DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Meeting with LGU from Visayas, Mindanao. 12 Feb 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City | 12 February 2018]

Salamat sa inyong kurtesiya.

So the National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana; Interior and Local Government Officer-in-Charge Eduardo Año and other members the Cabinet; elected local officials and chief executives from the Visayas and Mindanao; mga kaigsuunan nako.

Again, I am provided with a speech — a written one… I cannot convey what I wanted to say dito kung magbasa ako nito.

I know that I’m late. I am very sorry, please pardon me. The meeting with the command conference sa military guys and the police took longer than we expected.

Nandito, Mr. President, we are live. Takot man ito sila mag… Takot ito ‘yan sila mag — mag- ano mag p*******, ayaw dumikit, ‘yan.

Ibig sabihin ‘wag kang magmura. Ang taong galit nagmumura talaga kasi kahit anong sabihin mo. The last time was — the other day I went home to Davao. I was given a briefer of the so many Filipinas suffering wounds, hematomas and all because of the brutality of some, I said some, but not all Arabs.

Ang problema dito culture. Ayaw kong sabihin… ‘Di ko gustong… Which do you prefer Tagalog? Limitado ang Tagalog ko eh.

Ayaw ko sanang sabihin ito pero once upon a time when I was a congressman, three Filipinas, one from Kidapawan and the other two from Toril, Davao City who were arrested by the religious police for distributing itong rosaryohan, ‘yang rosary.

And so they were in the house almost everyday. So sinabi ng kasama ko sa bahay, “Why don’t you do anything…Suwayi (try)…” I went to Riyadh and pleaded with King Fahd for their release and it was granted but I was told to talk to my counterpart.

And I was a member of the law and order committee of — sa Congress noon, Golez si congressman ang aming… So ako ‘yung may importante — because there were also a lot of guys with me, I invited along the Moro congressmen to make it — the access easier for me to reach the Palace.

But sinabi nila, “you talk to your counterpart.” So I went to the Parliament and I had this opportunity to talk with the guy who was ruling that day, I forgot his name. And he was very frank with me and he said that, you know, not all but some stupid idiots are also here and they take it as a cultural matter. It’s not a custom, a cultural habit that if one works for you as a slave — bought from the slave markets of Africa and the Middle East — or you are working for them and you are getting paid especially in the domestic environment, rape is always included in the services.

Hindi ko… I could not say it right after because I was sure as I am now that I will create a lot of cobwebs in the minds of the husbands, you know. Isipin nila and if that sus — if that — ano ‘yung suspicion will go on sa utak nila, it will lead to something like jealousy and physical — you know, the mind works you know when you — judgment is best when you condemn a person.

Wala naman mga kasalanan ‘yan kung talagang nire-rape. Hindi ko masabi noon kasi ayaw ko ng — to create an uproar in the minds of the Filipino husbands here.

But when I went down, pag-landing namin I was shown by this script of the DFA and a photo doon ‘yung — a Filipina was placed in a freezer for almost one year. Kaya talaga ako sabi ko, the usual refrain is ministerial talks, diplomatic, ganun talaga ang nangyari.

Year after year, after — case after case, ganun. Sabi ko noong nakita ko na — sabi ko, hindi ko na ito kaya. I will not keep silent because I am outraged. Galit ako.

Kaya namut****i** ako, tapos sinabi ko — well, Bebot Bello wanted it a suspension the other night, I said, “no”. I will opt to ban totally ‘yung deployment of Filipinos in Kuwait.

Then I added ‘yan eh singilan na kasi ‘yan eh. ‘Pag masama na ang loob mo, singilan na ‘yan. ‘Yan ang… [Anong tawag sa Bisaya nitong..?] Murag maningil na’g utang kabubut-on (It’s like they’re asking us to repay a debt of gratitude.)
So ang naisip ko ‘yung pinakamadaling — not really to insult them but to just make them realize that what they are doing is really a terrible thing that can happen to my country. They are being raped, they are being killed, injured, and hanggang diyan lang.

All the years ‘pag may Pilipina na ano, mag-uwi dito sa pamilya, iyakan sa airport, then somebody from Labor starts to negotiate and maybe agree on a certain modality of how things will turn out to be. There was never really a serious investigation coming from their side, which is not the case in outside.

Ngayon sabi ko, when Iraq was invaded by America, kay itong anak si Bush. We were maybe — I don’t know. The Americans are everywhere. At the behest of the Americans maybe we sent about 700 doctors and nurses there to maintain an equilibrium so that Iraq will not try to invade Kuwait again. Kasi they were driven out by the American forces panahon ng tatay. That was the first invasion of Iraq. And this time, Iraq was also preparing again to strike back at Kuwait.

So ang Amerika on a pretext of a false statement there were weapons of mass destruction, went ahead and invaded Iraq but invited us. I said, I really do not know why we were there.

Seven hundred of our medical corps nagpunta doon. Kaya sabi ko, “is this how you repay — is this the way of gratitude you are showing to us?”

What have we done? Anong kasalanan ng mga kababayan namin? What are the sins that they committed that you have to maul them, hurt them, broke their whatever, rape…? Ang unang mag-rape ‘yung employer tapos ibigay niya sa anak, tapos ibigay ng anak sa mga barkada niya.

That is what happens there. And everybody was keeping a blind eye. Sabi ko, t*** i**, hindi ko na kaya ‘to. Kaya sabi ko nagputok ako. Eh ‘yung iba bahala kayo, basta ako hindi ko matanggap ‘yan.

So there are now about three or four guys from Kuwait, they are waiting in Manila. Sabi ko, maghintay kayo diyan. I’m not in the mood of talking to anybody. Marami akong problema sabi ko, don’t… Don’t f*** with me, you go.

Kaya nagpunta naman ako dito in a different — my anger is not really — but at the situation. The terrorists are spreading all throughout the Philippines, you know that.

I am not mad at the Maranaos for they are even my blood brothers. But I am angry at the terrorist whether he is a foreigner or not.

Kaya ko kayo ipinatawag para malaman ninyo ang sitwasyon that there is a brewing — a regrouping — a brewing a trouble because of the regrouping of some terrorists cells there, mga sleepers even in Cebu and Mindanao.

That corridor there between Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur papuntang Buldon then to Maguindanao, it’s a very dangerous place, they are there.

Ako naman ayaw ko ng gulo. Kung maaari lang gusto kong mag-usap lang tayo. Because I know that there is a more valid reason to be fighting there but it is — that right does not give it to anybody to just go there and fight.

Ang galit ng mga Moro is, which is really true, that when Mindanao was divided by the Americans at — and opened it for exploitation — they were sloganeering “go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise”.

