LATE BLOOMS: Practical Mountaineering

How many times did I hear
said by some mountaineer
that when a mountain is there,
you climb it just because it is there?

I have climbed my mountains too
and, believe me, these were not few.
But this I must tell you:
I only climbed them because I had to.

And life has taught me, my friend,
That one does not need to climb
Each and every single mountain
To get to where one is going.

There are mountains you simply skirt
As it is the choice more prudent,
And there is not at all any point
For the effort in climbing you have to exert.

Some mountains, you climb only halfway through,
Because that is all that you really need to do
To have whatever it is you want so
Or get to where you have to go.

And at times there is that mountain
Which you just watch others climb,
And then in your heart share their rejoicing
When they succeed in that mountain conquering.

Eric S.B. Libre

(Eric S.B. Libre is a Mindanawon freelance development consultant who has done some work in a number of conflict-affected areas of Mindanao and occasionally dabbles in creative writing. He lives in Digos City, and is proud to be a senior citizen.)