DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Arrival from Singapore.29 April 2018

(Note from MindaNews: This is the official transcript of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech, released by the Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office)

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk  

[Delivered at Davao International Airport, Buhangin, Davao City | 29 April 2018]

Kindly sit down. 

As always, I am happy to be back from the 32nd ASEAN Summit in Singapore.

We continue our work on engaging Southeast Asian brothers to achieve the change we want and need.


We emphasized that ASEAN must remain at the center of efforts to build the regional architecture.


This we made clear: in our relations with the larger community of nations, ASEAN and its partners should uphold and honor the time-honored principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs.


We adopted three key documents that will facilitate the region’s vision for greater community, centrality and connectivity.


I raised the need to continue broadening cooperation to address terrorism and violent extremism. I underscored deepening collaboration to dismantle the illegal drug trade apparatus, counter piracy and combat criminality.


At the sidelines of the Summit, I met Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, and Indonesian President Joko Widodo.


We need to keep our ties with them and our ASEAN brothers and sisters in a vibrant and active ambiance.


In our discussions, we further reaffirmed the shared commitment to sustain the security [in] our maritime domains and enhance regional interconnectivity through the technology and innovation that’s available.


We also agreed to promote free and fair, and rules-based trading system to sustain the gains of our economic growth.





I also met business leaders and I am pleased to have witnessed the signing of 10 business agreements projected to generate at least 1,900 jobs and bring in at least 185 million in investments.


And also [as] important, a key focus of my discussions in Singapore was the protection and promotion of the rights and the well-being of our migrant workers.


We pushed the ASEAN Consensus on the protection and the promotion of the rights of the migrant workers and their families. We distributed the primers published by the Philippines and encouraged nations to use them.


As I said your government will take every opportunity to articulate our principled position [on] protecting migrant workers and our countrymen and women.


In this regard, allow me this opportunity to squarely address the issue of national concern:


The Philippines and Kuwait have a shared history that both sides must learn to value. We have good relations with Kuwait. We helped Kuwait before. We can still help each other now.


Current developments, however, test our commitment to work together. We must be undeterred in the work of helping our fellow human beings as we pursue our shared interests with due respect [for] each other’s sovereignty.


But if my gov — but if my people are considered a burden to some of them… [then as their] government mandated to protect them and uphold their rights, then we will do our part.





For Filipino professionals who may wish to stay in Kuwait, there is really no problem. But at the same time, I would like them to cherish and nurture patriotism.


You can stay there. For Filipino household Service workers, if your Kuwaiti employers want you to leave, then please come home.


Your government will do its best to help you return and resettle. I appeal to your sense of patriotism and to your love of country and family.


For the household workers whose employers want them to stay, that is their choice, but choose the better option. All I ask is that the employers treat the Filipinos with the humanity they deserve.


Please do not abuse Filipino workers.


In the face of aggression in the past, the Philippines and Kuwait were on the same side of history. On upholding the dignity of the human person, we would similarly find ourselves [on] the same side, with due regard for our sovereignty and obligations.


The Philippine government is willing and able to work with our friends and partners on this matter.


Under my watch as the father of the country, I will do [my] utmost to remain true and loyal to this mandate.


Maraming salamat po.


I can take some questions.


Lakasan mo lang ha kay nakatulog ko. Ang ears ko puno ng hangin, ayaw lumabas.


Q: Okay, sir. Welcome back, sir. And for my question, when you left to Singapore, you said you are going to articulate on the plight of the migrant workers. In your discussion with Singaporean Prime Minister, did you raise some issues?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I’ve yet to hear even a single abuse in — of a woman Filipino worker. Wala akong narinig hanggang ngayon. So with Hong Kong and the others.


Minor maybe [irritations?]. But never, never ends up with a physical abuse like whipping and being kicked and being boxed and suffering injuries.


Q: Sir, just one follow up. Migrant workers organizations are concerned that the government is focusing on the documented Filipino migrant workers. What about those undocumented?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There are aplenty of them. That’s the reason why I am as worried as you… concern.


Alam mo, marami nagpupunta doon undocumented and those who are really victims of recruiters. That is why I fired the Labor undersecretary.


Huwag na lang natin pag-usapan pero talagang… Hindi nga alam ni Secretary Bello na tinanggal ko right after hearing the words of the complainants.


Ito naman si Say, he foisted palusot na rason na since he could not come to an understanding what the equation will be sa, padala sa ano… Most importantly, he was complaining also about endo. Kunwari ginamit niyang rason.


Sabi ko sa kanya:  You correct yourself immediately. Do not pretend to be without fault because if you don’t I will release the affidavit of the complainant na pumunta sa akin and sign it in my presence. Sabi, ilabas ko sa publiko.


Q: Thank you, sir.


Q: Radyo Pilipinas. Good morning, mayor.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Aga pa ang Christmas mo ‘no.


Q: President, may we know your specific directives to Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director on the reports that you already gave an instruction to PDEA to relase the said narco list?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not yet. It is not time. And I have to get back all of those who want to come back.


I remember saying to you na nanggaling ako sa China was three weeks ago. May binigay si President Xi ng almost 4.6 something billion. Mabuti’t na lang nandiyan ang pera, tinago man. I was intending to use the money to rebuild or refurbish the hospitals outside of Metro Manila.


Gamitin ko ‘yung pera. Sabi ko, diyan na muna ‘yan. Place it in trust. And once we start to withdraw all Filipinos there in Kuwait, maybe I’ll tell you the result of our intervention in behalf of our countrymen.


Lahat ‘yung nandiyan ngayon 700 facing charges. Wala akong — I do not nurture hate against the Kuwaiti people and government for after all the so many years that we were in the best of relations, nakinabang naman ang mga Pilipino.


Maraming nagtatrabaho doon. There are a lot of guys working there for so many years to enable their children to study and finish. And for that matter alone, the sheer help that we had, I’m grateful.


But anyway, tutal vis-à-vis. ‘Yun namang panahon na naghirap sila, the first Bush and second Bush fighting in the Middle East. We were there for Kuwait also.


So it evens up everything. Nagtulong naman tayo in their hour of need at wala akong maisip na why I would, I said, nothing of a sort, vengeance wala ako.


My only concern now is to get back the Filipinos, mauwi dito. And I would spend the entire 400… four point something billion to get them out.

There are about 700 guys who are in the temporary shelters seeking sanctuary. We will spend that money. All of it. To the last — kahit na last na piso natin to get them back.


I do not begrudge, maybe it’s really the culture but simply, hindi ko na rin matanggap. You know I would ra — Sabi nga ni JV Ejercito, I think he was the one who made the comment that he’d rather see Filipinos coming, going out, being forced out, or taken out forcibly rather than see them coming home in a casket.


