DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: National SWAT Challenge. 01 March 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office. Translation also by PCO-PND)

Presidential Communications Offic
Presidential News Desk 

[Delivered at Team Davao Firing Range, Ma-a Diversion Road, Davao City | 01 March 2018]

Daghang salamat. Kindly sit down. Thank you  for your courtesy.

Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa; Police Deputy Director General for Operation Archie Francisco Gamboa, he’s from Davao; the officers and enlisted personnel of the Philippine National Police; participants to the National SWAT Challenge; other invited guests; the officers and men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; mga PNP, lahat; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno; mga kababayan.

I have a prepared speech but I’d rather ramble on to some other matters. You know, I was just observing the events of the days that passed and seemed to realize, we have to change in so many ways especially how we handle the highways and streets, long stretches of roads in our country

Alam mo, ilang beses na ‘yan. The first that struck my mind was, a detachment soldier was… natumba lang. At wala namang umatake but he just fell dead and then followed by another event happening na ganun ang sitwasyon.

So I really was trying to figure out how could it be na basta natumba na lang. And the realization came to my mind that nowadays, malayo. And so ginagapang ‘yung mga sundalo, pulis, pati ‘yung mga CAFGU and lahat, manning the detachment and at a distance, hindi na kailangan sugurin but they have acquired the skill also of sniping.

Apparently, this was perfected in the Middle East because of the hard targets. They were in the buildings, all concrete and steel bars and to… could seek the cover, a good one and no amount of rifle fire could be enough to take down, one, two, or three.

So it has come to a vogue na kailangan natin to change the doctrines immediately. One is I’d like to ask the Armed Forces and the —

Bata, ibaba mo na ‘yung ano… You just lower the — kapoy na o. Nakakapagod ‘yan. Okay na. Nakita ko naman si Bato. Gwapo man. Lagay mo lang ‘yan sa — Nakakapagod ‘yan. ‘Yun ba ‘yung nakita ko sa highway. Okay na ‘yan. Nakakapagod ‘yang… just relax.

‘Yun ang ano ko na, instead of detachment in the highways. Kasi naka-focus ka kung ano ang dumadaan. And yet, a sudden flyby. ‘Yung dadaan lang, rrrrrt at a fast speed. Medyo mahirapan kang — unless you are fully cocked and naka-focus ka doon sa sasakyan.

But you know, in a normal situation, for a day maraming dumadaan. So mahihilo ka. And ang soldier niyan could only give so much attention to one car.

So medyo may innovation [unclear] tanggalin ninyo and go for the mobile ones, in groups, in parallel, both sides of the highway.

Or if you want, you can mount a machine gun over a ridge far enough. Pero bantayan mo, baka nasa likod na naman ‘yung — ‘yung gunner mo ang magbantay sa detachment. But doon siya sa likod.

But it’s hard to locate lalo na kung may silencer. And it is easily manufactured. And in the Philippines, you can buy one. ‘Yung kay [Cris Reyes?], hindi ka makabili diyan kung hindi ka taga-gobyerno. Pero diyan sa labas ng Crame, ‘yung puro tindahan diyan. Marami diyan. Mamili ka lang kung ano meron.

So spare sparts, meron ‘yan. Sigurado ‘yan. Baril, meron ‘yan. So this is democracy and that is the reason we are pretty hard up. It is not easy to run a government that is democratic because of the so many rights of the citizens.

‘Yang police power, power of eminent domain, and taxation — those are the fundamentals. ‘Yun ang pinaka-core na power ng gobyerno.

But there is a firewall also and that is the Bill of Rights — due process, right to be heard, lawyer, during an investigation, and all of these things. And that is why we can hardly cope up.

And that is the reason why if the terrorists say that they are determined and they would not hesitate to kill, then for the same reason, we will not hesitate and we will not be afraid to kill. Sigurado ‘yan.

Kaya ang — Para makatrabaho lang kayo, only in the performance of duty. Ulitin ko ha: Performance connected sa trabaho mo nangyari. Whether intended or unintended, basta sa trabaho mo sa gobyerno, akin ‘yan. Akin ‘yan. [applause]

So I’d like to announce. Ulitin ko, inannounce ko na ‘yan noon eh, na back up ko kayo. And pagdating ng human rights  [applause] o sino mang rapporteur diyan, ang order ko sa inyo — Do not answer. Do not bother.

