DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Oath taking of PACC officiials. 06 March 2018

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(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk
[Delivered at Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace | 06 March 2018]

You know, I asked for your pardon for being late. Late ako doon sa ano kasi — started late. Pagdating ko medyo my spinal is acting up again so I had to pass by the house to — for my medications.

Alam ko, kanina pa kayo naghihintay eh. So babawi na lang ako. Next time we meet to get around, I will be sitting here before you arrive. [laughter] One hour.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi and other members of the Cabinet; the newly-appointed officers of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission led by Chairman Mr. Dante Jimenez; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno; mga kababayan ko.

As usual, there is always a prepared speech for me to read. And would you believe it, pagpunta mo pa lang dito ang trapik na, ang barong pati ang pabango… [laughter] Dalawang pages.

So just — I came from a place where I was also talking about entrepreneurship and how we get to relate with each other. Well, I don’t know if you believe me. Pero kung hindi kayo naniwala hanggang ngayon, then I’m really very sorry I cannot add anything to what I have said in the campaign, when I took my oath of office and until now.

But ayaw ko naman na rub it in. Baka sasabihin ninyo na I’m pulling my own chair beyond its normal proportion.

Pero ‘yung sana, ang akin lang, if that is the only legacy that I can really leave behind, wala naman akong extraordinary talent. I don’t know how else could I do it in governance. Pero if there is one thing that I promised you during the election and it was very a simple one. And you were viewing the presidential debates most of the time and heard us deliver our piece.

At hanggang ngayon, ‘yun pa rin. Except that I left to the financial managers, ‘yung mga bright talaga. Eh hindi ako bright to run the economic affairs of the country.

What I’m just trying to hold is the day-to-day public interest. At ang gusto ko lang na mabigyan kayo ng konting respite sa corruption sa gobyerno. And there’s no doubt about it.

I have been mayor for 23 years, congressman for one term, then another term as vice mayor to my daughter. And when I shall have completed my term as President, if God wills it, then I have served the Filipino people for almost 40 years.

I… Ayaw kong magyabang but I’m the son of a politician. We are migrants sa Davao, in particular my father. Because I have a mother whose mother was a Maranao, but he was from Cebu.

And sanay ako sa — how I look at things. Corruption, sa pulis, not so much about the military maski noon pa. The traditional — huwag na sana. I do not want to offend anybody but I have to be truthful about it.

Unang panahon, ‘pag manalo ka, ang pinaka coveted na mga position is BIR pati Customs. That was through then during my father’s time kasi maraming nagpapatulong eh. But you know, ang karamihan talagang — ‘yung kung sa Bisaya nag-aagawan, nag-ilugay, actually itong mga opisinang ‘to and others na that would give you big in return.

So all of these things hanggang nag — nakalaki ako tapos nag-aral. ‘Yun ang nakikita ko and even during my father’s time when he was a Cabinet member of Mr. Marcos.

You know at that time ang presidente si Macapagal. But as is the practice of the Filipino politicians, they gravitate towards the ruling party. So by the next election, kagaya dito, marami na kaming PDP.

It’s a practice which for convenience and if you are a politician by the definition of the terms of what a politician is and should be dito sa Pilipinas, ganun talaga.

And this has been going on, not only now ‘yung PDP, but even during my father’s time. Ngayon ‘yung panahon niya, hinihigop na ni Macapagal lahat, except for two guys na governor — Ebarle of Zamboanga pati ang tatay ko. Stuck it out with the Nacionalista. So when he — Marcos won, he was one of those taken in as the first set of the Cabinet members.

Ramos, ‘yung tatay ni Ramos was the Foreign Affairs; Maceda was PACD, I could remember. Sila si Raquiza, Department of Highways and — ‘yun ‘yung batch na ‘yon, the first.

So alam ko kung gaano katindi talaga ang laro ng pu — I grew up with it at inabot sa akin. Ngayon nung pagdating ko, ang problema kasi — hindi rin ako malinis na malinis ha. I’m just ano… Pero ‘yang hangol sa pera talaga, wala akong — hindi — wala ako diyan.

For the reason that when I became a lawyer, si Judge Clavecilla naging judge. Ako naman naging fiscal. So during our time, wala ‘yang Ombudsman. Kami ‘yung first set ng mga Tanodbayan, prosecutors. And I was one of the two sa Mindanao appointed as special prosecutor for Mindanao.

‘Yung isa, ‘yung fiscal Nartatez. So dalawa kami. Biro mo naman kung isip-isipin mo kung ikaw ang haharap doon, i-arraign. So all the while, mahirap na hindi naman masyado. And I was — kontento na ako.

Then Cory came. You know, for all of their yellow ano — my mother was one of the four original yellow guys now who used to march the thoroughfares of Davao. Apat lang sila. Aapat lang sila. And at that time, nobody was paying attention to them. But she was already shouting.