They never thought of the descendants of Adam and Eve there, much ahead. So, before Magellan landed here in — somewhere in Leyte, Islam was thriving already amongst the tribe of Mindanao.

Islam na ang Mindanao. Kaya ‘pag Kristiyanos ka or if you’re not a Maranao, Maguindanao, Iranun, Sama, Kagan, Tausug, pati itong isang sila Salapuddin sa Basilan, hindi ka taga-Mindanao.

You are not originals there. If you — your culture is salita mo Bisaya kasi lahat naman tayo puro may tribo eh.

In the ancient times, Cebu was called Sugbu and the tribe a Sugbuanon. At itong mga Ilonggo, kaya Ilonggo nga sila pero ang tribe nila Hiligaynon.

Pero hindi na umabot ang — if you Lapu- Lapu and Raja Soliman. They are really Filipino Moro. Well at that time not yet kasi wala pang — pagdating ni Magellan he landed somewhere in Leyte then brought his cannons, gunpowder, muskets, and swords.

And so bludgeoned everybody into submission as Christians. And the record of that religion is — I had an occasion to study in the archives when I was a congressman, I took time to read. They were really ahead sa Mindanao.

This is a place — the situation was created by the colonials. Even Sulu, walang nakarating na Amerikano doon ‘yung panahon noon, not even a footprint.

But you know, I had — I really cannot trace why na pati ‘yung Jolo and to their sorrow, they were made part of the Republic of the Philippines and yet not one except in Zamboanga lang sila.

So ‘yun ang totoo diyan. They never fought in Jolo because nobody was there at that time, think of it. Five hundred years has passed. Do you think you could find one? Wala ‘yan pero nasali sila.

No at that time, the Philippines was really big. Mindanao was five times vacant than the mountains now. Walang kasalanan ‘to, tayo. Because ang tatay ko taga-rito sa Danao, Cebu. But they were in their sloganeering, that they go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise.

Why? Nobody was willing to work for them because they were, most of them are — mga sundalo Protestant. Islam sila eh. So they had to invent a sloganeering, go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise.

And they started to divide the land through homestead. Then introduced the Torrens title. Not really realizing that there were — there are until — they are the children of the original Malay who were there because Asia was part of the Sri Visayas Empire.

So they had every right to go wherever they want to go because it was claimed by a kingdom. Ngayon pagpasok ng Amerikano, massacre dito massacre doon. And even in Samar, and two congressmen says that ‘wag daw isauli kasi the underpinnings of a sacrifice of a soldier. And the order was handwritten: turned it into a howling wind country and massacred everybody.

You do not want to return the bell? Fine. What’s the reason? Ako bakit? Because it was at the expense of lives, of blood. Kung kinuha lang nila ‘yon wala silang pinatay, okay lang sa akin. Ano ba naman ‘yung bell? Eh ‘di maggawa tayo nang bago.

Pero ito pinatay nila mga bata, pinatay nila lahat. Ayaw nilang isauli, eh ‘di ‘wag. Someday, not now, but in the fullness of God’s time someday, okay lang. So that is really the history.
Talagang galit sila. So now, mayroon naman sigurong — I called for everybody, I’m sure there is a Moro or two, three, four of them, you are here. Alam ninyo ‘yan. So, hindi ko kayo kalaban because ang nanay ko Maranao.

Pero I have to protect the country because when I took my oath of office, I said to you in a sentence, “I took my oath to preserve the Republic of the Philippines and to protect the people.”

Kaya ako mainit diyan sa mga issue na ganoon lalo na sa tao. Maybe you have not witnessed the kind of character from the previous presidents.

Sabi nila, bastos daw ako. Talagang bastos ako. Walang problema ‘yan.Magsalita ako, nagpuput******* i** daw ako, o talagang nagpuput***** i** ako, walang problema ‘yan.

Noong nagkakampanya ako dito sinasabi ko na y*** lahat na ng mura p******* i**.

You elected me as President, o you get a p****** i** speaker dito. Wala tayong magawa. You know I got 15 million, six million of which was really my majority over the next guy.

And you heard me during the campaign. So? What was my promise? To keep the Philippines peaceful, that is now being an — in danger of… Kaya gusto ko kayong mag-prangkahan tayo.

Kayong mga Moro, kayong mga Kristiyanos, puro man tayo trabahante ng gobyerno, eh ‘di mas mabuti na ‘yung mag-klaro-klaro dito.

I called for you is — the reason is I need your toil and work. I am not asking for it nor am I pleading for it. It is your duty to help your country. Ang sinabi ko nga sa inyo noon eh, “Do not commit the mistakes sa drugs talagang hihiritan ko kayo.”

It gives a bad taste in the mouth kay mayor lang din ako eh. What am I doing here, threatening? I am not threatening. I am here just to remind you na kung pwede lang huwag kasi magkaka-engkwentro talaga tayo.

That is why sabi ko noon kay General Año, “be there because ikaw ‘yung DILG.” If I see a place and the governance is not working because it is flowing with drugs and everything. I told him to investigate and file the charges.

Neglect of duty, serious neglect of duty, or really worst is you are into prot — karamihan diyan judges pati prosecutor. Marami ‘yan.

I was once a fiscal once upon a time, I was doing trial work for almost nine years. Alam ko ‘yan. So ‘yung iba sa takot — ayaw nang mag-witness, ang uban pud mabayran (some are getting paid), judges and fiscals, and all, and they can buy — pati pulis binibili.

And drugs is really the one cause that is — that’s why we are deteriorating. We can make it as a nation, actually. If we just cooperate with each other, we can make this nation, not really great as great, but a workable, comfortable country for all.

Ang problema ang drugs. Well, I thought I said I’d finish it in six months. I did not know then, that even the police generals were — were into it. And there are about 14,000 sa aming record, policemen who are addicts sa drugs.

I do not know of any mayor, except ‘yung — well, makikita mo ‘yun — one indication is they — they grind their teeth. Kaya kita mo lahat ng ano ubos ‘yung ano. Ang sasama ng oral environment.

And ang problema nito, there are countries, I don’t know why, kaya kailangan akong mag-report sa inyo eh.

There are countries, which are really oblivious to what’s happening. And there are ships, trawlers that are no longer of use commercially na ginagawa nila ang — niluluto nila ‘yung droga diyan sa high seas at tinatapon nila ‘yan, nilalagyan nila ng — anong tawag nito? ‘Yung magbi-beep.