Why would we be answering — Bakit sino sila? And who are you to interfere in the way I would run my country? You know very well that we are being swallowed by drugs, now there is an upcoming election for local barangay officials.

Sabi ko sa kanila, I communicated. Sabi ko kay Bong, “Sabihin mo sa kanila, Congress, it’s their choice. Hardly if it’s ours.” Kasi kung mag-input tayo, marami namang — Well of course, “Ah ganun ganun. Dictatorial. Ayaw ng election.” So… [unclear

Alam mo na, maraming bright dito sa Pilipinas eh. So many brights na nagpa-iwan. Akala nila tayo na lang ang bugok. So sabi ko, “Mag-eleksyon, okay. Inyong decision ‘yan.”

But remember that the drug situation is still very, very alive and vicious. So kung manalo ‘yang mga barangay captains, na-back up ng drug money, eh panibagong away ‘yan. Panibagong patayan na naman ‘yan,

Eh ako, hindi ko sinasabi na walang election o may election. But I will never, never until the end of my term, to the last day, allow a government official to use his power or position as a platform to engage in criminality, especially drug.

Hindi ko talaga tatanggapin ‘yan. Let us be sure on that. Ngayon, kung mag-trabaho tayo, tulungan tayo. Well, at the end of the day, kagaya ngayon, when all questions have been asked, then I would say: “I take full responsibility.”

Kung hanapan lang kayong mali, huwag kayong sumagot. At kung tanungin, “Bakit?” ‘Di sabihin mo lang, “May Commander-in-Chief man kami. Puntahan mo doon sa Pasig River. Doon, naliligo ‘yan ngayon sa… Sige’g panguha’g halwan (fishing for mudfish).” T***…

Huwag kayong sumagot. You’re investigating us, fact-finding, well sorry. Do not f*** with me. Mahirap kasi ‘pag palabas ‘yan, kita mo ‘yung mga newspaper, mga Rappler. Iba itong speech ko ngayon. Bukas, iba ang presentation niyan.

Kaya bawal ngayon sila. That is my order. Do not talk to people who will produce lies out of your statements. And who can twist it forever to the angle that they would like it to.

Tayo naman sumasagot totoo eh. And if we deny, it’s really because part of our duty is it is not the time to talk about it. “And as of this time, we just would like to investigate the whole case until it is… there is a conclusion.” Parang ganun lang. 

Huwag kayong magpatakot diyan. Tutal kanino ka man — at the end of the day, ngayon — kung kayong mga opisyal, mga pulis, mga Army, ‘pag nag-testify kayo sa Congress, you just let me know.

But if they start yelling at you, shouting at you, and telling you, “sit down.” Sabihin mo, “Your Honor, I have… can I answer to defend at least ang side ko or to protect ‘yung pagka-dignidad ng tao ko.” Tapos you are shout at, you stand up and you go out.

Sabihin mo, “I came here in response to that subpoena or summons. I’m here to tell the truth and I did not come here to be insulted or to be degraded in public, Your Honor. I will go out and if you’d like to cite me for contempt, bahala kayo.”

Then let me know, kukunin ko kayo doon. At sabihin ko sa lahat not only Congess pati ako, pati fiscal, pati judge that “do not treat us like your worker. We serve government, we offer our lives to protect the county and we do not come here to be insulted.”

Nakataya na nga ang b**** namin dito tapos ganun pa ang abutin namin. Eh ang Commander-in-Chief siya ang nagsabi huwag kayong magpainsulto.

Now, I’d like to address this to all. Hindi lang sa — lahat, Supreme Court, Congress, administrative bodies, Ombudsman, COA: Do not ever, ever insult the officers and men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Hindi ako… Hindi ko kailangan ‘yang simpatya ng… [applause] Ako lang naawa ako, in the so many cases remember I was once upon a time a congressman and we used to handle committee work including investigations.

