CRUCIBLE: Alice Imagining – Theater Presidency (3)

QUEZON CITY (MindaNews / 19 Oct) – Alice realized that she was falling into the rabbit-hole unhindered. Lo and behold! Two worlds unfolded before her. She saw two performers singing interchangeably – both sad and lively indeed. The first face was unfamiliar but she loved his long hair. The second she immediately knew – he “created” her in Cheshire.

Ka Freddie and Lewis Carroll  

KF: “Ikaw ang pangulo para sa pagbabago.
Sawa na ang bayan ko sa magnanakaw na trapo.”

For Alice, the song became even more soothing. “Do you mean shooting?” Dinah, the cat, read her thought.

“Oh! Dinah, I am happy you are here; I don’t want to lose you again. I said soothing, Dinah.”

“On second thought, your are right too,” Alice clarified.

Pointing to Dinah the signs on the wall falling with them, Alice alarmingly read: EJK, “Pusher ako huwag tularan,” Congressional hearings yet again, Bud Dajo massacre, ASG beheading, 10,000 soldiers sent to Jolo, Davao bombing, Budol-budol gang umatake, MRT nasiraan, EDSA— parking lot na, Typhoon Ferdie nanalasa sa Batanes, Ninja cops, Leila De Lima, Rapist timbog, Pulis huli, Pari huli rin, Artista may ibang jowa, “Papatayin ko kayo,” “Go to hell,” Obama, UN, EU – “#u9js1p$3&!…”

Alice said: “this is not the Wonderland I knew.” Dinah: “meow.”

Then, Alice heard another song.

LC: “Alice in Wonderland, how do you get to Wonderland? 
        Over the hill or underland, or just behind the tree?” 

Alice: “Oh! I love this song. It is so familiar. I know now I’m in Cheshire. Air is fresh. Flowers are lovely. Birds and butterflies are happy and free.

Tralalalalalalalala…” Alice sang and danced.

Few minutes later, Alice got bored seeing the same things the second time around.

“I want to see something new,” Alice pleaded. “But please not the ‘Neverland’ before.”

Immediately, Alice had a second thought. “Am I not too demanding?” “What is life?” Alice waxed. “Why are we so free yet so chained utterly?” she waxed more philosophically.

Then, Alice pointed to something she failed to read earlier. “What’s that – “#u9js1p$3&!?” Alice asked. “Is that a new CIA code?”

Broom! Boom! Broom! Boom!

Big Bike Rider: “In the fullness of God’s time, I’ll tell you.”

Alice held her hips, made a slight motion of her right foot, bended her knees, and made a bow. “Thank you your Excellency!”

“Oh! My dear Alice,” please do a “tikas pahinga” uhm err… “I mean please stand up,” the Rider instructed her.

“Why do I have to wait that long, Mr. President? You can tell me now.”

Big Bike Rider: “Oh! My daughter Alice, I don’t want to hurt you. Your innocence is your life and your heart is fragile.”

“Uh?” Alice was puzzled.

“Men judge best when they condemned,” the Rider answered.

Broom! Boom! Boom!

[Continuation of a series exploring the imaginary mix of facts and fiction the understanding of which requires our “creative imagination” of current politics interlaced with some imaginary thoughts from a famous children-story book, “Alice in Wonderland.” MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Julkipli Wadi is Professor of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines.]