Ang akin is kunin ko na muna sila lahat. Sana pumayag sila. If they can do away with the charges, [that’s the usual?] because if they file a case, pareho din dito. They are also the recipient of charges. Parang back and forth lang ‘yan.


Ang problema, kung sila ang may kaso hindi sila makalabas. But if I can use the money to pay of whatever utang nila, ubusin ko ‘yang pera na ‘yan para sa tao.


Maybe I told Bello and Secretary Cayetano to start the mobilization immediately. Nandiyan ‘yung pera. O kung wala pa ‘yun napasok sa National Treasury, I can always use emergency fund. To me, it’s a calamity. It is a calamity.


Though the calamitous events did not occur here but… Para sa akin kung naghihirap lang ‘yung mga kababayan ko, gagamitin ko. Magnanakaw pa ako kung gusto mo. Ako na ang magnakaw sa central bank mismo. But they have to come home.


And for those who would opt, the option is to stay, I’d tell them, I would like to address to your patriotism. Come home. Maski gaano tayo kahirap, mabubuhay tayo.


Economy is doing good and we are short of our workers. Walang master carpenter, wala na tayong master plumber, wala na tayong master electricians. ‘Yung plumber sa atin, ‘pag flush mo, imbes na papunta ng taas, ah baba, mag-sulpot doon sa itaas. They are all there in the Middle East.


Now, we can always appeal to the other nations for a concession. And you know what, however you look at China, I consider China a friend.


Though of course, our relationship with the [garbled] remains to be the best also. But China now to me is a true friend. So many things coming our way, out of the pure generosity of the Chinese people.


So ‘yan ang… Kung wala ‘yan, mahirapan tayo. But you know, they are starting to build. I hope that by next year, we could see something more substantially visible.


Q: Mayor, ano ‘yung nakikita mong impact ng reunification ng dalawang leaders ng Korea?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo si — naging idol ko tuloy siya. Kim Jong Un. For all of the time, he was pictured to be the bad boy of the community.


But with one masterstroke, he is now the hero of everybody. He appear to be amiable, jolly good fellow, and very accommodating.


I hope he remains to be that way because nobody is really after him. Just a matter of historical divide which was created there, wala naman kasali ang buong mundo.


So I think that to me, the man of the hour would be King Jong Un. And someday, if I get to meet him, I’d like to congratulate him.


Sabihin ko sa kanya, “bilib ako sa’yo. Marunong ka mag-timing.” Kaya heroism is sometimes left to chance, otherwise it’s purposely timed. Marunong si…


Ituring na lang niya akong isang kaibigan because this will promote — the impact is really, there is less stress now in the Korean Peninsula. And maybe, just maybe, we can avoid a war which nobody can win anyway.


They’ll start to [explode?] all of those things and [unclear] to other countries, it will involve China, Russia, against the others of the Western front. Then maybe you can say goodbye to planet Earth.


Q: Thank you, sir.


Q: Maayong buntag, mayor.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maayong buntag.



Q: Nag-order na ka nga i-lift na ang quota system sa national — sa rice importation sir?




Q: Nag-order na ka nga i-lift na ang quota system sa rice importation?




Q: Sa rice importation, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, ah ganito. Rice. Akala ko kung anong nice. Sabi ko, may hangin naipit. Ah, ‘yun. Sakit eh. Sakit pilitin.


Rice, para wala ng gulo. It’s anybody who has the money can import. My job is to fill our warehouse and inventory. Kaya ko nagalit kasi ‘yung inventory natin, it’s half-full or half-empty, whichever you would want to term it. Hanggang diyan.


Gusto ko, sabi ko, punuin mo ‘yan hanggang sumagad. Sabi ko kay Jason Aquino, punuin mo ‘yang bodega mo. Ang inventory ko, gusto ko full house lahat.


Huwag mo na bilangin ‘yung sako, basta punuin mo lang ng — tutal in out ‘yun eh. First to come in will be out to be used. Sabi ko, mag-import na. But unless there’ll be an auction, there’s a [fee?] to pay to government.


The auction in public. Sabihin mo, “ikaw, ikaw magkano?” Ayaw ko ‘yang sealed-sealed, kalokohan ‘yan. I’ll call them to Malacañan. Lahat ng traders. Lahat ng gustong mag-import. Ikaw, sige, import.


‘Yung quota-quota, that’s the source of corruption. Anybody now, businessman, whether it’s a Filipino-Chinese or Filipino-Visayan, whatever. They can import rice. Para wala…


Tutal sila rin ang — they would have to play by the market. Mag-sobra silang lahat ditto, punuin nila ang bigas ang Pilipinas, ‘di mas lalong mag-mura. Pabor sa akin ‘yan.


O ngayon, kung wala naman, ‘di i-auction natin ang — the privilege of … Basta open lang. Ayaw ko ‘yang sarado-saradao, mga sealed-sealed bids. Why should we hide prices of what we’re going to get in a — hindi mo na kailangan i-bidding, i-auction mo na…


‘Yang harap-harapan gusto ko, diyan sa Malacañan. Every time that they want to import in mass… Ang sabi ko lang, if you flood in market in one region tapos magkaroon ng aberration sa distribution, I can order the NFA to, “bagsak mo ang presyo mo diyan.”


So may panlaban ako. But the inventory, sabi ko sa kanila, was 40. Basta sabi ko, punuin mo lang ‘yung bodega. Kakain ‘yan.


Maganda ipagbili natin muna sa Pilipino. Mura, lugi tayo. Okay lang. Tutal taxpayers money ‘yan eh.


Ang nagbayad sa atin ng tax, sila rin ang kumakain. So kung ipabili ko ‘yan, lugi. Ah pera ninyo ‘yan. So kung may mag-create dito ng shortages-shortages, bitawan ko lahat ‘yan.


I will unleash the power of plenty. That’s the only way to — kaya ako galit because it has bogged every administration ever since.


I did not expect that it would still hound me. Kaya ako nagalit. Sabi ko, ‘yan. Akala ko ba hindi na abot sa akin ‘yan? Eh tapos ‘yung… Hindi naman talaga totoong may shortage eh.


Now. Make it physical. Punuin mo para makita ng tao magdaan siya diyan sa NFA, sa Sta. Ana. ‘Yang bigas nandoon sa… Sabihin mo kung siya mag-oversupply na ano, ‘di pagbili natin ng mura, wala namang problema.


Sabihin ko kay Aquino, sige mag-kwenta ka diyan. How much na makatabla ka? Kung hindi ka makatabla tapos ipagbili mo ‘yung mura, may typhoon o wala, kumakain ang ta — Pilipino.


