DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Oath-taking Punong Barangay. 12 June 2018

Presidential Communications Office

Presidential News Desk






[Delivered at ASEAN Convention Center in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga | 12 June 2018]


Kindly sit down. Thank you for the courtesy.


Dalawang isip ko because usually — pareho kanina sa Kawit, it was a two-page speech at ang layo-layo ko na. Hindi ako makapasok sa Cavite because of the weather.


Dito, I had to take a plane kasi kung chopper baka si Robredo ang Presidente ninyo bukas. [laughter]



Eh hindi makita eh ang vis — chopper is visual. But I fly at night but only on — kung clear ‘yung weather. Otherwise, I take the plane.


But I fly at night. Gusto ko eh. Enjoy ako na ang dilim ng langit at parang wala kang mapuntahan.


In deference to former President, ma’am, medyo mahiya ako na dalawang page lang. Mas matagal pa ‘yung pagpasok natin dito.


So I will just start with the acknowledgements of the presence of our guests. Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, ma’am, magandang hapon po; Interior and Local Government officer-in-charge Eduardo Año, sir magandang hapon po; Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Francis Tolentino, former mayor of Tagaytay; the Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr.; Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo Garbo and the other local government officials; our newly elected punong barangays; kasama ko sa gobyerno, mga kababayan.


You know sa grupo ng mga tao sa gobyerno maraming namatay na barangay captain almost everyday. You can read it in the newspapers or hear it over the radio na pinatay ang village chief or punong barangay and everything.


Ang losses natin sa barangay officials halos magkapareho sa military pati pulis. Same ratio. And that is because those who died remained true to their oath of office.


Talagang nagpakatotoo sila and maybe in defending the integrity of the republic. Iyan ang karamihan diyan. Hindi ko naman ma… I cannot speculate on the other reasons why. What I can only convince you this afternoon na ‘yun nga — to protect the people and preserve the nation.


We agreed on that many, many years ago. So ang ating — it’s the flag. That keeps us united including the Moro of Mindanao. Those who believe in real peace. I hope you’d understand the me — itong dynamics ng ating bayan.

There is a pending bill which we hope to become a law and we further pray that hindi naman abusuhin nang lahat and it will bring at least a degree of peace in Mindanao. Kasi ‘yung sabi ni Murad na there will be no decommissioning of their armed force unless they get the BBL.


Ako po bilang isang… I am not a soldier, I am not a policeman. I am a government worker elected by the people to search the elusive peace for our nation.


Kung ‘yun lang ang matrabaho ko and I accomplish that, okay na sa akin. I was here during the campaign and nagsalita ako nang marami. But for the rhetorics that was spoken here by me… Actually kung tingnan mo apat lang ang aking pangako sa bayan.


And that started because of the presidential debates and we were given so little time. At alam ko naman I cannot say anything in one minute and 30 seconds. So bullet lang ako.


Fundamentally I promised that I will stop corruption in government. And that I will clean this country of drugs and criminals.


And that I will talk to the enemies of the state in search of peace and that is why I have invited si Sison to come home peacefully, and I will guarantee his personal safety and security.


And sabi ko I can only afford to give you 60 days. For despite of all the previous talks that we have had, it ended in a failure. But I am willing to walk the extra mile.


Sabi ko 60 days. And that would be the most critical moments ata sa pagka-Presidente ko. Kasi ako ang maggastos, ako ang magbili ng ticket, then I will provide for the billeting.


But you come home in peace to talk. And stop extortion and taxation and that your troops will stay in a particular place. Kung tawagin nilang kampo, fine with me. Kung sabihin lang nila security place, okay lang, or peace zones, okay lang. But they do not carry firearms outside of that area until the talks are over.


Should the peace talks prevail, then we would be lucky and I would thank God for it. But if not, sabi ko ako na mismo ang magsama sa kanya sa airport at I will see to it that he will fly out alive.


Pero ang sinabi ko sa kanya huwag siyang masaktan kasi totoo naman na if it does not succeed, huwag ka nang umuwi dito sa Pilipinas kailanman.


So he got mad kasi sinabi ko ‘pag umuwi ka, papatayin talaga kita. And there is nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong in the statement because he is an enemy of the state.


That’s why I’m talking to Murad, ‘yung BBL. Then si Nur Misuari. Nur Misuari is a — maybe he realizes that at the end of the day, on our sunset days, we need to push for peace. Kasi ipasa mo lang ‘yung violence doon sa anak mo eh, at anak. And we cannot fight forever.