Hindi naman ‘yung ano without — bereft of any sabihin nila utang na loob na ano because I was appointed OIC vice mayor. My mother sacrificed. Every Davaoeño here in this room would tell you.

And so ‘yung — that start me in Davao and I owe it to Cory Aquino. Appointed me as OIC. I got out from the prosecution, then started my career as an OIC, then ran after the OIC, mayor.

So ‘yan ang buhay ko. Ngayon, I promised you four. Wala akong ibang — wala akong sa speech ko ‘yung mga public works, infrastructure. And always I was the first one to say, “that is all for me, Your Honor.”

Madalas akong matapos kaagad kasi ayaw ko ng daldal kaya one minute and 30 seconds was really a very stupid format. So ako, sanay ako sa ano, ito ang gawain ko, 1, 2, 3, 4, tapos sabi ko, “I’m through.” O ‘di tapos. And, kung bakit ako nanalo, ‘yan ang problema. Hindi natin alam dito kung paano.

But I know that Dante believed in me so siya ‘yung sa — he came out openly for me. But do you really know ano ang state ko noon? ­Dante and sa Bicol — sa mga classmate ko na mga Bicolano, mga brod ko. In Luzon, si Imee lang pati si Abet Garcia.

Sa Bicol, ‘yung ano… Maynila, kayo. Visayas, the birthplace of my father and wala ako doon sa Danao, ni wala ako isang barangay captain.

Well, in Mindanao, I had Nograles and of course, he’s my nephew. And Zubiri pati ‘yung isang governor na probinsya na ayaw kong… Ayaw kong banggitin kasi marami ng istorya lumalabas eh. Baka mapatay tayo na walang kadahil-dahilan.

You know, I’m not trying to be funny but ‘yun lang ang nag-suporta sa akin. And after the elections, I got 16 and six of that was my margin over my next opponent.

So ito lang sinabi ko, I will try to stop corruption. Then sinabi ko drugs is eating, devouring the country. Tapos ‘yung isa sabi ko, I will try to talk to the enemies of the state. Maybe if I can have a good deal with them, we can finally arrive at a — sort of a peaceful nation.

Tapos itong hindi ko pakialaman ‘yung ano — ‘yung, itong negosyo. So corruption, unahan ko na kayo. Walang transaction sa gobyero na dumadating sa akin.

You can ask anybody from the clerk down to the Cabinet member, I do not sign anything. Not because I am afraid, but because I do not want to interfere any of the decisions made in connection with that contract.

Pagka ganun hanggang diyan, hanggang kay Secretary Cusi lang ‘yan. Pagka a national security matter, hanggang Secretary Esperon lang ‘yan. If it’s a DOF, hanggang kay De Guzma — kay Sonny Dominguez lang ‘yan. Walang dumadating sa akin na papel na…

Kaya sinasabi ko na if you have a complaint against anybody in the Executive department or a Cabinet member, call me by any means, secretary kaibigan ninyo, tell me about it and I will give you the time and space to hear you maski kung gabi. And I will do something about it immediately.

Kaya ‘yung Koreano sa frigate, it was between the military guys, nagamit lang ‘yung sa endorsement and it was, “looked into this…”

Hanggang ‘yun lang papel diyan, walang — walang dumating sa amin dito na mga bulto-bultong dokumento about the acquisition of the ship nor with… Hindi ako pumipirma. And they do not get clearance from me.

Basta sinabi ko, ‘yung trabaho mo, kung ano ang kailangan doon, gawin mo.

And maski tanungin mo ‘yung Intelligence, wala kang marinig na minsan may tumawag ako kay Cusi o kay, kay Jo Calida na o kay Persida, never.

Kaya kaya kitang birahin, ma-ABS ka man, kung p***hin kita, kung magsabi ako ‘yung Mile Long na ‘yan na — the corruption really there is that is an economic sabotage.

One day I’ll just make up my mind to whether to file or not. ‘Cause until now, ‘yung back rentals na kinuha nila hindi naman nila isinauli.

What happened to the years that the property was in their possession and there’s no accounting for that?

If you have a contract, fine. But if it is an expired contract and you continue to collect in behalf of the owner, which is the government, and nothing has been returned until now, talagang one day we’ll just have to have a reckoning here.

Not because you wait me — eh sige… You practically throw the kitchen sink, fine. Pero kung sabihan kitang p***** i** mo, talagang p***** i** mo kasi kaya kitang bastusin and including ABS-CBN. ‘Yung Lopez Group of Companies doon, remember? Lopez Group of Companies, they borrowed heavily from DBP.

Bakit nalugi ang DBP? Bakit dumive (dive) ‘yan? Why was it privatized? Why? Because they did not pay the billions they owed government. You know it was condoned.

Ang sabi ko sa inyo ‘yung mga elitista eh. Alam mo kinakain nila pera natin. And dito may sinipa ako. Alam mo ‘yung sinipa ko? ‘Yung Undersecretary sa Budget. Wala kang ahensya, wala kang pera, lalakarin niya. Sa gobyerno rin, dito sa Budget.