But I’ve always cautioned the committee members, kasama ko, na you know, just huwag mong insultuhin kasi it’s on TV. May asawa ‘yan, may anak at ang mga kasama niyan sundalo. Hindi lang maka-ek kay ang press. (They can’t speak out because of the press.)

But as your commander, hindi rin ako papayag. Kaya ako may caveat na ako ngayon, warning, na huwag naman sana ‘yang babuyin. Because one soldier of this Republic, a general, a Cabinet member, sinabihan siya, “Sit down. Wala —  you have no dignity.”

The guy was napahiya. Pumunta doon sa nanay niya — puntod ng nanay niya, nagpakabaril. And all because of the charges of corruption which he was not able even to make a statement because sinabihan siya, “sit down.”

That can never happen here. Hindi ko sabihin magkagulo tayo. That would be the last thing that I will do. But do not just, you know, pagdating doon, if you do not answer you, contempt. Not that easy, kasi lahat naman tayo may poder eh. We never abused it. We are all respectful to everybody in the Executive department.

I have never… You have never heard me kung — pwera lang ‘yan kung mga… Now, for example, hindi naman talaga ako nagagalit and I do not use the word war. But if anybody, any country for that matter, would say that they’d want to try and experiment there without our permission and worse begin exploration talks there dito sa Benham or Philippine Rise, hindi talaga ako papayag, and it will mean war.

Nandoon na ‘yung mga Marines. Huwag kayong matakot, kasali ako doon. Sabay tayo sa barko. Huwag kayong ma-ano. Pagka baroto lang tayo kasi mahirap lang tayo. Eh ‘di isang baroto tayo pupunta doon.

But we will never agree to an insult like that na just because ganito lang tayo. Kaya sabi ko, “you start to f*** with that — in that area — I’ll go to war.”

Kasi ‘yung iba, ma-Europe ka man, kung dito sa Pacific, Atlantic, China Sea. O, dito hindi kayo makapasok, hindi. Doon oh, Customs.

Oh tapos kami ngayon, you don’t say that it can… it is accessible to everybody. Ay t***. You know, lahat naman tayo natatapos eh.

The Filipino is a rare specie. We are the only human beings in Earth na tatlo ang b****. Yakapin mo. Bilangin mo ulit, sige. Iyong iba tig-dalawa lang ‘yan sila eh. Pilipino tatlo, isang b**** niya ang katapangan niya. Iyong isang b**** niya defines his entire persona. Iyong isang b**** niya, ‘yung sa likod, ‘yung pinakamalaki, it is really his balls to defend and die for his country. [applause]

Para malaman ng lahat. Wala man tayong armas na ganun ka — wala man tayong cruise missile — but do not mess up with us because we will not allow it.

And if you have to… If it’s time to go to heaven, so be it. Huwag kayong matakot, hindi… Mauna ako doon. Maniwala kayo, mauna ako doon. Iyong sabi ko mag-jet ski ako doon sa China, kalokohan ‘yon. [laughter] Wala gani akong heaven road. Istorya man lang ‘yon. [laughter] Maniwala pala kayo. [laughter] Bata.

Para… Mabuti ‘yung diretso-diretso tayo. Kaya sa trabaho ninyo huwag kayong matakot. Ako na ang bahala. Ayaw ko nang magsalita ng ano-ano. Basta ako binasa ko ‘yung Constitution, tapos may nakita ako doon, ito sige fight tayo.

Harassment, totoo o hindi, sige. I-convict mo, i-file mo. Sabi nga ni Aguirre, brod ko na ‘yan nasa Cabinet pa, “Sir, eh murder ‘to?” “Oh sige eh ‘di i-file mo.”

Hindi ako nakikiusap. Totoo ‘yan. Tanungin mo ‘yang Aguirre na ‘yan, brod ko pa ‘yan, classmate ko. Sige i-file mo. Tapos naging homicide. “Sir, na-homicide na.” Sabi ko, “ewan ko.” I never… May tumawag ba ako sa inyo minsan, kayo lahat? May tumawag ba ako nakiusap ganun, “palusutin mo ‘yan.” Sabi ko, “sige, file mo. Dalhin mo ‘yan.” Trial? O hanggang ngayon wala pa hearing, eh ‘di sige.