I have no business going war against my own people. Iyan ang importante diyan eh. So sabi ko sa kanila mag-usap tayo. Violence is one thing that I must avoid at all cost.


Sinabi ko sa military na intindihin ninyo ako because my job is to keep my country stable and safe. I am not a wartime President. I could never be one. Wala namang giyera talaga ano. But there are a lot of you know, dito rebellion doon, Mindanao.


Pero we are working over time. Parang ‘yon ‘yung — that was the fourth promise that I made. I’ll talk to the enemies of the state.


Itong Mindanao, I’ll give you…


I am not instilling fear but this is going to happen. The ISIS has contaminated itong Abu Sayyaf. The rebellion in Mindanao was purely territorial in nature. Sabihin ng mga Moro — eh nanay ng nanay ko Maranao eh. Sabihin nila, “nauna kami dito.”


At Islam was ahead by almost 80 years. Sabi nila 100. But when I was a congressman, nag-bisita ako sa Malaysia. I went to the archives. Basa-basa lang because I’m interested in history.


So nauna ‘yung Islam doon. So by the time the Christians made the inroads there. ‘Pag ika’y Pampangueño, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Hiligaynon, you are not an original native of Mindanao. Mga anak na lang kami ng mga Pampangueño. I remember very well the family of Dr. Lising — Jose. ‘Yun ang kapitbahay ko sa Davao, mga Kapampangan. So kami ‘yung settlers. At itong si Dr. Lising started ‘yung mga fish ponds dito kasi that’s a ano dito eh — ‘yun ‘yung nalaman ninyo how to do it.


So nauna sila doon. So they now claim that we went there — at least my father who married a Mindanaoan then got of so many of the lands. Totoo naman. When the Spaniards came, nung umalis sila, most of the lands were given to the influential pati ’yung mga mayaman.


When the Americans took over, ganun rin. They divided Mindanao into cadastral lands and instituted the Torrens title system. Along the way, forgetting the originals and so they are now living in enclaves ‘yung parang distrito nila, distrito. But never a — except for Cotabato, Lanao. ‘Yung traditional stronghold ng Moro.


So we understand that and we are ready to talk. Maybe create regions exclusively for them. Ang tingin ko kasi ma’am ganito. They are so weary about itong Liguasan Marsh. Somebody told them that it cou[ld] — far beneath the bowels of the earth is a trillion cubic meter of oil. Sinabi ko, “hindi namin kukunin ‘yan.”


As we promised, ‘yung lahat ng natural resource ninyo, inyo. But then in exchange, we have to live together side by side in peace. Ako, sabi ko, ayaw ko galawin. Kung kayo ang original dito at it contains so many — would make you rich, fine. We have no business.


And just like Boracay. We are not claiming it. Allow us to clean the place then after that, I will give it back to the people. Wala man kaming interest diyan sa — wala kaming negosyo. Parang ganun. So ‘yan ang proposal ko.


Itong droga tatapusin ko ito sa panahon ko. Kung hindi ko matapos sa salita, tatapusin talaga kita. Believe me. I will — publicly sasabihin ko: if you destroy my country, I will kill you. Sigurado ‘yan. If you destroy the young of the land, ‘yung pag-asa nating mga anak natin, ‘yun ang inaasahan natin eh.


Kung sirain mo ang anak mo, put — I will put you… [applause] Kanina nga sa Cavite ganun rin. Pag sabi ko, “put…” “to place it in a proper perspective.” Ewan ko ba kung bakit nasanay rin akong mag…


Alam mo I never shifted my paradigm being mayor to the president. Kaya akala ko ang mga kausap ko ‘yung mga kababayan ko and ganun ako magsalita. Gusto ko magmura, magmura ako. Kay wala man problema doon sa Davao. Pagdating dito sa Maynila, karaming kuskos.


Eh siyempre kung magalit ka, mag-patak-patak talaga ‘yang bunganga mo. But it was — I mean, my style — ewan ko kung bakit. Eh kasi lahat kami migrants. Puro squatters kami doon originally. So we made a living along the way. Pagkatapos nagpaiwan pa rin ‘yung mga Batangueña… Eh… Ano, ano…


So nasanay rin kami makinig doon sa mga g***. Mura nang mura dito. Kaya ngayon… Pero libre man ‘yan, wala man ‘yan bayad. Bakit ba masyadong maingay itong mga y*** na ito.


Kailangan ko talaga putulin ‘yan. Ganito ‘yan eh. Kami ni ma’am, presidente, kung mag-retire kami. [More or less ma’am, mag-abot ba ng 20 ‘yung pension?] Ah mag-abot. Ako pati si ma’am.