And there — that’s why you see a lot of those blue bins being thrown outside, then it — kukunin ng GPS, kasi nagsi-signal, kukuha nila. ‘Di paano ang laban ko kung — ilang ships ‘yan sa international waters? I cannot police them because they are in the international waters, but it’s already UN.

Napaka-i***** naman nitong UN sa totoo lang. They have not stopped wars, they have not even succeeded in protecting minorities all around the world being — tapos ako pa dito ang idemanda ng ICC, ngayon? Buang.

But do not mind me, I can take care of myself. If I get convicted, do not cry, I’d be happy to die. Sabihin mo, I want a place where they allow firing squads, bring me there and shoot me.

Wala kayong problema. Ang inyo trabaho lang. May guidance ako sa military pati pulis, radical talaga. Kasi sabi ko na hindi ako diktador. Sabi nila, “Diktador, admitted.” Eh ‘yung mga t******, mga — hindi man tumatanggap.

If I do not dictate — If I just allow everybody to implement the law on their own good sweet time, walang mangyari talaga, alam ninyo ‘yan. Walang gumagalaw.

Cars are being smuggled. ‘Yung dito nagalit pa kasi bago daw, i-demanda ako. Eh ‘di mas mabuti. Hindi man ako — sige, mag-import ka pa diyan, kay pati sunod pati ikaw na i-bulldozer ko sa — pasok kita diyan sa kotse mo, kasali ka diyan na…

Wala eh, kasi ‘yung smuggling nandiyan. There is no consignee, it’s fictitious. They wait for a few months, this corrupt Customs office will advise them that they — there is an auction sale. And after that — ‘yung silang nag — eh alam ninyo ‘yan.

Cebu is famous for that. Cebu, itong port ng Cebu? P*****. Ayan, sige, pagka-auction time, sila lang rin ang tawagan. May auction time dito. Kaya nagagalit ‘yan siya because maybe she was waiting or they were waiting for the auction time, which never came because I ordered the destruction of the…

Sabi ko walang mag-direkta ng ganun. There can never be a respite of what we are undergoing. Eh pagka ganun, sabi ko kung — if I am that lousy and inutil as your president, frankly, I will resign. Bibitaw ako.

Una, sabihin ko, baka mali nga talaga ang desisyon ko. It was no longer the appropriate time to make a decision to run for President. But since I am here, ang sinabi ko, simple lang.

Nandito ako sa Cebu nagmumura ako. Anong sinabi ko? I will stop corruption and I will do it. I will do it. Then I will stop drugs. ‘Yung dalawang ‘yan, corruption, ginagawa ko. ‘Yung drugs, na-demanda na nga ako. ‘Wag kayong magkompiyansa sa akin, p***** i** talagang…

Then sabi ko, I will work on the peace and order. Then I will talk to the enemies of the state so that we can have an agreements that will help us pass through this planet peacefully.

Kausap ko ‘yung mga — that’s why it’s important, because I’ve been warning you na ‘pag walang solusyon itong — my sole singular reason why I am pushing for it is because there will be war. Sigurado ‘yan. Sigurado ‘yan.

And kayong mga Moro leaders, sabihin niyo ‘yung totoo. So ang nag-hold ngayon is the MI pati MN. Problem is started this way. We were able to talk to them for so many years, but when — remember that when Aquino went to Jolo to talk to Misuari, she was the first one to promise the territorial restructuring and the promise — the promises made that there will be a federal setup with a strong devolved powers to the local regional states.

‘Yan ang worry ko. Wala na akong iba. I am not… Sabi ko nga eh, puro generals ito, Esperon, Año, Lorenzana and the soldiers. If I overstay for one year, shoot me because you are not implementing the Constitution.

I do not — dictator? Susmaryosep. Para naman akong — hiniya ko ang… My mama was — started — one of those only four persons who started the Yellow Friday in Davao. They used to march in the streets, sila lang, walang nagpapansin.

At on the stage diyan city hall, minumura niya ‘yung mga sundalo eh kasi mga sundalo nandiyan sa harap niya eh. And those were the dark days of martial law.

Bakit ako magsa — why — bakit nila ako — i-compare nila ako kay Marcos? Hero man si Marcos. Why don’t you give that honor… Ang mga Ilocano, gusto si Marcos hero nila. Do not deprive them of their hero.

In the same manner, tayo dito, kaya may bagong order, the Order of Lapu-Lapu. You know Lapu-Lapu killed that son of a b***** na si Magellan.

He came here to conquer our country. O gitigbas (chopped off) siya ni Magellan. Now, in the roles of our heroes, wala si Magellan. But he was the first one to kill for our country at that time, invaders eh.

Ano bang ginawa? Sabi ko sa National Commission, “anong ginawa ninyo sa hero namin?” T*** i**, ginawa niyong isda. Ginaprito, escabeche. [laughter] Tinolang lapu — p***** i**.

Kaya sabi ko the first thing that I will do is that I will create the Order of Lapu-Lapu. Every soldier that was wounded in Marawi na wounded, lahat sila may medals. ‘Yung mga valor, bihira ibinibigay ‘yan. Congressional medal of honor, I do not think it will be given. Somebody should get it this… ‘Yung mga purple lad.

Isip-isip ko paano ‘yung tinamaan ng… matunok ka lang og thumbtacks, magkiang-kiang ka na eh. So kanina may inaward ako dito tinamaan sa drug bust. Wala man kahintuan ito.

Kaya kung hindi kayo maggalaw because 40 percent — prangkahan ko kayo ha — 40 percent of the total barangays in the Philippines are contaminated with shabu. They’re about 9,000 barangay captains into drugs. O how can I control? Maubusan ako ng panahon.

Kaya sabi ko sa pulis pati military, “work on it.” I will… I take full responsibility of the consequences of the drug campaign against drugs whether intended or not. It will be my sole, singular responsibility, and I will answer alone.

Sabi ko sa mga pulis — “go ahead,” for as long as you do a thing, I said whether intended or not, and there is some consequences which you did not foresee, because I ordered it, I will take full responsibility. Walang problema.

You hear the same statement when that lady comes. I’m waiting. Tingnan ko kung gaano siya… A few questions ‘yan kaming dalawa lang. If she decides to file a case, I will place her in the… I will cross-examine her there in the International Court of Justice. And she will find out that she’s doing it wrong.

Ako wala naman ako sabi ko, kung mamatay ako, matanda na ako. Lahat ng damgo (dreams), nakumpleto ko na. All my dreams, all the accolades, all the applause, tapos na ako diyan. I do not need it really.

If I complete the presidency, kung magpayag ‘yung… Kung hindi ako patayin, I would have stayed in politics for four, three years.

