PANTAW A MAREG: MSUans do not wait out the war, they bring in the peace

MELBOURNE (MindaNews / 22 August) — I am extremely thankful, relieved, and privileged to have been a significant part of a historic event where Mindanao State University (MSU) students put their lives on the line, not because MSU is their ONLY option, but because they understand what the country stands to lose if MSU falls. It would have rendered the annihilation of Marawi City, total and complete.

MSU students are walking testaments that what defines true-blooded MSUans are their indomitable spirit, boundless courage, and endless hope spiced with unparalleled humor, and not religion nor region.

These students came back, not only to finish their education, but to make a stand for the country and defy those who want to kill the dream of a better Mindanao and keep us pitted against each other.

They fully grasp that their beloved institution, Mindanao State University, is the true embodiment of co-existence and excellence being not only feasible, but practical and beautiful.

Seeing the countless number of non-Meranaw students and faculty members side by side with Meranaws volunteering all that they can do for MSU is truly inspiring.

Few decades from now, what happened today would become a subject of jokes and insider stories among successful MSUans, but as it is today, it was fearsome, uncertain, and tense.

But these students, team leaders, faculty, and staff met all of these instead very bravely and pushed back and won. I am humbled to have been part of their defining moment today. This day shall be remembered as the day that MSU students stood for their beloved institution. MSUans do not wait out the war, they bring in the peace. 

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Elin Anisha Guro of Marawi City is Director of  Mindanao State University Press and Information Office, on study leave to finish her PhD at the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne in Australia. She finished her MA Media Studies at the New School, New York City as a Fulbright Scholar)