DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Departure for Boao Forum. 09 April 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

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[Delivered at Davao International Airport, Davao City | 09 April 2018]


Sit down. Sige upo ho kayo. Salamat.


Hindi ako mag-Amerikana, ang init. Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano and the other members of the Cabinet, AFP Chief of Staff General Rey Leonardo Guerrero, the other major service commanders, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio — hay man? Nagpabilin — fellow workers in government, mga kababayan.


Today I leave for China to attend the annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia.


As I said before, the Philippines’ destiny is in Asia: Asia’s growth is expected to continue to rise through 2050 and account for more than half of the world’s GDP.


We must, therefore, continue our efforts to broaden and deepen the Philippines’ economic engagement and cooperation with our friends and neighbours.


If we seek development to make the lives of our people more comfortable, we must harness the potential for shared growth in our region. 


At the Boao Forum, I shall advance the Philippines’ interests in trade expansion and investments promotion. 


I will highlight the results of our Government’s efforts to make businesses grow through improved peace and order situation, sustained campaign to battle corruption and strengthened the policy framework for businesses to thrive. 


Just as important, I will reiterate the Philippine’s commitment to do more to increase investments in the country, particularly in infrastructure, innovation and interconnectivity. 


I shall meet with business leaders to convince them to transform investment plans into concrete projects. 


I certainly look forward to meeting [President] Xi Jinping. 


In our bilateral meeting, we will discuss the full range of the Philippines-Chinese relationships.


As friends and sovereign equals, we will review the progress of our efforts and chart ways to ensure prosperity for our nation and region.


Make no mistake: there can be no progress without stability and security of Asia’s lands and waters. 


There continue to be threats from transnational crime, terrorism and violent extremism, and unresolved disputes. 


We will do our part as a responsible nation to address these threats into the region’s collective security. 


Immediately after the Boao Forum, I shall proceed to Hong Kong, where thousands of our dear countrymen and women have found work. 


I welcome the opportunity to meet our kababayans, report to them the developments at home and listen to their concerns and their hopes.


As I am here for you, so am I also here for those who have left the country to support and provide a better future for their families. 


My dream is a comfortable life for every Filipino. My mandate is to secure the interests of our nation and people. My solemn oath is to spare no effort to make these happen as I engage with other nations. 


Upon my return, as always, I shall give a full report to the nation. Daghang salamat. [applause] Any…? I’d entertain…




Q: Good afternoon, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Good afternoon. Kamusta po kayo?


Q: Okay lang po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:Ang Star ninyo okay lang?


Q: Very okay po, sir. Sir, may question lang po ako it’s about the feud between America and — between US and China — the trade feud. Now the question is this 17 percent of our total exports goes to China so how would our  — [what is this?]— how would our — how would it affect us? Are there mea — have we taken measures to mitigate whatever the resu — the impact of this trade ano to the country?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, let me just say the market of China is growing and our Philippine efforts are included there. 


We have — they have raised all the — all restrictions before ‘yung mga sa prutas and everything before the restoration of the normal ties, wala tayo. Now we account for a certain percentage I don’t know why because it’s getting more and more everyday.


But having said that, we are also in a position now — we are going to have a platform for this actually, especially the Labor department tumatanggap na sila ngayon ng trabahante. They are accepting first teachers but 1,000 — ah 100 — 100,000. 


You know I think the Chinese who want to learn the English language before they take over America so that they can understand each other. Eh hindi bumabayad ng utang eh. So forfeited ‘yung lupa mo. So that’s the problem.


We just take on the sides but again I know that this is an itching question that you’d be asked. Whether I discuss the South — itong West Sea, well, it depends. If I think there is a need for me to raise the issue and if we intrude now into the business of exploration and development, we might — I might say my piece also on that matter.


Ang ano ko whether any other plans, no. I am for — I am into the business. I am not going into a war.


We can postpone that war 100 years from now. In the meantime, I need the resources of my country to make the people comfortable at least makapag-aral, makapag-eskwela ang mga bata and money for food available and affordable. ‘Yan po ang nasa isip ko all the time.