Ako wala na ako, I cannot seek re-election. I cannot even run as a kagawad. O ‘di manabla na lang ko. But you have to — you have to — do not — do not destroy this country.

When I was mayor, I said, “I am not a policeman, I am not a soldier. I am just an ordinary person. And I am building a city. Please do not destroy it. Otherwise, I will kill you.” Paano kami aangat nito?

Davao was barren and as early as 7 o’clock, wala ka nang makitang tao. Now, you see Davao. It has… Davao has the highest growth rate — growth, economic development, nine. Kaya malaki na ang Davao.

When I was President, I said the same thing: Do not destroy my country. I am building a country to make it comfortable for everybody. Do not destroy the young, our young people, because if you do it, I will really kill you.

So what’s wrong with the statement? Can I not threaten criminals who would want to do destroy this generation or my country or vis-à-vis? Bakit mo ako hulihin? Sabi mo you hear it often from Duterte. It’s a legitimate warning to everybody. And something else,

meron pa akong — pero I will not telegraph it to them.

And it will remain until the last day of my term kung buhayin ako. So itong ano — be careful about because there are ano… There are administrative rules that you have to follow. Please do not allow… Use your police.

If I have not taken out that authority, then use it, use them. And do not allow them to be abusive or corrupt or into drugs. Kung may pulis ka na ganun, patayin mo. Anong silbing pulis na ‘yun? Foolishness.

You can always go to General Año. You can tell him that his policemen are behaving miserably in your city and he can do it because mas istrikto ‘to kasi former military men eh.

Now, why is it that puro military halos? Matagal na man tayo sa gobyerno. Ang Cabinet members, they have only one month to work on the papers. Directors, bantay kayo sa akin, marami pa. They have only 15 days to do it. Huwag mong pabalik-balikin ang tao kasi gawain mo lang ng — ‘yung pabalik ‘yang pabalik- balik.

In Davao City, we promise business permits within three days. Longer? Meron na ‘yan. Pagka inupuan mo ‘yang papel, meron diyan. Alam ninyo ‘yan, meron talagang humihingi if not you. By the way, my apologies, if not you. Ganun ‘yan eh. It takes forever.

So sabihin ko kay General Año, conduct an audit, a survey. Pagkakita mo na — even the judges. Maraming judges dito sa Pilipinas corrupt; fiscal, corrupt. Sabagay, maliit lang kasi ang sweldo rin eh.

Mabuti’t na lang itong Armed Forces pati police, I promised them na during the campaign that if I win, I’ll double their salary. Or would it be nice to do it after the Marawi siege? Matapos nang maraming patay, sabihin ko meron kayong doble. Buti’t na lang nasali ko doon sa campaign, alam ko kasi because I am from Mindanao and I knew that this thing will happen verily.

Kaya ‘yung unang command conference namin, nandiyan ‘yan sila, they never talked — they were, you know, apprising me of everything. And at the end of the meeting, sabi ko bago tayo magtindig, “you guys I’d like to tell you something, you forgot to work on this, and it’s really terrorism.”

And I said, “I see the dark clouds ahead.” So when Hapilon was transferred from Jolo to Central Mindanao and made an emir, nandito na. Because ayan — maraming Maranao diyan. Usually, ang relations ng Maranao pati Tausug hindi maganda. Kaya nga — punta ka ng Jolo. Wala kang makitang Maranao doon. Wala kang makitang Maranao doon.

And these were the old fights before. Doon ko nga nakuha sa archives ‘yan eh ng Malaysia. Because before us, before the Spaniards, and that would be about 600 – 700 years ago, nung pumunta dito ‘yung mga evangelists ng Islam, may away na ‘yan sila.

Quarrels whose roots can be found in the Middle East — the Shiite pati Sunni. Noon pa, nagga-ganyanan na ‘yan sila. And the capital of the Shiite — Islam is Marawi.

All others, Sunni na ‘yan. ‘Yan sila mismo, meron ng bikil (conflict). May bikil na. Kinahanglan — dapat, you should be aware of that because the Muslims, Moros are spreading out not to fight but really to seek the goods of a developed place.

Kaya nandiyan ako maski saan, maski ‘yung mga pinsan ko ‘yung iba nandiyan sa Quezon City, “DVD, DVD, DVD, DVD.” ‘Yan ‘yan sila. Ganun kahirap ‘yan. Kaya maski saan, “DVD, DVD, DVD.” Hindi ba — ? Walang magagalit na Moro sa akin kasi Maranao ako. Huwag ninyo akong lokohin.

Kaya ‘yung mayor doon, maski isang salita lang. Kasi mga kadugo eh. Sinabing “Huwag mong gawain ‘yan.” Pero I’ve been to Abra during the election time, nandoon ‘yan sila. Meron lang ‘yan silang tent sa — just beside the sidewalk. Naaawa rin ako. It’s poverty.

Minsan dumudugo rin ang — kamiserable ba nito. Pero amongst them, merong pumapasok. Ano? Terorista. ‘Yan ang problema niyan.

Now, I… let me ask you bluntly kung gawain niyo ‘yan sa siyudad mo at lima pa o anim, kaya natin? Kaya natin? Ang unang puputok diyan, Basilan, Cagayan, maybe Davao. Maraming Moro. It’s not the Moro actually itong mga terorista — at pareho ang mukha eh.

Kaya ‘yung helicopter, itong Canada, gusto kong ipukpok sa ulo nila ‘yung kontrata. Nag-order tayo ng attack helicopters, helicopters, at saka apat na bago para sa akin. Palitan ‘yung helicopter ko kasi sabi nila medyo — it’s past midnight na sa…

Sabi ko sa kanila, military, “Huwag ninyo akong pansinin. Okay lang ako. I can make use of that. Lilipad pa ‘yan. Huwag lang matanggal ‘yung rotor baka mauna.” Sabi ko, “unahin ninyo ang mga…” So attack helicopters.

Itong g***** Canada, magpabili sila. Pero sabi nila, “Huwag mong gamitin sa mga citizens mo.” Hindi ko talaga gamitin ‘yan sa mga citizens ko, g***.

Ang problema, ang mga terorista, ang mga Indonesian, ang mga Malaysian, kamukha natin. How am I supposed now to really be — so discriminating in my… kung mag-dugdug. So bakit ako bibili — gamitin lang daw sa evacuation pati ‘yung mga humanitarian trips?

