Have you contributed in achieving this independence?

The governor earlier said independence may mean independence from colonialism, hardship or poverty.    

“But I would like to give you three things I’d like you to think about and this I’d gonna ask you: Have you contributed in achieving this independence?” Dominguez said.

“First is political independence – from giving our people the right of suffrage, providing our people with proper education, educating them to make the proper choices.”

“Second is economic independence – giving each person a chance to work, providing people with opportunities to earn and uplift their households out of poverty.”

“Lastly, social independence – making everybody have equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, skin color etc. for the whole world.”

 “These three things we are trying to strive together as a team here in Sarangani Province – social, political and economic independence. It is a team if we all work together. You all say that each one of us has contributed in our own little way in achieving this kind of independence. But combined – 79 provinces – we can say that the Philippines has actually achieved independence, one way or another.” (Sarangani Information Office)