Eh ‘di ipagbili ko lahat ‘yan. Wala namang problema ‘yun. So we lose. And so? It’s the people’s money also. They pay the taxes. We return them ‘yung gusto nila, cheap rice. We lose. Eh natural. Wala ako diyan.


Basta kung malugi ka lang naman tapos walang corruption, wala — okay lang sa akin.


Q: Opo. My follow up question, sir. Adunay nisinta nga farmers group kay ingon pa sila nga kung i-allow nato ang unlimited importation, mas madaot ang farmers kay mas mubarato ang ilahang baligya sa ilang produkto pero mahal ang ilang inputs. (There are farmer groups who opposed the unlimited rice importation because allowing it would mean that their products would be sold cheaper but their inputs would go higher)


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko sa — kay Aquino, kay Jason, huwag kang magbili pagka harvest season.


Kung maari lang, bilhin mo lahat. Sabihin niya mas mura kasi kung mag-ex — mag-import tayo.


Sabi ko, hindi naman tayo diyan kikita na ‘yan. Bilihin mo ‘yung ano — pilitin mo ang presyo. So pagka harvest season, walang importation. But that is a government-imposed regulation.


Kagaya ng, mamili ka sinong mag-import dito, import doon. It’s always, I said, it has bogged every administration. Let loose. Bitawan mo. Sige, import kayong lahat. Malugi tayo? Basta kinain lang ng tao, kinain ng Pilipino. Wala akong problema.


Q: Daghang salamat, sir.


Q: Good morning, Mayor President. Sir, going back to Kuwait…



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakatulog ka na ‘no? Medyo presko ka na eh.


Q: Thank you, sir. Sir, going back to Kuwait…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mahaba siguro na tulog?


Q: Opo. Going back to Kuwait, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag kang magmamadali. Ano ka man. Ako nga ang nakarating dito wala pang tulog. Ilang oras ka natulog? Tanong muna ako, be. Bakit kayo lang ang sige tanong sa akin?


Q: About six hours, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, good. That’s why you look fresh. Okay. What’s your question?



Q: Sir, what will happen to the MOU between the Philippines and Kuwait, will you still pursue it, sir? And will you still go to Kuwait?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. The ban stays permanently. There will be no more recruitment for — especially domestic helpers. Wala na. I might…



Kasi China is also getting some 1,000 teachers. Maybe we can give them the preference ‘yung maraming mga maestra na nagtrabaho ng ganun. So unahin muna natin sila.


If they are adept in — sa English language, then I will be going to communicate with my friend, how he can help us.


But they estimate that within five years we would be sending something like 100,000 English teachers from the Philippines.


Ngayon kung itong mga aging society, Japan. Basta ‘yung wala na masyadong anak, ‘yan ang ano natin. There would be a lot of caregivers.


TESDA can come in actually and teach them how. ‘Yung mag-caregiver ka. Many countries today are suffering from the shortage of human being. Ayaw manganak. Gaya ng Hapon, ayaw nila manganak eh. Parang ang Pilipino lang ang mahilig.


Hindi ‘yung sa nanganak. ‘Yung anak mismo, gusto ng Pilipino. O ‘di sige. We’ll produce a good record number so that… Ang  problema lang ang poverty. Naaawa ako sa mga Pilipino na, itong mga bata hindi nakapag-aral tsaka walang kakain, malnutrition.


Cotabato or the ARMM has the highest rate of malnourished children. Pero we will survive.


Q: Sir, sinong papalit kay Ambassador Villa? May choice na po kayo kung sinong magre-represent?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, he has to — parang conveyor naman na pabalik siya. Saksak mo lang ‘yan siyan diyan. I’m sure that there is a rotational thing there sa Foreign Affairs.


He will get back to some assignment. Kagaya ‘yung military. Ita-transfer o ipatawag doon sa Aguinaldo. Maghintay ka lang. Ganun ‘yan eh. I’m sure some of their workers are also aging.


‘Yung kanina, may gustong mag-retire. Sabi ko, “sige, umuwi ka. I will pay for your…”


Q: Sir, ‘yung mga Filipino workers from Kuwait na uuwi dito, may naghihintay na po ba sa kanilang job? May — sabi niyo’yuang plano niyo…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I will, I said, I have to look for the jobs that you’re talking about. It does not come easy pero doon, dito sa Luzon, because of the so many construction going on, ‘yung Build, Build, Build pati itong Mindanao, you just wait for about a few months.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tutal nandito. They are already… na preparing the study. And alam mo naman ang China mabilis mag-trabaho.


Ang even ‘yung… Tiningnan na nila ‘yung bridge sa — dito sa mainland Davao City pati the island of Samal.


Q: Opo. Sir, doon isang event ng mason…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Isa pa, I will ask the LGUs to help. Pero kung tulong-tulong na naman sa pagkain, I said, we might be suffering a little bit.  Sacrifice lang.


We… everything will [straighten out?], tingnan mo. Mag-aadjust tayo.


And the fact that we are improving in our growth, economy. We are hitting six. They expect to end up something like 6.8. That’s a huge number actually for economic growth.


Q: Sir, on another topic po. Nung nasa mason kayo nung isang araw nabanggit niyo na you intend to go to Benham Rise. Ang sabi naman po ng critics niyo, you don’t need to go there kasi wala naman daw iba nagke-claim at atin naman daw po ‘yung Philippine Rise?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, gusto ko lang magpunta doon just to make a statement. You know what I mean? I have declared that — as one of you asked me na pupunta ba ako ng noon sa South China Sea. Sabi ko, “Punta ako. Mag-jet ski ako.”


I’m ready. Walang problema ‘yan. And to make a statement, pupunta ako doon. Ang problema ang jet ski kailangan ng gasolina. Eh in the midst sa China Sea wala namang Caltex, wala namang Shell, wala namang Petron.


‘Pag naubos ako ng gasolina, p***. Saan ako, maglutaw-lutaw ako doon? Buti sana kung may filling station along the way.


Dito sa Benham Rise, I’m quite sensitive on that because, you know, what happened. Ayaw ko ng banggitin. But that Benham Rise or Philippine Rise now, it’s totally ours.


Sabi nung iba, huwag kang mag-travel dito kay amin ‘to. Eh huwag kayong gumawa ng ano diyan. And I said, if they do it, if somebody will, I will go to war. I will go to war. Sigurado ‘yan.


If somebody, somebody else’s claim, suddenly appears… That huge body of water is ours.


Sabi ko nga ‘yung continental shelf, that’s the land mass, makita mo. Pero sa baba niyan ‘yung baba natin, ang baba nito ‘pag tiningnan mo it’s already nandoon sa dagat na ‘yan, pa ganun ‘yan. Dito. Tapos ang continental shelf, doon.