Sabi ko, bakit pa ako bibili ng helicopter kung ganun? Murag imo nang gi — [Bisaya ning y***?] — gikapon. Kinapon mo na. Eh ‘di sabi ko “Huwag na.” Sabi ko kay — sabi ko sa kanila, “maghanap kayo kung saan”. Adto mo’g Antique. Og wa na’y lain, palit mo’g lana ngadto, lima ka drum. (Translation: Go to Antique. If there’s none, buy five drums of oil there.)

Ayaw kasuko ha. (Don’t get mad.) Hindi man kasi — ‘yun man ang tatakot sa’yo na [imitates sound of an animal]. [laughter]

‘Yun ang diperensya diyan. So itong droga pati terrorism, sabay talaga ‘yan. Make use of your police. If they are not doing anything, sipain mo. P***** i** niya. Sipain mo or report to General Año. Sumbong mo kay General Año.

He was our Chief of Staff. Hindi man rin papayag ‘yan tatamad-tamad, lalo na corrupt na pulis. Pagka pulis pumasok kayo diyan, sinabi ko sa inyo, mauna talaga kayo. And remember, wala akong sinasabi, I’m just saying, relaying to a past event. Winarningan ko na kayo lahat.

Hindi ‘yung mga mayor ganun, lahat, Pilipino ba. Sinabi ko diyan pati mayor, “Huwag ninyong gawin.” And the following day, you go to me, in my office, bobolahin mo ako na, “Mayor, wala talaga, ganun.” And when as a matter of fact, isang kwartong shabu na.

And this mayor again in Mindanao, he killed his own policemen who did not obey him kasi ayaw sumunod because of the shabu operation. Eh kung ganun, patayin mo na lang ang mga taga-gobyerno, patayin mo ‘yung pulis ko, unahan kita or you will pay. You will pay.

Kaya hindi ako nagbibiro talagang sinabi ko na, “yayariin talaga kita.” Ayaw kong gumanon. Kung may problema ka, sabihin mo. If you cannot control, then I will send the Army at ituro mo lang kung sino ‘yan, kami na ang bahala.

Kung meron diyan na sabi mo “tigas,” “killer,” hindi ninyo kaya, paligsan ko pa na’g bulldozer (I will run him over by a bulldozer). Hindi ako magsasanto-santo ‘yung mga ganun.

You know, your failure can mean a suspension. I’m not threatening you. Just do your duty. I can suspend you, I can dismiss you from the service just like the Ombudsman.

And I can conduct my own investigation but I never do that because, you know, my father was governor of Davao many years ago. There was only one Davao. And they kept — kita mo, pareho ang pangalan. Davao Occidental, ‘yan si Governor Bautista, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, then Davao City, then Comval Valley.

It was really a huge place. So just making it very peaceful and clean was a job that was — a very tall order.

Alam ko ang ano kasi ako, ang tatay ko, pati ako, ngayon ang anak ko na, si Inday, huwag ninyong payagan na… Tutal may pulis kayo. Pagka inutil ‘yang pulis na ‘yan, sabihin — p***** i**, sasapakin ko pa ‘yan sa… Ayaw ko ng tamad-tamaran. They are there to perform their duties.

Ito namang komunista, masyadong mayabang. I terminated the ceasefire. Then ang sabi nila na, “kill one soldier a day.” O ako? Kill one NPA today and I will pay you 25,000. Kwenta-kwenta ko, mas makabarato ako eh. [applause] Totoo.

Kwenta ko, bayaran ko isang buhay diyan, maski gawain ko 5,000. O after four years mag-sige ako away, mas mura kung patayin kita. Tutal, sinabi na rin nila, “kill one soldier a day.” Sabi ko, “so you kill also one NPA and I will pay you. Magkapera ka pa.”

And I was addressing myself to the CAFGUs. Kasi ‘yung pumunta doon sa ‘yung nagsurrender, pinatay nila, beheaded, kaya ako nagalit.

Eh ngayon, kung ipapatay mo pa ‘yung pulis ko, eh ‘di sabihan ko rin ang pulis “Sige, go. Patayin mo.” Kay itong Sison na ‘to, mayabang.

Maniwala kayo sa p***** i**** ‘yan? Ang Diyos ninyo si Sison? Anong laman ng utak niyan eh kakabasa ng Karl Marx pati ‘yung Mao Tse-Tung na doctrine.

Kaya ‘yung nag-surrender dinala ko sa Malacañan o ito ‘yung Palasyo ninyo. I do not even call it Malac — Palace eh. You’ve never heard, never heard me saying “Palace”, “Palace”.

Pagka-corny niyang Palace, daan na kaayo. Tag-as pa’g hagdanan, kapoy kaayo tikang. [laughter] Amerikano ang sukod. Malalaki man ’yung mga buang na ‘yon. Espanyol ug kita kay gagmay ra ug tikang, kay gagmay pud tiil. T*** i**.

‘Yan ang paki-usap ko sa inyo. Kaya ako talagang gusto kong — wala kayong problema sa… Dito sinabi ko kay Diokno talagang lahat mabigyan. Wala akong kontra-partido, kontra-partido. Lahat kayo nabibigyan.

Pati ‘yung gusto ninyo na opisyal na gusto ninyo ibinigay ko sige inyo. I-recommend mo kung trabahante ito, eh ‘di sige. Pero do not allow them to corrupt there — everybody. Because one way or the other, talagang aabot sa iyo ‘yan. Pero sabihin mo lang na ito, hindi kami makipag… We cannot agree with each other on how to do it or what or what not.

O ‘di sige, para sa… So that your city, your municipality can move. I’m willing to… ‘Yung nawalaan ng authority sa pulis ibalik ko din ‘yan. I will wait for the recommendation of Secretary Año. Siya ‘yung mag-iimbestiga.

Sabi ko, kung sabihin niya na, “this guy is competent and able really to run a department, a police department,” eh ‘di kunin ko. Maglagay nalang ako diyan ng…

Kagaya kay Parojinog. You kill your policemen, now why would I give the authority over a police department when as a matter of fact, you’re killing them? Paghukay doon nalaman namin na pulis kasi ‘yung uniporme nila na blue.

Kita mong ka-g*** ng walang-hiya. Alam mo madali talaga magpatay ng tao pagka-ganoon ang pinapagawa.

‘Pag wala ako, totoo ‘yan. Takot ako sa mag — ‘yung tao na wala akong respeto, ay sus.

Pero if you are a moral person — mga pari? Ah diha pareho lang ‘tag sakit. [laughter] Akala mo kung sino magsalita pretending.

