BATANG MINDANAW: Eternal Optimists

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/27 June) — The location of the ocean is most endearing to those who seek comfort in blue. Those who want to feel solitude amidst the buzzing of cicadas and tweeting of birds find tranquility in the forest.

Everywhere, there is radiance. However, today, radiance and beauty have become rare due to destruction and cataclysm. But hidden beneath these vile traits is hope. The question is: Is a pinch of hope able to overcome a ton of cruelty?

Under this vast blue sky, cruelty is present. Seven continents, over a hundred countries and seven billion people. No one is safe from the oppression of the world’s macabre elements like pollution and immorality.

Poverty. Politics. War. Everything in this sphere of life is vile. But the thing is some individuals seek a new beginning in a drastic end. And for them, where there is cruelty, there is also beauty.

Perhaps in a forest of chopped trees and burnt grass, one may feel determined to restore green; while in a sea of garbage, an individual may find ways to unravel blue thus, leading to a future of change in a most unexpected way. This is so because for some people, optimism leads to the best life a man could ever dream of. For those who see the glass as half full, failing is never an option; radiance is never ending.

In every war, chaos holds the crown. Blood is shed. Tears are released. Cries are heard. Heads are decapitated. Death is everywhere. And during the aftermath, all that is left is dust, pain and grief. But for the hopeful, the remnants of war are not insignias of lost lives. For them, the remnants of war are an insignia for a better foundation – a better land to build fortresses and skyscrapers. (Batang Mindanaw is the youth section of MindaNews. Ira Alexa Tan, 15, is a student at Bukidnon National High School in Malaybalay City.)