‘Pag umabot ng San Francisco ‘yan, I will claim California.


Q: Opo. Mayor, one last point…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oo, continental shelf pa ‘yan. Siguraduhin mo  lang walang [unclear] continental shelf, nanggaling dito ‘yung [ulap?].


Q: Opo. Mayor, on last point. Nagsara na po ang Boracay nung April 26. Do you intend to go there, sir?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, ganito ‘yan eh. There’s a huge problem in Boracay. It places every person, a tourist or locals in jeopardy. Because lahat ng dumi and we intend to find out.


I will wait for the final report of Año, Teo and si Roy Cimatu, what went wrong there. Pero maraming kagaw. Wala tayong…


Pagka — there will… Kung hindi tayo mag-intervene there will come to a point na talagang, it’s no longer swimmable. Hindi lang habitable.


You know, you do not own it. You just take care of it for the next generation. Para makahanap pa ng hanap buhay ‘yung mga tao doon. You can pass it on for the next generation and to the next generation, until the end of time. Nandiyan pa ‘yung Pilipino mapakinabangan ‘yan.


Look, I’m trying to clean the place. Sinabi ko sa kanila sarahan. At hindi ako nakaalam, sabi ni Cimatu, one entrance pati exit. In deference to the guys there who have lived all their lives there.


But they could not construct anything there. Maybe to salvage things that are still… can be made be used of ‘Yun lang.


Hintayin lang ninyo. Do not be impatient. ‘Pag nalinis ‘yan, ibigay ko uli sa tao ‘yan.


But you know, do not put us in a corner. You box me in. Remember, I’m telling you now, as I have said before, the entire island still considered forestal and agricultural.


It would need a law or a presidential proclamation to segregate. Wala pa kong napirmahan. Neither sabi ni President Gloria Arroyo na wala silang pinirmahan na… Setting aside a portion of the island as open to commerce, commercial area.


So huwag ninyo akong… Huwag kayong magpilit. Because ‘pag nagkagulo diyan, sarahan ko. As I have said, sa pagka ngayon, ang utak ko is I want to declare the entire island a land reform area. Ibigay ko na lang sa Pilipino. How much? Five? Kikita tayo ng five million.


Babawi rin tayo. That five million is a recurring figure in our budget, in our banks. Pipilitin ninyo ako. I would give it to the Filipino. That is my present disposition. Ibigay ko sa — kung sino ang may-ari niyan. Ang Pilipino. Lalo na ‘yung walang lupa to till.


Ang nasa isip ko talaga ngayon, may drift is towards land reform. With or without the communists intervening, I will promote land reform forever. Hanggang makatikim lahat ng — a peace of real estate under the sun.


Q: Mayor, sinasabi po nung iba too long daw po ang six months na closure, baka pwede daw i-shorten?



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I do not interfere in the work of the Cabinet members. ‘Pag ‘yan ang sinabi ni — that’s the recommendation of Cimatu, Año, and Teo then that is it.


I do not just revoke recommendations. ‘Pag nag-recommend ang isang ano, Cabinet member, it’s a 90. ‘Yung 10 percent na ‘yan kung may abuso lang o — but seldom.


Kasi ako sinasabi ko, walang transaction ng gobyerno na umaabot sa akin. I do not…


Kaya ako, malakas ang loob ko. Wala kayong masilip sa akin. I do not allow transactions, MRT, LRT, kung ano diyan. Hanggang Cabinet members lang ‘yan. Kaya may tiwala ako sa kanila.


‘Pag sinabi ko ayusin mo. Sabi ko, “Ilang buwan ‘yan?” And they went there to find out the answer and they said, in other Cabinet meeting they said na mga six months. Okay, six months. So they have six months.


Now you start trouble there. Do not … Magla-land reform talaga ako diyan. Ibigay ko lahat. Tutal matagal naman kayong nakinabang diyang Boracay na ‘yan.


Lahat ng tao diyan na naligo diyan nag-iwan ng kanyang germs. Akala nag-swimming ‘yung iba, kasali na. They don’t bother to go back to the… Diyan na lang, palutawin mo na lang. Tutal ‘yung exhaust ng mga hotel diyan — ‘yan ang gusto kong kasuhan.


There are things I would — I’m tempted to do na ‘to pero marami lang kasi akong problema. So medyo i-balance-balance ko lang.


Pero kayong mga negosyante, huwag kayong magudyok-udyok diyan. ‘Pag ini-land reform ko ‘yan, [unclear] ang aabutin ninyo.


You have what? Hotels? Five star hotel? I don’t give a s***. You help spoil the place. You allow the… You made use — the canals there, ginawa ninyong sewer pati sewerage.


I’m invoking the higher public interest. Hindi inyo ‘yan. Belongs to the Filipino people. Not only the beach, pati ‘yang mga lupa ninyo diyan. Lupa- lupa.


I’d start to question why you were there when there is no — and neither a law proclaimed it, proclaiming it to be a commercial.


Q: Thank you, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ako nagwa-warning. Totohanin ko lang kung ano ang nasa isip ko. What is good for the people of the Republic of the Philippines, is good enough for me. Thank you.


Q: Good morning, mayor.  Clarifi…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, ikaw ‘yung hinanap ko. Manila Standard ka?


Q: Davao based.



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah hindi man rin ako nakabasa. Bakit ka? Ibaba mo konti ‘yung mic mo para makita ko ‘yung mukha mo.


Q: Mayor, last year, nag-declare ka, naghatag ka’g  (you gave a) proclamation declaring NPA as terrorist. Now,  na — gina-try na nga magbalik ang peace talk (now there are efforts being made for the peace talks to resume). Aren’t we violating the rule na the government shouldn’t negotiate with the terrorists?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nandiyan nga sa harap ko ‘yung isa eh. Do I have to answer? One of them is with government and he was also one of…


Q: Yes, mayor. But…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I cannot fight forever with my own countrymen. I am not a soldier. I am not a politi — a policeman. I am just a worker of government tasked to make it easy for everybody.


Ang sinabi ko, I will try to make your life comfortable.  I did not say, a life that is luxurious.  ‘Yung komportable lang ang Pilipino.


I would save lives. Filipinos against government because you cannot expect our people in unison to… to toe the line. At I also save the life of the soldiers and policemen.


So nag-iwan ako ng maliit na window. Only 16 days. Noon gusto nila magpunta ako sa Amsterdam. But you know, it would not look good for a President to be chasing the elusive peace.