Sa election tapos na sinabi ko ‘di ba? Miting de Avance. O sige this is my proposal, lahat kayo ayaw ng extrajudicial killing, tapos gusto ninyong pumunta ng langit, at naniwala kayo sa obispo diyan kayo lahat. Sige, ngayon kung sino ‘yung may gusto ng extrajudicial killing at gustong pumunta ng impiyerno tutal nandoon naman lahat ng babae, wala naman sa langit ‘yan, langit pangit. [laughter] Lahat ‘yan magaganda sus. [laughter]

Wala, bago mag-asawa limang boyfriend tapos minsan kaliwain pa ‘yung… Pagkatapos, pareho man as equal— kung ano ‘yung… We are all humans eh.

Ano ‘yung ginagawa ng lalaki, ginagawa ng babae. Kaya nandoon sila sa—doon tayo sa impiyerno kay nandoon ‘yung magkakasala na magaganda. Walay mo’g kasa ug kanang buutan nga… Huwag kay baka magalit ‘yung madre. Pari sige’g saway-saway ang y***.

You know I have a book, it’s called the—I’m reading it, I’ll past it on to you. ‘Yung “Altar Secrets” meron na kayo nun? Nabasa na ninyo? Okay. Merong bago it’s about politics, lahat ng Pope dumaan, masusuka ka.

Kaya ako hindi na talaga ako… But I believe in God, I believe in Allah. Tama ‘yan isang Ginoo lang. Itong Katoliko sige tayo luhod-luhod diyan hindi natin alam kung sino ‘yang y*** na ‘yan.

‘Pag may pista dito san — San Pedro, ‘yung San Pedro church namin diyan sa Davao. Bakit ako punta diyan? Magbigay ka ng [garbled] diyan. Gastusin lang ‘yan ni San Pedro may manok diyan, maghintay ng Linggo, manabong ‘yan. [laughter]

Doon ka sige bigay ng pera. Maniwala ka diyan. Maski kinsa na lang San Lorenzo, Santo Alfredo, Santo Jose, Santo Rodrigo. [laughter]

Gusto mo magtayo tayo, Iglesia ni Duterte [laughter] walang bawal, bahala kana kung ano gusto mo, walang bawal. Gusto mong mag-limang asawa, sige. [applause]

‘Yung mga… Ayaw ko ‘yung tingin ng ibang babae sa akin. Sharp sila magtingin, galit siguro. [laughter] Maya-maya sabihin ko tuloy ‘yung totoo, bungkag ta diri. [laughter]
So ‘yun lang… I’m sorry to take your time. I’m really very sorry. Matagal ako sa pulis kasi mas maraming ano.

But if you want to improve your set-up, your governance, just tell us. You can go to the DILG. Mga mabait man ‘to, mga PMAer naman ‘to.

They are nurtured… They are nurtured and with — to respect, to listen. Wala kaming problema. Bakit ang military? Kasi ang milita — nakalimutan ko.

When they struggle, CESO, first grade eligibility, pagdating ng supervisory level, tamad na ang mga buang. Kaya ‘yang sa mga department, ever so slow. Kaya hindi pag—ako kasi nasanay na ang mayor ako 23 years halos may mga kasabay ako dito na ‘yung panahon na ‘yun. Most of us nagpa-iwan pa eh.

Kaya gusto ko isang tao lang. When they were making the presentation diyan sa PowerPoint about itong sa Marawi, ilang beses ako nag-landing doon sa Ranao. You know Ranao in — Ranao is lake. ‘Yan ang sabi kampo ng Marawi noon. Ranao sa Marawi, lake ‘yan.

Sabi ko nakita ko ‘yung presentation, executive committee, administration, finance, p**** i**. Nakinig ako tapos, pagkatapos sabi ko “tawagin mo si General del Rosario” galing rin Davao.

Kasi galing ‘yan sila doon eh, kaya kilala ko ‘yan. Hindi man sila taga-Davao. Kita ko lang how they work. I’m sorry to the other generals because we’ve never met and I do not know you. So ‘yun lang sila ang kilala ko. Sabi ko, “tawagin mo si Del Rosario”. Sabi ko, “kita mo ‘yang matrix na ‘yan? Iyo ‘yan. Gawain mo ang Marawi”.

O kita mo marami ng bahay. Agi na og committee hurot ang kwarta di ha. (If it will go through a committee, they will squander the money.) Committee tapos dito, na.

Ang unang buhaton sa Cabinet, kanang mga committee, committee is kay magkano ang ating allowance papunta doon? Magkano ba? Hurot ang kwarta.

Kaya ang sabi ko, kaya ‘yung binibigay ko sa military, ‘wag mo akong… ‘Di halos matapos na. Nearing completion na ako sa 1,000. Marami pa ang nagbibigay.

Sa inyo, alam ko may problema lalo na ang Cotabato pero I’m just warning you, maawa naman tayo sa kanila. They are our brothers. Malay tayo lahat eh.

The problem is you have this terrorism and it’s coming. So just prepare. And I will tell you when to arm yourself and when will I return the authority to you to mobilize your own police forces.

Ngayon, I don’t know. I am dependent also on the military assessment pati pulis. Pero tell me what you need or come to me to Malacañan anytime.

Sabi ko nga, if you have a complaint lalo na graft and corruption… ‘Pag nandito nagloloko-loko itong mga directors dito, tell me. Karami ko na…

Si — itong si Jagger, Chief of Staff natin ngayon, he will take over. He retires April. He will be given the job of itong MARINA.

May nakasabi kasi sa akin na sa panahon mo marami sa isang taon — maraming travels. So I started to — sinilip ko. Licuanan, pati ‘yung sa Urban Poor, poor na nga ang y***, sige travel.

Biruin mo 22 times? Around 22. Climate change conference, South Africa doon sa southern part. Sa baba ‘yan.

Climate change of America, doon sa New York. Climate change nandoon palagi. Ang p***** i** niya, lahat ng climate change na conference nandoon. Samantala ang mga bagyo pumapasok sa Pilipinas pinup*** na nga ‘yung isa para lumabas na pati siya na lang. Dumami tuloy ang bagyo. [laughter] Sabi ko, “resign.”

Kasalanan naman ni Licuanan is ‘yung mga perang na-devolve sa kanyang main agencies, kinuha niya tapos ibinigay niya sa opisina niya. ‘Yung pag-expose ni Nograles Jericho, ‘yun lang ‘yung sa travels pati ‘yung corruption.

But ‘yung ibinigay na sa akin ‘yung ano nabasa ko na na ‘yung pera… Kaya pala six years walang… Kasi personal sa kanya eh.

Eh ito si Popoy wala ginawa niya sa eskwelahan, eh ‘di tapos. ‘Yung bagong CHED. Kaya ayaw mong umalis sabi ko kay Bong, “Tawagan mo. Call. Sabihin mo kay Medialdea. Either she steps down or I will file a case against her. Mamili siya.”