Q: Yeah, thank you po, sir. Second question lang po, sir. I hope you don’t mind my asking you this.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah no I don’t mind. They are waiting at the tarmac also right now.


Q: Sir, ganito okay there’s already an announcement that Boracay would be closed by April 26. Now, there might no question about the — but my question is, has there been a master plan that would — what would be done during those six months — month period? Have the ano ba — has the multi-agency group submitted to you something that this could be done, this will the phase or ano. A master plan lang po ang itinatanong ko?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, first of all there is the newspaper reports sa inyo ata ‘yon? Na I was — I was going to allow any casino there somewhere. Sa inyo ‘yon. Sa inyo… Newspaper mo lang binabasa — ‘yung iyo kasi nandiyan ka. 


Far from it actually, I never said anything about building anything or even a — a nipa hut there.


What I said is that that island itself is owned by the government. I’ve said it before, agricultural ‘yan pati forestal. Unless there is a law or a proclamation of the president setting aside anything there — any, an inch of land maybe, then that would be all right for others people to go in.


In the meantime, there is no plan. My orders was to clean it up. So mag-clean sarado, there is one way in and one way out. 


Now if you are asking of a financial help, we are… I am going to sign the proclamation of calamity. And we can make available about 2 billion of assistance but these are only for the poor Filipinos. I will not spend any single centavo for those inns there, hotel owners or motels. At ‘yung magagandang bahay, do not expect me to pay anything.

That money is only intended for the Filipinos. ‘Yung mga foreigners, neither reparations or remunerations. Sila ‘yung pumasok diyan they should know na bawal.


‘Yung 2 billion diyan and the other help of… Each department has its own contingency plan. So merong — magtulungan kami. But master plan? Wala akong master plan diyan. Linisin ko muna ‘yan kasi agricultural ‘yan.


So maybe after that, I’ll give the farmers. I-land reform ko na ‘yan mas mabuti pa. I’ll tell you now.


Q: Okay, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I-land reform ko lahat ‘yan, then I’ll give it to the farmers. Me? I’ll give them the tractors. ‘Yung ano…


Agricultural eh. Eh ‘di ibigay ko muna sa — bago na ‘yung… 


Well, sabihin ninyo, “how about the business?” Well, I’m sorry. But that is the law. 


The law says it is forestal, agricultural. Why would I deviate from that? Do I have a good reason to do it? What? Mga casino? Who owns the casino?


Q: Chinese.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hotels? Big ones? Who owns them? Eh ‘yung mga mayaman pati ‘yung mga dayo. Eh agricultural man kaya ‘yan eh ‘di ibigay ko sa farmers.


You want to know now? I’m going to make the announcement. It’s going to be a land reform area for the Filipinos.


I’m the one to build something there. They can build floating… Unahin ko ‘yun, lilinisin ko lang naman. Ibalik ko sa Pilipino ‘yung lupa nila.


Q: Thank you, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Walang plano diyan casino-casino. Tama na ‘yun kasi sobra na.


Q: Yes, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May casino dito, casino doon.


Q: Okay po, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Give it to the people who need it most.


Q: Okay po, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is an announcement. It will be a land reform area. Period.


Q: Maayong hapon, sir. Allan Nawal sa Philippine Daily Inquirer.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bisaya ka diay? Ang Inquirer kuwan man Tagalog. 


Q: Taga-Davao ako, sir. Sa Davao rako, oo.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Si Prieto man siguro Tagalog?


Q: Ang question lang nako sir is when you came into power, you said that you will choose only the brightest and the best for your Cabinet now? 


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I did not come to power. I just assumed the…


Q: Yes, when you assumed the presidency…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: …employment as a worker of government. I do not have any power actually.


Q: Yes, sir. You said you would choose the best and the brightest in your Cabinet. And it seems that there are also fast going out of your Cabinet.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, there are standards to follow. If you fall short of that standard, I’m sorry. 


We may be friends, you might be a supporter of mine, but there are rules to be followed and boundaries to honor.


Sabi ko diyan, it’s of the interest people, wala na tayong pinag-usapan. Basta bayan ko ang nakataya, wala tayong pinag-usapan. 


