FASTLANES: My New Year prayer

SUBIC BAY (MindaNews/31 December) — Our Father in heaven, forgive us our sins and help us forgive those who trespass against us. Grant us the faith na ikaw na bahala sa ila. Lamdagi pod kining mga self-righteous who have become so proud of what they are doing: hugging the poor and elderly, kissing babies, having pictures taken among the destitute and dancing on the graves of those who perished in the Sendong floods. Enlighten those who will want to cash in on the relief and rehabilitation fund, the World Bank loans and other loans forthcoming in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Bless them and help us forgive them for throwing spite on us who were wide awake, warning about the folly of destroying our forests, our environment, but were just voices in the wilderness years before this tragedy struck.

Thank you for giving us strength to move on despite being called “mga buang” when we threw our human bodies against logging trucks escorted by armed goons, to stop the transport of logs from our watersheds.

Enlighten us that we shall realize our own foolishness and would take the extra mile henceforth in protecting your creation.

May we be able to give thanks and forgive those who aggravated our situation by allowing the rape of your creation, placed many of our brethren – many among them too poor to care about dangers forthcoming for the tents, noodles, sardines, free anti-tetanus shots and the medical services many only wished to have, having many taste purified water, making many see in flesh celebrities and for making those who made people smile amidst the severe grief. In the same breadth Our Father, may you grant the people wisdom and the strength to cry justice against the people who made this human induced tragedy.

Continue to guide us and inspire us to be patient now, that despite our silent efforts in helping those distressed by the tragedy, we are called names for ensuring that accountability mechanisms will work this time.

Give us the gift of humility and grant us your peace and blessings in the New Year. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. The writer, an environmentalist from Cagayan de Oro now based in Subic Bay, is a Senior Editor of a news bureau of an Arabic newspaper, based in Subic Bay. Comments can be sent through