Sundalo pati pulis hindi na magtrabaho ‘yan pero kung masabit-sabit lang naman, tapos wala pang abugado, pagkatapos suspended, wala ng pamilya, walang pagkain, eh p***** i**, kalokohan ‘yan. Hindi ako papayag ng ganun.

The rules must be changed. Kasi oras ma-suspend ‘yung tao, wala ng sweldo, paano ‘yung mga anak? Paano ang pagkain? Tapos may kaso pa. Nobody gives a s*** because you have to look for your own lawyer at maghanap ka pa ng padrino. Tulungan ka para makabayad ka everyday. Hindi pwede ‘yung ganun pagka — walang…. No such thing as a loyalty na ganun.

P*** baka ipasubo ko sarili ko tapos ito ang aabutin ko. Ganun ang simpleng explanation diyan. So respetuhan lang tayo.

What I’m actually is — driving at is tayo sa gobyerno ba, ke ma-Justice ka, ke ma-Ombudsman ka, huwag kang masyadong ‘yung… maano sa bunganga. “Ah we will file this one.” Why don’t you just file it without talking?

Huwag mo nang dagdagan na mga — tapos insultuhin mo ‘yung tao. Nakikinig ang buong Pilipinas, ang asawa niya, mga anak niya, ‘yung iba mga doktor na, abugado. Nakita mo ako, hindi talaga ako nagbu-b******** ng tao. Tanungin mo ‘yung pulis dito.

Tawagin kita sa kwarto ko diyan — diyan sa city hall. “P***** i** ka… [laughter] Magtino ka o bugbugin kita dito?” Kaya ang style naman nitong mga pulis sa Davao, eh alam nila ‘yan.


Pagka tina — ‘pag tinawag ka ni mayor. Siyempre hindi mo tawagin ang tao at walang kasalanan. ‘Pag tinawag kita… “halika, dito sa loob.” Sabi ng asawa, “Sir, gikulata ko sa…”  (Sir, I was beaten up.)  “Sino… sino ang nagkulata sa’yo?” Who did this to you?) “Bana ko, sir.” (It was my husband, sir.) 

“Ang bana mo ano?” (What does your husband do for a living?)

“Pulis — pulis, sir.”

Kaning mga pulis tag-duha’y asawa aning mga y*** ni. (Policemen usually have two wives.) 

[laughter] Totoo. Laking pulis ako. Hindi ako magyabang ha, tatay ko kasi gobernador dito.

Ang kabarkada ko dito noon, teenager pa ako, mga pulis. Iyan sila — pero ‘yung mga da — wala na matanda na, patay na halos lahat.

Iyong iba estudyante ko pa sa Police Academy. I was a professor there for — kasi kulang ‘yung — nag-asawa ako, kulang ang — itong si Pulong… Nandito ba? Kamahal ang gatas niyan S26. [laughter] Kasi hindi maka-ano ng — oo totoo, hindi maka-ano ng — nagtatae, lactose intolerance. S26 mahal ‘yan.

Kaya ako napilitan mag-professor, gabi mag-travel ako sa… Panahon ng NPA ‘yon. Nagtuturo ako ng Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence, Criminal Procedure sa mga pulis. ‘Yung iba sa awa ng Diyos naging kriminal talaga. [laughter] P***** i**.  Bwisit na mga pulisa. 

Eh ako naman may mamatay na pulis diyan, siyempre mayor, pupunta ako. Tapos may mag-iyak diyan, [acts like crying] Tapos dito may maingay. Mas maingay pa sa original. [cries louder]

Tapos dito… P**** i** itong patay mga pulis na ito, “pila’y asawa ani?” (How many wives does this policeman have?)  “Sir, tatlo man ‘yan, sir, kasi ‘yung bago waitress man ‘yan doon sa ano.” [laughter] T*** i**, t*** i*…

Ay sus memorize ko kayo. Laking pulis talaga ako. I can smell you a mile away. Ako naman… basta ako… ako basta ‘yung… Eh alam ko eh.

