** i** kasalanan mo kasi duwag ka, l**** ka. Patayan tayo dito.”

Gagawin ko sa kanya, tignan mo. Eh umalis kayo diyan. Kung hindi, ipakain ko ‘yung… ‘Yan ang problema diyan eh. You actually — you actually f*** the money of the people.

Libre binigay ko sa iyo, isauli mo [garbles]. ‘Yung Undersecretary ngBbudget namin. ‘Yung Undersecretary ng Budget, wala kang pera? Hindi sa lahat ng panahon may project ka punta kayo sa kanya.

Wala sa GAA. Kung wala sa GAA, mahihirapan ka. So maghanap ka ngayon. Puntahan ka ng tao na ito, siya ang magpunta doon sa budget nung sinipa ko sa mukha.

Ginanun ko talaga, p***** i** ka. Eh [garbles] sapatos ko doon…

Tapos siya ang magbigay, may cut siya. Ang negosyo… Buti na lang itong mga korporasyon ninyo, maghingi sa inyo, okay lang.

P*** dito pa sa akin? Ay. Kaya gobyerno… Kaya ako sabihin ako diktador. Ah diktador talaga. Kasi kung walang — kung hindi ako diktador, sinong maniwala sa akin?

Eh ‘yung sabi mag-ano mag-si — ipabili na ‘yung sabi ni Sid, General Lapeña. ‘Yan mahusay ‘yan, Davao rin ‘yan.

Sabi ko, “Sid, sunugin mo.” Sabi niya, “Ha?” “Oo. Sirain mo. P***** i** ‘yan.” Kung wala wala, kung mayroon siya wala tayo, ‘di wala lahat.

T*** i** sinuswerte eh, sinira ko. Maraming umiyak. Ang masama dito sa Davao ang malas. Isang bagong Mercedes Benz at dalawang brand new Land Cruiser.

Sabi ko, “Tadtarin mo ‘yan.” Ang iba naman embargohin tapos eh gamitin na lang daw muna. Mas lalo tayong matamaan niyan.

Embargohin, seizure, forfeited, eh ‘di atin na. So kung gusto ko daw, ‘yung Land Cruiser muna. Kaya kayong taga Davao, word of our light. Alam niyo man ‘yan.

Ayan bantayan niyo ako pag-uwi, pick-up lang ako. Hanggang ngayon pick-up man’yan. Nagpapapili ba ako na? Komportable lang ako sa nasanayan. ‘Yun ang…

So there is a total ban now of workers to Kuwait. And I have given the — Bello 72 hours. Seventy-hours to go there and pick up the Filipinos na gustong umuwi.

Now kung gusto ni Lucio Tan na sweety-sweety kami eh ‘di magpadala siya ng limang eroplano doon. Pakatapos libre doon pa ako magkain sa kanya bukas ng gabi. [Laughter and applause]

Hindi. Totoo ‘yan. Bakit ginawa ko? Kung totoo ‘yan, I mean ‘wag mo ‘yang sabihin sa kanya. Six billion. Seven billion? Ilang Presidente dumaan dito? Kolekta?

Sinabi ko sa kanya, “Ten days. ‘Pag hindi, kunin ko ‘yang mga eroplano mo, ipagbenta ko diyan sa bakalan.” [laughter and applause] 

Marami ‘yan. Ako, hindi ako nagmamakalinis ah. Huwag mong sabihin na ako nagpapa-corny dito, na ako ganito. Pareho rin tayo na ano. I have faults. Plenty, as a matter of fact. More than yours.

Pero alam mo, ang malas pati nitong komunista, magkaibigan kami niyan kasi left talaga ako. Hindi ko sinasabi na ako member ng Communist Party. Alam ng military ‘yan.

Left talaga ako kasi dumating kami dito sa Davao, itong ano na ito, lugar ni — kay Dominguez man ito classmate ko ‘yan. Sonny? May-ari nito. Pero bright talaga ‘yan.

Valedictorian nung grade school kami hanggang… Ah baka na-expelled ako sa Ateneo second year, so I was not there sa ano. Pero ka-batch ko ‘yan.

Puro bright ‘yan. Totoo. Lorenzana, valedictorian ‘yan. General, valedictorian. Si Vit Aguirre, cum laude. Dalawa lang silang cum laude. Nawala ang buhok niya sa kaka-aral. O ayan sige.

Hindi ka magkwento ng 70. Eh ako 75, diyan sa Legarda, ‘pag baba mo doon sa bridge mayroong tindahan, ice cold beer. Chilled.

