Group fears arbitrary arrests of Moro suspects linked to blasts

In a statement, the group noted the arrests of Moro suspects in previous bombing incidents in Mindanao and their subsequent release due to lack of evidence.

The most recent bombing occurred Friday afternoon at the arrival area of the main passenger terminal of the YBL in Koronadal City killing a Protestant pastor and wounding 10 other persons.

A second bomb exploded less than a minute later inside YBL’s aircon bus number 1951 while it was about to leave the terminal.

YBL management blamed the bombings on extortionists who allegedly demanded a huge sum of money.

Kawagib recalled that on July 6, an improvised explosive device also went off inside a YBL bus with plate number 7508, parked along General Santos Drive, Koronadal City.

The bombing, Kawagib said, resulted in the “illegal arrest and torture” of Mohammad Cosain and Nashrudin Cambang, both of Maguindanao.

The group further said that the bombings of the airport terminal and Sasa Wharf in Davao City led to the arrests of Moro suspects, including minors, in Cotabato City, North Cotabato and Davao City.

Emran Gumanod and five other suspects from Cotabato City were “illegally arrested and suffered torture,” it said.

Gumanod was released due to lack of evidence while the others are still detained at the Maa City Jail, the statement added.

Kawagib cautioned the government against hastily linking the blasts to terrorism and pointing an accusing finger at Moro suspects.

The group also asked the government to release suspected terrorists who were “falsely accused.” (MindaNews)