And I do not allow corruption to creep in at least during my term. Kung nandiyan ka, sorry.


Q: May sinabi po kayo na may susunod pa na undersecretaries. Ilan pa po sila? And pwede po nating malaman kung anong agencies, sir?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi bigyan na lang kita ng listahan tapos ikaw na mamili kung sino patalsikin. [laughter] 


Masyado kang apurado pero sige lang. I will leave the note to the police here. Give it to him. Mamili ka na. Rules of inclusion. ‘Yung maiwan na hindi mo i-cross, ‘yun ang patalsikin natin.


Q: Salamat po.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said I do not allow corruption. So ibig sabihin niyang matamaan, corruption ‘yan. Ayaw ko lang na — well, it is up to the Ombudsman because the…

Whatever comes to my hand, corruption or otherwise, ipinapadala ko ‘yan sa — either sa VACC. But they are into the preliminary — the barest stage ‘yan eh.


It goes to the Ombudsman. Everybody. Everybody. Walang pili. Basta kung may magdating sa kamay ko, diretso ‘yan Ombudsman, endorsement.


Q: Salamat po.


Q: Good afternoon po, Mr. President. 



Q: Gem Avanceña po, TV 5.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Namayat ka ngayon ha.


Q: Wala nay kinakaon, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: At least ‘yung pus-on mo lumiit na. Buntis ka ata noon ‘no ‘di ba?


Q: Nakuhaan ko. Ikaduha pa jud. 




Q: Katong first month na ‘to nagkita…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Marami pang panahon, ma’am.


Q: Mr. President, bakit daw po si Police Director Albayalde ‘yung gusto niyong pumalit kay Sir Bato?




Q: Bakit po si Police Director Albayalde po ‘yung napupusuan niyong pumalit kay Sir Bato?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, wala ‘yan. Actually, there are suggestions aplenty. But I choose the right guy for the position. Albayalde to me is the right guy for the moment. So siya ‘yun.


Q: Ano po ‘yung nakikita niyo sa kanya na… Kasi ‘di ba po ang karamihan po kasi nag-e-expect na from Davao po ‘yung ipapalit niyo sa…?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. It only happened for Bato because pasok ako una. I need men that I could really trust. 


Pero ‘yung, as I go along, rambled on to the remaining years of my presidency, I’d like to interrupt you there ha.


I’m addressing myself to the rest of the guys. Alam mo, I do not micromanage, one. Two is hindi ho ako ang namimili kung sino ang inyong subordinates. Kayo ang mamimili kung sinong ilagay ninyo sa istasyon, sa regional. I do not recommend. I do not tinker with that.


I do not listen to politicians about their recommendations. It’s going to be — if there’s a process there, a board something then let them do it. Ayaw kong makialam. Even — lalo na sa Army. 

Wala akong — it belongs to the right person for the right moment. That’s the only consideration. I have never…


You can ask anybody here. I have never talked to any Cabinet member or the military and the PNP regarding an appointment, except ‘yung head.


Bato when dito nung panahon ni — hindi talaga ako… Alam ninyo ‘yan hindi ako nakikialam. Basta sagot mo sa akin, kung ano problema, then you solve it, then you tell me what’s the problem, what’s the solution. Period. I do not. 


Even the undersecretaries, hinahayaan ko ‘yan sila. I have not… I have yet to recommend somebody below the secretary level. Hindi ako nakikialam sa — pinakialaman ko ‘yung pinakamataas.


The best way to support you, I’m telling the military and the police right now is choose the men that can help you because you are the one who has the problem for the police and the military to secure the country, preserve the nation, protect the people.


Trabaho ninyo ‘yan eh. So bakit ako makialam? You would know best what is good for… For after all, we only have one nation. 


You mess up with your work, dali ta lahat Pilipino. Then I would say to you: Is that the way how you treat your country? Is that the way how you serve your country?


And if it’s in shambles, I’d invite you to view it with me and say: Look, look what happened. Explain to me kung bakit nagka-ganito tayo.

Pero kung mag-micro-micromanage ako, I do not play favorites. Not because Albayalde pati si Galvez eh hindi taga-doon, no. It was not the sole consideration.