P***… Sino sa inyo ang mag-abot ng 20? Kayong mga mayayaman, you will not expect it or wait for it. But how about ‘yung mga trabahante? Itong mga sundalo? Ito lahat, diyan — laborers.


Alam mo, pinapaaral natin ‘yang mga anak natin hoping na kung tayo na ang may kailangan sa tulong nila, makapag-aral sila nang tama, may edukasyon, makakuha ng konting trabaho. And the cycle of life in the Philippines is that we are supported by our parents hanggang makatapos ka, magka-asawa ka.


So in the sunset days of their lives and it will surely come to us, no doubt about it. It will happen to us. Eh kung mga anak nila, ganunin mo. You feed them with drugs, kakatok. Tapos ikaw pension lang, how much? Ordinary in government. ‘Yang office section na ano — o lahat.


Palagay na natin si Bato. It was bruited to be a huge amount of 14… You retire — kayong mga pulis, you retire at the age of 56. 56? You get about 14 million. Diyan mo na kunin ang pagkain mo araw-araw hasta gastos.


At the age of 56, ‘yung mga anak nitong mga sundalo na ‘to, ‘yung iba nasa college pa. How do you intend to survive? Who will buy the antibiotics? They’re quite expensive. Ayaw naman bumili ang tao ng generic. Sinong mag-takbo doon sa — magbili ng oxygen? Sinong mabayad sa ospital? Sinong susubo ng lugaw mo? Anak mo.


Eh maging inutil ka talaga ‘yang palakad-lakad na… Mabuti’t na lang… Kung maawa ang Diyos, you are cut off early. Kagaya ni Roilo. Magkasama kami sa 11th Congress noon. So he’s just 71. Ako 73.


And walang bisyo ‘yung tao na ‘yun. Well I really do not know but hindi yata umiinom ‘yun. Eh ano, ‘yung clean living. Wala akong nabalitaang babae.


‘Yung dito maraming mayor sige inom, sige sigarilyo. Tapos hanggang ngayon buhay pa. Tingnan mo si Aguirre o, ang ganda ng katawan.


Nakilala ko ito si Mayor sa motor. I have toured this country sa big bike, twice. Inikot ko itong Pilipinas doon sa dulo pabalik sa Mindanao.


It was only when I was, I saw my country. The whole length and breadth of it na na-in love ako talaga sa Pilipino. Kaganda ng bayan natin. I was mayor then. I was mayor for 23 years. Ed, ilang taon ka na ba? Matagal ka na rin ah. Tingin mo ata na pagbigyan mo ‘yung iba? Ayaw mo? Si Ed pareho kami ng eskwelahan niyan eh. Vit Aguire, he’s a…


So ‘yan. Hindi ako aatras diyan sa droga na ‘yan. Talagang tatapusin kita.


Kagaya ng mga OFW, they suffer abuse. Sinisikmura nila ‘yan. Pagkain tapos kung ano na lang. That’s why I am happy. I am going to travel to Kuwait to thank them kasi they practically gave in to my demands.


Sabi ko one day off, no confiscation of passports and cellphones, no body contact, and they would be allowed to use their own mga recipe. Makaluto sila ng sarili. Iba ‘yung pagkain mo, iba ‘yung pagkain ko. And I got all that I wanted.


So out of gratitude, magpasalamat lang ako doon. After all, they’re also human beings, I found out. But I was a bit harsh, very harsh during the early days at pinalagpas lang nila ‘yung mga mura ko. So I will go there.


Ngayon ‘yung mga nandi — they keep on sending money believing — ‘yung abuso sinisikmura nila ‘yan. Mga anak nila dito, there are remittances. Ito namang mga g***, ‘pag nalaman nila itong bata na ito has a steady supply of cash on hand. Didikit ‘yan. May tawag diyan sa Bisaya pero bastos, ‘yung ginalugod mo hanggang bibigay ‘yung tao.


They are working there for five years believing that sa anak nila makita nila ang produkto ng pagod nila pati paghirap. Pagdating dito sabog pala, ang mga babae nagkalat.


You know, pareho man tayo ng trabaho. We look after the welfare of the Filipino, ‘yung pamilya. A family that loses the presence of the father tapos walang tatay ang pamilya, that family becomes dysfunctional.


‘Pag ang pamilya nawala ang tatay pati nanay, at ‘yung mga anak iwan lang sa tiyahin, sa mga kapatid, sa lolo at lola, that family is totally dysfunctional. Walang makita ng nanay pati tatay because they’re struggling to make a living.