Eh mga pulis, magkain diyan sa durianan, pulis gud. Paghuma’g kaon og durian, tindog, wala’y bayad-bayad. [laughter] P***, eh ‘di pagka buntag, yawyaw na, “ah kaning nga pulis nikaon og durian, wala’y bayad-bayad!” Eh ‘di sabihin ko na lang diyan sa durianan, “mahal kasi rin eh.” Minsan makapa-ibog man gyud. “O sige basta pulis, taga-i lang. Ako na la’y bayad.”

(TRANSLATION: Eh ‘yung mga pulis, magkain diyan sa Durianan. The police. After eating, they’ll stand up and leave without paying. [laughter] P***. In the morning, there will be complaints against the police, saying, “These policemen who ate durian did not pay!” So I’ll say to the durian vendors, “Durian is quite expensive and it’s really mouth-watering. Alright, let the policemen eat durian. I’ll be the one to pay for it.”) 

Ganun ko kayo kamahal, totoo. Magtanong kayo sa taga-Davao. [applause] Sabi ko, maibog (mouth-watering) eh. Ano bang naibog sa Tagalog? Parang ganun naiimbiyerna kasi, mahal ang durian. Maski na local. Ewan ko kung meron ngayon. [Panahon pa sa durian, Bong? Na’y daghang generals ngani nga — ilis man daw na sa ang makalimtan ni ilang Viagra. Durian na lang.] [laughter](Is it the durian season now, Bong? There are generals who would substitute their Viagra with durian.)

Kanang idara mag-general ka, ay sus tuo ka ba ana. Sabagay noon og laing babae pero hardly, hardly. Mahinumdom sa ilang asawa ala, kuyos pa sa…

(TRANSLATION: When you’re a general at that age… Sus, don’t be fooled. Well, maybe for other women, but hardly. When they remember their wives, hala. It has shrunk a lot, even smaller than…)

So those are the things that I’d like you… You know terrorism will stay for quite a time. I predict that it would not go out of this planet within the next five to 10 maybe seven years.

Isang kalaban natin ‘yan. Iyan talaga bakbakan ‘yan. At walang atrasan diyan. I will not — for the life of me. Patayin na lang nila ako, I will not allow ‘yung…

Alam mo, nanay ko mestiza Maranao so huwag mo akong bolahin niyang Islam — gamitin mo ‘yung holy name ni Allah papatay ka ng tao, sisira ka ng… for no reason at all. That is totally… I mean, ‘yung tenets ng Islam alam ko so huwag nila akong bolahin diyan sa… ‘di talaga ako papayag.

Now itong NPA isa pa itong mga ugok. Bantay kayo diyan. Kaya lahat binibigyan ko. By July every soldier will have a handgun. Wala kayo noon niyan. Binibigyan ko kayo eh. [applause]

If you had been taken,‘yung nai-Sparrow. So one of the authorities dito, ‘yung mga… hindi ko na lang pangalanin, ‘yung mga Philippine Constabulary na-assign dito, nag-retire, I commissioned them again to go out and give lectures.

Madali lang naman ‘yan. Tama ‘yan eh. Pag gising mo sa umaga, tingnan mo lang lahat, kuha ka, eh may camera eh, i-click mo.

Tapos bantayan mo na lang ‘yung mga tao na nakaupo, parang naghihintay. At kung may ano ka, ilapit mo, i-zoom mo ‘yung… minsan nagsigarilyo mga apat, lima ka… may hinihintay ‘yan. Alam mo kung sinong hinihintay? Ikaw.

Kaya pagka ganun tapos may isa dito, ‘yung ganun ‘yan sila eh. Sakay ng jeep, isang kanto. Pagdating sa kanto, para.

Sakay na naman ng jeep dito, para dito. Paganun-ganun lang ‘yan sila para [‘yung mobile?]

Tapos dito ‘yung tunay, dito ‘yung magbigay ng direction. Magsenyas ‘yan lalabas na, minsan iba ang papasok, iba ang titira.

Pero sinisiguro nila ‘yun ‘yung target. So ‘yung minsan ‘yung target na uminom ng orange, walang ginawa kundi magbigay lang ng signal. Pagtindig niya, ‘yun. Kaya kayo, bantay talaga.

‘Pag nakita mo sa camera tapos paglabas mo tingnan mo uli, i-compare mo ‘yung sa labas.

