(State of the Municipality Address of Mayor Hanie A. Bud of Maluso, Basilan, delivered on 4 December 2017)

The ever cooperative Sangguniang Bayan Members headed by the Vice Mayor, the equally supportive Punong Barangays and their respective Barangay Officials, Heads of the different line agencies, men in uniform, local leaders, religious leaders, officers and members of Non-Government Organizations and People’s Organizations, honored guests, visitors, my beloved constituents, friends, ladies and gentlemen:

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatu…

“I want to inspire people. I want to be the change-agent of Maluso toward achieving leadership development, improved peace and security, economic development and youth leadership development. I want an LGU that promotes good governance, I want to model a peace-tourism municipality, I want an agro/aqua investment destination area in our province, I want second line leaders who are fully committed to the values of transparency and accountability. I want people to look at me and say, “because of you, we succeed!”

Those were my exact words… my sincere thoughts more than a year ago when I intended to run for Mayor of this beautiful municipality … and along with these political dreams, tangible plans and programs were capsulized in the slogan #REBUILD MALUSO… Alhamdulillah, Bi’idznillahi Ta’ala, this is the first opportunity for me, as your local chief executive, to be given an appropriate time to report to you on how we have performed in our development efforts and to highlight the reality of our governance anchored on the dictum of transparency, accountability, participation and “good” governance.

Looking Back

In my inaugural speech as your duly elected Mayor, I have clearly stated that our vision is: to gradually but decisely transform Maluso into a peaceful and progressive municipality…

And so as we began to embark on a genuine transformation, we started to slowly and collectively work our way to attain that vision.., gathering our strength and our desire from all of you, to propel our beloved Maluso into a place we can all be proud of – and to give what is due to the loving people of Maluso.  We began our focus with a couple of priority development areas that we so wish to immediately address:

  1. Good Governance
  2. Promotion of Peace Tourism aimed at Transforming Maluso into a Model Community
  3. Identification and Development of Agro-Aqua Investment Zone
  4. Youth Leadership Development and Enhancement re: Transparency and Accountability

Relevant also to mention was my First 100 Days of Office being your local chief executive tasked to properly address the following priority programs:

NO TO DRUG ZONE – effectively clean Maluso of drug business and addition activity (in response to the priority agenda of the national government) while extensively encouraging the establishment and flourishing of various economic livelihood activities of the people of Maluso from vending to small and medium-scale business.

Our Response: In a sincere desire to clear the vicinity of the problems brought about by the threats of illegal drugs and to ideally create a drug-free municipality, the following preparations and actions have been initially undertaken by the members of the municipal peace and order council, to wit:

  1. Reactivated and reinforced the Municipal Anti- Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) to assist and support the implementation of relevant anti-drug campaign programs and activities within the municipality, and providing appropriate funds thereof;
  2. Spearheaded the anti-drug campaign supervision and strict enforcement of the Anti-Dangerous Drugs Law by initiating full support for all local measures conducted in the successful realization of said campaign down to the barangay and sitio levels;
  3. Launched the anti-drug campaign dubbed as BUD (Burahin ang Umiiral na Droga sa Maluso);
  4. Intensifying the Drug Clearing Operations in the entire Municipality by establishing strong coordination, cooperation and all out support to the local PNP particularly in the proper validation and documentation, arrest and/or neutralization of identified pushers and users;
  5. Implementation of the Drug-Free Workplace Program by requiring the Mandatory Drug Test for all municipal officials and employees; posting of various anti-drug campaign materials in strategic workplaces including public places to instill effective awareness and consciousness among local constituents; and
  6. Conduct of continuing massive advocacy and information campaign drive on illegal drugs and the implementation of various local measures to totally eradicate the drug problems in all barangays and sitios in the municipality.

Certainly, the Municipal Government remains strongly committed and vigilant to perform its mandated tasks with strict compliance to any circulars and issuances of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in the Campaign against Illegal Drugs.

Per available records of our local PNP, 14 drugs operations, 29 drug personalities arrested. Our Chief of Police is of the only two Yakans who passed the highest NAPOLCOM Eligibility Police Executive Service Examination. He will receive his award as the Best Performer Chief of Police for 2017 to be given by the Board of Association of Lateral Entry on December 8, 2017 at Camp Crame, Quezon City


Putting in place responsive offices and working employees – from the Office of the Mayor to other local officials down to municipal line agencies and their representatives.  The main purpose of which is to provide timely, accurate and relevant government-related services to all constituents of Maluso.