Medyo I would have crossed the fine line of governance. Sabi ko kay Sison, siya ang umuwi, ako ang maggastos lahat.  For two months, hotel, pagkain.


At ‘yung mga NPAs to come down, stay there in a camp of your choice. Maski na ‘yung plaza, gusto ng…


Huwag lang kayong magdala ng armas sa labas. Until such time that we’re able to perfect an agreement, then keep your firearms there in the camp, but do not go out of the camp bringing guns. Diyan lang kayo, then we talk.


Alam mo bakit too short? Wala namang kaming pag-usapan. Coalition is out of the question. Maybe economic reforms and everything.


I am ready to listen to anybody, even to Sison, lecture on me how to improve the lives of Filipinos. I should not be too…


So I have to find the peace. Pero there are — lines that which I cannot cross. So sila ang pumunta dito. Ako ang gagastos for two months.


Maybe if they want a policy border, okay ako. There’s always Congress. Congress can hear them out kung anong gusto nila.


Tumatanda na sila. Tumatanda na rin ako. Naghahabulan kami kung sinong maunang… [knocks on wood] magpunta sa cemetery. It’s either during your lifetime or my lifetime.


Ten years from now, kaming lahat puro na kami inutile o wala na kami dito. So it is good as any other time to talk about peace. But one thing that which I cannot surrender is really a coalition government. That cannot happen.


Q: So, mayor, are you lifting that proclamation?

Not yet. Naghintay ako kay… Anong sabi ng Labor Undersecretary? Tingnan mo. Maganda na sapatos niya. Noon niyan sa bukid nakita ko… t*** i**. Walang mga sapatos tsaka sandal. Wala man pera. Tapos maglaban-laban sa akin. Karami kong…


Q: Mayor, after your trip to China with Mayor Inday, she issued a statement saying na dili siya gusto sa peace talk (that she’s not in favor of the peace talk) because of the recent atrocities that had happened here in Davao City and in other areas like the burning incidents and the killing of…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sinong may sabi?


Q: Si Mayor Inday Sara. Dili siya gusto (she doesn’t want) — [she] is asking you to reconsider your decision to open the peace negotiation again.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  O ‘di kami muna ang mag peace talk. Tapos si Sison. Inday na ‘yan. Kasama ‘yan. Sabihin ko na ano. Eh colonel, colonel ‘yun. Sabihin ko, convince mo sana ninyo ‘yung bata ninyo para —para wala nang patay.


Anyway, kung — sabihin mo kay  Inday… Di ta magkasinabot. We cannot understand each other. Then I will honor my agreement. Ako ang maghatid kay Sison sa airport. Eh ‘di walang, walang mangyari. Bulungan ko siya, “huwag ka ngumuwi dito, ha? Please lang.”


He will — ‘pag nandito sila sa Davao. When I… when we start to talk about peace, they can now go out, can walk anywhere. That is the price which I have to pay and I take full responsibility.


If anything goes wrong there, ako ang dapat sisihin. Just like itong nangyari ngayon sa Kuwait. I’m the head of government. And they’re finding faults with the — the faults raw committed by Cayetano. No. Ako ‘yun.


At the end of the day, I’d like to thank the government of Kuwait. It was all my responsibility. I should be the one to be blamed and I’m ready to accept it.


Q: Thank you, mayor.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ano ‘yung iyo? Anong entity mo?


Q: Philippine News Agency, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Meron ba ‘yan? [laughter] Itong mga pikon na ito magdaldal na naman bukas.”Duterte…”


Q: Sir, this is…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kagaya ng jet ski. ‘Pag sabi ko magpunta ako doon, mag-jet ski ako. T*** i**. Istorya lang man ‘yan sa kampanya. Maski totohanin ko. Saan ako mag-parking ‘pag maubos ‘yang gasolinang p********?



Maglutaw-lutaw ka diyan na ka layo ng y*** na ‘yun. Every, maybe every 30 minutes you have to fill your tanks. Mabuti sana kung may floating Petron diyan, Shell or… Wala akong maparkingan (parking). Paano ‘pag ulan, init?


Q: Sir, this is actually a fed question from the Malacañang Press Corps. The question is: DOE submitted a draft nuclear policy for the government. What do you think of it? Are you likely to consider it or why and why not?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let us listen first before we cock and load our guns there. Tingnan muna natin how safe. Number one is safety. If it falls down to it, one to six, ang safety is only about three and four, forget it.


I want eight [unclear] nine. Ang problema dito, ganito ‘yan eh. May problema kasi tayo. Now, ang sabi ninyo, “si Duterte, lahat ng military pati police, nandiyan sa gobyerno.”


Alam mo, I said, I have been a prosecutor for eight years, working with the bureaucracy. Mayor for 23 years, vice mayor once upon a time.


Alam mo, pagka may inutos ako, I only have a few. Vis — you compare it side by side with a time span. Ang panahon ko dito saglit lang, a much faster than a [click?] of the fingers.


We are about 4.5 billion years old.  Panahon na ito. Alam mo, I’m facing a serious problem about drugs.


I have to contend with terrorism. And I have to contend with the — ‘yan ang problema. We are… In a scale of 1-to 10 also, visually, I’ve looked. — place something like 5… 5.5 to 6.


Medyo delikado ang panahon. Not in all places, but especially in Mindanao. Let me explain. Are you ready? Are you ready for breakfast? [laughter] Paluto na diha kay ako mudaginot.


Ganito ‘yan. Ang away ng dito, ang mga Moro sa Mindanao, was first territorial. Naawa… sabihin mo maawa diyan, inagaw sila because they were pushed to the hinterlands.


Why? Because it’s territorial kasi nauna sila dito. Islam was ahead by 70 years. That’s… I’ve read some archives, archives sa Malaysia Magpunta kayo doon sa Malasysia Magbasa-basa muna kayo ng history.


So pagdating ng ano, ni Magellan, it was really pure imperialism. He brought with him religion and brought with him governance. Imperialism talaga.


So ‘yun ang nangyari. Kaya ang Mindanao they started to claim Mindanao, as part of — Nagkagulo talaga. And [Mindanao?]was never in — we were never in complete control.


Kasi hindi talaga ako maniwala because may… may poste sila eh and [unclear] government, occupied. Karamihan always by Christians. That’s the political side. And it was Cory Aquino who promised them. Was not me.


But ang tingin ko ngayon, kung hindi, wala tayong pagkasunduan. I’m not good at really the use of Tagalog.


If there is no agreement or at least a compromise, there will be trouble. And when there is trouble, they will unite, Muslims. Ang problem, there’s a new one coming in. An element of brutality and totally bankrupt people from the Middle East.