Pinababa… Marami na akong ano… Basta may complaint kayo about — sabihin lang ninyo sa akin. Huwag mong lunukin ‘yang kalokohan even as in sa taas.

I do not… Ito totoo lang ha honestly and you can ask anybody walang — kaya ‘wag kayong maniwala, walang kontrata sa gobyerno aabot ng Malacañan.

Binawal ko talaga ‘yan. If it is a matter of the MRT, let Tugade do it and sign nandiyan na ‘yan sa order ko. If it is the DILG or whatever purchases ganoon, hanggang papel, hanggang doon lang ‘yan sa kanya.

Walang papel dumadaan except ‘yung mga appointments and other matters ‘yung mga treaty kasi babasahin ko pa ‘yan.

And the general situation of the country which I read, ganoon kakapal ‘yan gabi-gabi. Hindi basta matulog ako alas kwatro, alas singko tapos sabihin ninyo na tamad kami? Tapos kung mag-Cabinet meeting kami alas dos to alas dos. Alas dos ng hapon pati…

Kasi ‘yung mga mayaman may style talaga itong mga — itong mga oligarchs. ‘Yan ‘yan sila ang sinabi ko. ‘Yang mga supsup buto sa…

Smart, Globe, ito binili niya frequency. Kasi ‘yung malakas na — mayroong ano diyan frequency desired, greatly desired.

Kaya gusto ko isa pa, gusto ko tatlo kasi they are not improving on their service. That’s the general complaint of the people. Sabi ko, China kasi madali. Anybody. Any corporation, mamili kayo in China.

Basta sa China kasi ‘yung iba maraming kuskos balungos. Ngayon ang naiwan na frequency na maganda bili naman— binili na nila.

One is to do away with competition. Eh wala nang magandang frequency. Okupado na lahat. So nag-apply sila and it was given for free. Wala silang ibinayad ni singko sentimos.

Ngayon gusto ko nang isauli kasi hindi nagamit kasi they are hanging onto it, itong dalawa para walang competition makapasok. Kita mo naman kalokohan ng… Ngayong kinukuha ko na ipabalik ko na, nag-Cabinet meeting nga kami — ‘yung alas dos na alas dos.

Pagdating doon sa item kasi karami, sabi ni Rio, military pud, sabi niya, “Mayor ‘yung pabayarin man tayo ng three billion.” Nandyan si…

Pumutok talaga ako. P***** i** kayo, sabi ko. Talagang… Sabi ko, sabihin mo kay Rio… Nandiyan si… Sabihin mo diyan sa dalawang ‘yan, “Do not f*** the government. I’ll give them 24 hours. ‘Pag hindi nasauli ‘yan, kung ano ‘yung sabi nilang three billion na reimbursement, I will send the BIR tomorrow to start the audit of your company and all others ‘yung negosyo ninyo.”

‘Pagka umaga tawag na ‘yung buang. Sabihin mo kay Mayor isauli na — we do not want an issue with them. O eh ‘di balik. ‘Yung ibang adminis — ewan ko lang. Siguro ‘yung iba, may maglakad diyan.

P****** i** ‘yung undersecretary ng budget. Alam mo ang style? Pera talaga natin sinipa ko talaga ‘yung mukha.

Alam mo ‘yung mga independent agencies kung kulang ang pera mo dito wala ka tapos na ang GAA, tapos na ‘yung budget eh ‘di wala na.

Maghingi ka, may kailangan ka, itong operator na ito siya ang maglakad doon sa gobyerno mismo sa budget.

“O magkano ang kailangan mo?” “Three million, o sige.” Kausapin niya, bigyan niya ng four million. “Ibahin mo ‘yang letter mo.” Tapos ‘yung one million, kanya.

Gobyerno mismo ang niyayari. Huwag na ‘yung transaction, okay lang ‘yun. Sa galit ko, ipinatawag ko, sinipa ko sa mukha. Makita — makita kita ngayong hapon barilin kita diyan mismo.

Ganun ka… Pardon the word, sinasalsal talaga. Kaya sabi ko, and I said it not because I really wanted it to…. Nasabi ko lang part of my — hindi man ako nagbabasa ng speech. Sa pulis rin ‘yun.

About itong mga bagong sasakyan. Minsan ‘yung mga truck. Sige repair hindi man pala sira. Sige repair, wala… Sabi ko sa kanila, “stop it.” But I said something, pahiramin mo nga ako ng isa.

Hindi ito hambog. Gusto ko nga ibigay ito eh kaya lang ito naman si Bong inilagay kasi pangalan ko, para akong isang CAFGU rin doon.

Sinabi ko, “Not during my watch. Huwag sa panahon ko. Huwag tayong maglokohan dito kasi hindi talaga ako papayag.”

Kasi kung wala lang sana itong picture — hindi guntingin na lang ninyo. Inyo na ‘yan. Ilagay mo lang diyan sa gate mo para sabihin doon sa magnanakaw, not during my…

At least pantulong sa security guard mo and all others. Sus tiguwang pa kaayo ko, gikunot-kunot na, mao pa gyud gipili ni Bong y***. [laughter]. ‘Yung iba ang ginagamit ‘yung mga picture nila sa high school kaya mga gwapo ang buang. Pero ‘pag nakaharap mo parang — unsay tawag sa Bisaya? A mythical — tambaloslos. [laughter]

Alam ba ninyo ‘yan? Ang tambaloslos ay, “P****** i** mo, tambaloslos ka.” Parang wala ka talagang kwentang tao. Alam mo kung ano ‘yang tambaloslos? It’s a mythical creature na ‘yung — mag-ano ng panga tapos naka — parang kangaroo. ‘Yun ang drawing-drawing noon, dito sa Cebu, ‘yung mga ganiyan. They invented stories about ‘yung comics tapos tambaloslos. Kaya kung magalit kayong mga Bisaya, “l*****, tambaloslos na ito.”

So ‘yan lang po ang ano ko. It’s about drugs and itong — I… It’s getting to be very uncomfortable. So you might as well prepare your place.

Remember, ang Moro, hindi natin kalaban ‘yan. Kaya tayo nag-uusap eh, MI, MNLF.

Sabi ko nga, I am complying with my promise, wala akong inano sa inyo. Corruption, I am giving attention to it, urgent attention. Then drugs, sabi nila na pinapatay ko daw. Atin-atin lang ‘to ha — kkkrrkk…

Tapos itong — I’m talking to the rebels. Ito nga nag-uusap ako sa MI, MN. ‘Pag hindi ito puputok, papasok lahat. In a war, your enemy is my friend.