Hindi ko hinahaluan ng pulitika ‘yan. ‘Yang military pati pulis, hindi ko talaga hina… I do not allow, even a request for a transfer of a police chief.


I would say, “talk to Bato.” This time, talk to Albayalde. Or talk to Guerrero, if you have a problem with the — ‘yung… Ano ‘yung opisina mo Jagger? Marina? Pangalan pa naman ng babae. Pakisilip nga kung maganda ‘yan. Maproblema ‘yung opisina mo ha, grabe ang problema diyan sa pantalan.


Just do not forget that it’s not South and North Harbor, it’s all over the Philippines.


Q: Thank you, sir.


Q: Good afternoon, Mr. President. I’m JP Soriano from GMA News. Sir, pasensya na po. This just in —


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige, pinatawad na kita.


Q: Sir, may we just get your reaction, the Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno in a speech earlier today, she urged you, Mr. President to explain to the public why Solicitor General Jose Calida was the one who filed the quo warranto petition against her. And I quote, sabi po ni CJ Sereno, “paki-paliwanag po bakit si Solicitor General Calida ang nag-file nitong quo warranto. Surely you must explain to the people why this unconstitutional act.” Sir…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo ganito, sinabi ko na kay Chief Justice Sereno, I am not into the habit of mag-habol ng kalaban. I have no history on that.


Congressman — Speaker Nograles when he was, during his heyday, filed so many chargers against me reaching to the Supreme Court. I never retaliated.


Ikaw, Sereno. Sinabi ko na sa iyo, hindi ako nakialam. If you are insisting, then count me in. Count me in. And I will egg Calida to do his best. Ako na mismo maglakad rin kalaban sa iyo. Sinasabi ko na sa iyo na hindi ako nakikialam.


Now sige ka diyan daldal nang daldal. O sige, upakan kita. I will help any investigator. Talagang uupakan kita.


So I’m putting you on notice that I am now your enemy. And you have to be out of the Supreme Court. I will see to it that after that then I’ll request the Congress, go into the impeachment right away.

Because the two entities can hear it simultaneously. They can proceed with the quo warranto. Ang quo warranto is Supreme Court eh, impeachment is Congress.


So that I’d like to ask Speaker Alvarez now, kindly fast-track the impeachment of… She is bad for the Philippines.


Q: Sir, may I just briefly shift to another topic. You’re leaving for China… Sir, go ahead.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Biro mo ha ‘yung maestra na hindi naka-file ng Statement of Assets and Liabilities, maestrang maestra na mahirap lang, t**** i**, pinaalis ninyo.


Now itong babae na ito, she earned money, attorney’s fees collected from the government, ni singko centavos hindi nag… Why is the special treatment? Me? I’ll go to jail with her. Samahan ko sila si… Diyan ako sa gitna ang selda ko. De Lima dito pati siya.


Kung wala na talagang iba, ‘di… [laughter] Eh p***** i** sinabi ng hindi ako nakikialam eh.


Sabihin mo sa kanya ngayon, let the world know, talagang I will — makialam ako. Ako nagpapasensya lang ako babae. Now, this time I’m asking the congressmen and the Speaker: Do it now. Huwag ninyong dramahin or else I will do it for you.


Ayaw ko ngang makialam ‘yang mga ganung kaso-kaso. Alam mo kasi, pardon the gender ano ha. I’m not trying to insult anybody here, either the gays…


Pero sa amin ‘yan, maliit pa kami kasi eh mahinhin kasi — binayot ‘yang ganun. ‘Yung mag-suntukan ka, makipag-suntukan ka, tapos iyak-iyak ka diyan. Eh p*****, pumasok ka diyan tapos…


Hindi ako ganun. Ngayon, makialam talaga ako. I am asking Congress: What’s taking you too long? Do not create any crisis in this country. I will not hesitate to do what is to the best interest of my country.


If it calls for your forced removal, I will do it.


Q: Sir…


PRESIDENT DUTERT: Kayong mga corrupt. P***** i**.


Yes, sir?