“O sige hanapan kita.” ‘Yung go-between, eh ‘yun ang sabi kong tirador.

Dito na, mismo sa gobyerno, p*** — sinipa ko sa mukha diyan sa likod. T*** i** mo.

Hindi na kailangan may transaksyon ka pa sa gobyerno. Sabi ko, p***** i** tsk [laughter]. Kung wala nang iba, ipapatay talaga kita.

Eh ‘yan lang naman ang buhay, diyes mil? Dagdagan ng human rights para ganahan ‘yung pumatay eh ‘di — g***.

Huwag na ‘yan — ‘yung labas na negosyo, transaction, okay lang ‘yan. At least sabihin mo maski may commission o it was exceedingly too big. Pero kung sabihin mo na pag dito, isang ahensya walang pera, tapos may gustong, their new equipment or machines to be acquired tapos magpunta ka dito, ikaw ang magdagdag, ah anak ka ng…

Kasi ipinahiya ko talaga ang u***. ‘Yung corruption, it is pulling us down eh noon pa ‘yan.

Walang transaction na mga tractor na ano, na p***** i****, may pera talaga. Hindi ka maka-diretso ng ano…

Pati projects, ang projects well, you know, hindi ko na kontrolado ha and you know why. Separate kami. ‘Yung project ng Supreme Court, sabihin niyo ako na naman nag-ano sa kanya.

You can ask anybody — I never initiated ‘to si Sereno… Eh I just called her attention because of the so many cases pending tapos pa-iba ang decision niya.

‘Yung the very complaint now of the Justices. ‘Yun man ‘yon. O kita mo, ‘di lumabas rin.

Congress, well, you be the judge. Hindi ako pwede. Executive department ako. Co-equal kami eh so hindi ako pwedeng mag-ano, Executive department lang ako.

Pero dito kung sinong may sabit, sabihin ninyo. I said I give you the authority to… Let me know by what means, let me know and I’ll give you the time and space here.

Pati ‘yung mga contract ngayon, gusto ko nga ‘yung sa contract ngayon na ano — either it’s a Swiss challenge o ito predict mo magkano, ikaw maggawa.

Gawain mo kay kung hindi mo gagawain o lousy ang pagkagawa, hindi kita bayaran. Sino bang g***** gob — na contractor na…? Either a Swiss challenge or the big ones.

I’m sorry to sideline itong mga — there’s a group of Filipinos. Siguro they were able to really to rise up a little bit. Nakabili ng bahay, ng mga kotse and the guys just go around the Philippines playing golf.

At meron ‘yang probinsya diyan na ano, na magsabi, “may bidding.” Maghinto muna sila ng sabong, pupunta sila doon sa bidding, pagkatapos sila ‘yung babagsak ng presyo.

Ang true bidder na contractor, if it’s 100,000, magbi-bid ‘yan ng 95, ‘yung ganun. Pero may mag-bid diyan, “We can make that project at 85.” Ibabagsak pa talaga ‘yan. “Give me 80 and I’ll give you the project.”

Maghingi na ang mayor, governor, engineer, ‘yung iba pang mga radyo, ‘yung mag-amoy-amoy ng anong project diyan pati barangay captain, ang p***** i** magpirma pa, completion of the project.

So ilan na lang maiwan para sa kanya? That’s why you have this project that is really the work of a son of a b****. ‘Yun ang Pilipinas. Para mabuklat ‘yang mata ninyo. And observe it.

Ngayon, itong mga negosyante, I can only do so much humanly. So ang pinili ko si Sid Lapeña, general. He used to be my chief of police for the longest time.

And I requested when he was about to be promoted RD, kinuha ko siya because hindi corrupt. And the wife has a thriving business. Architect ang asawa niya tapos may mga projects na hindi sa gobyerno.

And for the Customs, Ilocano ‘to, ka-roommate ni Bello. Puro — kaharap ng kwarto namin. Dulay, he’s from Baguio.

Itong si Bebot, taga-Isabela. Puro Ilocano itong mga ‘to. Ayun ang mga ka-roommate ko. Walang tai tai dito sa Cabinet ko. ‘Yung sabihin mong mga anak ng mga, mga known. Wala, wala akong kaibigan kasi hindi ko kayo kilala.

And even the military, limitado ako, those who sojourned or was once upon a time assigned sa Mindanao. Nakilala ko ‘yan sila.

Si General Esperon, Roy Cimatu, ‘yan. ‘Yung mga puro generals na ‘yan. Ngayon bakit ka naman, bakit sa inyo, bakit puro halos military? Napapaiyak tuloy ako sa kwento ng buhay natin. [laughter]

Alam mo, I appreciate the work of the civilian bureaucracy. Nagpapasalamat ho ako sa inyo

Ang problema ganito. ‘Yung director o anuman, utusan mo, kung nandiyan pa sila sa lower echelons ng organization, fight ‘yan sila. Civil service eligible, first grade, tapos ganun, CESO.