Wala silang alam. They invoked the name of God and they kill and they destroy for no reason at all. But if magkagulo ito, my enemies, ‘yung ISIS, would be their friends.


Now, ito, this is far-fetched but I’d rather tell it now para prangka-prangka, tutal alam naman ninyo, kayong mga Moro, kung sino. That’s beside the point. You know we share the same pedigree.


Alam mo ‘yan, ang [unclear] claim ng ISIS is just to kill and they want to conquer the world, place it in one caliphate, but they want to kill also infidels.


Sino ang infidels? If you are a terrorist, not necessarily a Muslim, but terrorist of whatever race and you come to the Philippines, you bring along that bankrupt insanity of yours.


[garbled] claim of killing the infidels. If I were an ISIS…  Ako, isip ko lang ‘yun, my own humble way of assessing things.


Saan maganda maglagay ng base? Indonesia? Far-fetched. Why? Surely they would kill you, 10 out of 10. Brunei or Malaysia, same story.


So where would be the most ideal setup for a battle tour to kill infidels? It’s Mindanao. Kasi nandito tayo eh. Ah, at least ‘yung tatay ko hindi taga-rito.

If you are not a Muslim, if you do not know how to speak Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, you’re not — maybe your forefathers came here 20, 30 years ago to settle down. Migrants.


Saan mas madali magpatay ng infidel? ‘Di sa Mindanao. The Philippines for that matter. Kasi in and out sila dito maski saan. In all corners, we mix with the same crowd. We mix the Maranaos who are — almost all of them are Muslims.


At magkakaintindihan tayo, lalo na Maranao. I find it very easy to just — diretso na ako. ‘Yan ang problema. Now, bakit ninyo sinasabi? Why are you allowing China there?


Just had a talk… Basta Scarborough Shoal pati ano, Pag-asa. Sabi ko, huwag lang ninyong galawin.


Now, why am I suffering the criticism about China? One is because the equation has tremendously changed. If I try to win back the whole of the South China Sea, I would run out of soldiers and policemen and everybody. [CAFGU?] and all. They will all die.


We are no match sa… But if the determination to kill and be killed, meron ‘yan. But we cannot survive a war against…


Noon ‘yan sa newspaper, I remember, there were satellites already, photograph. They were starting to reclaim.


Ang una nagsabi nito, hindi ako ah. Sabi ni Aquino. So nanalo siya. And he was also egged to, “sige punta ka doon” sabi niya. If there is any power now on planet Earth who can deal with that problem, it is America.



But America never lifted a finger. Eh kung gusto niya, if it was really a violation of the laws of the sea. Then why the hell, hindi pinadala ang Seventh Fleet doon? “Hey, guy! You’re not supposed to build something in the midst of water especially artificial construction.


Wala siyang imik. Wala lahat. Ngayon suddenly nandiyan na, gusto nilang ipasubo… Hindi naman lahat.


“Bakit si Duterte — isang justice diyan?” Eh ‘di kung gusto mo, sige magsunod kami. Gawain ko siyang general. Sige. Bukas. Bigyan ko siya ng speedboat.


Pagdating diyan sa gitna, balik tayong lahat. Hayaan mo ‘yan siya. You’re asking me to commit suicide. That is not possible. At bakit… It’s geopolitics actually. That’s why I went out of my way to make friends with China.


America is embroiled with so many wars. Pati ang America, you cannot just say na — kasi magkalaban sila sa Congress niya. And in America, the Congress is more or at least in parity, tabla na sila sa — in running government. The Congress there is running government.


Kaya sabi ko, dito, hinayaan ko. Kasi kung maging battleground ang Philippines, sino ang mag — sino ang pinakamalapit na mahiraman ko ng cruise missile? Or ask China to intervene because we are losing Mindanao.


Can I rely on America? Patawag ko ‘yan sila, magpunta sila dito? Pagpunta pa lang, paglabas nila sa — what’s that North of Virginia? ‘Yung parkinganan (parking) daw ng mga barko nila? By that time ubos na tayo dito bakbakan.


So ‘yan lang ‘yan, kaibigan ta. Wala man rin ako magawa. So kaibiganin ko na lang. Pagdating ng panahon na everything goes wrong, like the Murphy’s law, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


One miscalculated move there on the other side sa mga terorista. And just imagine, if there are simultaneous attacks in three or four cities, what will happen? You think it would make the Filipino happy? Just a body of water then I will die? I will allow my soldiers and policemen to be massacred?


I would need them anytime. Sabi ko, kung magputok ito talaga, I’m warning you. I will be harsh just like my first statement when I was asked in the presidential debate. How would you treat these things if it would happen — these events?


I said I will be harsh. Wala akong choice eh. Wala talaga akong choice. I cannot play [unclear] with them. I will never talk to terrorists. Never. You can bet your life, I will not. Such as geopolitics actually. Hindi ko lang ma-explain kung maintindihan ng lahat.


But that is how it works. Sinabi ko nga ‘yan kaya nakapag-aral ako ng foreign service, ayaw naman maniwala ng iba, A.B. lang daw. Major ko ang… well, of course Political Science then on the sides I was taking of diplomatic practice and procedure. That is subject sa aming pag-eskwela.


Geopolitics was… ang aming professor si [Rosalinda Tirona?]. She was working in the embassy sa DFA. Bago lang naman siya nag-retire or matagal na? Siya ‘yung… basta. Sila ‘yun. Kay [unclear] International Law. Ambassador [unclear]. O remember?


‘Yan daw ang dinaanan ko and then Sison. Itong si Sison na ito, ayaw sumunod sa estudyante niya. ‘Yan ang mahirap. Lahat ‘yan. Ang akala lang kasi ng Pilipino, probinsyano na wala akong…


I took up diplomatic practice and procedure, geopolitics, international law. At bright ako diyan kasi gusto ko ‘yung subject na ‘yan.


Pagdating na sa economics, ‘yung — ‘yung arrow nila paganun. Sabi ko doon sa professor ko, si ano — Sabi ko, he used to work sa National Economic… Kay Castañeda noon.


Sabi ko “Sir, ayaw ko itong subject mo, nahihilo ako diyan sa… Bakit ka mag-sige pababa-baba? Straightin (Straight) mo na lang ‘yan para wala tayo problema.”


That is… I’m giving you a glimpse of… kagaya nitong… Well, anyway, I’ll talk about it. It involves constitutional issues. But I will not talk about it openly though. It will involve constitutional issue. It’s a constitutional provision.


If there can be no law, then certainly there can be no executive order. [unclear] obligation of contracts. Magtanong kayo ng abogado. Kagaya nung depensa ko. Tingnan mo. Naghinto na sila. Ganun ang ano ‘yung — diktador, mga berdugo.


