De Oro’s Jaraula orders dismissal of casuals, temporary employees

According to a press statement from the City Information Office, the city government has a total of 2,957 employees, of whom 200 are working on job orders and 426 are casual employees.

The sad news was outlined in Executive Order No. 2007 CGJ 65, wherein the mayor said that “all temporary employees will stop reporting for duty until their appointments and contracts are renewed based on their performance, merit and fitness.”

But Jaraula took exemption of temporary employees working in offices whose functions are vital to the preservation of peace, order and sanitation. These include those working in the City Vice Mayor’ s Office, the City Council, the Roads and Traffic Administration; garbage collectors, street sweepers, heavy equipment operators and welders of the City Public Services Office; personnel assigned or detailed as watchmen and metro aides of the Kagay-an Resort; nurses, clerks, security guards and cleaners assigned at the City Health Office and the JR Borja General Hospital and the drivers of the Mayor’s Action Squad Assistance (MASA).
The mayor warned that heads of offices who will allow temporary employees to report for work without the benefit of appointment shall be personally held liable for the payment of the employees’ wages. (MindaNews)