‘Yung sa mga highway, ‘yung mga Army palabas sa barracks, I do not advice na magpara-para kayo ng sasakyan. Eh tutal eh, gobyerno man ‘di ubusin ninyo ‘yung gasolina.

‘Di magpahatid kayo ng ano. Huwag kayo magpa — Huwag — kukuha talaga ‘yan sigurado. Kay mainit masyado sa kanila ‘yang baril. Kukunin ‘yan.

Minsan ‘yan magdala pa ng bata, maglakad. Dadaanan ka. ‘Yang mga style, the least na hindi mo talaga akalain.

Maglakaw ba, bata na… O minsan ‘yan sa detachment sa gabi. Prrrrrrtt. So bantay ka talaga. Nakatrigger ka palagi, ngayon nakatrigger ka talaga. Cocked and locked ka, ibig sabihin.

Sabihin ko sa mga sundalo huwag ‘yung magluhod-luhod ka pa but be careful sa procedure. ‘Yung kamay, ‘yung [unclear] kamay nandiyan sa trigger.

Those are the things that you have to remember. Believe in dangerous times. More dangerous than the — because we have so many fronts to confront.

We are confronting the NPAs, we are confronting the terrorists, meron pang droga. May mga organization pa na backup sila. Ayaw na tayo pakinggan, lahat ng namatay diyan, nililista drug victim. Q** s* j*** nag-away sila, nag-agawan ng asawa, pag nakabulagta diyan, “Ah drug ito.”

Sa… ilan ‘yun? 17,000? 7,000 ang patay ‘di puno na ‘yang memorial ngayon, karami pang bakante eh. Makabili ka pa ng apat sunod-sunod.

Kasi ‘yang droga, you know, it will destroy the nation. Hindi ito naintindihan ng mga human rights, they are only concerned of the rights of the criminal.

We — we take care of the country and its… ano bang trabaho natin? To protect the people and defend our sovereignty. Period.

Protect the people. Eh kung lahat ito maging g******* na. Tingnan mo America.

Tinitira nila si Bato. “Ah tokhang,” “Bawal ‘yan.” Kaya kayong — listen to me, you human rights. “Bawal ‘yang tokhang sa ano.”

Anong ginawa ng America? Sumali doon. Doon. Pati ‘yung human rights nila, mga senador pa –— t*** i**.

Ngayon sino nag-tokhang? Sila. They were able to capture a website tapos lahat ng transactions sa droga.

Inagaw nila, dinetain nila incommunicado ‘yung mga drug people and they operated it. So nalaman nila lahat, lahat tinotokhang.

See? Kung sila, okay. Tayo noon ginagawa na ’yan ni Bato, hindi. Violation ng human rights. Tingnan mo ka-g*** ng mga…

Nagdeclare ako ng national emergency. “Ganito, martial law, papunta na ito ng martial law ng buong Pilipinas.”

Eh kung ano ang naiisipan. T*** i**** — ngayon sila ngayon ang may national emergency. Trump declared —

The other — yesterday or was it yesterday or the other day? Tignan mo ‘yung front page ng either Bulletin or ‘yung Philippine Star.

“Trump, he would like to follow Duterte because they have no problem in the Philippines, he just killed them.”

Tama ka talaga Trump. P***** i**. [laughter and applause] Bilib ako sa’yo. Nagsasabi ka ng totoo. [laughter]

Bakit? Kung lumaban ka hindi kita patayin? Ay naku. Eh ‘yung nga ang gusto ko eh. Mas gusto kong lumaban ka.

Kasi ang… itong mga sundalo ko pati pulis, kita mo — you know when I was mayor, nandiyan si Bato, tanungin mo. I used to spend one million a year. Bala lang.

Every year ‘yan, proficiency sila. Dito. Gusto ko lang na makatama sila ng tamang ano. We used to have it on a regular basis. Hindi ako nagkulang sa suporta.

Kayo lahat ngayon, wala kayong worry — ang… ganito kasi ang proposal ko.

Ito si Dominguez, marunong ‘to. Bright ‘yan. Maliit pa kami dito valedictorian na ‘yan eh. Hanggang nag-college.