Our Response: The Municipal Government of Maluso has procured six hectares parcel of land along Camanggaan road, Barangay Townsite going to Sumisip, Basilan.  Said parcel of land is our proposed new site for the Maluso Municipal Hall since its current location is no longer conducive to both to us and our clientele as well as prospective future expansion for development.

The proposal is not just for the construction of a typical town hall but a government complex where government offices and other frontline agencies can hold office within the area.  Initial development of the site and construction of initial projects like mini-auditorium, drug rehabilitation center and hostel are on-going.

Also, the Human Resource Management Office under the Office of the Mayor was able to highlight the following significant accomplishments, among others:

  • Up-to-Date submission of Personnel Complement Report to DILG as part of the Full Disclosure Policy;
  • Updated the Citizen’s Charter, Strategic Performance Management System, Merit Selection Plan and Grievance Machinery;
  • Developed the 2017 Human Resource Development Plan for the municipality;
  • Updated the Service Records of both active and inactive personnel for submission to GSIS in compliance to the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between LGU-Maluso and GSIS [for settlement of unpaid accounts so as to restore the benefits of former LGU personnel to be able to avail of GSIS programs and services]; and
  • Processed personnel documents related to GSIS, PAG-IBIG, PhilHealth and CSC benefits.


  1. Municipal School Board – (for school-related issues & concerns)
  2. Municipal Health Board – (for constituents’ health-related issues & concerns)
  3. Municipal Peace & Order – (for priority and attention to the peace Council                                       and order situation of the municipality)
  4. Municipal Development –  (to review and prioritize programs &  Council                                        projects as part of LDIP and AIP)

Within these broad but comprehensive Development Agenda are the following specific realizations true to our commitment to serve our beloved Maluso and its people…


  1. Revenue Collections:
    From January –October 2017, Revenue Collections on Business Tax, Fees & Charges and Economic Enterprises based on Annual Targets against Actual Collections have dramatically increased by 238%, 158% and 239% respectively.
  2. Municipal Planning and Development Program
    a. Completed Book 1 – Formulation of Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP);
    b. Accomplished 60% of Book II – Land Use Plan;
    c. Accomplished 40% of Book III – Zoning Ordinance;
    d. Completed the Comprehensive Development Plan – Executive Legislative Agenda (CDPELA) of the Municipality of Maluso;
    e. Rolling Out the Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan (POPSP);
    f. Completed the Preparation of Annual Investment Plan (AIP);
    g. Issuance of Zoning Certificates; and
    h. Identification of Site Development Plan for Incoming (New) Projects.
  3. Municipal Budget Program
    a. Operating under the approved Annual Budget for 2017 by the Sangguniang Bayan concurred by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan;
    b. Completed the payment of all obligated vouchers as required;
    c. Salary has been increased effective January 2017 and instituted through ATM scheme effective November, 2017;
    d. All government benefits of LGU-Maluso employees have been released to include the 13th Month Pay, Cash Gift, Terminal benefits and other dues as prescribed by law;
    e. Prepared the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GSIS to avail of the salary loan and Policy benefits and also the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the LandBank of full payment loan EMBASS; and
    t. Updated all budget files and all Books per Department.

    4. Municipal Assessor’s Program
    a. Conducted Real Property Taxation Updates and Information Campaign to 24 barangays;
    b. Updating actual ownership of Real Property;
    c. Secure and draw PLS-19 maps together with original list of claimants from DENR office;
    d. Furnish copy of Assessment Roll to the Provincial and Municipal Treasurer as their guide in collecting Real Property Tax;
    e. Assisted 55 Real Property owners as per request for re-assessment due to cocolisap & monkey infestation;
    f. Submitted 879 Field Appraisals and Assessment Sheets and proposed Tax Declaration to the Provincial Assessor’s Office purposely for mass re-assessment of Real Property for Agricultural Classification;
    g. Prepared 1,413 Real Property Ownership Card Taxable and Exempt;
    h. Maintained 1,376 taxable and 37 non-taxable Real Property units; and
    i. Basic Tax Collectible – Php 1,018,845.30 and Special Education Fund (SEF) Collectible – Php 1,018,845.30.5. Municipal Civil Registrar Record

From year 2016 up to October, 2017 the following data were recorded:
a. Birth Record – from 2,744 to 3,002 (an increased by 109.40%);
b. Death Record – from 69 to 84 (an increased by 121.74%) and
c. Marriage Record – from 15 to 10 (a decreased by 66.67%).