Berdugo ba ‘yung “I protect my country” and ‘yung… galit ka sa akin. Mas magalit ako sa’yo kaya ako galit. Para kang galit sa akin magpunta dito tapos ngayon i-deport dito ang madre — nabasa ba ninyo ‘yung circular diyan? Meron kayong kopya? Anybody have a copy?


That order that tourists are allowed to participate in protest even for or against, ‘di ba nandiyan? O, sinong nag-pirma? Sinong pirmang nandun? Kay De Lima.


Hindi man akin ‘yang batas. Sabi ko sinusunod. At bakit ko i-revoke ‘yan? ‘Yan man ang ginagamit ko. Pirmado. Kaya lang, ang nag-pirma, sa kulungan na. Nauna pa siya sa tourist.


Pero you are not… You are here to —Manuod ka. Magpunta ka diyan sa Samal. May Task Force Samal man diyan. Sana hindi na maulit ‘yang kidnapping.


But I will be harsh. Criminal groups who are into murder for hire pati ‘yang mga pulis diyan sa Maynila na — I will be harsh.


Huwag kayong mag — huwag ninyong asahan ‘yang human rights. It cannot protect you at all. Because I would consider it that you are destroying my country. And if you are destroying my country, I will really kill you. Harap-harapan, sabihin ko sa’yo.


Drugs? Sirain mo ang mga anak namin? Talagang yayariin kita. Hindi, hindi. Wala na akong drama diyan. Kung ayaw mo na, ‘di huwag. Basta sinabi ko sa inyo, huwag ‘yan. Marami namang illegal diyan magawa mo. Illegal fishing doon banda sa Indonesia kasi pasabugin ka doon.


I had a talk with — we had a bilateral with, also with Widodo. And there are things that we have agreed upon in the matter of itong territorial boundaries, how can we cooperate with each other.


Basta ako, ‘yung kidnapper, pag na-identify, once na… kasi huwag kayong magpa-kidnap. I’ll blow you to — kanyunin talaga. ‘Pag mag motor-motor ka diyan, sabihin ko sa Navy, “pasabugin mo.” P***** i**. Paano ‘yung hostage? Eh ‘di saluin mo. Puputok talaga ‘yan eh.


Wala akong ano. I do not know. I would not [unclear] kung anong gawin ko. Maybe they will call me and then — depende.


It’s not because na kinikidnap nila ‘yung mga turista, mayaman, o ‘yung mahirap lang. Lalo na kung ‘yung mahirap kasi wala trabaho. Mabuti pa ‘yung mga mayaman kahit mag-baon pa ‘yan ng mga baril diyan o armalite. Pobre wala talaga eh. So ang panlaban ko sa inyo ‘yung kanyon.


Bakit ka nakatindig diyan?



Q: Here’s another question. May we ask for your views on the removal of the comfort woman statue along Roxas Boulevard?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes.  Whose initiative was it? I really do not know. I don’t even know that it exists.


But it has created somehow a bad — you know. You can place it somewhere else. If you want to place in a private property, fine. But do not use… Because that issue for… insofar as I’m concerned, tapos na ‘yan.


The Japanese has paid dearly for that. ‘Yung reparation started many years ago. So huwag na lang natin insultuhin. But if there is what you would call a memorial for an injustice committed at one time, it’s all right.


But do not use — it is not the policy of government to antagonize other nation. But if is erected in a private property, fine. We will honor it. And the Japanese government and people would understand it that there is democracy here, freedom of expression is very important.


But do not use government because it would reflect now on — kung ginusto ba natin. It’s practically the same in South Korea, ‘yung comfort women. Pero so much water has passed


Masakit kasi ulit-ulitin mo na tuloy. And you start to imagine how they were treated badly. But Japan has apologized to the Filipinos. And they have certainly made much more than… in terms of reparation.


Q: Sir, just one quick follow up on the peace talks.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya nga ako, if you really want to know, meron diyan sa Tugbok. There’s a Japanese shrine there. I built it. And what does it say? To those Japanese who never went back, who did not make it back home, this is a memorial. Ganun rin. Just the same. It’s part of history.


Q: ‘Yung sa peace talks, sir. Is there a response from Joma sa tawag niyo na he comes home for the peace negotiations? May response na ba siya sa inyo?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi niya he’s ready to come home if assured of his safety. Pwede siya. Kaliliit ng bahay ko. Pero gusto niya ‘yung kwarto ko.


‘Pag sinabi ng head of state na, “let us talk and have this small window provided for us to talk peacefully and talk about peace and attain peace,” I will be the first na kung may magputok, I will stay in his front.


Sabihin ko lang sundalo, doon ka lang magbaril sa likod para siya unang matamaan.


‘Di biro lang ‘yan. Nobody would really do that. We will honor — government will honor its word. We talked, kung hindi, if it fails then they are free to go back. They can always have an extension of [unclear] go back where you want to place yourself. Then we had to resume fighting. Wala naman akong magawa.


Pero sabihin ko, time is running out for all of us. Interested in our country. For Sison and me, maghabulan lang kami. I hope he realizes that siya ‘yung nag-umpisa. Pati ako nakinig pa noon sa kanya. Sige ka yawyaw diyan. So it behooves upon him and me.


Eh kaso ito lang ano ‘Yung professor nga, ayaw sumunod sa estudyante niya, ‘yan ang mahirap. Pero we will try. Give it one more. At least during my term.


Kung sino ‘yung next president, kanya na ‘yun. Ipasa ko na. We’ll just have to prepare the military and the police for a long war of attrition.



Q: Thank you, sir.



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige, ikaw. [Speaks Bisaya] Sige na diha.



Q: Last na daw kasi. Ayan. Good morning, sir. Sir, going back to the Boracay issue. I just would like to know. There are persistent rumors po kasi na they will be building a casino there.




Q: Casino in Boracay?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There will never be one.


Q: Okay.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Even bingohan (bingo). Saan nakita?


You know, ‘yung mga bilyonaryo, mga… Okada ba ‘yan? O, lahat ‘yan sila nag-courtesy call before they started on a project. Itong mga ‘to were of the belief that that island there is okay for anything.


And since there are casinos there, they want to build casinos everywhere. Hindi ako pumayag. Dito sa Davao, wala talaga. ‘Yung PAGCOR lang.


‘Yung BINGO noon, jai alai. I will not mention the President. Sabi ko talaga sa kanya, “alam mo Mr. President, tao mo ako. Pero ‘pag pinilit mo ‘yan, mag-aaway tayo.”


Kasi ako nung estudyante pa, pagdating ng allowance, ng LBC, diretso kaagad sa p***** i** jai alai na ‘yan. ‘Pag naubos ang pera ko, pagkain namin pan lang araw-araw, utang pa.