Sanay ‘yan sa military. Ang father-in-law niyan, si [Carlos Andrews?] ‘Yung Andrews Base ng Air Force.

So sabi ko, paano tayo makatulong sa pulis pati sundalo? At least sa panahon ko.

Kulang man talaga ‘yung pera. Tamang-tama lang ‘yung a little of — maski doblehin mo pa uli ‘yan, wala ‘yan, kulang talaga.

Sabi niya, kagaya ng ginawa noon, ‘yung Bonifacio pinagbili. But unfortunately, the proceeds were mingled with the general fund of the government. Nawala.

I’m not blaming anybody, tutal gobyerno man napunta. But this time sabi niya, we will create — wala man kayong GSI — You are not covered sa GSIS.

Inyo ‘yang — ‘yung sa Armed Forces, sa inyong ano lang, may retirement ano kayo, may modality kayo diyan.

Sabihin ko na itong lupa diyan sa ano, ibigay ko sa — inyo man ‘yan. Ibigay ko ‘yung authority for the PNP and the military to lease it, walang, walang… do not sell it.

I will only allow you to lease it for 99 years then renewable for another 99 years. That’s a lifetime. Tapos ipag — that’s billion ha. Billion ‘yan.

So mag — if you count it by years, trillion ‘yan. Mahal masyado ‘yan.

Ang proceeds niyan, I want it implemented this year kaya pag-usapan na ninyo ‘yan. I’ve been hurrying up Aguinaldo. ‘Pag na-lease ‘yan, biro mo — kita mo ang Taguig. Tingnan mo ang putok ng Taguig.

Mag-extend ‘yan doon kasi ang access sa Bonifacio mas ma-[unclear] kung saan ka magpunta.

Then magtayuan kayo ng parang GSIS so that ‘yung ordinaryong sundalo, makapag-aral sa anak niya even beyond the four years.

Kasi kung ano lang ang ano, hanggang — Hindi maka-produce ng doctor, abogado, hindi kaya eh.

Pero kung may pera na kayo sobra-sobra ‘yan. ‘Yan hindi ‘yan para bala pati baril, wala na — it’s just for social — a social fund — mga sakit, ‘yan.

Sa sakit, covered man kayo. Ngayon akong bahala. Saan mo gustong ospital, sige doon ka. St. Luke’s? O sige. Pero pareho lang man ‘yan na mga doctor.

Ako, wala akong ano. Sa PGH — it’s the cream of the crop ng ating Filipino doctors, nandiyan mga bata.

You know, wala ‘yan noon. Sila pa mismo magbigay ng — mga intern magbigay ng… para mag-contribute.

So tinawag ko sila nung nalaman ko. Sabi ko, how much do you need one month kung…?

“About ano, Mayor.” Mayor kasi ang tawag ko sarili ko. Actually “Presidente” ‘yan eh.

“Mayor, mga ano ‘yan… mga…. Siguro 14 million.” Sabi ko, “I’ll give you 100 million.”

Tapos sabi niya, “Ha?” “Oo.” “Yearly na ho ‘no?” “One month. Every month, 100 million.” [applause]

So kayo, maski na ano, punta kayo doon. may medisina. One hundred million a month.

Itong Veterans binigyan ko ng 50 million a month. At tapos itong V. Luna — ah itong AFP another 50 million a month. [applause]

‘Yung kita ng PAGCOR nandiyan sa inyo. Halos lang — a big portion of the share to government coming from the gambling activities dito sa Pilipinas, napupunta sa inyo. Para sa inyo.

So ‘yung mga nagretire na medisina, you can go to your — ospital ninyo.

Dito naman sa Davao, ganun rin eh. Eh ‘di i-charge mo na lang doon sa ano… kung hindi, si Inday. Colonel naman si Mayor. P***. Kuyaw (fearsome) na ‘yan.

Mangulata ‘yan (she’ll beat up…) noon na wala pang ranggo, sarhento pasiguro. Ngayon, p***** i** colonel na, bantay kayo diyan. [laughter] Maldita ‘yan.