So it behooves upon us now how to improve the economy. Na papasok ito, magbalik ito sila. Not for anything but for the sake of the Filipino na mahirap. Na makabalik sila dito sa pamilya nila and start all over again.


Kasi pagprangka ako. The absence of the wife pati ‘yung the absence of the husband, diyan mapapasok ang — hindi naman lahat but pardon me, no offense intended, mangaliwa ‘yung lalaki o ‘yung babae because of the absence.


Human beings eh. Human beings follow the fundamental rule of biology. Maghanap talaga ng ano ‘yan eh. And with thatkind of absence, ewan ko lang.


Ako, iwanan ako ng asawa ko mga isang buwan, ah wala na. May pampalit na ako. Mabuti nga kung abutin ng isang buwan. [laughter]


Kaya ako mainit diyan sa droga. Tulungan ninyo ako at please lang, mga kaibigan ko, huwag na huwag kayong pumasok diyan. It’s either your life or you get the money.


I’m not attributing to anyone pero lahat na ganito. Sinasabi ko talaga lalo na sa Mindanao. Maraming pumasok diyan.


Huwag na huwag kasi pagabot ng panahon, magkita tayo ng isang kanto, mamili ka.


Hindi talaga ako papayag. Not during my watch. Huwag sa panahon ko kasi hindi ko talaga gusto ‘yan.


Hihirit talaga ako nang hihirit. Hindi na bale ng human rights. Because when the day is done tapos babagsak ang bayan ko, ‘yang mga… Walang maitulong ‘yan.


And it’s so vicious, it’s so… I mean, ang mga human rights, titingnan lang nila always, “there are the thousands that were killed by Duterte.” O ‘di sige. Ako man kaya ‘yan.


Ako, I do not argue. Ah ako ganun? Oh totoo ‘yan  para wala  na’y samok. Sa Bisaya, wala nang kotso-kotso. Oo ako, tama ‘yan.


Pero baliktarin mo. ‘Pag baliktad mo, isang nanay na bulag, ang asawa pakialaman pa ‘yung 14 years old pati one years old, kung ikaw ang Presidente, maliligaya ka?


Kaya ako ‘pag ginawa mo ‘yan, mag-rape ka ng bata pati patayin mo? Ay sus. Huwag mo na akong bolahin. Itapon mo sa dagat diyan.


Eh ‘yung human rights, sige na ‘yan siya, ayan sa likod o. “Ito admitted ni Duterte na…” Between my country sabi konga, “I will destroy you too. Do not ever do that.”


So sa ano naman, you know, let me be very clear on this. And you ask the Cabinet members there. No commercial contract of any kind ke ma-MRT, ke sa railway ninyo dito. Kung ano man ‘yung runway sa Clark o ‘yung airport na bago itatayo, those papers do not reach my table either sa opisina or sa bahay. I do not allow it.


Kaya sila Vince, sila Aguirre noon, it begins and ends sa opisina mo. Huwag kang pumunta sa akin na about “anong gawain ko nito?” Kaya nga kita kinuha eh. Walang… Ayaw ko.


Appointments, policies, minsan si Sonny about banking, ito ngayon sa inflation. So we’re trying to not really solve, we explain to the people how it will…


Alam mo simple lang ang ano, Pilipinas. Hindi masyado ako… You know sabi nila, we used to be second to Japan. Madaling sabihin ‘yan eh. Well… But along the way, sabi nila, we deteriorated in our governance. Ngayon second to the last tayo sa Bangladesh.


Now, kindly remember, pag-isipan mo muna rin mabuti bago mo tapak-tapakan ‘yung bayan mo.


That right after the world — the Second World War, kakaanak lang natin, you know, everybody, every nation was searching for their natural resources.


Ang Indonesia struck oil. Malaysia, binigyan ng Panginoong Diyos ng oil. Ang Brunei, sobra-sobra, binigyan ng oil.


Ano ang oil? Lahat makita mo. Dito. Lahat ‘yung naka… Nakatali ba ‘yang chandelier na ‘yan? Mukhang hindi masyadong mahigpit oh. Ganun rin ‘yung pointed pa ‘yung ano. [laughter] Cover-coveran mo ‘yang ulo mo kasi…


Walang ibinigay na oil. Paggawa niyan ng oil, makina eh. Paggawa nito, makina. Lathe or whatever the basic machine na… Wala tayo.


Lahat makita mo pati paglakad mo, papunta ko dito gaso… The airplane itself is a product of oil. It is a product of a machine run by oil na wala tayo.