Doon kami nagbabasa kami ng libro my jukebox pa. [laughter] Si — lahat ‘yan sila.

Art Tugade, valedictorian namin sa klase. Lahat ‘yan sila, valedictorian. Ako? Mr. 75. Ang — naghinakit lang ako kasi itong mga bright na ‘to nauna — seven years ako. Ako ‘yung original K-12. [laughter]

Seven years ako sa high school [laughter and applause]. ‘Yung anak ko si Veronica, “Pa, sabihin mo diyan kay Secretary Briones bakit man pahaba-habain pa nila.”

Sabi ko, “Nak, kalma ka lang. Eh baka itong balik sa atin ito, ‘yung Tatay mo seven years high school ‘yan.”

Ako kasi hindi ako nagmamadali. Kung magsabi layas tayo, pasyal, okay lang. Tanan ng babae, okay lang. Tutal isauli mo man ‘yan kay hanapin man talaga ng nanay. [laughter]

Ngayon ‘pag ano ‘pag late, late ako. Pero alam mo minsan ang Panginoong Diyos, sabi niya, “Kayong mga bright diyan. Kayong mga bright na kilala ni Duterte, magpila kayo sa Malacañan, mag-apply kayo kasi ang boss ninyo naghihintay na doon kay maraming utos para sa bayan.”

So ‘yung 75 ito ngayon ang boss ng mga 95. [laughter and applause] Ganyan lang ang buhay. That’s life.

But there are certain, I said, we all have our faults. I am going, but alam mo ma-ano rin ako kasi marami akong sa Bisaya “apan,” english is but of the matter. Sa Tagalog, ano ‘yung pag-translate ng y*** na ‘yan? Paano sabihin? Pero. So ganun.

So I appreciate it very much kasi naghintay kayo sa akin at ‘yung iba naman, kasi ‘yung iba ‘pag ayaw bigla na lang mawala. Magtindig na. Ipahuli kita ng PSG ngayon, balik ka diyan. [laughter]

Hindi, I’d like to welcome you to the city. I’m not the mayor anymore but you’ll find that relatively, I’m not saying it’s an absolute thing, but relatively, you’re better off just walking there, wala namang… Dito wala masyadong shabu. Wala masyadong kidnapper. Patay na eh. [laughter]

Eh ‘di sabihin naman nung puti… ‘yung black na, “Tama pala ang sinabi mo.” Storya lang ‘yan, maniwala ka pala?

I am now… I am a worker of government precisely to administer. If you have any question now, tell me. Or ask me so that I can respond properly. Or ganito ‘yan. I’ve told you, anybody of you complaining about corruption, go to Malacañan because I will have a space for you in my schedule.

Kaya ‘yung natalo doon sa bidding, ‘yun ang nag-complain doon sa frigate, dalawa. Ang naglagay sa pangalan ni Bong, kasi ipa-endorse ‘yan eh. Bong —  Kasi… There’s nothing wrong there. Wala na… He’s complaining kasi bakit ‘yung winning, bakit hanggang ngayon walang order of delivery?

Kasi nga nag-away si Mercado pati si Lorenzana. Gusto ni Mercado ‘yung Hyundai, ‘yung original na Hyundai na kanyang — Gusto ni Mercado, palitan ng iba. Ayaw ni Lorenzana kasi matagal na. ‘Yun lang naman pinag — Walang pera.

But you know, I don’t know, gusto niya na ibang armas. Sabi ni Lorenzana, huwag mo nang pakialaman ‘yan kasi ang armas, dala na doon sa purchase. And that was purchased during the time of Aquino. Si Gasmin ang nag-sign diyan sa contract.

Walang pakialam ‘to. Naglagay lang si — Nilagay lang Bong. Kaya nung sinabi nila na nag-intervene tapos tumawag, may Senate investigation. Sabi ko “Bong…” Kay sinabi sa kanya, na [garbled], sige lang, tutal Executive session.

Sabi ko: ‘Yan ang huwag mong gawin, Bong. Demand an open and transparent public hearing. And demand how this came about, the original. Para makita and that it may be to their sorrow, lalabas talaga ‘yan diyan. Kung bakit nagku-compete silang dalawa, maglagay ng —

At huwag kang pumayag ng secret-secret meeting diyan. Harap-harapan.