Q: Sir, while China has promised to you that they will refrain from doing any reclamation to the Scarborough shoal…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Scarborough shoal…


Q: Scarborough shoal, will you be raising that same issue or reiterate that when you meet with President Xi, sir?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I will just thank them and say thank you for issuing the statement. I… It’s a word of honor for us.


Kami ‘yung mga sa taas. And I am lucky that I am one of them who napunta sa itaas. We do it by word of honor.


And I would always say, “I will bank on your word not to do it.” And China has repeatedly said, kasi naga-object sila ‘yung military pati tayo Foreign Affairs. And said, “Rest assured we will not start any construction there.”


I am sure China would not want to lose our friendship and our goodwill.


Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Safe travel, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Thank you. Ah, yes. My friend.


Q: Yeah. Magandang hapon, Mr. President. 




Q:My name is [unclear] from China Central Television. So as of now, you just mentioned that the trade war between the US and China. It seems looks like some countries are going back to the trade protectionism. But the Chinese President Xi Jinping always emphasized that China will always open its market to the world, and this time you will attend the Boao Forum. How do you see the impotence of the Boao Forum’s role of — to promote the economic integration in the world? Thank you.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I think President Xi would like to review the — how fast the One Belt, One Road. Then — I am not supposed to announce it but nakita ko na sa ano, they are to give — to give us another 500 billion — million. That’s about mga…


That’s quite a lot of mon[ey] — additional, and for the Marawi. And I’m happy for the Maranaos that more aids are coming.


Kayong mga Moro, ‘wag kayong magmadali. This is not something na… Linisin ko muna ‘yan bago ka — magpatayo kayo. 


You cannot erect a post there — there are rubbles and rocks. Give us time to clean the downtown area, tapos papasok kami.


We will clean it up of leftovers o ‘yung hindi pa na — unexploded ordnance, just to make it safe for you. Bigyan mo kami ng panahon at ‘wag kayong maniwala diyan pumapasok ‘yung mga left na inuudyok kayo na you will not allow this, you will not allow that.


I do not receive orders from anybody. Wala ako diyan. Kung anong sabihin ko as President na ‘yan ang mabuti, ‘wag ninyo akong pakialaman. I will do what — basta sigurado ako, I will do what is best for you.


So do not hurry me up. We’re trying to gather more. Hindi ito basta-basta. Nasira ang… 


You can rebuild it with how many billions? Just stay put. Kung wala naman kayong pera at wala naman kayong plano, leave it to government.


But for you to impose upon me conditions, I’m sorry. You will just have to follow government. We did not create the chaos there. Pinapasok kasi ninyo ‘yung mga g*** eh.


I said I am not mad at you, but please next time… Now, the military camp, ‘yung regimental size, will stay there. It will assure Marawi of eternal peace. Kung hayaan ko ‘yan, tapos babalik nanaman, then we go again to the destruction of…


Ayaw man niyo’t hindi kagaya ng Boracay, that is it. We have the money. We will help you. It is not intended for everybody lalo na those who do not need it. Mga oportunista. Mas bright ako sa inyo.


Consider Boracay a land reform area. I will give to the farmers. To the Filipino first. Bakit bigyan ko kayo ng mga casino diyan? P***** i**, l****. Anong — anong makuha ng Pilipino diyan?


Lahat ‘yan. I will issue a proclamation, lahat, agricultural. And I will open it to… Itong mining, I’m going to give you six months from now. [Anong petsa ba tayo? Y***.]


Six months. I do not want to see any bald, bald — bald… ‘Yung dinaanan ninyo, I want trees as tall as me by six months. ‘Pag wala ‘yung kahoy na iniwan ninyo na winasak ninyo ‘yung lupa, then consider your permit revoked.


Hindi ako nagbibiro. Do not wait for the day of your sorrow. Six months. I do not want to see any bald piece of land there. ‘Pag naki — wala akong nakitang kahoy kasing taas ko, better pack up your things. You can go and that would be closed permanently.


‘Yung na — masasarahan ko. And maybe next year, maybe, I will ban open-pit mining. Sleep on it. Sleep on it.


