Duterte: mayors, barangay captains should decide on suspension of classes

Duterte, also chair of the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC)l said suspension of classes is a matter of public health and public safety.

"I cannot understand why give it to DepEd (Department of Education) when it is not a concern of education?" he asked in his Sunday television program, “Gikan sa masa, para sa masa” (From the masses, For the masses).

He said it is the local government that will be accountable in the end because the safety of the people is a public concern.

Duterte said the DepEd regional director has no access to the police, the military, and the barangays.

"I know everything. I have contacts with the police. I will decide here," he said.

He urged Davao City's 184 barangay captains to be responsible and coordinate with school administrators.

"Suggest and advise the principal and the teachers about the situation in your area," he said.

Duterte was reacting to the reported flip-flop in the national government on who should decide the suspension of classes.

He refered to the national governemnt as "bugok" (dumb) and ignorant for putting at risk the lives of children when they flip-flop on suspending classes.

"As simple as that, dili nila masabtan (they cannot understand)? I'm horrified," he said. (Walter I. Balane/MindaNews)