Duterte revives Limpyo Baybay

Duterte said garbage and waste that find their way to the sea destroy the marine life and the food chain because they kill the fish.

Duterte hired Engineer Beth Matuguinas to head the program which has 98 personnel. The mayor also provided the program four small boats.

He tasked the Limpyo Baybay team to prioritize cleaning the beaches because most of the garbage are found there.

He admits seashores will never be spotlessly clean but he wants them to be rid of most of the garbage.

According to the mayor's aerial observation from helicopter rides, Toril and Trading are the dirtiest.

He also acknowledged that Times Beach, which is nearest the downtown area, is beyond salvation especially with all the establishments in the area.

Dutete said it is a reality that garbage from all the establishments in Times Beach will find its way to the sea.

Limpyo Baybay was a program under the City Environment and Natural Resources. It used to be a barangay-based program but because there were some barangay captains who did not help the program, the mayor took the initiative to revive it, placing it under one supervisor and hiring personnel.

To motivate the personnel, Duterte promised to work for an increase of their monthly salary from P5,700 to P10,000.

The program will clean up the beaches from Binugao, Toril to Lasang and the river banks of Barangay 5-a. (MindaNews)