6. Social Welfare and Development Program

I – Family Welfare
a. Enhanced Parents Effectiveness Service (FDS) – 2,973 Households (19 Barangays)
b. Pre-Marriage Counselling – 5 would-be couples (3 Barangays)
c. Special Social Services for Solo Parents – 233 solo parents (12 Barangays)
d. Health Grants to 4Ps –   2,900 households (19 Barangays) – P 2,892,000.00
e. Rice Subsidy      –   2,900 households (19 Barangays) –    1,754,400.00

II – Community Welfare
a. Community Mobilization Service – 2,973 Pantawid Beneficiaries (19 Bar.)
b. Advocacy – 92 Pantawid Parent Leaders (19 Barangays)

III – Children’s Welfare
a. Day Care Service
Supplemental Feeding   –     830 children (13 Barangays) –            275,960.48
b. Referral (Immunization, Deworming) – 830 children (13 Barangays)
c. Education Grants (4Ps) –    2,900 households (19 Barangays) – 3,404,000.00

IV – Youth (15-24 years old/single)
a. Education Grants [ESGPPA – 4Ps] 11 scholars – 5 Barangays –  660,000.00
b. Youth Development Session – 2,552 youth (19 Barangays)

V – Women’s Welfare
a. Modular Package Session
(Enhancement of Women) –  2,973 Pantawid Beneficiaries (19 Barangays)
b. Women’s Participation & Empowerment – 2,973 Pantawid Beneficiaries (19 Barangays)
c. Advocacy (Rights of Women) – 92 Pantawid Beneficiaries (19 Barangays)

VI – Disabled Persons Welfare Program
s. Disability Prevention (through FDS) – 2,973 Pantawid Beneficiarie (19 Barangays)

VII – Older Persons
a. Social Enhancement –   900 older persons (19 Barangays)
b. Self-Enhancement –   900 older persons (19 Barangays)
c. Social Pension (915 old pensioners & 900 new pensioners (19 Barangays)
P 2,700,000.00
e. Referral (Medical Assistance) – 540 individuals (19 Barangays)
f. Senior Citizens issued with ID by OSCA – 2,544 individuals (20 Barangays)

VIII – Emergency Assistance Program

Natural Disaster and Man Made Calamities
a. Relief Assistance – 721 families with 4,326 dependents – P 2,554,293.00 (4 Barangays)
b. Medical Assistance – 19 individuals (1 Barangay)        –        591,000.00
c. Burial Assistance – 9 individuals (2 Barangays)           –          95,000.00
d. Transportation Assistance – 1 individual (1 Barangay) –          15,000.00
e. AICS – 9 individuals (2 Barangays)          –             1,089.00
f. Housing Assistance – 220 families (LPH Fire Victims) – 1,950,000.00

Total amount of Social Services Provided:  P 8,747,342.48

(Fund Providers: DSWD – ARMM; DSWD – ARMM (thru PSWDO) MHO – Maluso; MSWDO; LGU- Maluso; ARMM Regional Government; Provincial Government of Basilan; Philippine National Red Cross – Basilan Chapter; Bangsamoro Youth Leaders; DSWD Field Office – IX)

Health Programs
a. Graduated Health Leadership for the Poor of Zuellig Family Foundation Core: Compliance with the technical roadmap of leadership and governance, health financial, health human resource, access to medicine technology, health information system, health service delivery.
b. Health facility renovation and provision of necessary equipment and supplies leading to PhilHealth accreditation;
c. Increase in Facilty-Based Delivery from 2015 -3; 2016 – 97 and 2017 – 88 exclusive of month of December;
d. Increase in skilled birth attendant or SBA (midwives, doctors, and nurses who are cateting deliveries);
e. Provision of incentives for Pandays;
f. Presence and support in every health activities e.g. medical missions, bed nets distribution;
g. Augmentation of healthcare staff (casual employees) numbering to 8; and
h. Requisition of new ambulance.