Yes, ma’am? May I continue?


Q: So I would like to know, you just mentioned about a lot of domestic issue but I would like to know about how do you value this time the Boao’s theme is an “Open and Innovative Asia”. How do you say about the openness and the innovation?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, let me put it this way. As I have said, our destiny lies in Asia. It does not lie in the Middle East’s interest. They’re too far away, too busy fighting the war and some of them have no money.


If you are — if you do not have money, you are not my friend. I go to China, plenty of money. [laughter] That’s the truth. I need money to…


Anyway, I just simply love Xi Jinping. He unders — he understood, he understands my problem and he’s willing to help. And I’d like to say thank you China. Please carry the message… You have not been — you’re going home, every month?


Q: No.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: How many years?


Q: I stay in the Philippines for four years already.




Q: Yes.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You —- you can join me. I have a vacant seat beside me.


Q: Okay.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay. You know… Where’s your passport? Okay.


Q: So Mr. President, how do you — looking forward to the relationship between our two countries under this kind of openness and innovation?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I think that it would bloom — it’s like a flower that would bloom into something big and beautiful. 


It’s one stem and China and the Philippines will bloom, and you and I are in the middle of the flower. [laughter]


Q: And what’s your expectation about how China and the Philippines can cooperate in your Build, Build, Build plan?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well of course, China is a very important ingredient there. You factor almost everything from a hard start. There would be money but of course it would not really be enough.


Everyday, the cost of money goes up. That’s the problem. So if we have a pricing today far different from last week… So I would say, I need China. 


More than anybody else at this time of our national life, I need China. I will — I will not say something which is not good.


Q: Thank you so much, Mr. President.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: See you in the flower. In the arena of…


Q: Good afternoon, Mr. President. I’m [unclear] from the People’s Daily China. And my question is, this year marks the 40thanniversary after China’s reform and opening-up, and which also serves as the theme of the Boao Forum for Asia. So what is your evaluation on China’s reform and opening-up has progressed? And what is your prospect towards any achievement on the Boao Forum for Asia?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. But the most important thing really is that we understand each other’s problems. That we recognize our sovereignty, there’s no intervention. That the help there has no strings attached. And that’s what China has promised us.


And the more robust exchange of mar — market. So but China… The balance of our trade now is in our favor. I think we are more — more export to China than China is importing from the Philippines, except the — the fruits. But that’s one of our biggest factor there.


And we are waiting for the — the human resource. You would need the doctors. So many billions of Chinese. You need doctors everywhere, nurses. And these things are bound to happen starting with teachers.


So the interconnectivity of our country on all aspects of governance will come in. And we are ready to cooperate and help each other.


Q: How do you evaluate the China’s reform and opening up policies?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I’m happy for President Xi. He’s the strongest leader thereabout. And you know, this is not to derogate anybody. Less than a strong man in China is — will somehow affect your country.


President Xi is very strong. He’s against corruption. And that what made him succeed. He succeeded because people supported him for his moral stand. Either the President has a moral stand or not. I mean corruption.


But moral in the sense that you have other — for example, two wives, three — that is not moral. If you can afford to — there’s no such thing as an immoral President just because he has two wives. Maybe five, okay. But like Secretary Bello, only two, still moral.




Q: Okay. Thank you.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let me just say that’s my policy ha. Policy to — ‘yung in-announce ko ngayon sa military pati pulis. 


Then the mining, I’m serious. Make an effort and extra effort na mataniman mo ‘yung kinalbo mo na bukid. The trees by that time should be as tall or taller than me.


Wala ka? Boracay, no problem. Do not go into a messy debate. Boracay, I will declare it a land reform area. It’s agriculture. We will not change the policy. It’s agriculture until now.


So you might want to save, salvage everything, anything there that you own. And use it somewhere else. First and foremost is I have to worry about my countrymen’s problem, not yours.


You are the least of my problems. ‘Wag ho ninyo akong — t*** … 


Hindi ko kayo iniisip. Ang iniisip ko ‘yung Pilipino. Kaya ibigay sa Pilipino ‘yang lupa na ‘yan.


Thank you. [applause]


— END —