Pagdating doon sa itaas, mga supervisory na, tatamad-tamaran na ‘yan. Matanda na ‘yan by that time at alam nila ang director usually, unless you are really very good, i-appoint ka as director, steady ka lang.

Marami naman diyan hindi ko ginalaw eh pero ‘yung iba alam nila it is really for a political position. So mahirap mo na — at saka ‘yung mga director, maglabas ng opisina ang mga y***, magpunta doon sa… Magpunta doon sa mall, magbili ng perfume tapos pupunta ng kabit niya, uuwi ng gabi na ‘yan. Ganun ‘yan.

So tamad-tamaran na ‘yan. Hindi kagaya ng itong silang military, isang utos lang. ‘Pag sinabi kong, “gawain mo ‘yan, tapusin mo,”  tapusin talaga niya ‘yan.

‘Pag sinabi ko kay Cimatu pati kay Año, puro naging chief of staff ko ‘yan. [Naging chief of staff ba si Roy ‘no?]

‘Pag sinabi kong “gawain mo ‘yan, Roy,” dumaan ‘yan sa Davao eh. Tapos si Año was my — also chief of staff. “Gawain mo.”

Nagkita kami ni Año, was it yesterday? Sabi niya, dito ata ‘yan sabi niya — Cabinet meeting. Sabi niya kahapon, sabi niya, “six months.”

Sabi ko, “pwede ‘yung iba four months?” Sabi ko, “inutusan kita, sir.” Nagsi-sir ako sa kanila eh. Eh hindi ako nakatapos ng ROTC ko pati PMT.

Sabi ko na, “Sir, inutusan kita six months. Tapusin mo. ‘Yung hanap ka. Six months. Tapusin mo ‘yang problema sa Boracay. I do not…” Parang ganun. Ngayon, I know it work hardships and that is why I would be declaring a state of calamity.

Ang state of calamity may component ’yan na pambigay talaga for those who are displaced financially. Para na ring kung ano, may bagyong dumaan, magbigay ka ng pera.

In the meantime, if I were from Boracay or you guys there, the best thing for you to do is to cooperate with the government and hasten the cleanup.

For as long as there are s*** coming out of those pipes draining to the sea, I will never give you the time of the day na bumalik diyan.

One is that it would affect public interest of the country. We are known for that, which is a source of money, taxes that you pay and appreciated by other people. So that is the public interest involved.

Then the second, it could be a public issue. ‘Yung magkasakit, ‘yung virus or bacteria of all kinds, staphy o staphylococcus. Andiyan lahat. It could be a health issue and it is also public safety.

So ‘yang tatlo na ‘yan I am invoking it and it is one of the — mga abugado dito, a mass function of… I can order for this thing to happen because it is of public interest, public safety and public health. Para malaman ninyo. Those are the…

And I would caution the courts not to interfere by issuing TRO because you would just exacerbate the situation and the worse, baka hindi kita paniwalaan.

Kaya sabi ko, there have been so many public projects, ‘pag natalo ‘yung bidder, ang u***, pupunta sa korte to secure a TRO only to finally give in after magbayad na. “O sige, bigyan na lang kita para…”

It’s a racket actually. So the courts think not even twice, not even twice. I am not an anarchist but if I think that your action is really detrimental, mamili ka. Either I do not obey you or b****s***** kita in public.

Remember the three issues which are very important for our existence as a government. That’s the first.

And the others, transaction… Airport sabi ko, wala nang opening ng bags tutal paglabas ‘yan sa airplane, andiyan man si Secretary Cusi alam man niya ‘yan.

Doon sa baba tinitignan na ‘yan bago umakyat doon then another… Bakit mo pa buksan? So what’s the f…

Why? Ang mahirap niyan kaming mga mayor noon, mga gobernador, senador, “yes, sir. Mayor. Sige.”

Basta ‘yung asawa mo tag-apat na train na — parang TRAIN Law ng BIR [laughter] luggages. “Yes, sir.” “Musta ka, sir?”

Pagdating dito sa OFW, bubuksan pati ‘yung — bagay kukunin niyo. Kaya sabi ko walang drama ‘to, wala lahat, no explanation: huwag mong galawin ang maliit na tao.

Walang explanation, why? Hypocrisy, pretentions, bahala ka. Basta huwag mong galawin ang maliit na tao, t***… [applause]

You know why? ‘Yang mga mayaman hindi na kailangan ng gobyerno niyan. Hindi na nga kailangang ng Presidente ‘yan eh. Sinong Presidente? Ewan ko kung sino ang nakaupo diyan sa Malacañang.

They can afford to go out, they can afford to buy security guards. ‘Yung maliliit na tao, ‘pag walang gobyerno patay — patay talaga ‘yan. Walang pagkain. Walang…

Ako ayaw ko itong sabihin because sabi ko I am not the kind na nagyayabang pero hindi ko man ito pera sabihin ko na sa inyo.