Kasi ‘yang struggling tayo. Ngayon, punta ako ng Alegria, sa Cebu. So baka. Baka pagbigyan tayo ng Panginoong Diyos. Lahat eh. It constitutes about one third of our… Lahat gawain mo. Sapatos, damit. It’s a product of oil.


Wala kang makita na hindi oil because of the machine na patakbuhin mo which is run by oil. ‘Yan ang naka… ‘Yun lang ang gusto ko maintindihan ng…


Hindi naman talaga tayo nagkulang sa… Wala lang tayo that single commodity which is very crucial in the development — huwag na ‘yung progress — in development of the country.


And so ganun ang ano natin. Bawiin natin ‘yan sa ibang bagay. Ako, I do not propose that there would be a “pagbabago,” ‘yung change talaga, may makita ka na magagandang bagay.


But I will stick to my promise. One is corruption, drugs, I’ll talk to — then law and order. Hindi ako pwedeng… Hindi ako pwede ‘yang mayor ako tapos magpatayan lang diyan, hayaan ko na lang ganun. I cannot stomach that. Makialam talaga ako.


Now dito sa trabaho ninyo, ano ang trabaho ko? Anak ng… Ang trabaho ko, trabaho ninyo. Limitado ako sa siyudad, kayo sa barangay. Ano bang diperensya natin?


Kung tatlo ang asawa mo, apat ‘yung akin. [laughter]So… Kung may girlfriend ka ng dalawa, o may tatlo ako. Ganun lang ‘yan. So if you cannot govern your barangay the way it should be run, eh magkakaroon tayo ng problema nito.


Then ‘yung munisipyo mo malakas, malaman kasi namin eh. Malaman ni General Año. Eh kung maraming kaso, maraming rape, maraming patayan, droga, by the apprehensions sa law enforcement, then there must be something seriously wrong sa barangay mo. Either you are into it, or you do not do what is expected of you.


Ako, ang guarantee ko, including the police, the military and all, pati kayo. Remember this: Pag nagkaatraso kayo, and you are — there’s a case filed against you and you think that you are in the performance of your duty as a barangay tapos napatay mo o nabugbog mo, do not be afraid. I will… Sabihin mo lang.


The only thing that I ask of you is kung mali mo, huwag ka na lang lumapit sa akin. Pero kung sabihin mo, “mayor” — ayaw ko kasi tawagin ako Presidente. It’s very unsettling. Pag mayor, nakaka-react kaagad ako.


Sabi mo “Mayor, alam mo ganito ang nangyari…” Just tell me the truth. Wala kang problema. Then I will back you up. At kung ano, sabihin ko kay Local Government na “please, kindly go over this because this is something.” Kasi ang iba magdiretso sa akin. Then sabihin ko lang kay General what is fair and just.


‘Yun lang. ‘Yung legal. At medyo sumobra ka, ako na ang bahala. ‘Yung nagdemanda sa iyo, tapusin na lang natin para wala na.


I mean akin na ‘yan lalo na kung hiritan mo, huwag ka lang basta-basta lalo na droga. Tutal maraming trabaho ng pulis oh karaming…


You go to the police at kung wala kang — you do not find any relief, you just tell me or you go to Secretary Año. Tell him straight na “ito, itong pulis na assign doon…” Then he will make the corresponding decision.


So kung magpatakbo ka… Napunta na ho kayo ng Davao. Nagpunta na kayo ng Davao? Ngayon, hindi ko pinagmamalaki. Sinabi ko lang… Sa inyo ngayon, sasabihin ko na nung mayor, nagtrabaho talaga ako. So for 23 years ako ‘yung mayor.


So I was able to shape the — not really the destiny. Eh mahirap ‘yan parang Diyos ka. I was able to shape the design of governance sa siyudad ko. Punta nga kayo doon tignan niyo. Maglakad kayo maski saan. Maghanap ka ng droga, kung may makita ka, ewan ko.


Maglakad ka ng gabi… Kaya lang sarado doon. At 1 o’clock, sinadya ko talaga ‘yan kasi ako, sabi ng asawa ko, alas dose mag-uwi na daw ako. Eh sabi ko “Paano ‘yung iba? Bakit sila nag-iinuman pa. Ako hindi makalakad-lakad.” “Ah…” sabi ng asawa ko ito: “Sabi ng anak ko…” ganun.


My daughter sleeps with me, ‘yung si Veronica. Hindi natutulog sa nanay niya. So mapipilitan akong mag-uwi kasi ‘yung bata ayaw mag tulog. Dalaga na ‘yun ngayon. Hanggang ngayon, iniipit ako.


