LATE BLOOMS: Narrow-Minded Me

Yes, I may be
narrow-minded as you say
if that’s what you see.
Refusing to see
things the way you say should be,
the way that you see.

I should be open
to the changes happening
as times are changing.
There’s no resisting
the winds of change a-blowing,
that’s what you’re saying.

I want change also,
but why am I worried so
where we’re headed to?
Can’t agree with you
that this is the way to go,
I just can’t do so.

Maybe I’m hung up
on good manners, right conduct
and silly old stuff –
respect for women,
rule of law and of reason,
and free expression.

The due process thing,
that I also believe in,
really believe in.
And I have a thing
against lying and bullying,
also name-calling.

Please don’t get me wrong:
I abhor crime, corruption
and drug addiction.
And I’m no crayon
that you can color-label,
I’m just me, that’s all.

So sorry, my friend,
with you I can’t be cheering
or even clapping.
Blame my narrow mind
to all that old stuff clinging
blame my narrow mind.

I hope though, my friend,
you with your so open mind
would keep me your friend
as I keep you mine
despite my so narrow mind
to old stuff clinging.

Eric S.B. Libre
8 June 2018