BATANG MINDANAW: Greek hangover

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/12 November) — I don’t know how it feels to have a hangover from drinking too much alcohol, but it must really suck. I have had countless hangovers from reading books though, and I am having one right now at 12 midnight (November 10). As a matter of fact I should be sleeping; my parents won’t be pleased if they found out.

But one does not simply immediately get over a book after he or she has finished reading it, especially if that book is The Blood of Olympus. I’m having mixed emotions right now. I am both happy and sad, which seems weird, but it’s a feeling that I’ve known too well. Ah, the life of a fangirl.

I shouldn’t be getting so emotional over a work of fiction, yet here I am. These books have become a part of me. I will never forget the nights when I stayed up late even if I was already sleepy just to read a few more pages. Or that mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement and anticipation waiting for the sequel, and how my friends and I would talk nonstop about it as soon as it (the sequel) comes out and we have finished reading it.

I don’t think I’ll get over Percy Jackson and his friends that easily. I received The Lightning Thief from my father as a birthday gift when I turned 11. Now I’m 15, the last book has been written, published, sold, bought and read. But I don’t want to say goodbye.

I want to say thank you, though.

To Percy Jackson, I will always remember your fondness over blue food and (spoiler alert) how your nosebleed woke Gaea. You’re great with your corny jokes and sword-fighting skills. Thank you, Seaweed Brain, because it was your story that started it all. You taught me loyalty to friends. And also, thank you for staying alive. I swear I would have cried for weeks if you died in one of the books.

To Nico di Angelo, whom I have been crushing on since The Battle of the Labyrinth, who turned out to have a crush on Percy. We all belong somewhere and there are those who love us. We just have to stop pushing others away and give them a chance. That’s what you taught me. I NOW SHIP YOU WITH WILL SOLACE ASDFGHJKL SOLANGELO FOR THE WIN WOOT WOOT.

To Annabeth Chase, for keeping Percy alive most of the time. You broke the stereotype of dumb blondes and for that, Wise Girl, you will forever have my respect.

To Piper McLean, for the incredible charmspeak and for sending projectiles of smoked hams and pineapples in the enemy’s direction using the cornucopia.

To Leo Valdez, because ALL DA LADIES LUV LEO. I will forever be on Team Leo.

To Jason Grace, for blasting monsters with lightning and for not being a jerk like Hercules. To Frank Zhang, for being a giant koi, an elephant, a swarm of bees, etc. To Hazel Levesque, for controlling the Mist.

To Reyna Ramirez-Arellano. Best. Praetor. Ever.

To Bob and Damasen. To Zoe Nightshade. To Grover. To Tyson.To Luke Castellan. To Chiron. To Silena Beauregard. To Calypso. To Coach Hedge. To everyone who were in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus, really.

And of course, to Rick Riordan. I have so much to thank you for: Jules-Albert, dam jokes, the equal number of male and female characters, Hades wanting Nico to be happy, CaLeo, showing diversity by not making everyone white, and how Jason got eyeglasses, like, “yeah even powerful heroes can have eye problems too,” and just basically being awesome by writing these fine pieces of literature and sharing it to the world. Thank you so much for letting kids like me experience an adventure of a lifetime fighting monsters, saving the world, strengthening friendship and eating ice cream. Well, except for Frank because he’s lactose intolerant. HAHAHA.

Ten books. 4, 540 pages. And a legion of fans that had their lives changed forever. It has been a wonderful ride, but we don’t have to say goodbye. Who says we’re not allowed to revisit old friends? (Alexandria M. Mordeno, 15, is a senior student at Bukidnon National High School in Malaybalay City.)