So ang ginawa ko, kung hindi ako makalakad ng alas dose, ala una, ang… Tayong lahat idadamay ko.[laughter] So ala una, sarado na. Wala na akong inggit.


Sabi ng doctor “kung hindi ka maghinto ng sigarilyo, mamamatay ka.” Ah ganun, so… “papaano doc? Sa labas ma…”


“Ewan ko. Basta kung ikaw, kung hindi ka maghinto ng sigarilyo, patay ka.” “Ah, ganun? Anong stage na doc?” “Ah mga stage one. ‘Yung Barrett mo, mga stage one na rin. Sabay-sabay na sila.” “Ah ganun. Sige.”


Inuman alas dose tapos tayo, uwi. Hindi rin ako maka-inom. ‘Di huwag na kayong uminom nang sobra. Damay-damay lang man ito. Walang pasyal, hindi ako makapasyal. Huwag kayong mamasyal. Bakit mo kami damayin? Problema ninyo ‘yan.


Ako ang hinalal ninyo mga u***. Sunod kayo sa akin. Ganun lang ‘yan. So Davao City is a bit…


That’s it. Courteous ang mga tao doon. Ayaw ko ‘yang mga magbili tapos nakasimangot. Even the Moro. Eh Maranao ‘yung lola ko.


Sabi ko “huwag kayong suplado naka… medyo magalit. Ngumiti kayo.” Lahat pati ‘yung pulis maghuli, ngumiti kayo. ‘Yung mga maganda, lalo na ngitian mo. Baka maswerte ka pa. Maraming magaganda sa Davao.  Kayong mga bata.


Kayong mga barangay captain na… Dito approximately in this crowd, mga one third dito, hindi ako nagbibiro, nagpapatawa. One third dito may mga asawa ‘to. May mga dalawa, may pangalawang asawa ‘to. Sigurado ako. Hindi ako nagpapatawa. Sigurado ‘yan, may babae ‘yan. [applause] Oh see? Sinabi ko sa inyo eh.


Wala mang iba, walang lusot. ‘Di pakpak na lang. Totoo ‘yan.At least one third of you guys I know have a — meron ‘yang ganyan.


Kayong, huwag kayong — maniwala kayo. Basta maglabas ‘yan gabi-gabi tapos sabihin mag-patrolya. “Patrolya sa…”  Patrolya sa babae. [laughter] ‘Wag kang maniwala magpatrolya ‘yan. Lalo na makita mong tamad tapos bigla nalang…



Basta babae, magbihis ‘yan. Ah pasundan mo. Mahuhuli mo ‘yan. Dito oh, may nagpakpak oh. Guilty itong mga y*** na ‘to. Kayo diyan. Ilan kayong may babae? [laughter] Ayaw raba. Pakunwari pa, sige na.


Ganun lang ‘yan. So that is how — that is what life is all about.


So I’m happy that I was able to talk to you. It’s always a crime and criminality lalo na ang drugs. hindi ako pwedeng bumigay dito. Mal*-l***** ang bayan ko and it would not be fair because…


Even during the presidential debates, maaga akong matapos. Eh limited time so ito gawain ko. Corruption, hintuin ko. And I’m doing it. Lahat ng…


Nauna ‘yung mga kasama ko sa Mayor’s Office. In 1988, kasama ko na. Talagang pinatalsik ko early on. Kaya ‘yang — bantay kayo diyan ‘yung…


Well I thought that they were really in good faith, in utter good faith. Sabihin “takbo ka kasi ganun, kaawa ng Pilipinas”. So nanalo ka. You accommodate because you trust them as friends. Only to find out na ang unang magkalat sila. Travel kaagad. ‘Yung taking…


Papanaluhin ka tapos ‘pag nanalo, nandiyan na. Punta ng ano, kung saang climate change sa Africa, climate change sa dito sa Chicago, climate change doon sa Ontario, climate change sa  — puro climate change.


Tapos ito namang Pilipinas, isang bagyo, pinupwet pa ng isa na palabas. Walang nangyari sa climate change. Ang gasto. At puro lahat nagpuntahan sa climate change. Anak… If you have incurred 21, 20 travelers — travels a year, go out.


Pati ‘yung mga… Talaga ‘yung mga malalaking opisina, kindly… Ayaw ko na lang magfile-file ng kaso. But if asked, I will name you because that is my duty.


Teka muna. Hindi ko nabasa pala ‘to. Basahin ko lang ito ha. Kasi ang gumawa nito, baka ‘yung mga doon oh. Magagalit ‘yan sila, ilang…


I might just read the — it just take about a minute.