  1. Addressing the Indigenous People’s Development

Sometime in February this year, it was my pleasure to be accorded with the opportunity to welcome the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) delegation as I was humbled and equally honored to acknowledge our municipality, the Municipality of Maluso, as the host municipality during the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of the Indigenous Political Structure (IPS) of Basilan Province.

The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) was also in Maluso during that time for their first possible engagement in the ARMM area and I was just extremely happy that Maluso, in Basilan was their chosen pilot municipality.

  1. Addressing the Development of the Women Sector

In May, 2017 I was with the group of women and mothers who were doing proactive share as partners in nation-building. I was particularly grateful to Ate Nida Dans for extending invaluable efforts in making sure that the women sector of Maluso are passionately and actively involved in community services and be catalysts of peace and development in their respective communities. 

  1. Addressing the Power & Electricity Program

After a series of meetings with BASELCO management, the National Power

Corporation has now incorporated in their program plan for this year mooring of power barge (2MW) which can provide enough electricity throughout the municipality and some parts of nearby municipality like Sumisip. In support to this laudable plan, LGU Maluso through my humble representation has committed to provide the mooring site and pledged to offer counterpart for other expenses.

  1. Addressing the Promotion of Peace Tourism aimed at Transforming Maluso into a Model Community

Ours is a multi-cultural municipality where tolerance, respect and understanding are observed amongst its people regardless of belief, culture and ethnic differences. Truly a must-visit place in this part of the country.

Amazingly, the recent video posts and promotions featuring our beloved municipality have generated public demand, thus, prompting us to offer a one day promo package tour to local tourists who want to spend summer holidays at selected beaches and waterfalls in Maluso, Basilan.  This is a local tourism plan which we hope can be incorporated in the Comprehensive Reform Development Agenda of the province of Basilan.

  1. Addressing Youth Leadership Development and Enhancement on the Agenda of Transparency and Accountability

One of our year-end objectives: STAND UP MALUSO:  “Building our Youth’s Future Today”

Maluso Youth Leadership Training (MYLT) is an intensive leadership training experience organized by the Office of the Mayor in partnership with the Lead Training Team ABA Trainings along with the Young Moro Professionals Network-Western Mindanao and JCI Maluso Sahaya where one will be trained to develop their skills and potentials as a leader while having fun and making connections.

The modest objective of the training is to energize the next generation of community leaders. Not only will it help young people to explore their potential as service-minded leaders, it will also inspire and challenge you to discover your own power to be an influential community leader.

The Fruits of Our Collective Efforts

– Most Promising Municipality, September 2017
Awarded by the CSC, DILG and the Provincial Government of Basilan

We work as a team and each team member is a key player significantly contributing toward the achievement of our goal.  Little did we expect that our effort is being given recognition.

– Seal of Good Local Governance Awardee (National Award)

We received the good news that finally Maluso is among this year’s Seal of Good Local Governance Awardees…we are presently together with partners like Spanish Cooperation in the Philippines, IAG, ARMM Government and Provincial Government of Basilan for our Modeling Inter-LGU Alliance Project Orientation and MOU signing.

As well, we recently bagged the Good Financial Housekeeping Award by the DILG and BLGF.

As history unfolds before our very eyes, I took cognizant of the collective efforts of all the people behind the governance and operations of the Municipality of Maluso –  all those who have worked, hoped and even merely prayed – to realize our dream of Rebuilding Maluso…. In particular, I am most thankful to the ever supportive ARMM Regional Governor Hon. Mujiv Hataman and to Provincial Governor Hon. Jim Hataman for their unconditional love to the people of Maluso in particular, and to the people of Basilan, in general… With all your manifested support and shared cooperation we were able to start genuine reforms for our beloved municipality…

Treading the Path of our Future Plans and Programs

For the year 2018 and beyond, our efforts shall be properly directed to realize the following Comprehensive Community Development Plan:


General Objective: Poverty Reduction and Economic Upliftment of the Constituents
a. Physical Improvement of Public Market
b. Free Supply of Farm Fencing and Equipment to the Poor Farmers
c. Micro-Finance Livelihood Program
– Interest- free Capital Investment Loans for Agricultural Crops and Vegetable Farmers,
Livestock Farmers, Furniture Manufacturers, Halal Product Sellers, and Other Lawful Self-employed Workers
– Self-employment Skills Trainings for Beneficiaries of Livelihood Program


General Objective: Social and economic transformation towards peace, order, security and general welfare of the community

