POETRY: Lost verses

There is a poem
In every child that laughs
and plays and believes
In every woman that
cares and suffers
in the constancy
of a mother’s love
In every old man or woman
that smiles with the wrinkles
of wisdom and memories
In every musician that sings
of love and hope and anger
and pain and remembering
In the songs of birds
In the whisper of leaves
In the dance of fairies and fireflies
In flowers that bloom and
yield to the wind
In the endless turn
of time and seasons
In the radiance of dawn
In the shadows of twilight
In cries that celebrate birth
and mourn each passing
In laughter that taunts
the agony of leaving
In the anguish and triumph
of battles and struggles
The world is poetry
Still the rivers won’t
with verses flow
on the land
that throbs with fear
h. marcos c. mordeno
25 august 2015