Kaya nung na-presidente… mayor ako nun. Not good.



Q: Okay. Sir…


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There are deleterious effects of gambling, but let’s try to reduce it to reduce to the barest minimum.


Q: Okay. Thank you, sir. Sir did you have a hand po in the preliminary selection of possible senatorial candidates for PDP-Laban?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Wala pa ako.


You know, remember that I won on my own. Wala akong ni isang congressman, except Nograles, Karlo kasi pamangkin ko. And si Zubiri and si Angel sa Agusan del Norte. Imee and sa Bataan. ‘Yun lang.



Q: Last question po, Mr. Presi…



PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pwede akong to while away my time. I owe nothing nobody.



Q: Okay. Mr. President, drinop (drop) na ‘po ng Ombudsman ‘yung two out of six cases filed against MNLF Founder Nur Misuari. Sir, your reaction lang po on that?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. I respect the decision of what body who rendered it.


Wala akong ano. Gobyerno ako. ‘Pag ‘yun ang — ‘di ba sabi ko nga, decision ng Cabinet, kanila ‘yan. Hindi ako nakikialam. Hindi ako nakikialam sa tao. I never recommended except…


Q: Thank you po.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sila ‘yung secretary. Hindi ako nakikialam. Sa totoo lang. And you can ask, any, any. Marami ‘yan sila. Any congressman o any justice for that matter na… Wala akong — hindi ako nakikialam ‘yung filing diyan ni, itong si ano. Kaya nabigla lang ako na sinabi dito that I [unclear].


Nag-reklamo ako sa kanya kasi one time, she was talking about extrajudicial killing and she issued a statement that — to the citizens, ‘pag walang warrant ‘di kailangan magpaaresto.


Q: Thank you po.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko. May sinabi ako, ayaw ko ng ulitin. Sabi ko, you know there are many instances of arresting. ‘Yung nag-overstay dito na fugitive, maybe a warrant, ‘yung deportation.


A person about to shoot you to commit a crime. Or actually process of killing you. I do not have to go to court to ask for a warrant. And you just shot somebody and I will pursue you. I will hound you there.


‘Yang hot pursuit, does not apply na sabihin mo na maghabulan tayo. It’s modern day and the interpretation should suit what is the reality on the ground for the moment. [unclear] sakay ng eroplano. And if we do not stop investigating the case, that is hot pursuit to me as a prosecutor.


‘Yang hot pursuit, noon lang ‘yan na maghabulan kayo tapos mag-takbo. One process. That is — I… that’s something that I do not agree with the, even with the justices.


Kasi sa law enforcement, ‘pag pinatay ka tapos sumakay ka ng eroplano — ano ‘yung first flight ngayon? O ‘di habulin kita or I call the police there in, intercept the guy. That is hot pursuit.


As long as government is focused on the crime at ‘yung investigation, it does not end. So for me, you arrest them. As long as it is one investigation that would take days, eh ngayon kasi iba na ‘yung — the Revised Penal Code is español. Codigo Penal ‘yan.


So hindi na ‘yan pwede na — ang allowed lang ‘yung adulterous ang babae tapos mahuli ka in pari delicto with your whatever, mamatay ka, [unclear] ka lang. Show your place.


If you are — from ibang barangay ka noon, munisipyo. But that is not applicable anymore. [unclear] ka, doon sa Calinan kasi taga-Tibungco mo ‘yung napatay mo ‘yung lovers. Stupid.


Dadaan na siya likod. Dito sa diversion road. Lalabas ka ng Bunawan. There are really some provisions there which has to progress into a modern interpretation. Ganun ‘yan eh.


So I disagreed with her. Kaya sinabi ko… Kaya ako nag — Sabi ko, sabi niya, sabi ko, hindi. I never lifted a finger. Hindi ko nga style ‘yan eh. Sabi ko tuloy, “ah gusto mo talaga?” O ito. ‘Yan nagdaldal na ako.


Ayaw mo maniwala. O sige. Sabi ko, “sige.” Sabi ko: Sige. You go ahead. I’m calling on my party mates, PDP-Laban, ready-made na, nandiyan na eh.


Pero that’s a political decision. It is not interfering. May pending case na eh. It’s ongoing. So I can add my word to it and that is to say, wala kang alam. Sabi ko, baka.


‘Yun ‘yung advice to the public na huwag kayong paaresto sa military pati pulis. You are actually egging the guy to fight it out with.


“Ah sabi ni ano ‘yan eh.” Magbarilan tayo kasi bawal ‘yan. Naloko na. Marami na tuloy ang mamatay.


Eh, magbarilan diyan tapos ‘yung bala ng pulis lulusot doon sa ano. May tinamaan doon na bata.


You know, when the police in the performance of the duty, those that are intended and unintended, justified ‘yan.


Pero kung ang criminal ang mag-baril ng pulis, lumaban. ‘Yung bala niya, lumusot ng limang tao. Kanya lahat ‘yan. Because you’re a criminal, it only favors military men or law enforcement if you are in the performance of duty.


Kaya nabakbakan ‘yung… Kita mo, bata namatay. Sabi ko, shut up. Huwag na niyong sagutin ‘yan. But if they can have a talk with a lawyer, then they will understand.


Kaya ako hindi ako sumasagot ng ano. Kasi alam ko batas. May advice is, you just consult a lawyer. Para maintindihan.


So ano pa? Wala na? Wala na.


Punta ako siguro sa ano. But I was… it’s really… make me sad because I was planning to go there if there was anything signed.


So once again, I would like to restate to everybody, lalo na sa Kuwaiti government. There’s no bitterness in our hearts for after all at one time, we were also there to help you.


At marami naman hong naka — there are a lot of, thousands maybe of Filipinos, whose lives were lifted from poverty because of the work that you have. We realize that.


So if my countrymen is a burden to you or if you do not like the way they are acting now, maybe it’s the culture and your response also.

So it seems like — turns out that the Filipinos, the household workers there are not accepted actually.


Given your culture and my culture, let’s just make — we adjust to one another but I will withdraw all the Filipinos there. We will not ask any help from you. We will spend for their return.


In the meantime, may I ask that they be treated just like human beings and not subjected to any… And I would appreciate it very much if you can do that.


I’d like to thank again your officials. The Kuwaiti. And if you can understand me, I’m sure that you will understand everything.


Do not worry. We will get them out. All of them. And to those who are staying behind, I would… I will address to you now. Come home and remember that there seems to be — parang ayaw nila sa atin. Okay lang. Nakinabang naman tayo, the longest time.


Maraming salamat po.



— END —