Alam mo ‘yung naririnig namin, naririnig ninyo, PGH pati ‘yung mga intern magko-contribute sila para lang makabili lang ng medisina ang pasyente. Tanungin ninyo.

So minsan narinig ko, tinawag ko, hindi naman ako — probinsyano ako eh ‘di sabi ko, “magkano kaya kailangan ninyo?”

“Siguro, sir, mga, on the average, hirap pero shoestring budget, mga 40 million a month, sir.”

Sabi ko sa kanila, “100 million? Okay na ‘yan?” Sabi nila, “Sir, makatulong na ‘yan. Yearly, sir?” Sabi ko, “No, monthly.” [applause]

You have one million a month. Sabi ko kay Andrea, PAGCOR, “One hundred million ‘yan sila.”

Sundalo kawawa naman. Ilan lang sweldo ng sundalo? Kahit ikonekta ko ‘yan maya sa ‘yung — a recurring and multiple problems of governance.

Ilan lang ang sundalo? ‘Pag retire… Alam mo ang sundalo, they retire at the age of 56. Pero ang katawan niyan bugbog. ‘Yang mga rangers na ‘yan sila, takbo, kain ‘yan, takbo, kain, walang tulog ‘yan. ‘Yang mga ‘yan maraming…

Pero pagka tanda na mag-sige naman golf. Akala mo mga mayaman na, nandoon na sa golf lahat nagpupustahan.

‘Yang mga sundalo, wala ‘yan silang management. Hypertension, diabetes, kidney. Pagkatapos labas na ‘yan sa hospital diyan, wala na. So management.

Sabi ko, V. Luna 50 million. Ikaw AFP hospital, 50 million [applause] a month. Saka kaya magdasal na kayo ng sakit kasi libre na ngayon. [laughter]

Hindi ko masabi lahat kasi wala tayong panahon eh but that’s how I deal. Gastos ako pero ang sabihin itong Human Rights mga b****, nagbibigay daw ako ng pera para ipapatay ka, t****** ka pala eh.

Magtanong ka diyan kay General… Nagbibigay ako ng pera kasi ‘yang drugs bibilihin mo. Kung pulis ka, you are into the drug operation, you have to buy the drugs. And when that money has been paid, it becomes the property of the case, ebidensya na ‘yan. Hindi mo na makuha.

Kaya weekly ‘yan nagdi-distribute ka ng pera to buy drugs not to pay. Ito namang Human Rights, mga b**** talaga kaya hanggang Human Rights lang kayo.

Tapos takot-takotin ako ng IC, naku… Pati ‘yung black lady, they let you… You cannot acquire jurisdiction over me, not in a million years. Kaya hindi ko sinasagot. [applause]

Totoo ‘yan, ayaw kong sabihin. That has always been my weapon ever since. Sabi ko, “s***, maniwala ka diyan.”

They cannot ever, ever hope to acquire jurisdiction over my person. Hindi nga ako maniwala sa nanay ko, sa kanila pa? [laughter] P***** i** ‘yan. B***** kayo.

Totoo lang, totoo lang ha. ‘Yung ages na between 14 to 18? Mabuti na sa isang linggo, siguro — diyan ako sa altar. P****, dalawang oras naka ganoon pagbaba ng kamay, pak! 

Kaya magtingin ako kay Hesukristo, sabi ko, nakaganoon rin siya eh. Sabi ko, “pareho talaga ang swerte natin.” [laughter] Siguro noon loko-loko ka rin sa buhay mo eh. Hindi ka naniwala ng nanay mo. Eh kung naniwala ka sa nanay mo, hindi ka nagkaganun.

Same story. ‘Di ba? Totoo. Eh kung nangyari sa Diyos ‘yang ganoon, anong diperensya ninyo? May kasalanan siguro ‘yung…

Now with drugs, hindi ako pwedeng mag-atras diyan. Hindi ako pwedeng mag-atras. I will compromise the whole of…

Alam mo ang drugs sabi nitong mga… Itong si Duterte ang pinapatay niya ‘yung mga taga-Tondo, mga taga may — taga- Caloocan.

Hoy mga torpe, makinig kayo. Ang drug is really the commodity of the poor people. ‘Yan ang kaya nila tag-dosyentos.

Ang mga mayaman dito, ‘yung may mga pangalan, ‘yung may mga distrito dito na kanila lahat, cocaine ‘yan sila. Mahal ‘yan. ‘Yan ngayon, ngayon mabilis ang pasok ng cocaine because we suspect na ang cartel ng America is about to take over sa cocaine dito — or sa America.

Kayo? Ako basta sinabi ko huwag. When I was mayor, it was the same problem. Ang sinabi ko, look, I’m going to run for mayor and if I win, I will build our city.

I am not a policeman, I am not a military man. I do nothing about doctrines and all. Sinabi ko lang, “do not destroy my city because I will kill you. Do not destroy the young of the city because I will kill you.”