A. Educational Assistance ( to be taken from 20% Development Fund)
`1. Financial Support to School Building Enhancement and Improvement
2. Contractual Employment of Working Indigent College Students (Part Time)

B) Health and Sanitation (to be taken from 20% Development Fund)

  1. Contractual Employment of Barangay Health Workers and Professional Midwives
  2. Establishment of Birthing Clinics for Clustered Barangays
  3. Financial Incentive for Mothers Delivering Birth in Hospital, Municipal Health Center or Birthing Clinic.
  4. Municipal Medical Mission: Operation Libre Tuli for Male Minor Children and Bunot Ngipin for Minor Children (male and female)
  5.    Physical Enhancement and Improvement of Barangay Health Clinics and Municipal Health Center
  6.   Annual Municipal Health Summit
  7.   Public Street Garbage Cleaning Program
    a. Procurement of Garbage Dump Trucks
    b. Strategic Disposal of Garbage at Identified Site
    c. Contractual Employment of Public Street CleanersC) Priority Social Services
    1. Installation of Safe Water Supply System
    a. Excavation/ Improvement of Artisan Well Water with Accessible Facilities
    b. Financial Support for Improvement of Public Water Facilities
    c. Free Supply of Plastic Water Tanks for the Deserving Indigent Beneficiaries
    2. Concrete Pavement of Municipal Roads
    3. Financial Support for Physical Improvement of Wharf
    4. Installation of Public Street Lights
    5. Special Financial Grant to Support the Project Proposals of NGOs for peace and development of Communities.


General Objective: Moral and spiritual reformation towards peace and development of the communit

a. Contractual Employment of Asatidz in Madaris ( Public and Private )
b. Contactual Employment of Imam, Khatib and Bilal ( Muazzin ) of Masajid
c. Financial Support to Da’wah Program of Muslim Organizations ( seminars and symposiums )
d. Financial Support to Eid Celebrations
e. Financial Assistance for Burial of Corpse ( Muslims and Non-Muslims)
f. Physical Improvement of Madrasah and Masjid
g. Acquisition of Municipal Public Cemetery


General Objective: Promotion for Humanitarian, Active, Non-discriminatory, Impartial, Efficient Government (HANIE Go)
A. Promotion of Peace, Order and Security
1. Logistical Support to Strengthen the Law Enforcement Agency Against Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, etc.
B. Responsive and Responsible Governance
1. Monthly Municipal Public Consultation to Address Major Issues and Concerns
2. Regular Meetings of Municipal Peace and Order Council
3. One (1) Legislative Seat in the Sangguniang Bayan for Federation of NGOs aside from Representatives from Women, Youth, Business and Ulama’ Sectors.
4. Monthly Municipal People’s Day
a. Trade Fairs of All Barangays
b. Free Municipal Medical Mission
c. Free Gov’t Agencies Public Services
d  Exhibits of Products of Different NGOs.
C. Policy Making on Halal Ecosystem (No Smoking Public Zone, No Throwing of Garbage in Public Streets, No Night Karaoke Bar, No Public Gambling, Halal Industry, etc.)
D. Contractual Employment of Community Affairs Coordinators for Municipal Linkage and Coordination with Barangay Governments.
#. Hiring and Selection of Additional Employees according to their Technical Skills and Expertise.
F. Making Policy on Environmental Protection
1. Ordinance on Illegal Fishing Using Dynamite and Poisonous Substances
2. Ordinance against Indiscriminate Disposal of Garbage in Public Area
3. Ordinance against Illegal Logging
4. Ordinance Promoting Reforestation
G. Generation and Collection Reform to Upgrade Community Development

And so as we start to Build Maluso’s Future Today, let us all stand up to face the challenges that may hinder our way to build a legacy for our incoming generations – our beloved Maluso where you and I can be truly proud of…

In closing, may we be reminded of our ultimate purposely driven life: That we do not want anything from this world except the good deeds that we have earned in dealing with it; a friend whom we can benefit and an enemy to restrain… for it is only out of our love for honor and virtue that motivated us to become good public servants… Indeed, it is only through sincerity that it is possible to raise the status of one’s deeds to the level of worship….

May the unbounded Mercy of Allah be upon all of us…

Barakh Allahum Fiq, Wa Billahi Tawfiq Wal Hidaya, Wassalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatu….