Tagum mayor says no to ouster calls but yes to snap elections

Uy, who was among those who signed the manifesto of support for President Arroyo, pointed out that the remaining alternative is to call for a snap election. He said many local government officials also shared his sentiment but “dili lang makaingon” (cannot voice out).

Uy reiterated his stand, two days after he was “coaxed” into signing the Manifesto of Support to the controversy-hounded national leadership drawn up by Malacañang’s staunchest political ally Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario.

Uy told MindaNews that elected officials and majority of the people know what was going on based on surveys, but that many of them were beholden to Malacañang and were opting to remain silent. “Dili tanga ang mga Pinoy (Filipinos are not fools),” he said.

At the corner of the Tagum national highway and the road leading to Mati City, Uy has on display a white streamer with the words “Snap Elections”.

The mayor stressed that  his suggestion for a snap election has nothing to do with his Lakas-CMD membership and that he respects the opinion of other local chief executives.

“I admire the constitution and by-laws of Lakas,” Uy said, “but I’m not a blind believer. Ang atoa niini (ours) is the truth.” He added that he rather be misunderstood for doing something than be understood for doing nothing. (Alden Pantaleon/Mindanews)