Today is a very important gathering. I stand before you, some of the most dedicated and passionate civil servants of our country. No doubt. I believe, sulat nito.


Hindi naman lahat eh, but a few. Naniniwala talaga ako sa inyo.  So kung ano ‘yung ginagawa ko as City Mayor o ngayong presidente, sundan lang ninyo. Salvage dito, salvage doon. [laughter] ‘Yan ang sabi ng Human Rights eh.


I congratulate our newly elected punong barangays and thank them for accepting the challenge of public service at a crucial moment in our nation’s history.


As you take your oath of office and swear in front of your family and supporters, and may I add, before God and people, I trust that you will uphold excellence, accountability, and transparency in your respective offices.


Keep in mind that you are operating within the context of a nation. Let us set aside our personal interest as we selflessly and tirelessly fulfill the duties and responsibilities that come with our positions.


We owe it to the Filipino people to serve with humility and lead with integrity. Our fight against criminality, corruption, and illegal drugs continues.


As you advocate for the sectors you represent, I enjoin the newly elected barangays to ensure the implementation of the anti-illegal drug efforts such as the establishment and operation of their respective Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council.


May I cut here. I might consider arming you. If I think in my assessment and evaluation, at tatanungin ko ‘yung police pati ‘yung intelligence community, if you are really into it, the crime, I will support you and I may grant you possession and to carry your firearms.


‘Pag nakita ko na talagang lumalaban ka, you do not only have the Philippine National Police, the military, but me and the Secretary will see you through. Hindi ko kayo pababayaan.


At kung sakali man — kung sakali man, I don’t know, at kayo’y madisgrasya, magtatanong ako. Magtatanong ako at re-resbak ako. Tandaan ninyo ‘yan. ‘Pag kayo ang nadisgrasya diyan sa anti-drug, anti-criminality, magtatanong ako and hindi ako magpa-lugi.


Magka kaso kayo, nandiyan ako sa… And I will even… Pakialaman ko. Kasi performance of duty is something which I am respectfully asking you, to enjoin you to do your job.


‘Pag napasubo kayo, hindi ko kayo hahayaan. Just like the police and the military. Pag performance of duty, I will never, never relish the sight of a law enforcement agency or a barangay captain going to jail kasi iniwanan kayo. Mag-i-intervene ako. Hindi ‘yang corruption.


“Ah nakialam si Duterte sa corruption.” No. Nakikialam lang ako pag trabaho mo. Eh sabihin ko, “and so?” “Eh ‘yan corruption kasi kinausap ‘yung…” Eh ano? How about my barangay captain na namatay? Papaano ‘yan? ‘Yung pulis ko? O ‘yung military na kinatay ninyo?


Ibig sabihin hanggang diyan lang ang istorya natin? Mahirap ‘yan. Mahirap ‘yan. Hindi naman sanay tayo sa vendetta but just an assurance that you will have my support and I will take the cudgels for you. Hindi ako papayag as President.


I’m willing to go to jail if need be. Wala naman matanda na ako. So no more. Magbasa na lang ako doon sa loob.


Ngayon kung may mga contact ka kagaya mo ‘yung nasa kulungan ngayon ‘yung g*** na ‘yan, pati siya nagkakaroon ng bisita sa loob eh. Conjugal visits they call it. And… The strangest of all is that she was not a wife. But she was frequenting the place maybe to… And the privilege was granted because of a conjugal visit. Biro magpunta ka doon sa loob magpa-ano ka lang. Maswerte siya.


I urge the newly elected officials to work closely with the national government in creating solutions that not only respond to the needs of our citizens, but also restore their faith and confidence in our leaders’ and institutions’ capacity to serve.



What we do now — what will now do is to help shape our nation’s future. If we are to create progress that is truly substantial and sustainable, we must demonstrate the passion and determination to secure and improve the lives of our people.



I have the greatest trust in the experience and ability that each one of you possess. Together, let us use this opportunity to bring valuable and meaningful reforms in our bureaucracy so that we can get rid of society’s ills and usher in real and lasting change for the benefit of the people.



Before I end, wala akong partido partido ha. I won dito sa Pampanga because si ma’am ang nag-support. Ma’am, salamat ha. Salamat sa inyo. Palakpak naman kayo. [applause]Anong klase?


Nagpapasalamat na ‘yung tao tapos titinginan lang tayo dito. Well, I really won here.  And so I’d like to thank — and in some places. But ako, I do not.


