TURNING POINT: Impeachment Fallout: Clear and Imminent Danger

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NAAWAN, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews/04 April) — The thrill-seeker in me wants the House to make good of its threat to impeach VP Lenie Robredo if the members are really convinced that she has betrayed public interest in submitting to the International Commission on Human Rights the so-called “Palit Ulo” video report on the Phillippine War on Drugs. It interests me deeply how it would handle the two impeachment processes anent the two top officials of the land without exposing its lapdog mentality and without harming as a consequence the lapdog owner-tenant in Malacanang.

Unfortunately, the President has made anti-climax public pronouncements on his negative stand on the snowballing motion to impeach the Vice President saying he does not believe she violated the Constitution or has committed acts against the national interest.

No doubt his statesmanly act on the issue was unexpected, coming from a man noted for abrasiveness, foul mouth and indecent behaviors.

Of course there is more to the showmanship than meets the eye. Graver than Lenie’s predicament is Digong’s own impeachment, considering that the article for his impeachment has already been submitted to and received formally by the House.

Thus, Digong’s statesman-like behavior in opposing and discouraging his lapdogs in the House from pursuing the impeachment of the VP, was nothing but a subtle ploy to gain favorable public opinion and reduce or divert interest from his sorry plight.

In halting the Robredo impeachment – a master stroke, PRRD saved his allies in the House from becoming a laughingstock because clearly the grounds to impeach the VP would not hold water. No less than the man they wanted to please by kissing his ass is aware of their cheap offering which translates to a mindless design to hit back on his political enemies, they way they did to Duterte enemy no. 1 de Lima. But, wait; heard about boomerang effect?

What would likely happen if the Robredo impeachment goes through the mill? Naturally the noxious and toxic details – the gory evidences on the government’s war on drugs would openly cascade to the lap of everybody and most interestingly, to that of the international community. This would have no possible adverse impact on the popular President at the domestic front but its implications in the world community might be far reaching. The revelations would be incalculable to the ongoing motion to prosecute the President in an international tribunal for committing crimes against humanity, so much so that the synchronicity in the filling of appropriate charges in domestic and international tribunal is already met with the filing of the article of impeachment against the President.

Of course, President Digong will not be impeached or removed from office. That is most certain; he after all owns Congress. Yet that is of no moment to those after his hide. The killing field is in the other forum, the International Criminal Court, or so they believe, because it is more accordingly rational, independent and more objective than the first.

Will, one never really knows.

Now, what about the social media reported pro- Digong, pro-Bongbong, impeach –Lenie huge gathering at Luneta last Sunday? Would the spectacle sway the fickle mind of the master tactician? Would he reconsider his stand on Robredo?

One never knows.  (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. William R. Adan is a retired professor and former chancellor of the Mindanao State University Naawan campus in Misamis Oriental).

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