Sabihin mo: “O, ‘yan ang nangyari.Hindi ko nakita ‘yan.” Hindi naman talaga niya nakita ‘yung papel. Kaya diretso man. Kasi military-military. Bakit pa siya makaalam? Diretso na ‘yan doon to comment. Hindi si Bong. Si Mercado. [inaudible] Wala kami pakialam diyan. Sabi ko nga sa inyo and if I am found lying, you can ask me publicly, any one of you, may kilala kayo sa Malacañan. Walang commercial document na umaabot sa Malacañan.

Kung ikaw Cabinet member, the Department of Highways, iyo ‘yan. Hindi ako makialam. Huwag mong ipadala sa akin for approval. Kasi noon, in the past, magdaan doon kasi ‘pag mga kasi — Si Medialdea walang pakialaman, hindi dumaan sa kanya ‘yan.

Pagka kay Sonny Dominguez ‘yan, iyo ‘yan. Ang problema iyo pati ang solusyon. Wala akong pakialam. There will never be a time that my even a little of effort na magtingin ako ng dokumento. Wala ako. I do not call. Pareho man kayo military. Tanungin ninyo, makikinig.

I do not call — I did not even call Jagger. The only time that I called si Jag was ‘yung ceasefire tapos nag-violate ang NPA. Sabi na mag-ceasefire, binaril nila ‘yung sundalo ko, dalawa, patay. Tapos ‘yung pulis doon sa Cagayan.

Tinanong ko ‘yung mga doctor doon, “Ilang tama ang sundalo?” Ang sagot sa akin ng mga sundalo, “73 gunshot wounds.” So bale isang magazine is 25. Bale tatlong magazine iniwaswas nila doon. Doon ako nagalit, tinawagan ko si — That was the only time nag-usap kami.

Sabi ko, “Jag, I am abbreviating the period.” They declared February 8, February 4 nangyari ‘yun. Sabi ko, “Resume na tayo.”

Ngayon, sabihin ng human rights, giyera ‘to. Sinabi ko sa kanila, ‘pag may mga NPA mag-hawak ng baril, you’re just a trigger pull away, patayin mo. Kasi tamaan mo sa paa. Makatama pa ‘yan. Ang Human Rights: “Ah, Duterte talagang bayolente.”

G*** ka ba? [inaudible] pagkatapos, tapusin mo para — human rights.

Itong mga left, “Rebolusyon ang kailangan… “US – Duterte.” P***** i**, kailan ba ako naging Amerikano? [laughter] ‘Di nga. Totoo. I don’t know that. Hindi ako nakikiusap ng Amerikano. Ang ambassador lang. Ang nag-uusap ang military, Armed Forces of the Philippines, pati Armed Forces.

Hindi ako nakikisali diyan. Alam mo bakit? Ayaw ko makipag-usap diyan. [inaudible]

Magsalita ‘yung sarhento, akala mo colonel ang p***. Ayaw ko makipag-usap. Wala akong ano sa Amerika. Maraming magaganda doon. Pero — Kaya ‘yung — when Trump invited me.

Kasi itong dalawang senador, sabi nila na, “If Duterte will come here, I will participate in the protest.” T*** i**. You are too presumptuous. Whoever told you that I will be going there? [laughter]

Nagpunta talaga ako noon kasi nanganak ‘yung… anak ko si Veronica. ‘Yan lang naman ang buhay ko, sa anak lang. ‘Yung mga nanay, isali na lang natin kay nandiyan na, magsumbong eh. What is important to me ismy children. Kaya dalawa ang asawa ko.

Sabi nila mayabang daw ako, parang chauvinist pig. Eh totoo naman. Maghanap ka ng presidente dito na pag-inaugurate, ‘yung isang asawa nandoon, isang asawa dito. Bakit ‘di mo ipagyabang ‘yan?  Sa kanila isa kasi takot. [laughter]

Ako, takot ako kay Inday. [laughter] Mahiyain ang nanay niyan, yayariin ka niyan. Bantay ka diyan kay Inday. Ay, maldita ‘yan. [laughter]

Bantay kayo kay Inday. You might not really — Maldita ‘yan. Mahirap ‘yan kaya hindi mo ma-ano ‘yan. Kalaban ng komunista. Alam mo bakit? Colonel ‘yan sa Armed Forces. Reserve. Isang battalion ‘yang tao niya dito na —

So that’s my life actually. I was regaling you with my style. But it’s because also of the circumstances. I mean no rudeness to everybody here and to the Arabs who are here na wala man akong ano. I…

I’m just trying to — it’s a cry, a pleading for help actually. Huwag naman ganun. Please do not do it. After all, my countrymen are also human beings like you.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]


— END —