The Triumph of Marwan

24 February 2015

“Mike One, Bingo!” thus came the awaited message before sunrise.
It meant the mission objective had been accomplished,
the primary target, long sought and elusive, had been neutralized.
The mission commander must have done a little jig, exclaiming, “Yes!”

Yes, after years of pursuit they finally succeeded
in getting one of Southeast Asia’s most wanted,
with a photo and an index finger as proofs that they really did.
But what a high cost in precious lives had to be paid!

So, instead of a victory celebration and jubilation,
what followed was widespread grief and lamentation,
so much finger-pointing and angry recrimination,
reproachful suspicion and calls for vengeance and retaliation.

And now we begin to smell in the air
the creeping odor of intoxicating gunpowder
coming forth from the breath of many a warmonger
and action movie-educated armchair warrior.

Should their bellicose wish be granted,
we shall live in a land again divided,
by fear, grief and gunsmoke shrouded,
witness once more to tragedy and bloodshed.

If we march to the beat of their war chant,
we would be doing exactly what Marwan would want
and even in death he shall be triumphant…
(He’s really dead, is he not?)