‘Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo noon? Sinabi ko na may anak ako na patakbuhin ko ng vice mayor kasi pag hindi na ako qualified, siya na ang patakbuhin ko. O, tingnan mo. ‘Di mangulata, pati yung sheriff ah, buto-buto. [laughter] (Look, she’ll beat up people, even the sheriff will have bruises)

Alam mong problema dito sa Davao? But, those are just teachings that I’d like you to know na hindi ko kayo pabayaan.

You know, I am not asking for a personal loyalty, ‘yang ganun. Tutal nagtatrabaho man ako. Then I have — you know, I have a term.

Sabi ng Constitution, six years.  I am not supposed to overstay even for 24 hours.

Kaya ‘pag ako na sumobra doon sa termino ko, eh ‘di mag-coup d’etat kayo, alisin ninyo ako because then, I would be violating the law.

But for as long as I am President this time, magtulungan tayo. I — and do not say mag-idolize kayo ganun.

Lahat ng ginagawa ko kasi alam ko nag-umpisa ako sa gobyerno at anak lang ako ng mahirap. Migrants lang kami dito sa Davao.

Ito noon, bukid pa ito. This used to be a forest pa. Dito ako nagha-hunting ng unggoy kung… Siguro mga tatlong unggoy dito.

So ano kami, trying hard talaga. So ‘yun. Gabihan na tayo but I said there are things that — pero sa totoo lang, baka… ang staff ko nandiyan. Baka magalit sa akin na…

Basahin ko na lang siguro ‘no? [laughter] Nakakaawa naman eh.

I am glad to join the leadership of the Police Regional Office XI as the host of the very first PNP National SWAT Challenge.

The maiden event celebrates the unwavering commitment of our law enforcement officers, especially those who received elite SWAT training in the performance of their duties as protectors of our people.

This three-day competition not only showcase the skills and capabilities of the participants but would also promote camaraderie, sportsmanship and competitiveness among our police and military personnel.

I thank our Elite SWAT units for always being ready to take on critical, hazardous, and complex crisis situations.

Your grit and determination have made you ready to take on the challenging task of dealing with criminality, illegal drugs, and terrorism.

As we continue our work of maintaining peace and order across the nation, I direct the PNP, the AFP, and other law enforcement agencies to work towards [interoperability] in your operations, professional training, and capability development.

A coordinated approach at law enforcement will certainly ensure the success of all your missions and minimize government and civilian casualties in your operations.

Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to protect our people, especially that we are intensifying our effort against enemies of the state here in Mindanao.

Never lose sight of the fact that notwithstanding our resounding success in the liberation of Marawi, the decreased crime incidents nationwide and the growing public trust [in] our institutions, threats will always persist and our people will depend on you, our law enforcers, to keep them safe and secure at all times.

To the participants, kayo, I wish you good luck and you complete — as you compete with your law… with your law enforcers, partners.

May you never waver in your commitment to ensure that every Filipino will go home every day feeling safe and secure in their communities in their streets and in their homes.

Daghang salamat. [applause] 

Hala, sige pakpak. Sige, pakpak kay… ‘Yung —Team effort pala ito ‘noTeam effort? Oo, team effort. ‘Yung best team will get…[Magkano lahat?] Mga sundalong barat man na. (These soldiers are too tight-fisted.)

You know, I’ll give you additional. [applause] ‘Yung — team effort man ‘to ‘di ba? O ‘yung pinaka-number one, I’ll give you 300,000. [applause]

Addition, in addition ‘yung ni-release ko. Then the second team effort is 200,000. [applause] Tapos ‘yung third is 100,000[applause] Walang individual? Highest score wala?

O, individual. ‘Yung individual, 50,000 [applause]

Bong… [Speaks Bisaya]

I’d like to thank you for this honor. [applause] I’m honored to be invited. Shooter rin ako but my eyes, nagwe-waver na kasi I’m 72 years old but I don’t wear eyeglasses. Pero hindi na ako maka — I mean not as in the younger days dito.

Nag-umpisa kami dito. Noon… Wala, chicken ‘yan sa akin. But that was, when I was mayor many, many years ago.

Ngayon, tumatanda ako, na-miss ko ‘yung isang balloon. Pero kung babae ‘yun… [laughter]

Salamat at mabuhay kayong lahat. [applause]

— END —