In 10 days, biking priest will be outside Malcanang

On Day 24, Laoag Bishop Utleg, Fr. Anthony Dimayuga and five other bikers joined him on the road until Badoc, 43 kilometers away — the boundary between Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

“After saying goodbye, I biked the next 100 km alone. It was exhausting especially because I had to face the headwinds alone and because of the heat. There were some continuous climb 23 km before Bangued. I reached Bangued at 3:30 pm and was welcomed by 3 members of the Abra biking club who informed me that they will accompany me as far as Malibcong. At 5 pm, I concelebrated the mass with Fr. Andres and preached about the Gospel of Life and Peace,” Picardal wrote in his blog,

At 12:30 noon today, Picardal sent a text message to MindaNews announcing he was 17 kilometers away from Malibcong. Malibcong is the hometown of the late NPA-priest Conrado Balweg.

From Malibcong he will proceed to Lubuagan on the 18th, to Bontoc on the 19th, Abatan on the 20th and Baguio on the 21st.

After resting on Earth Day, April 22  in Baguio, Picardal will proceed to Alaminos on the 23rd, to Iba in Zambales on the 24th, Balanga, Bataan on the 25th, Manila on the 26th and 27th he will bike around Manila “to deliver letter to Malacanang, Preach at Manila Cathedral.”

“I don’t expect the president to see me. But I will read the letter to the public outside the gate of Malacanang. In the letter I will express my disappointment and indignation that after over seven years of governing, the culture of death and corruption persist and that she stands accused of perpetuating these evils,” he wrote before starting his journey in Davao City on March 24.

Picardal said he does not expect President Arroyo to invite him to her office. He will just hand over the letter at the gate but will read the letter outside the gate.

“Delivering a letter to Malacanang is just a side-trip and I don't expect the President to meet me or to read the letter – it is just symbolic. I will make the contents of the letter public – in it I will denounce the President for perpetuating the culture of death and corruption and for being a hypocrite (she goes to mass everyday and claims that it is God's will that she is president). Although I want her to resign, I will not be demanding her resignation because I know that it will be futile – she will continue to cling to power at all cost. I will just tell her that she will face the judgment of history and of God. Her worst punishment will be to live the rest of her life in shame and disgrace – knowing that the majority of the people have condemned her as a corrupt, greedy and power hungry president – no better than Marcos and Estrada. But I don't want to focus all my energy in just denouncing the president,” Picardal wrote.  (MindaNews)