Simple as that. When I became Presidente, ganoon rin. Huwag mong sirain ang bayan ko kasi bayan ko ‘to. Huwag mong gawaing Colombia, Mexico. Huwag mong gawain ‘yan kasi papatayin talaga kita. Kasi kayong mga kayo ang leksyon nalaman ninyo patayan.

Ibibigay ko talaga sa inyo. Huwag mong sirain ang mga bata namin kasi karamihan sa Pilipino, 90 percent, pobre. Ayan sa likod ninyo, puro sundalo ‘yan. At the age of 56, they retire.

Retirement pay, mag-abot siguro 1,500, minsan 800 kung maraming liabilities. At the age of 56, 57, 58, 59, sige. If they get to live for 20 years, saan siya magkuha? Medicines?

The most that I could get to give us doon sa SSS nila, isang libo lang. Magkano ang medisina ngayon sa diabetes? Magkano ang medisina ngayon sa heart? Kidney?

Who will pay for the oxygen when I’m dying? Who will pay for the hospital and punerarya? Saan sila magkuha ng pera? Sa anak nila. Kaya nga kita inalagaan ako pati ‘tong mga ‘to para pagtanda namin, ‘yung anak, the same way that our parents protected and took care of us.

Kaya diyan ako galit ‘yang droga na ‘yan. Ako ‘yung mga mayayaman maging u*** sila, mabuti. Ay anak ng jueteng. Hindi ko man sila hulihin, sige hithitin ninyong lahat ng limang sako diyan, isang barko. T**** i** ‘yang mga mayaman.

Look, pupunta ka sa Saudi Arabia. Iwanan mo ang anak mo. Average ‘yang Filipino, 4-5, 4-5 ang anak.

Once the mother gets out of the house, the family becomes dysfunctional already. If the father and mother would work outside in the Middle East, the family totally becomes dysfunctional.

Ang bata iiwan sa lolo’t lola, mga kapatid, ‘yung iba para lang — doon sa mga kaibigan. Mga babae, so they get seven years old. By the time of puberty, na-rape na ‘yan, nagamit na, lahat. Why? Because there is no father and mother there. Iniwan lang eh.

Pagdating doon, ito sabihin ko na, I knew it when I was a congressman kasi may nilakad ako na kaso about three Filipino nagbibigay kasi ng rosaryohan from Toril, ‘yung isa from Kidapawan.

And they were there at the gate of my house umiiyak araw-araw, ayaw nang umuwi. So ang asawa ko naman, eh baptist ‘yan, eh maawain, she welcomed them. Everyday, doon pinapakain, pagka gabi binibigyan ng pamasahe, waiting for the result of what I will do.

So sabi ng asawa ko pumunta ka na doon at maggawa ka ng paraan. So pumunta ako sa Riyadh, nakausap ko si King Fahd. He was a bit of ano na but he could still communicate. Pumayag siya.

But the chief minister, ‘yung pinaka-head doon, sabi niya you talk to your counterpart para magkaintindihan kayo. So I went to the parliament. So what did he tell me?

You inform your kababayan na if you work for an average, hindi lahat, hindi lahat. But there are tribes in the Arab nation, kagaya natin Pilipino, may Ilocano, may Cebuano, especially ‘yung malalayo sa urban areas — rural.

‘Pag nagtrabaho ka sa kanila, if you are a slave bought from the slave markets of Africa or you are paid really to do ‘yung housework, it includes sexual abuse for free.

‘Yan itinago ko ‘yan sa puso ko, ngayon Presidente na ako binitawan ko na kasi hindi ko na matiis.

Ang sabi ko, the ban stays until I meet the guys and talk. One is that ‘wag ninyong kunin ‘yung passport ng Pilipina. Kinukuha nila ‘yung passport eh. Pangalawa, bigyan ninyong panahon matulog. Bigyan ninyo ng pagkain kasi ‘pag hindi, p***** i** ninyo. Pang-apat, ‘wag ninyong — kasi ang Pilipina hindi ‘yan para — hindutin ninyo.

Ngayon, ‘pag wala ‘yan, sorry. Umuwi kayo dito, bahala na pobre tayo, eh ‘di hati-hatiin natin ‘yang pera. Eh ibigay ko ‘yan, ‘yung allowance. [applause] Hindi ko matiis ‘yung ganun. Kaya ako nag — pumutok talaga. Ilagay mo sa freezer tapos lahat nambubugbog, lahat pasa-pasa ‘yung — puro hematoma.

Eh kung gawain ko kaya ‘yan sa mga babae ninyo? The first to rape alam mo kung sino? ‘Yung employer. Second, ‘yung anak niyang lalake, third ‘yung anak niyang lalake, o may sabihing apat na lalake tapos ipahiram pa niya doon sa bayaw niya, ipahiram doon sa barkada niya.

The human body or the human being can only take so much. Kaya kita mo nag — lumulukso. Destroyed ‘yan physically and wala na mentally. Wala kang kain, wala kang tulog, gamitin ka pa.

