MY, MY, MY MARAWI: Ramadhan 2016 Memories

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / 17 July) — Just like a battle, Ramadhan readiness prepares one to face the enemy, to deny the temptation of sweet icy cakes, chocolates and ooze of burgers.

Many days  was a weak time for the body, coffee could not do away the drowsiness often seeping into various times of the day.

To keep awake , watching you-tubes of Mufti Menk reminded the heart and mind of lessons. Fight the hunger and the anger he reminds.

Each minute towards Maghrib break of fast was a-counting. Alhamdullilah for many at home as we got to partake of shared Thai soup and ulams with Bro Doc Juni and Insan Tong Pacasum’s boys.

I tried dear God to finish reading what you told us mankind in the Holy Qur’an but TV and dunya managed to interfere in that book moment to recite the WORDS . I value that I could understand the meaning of the Arabic so even if slow and not able to finish the whole 1000 plus pages, thanks 1437 Islamic New Year for making Ramadhan wonderful.

Some civil meetings rejuvenated me to hurry back home not sleep to finish the pages and chapters. But Shaitan creeps in and the night’s enticing hands carpets me off to dreamland. Thanks to hubby who at Lailatul Qadr awoke after 12 midnight for getting me into the Holy Night prayer schedules. It is difficult to keep your eye open at 130 am, haaay.

At times I wanted to give up the fast. Facebook time too took away Qur’an reading time, so jealous of those who had facebook-fasted. But getting back, willpower is the friend.

Cooking by the housemates  was yummy that I looked forward to every spiced and sugared meal at night, thanks JM, Julie, Mel, Arlene. Mama was as usual the commander in managing the preparation, she just can’t sit still even while entertaining Uncles Parok, Alauya, Ants Racma and Sarah. Our sala was the venue for reflections just a throw away from Papa’s resting place, his gravesite outside the window. For all the food you have cooked Mama, I thank you. I can’t cook one bit, and so I am at a loss.

Did I lose weight, I pray I did. Carbo carbo go away, remove the bilbil this day.

Thank God travel was limited because invitations too were few. There was much time at home and on cellphone text blasts to do work . One PAL flight saw only one in hijab, me ngek, what am I doing.

So meaningful in all the public fora I attended is the small gathering of orphans, 13 of them. They sang songs and were lectured on. This is timely as youth below 20 years old are suspected to be behind killings in the city, mashaallah.

Only He controls all, only He should end life, I appeal to these young warriors to rethink what they have sworn to do, to put up the flag of their belief at the expense of lives. Mikisinabota kano, pang enrol kano sa PMA , PNPA para di kano di mikim battlea roo sa suled , kaped yu siran a maconvince u sa agama tano.

To all those who brought joy in your counsel, cooperation and friendship, I thank you. Let us pray for the health of our elders, the good memory of our beloved ones who had left, and strive to keep slim and healthy ey hehe? (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNew. Samira A. Gutoc-Tomawis, Ll.B., is former assemblywoman, women sector, of the Regional Legislative Assembly, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao; former director, Al-Amanah Islamic Bank, Inc.; former director, Marawi Resort Hotel, Inc. See her blog at