POETRY: Up there

Up there,
tongues are wagging
in speeches well-written
and endless questioning
eloquently displaying
convoluted reasoning,
our future seeking
to determine
down here.

Up there,
they who have not
the acrid smell of gunpowder,
the angry bark of gunfire,
the violent loss of someone dear,
the scared running here and there,
the strangle of poverty and despair
experienced ever
do us lecture and tell
they know much better
how to chart our future
down here.

Up there
will they ever
really hear
us down here?

(Eric S.B. Libre is a Mindanawon freelance development consultant who has done some work in a number of conflict-affected areas of Mindanao and occasionally dabbles in creative writing. He lives in Digos City, and is proud to be a senior citizen).