Youth’s low interest in environment alarms group

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/13 June) – The Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) expressed alarm over the result of a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion showing a low interest of the youth in Davao City in environment.

“Everyone should know the impacts of climate change and everyone should contribute in addressing it, especially students. They should contribute in mitigation and adaptation measures, in their own capacity,” IDIS acting executive director Chinkie Pelino-Golle told MindaNews on Monday.

The IPO survey called “Davao Youth Situationaer” surveyed 264 youth from May 24 to 30.

It showed that only 1.1 percent of them are affiliated with environmental groups, the lowest among those engaged in sports and recreation (49%),  church and religious groups (29%), civic organizations (20%), and socio-political activities (1.2%).

Golle said she is disheartened to know only a few youth are engaged in environment organization or part of an environmental cause.

As an environment organization, she said they are taking this as a challenge to further their advocacy by improving their strategies in reaching more young people and enhancing their awareness on ecological issues.

She called on academic institutions to give importance to environmental education and activities to raise their awareness.

“It is not enough that students are required to plant trees before they graduate. They have to understand that tree planting is just part of the tree growing,” she said.

She said they are hoping to encourage “more youth to care and protect the environment.”

But she acknowledged that “education and awareness-building should come from their home and should be enhanced in schools.”

“IDIS will also try to partner with more schools in environmental advocacy and education,” she said. (Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)