Usually, a President prepares a national program of six years ganun. Sabi ko hayaan mo. So that ang nauna to benefit was Cebu, then Clark will be the next. Maraming trabaho ‘yan.



Sabi ko unahin na ninyo ‘yung ibang lugar. I will be the last. Hayaan mo na ‘yung Davao. ‘Yung sa subdivision ko when I became mayor, sabi ko “kung hindi niyo na-concrete lahat, huwag na ‘yung akin.”



Only after that you have cemented the — then you might want to look back and do the same for me. Kaya nauna kayong lahat, Cebu, then I think Panglao because we have to build alternative places where tourists can go.



Now let me be very clear: Allow us, allow Año and Cimatu to clean Boracay. Do not intervene there kasi we are in the process of just cleaning the city.



After it is cleaned and there’s hygiene improvements, ibabalik ko ‘yun sa tao. At masiguro ninyo ‘yung ibabalik ko doon mismo sa mga may-ari na totoo.



I will not give it to the big business. Kasi Boracay can only take so much waste. Even with an improved sewer or sewerage, whatever, because of the word “volume.”


Ngayon, ‘yung likod niyan, sinabi ko i-land reform ko. Sinabi ko sa Cabinet kagabi, kami, si Lore — kami si General Año, Tolentino was there, Roque was there.


Sinabi ko, “Bakit? Anong napasok ni Duterte sa ulo?”



Well, ang Boracay remains to be a place where everybody would covet because there is the rich tourist.


Sabi ko, I will leave it to Congress to create a strip diyan. It could be from the lowest high tide, low tide. Magbilang sila ng ano.


And they might want to consider it as a commercial area because President Arroyo and I never signed any proclamation to change the whole thing. It remains to be forestal pati agriculture. Kung ayaw ni ma’am, ayaw ko rin. Gaya gaya, puto maya.


Pero sabi ko, eventually because of money, bibigay ‘yan. Lalo na kung wala na kami, bibigay ‘yan. Ibigay ko na ngayon sa mga natives doon by way of land reform. Alam mo bakit? Pagdating ng panahon, they will eat up barangay at mag-establish ‘yan ng mga resorts diyan.


But you know, Boracay can only take so much. It’s just a small strip eh. So ibigay ko doon sa mga natives. So by the time na mag-negosyo na and the big business would go in, hawak na nila ang titulo at pwede na nilang ipagbili. Ang consolation ko is makahawak sila ng pera nang malaki. [applause]

Kaya ‘yung land reform sa Mindanao failed. Why? Because eventually, they sell it back. Ipinagbibili nila. Sabi nila, “Wala, Mayor. Mayor, ang land reform is inutile. It never succeeded.”


Well, one, is kung wala kang capital, wala kang pang-abono, wala lahat, and government is not ready there all the time, it will really fail. I mean the enterprise of agriculture. But ano ang — what’s our happiness?


At least ‘yung binigyan ng pera, binili ‘yung lupa and they sold the land at 300, 400, 1 million. ‘Yung mga laborers noon, at least nakahawak sila. Even for a brief moment in time, meron silang tag-500, 1 million o 800,000.


Para sa akin, tabla na. At least nakatikim lahat. ‘Yun ang gusto kong mangyari. That is why i-land reform ko ‘yan. Not really to benefit anybody except the people there. Ibigay ko sa kanila ‘yan. Inyo ‘yan eh, ‘yung mga Mangyans.


Inyo ‘yan. Balang araw, ipagbili ninyo. Maybe your daughter and sons will reap at least konting pera makatikim kayo I said, even for a moment. Hindi naman magtatagal ‘yan.


But that is the way how I think about things. ‘Yun lang po kasi I have to go back. I still have a — pati si ma’am, meron ‘yang…


You want to fly with me? May bakante, ma’am. Diretso na tayo sa ano. Yes. I’ll have somebody na — a driver.


There are about — marami pang upuan. Hinulog ko na lahat ‘yung iba papunta dito. I’d like to invite you to ride with me back.


So mga barangay captains, all we have to do is to be true. At least once in a lifetime, nakasilbi ka.


It’s not a great honor. Not re — no big deal. But you go for the sense of fulfillment nabago mo ‘yung barangay mo.


Never mind about ‘yung mga criminals  ano. You just let us know. Tutal nandiyan kami. Ako na ang bahala. And I will see to it that…


Hindi ako papayag na tayo rin ang… Tabla-tabla tayo dito.  I will not — basta nalang. Ayaw kong magpa-api-api diyan sa mga…

Hindi man ako pwede mag-bara kaya sabihin ko nalang maraming salamat po. [applause]