Gagamitin ka dalawa, tatlong lalaki sa isang araw. Kung mag-linis ka pa doon sa bahay ng amo mo, mag-linis ka pa doon sa bahay ng kapatid niya, bayaw niya pati anak niya. ‘Yan ang buhay ng Pilipina.

Kaya gusto ko nga eh, I am trying — not even — for my countrymen na umakyat lang naman tayo, do not really — kasi maghuhurumentado ako.

‘Wag — ‘wag mo akong bigyang s*** na ‘yan na sinasabi nitong mga pari pati ob — isa pang mga g***.

In face of what… You should read the book “Corruption in Rome”, it’s being sold in… Isang justice nagbigay sa akin, “Oh you read the ‘Altar Secrets’ of a Filipino narrator sa CBCP.”

Catholic Church? ‘Yung inquisition lang nung panahon na ‘yun ilang… Huwag na tayong magbolahan dito. Of course, there is God. Religion? Most hypocrite in the world. They do not — they simply cannot understand.

Biro mo magsabi doon in public, “Ito ‘yung pinatay ni Duterte, 7,000.” Tapos i-bandera naman ng mga ugok doon, eh talagang iyo. “O, 7,000,” and criticizing me in public.

How about the other side? Anong kasalanan nitong mga p***** i***** ‘to? Bakit mo patayin kung walang rason? Or if at all kung pinatay ng gobyerno, it’s about siguro mga 4,000 plus.

Now, tanungin kita, ilang pulis ang namamatay araw-araw sa Pilipinas? I lose about two, three policemen a day. Kita mo naman, posi — pag-raid, pinatay, nabaril, naunahan. O how about ‘yung mga biyuda niyan, papaano ‘yan? Buti sana kung ang execution niyang…

O kita mo naman sa TV, ‘yung nagsasaksak pati pulis, kung ano ‘yung — mabuti’t na lang ‘yung na-corner na siya may baril siya, nabaril niya but nakapatong na sa kanya.

And they seem to be blind or keeping a blind eye of what is happening in the surrounding. Me? I will never, never, never allow evil to ruin my country. Hindi ako papayag. Not — not… [applause] 

[Bigyan mo nga ako ng ano, ‘yung not in — during my time.] Kasi ito, nagsalita ako, nandoon man si General Esperon.

Eh itong mga pulis kasi mga — isa pa kayo.

Pero hindi naman lahat, may mga pulis talagang… But Manila is — police dito problematic ako. Eh ‘yan sila, may mga mababait, pero may bagong… Sa Davao, nag-donate ng magagandang sasakyan ang Japan. Ano ‘yun, sir? Montero?

P***** i**, Montero. Ako, sa totoo lang. Merong taga-Davao dito, makikita man ninyo, ano ang sasakyan ko? Pickup hanggang ngayon. Totoo. I mean lahat ng taga-Davao, napunta man kayo ng Davao nakita niyo. I ride, I go down, pickup.

So ang Japan nagbigay ng 26 Monteros. O ka-swerte ng mga taga-Davao. Sabi ko sa pulis, “Hoy — bantay kayo.” Kasi noon, nakabili ako ng — hindi ako barat eh, Isuzu, Toyota talaga ‘yan, ‘yang durably. Nagbili ako ng 12. T*** i***** ano nagpasok itong pulis na tinyente, dinirive (drive) lasing.

So two days after nakita ko na doon sa pagpasok mo ng Acacia sa Davao, ‘yung may bagong hotel, doon sa unahan ‘yung Marco Polo. Naka-toloret ‘yung… P***, nag-iyak ako, “Bakit? Sinong gumawa nito?” Kabago-bago, t*** i**** pulis, “T*** i** ka gusto mo talaga ha.” O ‘di binugbog ko. Talagang binubugbog ko man ‘yan.

Tapos I came out, ito lang kasi si Bong, ‘yung aide ko, nilagyan niya ng mukha ko eh, but I said, “not during my watch,” “huwag sa panahon ko.”[applause] Sabi ko, “maganda ‘yan, Bong.”

Pero ang problema kay Bong, nilagyan niya ‘yung sa Marawi. Hindi naman ito intended for Marawi, tapos na eh.

At saka sabi ko para man akong — Maranao man ang lola ko. Pero, ngayon sabi ko hindi ko ito ibinibigay, ganyan ko lang.

Kung mangurakot ka, kung magnanakaw ka, ug mag-droga ka lang naman, p***** i** mo, wala kayong makita, hindi ko boses ‘yan. [laughter] 

‘Wag sa panahon ko. Some other time, not now. Kasi magka-deperensya lang tayo. [applause] I do not want to hurt you. I do not want to embarrass you.

Kaya ‘yung mga direktor na matatanda, pagbigay ng military ng dossier, ‘yang nakita, anak intern sa ganung ospital. Ang sabi ko na lang kay Medialdea, “bulungan mo na lang. Sabihin mo, huwag.”