Pang-apat is I said, we are doing good — not really that good as we dream it but good enough to… Meron ako sigurong — mas malaki maibigay ko.

But in the matter kasi, let me be very clear on this, wala akong ano sa politics. After this I cannot run anymore even as a kagawad. Wala akong ambisyon na maghanap ng away. Wala akong ambisyon na may magsamang loob sa akin, lalo na ‘yung magagandang babae, gasinaw-sinaw ‘yung — front seat pa gyud. [laughter] Ayaw ko ng gulo. I am a coworker of you in government.

Kaya itong si Bato. Saan si Bato, nandito? Umalis na? Sabi ko, “Bato, maglagay ka nga ng ‘government workers are not allowed in casinos.’” May presidential decree ‘yan eh. It’s never been lifted. You can get arrested there.

“So maggawa ka ng ano, caveat, warning.” Tapos siya, “Yes, sir,” sabi niya. “Sir, ‘yung opisyal pala?” P***, Bato, p***, “opisyal — worker ng government ‘yan, ano bang opisyal-opisyal diyan? Hulihin mo lahat.”

Eh ang unang nahuli policewoman. Talagang maraming nahuli. ‘Wag kayong pumasok diyan. Hindi tayo — we are not supposed to be there.

There’s a law, made by Marcos, which was very — it is very appropriate for all generations. Maganda para sa — for the generations to come, including this generation.

You’re not supposed to be there. ‘Wag kayong pumunta doon. At kung mag-travel kayo, I have this… You inform the — you write a letter to Año and it will reach my…

Basta mag-permiso, lahat kayo. Pero ‘yan, para walang masabi na, “Ah, ‘yung iba pala.”

Para walang salita, lahat, appointed pati elected, lalo na kung if you travel using public funds. Just be — ako, hindi naman ako magsabi ka mag-attend ka ng climate change? Sige. Tutal daghan na mong buang di ha.

Pero just let me know because — kung kasi ‘yung mga appointive positions, eh hindi ‘yan sila elected eh. Buti kayo kasi elected, at least you have the mandate of the people.

‘Wag kayong magpalayo sa akin, hindi lang rin ako kasi ‘yung… Kasi when I ran… I will ask you frankly, nung tumakbo ako, sino sa inyo dito nagsuporta sa akin?

Beh? Ah — Moro? Moro kaw? Hindi? Sino ba ‘to? I’m sorry, I cannot — at a distance, hanggang… Ah, oo. Yes, sir? Mga Zubiri, gikuyawan na man na ron kay isulti ang iyang pangalan. Mabulgar siya nga sikreto di ay nag… Gikabahan na siya ngayon pero ‘wag na lang, hindi ko i-mention.

And Zubiri — Abet of Bataan. Wala na. Imee Marcos. Sinabi ko nga na, “Bakit hindi mo ilibing?” Musuko sila’g ilubong. Ang sabi batas, soldier, president. On both counts, he was. So bakit hindi ko ilibing diyan sa — galit, mag-demonstrate sa akin, demonyo daw ako kay for allowing — too presumptuous. Presidente ‘yan eh.

Ngayon, pagdating sa akin wala kayong problema. If I’m — next meeting, next convention, tawagin ninyo ako. ‘Yung — ‘yung libingan ko diyan sa Bayani, ‘yung ano ko, ‘yung plot ko diyan, ‘yung reserba ko ‘yan, ipa-lottery ko ‘yan. Sinong gustong magpalibing diyan sa — ? O, sige, ‘pag manalo ka, iyo. [laughter]

Ako? You burn me. Then you throw my ashes to the winds. Wala akong gana ng ganun. Pero kung gusto mong bilihin, highest bidder, ipagbili ko. So that you’ll be placed among the — special ‘yang ano diyan, mag-ano eh. Sinong gusto? [laughter] Kay ibigay ko sa’yo. We’ll talk.

I’m sorry but I’m past time my… I’d like to thank you for making the sacrifice for coming. [applause]

I’ll make it up. My governance, wala akong ano. Sabi ko talaga kay Diokno, walang ano — hayaan mo lang.

‘Yung iba, maghingi nang dagdag, magpunta doon sa Malacañan tapos mag-special — eh ‘di okay lang, pero only a few…

Alam ko because medyo nahihiya kayo, nandiyan man si Mayor Cordova. Siya lang ‘yung nag-open sa akin dito sa Cebu. All others, even in — in Danao sa lugar ng tatay ko, walay…

Even my cousins, doon sila kay… ‘Yung iba, ‘yung — not known, pero ‘yung mga leading stars there at Danao was not for me, okay lang.

But in all areas sa Moro, nag-landslide ako, especially the province where I came from. [applause] Lanao del Sur, 84 percent ako, assalamualaikum. Salamat sa inyo.

Ah — [wala naman sigurong any reminder? Is there a reminder that I have — wala naman siguro?]
So kung wala — ‘wag kayong mahiya. Maski sino ‘yung kandidato ninyo, okay lang ‘yan. Si Roxas, si — walay problema. Liberal, dawat didto. Yellow, yelo nga, wala naman ‘yan. Yelo is ice, natunaw na ‘yan, matagal na. [laughter]

So if there’s anything I can really do for you, personally or if you want my intervention in your governance, may nahirapan kayo dito o kulang ni ang pera ninyo, sabihin mo lang. Kung ang project mo three billion? Pag-usapan natin. Tutal malayo pa man, baka 2022. [applause]

Pero ganito ‘yan ha. This is my commitment to you and to the Moro people, makinig kayo: if you can pass that amendment to the… ‘Pag lumusot ‘yan by 2020 and would call for an election, I will not accept any transition period for me to remain as President.

In 2020, if it is perfect already and ready na to be — go into a plebiscite, para wala kayong duda, I will step down. ‘Yan ang ipangako ko sa inyo. I will step down. Walang problema.

Para wala na ‘yang dictatorship, ganun. Sabi ko nga sa military, you are supposed to honor the Constitution. Do not allow any dictatorship because that would be a violation of your oath of office, to uphold the Constitution.

So if I be there, at least — more than 24 hours on the last day, shoot me. It’s your job to maintain the — to preserve the Constitution. So ‘wag kayong mag-ano, magdiktador-diktador? Corny ‘yan.

Wala ako. I’m not — 2020, nandiyan na ‘yun, tapos sabihin diktador ako? Pagdating ng 2020 if it’s already perfected, I will step down, I promise you that. That is my commitment to you, mga governors pati mayors.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]