Ayaw kong mapahiya, I am not into — ‘yung hiyain ang tao, especially if there’s the wife and the children. Mawalaan ng bilib eh.

Hindi — hindi ako nag — dito lang sa ano, mura — ‘yung galit ko dito ko lang sa — ito dahil bugbog na itong g****** ‘to o. [laughter] 

Ito lang ‘yung — p***** i**. Pero wala man ‘yan, istorya man lang ‘yan ma’am — eh Ms. Acosta naman. Hanggang diyan lang naman ‘yan eh. Ito ang bugbog sa insulto.

Pagkatapos ‘yung sabi ko, ‘wag kayong maniwala ‘yang corruption diyan sa ano. Kung meron nandoon ‘yan sa baba o sa — pero dito sa Malacañan? Kaya kaya kong mag-mura, kaya kong mag-ano nang bastos ng — ‘yung mga — lalo na ‘yung mga oligarchs?

Ano mang silipin mo sa akin? You — you want to know my bank accounts? I’ll give it to you, right now. Walang biro, sulutan ko.

Or kayo may mga kapatid talaga kayo nasa Central Bank.  I will not take it against you, sige buksan ninyo ‘yung computer.

Pero ikaw kalaban ko sa politika? Do not — if you want evidence, do not get it from my mouth or make me do the effort. G*** ka ba? Bakit ko gagawain sa iyo ‘yan?

Eh ‘di mag — you go to hell. But do not task me to do a thing na para lang maghanap ka ng — you go into a fishing expedition.

Pero kayo, anytime, I will give you the authority, honestly, wala kayong makuha. [applause].

If it exceeds 40 million kasala — kasali ko na ang inheritance ko noon. And the original entered is Bank of Asia and America, and that was time when we had the partition of our property. ‘Yan ang unang makita mo sa — sa money laundering records. Lahat naman tayo.

Magsobra diyan, I step down. Sige, kunin ninyo. Wala akong — at hindi ganun kalakas ang loob ko kung may masilip ka sa akin. Hindi ganun kalakas ang loob ko.

Pati ‘yung… Sila ‘yung may ano — may atraso. Ang atraso ko ‘yung sabi patayan.

Look, para matapos na tayo. May pagkain? [laughter] May pagkain ngayon?

Paluto mo breakfast, kasi matagal pa tayo. [laughter and applause]

Bayad man ito ng — si Diokno, nasaan naman si Diokno? May pera tayo.

Ganito ‘yan eh. You know, patapos na ako just give me about two, three minutes. Patapos na ako, dito ako eh. Ang nag — ang administering officer ko brod ko si Justice Bogie Reyes. Sabi ko, “I swear, before God and country,” in short, “that I will protect the people and preserve the nation, the Republic of the Philippines”. The long and short of it.

Ngayon, itong sa droga ganito. It is impossible to run a drug business if it is not organized. Kasi may tiga-luto ka, tapos magtawag ka pa ng iyong lieutenants, o ‘yung maghabol doon sa hinuhulog doon na mga — ayoko na lang kasi maya na it’s a touchy issue. Foreigners alam na ninyo kung — ihulog nila ‘yan tapos lagyan ng GPS, so alam niya kung saan kunin.

So may mga lieutenants ‘yan karga. Tapos idi-distribute doon sa outlets. ‘Yung mga tinyente then to the basurero. Basurero is ang tawag nila sa street peddlers, ‘yun ang pangalan nila basurero. It is always organized.

Now, when I took my oath of office, I swore to uphold the law. And it does not — there’s nothing says that I will enforce the law only against the rich. I have to enforce the law against everybody, who appears to be responsible for a crime.

So it means the rich and the poor, because I have to enforce the law against all. Otherwise, it is not a law. It must be for everybody. But if it’s a selective justice, you are a s***. Ayaw ko ‘yan, ayaw ko ‘yan.

Nasanay ako sa enforce against — eh piskal ako eh. So I write preliminary investigation, then decision, then in court. And sometimes when I feel noon na talagang parang manufactured ang evidence, I would just say, “Your Honor, I move to dismiss the case.” “Why?” “I think my evidence that I have is fabricated.”

Ganun ako, diretso. Sasabihan ko nalang ang judge, “May I approach the…” Tapos sabihin ko na, “Judge, hayaan mo na itong buang na ito walang…”

So I… Ngayon, kung ikaw, ang sindikato mo sa mga mayaman, mahuli kita, mayor ka, pasensiya.

Just like Espinosa, just like Parojinog, ipinatawag ko ‘yan sila dito, dito. Lahat ng mayors, sinarahan ko ‘yan, sinarahan ko, tanungin ninyo.

Sabi ko, “’wag…” I-off mo ‘yang camera, adre. Kay wala mang maniwala sa kanila kung mag-tsismis siya, pero sa camera. [laughter]  

Sabi niya, “intriga lang ‘yan sa kabila eh.” Patayin mo ang iyo, patayin tuloy kita ‘pag hindi… [laughter]

— END —

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